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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Former Disney Channel and current MTV star Gregg Sulkin shows off his pearly whites in the pages of the latest issue of the Hollywood Reporter. According to the actor's Instagram, Greggy S stopped by the magazine's office to talk about his career and his love for watches.

    Paraphrased from @GreggSulkin.

    Needs less clothes tbh.

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    Queen Gigi Noura Hadid, one half of the Muslim Brangelina with Zain Javad Malik (Zizi Madid), spent her downtime at a children's hospital this week
    She brought them gifts and played with the kids
    She worked with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which works to inspire kids towards entertainment with "Studios" placed in LA area hospitals so kids can learn acting, singing, etc.

    Twitter + IG

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  • 11/24/15--14:37: Prince Bae Round-Up
  • I figured since we only post about 6 people anymore I may as well add some beautiful, talented, and unproblematic MOC into the mix tbh!

    Prince Royce performs "Back It Up" Acoustic at the 16th Latin Grammy Awards

    he SLAYED omg i was there and i died. he also walked by me and i freaked out and yelled his name and he was like "hey! how u been" lmfaoooo im a mess

    Royce also finally went public on the Latin Grammys red carpet with his girlfriend of 3 years, Emeraude Tobia (mexican actress). This was the first time Royce has ever brought a date to the red carpet. (RIP me tbh. Thank u ONTD for ur support during this difficult time)

    Royce also finally realized his english career was a flop and went back to serving us bachata bops. His new single "Culpa Al Corazon" is available on iTunes now! Each purchase will count towards a sale of "25" so yall should purchase ASAP *moon emoji*

    And finally, Royce will be performing at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade this Thursday bc unlike Justin Bieber, Royce is actually a decent person and does his job. Bless.

    Sources: 1234

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    - There’s something alarming in ‘Victor Frankenstein’ but it isn’t the reanimated bits of corpse that make up a monster. It’s James McAvoy‘s acting: It’s like he’s been locked in a castle with a lot of bad Nicolas Cage movies. (new york post)
    - It’s alive!’ James McAvoy‘s title monster maker cries in ‘Victor Frankenstein’ — but the film is DOA. This beastly bucket of swill co-stars Daniel Radcliffe as Frankenstein’s dutiful assistant Igor, who is given a romantic subplot involving Jessica Brown Findlay in the misbegotten script by Max Landis (‘Chronicle’). Paul McGuigan directs, but apparently without a clue as to what kind of story he’s trying to tell. (toronto star).

    SOURCE, SOURCE, thanks to jocoin1989

    ONTD, how fast do you think Max Landis will complain on Twitter?will you judge him by the content of his web features, comics, and his first drafts?

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    Whoopi Goldberg went after Donald Trump on today’s episode of The View, addressing his controversial, factually-debunked claim that there were thousands of American Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey.

    “People were not doing this,” Goldberg said, adding “facts are important in the United States.”


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    source 12

    She looks gorgeous as always. She is promoting Creed AKA the new Rocky spin-off movie AKA Rocky VII (!) Reviews have been really good so far.

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    image host
    is he wearing eyeliner?

    Quentin Tarantino and Tim Roth are in Brazil to promote The Hateful 8 and they held a press conference after the movie was played for some critics (their reviews can only be released starting Dec. 21st)

    - He says he wants to work with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet
    - This is his 8th movie and the 10th will be his last
    - “I’ve got two films left and wouldn’t waste on working with fucking Spike Lee. The day I work with him will be the happiest day of his life” (apparently there is a feud ever since Lee criticized ‘Jackie Brown’ when it was released)

    Will Smith explains why he turned down ‘Django Unchained’
    image host

    “It was about the creative direction of the story. To me, it’s as perfect a story as you could ever want: a guy that learns how to kill to retrieve his wife that has been taken as a slave. That idea is perfect. And it was just that Quentin and I couldn’t see [eye to eye].”

    - Talked to Tarantino for hours, but couldn't agree on how the story should be told
    - Says it should’ve been a love story instead of a revenge story
    - Smith also turned down Neo in The Matrix to be in the flop Wild Wild West


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    Due to the Rockette's Spring Spectacular the Tony Awards are moving dates and venues from June 5th to June 12th, and moving from Radio City to the Beacon Theatre.

    This also moves the eligibility cut-off date to April 28th, the nominees will be announced on May 3rd.

    The Beacon Theatre is about half the size of Radio City so expect ticket rationing!

    Source 1, 2

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    Lady Gaga is working on new music with Mark Ronson, according to Lily Allen!

    The British pop star spilled the info at the 2015 British Fashion Awards red carpet. "I was meant to be in the studio with Mark Ronson tomorrow and he cancelled on me because Gaga's here," Allen revealed, adding: "I'm just going to turn up anyway, and be like, 'Hi Gaga!'"

    Gaga and Ronson have known each other for years and back in 2010, she inspired the young producer to sing on his records. "I was recording the vocal on her song for Wale, and we were talking, and she was like, 'Have you ever taken singing lessons?', and I said no," Ronson recalled. "And she said, 'Well, you should try, you never know.' And so I did and I went to see her vocal coach. So, if it's really horrible, you can blame Lady Gaga for it."

    Mark Ronson is known for his work with Robbie Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adele, Lily Allen, Paul McCartney and many others. He also produced several tracks on Amy Winehouse's hit album Back to Black, including "Rehab," for which he won a Grammy for "Record of the Year." Ronson scored his first number one single last year, when his track "Uptown Funk" featuring Bruno Mars was released to widespread critical and commercial success.

    YASSS produce that electronic funk HIT

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Star Wars has officially been rated PG-13. The Force Awakens and Revenge of the Sith are the only movies in the franchise to carry this rating.


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    We officially say Bye Bye Bye as @Adele says Hello to the Record: Most Albums Sold In a Single Week Congrats!

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    With over 1MM followers on Instagram; world-renowned feminist and stripper, Cardi B, is finally ready to bring the ratings up for Love & Hip Hop New York!


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    Some highlights:

    You've outsold Britney, though! I hate to break it to you.
    Britney is the queen.

    - 25 is going to be the last album named after an age
    - Doesn't listen to her music, just heard 19 and 21 after finishing 25
    - Feels like her stage fright is getting worse
    - Most of her fans who meet her are quite relaxed


    Humble queen! You can hear and read the full transcript @ the source

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    -1D will return to Corden and have an entire show with just them. (Yay)

    Press Conference in Mexico Tomorrow

    Schedule for now

    Harry with a fan @ Saint Laurent Paris

    Boys prepping for an ABC Family shoot

    Part Two of the Track-By-Track

    Harry Treated the Members of Walk The Moon for Dinner After the AMAs

    Billboard Interview

    (this tattoos is fake)

    source 12 345678

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    According to reports former All My Children and Bonanza actor Daivd Canary has died last week at age 77. Mr. Canary was perhaps best known for brilliantly playing twins Adam & Stuart Chandler on All My Children from 1983 to the show's needless cancellation in 2011 and then again on a failed online relaunch of AMC in 2013.

    Various former co-stars such as Sarah Michelle Gellar and TV daughter Kelly Ripa have left tributes to the late actor on Twitter.


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    - ontd fave creed frontman, scott stapp, hilariously and awkwardly reviews the new film creed, starring michael b. jordan as a young boxer - the son of rocky's apollo creed, with stallone reprising his rocky balboa role


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    Most talented boy band member by far, Jesus Christ Chasez told Billboard: "Records were made to be broken. It was a flattering luxury knowing we sold more records than anyone in a week but it's also nice seeing people continue to be passionate about music in the next generations. Adele proves that emotion and art are alive and well in music today."

    -Joey told Billboard that he helped beat his own group's record by buying the album: "Records are always meant to be broken, but with technology and current music business model, I thought this one would be tough to beat. In all honesty, Adele is the truth -- kinda excited a rare talent like hers is in the same breath as our group. I'm a huge fan....I even bought the damn album."

    -As you know from the previous post, Lance posted to his own and the group's twitter with the "Bye, Bye, Bye" pun

    -Chris has also RT'd the tweet about the record being broken

    Source: Twitter 1, Twitter 2, Twitter 3

    Meanwhile, the ramen seethes and has said nothing.

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    - When talking about how fame has changed his and his family's life, he tells the reporter about how Chris surprised his parents by paying off all their debts. He says that Chris rang up his dad and told him to check his bank account. Here's his quote on his father's reaction:

    "He called my brother Chris back and said: 'I don't know how to feel. Since I left home I have had debts and I thought I'd be paying them off until I died and have this weight hanging over me, and now to have them completely cleared.' They are so happy now and able to spend more time with us, I would love to be able to do something for my parents like that."

    - Liam also talks about his role in The Dressmaker, working with Kate Winslet, and feeling like an outsider.

    For more, check out the full interview at the BANNED SOURCE.


    Let's get in the holiday spirit - what's your favorite philanthropic fantasy, ONTD?

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    Melissa Rosenburg, the EP of Marvel's Jessica Jones, has been making the rounds talking about all things JJ including feminism and how to write rape into a show without being gross about it.

    - On rape as a plot point she said: "We're very conscious to treat that aspect of the story with sensitivity and responsibility. For me, if I never see an actual rape on a screen again it'll be too soon. It's becoming ubiquitous, it's become lazy storytelling and it's always about the impact it has on the men around them...It's damaging. It's just hideous messaging, and so coming into this, the events have already happened and this is really about the impact of rape on a person and about healing, survival, trauma and facing demons."

    On feminism and Jessicas character: "I'm a pretty out and proud feminist, so that's always very forefront in my consciousness, but really the focus in writing her and breaking story with the other writers, the focus was just on doing a fascinating character. She's not defined by her gender, she is simply a character. When you're writing a white male, you don't approach it as, "Well, what would this white male do?" You just approach it as a character, and I find so many times when people are writing either a female character or a person of color, the character gets limited to that one aspect of who they are and I think that's part of why we see so few of them on our screens"
    interview part 1
    interview part 2

    tl;dr: Melissa Rosenburg is an amazing person and the best possible choice there ever could have been for Jessica Jones. I highly recommend reading both parts to the interview because there's a lot of great things including more elaboration on the quotes I pulled out here.

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    Gaga is starting 2016 being the cover girl and guest editor for V Magazine's January issue. The fashionista enlisted the help of some of her closest couture confidants for the special issue, including Tom Ford, Nick Knight, Steven Klein and Inez andVinoodh.

    "This issue of V is about all of these people coming together to express a passion for art and fashion, to really go there, to make a great statement and to change things," Gaga said.

    She added, "I am saying thank you to all these people for everything they've given me...I want to make sure the world knows who they are.. a guard of people.. I call them my fashion guard!"

    Gaga took the stage at the 2015 British Fashion Awards to accept the Red Carpet Designer Award on behalf of Tom Ford on Monday night. Not only did Gaga collect Tom's award, she also walked the runway in a gorgeous red gown custom made for her by the designer.

    Source + Source 2

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