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    The MTV Video Music Awards had plenty of surprises, from Amber Rose's pregnancy, to Kevin Hart's monologue and Lil Wayne's headphones, but nothing was bigger than the kiss that no one saw.

    Rihanna walked over to Chris Brown's seat and gave him a kiss.

    In a photo uploaded to Instagram it looks like Rihanna was caught kissing her former boyfriend Chris Brown. Will they be getting back together or was it merely a gesture of good will and greeting?

    Rihanna gave a heartfelt interview to Oprah telling her that she still loves Chris Brown, and now with this photograph of the two of them extremely close in what looks like a kiss, we can only imply that a Chrihanna reunion is coming a lot sooner than we think. source

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    Dude I fucking love it! For once Jay's verse isn't weak as fuck. 

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    you can listen to the 1.5 year old demo here

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    There's nothing more rewarding than helping out others in need.

    Chris Brown found himself visiting and helping children get ready for school at Los Angeles' Jenesse Center, a non-profit specializing in domestic violence intervention and prevention.

    The "Turn Up The Music" singer and his mother have frequented the center on numerous occasions without cameras and publicity, but Breezy wanted to make sure children victimized by domestic violence had a great back to school experience.

    Chris played and spoke with the children at Jenesse for their annual "Back To School Fall Festival," while providing them with school supplies and other back to school materials.

    Karen Earl, Jenesse’s CEO stated:

    "It is our focus on family violence and its impact on youth that compelled us to open our hearts and our doors to Chris Brown and his mother, Joyce Hawkins. Chris and his mom have spent many quiet hours at our facilities, no cameras, no special attention or entourages – they just came to learn. Jenesse is thankful to Chris for spending time with our youth and celebrating the end of summer and returning back to school."

    This is definitely the happy and carefree Chris Brown we love to see! It's good to witness Chris Brown giving back to a community in need! Keep up the good work Breezy!


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    I'm very surprised to see the surprise guest star, and oy, I'm not really a fan of Jane/Lisbon from what I've seen so far...

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    General Hospital is on the move this coming Monday September 10th to its new time slot of 2PM EST & 1PMPST/CST, which is one hour earlier than fans have been used to seeing the beloved citizens of Port Charles. And now, these same citizens face life or death explosive drama at the hands of Jerry Jacks!

    In the latest edition of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, the series EP Frank Valentini previews the drama in which we learn not everyone in town will survive the week!

    The episodes will include new insight into Jerry’s master plan, a shooting, and an explosion, in addition to the waterborne poison released on the town!

    Valentini said he was thrilled with the outcome of the location shoot that is the backdrop for next week noting: “I’m really proud of the team and I am really proud of the actors. I just think everybody really knocked it out of the park and the audience is going to be really thrilled with the performances from the actors and the story. It’s really exciting stuff.”

    Watch the just released extended General Hospital promo for next week ushering the show into its new time slot!

    Jason/Sam/John/Liz: Jason stumbles into something that seems odd about Sam’s baby which leads him to start asking questions. Launching into the fall, Jason is on the trail and it will have huge consequences if he gets to the truth about the baby. In terms of their love lives, JaSam are in the midst of a divorce with Sam getting closer to John and Jason leaning toward Liz. Huge stuff coming with all these relationships. Jason and John will continue to find themselves where they have to work together.

    Sonny/Kate: A wedding is in the works for Sonny and Kate, almost to the date of their first wedding when Kate got shot. Carlivati says, Connie is still inside there somewhere and Johnny is aware of that as is Todd. This is going to factor in Trey being Kate’s son.

    Carly and Her Men: They are setting up a Johnny/Carly/Todd triangle, now that Jax has returned a quadrangle. Will CarJax go through with the divorce? Plus Jax starts to see that Todd and Johnny may have some sort of alliance going, he becomes suspicious.

    Todd: What lengths will Todd go to keep Jason from finding out his secret? Todd and Heather are the only people that know that Jason is Sam’s baby bio-father. There is big stuff coming. Luke is going to return and have a strange reaction to Todd, leaving him with another secret to cover.

    Joe/Tracy: Tracy knows Joe the antiques dealer, not the rapist and murderer. How will she react when she discovers the truth? Joe still has plans for Krissy and the entire Corinthos clan.

    Maxie: She will figure prominently into the climax of an umbrella story and then will get back into her own story with Spinelli, Patrick, Mac, and Felicia, who behind closed doors have been rekindling their relationship. We will see more Felicia and Mac.

    Spinelli: Jason will turn to him for help in solving the baby mystery. He is also softening toward Maxie but is shy when it comes to her. "It will be interesting to see if Maxie realizes that Spin is the guy for her and will it be too late when she figures it out."

    Olivia Steve: Olivia’s hallucinations from LSD will continue to have real-world significance. Steve is going to have to deal with believing Heather and standing by Olivia.

    Lulu/Dante: They are focused on having a family. Lots of sex and Romance. A new wrinkle will be added to the story. “It’s nice to have a couple that’s truly on a united front.”

    Luke/Anna: It is going to be hard for Anna to swallow Luke’s lie. When Luke returns from dealing with the Ethan/Holly/Robert situation, the question is, will Anna take him back?

    Patrick: He’s committed to getting himself clean and being a dad and doctor. As fall begins, he may dip his toe back into some sort of possible dating. He’s not looking for it, it sort of just happens.

    Trey/Krissy/Starr/Michael: Trey is genuinely drawn to Krissy and starting to have real feelings for her. How will this affect what he’s up to? Will she learn the wedding had a bigger purpose? Fun coming with Starr and Michael.

    Sean/Alexis: Jerry’s scheme fast tracked their crush. When the water crisis is over, will their feelings be the same? Do they still want the same thing?

    Heather: We have not seen the last of Heather. She has many secrets, so don’t count her out just yet. “Todd and Heather are the new supercouple of GH [Laughs’]”


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    Earlier this week, the rocker Tweeted a shirtless photo of himself, writing, "Just left the gym! After 5 yrs of neglect, I'm PUMPED to see AB's again! Hard work and commitment is paying off!"

    Detailing his fitness and health regimen, Daughtry, 32, also Tweeted, "Since the Lifehouse tour in 2010, I've lost 23 pounds, but some of that was muscle. I had to refocus my food intake and mix up my routines."

    "It wasn't until a few months ago that I REALLY got serious and motivated," he Tweeted, explaining his drive. "Now there's no going back!"

    And when one fan Tweeted about the rocker landing the cover of Men's Health, Daughtry replied: "Hope so! Or Mens Fitness."


    I have to admit that I loved him on Idol and his first 2 CDs are guilty pleasures of mine. His body looks damn good and I'm loving the chest stubble too.

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    Britney Spears tried to back out of her $15 million "X Factor" deal on the VERY FIRST day of production ... after experiencing a panic attack on the set ... this according to Simon Cowell.

    The "X Factor" creator just phoned in to "TMZ Live" ... and told us his people "half-lied" to the media back in May when they said Britney only walked off the set because she had to go to the bathroom.

    "No one is going to admit that on the first day your highest paid star after 20 minutes has walked off set," Cowell told us.

    So what really happened? Cowell admits Britney "had a moment on the first day where she said to me 'I'm not sure I can do this.'"

    Of course, Cowell says he talked Brit back into the gig ... and now she's not only loving it, but she's developed into a kick-ass judge.

    Britney also recently told Elle magazine about the gig, “(I was) extremely nervous. I was having panic attack after panic attack.”


    Video of the actual interview with Simon talking to TMZ can be found HERE

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  • 09/07/12--05:37: barrrrrrrbzzzz
  • Nicki Minaj Confirms Album Re-Release'

    Nicki confirmed to E! at the VMA's that she is releasing a followup EP called 'Pink Friday Roman Reloaded: The Re-Up" on November 21st. The first single drops next week! She also coyly talked about the prospects of being a judge on American Idol.


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    "In what was almost a surreal moment, Frank Ocean’s live performance was of studio quality."

    "Ocean’s heartfelt vocal performance reminded the audience why he is considered one of the biggest talents in popular music right now."

    "...Frank Ocean brought the show to a standstill with little more than the power of his voice. I don’t want to oversell it, but Ocean again proves he’s a force to be reckoned with..."

    "Frank Ocean proved he’s the real deal at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.Standing out among his fellow performers, Ocean sang a stripped-down version of his hit song 'Thinking About You.'"

    "Ocean can toggle between a falsetto as wispy as smoke and a full voice firm as a handshake, and he did so on the VMAs, furthering his reputation as one of the most impeccable singers in contemporary R&B...It was moving, it was accomplished, and it was brave."

    "The performance was a show-stopper at the MTV Video Music Awards..."

    "Frank Ocean wowed with a somber, moonlit version of his song 'Thinking About You.'"

    "Ocean...shifted from graceful singing to wavering falsetto, it was never less than riveting.",7579689.story

    "The performances were the saving grace at this year's VMAs, which included a powerful turn by Frank Ocean..."

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    Katherine Losse had just dropped out of grad school at Johns Hopkins when she moved to Palo Alto and was hired as Facebook employee No. 51. She joined the Customer Support Team, answering questions like “What is a poke?” When she arrived, she found a fraternity full of immature and sexually inappropriate behavior. In her new tell-all book, The Boy Kings: A Journey Into the Heart of the Social Network, Losse dishes on the culture that drove the website that changed our daily lives. From Mark Zuckerberg forcing all female employees to wear a shirt with his face on it to co-workers wanting to “put my teeth in your ass,” here are some of the juiciest bits from the book:

    1. The Really Graphic Painting
    Losse joined Facebook in 2005, working in customer relations. She remembers her first day there:

    Much of the graffiti in the room featured stylized women bursting from small tops that tapered down to tiny waists, mimicking the proportions of female videogame characters. It seemed juvenile, but I wasn’t very bothered—it seemed like the kind of thing that suburban boys from Harvard would think was urban and cool. “We had to move the really graphic painting to the men’s bathroom because someone complained,” an engineer told me as he gave me a tour of the tiny office.

    2. Zuckerberg’s Vision
    Mark Zuckerberg had a grand and also vague vision for Facebook. “I just want to create information flow,” he would say. The idea was too general to disagree with, and “we knew that we weren’t supposed to disagree.”  He would end meetings by saying either “domination” or “revolution.”

    3. Zuckerberg’s Inappropriate Photo
    In 2006 the company went to Lake Tahoe for a winter getaway. After some cheap Trader Joe’s wine and impromptu karaoke, Losse donned a bearskin—complete with bear head—that adorned the banister in the cabin. The builder of the Photos app naturally took pictures. And in one of them:

    Mark is gesturing at me haughtily like an emperor as I stand doubled over in laughter with the bear suit draped over me. It was all innocent fun; everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves, but when I saw the photograph appear in a Facebook album that Monday I was struck by the loaded nature of the image, ripe for interpretation, in which Mark appeared to be commanding a female employee to submit.

    4. More Zuckerberg Immaturity

    Zuckerberg, Losse says, wrote on his business card, “I’m CEO, bitch.” When a female employee reported that a male co-worker in the lunch line said, “I want to put my teeth in your ass,” Zuckerberg responded in a meeting, “What does that even mean?”

    5. I Heart Zuck

    “On Mark’s birthday, in May 2006, I received an email from his administrative assistant telling me that it would be my job that day, along with all the other women in the office, to wear a T-shirt with Mark’s picture on it.” The men, on the other hand, were told they would be wearing Adidas sandals all day. “The gender coding was clear: women were to declare allegiance to Mark, and men were to become Mark.”

    6. Nightclub Women ‘Not Pretty Enough

    During a trip to Las Vegas, “the boys” were at Caesar’s Pure nightclub. But instead of chatting up and kissing girls, they rejected the women the bouncers had brought to their table. “‘Leave! You’re not pretty enough!’ one of them seemed to say over the din of the club as he shooed the girls away in succession like so many servants.”

    7. Sheryl Sandberg to the Rescue

    Good thing Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s COO, has been named to the board of directors, becoming the first female among seven white guys. Losse portrays her as someone who has been an advocate for women in Silicon Valley. When Sandberg came on board, Losse went to her with horror stories about two men in her department. “I didn’t hear back immediately about any of the issues I had raised with her, until she stopped briefly by my desk one day a few months later and in the low, succinct office voice that she mastered, said, ‘I just want you to know that the situations you told me about have both been handled.’ I had heard nothing about it. ‘You see, I’m so good that I make things happen and no one even knows about them,’ she said with a smile. Sure enough, the manager who propositioned employees had been subtly demoted and the aggressive engineer moved to another team.”

    I will purchase this book

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  • 09/07/12--16:36: Celebrity picture post
  • Colin Farrell in New York

    Rachel Leigh Cook and Rita Ora at Chateau Marmont

    Sharon Stone in LA

    Kim Kardashian in New York

    Mariah Carey at JFK

    Rachel Zoe in New York

    Helena Bonham Carter in Primrose Hill

    Nicky Hilton in the West Village

    Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish in New York

    Mirands Kerr and Orlando Bloom at an Emirates airline launch and arriving in Tokyo

    Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal in New York

    Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Jason Statham

    Kimberley Walsh in London

    Heidi Klum in New York

    Claire Danes in New York

    Katie Holmes in New York

    Katherine Heigl

    Carly Rae Jepsen in New York

    Amy Adams, Nicole Richie, Ed Westwick and Katharine Mcphee at the 2012 style awards

    Milla Jovovich at the Moscow premiere of Resident Evil: Retribution 

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    Just the other day we were wondering when they were going to finish rounding out the cast for Alexandre Aja's adaptation of Joe Hill's wonderfully unsettling novel "Horns." Well, today seems to be that day, as The Wrap is reporting Juno Temple, Joe Anderson and Kelli Garner have now joined Daniel Radcliffe and Max Minghella in the cast. That's a spookily good line-up.

    "Horns" concerns a young man (Radcliffe) who wakes up one morning with horns growing out of his forehead. These horns have certain powers, like being able to coax the truth out of people, which is helpful since he's taken to solving his girlfriend's gruesome rape and murder. Minghella was cast as Radcliffe's best friend, a lawyer who could be harboring dark secrets.

    We assume that Joe Anderson, who made a splash as Peter Hook in the Joy Division biopic "Control" before having a fairly solid career as a second-fiddle character actor, appearing mostly in genre pieces like "The Ruins," "The Crazies," "The Grey," and this fall's "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2," will be playing the older brother of Radcliffe's character.

    As to who the girls play, we're not so sure. One of them will undoubtedly portray the slain girlfriend, who appears in the novel extensively in flashback/fantasy form. We assume there's another female character in the present storyline who our bedeviled lead interacts with (maybe Minghella's character's girlfriend), but we can't remember at this point (and we lent our copy of the book out to someone...). Temple has had a breakout summer, appearing in the huge smash "The Dark Knight Rises" as well as the much talked-about "Killer Joe," while Garner has been steadily working over the past few years, most recently in the ABC series "Pan Am."

    "Horns" was adapted by Keith Bunin, a writer from HBO's shrink series "In Treatment," as a co-production between Red Granite Pictures and Mandalay Films, and the movie will be produced by Red Granite's Riza Aziz and Joey McFarland along with Mandalay's Cathy Schulman and Adam Stone. Hill and Red Granite's Joe Gatta will exec produce. Aja is the cracked French genius behind "High Tension," "Piranha 3D," and "The Hills Have Eyes" remake.

    Production on "Horns" starts later this fall.


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    “All My Love Is For You” is the b-side for the group’s upcoming as-of-yet-untititled Japanese single, which will be released on September 26th. Back in June, their lead Japanese single “Paparazzi” topped the country's Hot 100 and their self-titled Japanese album was certified Million by the RIAJ after shipping over 1 million copies. The group is set to embark on a Japanese tour again next year, following the success of their record-breaking “The 1st Japan Arena Tour.”


    Following the international release of their album The Boys through Interscope Records in January, the Divine Nine are now preparing to release their second album in the States later this year.

    The news was first revealed by Universal Music, who reported in an earnings press release that they expect to see their revenue increase in the second half of this year thanks to a number of high-profile album releases, mentioning Girls’ Generation in a list that included Taylor Swift, Diana Krall, Robbie Williams, and more. Korea’s Herald Corp also confirmed the news, mentioning that the album will be released in the U.S. in the fourth quarter of 2012.

    It was reported back in April that Interscope had big plans to further promote Girls’ Generation in America after seeing how well they did during their whirlwind promotional visit earlier this year to promote The Boys.

    SOURCES 1 - 2 - 3

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    Cher Lloyd releases a brand new track, "Oath" ft. Becky G from her U.S. debut album "Sticks & Stones"! (Available October 2)

    gorl, what da fuq is this, and who da fuq is becky g?


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    Some of ONTD's faves were bringing it head to toe last night, and that includes the tips of their fingers. Rihanna wowed us all with her pixie cut and gorgeous Adam Selman gown, but my favourite part of her look was this bomb manicure.

    Dang girl is so flush with cash she's accessorizing with it now!!

    Amber Rose's lace dress matched her textured black manicure, which she showed off while attempting to pull a Beyoncé.

    Ridiculous human being Nicki Minaj looked dramatic in a sequinned jumpsuit, and I honestly have no problem with that, like at least she didn't look like a Harajuku fever dream this year--but her pink nail art completely clashed!

    Who do these totally cute glittery blue gradients belong to?

    Wow Jessica Szohr. I just puked a little.

    Katy Perry, on the other hand, looked gorgeous in an abstract floral Elie Saab dress, which was nicely accented by her cute floral nails. I have nothing negative to say.

    And finally we have Teen Wolf star Holland Roden, whose pre-VMA trip to Beverly Hills's Chi Nail Bar was featured on a few days ago.

    But she opted for a simple off-white last night to match her dress. Oh well still cute!

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    friday night nail polish post :)
    show me your manicures ontd

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    (click image to read)

    "The chemistry between Liu and Miller has sparked speculation about whether their characters will become more than just friends. But Doherty [the showrunner] insists it’s not going to happen—ever. ‘I feel like pretty much anytime you have two leads, one a man, one a woman, inevitably somebody out there wants them to get there. I absolutely get it. Doesn’t mean you have to do it,’ he says. Adds executive producer Carl Beverly, ‘It would be a little bit cliche to make Watson a woman and then immediately make their relationship a romantic one."

    EW, scans

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    Selena Gomez, Rachel Korine, James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson at the “Spring Breakers” Premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.


    Selena Gomez


    Vanessa Hudgens

    Ashley Benson

    James Franco

    src: 1 | 2 |

    Selena Gomez takes to the streets of Toronto during Toronto Film Festival (earlier in the day?)

    src: 3

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    In the latest issue of PEOPLE, "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada revealed that she was ready to settle down and be a wife and mother when all -ish went left.

    She says that she was unloading groceries from the car for a big dinner she was about to make when she found a receipt for condoms.

    "I'm not naive. I didn't think he was going to be perfect, but three weeks after we got married? I felt like he was not even trying."

    She says at the point she was done and demanded a divorce....she didn't want to try to work it out. And that's when it happened. An enraged Chad headbutted her, "I had blood in my eyes. I was tasting it."

    Interestingly....this wasn't the first time "something" like this happened, according to Ev. The reality chick told the magazine she wouldn't go into detail because of Chad's kids, but some other situations jumped off previously. She added, "I always knew (to back down) when he got that look in his eye." Hmmm.....

    She ended by saying she'd always love him but, "I don't care what the argument is, or who the man is, this should never be tolerated."

    Chad hasn't responded to the article yet but earlier this week, he posted, “Divorce? Child please ... that’s my WIFE."

    1, 2

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