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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Pretty Little Liars wrapped filming on Wednesday and the girls have been busy posting their goodbyes:

    lucyhale The day has come to say goodbye to my second home, a character that helped shaped me and so many people who mean the world to me. Bittersweet feelings today, but so proud of what we've done. ❤️

    lucyhale From the first episode (this photo) until now ... goodbye Aria. You became a huge part of my life and a part of my identity in a way. I'll miss you , your wacky wardrobe, your ability to do anything for love and your friends. Forever in my heart!!

    lucyhale This guy made my job and life so fun. Thank you @ianmharding for being you. Cherish you always.

    lucyhale My love for this woman knows no bounds. Marlene- you changed my life. This isn't goodbye for us ❤️❤️ @imarleneking

    lucyhale Girls ❤️❤️❤️ w/ our rings from @imarleneking

    lucyhale This happened. Thank you @shamrocksocialclub for taking care of us. We couldn't not get tattoos to commemorate the show! And obviously on our "shh" finger 😏

    lucyhale Shhhhh forevaaaa!

    sleepinthegardn Wouldn't be a @prettylittleliars Finale without some bruises.

    sleepinthegardn There are not words that I can write (here) that could express the gratitude I have for walking next to this man for 7 years. @keeoone you know how I feel about you. You know what this part of my life means to me, you know all of the darkness and the light that we have shared over these years, the insane pants pissing laughter and now the heaving and hiccuping sobs that will live in my heart forever. Even if Spencer and Toby only exist in Rosewood you will always have me. Love you friend. Thank you.

    sleepinthegardn When you get to your last day of work on @prettylittleliars and @halfadams writes you an email as Spencer... saying thank you and goodbye. I had no idea how hard this would be.

    sleepinthegardn I have kept so little in this room over the years, by Patti and Lo have been here through all of it. I guess I had hopes it would make it easy to pack up when the end came. Well, It took very little time but nothing about the packing was felt easy. Goodbye room (and my home for 7 years). Be good to the next girl. Whoever she is.

    sleepinthegardn My heart is too full from yesterday's experience. Saying goodbye was heartbreak and release and hilarity and strange and yet somehow totally right. In an effort to capture the insanity I stole @rebeccawmakeup phone and took this photo of her station set up for "Spencer". This woman has made me look beautiful, strung out, crazy, glowing, tortured and tormented and then beautiful again EVERYDAY FOR 7 YEARS And through it all she has graced me with a kindness and a friendship that allowed me to do the best work I could and be the best person I could be. Thank you Bec Bec. You know we have so much more ahead.

    sleepinthegardn Almost as the needle touched my skin the clock struck midnight and some of the most beautiful and best women I know sang me happy birthday while I got my tattoo. Thank you guys and I love you. What a way to say goodbye and start a new chapter of life.

    shaym After 7 seasons I think we have definitely all perfected the "oh shit, we're in trouble" deer-in-headlights look 👀 #PLLmemories

    shaym Where it all began... 💋🅰️

    shaym Today we let Aria, Alison, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer go while the rest of us tried to cope by eating cake. Thank you everyone for this incredible ride. I'm trying to breathe and soak it all in and I'm just so full of gratitude that this was my life for so long. Rosewood Forever, xoxo Em. I mean Shay 💋. #PLLForever

    shaym 12:01 am and the birthday girl gets her tattoo! Couldn't have asked for a more perfect, special night with these incredible ladies... #shhhforlife

    itsashbenzo That's a wrap on my sweet @keeoone I love you

    itsashbenzo Seven years later the day has come to say goodbye.

    itsashbenzo Thank you for this @ashbenzocandids love you @shaym@sleepinthegardn@sashapieterse27@lucyhale@imarleneking

    itsashbenzo Reflecting on these last seven years in my empty room I called home. I will never forget this experience. I was so lucky to work with such amazing people who have affected my life greatly. I am so happy to know they will be my family from here on out. To the fans...... what can I say other than I love you so much. Thank you for being on this journey with me and giving me so much support. I wouldn't be here without all of you. I'm sad to say bye to Hanna..... but I'm excited to see what the future holds and I'm so happy to know that all of you will be by my side ❤️

    sashapieterse27 I can't believe that the day has come. In a couple of hours I'll be going to work for the last time at my second home. Although this day will be filled with happy and sad tears, I'll be forever grateful to share them with the ones I've come to call family. #pllfamily

    sashapieterse27 I've never felt so many emotions at once. I love every single one of my cast and crew. Pretty Little Liars has been a big portion of my identity for the past 7 years and apart of me will always be there. On those stages. Thank you all for all of the love you have shown me, you're the reason we went to work every single day, and it was worth every second. From the bottom of my heart I thank you. And with my whole heart I love you ❤️ you guys have an incredible 10 episodes to watch next year, I can't wait for you to see them. Thank you @lucyhale@sleepinthegardn@itsashbenzo@shaym for creating our sisterhood. Thank you @theandreaparker for being the best inspiration, role model, rebel heart, heart healer, second mom, and now lifelong friend. I love you more than you'll ever know. Thank you @vrayskull for loving me and showing me kindness and grace every single time you walk on set. You are a blessing when you're working and you're a blessing in every step of your life. Thank you @janelparrish for having such poise. I respect you and love you as a friend and a talented AF costar. I will never forget all the love you have shown me. Thank you @ianmharding for always making me laugh. You have such a good heart and I've loved every second of your company. Thank you @tylerjblackburn for being so present and passionate. I'm so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you @keeoone for capturing all of our happy, silly, tired, sad moments. You are truly wonderful. Thank you to every single other cast member who has ever stepped foot on our stage. You have all shaped and cared for our show. We wouldn't be the same without you. Thank you to our INCREDIBLE CREW who have never ever let us down. You've always been so faithful and loyal. I trust all of you with my life and I'll never forget our bond. You are more than friends, you are family. There's no one else I'd rather be with at 5am in the jungle ❤️ Huge thank you to our writers who have loved and nurtured our show. They've listened and cared for all of you from the beginning. Last but definitely not least, thank you @imarleneking and @lisacochranpll for creating this love fest we've called home. I am forever grateful.

    janelparrish Today, we all series wrap on @prettylittleliars. This picture was my first ever episode as Mona, 7 years ago. I am so blown away by what an impact this show has had on my life since. We owe it all to you, #pllarmy. Don't ever stop watching and loving us. And I owe it to you @imarleneking. Thanks for trusting me and believing in me and giving me a family and role to love for 7 years. Let's do this.

    janelparrish That's. A. Wrap. I have cried a river tonight. I owe ALL if it to this beautiful and remarkable woman. @imarleneking you have given all of us a dream come true with this show. 7 years. Thank you. I love you. PLL fans...I love you forever. #monaforever

    janelparrish When @lucyhale leaves the cutest surprise on your have to post. 😝

    janelparrish M. Forever.

    Lucy: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    Troian: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    Shay: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Ashley: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Sasha: 1, 2
    Janel: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Has anyone stuck with the show this far? I quit ages ago.
    sorry for the weird spacing... i can't figure out how to fix it

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    Ragnar has returned to Kattegat and there are secrets to be revealed. He makes plans to return to Wessex to right past wrongs but finds that those who were once his closest allies now have plans of their own. Even the Lothbrok sons refuse to join their father’s mission – except one.

    The Kattegat locals chide Ragnar that the gods have deserted him as he struggles to crew his voyage to Wessex. It’s Bjorn who has charisma now as he prepares to fulfill his long-held dream to explore the Mediterranean in a sleek new boat built for him by Floki. By contrast, Ragnar must accept weathered boats and a crew he has bribed but when Aslaug foresees that the fleet will be lost in a vicious storm her warnings go un-heeded by Ragnar and her precious son, Ivar.

    Ragnar’s fleet is shipwrecked and washes up on the Wessex coast, but without enough survivors to form a credible force, Ragnar and Ivar have a difficult decision to make. Rollo meets his Viking comrades again and can’t resist the urge to join Bjorn’s voyage, risking his marriage and his new Frankish identity. Ragnar too is taking a risk as he carries Ivar towards the Royal Villa in Wessex – throwing himself and his son upon the mercy of King Ecbert.

    Source: 12

    They weren't even trying to be *mysterious*, the episode summaries give away a lot, so if you don't want spoilers, don't read them.

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    now about those leaks.....

    someone on reddit PM'ed me this 4chan (lmao i know) thread in which this person had given the spoilers of Gendry's warhammer and the wight polar bear (before the reddit user talked about it).

    now this same user had given some more leaks. these leaks don't necessarily give new information but give more details. i don't know if i believe them 100% but i think they have plausibility. They are just a couple of Bran/Winterfell spoilers and Dany vs Lannisters spoilers.


    "there's a sequence where bran controls a flock of ravens and sends them to eastwatch".

    "the scene opens on bran coming to from a vision, i think before this there might be a scene of the white walker army but i dont know that for sure, meera is pulling him on a new sled which i guess she somehow built but dont expect the show to ever explain that. theyre right outside of castle black and the gates open and Edd and some other nights watch dudes come out. meera introduces herself first and they dont care which is stupid because the reeds are a noble family as well but whatever d&d are hacks. then she introduces bran and he tells them he knows about the Fist of the First Men. then they bring them inside and thats pretty much it. bran seemed kind of fucked up in this scene and i think theyre trying to imply he already knows the wall is going to fall because he keeps staring at it".

    Dany vs Lannisters

    "Randyll is leading a long procession of caravans and it is pretty much a slaughter of the lannisters by the the dothraki and drogon until bronn saves the day by downing a dragon with a harpoon arrow launcher thing named scorpion".

    "dany attacks randyll and dickons caravan loot train thing with drogon and horde of dothraki, jaime and bronn show up with their army, lots of lannister and tarly slaughter by team dany, bronn shoots and hits drogon with an arrow launching ballista, drogon goes down (but lives because plot armor), jaime sees that dany is vulnerable and charges at her, gets close to killing her but drogon is about to roast him so bronn runs in at the last second and saves him by knocking him into the water. tyrion is watching jaime ride to his death from the distance the whole time. then theres another underwater scene where bronn saves him from drowning".

    mods this hasn't been posted

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    Sources: 1, 2.

    I love when Stella talks to the victims. And ugh, men are weak.gif
    What were your favourite Stella moments?

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    The cast is reuniting for a table read of a new episode (call it season 4 if you want to) and David Caspe revealed a few spoilers:

    - There was a huge fight one second after the camera went black during the series finale when they were all dancing in the wedding.

    - The six character have not been in the same place together during 939 days.

    - One of the characters dies (Dave pls!)

    ONTD, how badly do you want a new season of 'Happy Endings'?

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  • 10/28/16--16:00: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    - Benedict and Eddie discuss their British ordens, B has CBE, Eddie's jealous, he only has OBE(which he hasn't bothered to collect since he was filming all the time)+Oscar
    - Bryan travelled all over the states with his brother in his youth, one summer they worked as waiters at Polynesian restaurant. The cook was called Peter Wong, he hated everyone and everyone hated him, stuff would usually fantasise about killing him. And the day before Cranston brothers took off someone murdered Peter. Police were looking for them but didn't find
    - Benedict got mobbed pretty hard in Nepal while filming Dr Strange
    - Bryan once wore 75.000 bees for Malcolm in the middle
    - Eddie wasn't allowed to even finish the audition for young Voldemort (thank god, Christian was a perfection)
    - Eddie does magic with totally ordinary coloring book
    - Bryan once officiated the wedding on a plane as they were flying over Hollywood sign
    - Also Bryan used to film video tapes for ancient dating company, he would relax people by making them laugh and then would start shooting them
    - All of them do video tape
    - Leann performs her song, they talk a bit about her being the youngest Grammy winner
    - Red chairs were lame =(
    - No uncomfortable questions about Dr Strange fuckery

    1, 2, 3, 4.

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    What is your favorite Alicia Keys song, ONTD?

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  • 10/28/16--19:48: ::: SHAKIRA ::: CHANTAJE :::


    The lead single from her upcoming Spanish album.

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    JLo will star in NBC's next live musical as Rosie, whom was played by Chita Rivera originally. The musical is about an Elvis-like musician who causes a frenzy in a small town right before he's drafted. Will this be a Peter Pan or will it be a Grease, let's wait and see.

    Tom Cruise will play the biblical title role (huh), a man who lived for almost 1,000 years without ageing. So, The Tom Cruise Story. And ol' Methu has an "unparalleled set of survival skills." The script has gotten good buzz.

    Kate Bosworth will star as Sharon Tate in the first biopic on the beautiful up and coming actress (and Roman Polanski's wife), who was murdered by the Manson family while nine months pregnant in 1969. It will be based on the book Sharon Tate And The Manson Murders, and will surely do no justice to Sharon.

    This shady individual has been cast in the thriller Villain, about a vigilante with the power to see the past, present and future. He becomes a local hero until his revenge killings become more violent and the city turns on him.

    Rebecca Ferguson will star as Ruth Harkness, the first person to bring a live giant panda out of China. This is rich people problems because she soon realizes "the animals are best preserved in their natural habitat."

    Sources: 12345

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    The 25-year-old rapper told Access Hollywood on Thursday that she was humiliated by the episode in which many of Crowe's party guests contradicted her version of events from that night.

    Azealia was overcome with emotion as she said: 'Every time, every time something like this happens I'm always like being blamed for, like, wanting this kind of attention. Like who the f*** wants to tell somebody they got spat on? You know, that's humiliating. And I'm just like really, really humiliated.'

    On Saturday, October 15, Banks attended a dinner party at the 52-year-old Gladiator star’s suite as a guest of rapper-actor RZA. According to the “212” rapper, the night went sour after Crowe allegedly made disparaging comments about her and her music career. “Russell Crowe’s just like, ‘Oh, you haven’t done anything with your career,’” she claimed to Access Hollywood. “And I’m just like, ‘Well, nobody’s checkin’ for you right now, so let’s just settle down.' And then when I said that, the whole table was like, ‘Oh my god, how dare you!’”

    Banks told Access Hollywood that the most disappointing part of the night, however, was that RZA didn’t stand up for her. (The Wu-Tang Clan leader shared his version of events to Facebook on Thursday, October 20, claiming that Banks was “insulting half the room” by the end of the night.) In his Facebook post, which contradicts Banks' narrative, RZA alleged that “Azealia threatened to cut a girl in the face with a glass."

    The 212 hitmaker hinted she may still sue the Gladiator star if he does not apologize.


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    sources: undeuxtroisquatre

    oblig "cast this man in a comedy already" comment

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    Conservative Christian and Donald Trump fan Stephen Baldwin is once again at odds with one of his big brothers. Baldwins #1 (Alec) and #3 (Billy) are famously liberal Democrats who don't agree with Stephen on much and Billy has been taking every opportunity to noogie his baby brother on Twitter:

    After spending the next week or so lambasting Stephen's belief in a liberal media bias by pointing out all the conservative newspapers that have endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time ever, Billy went in on Stephen's criticism of oldest brother Alec's SNL Donald Trump impression (Stephen called it "too nasty" and "not funny"):

    Stephen quoted lots and lots of scripture and then tried for the moral high ground:

    But Billy wasn't having it:

    Stephen next went for a sideways dig at Alec and SNL after last week's depiction of the 3rd presidential debate had Alec's Trump becoming unhinged after being asked about women's rights and abortion:

    But Alec, perhaps content to let Billy handle Stephen's nonsense for the time being, remained uncharacteristically calm with his youngest brother:

    And where was Baldwin #2 during all of this, you ask? Daniel, who hasn't endorsed anyone for president but appears to have beliefs that lean toward either liberal or libertarian depending on how you read his tweets, responded to those who expressed sympathy for his plight amongst his squabbling siblings and seemed largely bemused by the whole thing:

    Yesterday, a glum Stephen reflected on the upcoming holidays:


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    Bill Maher’s interview with President Barack Obama will air November 4th at 10pm on HBO.


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    Talks about her new show
    Doesn't trust people who don't drink or drug
    Slams Rick Lazio for supporting Trump


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    I think the writers sometimes forget that this is a vampire show.

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    So I’ve been in denial. The thought, the notion of losing Glenn as a character in the show and @steveyeun as a colleague is something I am yet to fully wrap my mind around. Steven was to me, from the very start, that deeply specific indicator that I was in the right place as I entered the TWD realm. The minute I was cast, he was in touch, inviting me to a lunch he and Lauren organized and trying to come watch my play The Convert which was then in production. Once I made it to GA, he helped me figure out where to stay, even letting me crash in his place over a weekend as I scouted out this new terrain called Atlanta. His kindness, his passion, his purity of heart, his genuine goodness and his amazing sense of humor makes him one of the best people I know. His dedication to our show, to this family, his deep concern with all things concerning the story we strive to tell, his utter commitment, his outrage, provokes me to be better, to dig deeper. The heart he brought to every frame he occupied inspired us all to never be complacent. One of my favorite things in life is to make Steven laugh. He has one of those laughs that revives the dead, that fills you with inexplicable joy. His ability to make me laugh, that deep belly laugh that makes life a little lighter, is something I am pained to accept I won’t have daily access to. Over the years I have grown to learn how similar Steven and I are, from our migrant families, to our college majors to our faith. He’s my brother. I’ve been in denial, and remain so.

    I am so excited, however, to watch his journey continue to unfold, he is designed to break barriers, to fill the world with stories that must and have yet to be told.

    He is built to transcend and will forever be my friend. And that makes me thankful to know him and to start to accept that painful truth, that our work relationship has sadly, at this time, come to an end.

    Like I told you, I ran out of time to say all I wanted on Talking Dead. I won't be able to say everything here either but I'll try to put a dent in it. Your talent, humor and intellect inspire me, challenge me and delight me all at the same time. The story of TWD is in need of a heart transplant because you beat at its core. Grateful to know you brother and to have shared in this journey with you. So much love always. #ripglenn

    Now I'm gonna try to put a dent in all I want to say about you. Thank you for the laughter. Thank you for the deep, meaningful conversations. Thank you for all the wisdom. You imbued the story with such power, precision and dynamic fun. So thankful for your friendship and for the story we were able to tell together. I love you friend. #ripabraham

    Can't even begin to put into words how much I love this man. We were usually the first ones in the makeup chair every morning. That first day without him was tough. But he's such a dad, too, and even though we didn't have him on set, his fatherly presence was still there. I hear his voice and wisdom daily and will bring that with me the rest of my career. Love and miss u @cudlitz - kinda upset you won't return my calls now, but oh well. #AbrahamsArmy4Ever

    This dude reached out and welcomed me to the show before I ever started working on TWD. He's one of the reasons I fell in love with the show early on and he's a big reason the show is what it is. Proud to have worked with him and happy to call him a friend. Love you @steveyeun ❤️

    When dad wants to be included in the sibling selfie. 👌🏼



    Andrew Lincoln: "Steven is not only just an incredible actor, one of the most decent, funny, and beautiful guys I've ever had the fortune of meeting. He's also one of my dearest friends in life. Period. And the prospect of him not being here, it's left a huge hole in the show. The prospect of returning next year is bleaker because of his absence. His departure was seismic [...] It's his humor I'll miss most of all. He's just got this knack of saying exactly the right thing at the wrong time. It's absolutely beautiful, and I'll miss all of it. [...] Rick's relationship to Glenn was he's the funnier, better-looking, smarter younger brother that he never had — which is exactly my relationship with Steven."

    (text from EW): "Steven brought me on to the show. He's the first person that I hung out with. [...] Steven has been a leading man professional on the show without ever having been any of those things before being on the show. You know what Steven is? He's ride or die: You know he has your back. [...] I'm so excited for him knowing he's going on to do amazing things. He's the most professional gentleman and the silliest, funniest goof ever. And Steven's still alive! So that's good."

    ❤️❤️❤️ (text from EW): "He is one of my best friends. I was with him when he proposed to his wife. He's been on this run with me since before I even started on the show. Losing him as a character and as a guy I get to hang out with every day is a bummer. It's the last thing in the world I ever wanted to happen. [...] We built this friendship since day one, just like Daryl and Glenn did. I fucking love Steven."


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    Fave looks? imo the 2000s one is way worse than the 80s.

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