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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    *Two women are suing St. Ives for $5M.

    *They claim the crushed walnuts in the scrub cause more acne and feel like sandpaper.

    *The women say that the product is misleading as the packaging says it is dermatologist tested, but it is NOT dermatologist recommended.

    *Dermatologists have confirmed that the granules found in facial scrubs like this one are damaging and cause inflammation and ultimately, more wrinkles.


    Beauty horror post! Ever had your skin destroyed by a product? Rashes, cystic scene, etc?

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    - Rob was rushed to the ER late Wednesday night
    - Chyna and Kris joined separately
    -Cause of emergency is unknown but has a history of diabetes


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    Charlie Sheen would like this awful year to end on a high note.


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    After over a year being single (career record?) Britney Spears is getting hot and heavy with her latest flame! Check out the latest pictures of them dining together, he is holding her purse like the beefcake gentleman that he is!


    Did you get any Britney related gifts for Xmas, ONTD? I got my bffe Private Show perfume and it smells so good!!

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    Ellen and husband Chris Ivery were spotted out and about on a hike Wednesday with oldest daughter Stella (7) and a surprise addition. Her rep confirmed that they just welcomed their third child. Their other daughter Sienna is two.

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    Sources 1, 2, and 3

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  • 12/29/16--09:50: ONTD Roundup
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    Benjamin Millepied, the former director of the Paris Opera Ballet and Kevin Federline husband of Natalie Portman, has a documentary coming out that follows his time at the Paris Opera Ballet. In "Rest", which comes out on January 13, he calls out the ballet world for its vicious racism. He also says that the POB has lost its reputation and quality. The documentary comes shortly after revelations that he abused expenses and funds at the POB. Some quotes:

    “I heard someone say a black girl in a ballet is a distraction. If there are 25 white girls, everyone will look at the black girl. Everyone must be alike in a company, meaning everyone must be white...I have to shatter this racist idea.”

    “This company, from the 1800s to the 1950s, was reputed for its phrasing, for the way the dancers moved. This is sorely missing from the school today.”

    “I’ve realized that it’s too hard to turn this [organization] into what I think is most relevant for ballet today.”

    Have u experienced racism in your job?


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    Amanda Palmer and her husband Neil Gaiman have been granted five-year working visas for Australia.

    Amanda has studied Weimar Germany extensively and thinks that Trump's presidency will produce great art.

    She says Trump's presidency will encourage artists to go into basements and speakeasies to create amazing satirically political art.

    She continues, saying that frightening political climates always allow for good and authentic art to flourish.

    Source: Twitter

    Do you think that Trump's presidency will encourage artists to make great art?

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    Burke Ramsey Files $750 Million Defamation Lawsuit Over CBS's JonBenet Ramsey Docuseries.

    The special theorized that Burke, then 9, killed his sister and that their parents, John and Patsy, may have covered up the crime.

    Burke Ramsey and his parents, John and Patsy Ramsey, were cleared of the crime by a Boulder prosecutor based on DNA evidence in 2008


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  • Milo Yiannopoulos, a hero of the alt-right Neo-nazis who was famously banned from Twitter for hate speech and harassment, has signed a $250K book deal with Simon & Schuster

  • Yiannopoulos is also an editor for Breitbart News

  • He brags about being as offensive as possible in his meeting with S&S, expecting to be thrown out, but instead had a ton of money thrown at him

  • Boycotts have already been called for S&S, who also recently published books by Shonda Rhimes, Amy Schumer, and Anna Kendrick

  • source

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    I came home
    A little late
    Someone had a bag packed for me
    And a carriage awaited
    Destination: Rome
    To escort me to my very own "charming"
    Back to where our stars first collided
    And now it was full circle
    At the same table we first met by chance
    This time he made it not by chance
    But by choice
    Down on one knee
    He said 4 words

    SOURCE 1&2

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    On the Academy's lack of diversity, Lee Daniels had this to say:
    “Go out and do the work. Oscars so white! So what? Do your work. Let your legacy speak and stop complaining, man. Are we really in this for the awards? If I had thought that way — that the world was against me — I wouldn’t be here now. These whiny people that think we’re owed something are incomprehensible and reprehensible to me. I don’t expect acknowledgment or acceptance from white America. I’m going to be me.”

    He also says he wants white people to feel cool and that him giving white characters swag or whatever will heal the country.

    You can read the rest of the interview @ the SOURCE

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    The world's leading movie ticket site, Fandango, has released its list of the most anticipated movies of 2017.

    Most Anticipated Movies:

    1. “Star Wars: Episode VIII”

    2. “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”

    3. Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”

    4. “Wonder Woman”

    5. “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

    The rest at the source

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    An outpouring of love and admiration has been expressed in the wake of Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds' death Wednesday night.

    I'm sure I missed some, so leave them in the comments and I'll add. I'll also try to update this if more condolences get posted.

    The Academy, Joely, Todd, Anna, Ellen, Ariana, Bette, Miley, Albert, Debbie A, Constance, Kevin, William, Lin, Grant, Ashley, Josh, Dwayne, Selma, Jamie, Sarah, Daryl, Dane, Dean, Belinda, Mark, Peter, Gwendoline, George, Patricia, Debbie, Kimberly

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    - So far $7,000+ has been raised (of a $10,000 goal)
    - The dude who started it says he'll end the campaign on New Years Eve and give all the money to Spartanburg Little Theater


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    Fourth Place

    Rik Villa

    Third Place

    Laurence Basse


    Roberi Parra


    Erin Robertson


    This late af post...

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    When he was asked in an interview with BET if colorism held darker-skinned actors back from achieving success in Hollywood, Washington pointed to “Fences” co-star Viola Davis to suggest light-skinned actors are not favoured over dark-skinned actors “One of the best roles for a woman of any color in the last, in a good good while or at least any movie that I’ve been in, a dark-skinned woman has in this film,”

    Washington went on to suggest that not being casted is due to skill level and determination not skin tone.
    "The easiest thing to do is to blame someone else, the system. Yeah, there’s a possibility, maybe, that you’re not good enough, but it’s easy to say it’s someone else’s fault. But there’s a possibility that you’re not ready and you can still blame it on someone else instead of getting ready.”

    His comments came as a surprised because in 2012 he spoke about telling his daughter that she would face disadvantages as an actress because she is dark-skinned.
    Viola Davis has herself spoken about the colourism faced specifically by dark skinned women in hollywood; in a 2015 interview with The Wrap she said for women of colour in acting “the paper-bag test is still very much alive and kicking.”
    Watch his comments about colourism here

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    Comedian D.L. Hughley was the subject of controversy after making the following tweet making fun of Debbie Reynolds.

    Hughley remained unapologetic after being called out:


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    -My Kitchen Rules also features other "celebs" such as Brandy, Ray J, Lance Bass (Vanderpumps bff....) and other nobodies

    by casting Poorsha and Kyle by Alene Too Richards

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Brandi needs to come back to RHOBH like yesterday!

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