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  • 08/01/12--19:59: Twi-hards mourn

  • SOURCE: my digital copy of Us Weekly

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    A snippet of Mariah Carey's newest single Triumphant (Get 'Em) feat. Rick Ross and Meek Mill, has appeared on Amazon.  Triumphant will premiere on radio TOMORROW 8/2 and become available for download on Tuesday, 8/7.

    Mariah has revealed exciting news about dance remixes for her new single "Triumphant (Get 'Em)"!

    The last time we heard a completely re-sung dance remix was when Mariah and David Morales re-worked "Say Somethin'" in 2006. No doubt this will be a treat for fans worldwide!!

    (SOURCE 1) (SOURCE 2)

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    My money is on Stiles getting hurt. What do you think, ONTD?


    Video under a cut now, sorry mods!

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  • 08/01/12--21:00: Degrassi: Waterfalls part 2

  • didn't get to see the episode tonight :(

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  • 08/01/12--21:01: Dallas Season Finale Promo
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    As previously reported previous back in June...

    A little over a week ago, JLo's leased piece Casper the Friendly Gold Digger was caught by a pap's lens sashaying into a peep show on 8th Avenue in Manhattan. Many of us figured that either Casper was there to live out his dancer dreams of recreating Madonna's "Open Your Heart" video for strange men or it was just a staged STUNT QUEEN stunt to stroke away the gay rumors. But Star and InTouchWeekly say neither of those are the reason why Casper found a way to slip out of the toddler leash that his sugar master JLo is always holding on to. Star says Casper was just doing a little gay glory hole trolling and InTouch says he was just getting the John Travolta special from a WOMAN! That tingle you feel dancing around your ear holes is the glory hole gays cackling at that last part.

    Let's get InTouch's story out of the way first. Bibi, a worker at an appointment-only exotic massage parlor in the building Casper went into that day, says that JLo's paid toy was there to get his body worked on and he was only there for around 10 minutes. Bibi didn't say if she's the one who put her fingers on JLo's ho, but she did say that he's "a nice man. He has strong muscles.” Don, who works below the parlor at the gay peen show (on purpose typo), co-signed Bibi's claim and says that he's seen Casper going in to get a massage at least twice this month. JLo's spokeswhore denies all of this and says that he was just there to get a tattoo on his finger. More like he was just there to get a finger in his toot, which leads me to Star's story...

    One of the gay peep show regular's told Star that he has definitely seen Casper use his allowance money to get into the peep show and he was probably there for more than just a level 1 Fred Willard:

    "Yeah, I've seen him. He was in here about three weeks ago. This is a gay cruising spot. You go into the booths, then you get all kind of tapping on the wall and propositions. It's like zombies."

    JLo's spokeswhore jumped in and said Casper does not make out with peens and the hos spreading the gay rumors are just jealous.

    First of all, will somebody please print out the exact location of that peep show and give it to Fred Willard, so he has a quiet place in NYC to furiously hand hug his pepaw chorizo without worrying about the damn police screwing with his fap time. Second of all, whatever the truth may be, John Travolta is still going to slip a note in Casper's mailbox at the Scientology Center inviting him to the men's sauna meet (John's Scientolohole) and greet (it with his peen).

    Here's a few pictures of JLo and her piece on her birthday. It was nice of that selfish heffa to give Casper a quick massage right there in front of the paps, but I'm sure he's thinking to himself, "Um...can you go a little lower and also, somewhere between my shoulders and b-hole, can you magically transform your lady hands into man hands?"


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    American swimmer Ryan Lochte has become a heartthrob over the past few months, but according to his mother anyone trying to lock him into a relationship will probably be left disappointed.

    Lochte's mother Ike told Today that her son focuses so much on his career that he doesn't have time for a girlfriend. She said the following:

    "He goes out on one-night stands. He's not able to give fully to a relationship because he's always on the go."

    This report comes after an interview in Women's Health when Lochte revealed that the most attractive thing about a woman is keeping a "fit body," and that his celebrity crush is Carmen Electra.

    Lochte also claims he mostly sleeps naked, prefers sex with the lights on, and when he sees a woman he wants to meet he makes eye contact and will, "give a wink and come back later because it keeps her thinking."

    So ladies, don't try to pin Lochte down, he's just got too much going on for you. But, you know, if you're down for a one-nighter, he might be too. If you see him wink in your direction you just might have a chance.


    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm down for a one night stand ;) what the hell why not.

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    In the wake of the shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., a support group has rallied around the alleged gunman, James Holmes.

    More than two dozen Holmes-related Tumblr pages have sprouted up since the shooting. Referring to themselves as “Holmies,” many supporters use the suspect’s pictures in avatars. Most of the bloggers are teenagers, sharing and reblogging mugshots and signs that say “I Love The Holmies.”


    Holmes, 24, was charged with a total of 142 criminal counts including 24 counts of first-degree murder on Monday. He was arrested on July 20, after allegedly killing 12 people and wounding 58 at a local midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

    Tumblr users such as FreeHolmes urge fans to write to Holmes — including in the page a link to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office inmate mail procedures. The blog’s subhead reads, “This is going to be 90% pictures and I must admit I’m on James side.” On the page, there’s a collection of James Holmes GIFs, caricatures and fan-made comics.

    Tumblr user JamesHolmesLover86 explains participation in the trend: “As a James Holmes supporter, I do not support what he did. I support him in the sense that I feel bad for him and that his mental state was not in the right place. People are so quick to judge him when there’s probably a lot more going on then what we know about.”

    Some who noticed the social media trend have taken to Twitter to convey their unease.


    Tumblr is not the only social media site to host supportive sentiment for the alleged shooter. A James Holmes Facebook fan page with about 800 “likes” was recently removed. While “incredibly distasteful,” the Facebook page didn’t violate the company’s terms and conditions, a Facebook spokesperson told CNN. It is unclear who took the page down.

    Mashable has reached out to Tumblr for comment about the content.

    Should companies be responsible for taking down user-created content considered distasteful?


    I will never understand people's love for killers who kill people for no purpose other than their own personal enjoyment. They are monsters.

    Should Tumblr take a stand against this?

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    Harry Potter's Miss Lynch was recently interviewed by Glamour magazine where she discusses her working relations, upcoming projects, and all that jazz.

    Evanna Lynch, photographed for FAULT Issue 11 by Ben Johnson and styled by Helen McGuckin

    By Eleanor Doughty | Monday, 30 July 2012

    Evanna Lynch talks fashion, Harry Potter pals and playing Britney Spears in a film of her life

    Who is your personal style icon?

    I admire French girls' sense of style in particular, there's something about them. Girls like Audrey Tautou, Clemence Poesy, Vanessa Paradis. They manage to make every outfit look smart and classy, though still playful and with personal touches. How do they do that? I also admire girls who use a lot of colour. Girls with really crazy, bold styles like Rihanna and Gwen Stefani. You look at them and you know they love life.

    Out of all the amazing people you've worked with, who has been the most awe-inspiring?

    I'm inspired by strong women. I didn't work with her exactly, but meeting J.K. Rowling and being around her on set sometimes was amazing because she is such a powerful, inspiring lady. She has contributed so much to art, literature and humanity and still has not tired of striving to make a better world for people in less fortunate situations, both through her talent and her voice. Acting-wise, Natalia Tena (Tonks in Harry Potter) and Orla Brady (my mother in Sinbad) are two women who I found to be awe-inspiring. Nat throws herself into things completely, she is so full of energy and life and she truly doesn't give a damn what people think of her. I remember a conversation I had with Nat on one of the publicity tours for HP, when I was feeling glum and complaining about some boy I was failing to impress...and she just leaned over to me and said 'You need to stop thinking baby! Just STOP THINKING!' and it hit me that that's how she lives life and how she loves it so much." Orla Brady is someone who just amazed me with her talent and her commitment to acting. Orla is very much in control of her characters' stories. She takes it upon herself to fill in all the blanks, all the things the writer's don't necessarily tell you. I remember on one of the first days on the set of Sinbad, she called me and said we should spend time together to build this mother-daughter bond. So we spent a few hours trying to figure out gestures and create memories they shared. It was such a great experience for me, hanging out with someone I'd just met but just sitting there and letting our imaginations go for a few hours.

    Who are some of your favourite designers?

    I really like Acne and Isabel Marant. I love their casualwear, it's playful and never boring. And I like Miu Miu when I want to be fancy. I also like Elizabeth and James. I always discover a ton of new designers when I do photoshoots but I cannot pronounce, lest spell their names, sadly.

    Who were you closest to on the Harry Potter set?

    I was close with all the girls on the set. Emma [Watson], Bonnie [Wright], Katie [Leung], Jessie [Cave], Scarlett [Byrne], Afshan [Azad]. We all used go for dinner and shopping after filming or on weekends. Now I'm closest with Scarlett, Jessie and Katie, I see them regularly and we've all filmed things for Jessie's website, 'Pindippy', which has brought us together a lot. I miss everyone and wish we could all keep in touch but it's hard as we're all working and most of us globe-trotting so it's difficult to get everyone in the same city at once! Of the adults, I also got to know Jason Isaacs and Mark Williams really well. We had so much fun and many interesting talks on the publicity tours and they offered me a lot of valuable advice on continuing as an actor.

    How have you found the transition from major hit film to TV series?

    It's been pretty interesting! It's all acting but there are definitely differences you have to adjust to. You have far less time to prepare and mull over scenes and characters' thoughts in TV than in film, as writers are changing the plot constantly. It was a shock to me, coming from Harry Potter where everything is written months in advance and already in book form, so you know the basic plot and journey your character will go on and it is rehearsed to death. David Yates was especially generous with rehearsal time and I came to rely on that, it was brilliant. But in TV, you don't have the luxury of time and the actor has to be prepared to roll with the punches. It also taught me to speak up for myself too, because the writers are often so concerned with plot they might overlook a minor character detail and the actor has to be bold enough to say "I don't think my character would have done this."

    How do you keep your skin so clear/hair so shiny whilst on set and being extra busy filming? this question aimed at me?! I still suffer teenage skin despite being out of that jungle in age! I get breakouts all the time and it shows as I have such pale skin, but I am careful. I only drink water, never coffee or soda. I'll avoid chocolate when I'm filming, it is my ultimate vice!! And I always, always take off my makeup and moisturise, morning and night. As for my hair, I am addicted to Aveda conditioning treatment. I destroyed my hair with bleach when I was 13 and have been paying for it ever since. Aveda is the first product that has actually made a difference and brought me to that lovely level of hair condition where hairdressers no longer throw me out of their chair on consultation. Don't bleach your hair, kids!

    What would be your dream role?

    I got a role in a film called Monster Butler recently that was pretty much a dream role. I want to play more conflicted, flawed characters at this stage in my career and this is exactly that. My other dream role, which started as a joke but quickly took hold as a burning desire, would be to play Britney Spears in a biopic! She's always been an idol of mine, I think she's awesome. I admire how she's an artist and beautiful, but still a human. I think that's brave, when you're that much of a star and a household name, to let yourself be human and not get caught up in the public's image of you. I think she's braver than people realise and that's why I hope they make a biopic about her someday soon. And I had better at least get the chance to audition!!

    If you hadn't become an actress, what would you have done?

    A writer, definitely. I still hope to be a writer one day, specifically I want to write screenplays. But writing takes serious commitment and discipline and right now I'm keen to focus all my energy into my acting career and learn more about movie-making through that.

    In addition, Evanna's full photo shoot and interview with FAULT Magazine Issue 11 has finally been released. However, I was only able to find it in Spanish courtesy of the Latin Harry Potter news site Narglecity, so below is just a loose translation (from Spanish to English). If anyone can provide a better translation or the original English text, that would be helpful!

    AzOa68JCEAAmOCJ.jpg large

    MISCHIEF ACCOMPLISHED: Evanna Lynch is known for his charming performance as the angry Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter. Now that the fenemono of this franchise is over, what next to do this young rising star? Fault Lynch speaks about his experience in Harry Potter fame, his charity work and its exciting plans for the future:

    FAULT: How do you feel, so the extravaganza of Harry Potter comes to an end?

    Evanna: I'm finally getting to the point that I agree that life is no longer a regular part of my life. When I finish, I was depressed for a long time because working in Harry Potter was my dream, and let me live in the fantasy world he loved so much as a child. I felt that playing Moon was my purpose in life. It would have been happy to continue acting in the role until the end of my days. When I was adverse to an end, with the feeling of unease and insecurity (you feel) when you leave school and no one tells you what else to do. That aspect has been terrifying, not having the Potters about every day. But at the same time, it is exciting and challenging having to create a new path. I am privileged to know that Luna Lovegood is always part of me.

    FAULT: What was your favorite part of playing Luna Lovegood?

    Evanna: Luna was always my favorite character in the series. I love her instantly when she appeared in The Order of the Phoenix and then I became interested in the casting process. Naturally, I wanted to interpret it, but was rather a need for films maintain the integrity of the character that started my interest in the casting. I had broken my heart to see her played by an actress who saw this only as a job and did not care as I-moon and other fans of Harry Potter. So, even though it sounds like a cliché, the privilege of playing Moon was my favorite part of everything. She is an amazing character that makes you smile to everyone.

    FAULT: How was working with a cast full of stars?

    Evanna: It's funny because when I joined the cast was an innocent rookie 14 years, and I realized I was surrounded by acting royalty, so I did not think something so large to work with them and to make conversation very friendly with Robbie Coltrane and Imelda Staunton. It was crazy about Harry Potter, so far as understood, Dan, Rupert and Emma were the only ones who had to control my manners. It was only some years later that I realized how amazing are these actors, but by then we were friends as well. We relied heavily on young players, and were so much fun on set. I definitely learned a lot from them and watching them being close. They were the coolest adult he had found. Made me realize that, as an actress, I must remain sufficiently reckless and crazy even after the cameras stop rolling.

    FAULT: You came to fame after movies. As you took care of Fame?

    Evanna: I do not think that much about it, and fortunately I did not. I just see myself as a girl who tries to make his way in the world. You must be a little more circumspect, especially when you're young, because people try to take advantage of you, but without becoming paranoid. If you think you are someone so famous or you're someone that people talk, you start to feel pressure to be someone more impressive than yourself, which is crazy. It is an opportunity and a blessing to be in focus, so I want to make sure good energy to come, to see me.

    FAULT: What made you decide to go into acting?

    Evanna: It was a conscious decision, but a gradual realization. When I was young I loved my drama classes because he was shy, and acting helped me overcome that. But acting is something notoriously difficult to do especially when you live in Ireland. It was not until the Potter movies are over and I started to miss them much thought, 'Oh, maybe I like it enough to give up'. But I still think there are many artistic mediums I like to explore.

    FAULT: Who is your biggest inspiration?

    Evanna: I do not strictly be a good idea to have role models because it gives the idea that you will never be as good as an individual. Everyone makes mistakes, and can be heartbreaking to discover that someone has let you idolatrabas. It is very important to you and to seek inspiration from within. Now having said that, to me, J.K. Rowling is the exception, I think is excellent. She is the definition of inspiration for me: smart, warm, wise, beautiful and radiant. She is so focused and happy ... you can be the most generous and open. I am inspired to be like her!

    FAULT: Who would you like to work in a movie?

    Evanna: I would like to work more Irish actors because I feel close to them rarely. Not a common place to be wandering Irish actors in Hollywood. You must be very dreamy and slightly crazy trying to get into Hollywood, because at home there are people who believe that all this is ridiculous. Truly admire Cillian Murphy and Gleeson Domnhall. They are smart and talented actors that did not compromise his ideals to satisfy a large audience. Work with Orla Brady in a TV show I did recently, and she is one of the coolest people I know.

    AzOazwyCAAIa0WI.jpg large

    FAULT: What are your plans for this year?

    Evanna: Secretly, I plan to seduce a clown / fire eaters and ask him to teach me your skills and let me join the circus. But realistically speaking, I take this year to focus my energy on acting. My goal in life is to keep learning and exposing myself to new experiences, and performance definitely gives you that. Harry Potter allowed me to familiarize myself with the industry, and gave me a firm foundation. Now I'm excited about ramificarme and do something totally unexpected. Also studied to make me a yoga teacher. Yoga helps me combat the stress of action: It is a separation of the ego, and allows me to remain focused and present. Perhaps my plan is to appear in an independent film and ruined unless I hurt while practicing handstand.

    FAULT: You have a place at Trinity College, even think about getting more education, or you will focus on acting?

    Evanna: I did not do much about it, but when there is time and has a campaign that is important to me, I would like to get involved. Work hard with the Harry Potter Alliance, a charity that attracts passionate readers who channel their passion to make a change. I've done some campaigns and participate in podcasts books for them. I wrote some articles about eating disorders and body issues, which is very important to me because, personally, I discovered that these problems are the biggest personal obstacles to get to one's personal potential. I also worked with the MS Readathon in Ireland annually. It is a charity campaign for children to encourage them to read and bring more awareness about multiple sclerosis. The level of ignorance and lack of information about it is somewhat alarming, and clinics need more attention.

    FAULT: What is your FAULT (fault)?

    Evanna: I highly unreliable because I really like to please people. I say 'yes' to three people, then I have not the guts to be honest and confess that I am forced to do so at the last minute, and 3 get angry with me anyway. If I enchant like people would not act so well and would probably have fewer friends, so do not (should have) conflicts.

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  • 08/01/12--23:20: Kristen's Shocking Betrayal

    • He's "heartbroken and angry," says a close source, and has been "drowning his sorrows" since the indiscretion exploded into worldwide news.

    • Ross-who tweeted "wow" just as the news emerged--hasn't seen Sanders since. "Her sole focus is on protecting the kids," says a source.)

    • He huddled with friends at the L.A. lounge the Churchill before asking to crash at the retreat owned by Witherspoon, whose "bawdy" and "raucous" sense of humor he has praised; she has called him "just the nicest guy."

    • Pattinson spent a few nights drinking, leaning on friends including his manager Nick Frenkel. For days the actor ignored a barrage of tearful texts and calls from his pleading girlfriend, says a source, and ordered Stewart to move her things out of his home.

    • "It only became a flirtation recently, and she was lured into a brief situation that she never wanted."
    In an exclusive statement to EW, Summit's president of worldwide marketing, Nancy Kirkpatrick, says: "While it is studio policy not to comment on the personal lives of actors, Summit is moving full steam ahead."

    source: digital copy of People Magazine + EW

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    Cops raced to Miley Cyrus' L.A. house tonight after receiving a report about a possible home invasion ... but when they arrived to the scene, it turned out to be a false alarm ... and all signs point to a troubling prank known as "Swatting."

    Law enforcement sources confirm ... the LAPD received a 911 call at 6:50 PM to report a possible home invasion, possible shots fired.

    The LAPD responded immediately ... guns drawn ... but the house was quiet, no one was home ... and there was no sign of a crime. Cops determined it was a false alarm.

    Law enforcement tells TMZ ... officials now believe the caller is a "911 abuser."

    The call seems to fall in line with a prank called "Swatting" -- in which a caller tries to trick emergency responders into dispatching law enforcement (like the SWAT team) to a home by making up a serious crime.

    Cops tell TMZ ... if the call was indeed a prank, which it appears to be, the caller will be arrested ... and face serious criminal charges. In fact, we're told if someone were to be hurt or killed due to the prank, the caller could even face felony charges.

    wtf. Edit: Apparently the cops thought it was a kidnapping in progress?? Thats awful, wtfff.


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                                                                          Day 6


    Medal Count (Through Day 5) 

    Live Stream 1:

    Have fun :)

    Mods - as always please approve @ the start of competition. Thanks!!

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    Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul get loose in Rolling Stone's new cover story, which hits newsstands on Friday, August 3rd, and goes behind the scenes of one of TV's all-time great shows. The story, written by Brian Hiatt, also profiles show creator Vince Gilligan, who one crew member calls "a complete and total control freak." "I fear for the day when this is over," says Gilligan. "I honestly fear that this will be the highlight of my career. And you don't want it to be!" Here are some of the story's highlights:

    Cranston lost his virginity to a professional at age 16 while on a "teen police explorer" trip to Europe: "Beer is a nickel, and the hookers are cheap – it was 24 guilders, which I think was $8, to get laid. We're all writing home to our parents for more money, 'We're having such a good time, Mom and Dad! Please send more money! We promise to pay you back! We've got to protect the citizens from the hookers!'"

    Cranston says that the rage he expresses as Walter White comes from his parents' messy divorce: "I have some anger issues," he says. "There was alcohol abuse. And there were broken lives. There were two broken people. It was ugly. I didn't see my father for 10 years."

    Cranston feared that he was going to lose the part of Walter White to Steve Zahn, who was up for the role: "If Steve Zahn did Walter, we'd go, 'Oh, my God. Steve Zahn is the guy! Can you imagine anybody but Steve Zahn doing it?' And you wouldn't be able to."

    Unlike his character, Aaron Paul is against drugs – with the exception of pot. "The first time I actually felt it, it was around Halloween time, and I ate an entire bowl of Reese's Pieces and I couldn't stop laughing. It was incredible," he says. "Now I rarely smoke." He has a medical-marijuana card, though, which he says he actually uses for medicinal purposes: "If I go to the dentist, I'll get an eighth. I am against pills. I don't even take Advil. I think pot 100 percent should be legalized."

    Paul had a girlfriend who became a meth addict, an experience he draws on for the show. "It went from coke and then it escalated to meth. Meth is the one that grabbed, like, nails-deep into her soul and slowly just ripped it out. She was this beautiful being, turned to this hollow shell."

    Video of the photoshoot won't embed for some reason. Watch Aaron Paul be his super adorable self here.


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  • 08/02/12--05:47: New Damages Promo 5x05
  • Promo for episode 5x05 "There's Something Wrong With Me":

    Episode Synopsis: Someone from McClaren's past turns up and sheds light on his personal life; Patty has a confrontation with an adversary. Original Air Date: Aug 8, 2012

    Youtube Video
    Source Episode Synopsis

    How do you like the season so far?

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    Gloriana with their plaques for their certified Gold single '(Kissed You) Good Night'

    Billboard and Pepsi's Summer Beats Concert Series landed in Music City on Monday with a rollicking, hip-shaking set courtesy of country upstarts Gloriana. The event, held at Nashville's Cannery Ballroom, served as a showcase of some of the most exciting new acts in country music today.

    Taking the stage first was Gloriana (whose performance was also streamed live on Releasing their highly anticipated sophomore album, "A Thousand Miles Left Behind," today (July 31), the trio turned in an energetic set that featured their stunning harmonies.

    For "(Kissed You) Good Night," their newest hit currently at No. [2] on Billboard's Country Songs chart, the band enticed a young couple on their first date to take the stage for their first kiss.

    "This song is helping people get some, all across America," Tom Gossin joked.

    Amazing vocals.

    Complete with full on face eating awkwardness.

    + more vids at the second source!

    Source & Source

    Country fans: represent!

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    John Mayer and Katy Perry were seen leaving the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood together last night ... damn you John Mayer.

    It's unclear if the two were just hangin' out ... having dinner ... or doing something more salacious, but the sighting immediately ignited rumors that the two are some kind of an item.

    It wouldn't be too shocking ... Mayer has been linked to all sorts of hot chicks ... from Jennifer Aniston, to Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Minka Kelly and more.

    You bastard.

    source 1 2 3

    WTF, Katy pls no.

    We look so dumb rn.

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