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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Leslie Jones does not appear to be having a very good night. She posted the following tweet shortly before midnight on Tuesday regarding men with whom she had had a meeting, in which she equated real men to men without uteruses:

    [Tweet: Yo I'm gonna say this nice as I can! Tired of man bitches! Please dispose of your uterus!! We are in need of real men! I want a caveman! Lol]

    After some people pointed out the transphobia in the above tweet, Leslie chose to offer the following dismissive reply:

    [Tweet: To all trans men I'm not talking to you! Does everything have to go that direction. Talking to the men that act like bitches!! Good Grief!!]

    Apparently Leslie doesn't know when to stop talking, as she has since followed up with the following:

    [Tweets (in chronological order, aka reverse to posted image):

    "@BuildingJesse oh I can say more. Cause you taking it out of context. I was talking about the men I'm meeting. You must be one."

    (retweet from @JoshMcGannnn) "@Lesdoggg can't even make a joke without being scrutinized.. everyone needs to chill ASAP"

    "@SportScribeCA and explained it wasn't like that. I'm a fucking comic. I was talking about the men I meet. Good grief!"

    "@pigwhodoesntfly inform me of what they can't understand a joke. I didn't say anything about trans men. Good grief!!"

    "@ozeaneyes @connerk I was talking about the men I meet now act like bitches!! That's what I meant! Y'all not that dumb for real you not"]

    Apparently transphobia is okay if (1) you're a comedian and (2) a local gay™ (see retweet) says it's okay. Fight me, Leslie.


    Do you like to excuse transphobia by calling it comedy, ONTD? Happy Wednesday. Tweets have been typed out for accessibility reasons and also to accomodate those of you whose browsers don't always show images.

    Mods--since Leslie took down the tweets, screenshots have been included. The sources are for the original tweets, which have since vanished into the abyss. I have included screenshots of the replies and retweets in case they are similarly deleted. Shout out to kimsungkyu for the screenshots of the original tweets.

    EDIT: Yes, the above tweets are sexist and misogynist. However, the contents of the post focus on transphobia because that is the basis upon which people on twitter were calling her out (at the time of posting). Please do not view my omitting a discussion of sexism and misogyny as a dismissal of these concerns; she fucked up in that regard as well.

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    Who would you like to see on Carpool Karaoke? Carly Rae Jepsen?

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    At 4:22pm today, I grew up. Welcome Monroe Christine Lewis.


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    The final three bakers left in the Great British Bake Off will take to the tent one last time tonight in a bid to be crowned champion.

    The final will be the last episode of GBBO on the BBC after it lost the rights to the show to Channel 4.

    Who is left?

    Jane Beedle

    Jane Beedle, 61, is a garden designer from Beckenham in Kent.

    She was inspired to bake by her grandfather who owned a bakery in Hastings.

    Candice Brown

    Candice Brown, 31, is a secondary school PE teacher from Bedfordshire.

    She grew up in a pub - an experience which she channelled into a gingerbread pub showstopper, complete with sticky ginger carpet and miniature pool table.

    Andrew Smyth

    Aerospace engineer Andrew is the youngest of the finalists at 25-years-old.

    The Northern Irish Cambridge graduate, who lives in Derby, was inspired to bake by his mother and grandmother.

    What is their final challenge?

    The final contestants will face three rounds on Wednesday night's show before one is crowned the winner.

    They will have to create a signature challenge involving meringues.

    They will also take part in a technical challenge set by Mary Berry asking them to make a British classic with just one instruction and produce a showstopper.

    The result will then be revealed in front of the trio's family, friends and their former Bake Off colleagues.


    The end of an era :(((((

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    On getting the role of Negan:"I think it was in San Diego, when somebody came up to me and said, "Have you seen Kirkman's new book?" I said, "No," and they said, "There's this character Negan. You should be Negan." Probably three or four months later, I actually did pick up a copy of The Walking Dead comic book, which at that point I hadn't read; I had only followed the show. I picked up the introduction of Negan and thought, "Oh yeah, that would be fun to play." Cut to five years later, I was doing The Good Wife and got a call one night from my agent who said, "The Walking Dead is offering you the role of a villain." I said, "Well, what's his name?" And they were like, "You know, they won't tell us, it's a secret." And I knew immediately—I knew because I watched the show and knew where we were—and I'm like, "It's fucking Negan! And I'm going to fucking do it."

    On playing the 'villain': "I don't ever look at these guys as villains per se; I always try to figure out, I wouldn't say the justification of them, but look for the reasons that Negan is Negan. I have to understand that, otherwise I don't think it works if I just play him as a bad guy—I think that's pretty one note and it would be boring for you as a viewer, and it wouldn't be that fun for me to play. So I just try to get into that character's skin as much as I can, and understand why he is who he is. Negan is a trip though, man. He's a brutal son of a bitch, but there are also parts about him that I find kind of endearing. We'll see if the audience responds to it. I think that the first episode is going to be rough, and people aren't going to be real fond of me or Negan, and I think as time wears on and you get to know him a little bit more and understand his way of thinking, there could be a shift in that. Maybe they'll love to hate him as opposed to just hating him."

    On Negan's personality:"I think that as we get to know him and see him in quieter moments, you'll see his charisma and his humor in a way that will be different than Lucille crashing into somebody's face, which I think will help. It's hard for me to go, "Look, he's very charismatic and he's got this incredible wit to him," when I'm killing people. I don't know if anyone's ever going to truly look at Negan and go, "Oh, yeah, I get it! There's a guy in there that's awesome." That's the nature of the beast. Not that I'm going to make excuses for Negan, but we seem to forget as an audience, and as fans of the show, that Rick and Daryl and the rest of them killed probably 30, 40 of my men, and so far I've only killed two of them. Negan just did it with some panache."


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    The reboot is set to premiere on Disney Junior in 2018 and there'll be two eleven minute segments.


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    Source 1
    Source 1

    Are you excited for Snoop & Martha's Dinner party?

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    Pander to those millenials!

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    Source: 1, 2

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    now you can enjoy 12 whole months of the stunning star with this new stylish official rita ora 2017 calendar!!


    - the pop icon/supermodel looks “hot right now” with 12 stunning photographs for you to enjoy
    - don't hesitate to order your copy today. worldwide delivery available
    - the perfect gift for your loved ones

    source / more pics

    2017 is going to be rita's year

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    "Yo last night was 10 crazy. I bout lost my mind, Quita lost her phone, and this fool Earn lost his jacket smh. Who cares tho (laugh-crying emoji)."


    this show is quality you guys. I'm sad the season is ending already. the ep last night with Vanessa and Earn was so good.

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    • The movie stars David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki, Daniel Brühl and Chris O’Dowd

    • They plan to have a new Cloververse film out every year

    • God Particle opens Feb 24, 2017


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  • 10/26/16--20:26: Eyewitness 1x03 Promo

  • Source

    the acting isn't the greatest, but i watched both eps today and got hooked bc i like the characters(especially phillip). anyone else watching?

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    The Pop Gworls Best Unreleased Bops
    deep in the trenches of ya fave pop gworls fave studio there lie a computer sis, on the desktop is a folder, with probably over like 50 of ya faves unreleased songs, maybe ha vocals werent up to par, maybe myra marie wasnt available that day, maybe the lyrics just didnt come to ya girl, but theyre there & when ya girl has cemented ha legacy and has put in DECADES of tireless dedication to the gayz, ha fans and becomes a major pop contendor she's bound to have hundreds of unreleased material (see madonna, lana), here are the best unreleased bops, not ballads or OST songs, BOPS, sisses, and in order

    Kesha - "Booty Call"
    See Also:$ha's_Library_(Unreleased_Songs)
    Released: 2010
    queen of trashpop, our generations cyndi lauper, not only did dr l*ke do miss kesha girl dirty but all of you did too, like ya only care when ya could attach ha to a feminist hashtag, smh, i was there when kesha was releasing bopz, i was there .. in the club, shakin ass when tiktok came out!, i was there when she released the LGBTQIABCDEFGHIJK elemeno P anthem "we r who we r" with that ashy ass video, i was there! anyway one day everyone will look back and see just how much kesha gave, gave, gave & never expected a diddly damn thing in return but anyway ha best unreleased is "booty call" queen of bops
    Bop Rating:

    Britney Spears - "Strangest Love"
    See Also: Outta This World, Sugarfall
    Released: 2009
    queen gave us the bop of the new millenia,strangest love is britneys soul-searching bop, handwritten by her herself every single word, and she gives us patti labelle level vocals (or better) on "strangest love"
    Bop Rating:

    Lana Del Rey - "Angels Forever"

    Released: 2012
    See Also:
    this unreleased bop cured measels and mumphs, she retroactively canceled "the killers" and their ashy album sams town, she did in one song what gagarth was trying to do on "jeanine", lana brought mariah sized vocals and basically brought down the house with a tour de force vocal perfomance on this song, basically showcasing all 44 octaves in ha vocal register, reports say the only reason she didnt include this in ha number 1 smash album "ultraviolence" is because it wouldve kept it at number one & the other artist gworls wouldve gagged, queen of charity tbh
    Bop Rating:

    Lady Gaga - "Reloaded"
    See Also: No Way
    Released: 2010
    i know she wants to hangup ha boots at the grande ole opry & shes trying to SNATCH donald trumps demo with ha new album but there was a time where gaga was comin for scalps(ha ne album is more a deep conditioning treatment tbh) and she UN(released) "reloaded" literally, when i tell you, the BOP of the century the bop of our lifetime, there will never be a song that bops harder than reloaded tbh, now gagas not that much of a white supremacist to pull of ha new sound for more than one era so heres to hopin she comes back to slay
    Bop Rating:

    Carly Rae Jepsen - "Bullseye"
    Released: 2015
    See Also:
    bit, ok miss carly, the critics darling has the indie scene gaggin tbh, who else can release an album that doesnt crack the top ten and THEN release an album of its b-sides, literally only ha, anyway carly goes for like reggae vibes, she honestly does it better than the reggae greats like sean paul & drake, she wrote every song, pining over every single important lyric until her fingers bleed, for the fans tbh! even tho this song was unreleased it debuted at #1 on the billboard hot 100 pop, r&b and regional mexican, queen tbh
    Bop Rating:

    Text is by me, video sources here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

    ONTD, whats your faves' best unreleased song?

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    All the awards for Kathy Bates.

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    The music video for their lead single, a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", off their new Christmas album has reached over 15 million views.

    You can purchase their new album on Apple Music, Amazon, and Google Play.
    You can also listen on Spotify.

    sources: ptx youtube. miss louisiana twitter. meghan trainor twitter. ptx twitter.

    what is your favorite version of "hallelujah"?

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    • Apparently James Packer broke up with Mimi due to "excessive spending"

    • The two had started dating in June of 2015 and met through Brett Ratner (he's directed some of her mv's like Heartbreaker, H.A.T.E.U., Obessed, Touch My Body etc )

    • James and Mimi were set to get married

    • He was apparently uncomfortable with her reality TV show (premiering on E! on December 4th!)

    • He's letting her keep the 10 million engagement ring he got her in January

    • Apparently his mom didn't like her and his friends didn't think it would last



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    James, Niall Horan, Ewan McGregor and Isla Fisher take turns choosing between answering very personal questions or eating stomach-churning foods.


    Niall & Isla have to try salmon smoothies.
    James & Ewan eat scorpion and beef tongue.

    Would you rather drink a salmon smoothie than reveal who is your least favourite member of 1D?

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    Wyclef Jean guest stars on a ~special episode~ about ~one of the most sensitive issues of our time~. I can already tell this episode will ruin the legacy of last season's Transgender Bridge.

    Also, yes, the episode is called "Bad Rap." I don't wish to speculate as to why that is.

    Lastly, FYI, the Trump episode will air on November 16, i.e. a week after the election (as of now, because you never know with NBC).

    me @ last night's episode

    youtube, instagram

    ONTD, did you watch last night's Brock Turner-inspired mess of an episode? How amazing was Anthony Edwards? And how fucked up is S18 so far? On a scale from "I have already stopped watching" to "only Carisi's hair keeps me interested"?

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