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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    • For some reason Timbersnake is still talking about why he left NSYNC

    • He says that the stadium tour NSYNC was doing just felt too big for him

    • He felt that he cared more about music than other members of the band

    • He wanted to make #realmusic and follow his heart and dreams

    Source: Yahoo

    Poor Timbersnake, the fame, stadium tours, and music hating bandmates were too much. Luckily his #realmusic from the heart prevailed. #crymeariver

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  • 02/10/17--08:09: Grey's Anatomy 13x13 Promo

  • "It Only Gets Much Worse" - The residents are excited for Eliza’s next phase of teaching, but they spend the day caught between the warring attendings. Meanwhile, April has a challenging first day in her new role at the hospital, on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Thursday, February 16th on ABC.


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    Page Six is currently reporting that the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens has decided to permanently shut down Shia LaBeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" art exhibit. Since it's launch on Inauguration Day the project has consistently attracted both anti-Trump protesters and shit stirring Nazi dickheads. After numerous confrontations and arrests, including Shia himself being arrested back in January, the museum decided to end the project prematurely despite the fact that it was schedule to run for four years.

    "The installation created a serious and ongoing public safety hazard for the museum, its visitors, its staff, local residents and businesses," a spokesperson for the museum stated.

    In addition to the altercations local residents had also filed several noise complaints and said that people were often urinating publicly and smoking weed by it.

    "It was a mistake to do it. It’s unsafe for a public institution to do a project like this," stated Claire Shulman, a former Queens borough president.

    She went on to say that it was also "inappropriate" for the building to take part because they are non-profit and tax-exempt and therefore barred from taking place in partisan politics.

    Source 1 and 2
    If you go to the site now it is showing a still on the live stream that states "The museum has abandoned us"

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    In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Wintour said: “We have a tradition of always covering whoever is the first lady at Vogue and I can’t imagine that this time would be any different,”

    Melania has been on the cover once before, in 2005.


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    After Steve Rogers had his super soldier serum neutralized a few years back, he could no longer be Captain America. Sam Wilson, the Falcon and Steve's best friend, stepped in until a character named Kobik, a living cosmic cube, used its powers to bring him back, with one unknown caveat.

    "Unbeknownst to anybody but the readers, when Kobik did this thing to Cap, she had been influenced by the Red Skull [his archenemy dating back to WWII]," Brevoort explained to ABC News. "She didn't just restore Steve, but changed his history, so that he had been a Hydra operative and true believer going back to his earliest days as a young man in the 1920's and 1930's."

    Cap will be unmasked as a Hydra agent pretty early on.

    "His plans and Hydra's plans will have begun to unfurl," Brevoort continued. "We are done with the covert portion, the buildup portion of the program, 'Secret Empire' if the pyrotechnics, the big Michael Bay blockbuster, huge colossal struggles and battles across the Marvel Universe, with all of our key characters and players taking on a big role."

    Source.Image source.

    Is your favorite superhero secretly an evil fascist, ONTD?

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    Before he gave us Goosebumps, Stine took us to Fear Street.

    In 1989, three years before Goosebumps came onto the scene and made him a household name, R.L. Stine launched the lesser-known series of books, Fear Street. Taking place in the fictional city of ShadySide, Ohio, the teen-oriented Fear Street books pit teenagers up against adversaries both human and paranormal, and a total of 52 stories comprised the original line.

    Back in 2014, Stine brought the Fear Street line back to life after a near decade-long absence, and it was announced in 2015 that 20th Century Fox was developing a feature film adaptation of the books; that same year, the long-gestating feature adaptation of Goosebumps was released, so we can only assume its box office success paved the way for the eventual Fear Street movie.

    What’s the status on the project? From Stine’s Twitter account this week:

    The Fear Street movie is in production. Yaaay. Now we are waiting for a good script. Watch for it next year, I think.

    He later added:

    The Fear Street movie will be an original story. There may be MORE THAN ONE Fear Street movie!


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    • Castle On The Hill has sold over 600k units.

    • Touch has sold over 400k units.

    • Like I Would has sold over 200k units.

    • I Would Like has sold over 400k units.

    • No Lie, which features Dua Lipa, has sold over 200k units.

    • The La La Land soundtrack has sold over 60k units.

    sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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    The two were later spotted (via Snapchat) hanging out together at a club
    16641001 10154816549037787 712543493550338415 n

    SourceS2S3 My phones snapchat screenshot

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    • Gigi spoke about hitting her bucket list by 21. She wanted 1) Vogue cover 2) Be on Food Network 3) Be on Ellen.

    • Talks about the TommyxGigi collection almost selling out before the runway show was even done. Is now officially sold out.

    • Says she and Zayn have been together about a year and a half. They met a few years ago and he was supposed to go to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2015, but didn't, nor did he go to the after party. Later that week, they had their first date.

    • She and Zayn played it cool for 10 minutes, then Gigi told him he was cute. Bonded over the "Apparently" Kid, Noah Ritter.

    Watch the fashion show & shop/pre-order the TommyxGigi collection here!

    sources: 1, 2

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    I appreciate and welcome the feedback from people who disagree (and agree) with Kevin Plank's words on CNBC, but these are neither my words, nor my beliefs. His words were divisive and lacking in perspective. Inadvertently creating a situation where the personal political opinions of UA’s partners and its employees were overshadowed by the comments of its CEO.

    A good company is not solely defined by its CEO. A good company is not defined by the athlete or celebrity who partners with them. A good company is not a single person. A good company is a team, a group of brothers and sisters committed to working together each and every day to provide for their families and one another and the clients they serve.

    We don’t partner with a brand casually. I partner with brands I trust and with people who share my same values. That means a commitment to diversity, inclusion, community, open-mindedness and some serious hard work. But it doesn't mean that I or my team will always agree with the opinion of everyone who works there, including its executives. Great leaders inspire and galvanize the masses during turbulent times, they don't cause people to divide and disband.

    My responsibility here is not only to the global audience we serve, but also to the thousands of workers who pour blood, sweat, and tears into making Under Armour strong. A diverse group of hardworking men and women who possess integrity, respect and compassion for one another and the world they live in. Debate is healthy. But in a time of widespread disagreement, so is loyalty. I feel an obligation to stand with this diverse team, the American and global workers, who are the beating heart and soul of Under Armour and the reason I chose to partner with them.

    My commitment is as real as my sweat and callouses that thicken daily. #CommittedToThePeople


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  • 02/10/17--09:38: ONTD Roundup
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    wtf scarlett


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    * @ 1:08 mark (She basically gets defensive and doesn't confirm or deny.)

    * Andy also asked her about the Justin Bieber rumours, which she had no problem denying. 👀


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    ABC has picked up GA for season 14, HTGAWM for season 4, and Scandal for season 7!


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    - Lena said it was a lot of work on Skype convincing Riz to guest star on the show, even though he probably wanted a vacation after his busy year
    - Says she was his stalker for two weeks
    - Executive Producer Jenni Konner says she was obsessed over "The Night Of"


    Guess I gotta watch on Sunday?

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    We're back and this time, we'll go further into exploring what possibly contributed to the furry fandom of today. This time, we'll be going back in time to see what things could have possibly contributed to furries from the good ol' 80s. After doing some extensive research and pouring bleach on my eyes to regain sanity, I managed to compose a list of what I think the top 10 contributing factors are!

    Let me restate for those who are just now joining us on this wild ride on what a furry is. A furry is an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online. These are in no order since they all contribute equally to the furry fandom.

    1. Cats Musical (1981)

    Probably one of the things that nobody has asked for was created by ALW in 1981. The musical tells the story of a tribe of cats called the Jellicles and the night they make what is known as "the Jellicle choice." This musical is greatly popular with both people and furries alike.

    2. DuckTales (1987)

    For all of you asking last post, why DuckTales wasn't on there. It was because the show was released in 1987. Known for its very catchy theme song, the show follows the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his great-nephews, who were left under his care when their Uncle Donald joins the United States Navy.

    3. Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers (1989)

    This loveable show follows the adventures of two brothers who decided to start a detective agency, Chip and Dale, alongside their friends, Gadget, Monterey Jack, and Zipper. The pint-sized detectives deal with crimes that are often "too small" for the police to handle, usually with other animals as their clients. The gang frequently find themselves going up against two particular arch-villains: Mafia-style tabby cat Fat Cat and mad scientist Norton Nimnul. Shoutout to the Russian Gadget Cult!

    4. All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

    This movie is an animated children's film created by the one and only Don Bluth which follows the tale of original con dog Charlie B. Barkin who was murdered by his former best friend Carface. Charlie enters heaven only to forsake his place be returning to earth, where he and his best friend Itchy team up with an orphan girl, who teaches him an important lesson about honesty, loyal, and love. This movie is a hit for furries because most fursonas are dogs. Plus, I have stumbled upon some inappropriate art that is words can describe what my eyes as seen. Glad for eye bleach tbh!

    5. My Little Pony (1986)

    What started off as a marketing ploy for toys became a television series. No, we're not talking about the series we know automatically think of, we're talking about the original My Little Pony. It follows the adventures of the ponies in Ponyland, a mystical land, home to all kinds of magical creatures. The Little Ponies make their home in Paradise Estate, living in a peaceful life filled with song and games. However, since this is a show, the ponies often find themselves fighting against witches, trolls, goblins, and all other sorts of beast that would love to see the ponies destroyed, enslaved, or otherwise harmed.

    6. Zoobilee Zoo (1986)

    Might as well start looking at the big picture in what could have possibly inspired the fursuit. Zoobilee Zoo was a children's series developed by Hallmark in the 80s. The show featured actors dressed as animal characters. Each episode is opened by a greeting from host Ben Vereen, dressed as a spotted leopard, who plays the major of Zooebilee Zoo. He refers to us, the views, as Zoobaroos. The plot in each episode centers around the main characters, called Zoobles, as they play together and encounter difficulties common to young children.

    7. Adventures of the Little Koala (1984)

    Might as well not leave Anime out of the picture. The Adventures of the Little Koala, if some of you remember, aired on Nick Jr. during the late 1980s. The storyline revolved around Roo-bear Koala and his friends and their village in a fictional version of New South Wales, Australia, within the shadow of a real rock formation known as The Breadknife.

    8. Sherlock Hound (1984)

    Sherlock Holmes, from what we're going to be diving into here with both 8/9 was a popular thing to turn into animals for kids to watch. Miyazaki himself directed six episodes until problems with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate led to a suspension in production. By the time the issues were resolved, Miyazaki had turned to other products, thus the remaining episodes were directed by Kyosuke Mikuriya. Basically, the show follows the stories of Sherlock Hound and his friend Watson as they embark on adventures full of mystery.

    9. The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

    Disney also decided to jump on the Sherlock Holmes bandwagon making their own inspired adaption into an animated children's movie. The plot follows Detective Basil of Baker Street, who is on the case when Olivia's Flaversham father, is kidnapped. Adventure pursues as they go into the mystery of what happened to Olivia's father, Hiram, as Basil hopes to save him from Professor Rattagan.

    10. An American Tail (1986)

    An American Tail tells the story of Fievel Mousekewitz and his family as they emigrate from Russia to the United States for freedom. However, he gets lost and must find a way to reunite with them. Most people do not remember this movie, but they remember the iconic song "Somewhere Out There."

    Honorable Mentions: Secret of NIMH, The Land Before Time, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Last Unicorn, The Chipmunk Adventure, Care Bears, Pound Puppies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bucky O'Hare, Garfield and Friends, Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Thundercats, Oliver and Company, Tigersharks, Alvin And the Chipmunks, etc.

    Source: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

    Let's remember this glorious comment from the last ONTD original I've made.

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    Uh-oh! Did Gigi Hadid just out that Zayn Malik lied about how they first met?

    The model recently went on Ellen and mentioned how she and Zayn first laid eyes on each other:

    “We actually met at a friend’s birthday party a few years ago and then he was in New York to come to the Victoria’s Secret show last year I think and ended up not coming,” Gigi said. “I was like I’ll play it cool. I’ll go to the after party…he wasn’t there.”

    “Later that week, we ended up going on our first date,”

    But only a few months ago, her uneducated beau told a different story to ES magazine. That they met at the Victoria's Secret after party and he recognized her,

    "from her picture,"

    However, the "love humans" couple was caught in the same hotel room in NYC. Gigi was reported to be filming for the VS show and Zayn was recording his debut album, here. At least they got the hotel part of the story right!

    Source: Her story
    Source: His story

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    Those set to perform the pieces nominated for this year's Best Song live at the Oscars on Feb. 26th are:

    -- Auli'i Cravalho & Lin-Manuel Miranda performing “How Far I’ll Go” from 'Moana'
    -- Sting performing “The Empty Chair” from 'Jim: The James Foley Story'
    -- Justin Timberlake performing “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from 'Trolls'
    -- John Legend performing BOTH “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” and “City of Stars” from 'La La Land'


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    - The movie will be called 'Teen Spirit'
    - Elle will play Violet, a shy teenager living in a small European town who dreams of pop stardom as an escape from her dismal surroundings and shattered family life. With the help of an unlikely mentor, Violet enters an international singing competition that will test her integrity, talent & ambition
    - Max Minghella's (The Social Network) directorial debut
    - Fred Berger (La La Land) is producing alongside Brian Kavanaugh-Jones
    - Interscope Records (La La Land) will release the official soundtrack.
    - Minghella co-wrote the script with Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot, Snowpiercer, Fantastic Four)
    - Jamie Bell is also producing
    *Fun fact: Max Minghella dated Kate Mara for 4 years after they met on the set of TSN and she is now engaged to Jamie Bell


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    Today's cast: Bob Saget (guest host), Paula Farris, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Jedediah Bila

    Today's topics:

    Lena Dunham talks Girls final season, Election Night, Women's March & more....
    The hosts talks about Kellyanne and her getting "counseled" (OP is waiting for embeds)

    SOURCE: 1, 2

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