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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    “As a male director, if your first movie out of the gate is not very good, you’re definitely going to get a second movie...

    Posted by Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media on Friday, March 25, 2016

    “As a male director, if your first movie out of the gate is not very good, you’re definitely going to get a second movie and a third movie — now you have a reel,” the actress says. “If you’re a woman and you direct your first movie and it’s not very good, it’s terrifying because you might not work again, and we don’t get that second, third, fourth, and fifth chance to make it right. [Studios are] not plucking women from Sundance and saying, ‘Hey, direct Jurassic [World].”

    A DGA diversity study, released this past December, showed that of the 347 feature films released in the U.S. between 2013 and 2014, only 6.4 percent were directed by women — 5.1 percent caucasian females and 1.3 percent minority females

    Reese also mentions that “there’s a lack of opportunity at a very ground level — interns, getting girls from different walks of life to tell their stories, to write their stories”

    Eva Longoria emphasizes the importance of creating more opportunities for young women to build a foundation in the entertainment industry from the bottom to the top.

    Witherspoon and Longoria have founded companies focused on producing stories by and about women; Witherspoon’s Pacific Standard backed 2014’s Wild. Longoria’s UnbeliEVAble Entertainment is currently producing her comeback television series, NBC’s Telenovela.

    Video @ the source.


    Have you seen any movie directed, written and/or produced by women recently, ontd?

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    "I would be blessed with a gay son, you know that I would feel blessed about that. I just want my boys to be happy and healthy, and I just ask God to guide me every day to be a good mother because it is not an easy job. I've been able to travel the world and meet so many different kinds of people. And it doesn't really matter if you're gay, straight, whatever. There are good and bad people, and I would be happy. I just want my kids to be happy, and whatever journey God gives them is their journey. I just need to be there to be the most supportive mom that I can be and that's what I'm gonna be."

    She's been criticized for letting her boys paint their nails, to which she replied "If somebody says something about me and I don't know them and they're not my friend or part of my life, it really doesn't affect me. Of course everyone's gonna have their perspective and their opinion, and I know what's real and what's honest and true, and that's really all that matters to me and all that's important, so it doesn't really bother me. As long as my boys are protected and happy and I'm spending quality time with them, whether it's doing sports or doing nails, it really doesn't matter."

    That's nice of her, I think motherhood did her good. I was gonna ask if you'd be accepting of your children's gender preferences but I realized I was on ONTD. I'm hoping you'd say yes ftr

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    13. Coming to America (1988)
    The John Landis-directed movie made $128.1 million at the U.S. box office; data of its ticket sales in Zamunda is not available.

    12. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
    $132 million box office and 8 Oscar nominations

    10. As Good as It Gets (1997)
    Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt won Best Actor and Best Actress at the 1998 Academy Awards
    And it made $148.4 million

    3. Hitch (2005)
    $179.4 million

    1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
    $241.4 million domestic gross

    Julia Roberts is in three of those.


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    Former 90210 star/Lifetime Orginial Movie femme fatale Jessica Lowndes announces to her followers that she can finally admit her "big secret" that she's engaged or married to an older man with a slew of posts.

    You say sugar daddy but I say ice cream daddy! Lol #SweptoffMyFeet#ExtraSprinklesPleaseDaddy

    When bae films you waking up in the morning... #TooOldToUseHashtags#MrBig

    Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Would you have an old ass sugar daddy to feed your expensive tastes, ONTD?

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    • Band's name is D.A.R.K. and includes DJ Olé Koretsky
    • Album Science Agrees, will be out on May 27 and will contain 10 songs
    • First single is called Curvy and it's already out (listen below)
    • Will start a tour in Europe in May

    Source& Source

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    - Celebrated children's author and creator of Ramona Quimby, Beverly Cleary, turns 100 on April 12.
    - She sat down with Today (video at source) to discuss her birthday, her inspiration, and what she's looking forward to.
    - Says she never expected to reach 100. In high school she and a friend decided 80 was a good cut-off.
    - Growing up she found children's books of the time uninteresting and didn't begin reading until 2nd grade.
    - "Books in those days, back in the 1920s, had been published in England, and the children had nannies and pony carts and they seemed like a bunch of sissies to me," she told TODAY.
    - Cleary's own books burst with memorable and relatable characters.


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    the top 22 girls had their very first concert ahead of friday's finale
    the place was packed cementing their status as living legend omw
    insun who was recently eliminated was the MC for the event she better rise
    the 35 girls performed their songs from last week's episode despite all of the teams (except in the same place) losing members
    "in the same place" girls on top - Sira, Yeunjung, Sohee, Sohye, Hyeri, Chaekyung, Doyeon
    "fingertips" pinkrush - Im Nayoung, Sejeong, Chungha, Cathy, Eunwoo (went from 7 girls to 5)
    "don't matter" - Haein, Suhyun and Jeon Soyeon (went from 7 to 3)
    "yum yum"- Somi, Park Soyeon, Yoojung, Chaeyeon (went from 7 to 4)
    "24 hours" -Pinky, Mina, Kim Nayoung (went from 7 to 3 BUT there is a special surprise at the end of their performance!!)

    also some more happy news

    YT YTYTYTYTTwitter

    slay girls!! pinkrush already looks like a girl group already, queens!!
    if you are reading this, pls click HERE and vote for my favs cathy (so she can leave her current flop company/group) and  im nayoung!! cathy is third from right top row, nayoung is 1st on right, fourth row.
    ontd, who r u voting for?

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    He went skinny dipping at a secluded lake, and gave a shout-out to John Shahidi, the CEO of the app Shots, where he bared his ass once again.

    Dat ass doe @johnny photo cred

    src 1 2
    How long till his reign ends and he burns out ?

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    On Negan: "Negan is kind. Negan is respectful. Negan is psychotic. Negan is ruthless. This is a very nuanced character that has a lot of different shades to him. There's a lot of honor to him. There's a rule system in place. I think he's unlike anything anybody's experienced in 'The Walking Dead' thus far."

    On Negan's big scene: "But something as well known as that moment — maybe it would seem like it wouldn’t be a great thing if we did an exact sort of thing just because people might be expecting it. All I want to say is, read the comic, but you’re not going to know what to expect. Part of the reason that that moment was such a big deal in the comic is the fact that you did not expect that it was going to happen, and so we’re very confident that we found a way to keep it as unexpected in the show as it was in the comic. So it should be just as intense, just as heartbreaking, and just as shocking."

    On Jeffrey Dean Morgan: "I’ve seen moments from the comic come to life before my eyes, and it’s all very touching. But seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan in costume, holding Lucille, saying lines — yeah, I don’t get goosebumps a lot, but that definitely happened. And seeing the joy and the elation that I had from seeing that character existing in a real space, coming to life as they say, I know that the fans are going to feel the same way."


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    Sizzle Reel

    sources: twitter - legends tv, Vlada G, Chris H, Natalie A&CW YT

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    While promoting her new book, he Longevity Book: The Science of Aging, the Biology of Strength and the Privilege of Time, she said:

    "Aging is a spiritual and an emotional journey, as well as a physical journey, how do you allow yourself to accept it, engage it, and interact with yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically? I always say, ‘If you’re not aging there is really only one other alternative and it sucks.’”

    src: 1
    Have you accepted aging gracefully, or do you wish you could go back ONTD ?

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    sources: 12

    Announced two weeks ago, but I didn't see a post about it.

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    Christa Miller just posted this photo, in which she celebrated the holiday with former Scrubs co-stars John McGinley, Donald Faison, and Zach Braff.

    Sources 1 and 2

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    At her concert in Glasgow, Adele revealed that when she was pregnant, the extra testosterone in her system caused her to grow a beard. She told her audience, "I only cropped it last night. It’s actually true. I’m not telling a joke. I actually have a beard, but I’m proud of it. I call it Larry." She joins celebs like Drew Barrymore in growing facial hair while pregnant.

    After Jamie Oliver's controversial comments on LBC about the merits of breastfeeding, Adele answered a fan at a London concert of hers in regards to the issue. She reportedly said, "Do you know what? The pressure on us is fucking ridiculous and all those people who put pressure on us can go fuck yourselves. Right."

    She then talked about how she's known people to fall into depression after midwives shamed them for not being able to breastfeed. Adele herself is one mom who was not able to breastfeed, and she added, "Breastfeed if you can, but don’t worry, Aptamil’s just as good." (Aptamil is a brand of baby formula.)


    edit: was told to combine my adele posts

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    Bar Refaeli and husband Adi Ezra got married last year in September and announced her pregnancy on New Year's Eve. In an Instagram post, the model casually revealed the sex of her baby as she posted a picture of her belly bump at 5 months into the pregnancy.

    barrefaeli My girl craved some vitamin D ☀️ #5months ✋🏼

    Sources: Article + Instagram

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    Following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice critical creaming, persistent rumours have cropped up on the Internet insisting that rival studio Marvel has been paying critics to pen unflattering reviews about the DC tentpole.

    I have decided to investigate this shocking rumour and uncovered several disturbing facts about the studio's financial affairs…

    Marvel doesn't like to pay for bathrooms:

    - Marvel headquarters have only one bathroom per gender for their several hundred employees.

    Marvel doesn't like to pay for directors:

    - The Russo brothers haves said they've earned more money directing TV show Community than directing Marvel blockbuster Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
    - Joss Whedon has stated that he earned more from his web series Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog than from directing The Avengers.

    Marvel doesn't like to pay for catering:

    - At the premiere of Iron Man, Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter ordered that only potato chips be served to save money.
    - At one Avengers promotional event, famished journalists raided the nearby screening of The Five-Year Engagement, which was better stocked.

    Marvel doesn't like to pay for executives:

    - Joss Whedon has admitted that "Marvel can be very cheap" and has indicated that this cheapness extend to Marvel current president Kevin Feige. "I don’t know a producer who’s done more and is paid less than Kevin Feige."

    Marvel doesn't like to pay for actors:

    - Marvel is notorious within the industry for paying its actors peanuts.
    - Iron Man co-star Terrence Howard was fired after he refused to take a 60% pay-cut for Iron Man 2.
    - The titular avengers (save for RDJ) were paid between $200,000 and $2,000,000 for The Avengers.
    - After The Avengers went on to gross $1.5 billions, Marvel generously offered the cast a $500,000 pay raise to star in the sequel Age of Ultron.
    - Marvel threatened to recast or sue the cast when they rejected that bullshit deal.
    - It isn't until after Robert Downey Jr, Marvel's #1 cash cow, threatened to bail on Age of Ultron that his co-stars got bigger paychecks.
    - The cast doesn't receives royalties from merchandises (not even Downey). Chris Evans says “I see my nephew wearing underwear with my face on it. […] But for some reason, (no money comes) my way.”

    Marvel doesn't like to pay for Oscar campaigns:

    - Despite its massive critical and financial success, The Avengers was nominated for only one technical Oscar (Best Visual Effects) in 2013. That was mainly due to the fact that Marvel refused to spend any money on award campaigning, even after parent company Disney offered to foot the bill (meaning Marvel is so cheap they won't even spend other people's money).

    Shocking facts! Shocking facts indeed!

    My conclusions: the truth is still out there…

    ONTD, do you believe that while Marvel won't spend money to feed journalists at its own events, they would spend money for them to write negative reviews about a Zach Snyder movie?

    sources: hypable, telegraph, comicsbeat, the richest, variety

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    Viewing Post!

    Are you ready for Carol to kill people right after she left home because she didn't want to kill people, ontd?

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