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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    How emotionally attached to a dour Soviet biological weapons scientist are you, ONTD? Did you like Mail Robot's nude scene? And does any part of your soul ship the glorious FBI/KGB pairings of Oleg/Stan and Matthew/Paige?


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    Let's try to remember Kanye West before he became half of 'Kimye' or even before that Taylor Swift situation, he was still the egotistical rapper he is today but was also known as the 'Louis Vuitton Don' who produced great songs like You Don't Know My Name, Jesus Walks, Used to Love U, Overnight Celebrity, '03 Bonnie & Clyde and who made controversy but necessary commentary on Hurricane Katrina.

    But for know lets talk about the positive of Kanye West and what better way is to talk about his old music. Kanye West hails from the South Side of Chicago where he became deeply involved in the hip-hop scene. As a teenage, Kanye met producer No I.D. who taught Kanye 'how to sample and program beats after he received his first sampler at age 15'. By the age of 20, Kanye dropped out of Chicago State University (where his mother was a professor also) to pursue his musical dreams where he became the main producer for Roc-A-Fella Records and then later signed by the label. (If you want to hear more about how he got started you should listen to Last Call off of the College Dropout)

    This list will be songs to me that are either underrated or songs most have slept on. This list will be second in a series where I'll highlight very known producers and their underrated/less popular songs.

    I Want You (2004) – Janet Jackson

    This 2004 song was produced by West along with Janet's long time producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Janet herself. Music critics were very positive on song saying the song 'complimented Jackson's vocals and its fusion of nostalgic and modern qualities'. But the song was basically blacklisted on the radio due to the infamous halftime show at that years Super Bowl. Critics and fans alike think that the song would've been an "across-the-board smash" if the situation at the Super Bowl hadn't happened.

    But on the positive side, the single was certified Platinum and earned a Grammy nomination.

    FYI – John Legend played piano and co-wrote the single

    The Corner (2005) – Common

    After signing with West's label Good Music and releasing his 6th album Be (2005), Common put out one of his hardest tracks with The Corner. It was a moderate success hitting #42 on Hip-Hop single charts but it remains one of Common's classic tracks

    I Changed My Mind (2004) – Keyshia Cole

    Her first single from her debut album, the Oakland, CA native released 'I Changed My Mind' it being moderate successful song with it peaking at #71 on the Billboard 100. This song would be the first in the many hits (I Should Have Cheated, I Just Want to be Over, and Love) off of The Way It Is (2005)

    This Way (2004) – Dilated Peoples

    Dilated Peoples, a underground hip-hop group who hail from Los Angeles, had their only mainstream hit with This Way that charted on the Billboard 100 at #78.

    Brown Sugar (2002) – Mos Def featuring Faith Evans

    This song was featured on the Brown Sugar soundtrack and (in my opinion) was overshadowed by the smash jam Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop) from Erykah Badu (which I also love). Not much to say is that I love this song and love the soundtrack.

    Honorable Mentions
    Selfish– Slum Village, Down & Out– Cam'ron, Lucifer– Jay-Z, Family Business– Kanye West, Brand New– Rhymefest, Comfortable– Lil' Wayne, Make Me Say– Kid Cudi, Stay the Night– Mariah Carey, Talk About Our Love– Brandy, Higher– Do or Die, and Celebration– Kanye West

    Picture - Headhoncho
    YouTube - 1|2|3|4|5
    Wikipedia - 1|2|3|4|5|6

    ONTD, what's your favorite underrated Kanye produced track?or even your favorite Kanye track?
    image host

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    So, in short, grrm confirmed that Brienne of Tarth is a descendant of Ser Duncan the Tall. For those of you who don't know who Ser Duncan is, he's a famous and honorable knight from GRRM's prequel novellas, Dunk and Egg. Note: Egg is an Aegon from House Targaryen, known as Aegon the Unlikely. And Egg was also mentioned by Master Aemon (of House Targaryen) when he was on his death bed.

    Source: Nerdist's Twitter

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    Suburban Housewife Man Candy
    and Hair Frosting Enthusiast Jonathan Scott
    Caught on Video Getting Knocked Down But
    Getting Up Again

    B&W Security Footage shows 6'5" twin getting shoved by short stocky dude in rear of bar, stocky dude pushes him towards front door, J.Scott falls to the floor but gets up quickly and gets shoved into a booth while stocky guy escapes.

    From the news report, Jonathan called the cops saying he was assaulted and put into a headlock by bar bouncers. Apparently there was a misunderstanding on whose beers Jonathan was drinking. There were concerns about charges being pressed but none were (this is why trending on facebook news today as incident happened at the end of April)

    Source: B&W Video
    Source: Color Stills/News Report
    My fantasy of what happened - Jon wanted some D, and Fargo boy was not into it and we had a gay panic situation.

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    -GOOD investigated Tumblr's lifting haul community.

    -The self-proclaimed Tumblr Bling Ring is inspired by the Bling Ring that stole from Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

    -Some of the most popular stuff to shoplift includes Kat Von D makeup and Bed Bath & Beyond candles.

    -Viral superstar Joanne the Scammer is a mascot for Tumblr's lifting community.

    -The shoplifting and fitness communities on Tumblr have an ongoing war over the use of the "lifting" tag.

    Source: Twitter

    Have you ever stolen something?

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    One of my favorite tracks off her album, ALESTA. YES QUEEN!

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    War Machine is confirmed to be dead after being punched through the chest by Thanos.

    She-Hulk is seriously injured from one of War Machine's stray missles, and flatlines at the end of the issue. Her fate is still uncertain as of now, but if future solicitations are to be believed her days are numbered as well.

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    Season 28 Episode 5

    continued from last week

    Out On A Lamb results:
    1st - Cory and Ashley
    last - Jessica and Johnny - Into The Jungle

    Half way into the episode
    Nelson and Amanda
    Thomas and Simone

    Replacement team: Devin and Cheyenne were brought back

    The Jungle Skull Draw - Team that selects a black skull goes to The Jungle.
    Nelson and Amanda
    Jessica and Johnny

    The Jungle: Weight For Me
    Partners are on opposite sides of a wall, on the wall there is a completed puzzle at the top and puzzle pieces that must be assembled at the bottom. The men must move forward toward the wall to pull their partner up to view the puzzle.

    Jessica and Johnny R

    sources: my tv, twitter,mtv

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    - Trey Pearson is the lead singer of Christian rock band Everyday Sunday
    - On Tuesday he released a letter to his fans where he came out as gay
    - Admitted that he didn't want to be gay for a long time as he was scared of what God and the people he loved would think of him. He is currently married to woman.
    - Says that since accepting who he is he has felt as if a weight he has been carrying his whole life has been lifted
    - Says he hopes that coming out won't affect his career but knows some churchs and festivals won't ask him to come back. He has however lined up his first gig at a pride festival (the article however points out that several other Christian artists who have come out as gay such as Ray Boltz, Anthony Williams, Jennifer Knapp, Vicky Beeching have seldom been played on Christian radio stations since)
    - After the letter said his family only responded with love. "My dad just showed up at my door and hugged me for a long time, which I really needed,” he said."

    Source (includes full letter)

    good for him! i was forced out of my church due to supporting the lgbt community and questioning my own sexuality so i know how hard it can be. hopefully he gets a lot of love and support from his family and fans.

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    Bette Midler owns some chickens and raises them in Upstate New York and their names were inspired by the Klan. "We have the Kardashian sisters, actually, [who] are our chickens."

    Unfortunately chicken Kim is not with us anymore. "Kim died of a yeast infection. We had to get some different ones."



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    Oh and Zayn and Gigi broke up too lmfao


    They probably got bored of each other lbr 

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    Queen Bey & her husband

    Barack Obama

    Lupita Nyong'o

    Queen Latifah (who doesn't have a tag)



    ontd, is your fave on the list?

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    - It's been 1,000 days since Tom last saw his daughter in person, or spoken to her via phone/skype.
    - Tom blames the lack of contact on his film commitments, but that excuse ain't flying with Suri.
    - The real reason, according to an inside source, is Scientology's "disconnection" policy.


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  • 06/02/16--16:46: ZIGI ARE ZOVER

  • -they've been having communication issues
    -source claims they could get back together again bc they've been on and off for awhile


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    -Freetown Sound will be released this year.

    What's your favourite Dev Hynes song or Dev Hynes produced song, ONTD?


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    You can pre-order on iTunes here.

    ONTD, are you excited like I am?

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    So Caitlyn did an interview AOL's Makers and she spoke candidly about some of her time pre-transition and the challenges she faced with gender identity during her marriage with Kris.

    "The rules, kind of, for Kris and I [were] don't dress up, certainly around the house... If you really feel the need to do that, when you're on the road take stuff and do that."

    "I'd go on the road for speaking engagements, take a bunch of stuff, dress up at the hotel, walk around, do whatever I wanted to do, just to feel a little bit better about myself," she said. "And I kind of dealt with it that way."

    She went on to say that Kris even dressed up with her a few times but then she didn't want any more part of it.

    "I respected that and kind of kept it away but it was always there," she added. "A lot of times too when you have somebody in your life that's diminishing that, you can deal with that but it gets tougher and tougher and tougher with time."

    Source: US Weekly Twitter

    *edited and removed the bit about kris at the beginning of my previous opening sentence.

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    Blonde bombshellColton Haynes lets his freak flag fly in a new photo session with ONTD's fav photographer Tyler Shields.

    Sources: @ColtonHaynes, 1. @TylerShields.


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    Rihanna posted a clip of the song on her Instagram back in November of 2014 captioned "phuckin roun in da studio."

    Nearly 2 years later the song is getting its official release as the first single off Mike Will Made-Its's "Ransom 2" set to drop on iTunes tonight.

    Source 1

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