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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Her new girlfriend's name is Becky Sue Chatsworth Swift III

    Source: LoveBScott

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  • 10/20/15--00:28: Awkward Promo 5x09
  • Promo

    Sneak Peak

    you're welcome

    matty and sadie's friendship is everything


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  • 10/20/15--07:13: Mariah got Jay-Z a job!
  • mariahjayz

    First they collabed on the #1 single 'Heartbreaker' and became friends. Around 2004ish LA Reid was looking for someone to replace him as President of Def Jam, he called Mimi for her thoughts on who should take up the position.

    "hire Jigga!" Mariah told Reid, moments later JayZ entered the office. Reid joked that the pair choreographed this. “I was like wait, they choreographed this,” said Reid.“That was too good. He was so on time and it worked out.”

    JayZ was president for 4 years, launching the career of now ritired popstar, Rihanna during his stay

    Source: hotnewhiphop

    ONTD, has nepotism benefited you?, has a friend helped you get a job?

    Mods I checked both Jay and Mariah's tags, this hasn't been posted...i think

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    Reps for Demi Lovato are defending the singer after fans were fuming that Demi did NOT sign CD's at a CD signing on Sunday in NY!

    Her reps told Page Six it was “a miscommunication between the store, the record label and Demi’s team about what they would be able to accommodate and still make her flight to Brazil that afternoon.” REALLY!?!?

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    The show is off the air for three weeks. Adam Baldwin returns in 8x06. (I haven't watched "The Nose" yet, because last night was election night in Canada.)

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    During the first part of the RHOC reunion, it was revealed that Alexis Bellino wrote an e-mail to Tamra before the reunion addressing her hypocrisy when it comes to finding new love for Jesus & her baptism on the show. Tamra has harassed Alexis about her faith and even called her "Jesus Jugs", the harassment caused Alexis to take xanax. Andy read the e-mail on the show.

    "Hi Andy,

    I hope you're well & I'm hoping you would share this with Tamra. I just think it's important for Tamra to hear and think about. When I became a cast member of RHOC 5 years ago, I knew I would be judged because of my appearance and my love for Jesus with Tamra being my biggest harasser.

    Over time the viewers saw that although I am far from perfect and regardless of my bra size, my love for people and my non-backstabbing showed through. In fact I do love Jesus which is why I CANNOT sit back and watch a mockery be made of my savior! The greatest part of the walk with god is that he loves you where you are. You don't need to be perfect however that doesn't give you a hall pass to be baptized then continue your old, unkind & manipulative ways. Someone's faith is not entertainment! It's their sole reason for existence.

    Sincerely and forever,
    Jesus Barbie"

    Source: my television + 1234
    Discuss part one of the #RHOC reunion, plus thoughts on the sad stories that Vicki and Tamra told?

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    Former NBA star Lamar Odom has begun walking again, his family said Tuesday, a day after he was discharged from a Las Vegas hospital where he’d been recovering since he was found unconscious in a brothel last week.

    “Each day, Lamar is getting stronger and reaching significant milestones in his recovery,” Odom’s aunt, JaNean Mercer, said in a statement to BuzzFeed News on Monday. “We are committed to remaining by his side as a family for our champion, who we love immensely.”

    Reached by phone Monday evening, Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas confirmed Odom was no longer a patient at the medical facility.


    hope he doesn't have to deal with permanent damage

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    “He fully understands what that means. He doesn’t understand why people judge each other based on color of their skin, but he knows they do. He also knows there’s sexism, he knows that there’s homophobia.”

    “I want him to know the truth, but I also want him to know the good in the world as well. Those are hard conversations to have. It’s not any conversation any parent wants to have with their child, is that you’ll be judged by the color of your skin rather than the content of your character. But it exists, and I want him to be safe and I want him to be aware.”

    “I think if you don’t start the conversation early on, you’re doing them a disservice. Once he leaves that house and I’m not with him, it’s his life and how he approaches it is his decision. But I want to know that I did the best I could as his mom to educate him on the ugliness in the world, and also the beauty.”

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    I appreciate this attempt to make bottoms a role that isn't looked down upon thanks. check your Top privileges.

    ONTD, has someone tried to create an anthem that carters to you and totally missed the mark?

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    “Sit with it for a while, and Lovato’s album starts to feel like the more distinctive one, the result of an excellent vocalist with an on-record personality that feels more human, more vulnerable, than any of her peers. You could see all of this on display on SNL this past weekend, where Lovato sang one of her new ballads, “Stone Cold.” When she cried and her voice cracked, it felt less like she was making mistakes and more like she was showing evidence of a talent that can’t be manufactured—the soul in the machine of post-Disney stardom.” — Spencer Kornhaber

    sources: 1, 2

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    • TSwift has raked in $1 million every day so far in 2015.

    • Financial analysts believe Swift will end the year with $365 million, which is more than twice the amount the top three earning hip-hop artists- Diddy, Jay Z and Drake made combined last year ($155.5 million).

    • Her album, 1989 sold more than 5 million copies earlier this year and she’s played over 85 shows in 2015, which were mostly sold out. Swift also has endorsement deals with brands like Diet Coke.

    • This makes her the highest earning musician in the world currently— earning $317.8 million since January.

    • In June, Forbes named Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris the world’s highest earning couple over the last year, making more than Jay Z and Beyonce by about $30 million. However, those numbers did not include Swift’s 2015 stats which would put Swift and Harris's record even further out of reach.


    ONTD, do you make $1 million a day? Are those student loans still bogging you down?

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    - was originally thought to have been lost in a flood. the workprint has been discussed before.
    - romero found about nine minutes of footage that had been lost
    - martin scorsese is working on a restoration
    - workprint was discovered when romero and scorsese were working on the original negatives of the film


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    On Simon's sexuality:

    “You’re going to keep asking that question for a while! I love that he doesn’t necessarily have a label or a classification for his sexuality. It’s nice to have somebody you can’t exactly pinpoint things on.”

    On his scenes with Rick Cosnett (Elias Harper):

    “I would say at this point, he’s a thorn in his side and I can’t wait for you to see what’s coming up. There’s definitely some really cool stuff with them.” And while Simon may seem annoyed with Elias now, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t start indulging in the cat-and-mouse game they’ve been playing. “I think it actually opens more doors up later [and] I really do think Simon, as much as he might be afraid of things that Elias may or may not find out, I think he enjoys it.”

    On Simon’s Surprise Skills:

    “He doesn’t mean to show what he knows [but] even in the shooting scene, he knows what he’s doing but has to joke it off.”

    On what to expect next on Quantico:

    “I love getting information if I can, but it doesn’t necessarily destroy me if I don’t have it. You don’t necessarily know what the outcome of it is so you just play the scene for what it is. Later you go, ’Oh, I got it right’ or ‘Oh, I was terribly wrong.'”


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    come in and watch this video ontd!

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    - Photographed together at the World Rugby Cup

    - Met in August at a London night club

    - The teenager's mother on the romance: "That's something you would need to speak to her about, not me."

    - Cavill's reps did not respond to comment

    Earlier this year: Henry Cavill on dating at, August 2015

    "So unless I meet someone who's very, very young who hasn't yet started trying a career like that, you can then go, "Okay, I'm going to travel with you and do some stuff, maybe I'll write or whatever; I'll entertain myself or build my own kind of travelling career." I'm looking for someone who's my own age and will have a career. If they haven't then maybe I should be worried."



    More on the totally age-appropriate couple at the BANNED SOURCE.

    So, ONTD, tell me your stories about men in their thirties hitting on you in your teens.

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  • 10/20/15--09:55: ONTD Roundup
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    Elsie Otter

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    Now that you have had the time to properly listen to her album, how do you feel about it? Favorite tracks?


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    • Economists from the University of Minnesota and the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies estimated Spotify's effects on both music sales and piracy.

    • Spotify does reduce piracy, but also reduces digital sales.

    • Less piracy, but fewer iTunes sales, plus Spotify revenue = no huge difference.  Roughly "revenue neutral."

    • From the paper:  "It is not clear that revenue neutrality is an indication of success."

    • Reframing the debate about how Spotify treats its artists.  Since money isn't being taken from artists in this scenario, if an artist isn't seeing the expected revenue, the problem is with record labels and their distribution of cash, not Spotify.

    Banned Source's Twitter

    Are you still stanning Spotify?  Or did you succumb to #TIDALforALL?

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