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    Followup from THIS post (SPOILERS obviously, and please read this past post if you haven't before opening the cut here)

    -It has now basically been confirmed the the parts from the leak about Dany arriving in Dragonstone and Jon meeting Dany at Dragonstone while on the search for Dragonglass is true.

    -A Spanish GOT source is saying that both Emilia Clarke (confirmed) and Kit Harington (hugely rumored) will be filming at the Zumaia Beaches in Spain which are standing for Dragonstone.



    Bran crosses the Wall, meets with Edd.

    "Sansa wants to give the lands of those who betrayed Jon to those who supported him, but Jon (in first ep) refused to hold the children of the Karstark and Umber families responsible for the actions of their fathers. This doesn't please Lyanna Mormont (or Sansa) but Jon basically just tells her to deal with it - he doesn't plan to rule the North the way it always has been." - (Jon, Sansa and Lyanna have been spotted on set with other "Team Starks".)

    -Littlefinger tries to play Arya and Sansa against each other, using the letter Sansa wrote to Robb (at the behest of Cersei and Littlefinger) to swear fealty to Joffrey. Sansa figures out she's being played with Bran's help.

    -Arya and Brienne spar, but Brienne is in attendance at the dragonpit scene. So either Brienne separates from the main group and returns to Winterfell (VERY quickly) AFTER the dragonpit meeting, or she doesn't join Jon and Davos initially to Dragonstone. She likely meets up with them at some point after they've left the Wall with the Wight. So the sparing likely happens in episode 4 or 5, and Brienne leaves Winterfell later.

    Team Dany

    -At the end of Episode One, Dany and her fleet land at Dragonstone. Nobody says anything. She walks up the steps to the keep, and we follow her through the building until she reaches Stannis' old War Room. She looks out the window at the land ahead that used to belong to her family. She picks up one of the chess-like pieces on the table and looks at Tyrion, who has followed her up. She says one line: "Shall we begin?" End of Episode"

    White Walker stuff
    Jon leads a small force (himself, The Hound, Beric, Thoros, Tormund, Jorah and Gendry (WHY?!) to capture a wight. (Scene set to be filmed in Iceland in January includes 6 major characters.)

    -The party travels to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea by boat. Davos stays behind while the others go wight hunting.

    he team is attacked by the Night King's army, including a wight polar bear. The bear kills Thoros (apparently a slow death). (Thoros is confirmed to return for season 7.)

    -They are surrounded on an island on a frozen lake and are nearly overcome when Dany and her dragons show up. She flies most of the team back to Eastwatch, but Jon is left behind.

    -Jon is almost killed, but Coldhands/Benjen arrives and sends Jon off with his horse while continuing to fight the horde. Jon watches Benjen swarmed by undead as he rides, half dead, to safety.

    -Viserion is killed and raised as the Night King's mount.

    -Jon offers to lay down his title as KITN if Dany and her forces will help against the WWs. This scene is private.

    King's Landing

    -Meeting at the dragonpit with basically everyone. They demonstrate the reality of the white walkers and it terrifies Cersei (apparently the Mountain chops up the wight and it keeps moving, Jon shows them the only way to kill it is with dragonglass). She tells them she will send forces to help defeat the undead, but admits to Jamie she was lying. She wants the undead to clear out as many of her enemies as possible. Disgusted, Jamie begins to ride North. Likely happens episode 7

    -Tyrion takes a moment to talk to Cersei alone after the Dragonpit parlay. Cersei hates him but listens to him talk about the White Walkers. Mainly because she wants Jon and Dany to think she's going to participate and help them with fighting the white walkers.

    -Cersei believes she is pregnant again with Jamie's child. She has Qyburn examine her. Cersei does not hesitate in telling Jamie. Likely happens within the first couple episodes.(easily the MOST ridiculous spoiler)

    -Near the end of the season, Cersei awakens in a bed completely soaked with blood. She has miscarried the baby. (using miscarriage as shock value makes me feel nauseous so i hope this is not true)

    -Gendry's in Kings Landing making weapons, and he is found by Davos. If he's with the group during the episode 6 adventure past the wall, he is likely found during the events of the "ill-advised attack". Likely episode 4 or 5.

    Dorne/Highgarden/Casterly Rock

    -Dorne and High Garden get trashed within the first couple episodes by the Lannisters.

    -The Dothraki and Dany attack the Lannister army on their way back from the Reach. Jamie and Bron are both there. Despite the Lannister army having a giant anti-dragon spear gun designed by Qyburn, they are defeated. Bron saves Jamie from a dragon, and the two manage to escape. Likely episode 4 or 5. Jon remains at Dragonstone during this battle, as he is not aligned with her yet. (Might be the "ambush" scene we've heard about that includes a Lannister. Castings have required a large number of horses and extras who seem to fit the description of Dothraki.)

    -Jamie and Tyrion have a secret meeting at some point where Tyrion tries to persuade them to surrender to Dany, which Jamie ignores. Unclear if this happens before or after Dany ambushes the Lannister army.

    -Jamie travels to Highgarden and Olenna drinks poison. The claim is this happens when the Lannister armies sack High Garden. She admits to having killed Joffrey, and Jamie allows her to drink the poison. Jamie returns to King's Landing in time for the dragonpit meeting.

    -Euron kills 2 of the Sand Snakes, imprisons Ellaria and makes her watch as Tyene dies a slow death from poison.(payback from Cersei for Myrcella)


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  • 10/18/16--09:32: ONTD Roundup
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    ONTD, are you as obsessed with Insecure as I am?

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    - Rihanna is collaborating with @stancemuse&@bijoukarman in new sock collection.


    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

    When was the last time your faves were messy, ONTD? :(

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    Source: YouTube

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    A pair of Ruby Slippers, famously worn by Judy Garland in MGM's classic The Wizard of Oz, has been on display at the National Museum of American History for decades. Millions of visitors have been able to see these famous heels in person--and now the Smithsonian is asking the public for donations to help keep them preserved for future generations.

    The slippers are in major need of immediate conservation efforts to repair damage and help slow down the deterioration of the shoes. The Smithsonian has posted a graphic to help explain the major issues with the slippers current condition.

    The Smithsonian wants to employ a team of expert to research the shoes to determine the best way to conserve them, have the slippers professionally treated, and create a state of the art, climate controlled display case to help slow down future detoririaton. The goal is to then put the slippers on display in a new exhibition dedicated to American entertainment, which will include famous film props such as some of Jim Henson's Muppets, an R2-D2, and more.

    Why is the Smithsonian asking for public donations? While the Smithsonian Institution is federally funded, this funding only covers baseline support for general operations, not conservation efforts. The museums rely on private donors to help fund exhibitions, conservation efforts for its collection, and to keep the museums admission free of charge. Last year, the Smithsonian successfully held a Kickstarter to fund repairs on Neil Armstrong's spacesuit.

    source: kickstarter

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    Apprentice staffer says actor Gary Busey (allegedly) sexually assaulted her in 2011. 5 addition Apprentice employees confirmed this story.

    The victim says that during a smoke break from an art galley challenge Busey grabbed her firmly between her legs, ran his hands up her stomach and grabbed her breasts.

    She said she didn't know what to do so she said "Oh, I've never been sexually harassed by a celebrity before"

    He then forcibly put her hand on his crotch and said "I'm just getting started baby". A staff member jumped in between them and pushed Busey away.

    Staffers asked for Busey to be kicked off the show. Producers, management and Trump himself were all made aware of the incident.

    Staffers say Trump yukked it up with Busey saying “Gary, did you do a bad your hands where they’re not supposed to be," Calling Busey a "bad boy, a very bad boy" and finally telling him to just "Keep your hands to yourself".

    Busey continued to be on the show.

    The victim did not push the matter for fear of losing her job and in fact two years later Busey was invited back to the show (while the victim still worked there).

    She says "Trump would say gross things all the time" and the atmosphere was a "disgusting place to work" due to high frequency of sexual harassment.

    Staffers say women were often subjected to misogynistic and harassing remarks. Many male celebrity contestants were sexist and it was tolerated. It wasn't uncommon for young female staffers to burst into tears because a celeb told them to "sit on it"


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    Bill Maher often finds himself in hot water even though he claims he has been championing the rights of "the downtrodden, the oppressed, the minorities, the blacks, gays, women, Mexicans, whoever it is" all his life. Let's take a look at some of his most controversial statements.

    Let's start easy...

    1. His reference to Hillary Clinton

    Bill Maher: They fined CBS a million dollars for Janet Jackson's nipples. Think what they can get for Hillary Clinton's cunt!

    2. The Tila Tequila joke

    In 2009, Maher responded to the news that Tila Tequila had been assaulted by her then-boyfriend, NFL player Shawne Merriman.


    Bill Maher: New rule: Stop acting surprised someone choked Tila Tequila! The surprise is that someone hasn’t choked this bitch sooner.

    3. The Zayn Malik joke

    Bill Maher: Zayn Malik can just quit One Direction for all I care... Just tell me two things, Zayn. Which one in the band were you? And where were you during the Boston marathon?

    4. His criticism of 'feminine' values

    Bill Maher: This is a feminized country. ... I will say that the feminine values are now the values of America. Sensitivity is more important than truth. Feelings are more important than facts. Commitment is more important than individuality. ... This is personal to me because I'm the last of my guy friends who have never gotten married. ... I'm like the escaped slave, I bring news of freedom!

    5. His comment on Arab men


    Bill Maher:
    Civilization begins with civilizing the men. I know this is anecdotal, but talk to women who’ve ever dated an Arab man. The results are not good. ... They’re worse [than American men]. What’s wrong with just saying that? ... I'm saying I'm not prejudiced. That's pre-judging. I'm not pre-judging. I'm judging. ... When you tolerate intolerance, you're not really being a liberal.

    6. His claim that Hillary Clinton cried to get her way (during the 2008 election)


    Bill Maher: I’m not trying to be sexist here, but I’m just saying that women try a lot of different tacks when they’re in arguments. ... I’m not being sexist, I’m just saying that men, when we argue, we’re kind of a one-trick pony — we try our thing, and then we sulk when we don’t get our way. But look at Hillary Clinton! Because the first thing a woman does, of course, is cry ... and then they go to sweet talking - "you're the best thing that ever happened to me! And you look so handsome in that tie!" - and then they throw an anger fit totally unrelated to anything - "stay home and watch the game. See if I care." - And when it doesn’t work, they bring out the sarcasm. "Oh, I'm just a woman, I couldn't possibly understand the issues like you could."Don't write me. Please ladies, don't write me.

    7. His comments on Sarah Palin's family


    Bill Maher:
    And the trump card why Americans will fall in love in her -- she’s got five kids. How can you not vote for someone who has five children. Including an infant. Some touching details about the infant -- it has Down syndrome. She had it when she was 43 years old. And it looks a lot like John Edwards. I mean, five kids? Does anyone in that party understand the concept of pulling out?

    8. His claim that most Muslims supported the Charlie Hebdo attacks

    Bill Maher: “I'm a proud liberal. Turn toward the truth. ... The Muslim world is the part of the world that is most against liberal principles. ... When something like this happens, in Paris, we should stop saying: 'we shouldn't insult a great religion'. ... Hundreds of millions of [muslims] support an attack like this and applaud it. ... That is mainstream in the Muslim world."

    9. His Ted Cruz rape joke

    Bill Maher drew a comparison to prison rape while commenting on the fact that Ted Cruz didn’t look happy while going hunting. Good luck trying to make sense of that. Not enjoying hunting is like raping someone in prison and faking an orgasm? Something like that.

    10. His 'desert stuff' monologue

    Bill Maher was asked why Islam is 'the one religion about which so many in America censor themselves. Is it just fear?'

    Bill Maher: Absolutely. Because they’re violent. Because they threaten us. And they are threatening. They bring that desert stuff to our world …We don’t threaten each other, we sue each other. That’s the sign of civilized people. And they don’t ... People who want to gloss over the difference between western culture and Islamic culture and forget about the fact that the Islamic culture is 600 years younger and that they are going through the equivalent of what the west went through with our middle ages, our dark ages when religion had way too much power … do so at their peril.

    11. His comments on Bristol Palin's pregnancy


    Bill Maher: And finally, new rule: Bristol Palin has to admit that the reason she f***ed Levi over and over until a baby fell out is because she liked it. In Bristol’s new memoir, "I’m Not Afraid of Life," working title, "Whoops, There’s a D**k in Me," Bristol claims that the night she lost her virginity she had accidentally gotten drunk on wine coolers that she didn’t know contained alcohol and then blacked out and then didn’t remember a thing. Oh, the Palins. I tell you the s**t doesn’t fall far from the bat. Bristol, just admit it. You were horny. And while we’re at it, stop claiming you were on birth control pills that didn’t work when you got pregnant. Here’s a tip. Hon, they’re not birth control pills if they’re shaped like Fred Flintstone.

    12. His parental advice

    After video surfaced of South Carolina officer Ben Fields violently ripping a student from her desk and arresting her, Maher told his studio audience that parenting was the real culprit.

    Bill Maher: I think this is just horrendous to treat a child like this, a teenager. But I also have sympathy for people in authority because I think parents let kids do anything these days so they never listen to authority. [long sermon on bad and absent parents] Am I wrong that parents just aren't doing their job? That it's underzealous parenting and overzealous policing?

    13. That time he mocked a country getting bombed


    In 1999, when the US was bombing Serbia, Bill Maher took time out out of his busy schedule to mock those being bombed.

    Bill Maher: So let me be the first to say I am so sorry that supporting a genocidal regime has turned into such a hassle for you. I'm sorry if our bombing has delayed the delivery of your J. Crew catalog or screwed up your commute. And by the way, if I were you, I would write a strongly worded letter to the transit authority, because I've seen your bridges, and frankly, they're a mess. [laughter and applause] Believe me, we would never have started bombing them if we realized it was keeping you from getting to Tae-Bo class. So maybe what you yuppie fascists need to do is stop supporting an evil dictator who is hellbent on eliminating an entire people just because their ancestors kicked your ancestors' asses 600 years ago. Let it go. You're yuppies, get some therapy. [laughter] Get your moral clock working. Let me give you a hint. If in your language you have ever used the phrase, "can I get to the mall if I make a left at the death camp"[laughter]
    you might be a redneck.

    14. Dropping the R bomb

    Bill Maher: I have two dogs. If I had two retarded children I’d be a hero. And yet the dogs, which are pretty much the same thing ... what? They're sweet, they're loving, but they don't mentally advance at all!

    15. His claim that refugees make Europe less moderate

    Bill Maher: We have to do something. ... The naughtier question that the rest of the media ignores: what about the long-term? Moderate Muslims are fleeing their homelands, but the answer can't be that we empty out the Middle East of all the moderates and leave it to ISIS and the extremists. If they just come to Europe to some day make it less moderate and tolerant...

    Source: 123456789101112131415

    This is only scratching the surface but I can't listen to his nasal whine any longer.

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    Candids have surfaced of Xtina in Georgia, rocking pink hair (likely a wig), filming for Melissa McCarthy's movie, Life of The Party. It's unclear as to whether this will be a cameo, or if she's actually starring in a role at this point.

    All I know, is that her ass still isn't done with the album.

    In other news, she's confirmed NOT to be returning for seasons 12 or 13 of The Voice (THERE IS A GOD). Hopefully, this means she'll be wrapping up with the album(s?)/touring(?). Girl, IDK.

    ONTD, do you often pick up a million side projects to procrastinate from your actual job/assignment?

    Source 1, 2

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    Season three will focus on the July 1997 murder of Gianni Versace in Miami. His murderer - serial killer Andrew Cunanan - killed himself eight days later. It'll be based on the book Vulgar Favors by Maureen Orth. Seasons 2 (focusing on Hurricane Katrina) and 3 will film simultaneously.


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    Sean was raised in Toronto, ON. He is also not of Japanese descent, he is Korean.

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    - The couple married in 2007 and have a daughter (Ruby, 9) & a son (Otis, 7)
    - In a joint statement to People: “After much soul searching and consideration we have made the decision to separate as a couple. As devoted parents, our first priority remains raising our children together with enduring love, respect and friendship.”


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    Bruce Springsteen spoke out against Donald Trump yesterday, saying that he was "undermining the whole democratic tradition".

    Previously, he had called Trump a 'moron' and said that “The ideas he’s moving to the mainstream are all very dangerous ideas – white nationalism and the alt-right movement.” On the other hand, he stated that he thinks Hillary would make a “very, very good president”.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    For the titillation-seeking dresser, there can be no off-season. Summer crop tops and cut-outs give way to, well, fall crop tops and cut-outs. And the holidays, starting with Halloween, offer their own sartorial opportunities for flights of fancy and risky behavior. Enter Courtney Love. (Again.) Love and Nasty Gal have followed up on January's hit 18-piece collaboration of grunged-up, 90s-inspired femininity with another crop of party-ready clothes out November 3rd. This time around, Love said, she "took more risks." But aspirants to the kinderwhore aesthetic should also rest assured: The baby doll dress remains. "This [collection] still has some nostalgia, but also has sort of Moulin Rouge fantasy pieces that are kind of over the top" said Love via phone from Los Angeles.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    it. has. the. doll. parts. lyrics. on. it.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Basically if you summed up Courtney's 90's aesthetic in one outfit...

    "For this collection, Love, who remains a persistent reference for the runways, followed suit, and pulled from her past and present: Lyrics from Hole’s “Doll Parts” are embroidered on a T-shirt and hand-beaded maxi dress (a favorite of her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain), and a black minidress with a white lace collar feels like an Edwardian play on the one Love wore on her 1994 Spin cover (bring your own tiara). A pussy-bow blouse is worked up from countless versions from her own closet, tweaked for just the right effect—less Melania Trump at the debate than “a kind of Jim Morrison pirate blouse,” she said. For outerwear, there’s a navy cavalry coat drawn from an old Georgian style, “like something you’d see on a suffragette in 1890.” The silhouette was slimmed down (sans bustle) and made modern with a few nips and tucks and pocket detailing. And, of course, there are the lingerie-leaning elements, ranging from satin slips to lace bodysuits. “I’m a fiend for bodysuits,” said Love. “I’ve said for the past 10 years bodysuits are gonna come back.”

    See also a faux leopard-fur coat, a style Love described as “basic 101” but that required a lot of thought to make it so: “Do you make it fat, do you make it slim, do you make it black leather lapels, do you make it without?” It’s this kind of transhistorical reimagining and remixing that Love wants to come through with these pieces. “You don’t just relate them to me in 1994, you know what I mean?” she explained. Not that she’s removed herself from the intended audience, those looking to give and get a thrill. “These are clothes that I would wear!” said Love. “I’m all about ‘If you got it, flaunt it.’”

    More of the Collab at the Source!

    Are you living for the return of 90's fashion, ONTD?
    this collection is going to leave me so fucking broke.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    -Azealia Banks is upset that RZA didn't stand up for her following the Russell Crowe incident
    -After weeks of negotiations Banks decided to put an end to it and cancel all plans
    -Banks will now have to look into the dozens of other labels willing to offer her a record deal (citation needed)


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    In case you missed the initial story "Queen of Snapchat" Katie May passed away earlier this year from a stroke. The model and social media personality was 34 at the time of her death. Months later her death certificate has surfaced and it is now known what lead to her stroke.

    A few days before her death May fell during a photo shoot and went to the chiropractor for an adjustment. The chiropractor inadvertently tore an artery in her neck during the adjustment which caused her to have her fatal stroke.

    Her death has been ruled accidental.

    Source 1, 2 and 3

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    Yesterday there were only 12 singles to have ever achieved this milestone. They are:

    Baby - Justin Bieber
    Candle In The Wind/Something About The Way You Look Tonight - Elton John
    Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna - Eminem
    Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
    Call Me Maybe - Carly Slae Jepsus
    Not Afraid - Eminem
    Cruise - Florida Georgia Line
    Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
    Firework - Katy Perry
    Dark Horse - Katy Perry
    Poker Face - Lady Gaga
    Thrift Shop - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    Can you guess who's the last to join the Diamond Club?

    Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars!!

    Tweet Source


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    Behold, the first ever look at the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser poster! #GotG #GotGVol2

    Edit: The teaser trailer just dropped as well

    Source 1 and 2
    Are you ready for Volume 2?

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    You're about to discover that you don’t know where the hell you are.

    The above tweet now gives us the official episode order! The following are promo images from each one:

    Just two more days! Thought they'd do a featurette for each episode like the first two before the premiere...will keep an eye out =) Nothing too spoilerish in this one, but some new scenes from the rest of the season (that last shot ♥). So, who else staying up to binge like I am? I'm starting a complete rewatch tonight of the first two series + Christmas Special.


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