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    Also: "Party In The U.S.A." is close to being certified 5x platinum!


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    Walter Hill is planning to write and direct a remake of 1962’s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, which was directed by Robert Aldrich and famously starred rival acting legends Bette Davis, as the former child star Baby Jane Hudson, and Joan Crawford as her crippled sister Blanche.  

    “The two equal leads demand great performers – that is a given,” Hills said. “The intensity of the gothic storyline makes a reconfiguration of the drama still a potentially searing experience. The idea is to make a modern film without modernizing the period. It needs to resonate the golden age of Hollywood.”


    I don't know for sure who I would choose but the pool I would choose from would be Glen Close, Jessica Lange, Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep and if she passed the audition Madonna would nail Bettes part. 

    From Bette: 

    [when told by director Robert Aldrich that the studios wanted Joan Crawford as her co-star for Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)] I wouldn't piss on Joan Crawford if she were on fire.

    [on rival Joan Crawford] She has slept with every male star at MGM except Lassie.

    [commenting on the death of long-time nemesis Joan Crawford] You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good . . . Joan Crawford is dead. Good.

    [Joan Crawford] and I have never been warm friends. We are not simpatico. I admire her, and yet I feel uncomfortable with her. To me, she is the personification of the Movie Star. I have always felt her greatest performance is Crawford being Crawford.

    [on working with Joan Crawford in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)] We were polite to each other - all the social amenities, 'Good morning, Joan' and 'Good Morning, Bette' crap - and thank God we weren't playing roles where we had to like each other. But people forget that our big scenes were alone - just the camera was on me or her. No actresses on earth are as different as we are, all the way down the line. Yet what we do works. It's so strange, this acting business. It comes from inside. She was always so damn proper. She sent thank you notes for thank you notes. I screamed when I found out she signed autographs: 'Bless you, Joan Crawford.'

    [on Joan Crawford]: I was not Miss Crawford's biggest fan, but, wisecracks to the contrary, I did and still do respect her talent. What she did not deserve was that detestable book written by her daughter. I've forgotten her name. Horrible. I looked at that book, but I did not need to read it. I wouldn't read trash like that, and I think it was a terrible, terrible thing for a daughter to do. An abomination! To do something like that to someone who saved you from the orphanage, foster homes, who knows what. If she didn't like the person who chose to be her mother, she was grown up and could choose her own life. I felt very sorry for Joan Crawford, but I knew she wouldn't appreciate my pity, because that's the last thing she would have wanted, anyone being sorry for her, especially me. I can understand how hurt Miss Crawford had to be. Well, no I can't. It's like trying to imagine how I would feel if my own beloved, wonderful daughter, B.D., were to write a bad book about me. Unimaginable. I am grateful for my children and for knowing they would never do to me anything like what Miss Crawford's daughter did to her. Of course, dear B.D., of whom I'm so proud, is my natural child, and there always are certain risks in adopting. Gary [Merrill] and I adopted two babies, because when we married I was too old to have our own. We were very pleased with our little boy, Michael, but our adopted daughter, who was a beautiful baby, was, brain-damaged. I never have had regrets, though, because I think we provided for her better than anything else that could have happened to her, and we gave her some happiness in her life. You can't return a baby like you can a carton of cracked eggs.

    While touring the talk show circuit to promote What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962), Bette Davis told one interviewer that when she and Joan Crawford were first suggested for the leads, Warner studio head Jack L. Warner replied: "I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for either of those two old broads." Recalling the story, Bette Davis laughed at her own expense. The following day, she reportedly received a telegram from Crawford: "In future, please do not refer to me as an old broad!".

    From Joan: 

    [on working with Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) at Legendary Ladies of the Movies, Town Hall (1973)] It was one of the greatest challenges I ever had. [pauses to allow the laughter from the audience to taper off] I meant that kindly. Bette is of a different temperament than I. Bette had to yell every morning. I just sat and knitted. I knitted a scarf from Hollywood to Malibu.

    [on Bette Davis and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)] Sure, she stole some of my big scenes, but the funny thing is, when I see the movie again, she stole them because she looked like a parody of herself, and I still looked like something of a star.

    [on Bette Davis] She has a cult, and what the hell is a cult except a gang of rebels without a cause. I have fans. There's a big difference.

    [on Bette Davis and Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)] I have always believed in the Christian ethic, to forgive and forget. I looked forward to working with Bette again. I had no idea of the extent of her hate, and that she planned to destroy me.

    [on Bette Davis] So I had no great beginnings in legitimate theater, but what the hell had she become if not a movie star? With all her little gestures with the cigarette, the clipped speech, the big eyes, the deadpan? I was just as much an actress as she was, even though I wasn't trained for the stage.

    [on Bette Davis and The Star (1952)] Of course I had heard she was supposed to be playing me, but I didn't believe it. Did you see the picture? It couldn't possibly be me. Bette looked so old, and so dreadfully overweight.

    [on Bette Davis]: There was one thing where Bette was one up on me. She'd had a baby, a child of her own. I wanted one, and Bette was so lucky to have been able to have her own daughter.

    [on What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962) and whether she hid weights on her body so that Bette Davis would have a hard time lifting her off the bed when she takes her out of the house for their trip to the beach] Weights! And have Bette tell everyone I was as heavy as an elephant. Absolutely not. I may not have made it as easy for her to lift me out of the bed as I could have, at least at first, but when you're a pro you get over any animosity you may feel and help your fellow player out. It simply didn't happen.

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    Tom Cruise's attorney has threatened the parent company of the National Enquirer with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit over a new issue asserting it has details of the actor's recent split with wife Katie Holmes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The Hollywood Reporter on its website posted a letter from Cruise's Los Angeles attorney, Bert Fields, in which he blasts American Media Inc, parent of the Enquirer, for what he calls "false and vicious lies" he says will cause "hundreds of millions of dollars" in damages to Cruise.

    "As you were notified in advance, your current issue of National Enquirer makes numerous false and defamatory assertions about our client Tom Cruise," the three-page letter begins.

    The letter draws attention to disparaging descriptions of Cruise in the Enquirer's issue that hit newsstands on Wednesday, with Fields writing, "These are all lies - vicious, hurtful, damaging lies."

    Fields did not respond to Reuters' requests for comment late on Wednesday and a representative for American Media could not be reached.

    Cruise and Holmes have been the subject of hundreds of headlines worldwide since she filed for divorce from the "Mission: Impossible" movie star two weeks ago, seeking sole custody of their 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

    Earlier this week, the couple agreed to a divorce and custody arrangement, but details were undisclosed. Both have remained publicly silent about the issue, except for one joint statement in which they said they were working together to settle their differences in the best interest of Suri.

    Speculation about a reason for the split has centered on Cruise's membership in the Church of Scientology, but that has never been confirmed by either the couple or their representatives.


    I know everyone is Team Katie but while Katie is free from Scientology, Tom will forever be their victim. #freetom

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    The suit says the managers got her on "Good Wife" and made her deal with L’Oreal but after she fired them, the actress stopped paying commissions, which amount to at least $420,000.

    Julianna Margulies' former managers filed suit Monday charging that The Good Wife star owes them at least $420,000 for unpaid commissions and should continue to pay them 10 percent of what she makes on shows and for product deals that were signed while they were her representatives.

    The suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Margulies and her “loan out” company Toast Productions on behalf of D/F Management, whose principals include Steve Dontanville, her former agent at ICM. The other principal of D/F is Frank Frattaroli. The suit was filed by L.A. attorney Mathew Rosengart. (Read the lawsuit here.)

    Dontanville left ICM in 2000 after 17 years at the agency and joined the William Morris Agency, which he left in 2005. He became Margulies' personal manager in early 2009, according to the lawsuit, not long after she appeared in a short-lived TV series Canterbury’s Law. It was agreed she would pay her new managers 10 percent of whatever she earned from entertainment projects she initiated while they were guiding her career.

    At ICM, says the suit, “Dontanville carefully helped take Margulies from a promising young newcomer to an internationally renowned television star who earned millions of dollars form her work on the television show ER and other projects.”

    In February 2009, Margulies sent an e-mail to her new managers that allegedly said, “I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be back in the right hands again.”

    “Based in part on D/F Management’s tireless counsel and guidance” says the suit, "Margulies agreed to star in the then-forthcoming television series project, The Good Wife," which became one of the highest-rated new shows of 2009.

    Margulies' role earned her a Golden Globe, two SAG Awards and an Emmy as outstanding lead actress in a drama series. When she won the SAG Award, she thanked her managers as well as her agent for their “dedication and support.”

    D/F also played a role, per the suit, in Margulies signing what is described as a “extremely lucrative, multiyear contract” to be a spokesperson for L'Oreal cosmetics. The deal was signed by her agents at William Morris Endeavor, and a marketing executive at L’Oreal sent an e-mail to D/F saying, “Thanks to you and Steve for helping bring this to fruition.”

    Despite her success, according to the suit, in summer 2010 Margulies started looking at ways she could reduce how much she paid her reps. She even discussed with D/F how to change her deal with her lawyer, who was getting 5 percent of her earnings, so she could put a “cap” on how much she paid him, according to the suit.

    Then on April 29, 2011, Margulies allegedly terminated her management agreement with D/F.
    Still, D/F says it expected the actress to follow “customs and practices” in the entertainment industry which “include ongoing payments … following termination … for any and all entertainment industry employment secured during the period that the management company was providing management services to the client.”

    The suit says not only did Margulies terminate D/F “contrary to terms of the Contract, she wrongfully and inexplicably stopped all payments” thereafter to D/F.

    Calls for comment to Margulies' publicist and attorney were not returned.


    I met her once, she wasn't pleasant at all. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and told myself she was having a bad day and she was AT WORK so. And I know everybody and their mother loves her, but judging from the recent roundtable interviews she does seems to be up her own ass/arrogant/pretentious/etc. /pressed 4ever tbh

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    Actors Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson attend the "Farewell, My Queen" New York Screening at MOMA on July 9, 2012 in New York City.



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    Josh Trank has officially been announced to direct the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four.

    Having made his big-screen directorial debut on sci-fi movie Chronicle, Trank has previously worked on the television drama The Kill Point.

    Rumours that 20th Century Fox executives were eyeing Trank to helm a remake of the movie franchise first emerged in January.

    Fox has previously released two Fantastic Four movies, directed by Tim Story. Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffudd and Michael Chiklis starred in the lead roles.

    According to Deadline, Trank has now finalised negotiations to take on the project, which will have a brand new cast.

    Trank has another comic book property lined up to direct, Warner Bros. upcoming The Red Star.


    I'm not really a big fan of the Fantastic Four but I loved Chronicle so I'm here for this.

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    Penelope Cruz is reportedly pregnant.

    The 38-year-old actress - who has 17-month-old son Leonardo with husband Javier Bardem - is believed to be expecting her second child with the actor, Spanish TV programme Espejo Publico (Antena3) is reporting.

    They claim a source close to the couple, as well as an insider who has been working with the actress in Madrid, have confirmed the brunette beauty is three months pregnant.

    Penelope recently admitted she is having the time of her life being a housewife and staying at home to look after Leonardo, describing it as the 'best thing in the world'.

    She said: 'I'm a housewife and it's beautiful, the best thing in the world. I know how to cook and it's important to me to make fresh food every day. I don't do crazy diets, just the good Mediterranean food that I love because it's important to eat well.'

    Penelope also recently admitted she 'worries less' since becoming a mother as beforehand she 'always loved' to be concerned about everything in her life.

    She explained: 'For me, having my son means I worry less. I've always loved to worry - ever since I was a little girl people would tell me I worry too much. But these days I really have to pick my subjects to worry about because there are only so many hours in the day.'


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    Gaga + Lindsay = LiGa?!

    The current Queen of Pop and Queen of Film decided to have a lil' get together last night at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, California.

    I suppose you could call this wishful thinking, but why else would he randomly be with Gaga during her break, aka the time she is supposedly going to film her new music video? He brought us two of Gaga's best videos, Telephone and Paparazzi, so what do you think he'll bring us next?

    According to Dave Russell, Gaga’s sound manipulator:
    - The lead single is still being tweaked.
    - The album cover has been shot.
    - There are “definite mega hits” on the next album.
    - The lead single is fresh and inspired by the future.

    Other info:
    - Steven Klein for her perfume commercial, fashion film, and album art.
    - Mert and Marcus for her Vogue spread.
    - Jonas Akerlund for the lead single’s video.

    Looks like y'all are gettin' your wish for The Fame Monster times 23092.

    Source One, Source Two, & Source Three

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  • 07/12/12--03:00: yes

  • Good news for fans of biting political satire – The Thick of It is returning to British television screens this autumn for a fourth series, with seven new 30-minute episodes scheduled for broadcast on BBC2.

    Expect back room deals, ministerial cock-ups and political backstabbing to go into overdrive as Malcolm Tucker and company face their toughest challenge yet – working in a country with a Coalition Government.

    Peter Mannion MP (Roger Allam) is now the Secretary of State for The Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship (DOSAC) and he will need to work closely with Number 10's Director of Communications Stewart Pearson (Vincent Franklin) in order to outwit his new Coalition partner, DOSAC's Junior Minister Fergus Williams MP (Geoffrey Streatfeild).

    But never fear, Nicola Murray MP (Rebecca Front) and foul-mouthed spin doctor extraordinaire Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) are not far away. Although they have now been consigned to Her Majesty's Opposition, the pair and their team are determined to return to power in the near future – whatever it takes.

    "This series takes The Thick of It into exciting and uncharted territory: a new Coalition Government, and Malcolm and Nicola fretting in the wings.” said creator and producer Armando Iannucci.

    He added: “For the first time too a storyline takes us all the way through the series right to the bitter, bitter end, with Government and Opposition convulsed in an incident that questions every political convention imaginable, but in a funny way."

    Chris Addison, Joanna Scanlan, James Smith, Olivia Poulet, Will Smith, Ben Willbond, and Rebecca Gethings are also confirmed for series four of the show.

    Described by Iannucci as “Yes Minster meets Larry Sanders”, The Thick of It began life on BBC4 in 2005 and has in its three series earned numerous awards from Bafta, the Royal Television Society and the Broadcasting Press Guild. In 2009, a feature film adaptation of the series starring many of the original cast was released and In the Loop went on to be nominated at the 2010 Oscars for best adapted screenplay.

    The Thick of It also inspired Iannucci's HBO political comedy, Veep, which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as hapless Vice President Selina Mayer attempting to suffer the slings and arrows of Capitol Hill with only the help of her equally dysfunctional aides.

    The Thick of It: why I can't wait for the new series

    1. The coalition government

    The new series of The Thick of It will introduce a coalition government, along with all the tensions that go with it. And while that doesn't necessarily mean that we'll get to see Iannucci's take on David Cameron – the prime minister tends to be an entirely off-screen presence – we shouldn't rule out the possibility of seeing a Nick Clegg figure. Veep has already proved how unintentionally clownish deputy leaders can be, and surely the opportunity to show a grey-faced, friendless second-in-command sullenly lurking on the peripheries would be too good to pass.

    2. The inquiry

    We're promised that the series will climax with a vast Leveson-style public inquiry. So far, Iannucci has dropped hints about this, suggesting that the storyline will "question every political convention imaginable, but in a funny way". This is good news for two reasons – first because the time is absolutely right for Leveson to be lampooned, and second because it promises all the fun of the Leveson inquiry but without any of its tedious length.

    3. Off-duty Malcolm Tucker

    Some of the most intriguing moments of the last series came when we were presented with a Malcolm Tucker who didn't have the prime minister's ear. Rather than the raging tornado of old, we instead got a neutered circus bear desperately trying to fill his time. This is the Tucker we should expect to see more of this year – and it probably won't be pretty.

    4. More Stewart Pearson

    So far, The Thick of It's two standout Conservative creations have been Peter Mannion MP and media relations guru Stewart Pearson. Pearson, especially, is a masterpiece of a character, endlessly spouting PR jargon and trying to drag Mannion kicking and screaming into a world of politics that doesn't always have to wear a tie. It's hard to see what sort of role Pearson will have this year, especially now that the "hug a hoodie" rhetoric of old has been replaced by a more brutal reality, but hopefully he'll still have a place.

    5. It's not Veep

    While there's nothing wrong with Veep itself, it can at times feel like a diet version of The Thick of It. It looks prettier, the characters speak a little less quickly, the plots are spelled out a little more clearly. That's fine in the interim, but it can't stand up to the full-fat original. I can't wait.

    source 2

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  • 07/12/12--03:01: THOUGHTS?

  • List of most impactful TV moments

    The most impactful television events of the last 50 years, as measured in a survey conducted by Nielsen and Sony Electronics. The rankings are based on a questionnaire of consumers about events they had watched, if they remember where they were and if they discussed the events with others.

    1. Sept. 11 terrorist attacks (2001).

    2. Hurricane Katrina (2005).

    3. The O.J. Simpson verdict (1995).

    4. The Challenger space shuttle explodes (1986).

    5. Death of Osama bin Laden (2011).

    6. The O.J. Simpson White Bronco chase (1994).

    7. The Japanese earthquake and tsunami (2011).

    8. Columbine school shooting (1999).

    9. BP oil spill in Gulf of Mexico (2010).

    10. Princess Diana’s funeral (1997).

    11. Death of Whitney Houston (2012).

    12. Capture and execution of Saddam Hussein (2006).

    13. Barack Obama Election Night speech (2008)

    14. Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton (2011).
                No shade intended at all but really?

    15. John F. Kennedy assassination (1963).

    16. Oklahoma City bombing (1995).

    17. Bush/Gore disputed election (2000).

    18. Los Angeles riots, Rodney King beating (1992).

    19. Casey Anthony murder trial verdict (2011).

    20. John F. Kennedy funeral (1963).

    How would you change this list? What's missing? What shouldn't be there?

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    six x

    Mumbai police now believe that the murders of Bollywood starlet Laila Khan and her five family members were pre-meditated. Police have recovered remains of six people, believed to be that of Khan and her family members.
    The mystery of the missing Bollywood starlet Laila Khan and her family was resolved Wednesday with police announcing the discovery of six skeletons and arresting her stepfather for the murders.

    Although Parvez Tak had confessed to killing the actor and her five family members in a fit of rage, Mumbai Police said the murders could have been pre-planned.

    Making a breakthrough in the case that had baffled everyone for months, the Crime Branch recovered the skeletons from Laila Khan's farmhouse in Igatpuri near Nashik, around 130 km (80 miles) from Mumbai.

    Preliminary forensic reports reveal that five of the skeletons were of women and one of a man. Pieces of jewelry, synthetic clothing and underclothing were found on the skeletons.

    According to police, Tak, the third husband of Laila Khan's mother Selina, said he first killed her (Selina) in a fit of rage. Laila and her siblings witnessed Selina's murder and so he killed them too, said police.

    "Parvez Tak said he had a heated argument with Selina and killed her. Laila and her siblings were on the first floor and came down after hearing loud voices. He then killed them with the help of a watchmen (security guard), Shakir," Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy told reporters.

    Roy said police were not ruling out the possibility of the murders having being premeditated.


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    The pic has nothing to do with the post, it's just a nice pic

    In case you missed it, Sunday's post!


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    THEM is the collaborative project of Columbia, SC-based Figaro the Kid and ATL-based TCHNCLR (aka Dandy Warhol); both bedroom producer/rappers. Together they make "queer electronic/rap". You may not be sure if in this instance queer means homosexual or if it just means weird (it means both), but either way, this is some club shit you can get down to. Synths bounce around thudding bass and outrageous claps on the more hype tracks, while even the toned down tracks come across as explosive and never stop thudding. Figaro and Dandy tear the tracks up when rapping, proving being gay does not mean being soft, and when they take a break on the mic you'll find the duo sampling the likes of Ciara, Khia, Azealia Banks and more. They (meaning THEM) just released their first mixtape last week, so beat those Monday blues by pretending it's Friday and wildin' out in the office.

    If the mixtape doesn't show up, go to the source to listen!

    This group is made up of one of ONTD's very own; nevermademe so make sure you check 'em out and show some love!

    Hip-Hop Icon Lord Finesse Suing Mac Miller, Rostrum Records and DatPiff For $10 Million

    Hip-Hop icon, producer and founder of the D.I.T.C. rap crew Lord Finesse is suing Mac Miller for $10 million for reportedly using the beat to his 1995 song “Hip 2 the Game,” which the producer claims essentially launched the 20-year old Pittsburgh native’s career.

    According to reports, the $10 million suit, which alleges “copyright infringement, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, interference, deceptive trade practices, and a number of related state law claims, was filed in a New York federal court on Monday (July 9) against Mac.

    The rapper has seen immense success since the release of his first mixtape, K.I.D.S., hit the internet in 2010.

    The suit states that the case is “about a teenage rapper – Mac Miller -copying the music from a song written, produced and performed by Lord Finesse, a Hip-Hop legend, changing the title and then distributing it under his own name in order to launch his music career.”

    Finesses’ “Hip 2 the Game” was the same beat used on Mac’s “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” from K.I.D.S. which was the song that’s mostly credited as initially getting Mac attention as an artist when he first hit the scene.

    Robert “Lord Finesse” Hall has also sued, the website which initially made the mixtape available for download upon its release as well as the independent label of Rostrum Records which signed Mac Miller in 2010.

    As of the time the suit was filed, the music video for Mac’s “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” had been viewed over 24 million times on YouTube while his K.I.D.S. mixtape has been downloaded over half a million times since its release.

    Finesse is stating that Mac, whose real name is Malcolm McCormick, has “profited from the unauthorized use of the song.” The recently filed lawsuit cites a New York Times article from November of 2011 where Mac explained how the alleged infringement is “part of a strategy to build a fan base.”

    According to the Times article, “A new generation of rappers is actively trying to build a new business model in which releasing oodles of free material online builds a fan base that paves the way for revenue streams: touring, merchandise, even something as old-fashioned as a record deal.

    Finesse, who is being represented by Brian Levenson and Matthew Schwartz of Schwartz & Ponterio, has publicly stated that he filed the lawsuit against Mac, and Rostrum Records after all three parties “refused to respond to a cease and desist letter that was issued earlier this month.

    More information will be released as the story develops.

    UH OH...does he have a case ONTD lawyers?

    STREAM: Aesop Rock’s New Album “Skelethon” Via Rhymesayers Entertainment

    San Francisco-based MC Aesop Rock‘s first album in five years, Skelethon, was officially released today (July 10) on Rhymesayers Entertainment, and made available to both fans and listeners in a preview format exclusively on YouTube.

    Aesop Rock was hailed as “Indie Rap’s wordiest wordsmith” by Rolling Stone, and his Skelethon, which was officially announced at the end of March, acts as the follow-up to his 2007 None Shall Pass album.

    The new, 15-track album features guest appearances from the likes of Kimya Dawson, Allyson Baker of Dirty Ghosts, Hanni El Khatib, Nicky Fleming-Yaryan, Rob Sonic, DJ Big Wiz, and the Grimace Federation.


    Meek Mill Debates Philadelphia Pastor Who Called for “Amen” Boycott

    Meek Mill and Rev. Jomo K. Johnson attempted to hash out their differences live on air earlier today (July 11) on Philadelphia’s Hot 107.9.

    Meek called into The Q Deezy Show to address Johnson and his calls for a boycott of the Maybach Music Group rapper for his song “Amen.”

    As previously reported, earlier this week, Johnson told the Philadelphia Daily News, “As a hip-hop fan, I want to encourage every rap fan in Philadelphia who is a believer in Jesus Christ, to boycott Meek Mill until he acknowledges this blatant disrespect. And being resident of North Philadelphia and pastor, I revoke Meek’s ‘hood pass’ until this happens.”

    Right as the on air conversation between the two began, Meek voiced his concerns. “This looking like you trying to get famous, or you need some attention, because you could have came to me and said anything you wanted to say,” he said. “I mighta helped you. If you needed money for your church, I mighta woulda gave you that money. I mighta even remixed the song with Kirk Franklin. Anything you wanted to do. You went about it like you looking for attention and fame.”

    Johnson retorted, “My plea to you is to turn from sin, turn from blasphemy, turn from unrighteousness, that you’re purporting in your music—turn to Jesus Christ and receive eternal life. It doesn’t matter how much money you get, without Jesus Christ you will be lost eternally.” The Pastor said he had once served four years in jail, for aggravated assault on an officer, and God changed his life.

    “I got an even lighter charge than aggravated assault, so your record is worse than mine, basically,” the rapper responded.

    “I’m not here to judge you. The way I’m looking at it: you want to be famous, or you want some money.” He referenced work in the community, like giving out coats to kids, which he showed in his “Faded Too Long” video, and asked the Pastor, “Where was you at?”

    “I’ve spent 25 stacks to move in the hood while you’re not there,” Johnson responded. “I’m on Germantown and Somerset doing ministry where you’re not, Mr. Mill.”

    A little later, he played on the rapper’s name. “You may be Meek, [but] I’m not!” (WEAK) he said. “And if you disrespect our God, then we have a right to proclaim that.”

    The Warner Bros. signee soon referenced his own belief in God, as well as that his grandmother is 80-years-old, an avid churchgoer, and hasn’t had the same negative feelings towards her grandson’s music that the Pastor was voicing. “You can’t judge me!” he shouted.

    “I recognize that you are a talented artist, but you are using your gifts for a wrong purpose,” the Pastor opined. He accused the music of promoting rape, theft, and Black on Black crime, among other things.

    “I’m watching over these kids,” Meek promised. “I be in the streets everyday.” He then called upon violent movies, as well as Eminem’s history of violent lyrics, and asked, “Why you talkin’ to me?” before quickly answering his own question: “You look like you want attention.”

    “For your own soul, you need to confess this to God,” Johnson urged, saying that he initially reached out to Meek five months ago, though he got no response. “God loves you, but he hates your sin.”

    Meek attempted to turn the table. “Let’s do the statistics on rappers and pastors with rape. Zero percent rappers ever came to the light of raping a child. (100% sure that's not true) Pastors, it’s no match. What you talkin’ about? Is you protesting Eddie Long?”

    Johnson quickly took the discussion to a new level. “Have you ever raped a woman before?” he asked. “Because if you haven’t, then you’re lying; your music is a lie.”

    “You sound like a psycho right now, dog,” Meek came back. “You trying to take another Black man down for you to get some credibility.”

    As tempers continued to flair, the conversation soon fizzled, and host Q Deezy said he hoped he would be able to speak with the two in an off-air setting to settle their differences.

    LOL at this mess. Team No One but IA with Meek that the pastor is doing this for attention. What a dumbass.



    Game, 40 Glocc Call Cosmic Kev To Discuss Latest Skirmish

    Rappers Game and 40 Glocc called into Philadelphia radio station Power 99FM tonight (July 10), to discuss their recent altercation.

    The two rappers were featured on Cosmic Kev’s “Celebrity Tuesdays” segment of his long-running, popular, nightly radio show.

    Game checked in from France, where he offered up his opinion on the altercation, which took place during a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills over the weekend.

    “This is the guy who ran up on Weezy [Lil Wayne] with 40 guys pulling out guns, you know? This is the guy who ran up on Plies at Jamie Foxx’s video shoot with 40 guys you know? This is the same guy with five or 10 guys with him at the pool party, I don’t know,” Game said. “They all disappeared, he ended up by himself. That’s how it happens when you’re rolling with suckers.”

    Game denied reports that he was at the party with dozens of gang members, and stated that 40 Glocc had more people in his entourage than he did.

    Game described the altercation for Cosmic Kev.

    “He’s walking down the driveway and he’s looking behind himself, trying to see if anybody’s coming because he’s terrified,” Game said.

    Game claimed the rapper attempted to flee and tripped running while running downhill.

    “I gave him a left to the rib cage, a right to the rib cage and then he hit this wooden piece, I guess somebody was cementing their driveway,” Game said. “He hit that with his face. He got up, I punched him [again] and knocked him down.”

    Game explained that during the altercation, he managed to unlock his iPhone himself, pull up his video recorder and videotape a portion of the incident.

    Game said that after his camera stop rolling, he left the scene, but a member of his entourage also assaulted 40 Glocc, which was also videotaped and will be released shortly as “the directors cut.”

    40 Glocc called in shortly after Game’s interview and discussed his side of the altercation.

    “I got jumped three, four times. I say three, cause the other one was him trying to pistol whip me and him missing,” 40 Glocc told Cosmic Kev. “Any footage you see of me with my hat off, it’s all edited. All of it started with guns drawn on me from the back. I had to dip and run and they had to chase me down with the pistols.”

    40 Glocc claimed that Game pulled his pistol and put it to his head during the altercation, but that footage was edited to make it look like 40 Glocc was simply running away.

    “At the car, I was already jumped. I wasn’t just jumped once, I was jumped three times. The whole thing started when they ran behind me with the guns, they chased me with down with the guns,” 40 Glocc said.

    40 Glocc said a possible resolution to his issue with Game was a one-on-one fist fight, live in front of the cameras.

    This is all extremely ratchet and embarassing. Both of them need to go home and have an extended seat. The Game is a mess.

    No Malice ft. ft Eric David “June” [Video]

    No Malice continues to mount his comeback to music as he returns with this new video for his song “June,” featuring Eric David…


    Update: Mac Miller Responds to Lord Finesse’s $10 Million Lawsuit

    Moments after the Wednesday (July 11) news broke about Digging in The Crates founder and producer Lord Finesse suing Mac Miller and Rostrum Records for $10 million for sampling his “Hip 2 Da Game,” Mac took to his Twitter to respond.

    Mac took to his Twitter to respond.

    “I’m supposed to be on hush, but lemme speak on this real quick,” Mac started tweeting Wednesday, before providing five bullet points, defending his reasoning for sampling the cut.

    “1. I made that record and video as nothing more than an 18 year old kid who wanted to rhyme and pay homage, no other intentions,” Mac added. “2. Finesse and I spoke on the phone for an hour after he heard the record and cleared the air. 3. We even planned to work on music together. 3. All I wanted to do is shed light on a generation that inspired me. 4. When I heard there was a problem, I reached out to him to try and solve it. No response. 5. Finesse never cleared the Oscar Peterson sample on the original record. I did nothing wrong. We spoke on the phone had a good conversation, he was cool with the record. It’s all love tho. I ain’t even mad at dude. He still a legend.”

    Mac closed out, stating: “Lord Finesse, thank you for what u did for hip hop. Thank you for bringing my favorite rapper into the game. I should just drop some new music.”

    Finesse responded via his own Twitter, saying: “This case is about the overall picture..If you’re just looking at “one” point..It’s about so much more #look deeper..”

    idk if I believe he's all innocent but Mac's response is really classy

    Video: Pusha T & Kanye West – New God Flow (Unofficial)


    Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” Give Bad Legal Advice That Continues To Hem People Up?

    Rap mogul Jay-Z’s song “99 Problems” was released in 2003, but it still remains a mainstay in our iPods and on the radio. There’s just one problem, though. Jigga is giving us some bad legal advice in the track. According to Law Professor Caleb Mason from Southwestern Law School, Jigga’s line in the song, “Well, my glove compartment is locked/ so is the trunk in the back/And I know my rights/ so you gon’ need a warrant for that,” is inaccurate.

    Check out what the professor says below:

    “Based on the number of my students who arrived at law school believing that if you lock your trunk and glove compartment, the police will need a warrant to search them, I surmise that it’s even more widespread among the lay public. But it’s completely, 100% wrong.“

    The law professor sets the record straight and give some great advice if you ever catch yourself in a situation where the police want to search your vehicle:

    “The lesson for perps is threefold: (1) don’t consent, (2) know the reasonable suspicion boilerplate and don’t provide it, and (3) make a record of the encounter any way you can, including your behavior, appearance, and demeanor before and during the stop, the officer’s stated motive for the stop, all of your responses to questioning, whether or not you were placed under arrest, and the exact amount of time you were held on the side of the road. And finally, most importantly, for both sides–when in doubt, talk to a lawyer. My door’s always open to players on both sides of this game. Call me.”
    There you have it!

    This is bullshit. 1: If you're getting legal advice from rap lyrics you're a moron 2: How does the lawyer know this is a result of Jay Z's song? A lot of people don't know their rights in situations like this. 3: I need to find better rap blogs

    Sir Michael Rocks – Now You Do

    Samples Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games'

    Idk why I thought this would be better than it was...

    Beanie Sigel Faces Up to Three Years in Prison For Failure to File Taxes, Sentencing Tomorrow

    After pleading guilty earlier this year for a failure to file federal income-tax returns from 2003-2005, Beanie Sigel will be sentenced tomorrow morning (July 12) at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, has learned. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that federal prosecutors are seeking the maximum allowable sentence, which is three years in prison.

    Sigel, real name Dwight Grant, earned in excess of $1 million in net income from 2003 through 2005 and owed the IRS approximately $348,077 in taxes during that time period, but didn’t pay anything.

    Tomorrow, he’ll learn his legal fate.

    “It’s difficult to predict the outcome in cases like this,” Sigel’s attorney Fortunato N. Perri, Jr. told “The sentencing judge is going to evaluate all the factors, including his background. Hopefully, the court will recognize that this is not a crime of violence.”

    Perri adds that “incarceration is an option.”

    Although it’s non-related to this case, it doesn’t help any that Sigel’s priors include being accused of attempted murder (charges he beat in an acquittal in 2005).

    In relation to this case, Beans was originally supposed to be sentenced back in April. However, Perri told the court that his client had not provided the financial information a probation officer requested or permitted a home visit by the officer. That pushed the sentencing back to July 12, tomorrow.

    Just last month, Scarface re-confirmed plans of he and Beans working on and releasing their proposed joint album.

    “I think the name of the album’s gon be The First 48,” ‘Face told “We gon do a double album. First 48, Second 48. Beanie came up with that shit. It’s dope. The minute that everything is a go, we gon put our lives on camera and we gon record the first one in 48 hours.”

    Check back with tomorrow to learn the results of Beanie Sigel’s sentencing.


    1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology) ft. Big K.R.I.T. – Lights Down



    The song will appear on his upcoming album God Forgives, I Don’t. “When I wrote this record, I was writing it in the mind of a ni**a who may not have nothing,” said Rozay. “He could have started in the red, but that don’t determine where ni**a end up.”

    He explained why he chose the NOLA as the backdrop for the video. “When I think about some of the people that had it the hardest in these recent years, it’s New Orleans,” he said. “Before I finished the record, I was like, ‘I need to shoot this video in New Orleans ’cause these some of the strongest people ’cause they won’t stop and they still representing, they still climbing.’”

    There's a lot of shirtless people that shouldn't be shirtless here...

    Charlamagne Tha God Almost Jumped By 5 Men!

    Power 105.1 radio personality Charlamagne Tha God has been on the wrong side of right these last few weeks. First he was going back and forth with HOT 97′s FunkMaster Flex, then he almost got into a physical altercation with rapper Busta Rhymes, and now a video has surfaced of him getting hit in the head and then almost jumped by five men!

    Video of the altercation was posted on WorldStarHipHop, and it shows Charlamagne getting hit in the head after refusing to give the guy a “drop” for their DVD. Charlamagne was caught on camera running away from the unknown assailants after he saw that he was outnumbered. You can catch the video here.
    Charlamagne addressed the situation during his donkey of the day segment today. Check out his response and explanation for him running below:

    People really go to fights equipped with cameras now? My people....:/

    Fredo Santana Ft. Chief Keef & Lil Reese “My Lil Niggas” [Video]

    Where are these children's parents?

    Soulja Boy Says 50 Cent is Helping to Make The Juice Movie Remake Happen

    Last year, the Internet went nuts reading reports about Soulja Boy starring in the remake of the 1992 cult-classic film, Juice, and playing the role of “Bishop,” the same character the late and legendary Tupac Shakur portrayed in the original.

    Over a year later, the 21-year-old MC says he’s taking his time to make sure that he not only gets the right script, but also the ideal scenario for filming and distribution. Well, he may be one step closer to finding the latter. Soulja recently revealed to that a certain rap mogul and very close friend of his is helping him make sure that the Juice remake happens—none other than 50 Cent.

    “With the ‘Juice’ movie… 50 Cent, that’s my big bro,” Soulja told “He got a movie deal that gave him millions to come up with content. Me and him are going over the Juice movie now. That’s still coming.”

    Fifty’s deal that Soulja Boy is referring to stems from 2010, when the G-Unit general’s Cheetah Vision film company landed $200 million in funding, although Soulja didn’t delve into ’Fif’s exact involvement with remaking Juice.

    Although Soulja Boy was only two-years-old when Juice was released, the “Crank That” and “Turn My Swag On” rapper thoroughly understands its significance, especially Tupac’s masterful portrayal of the devious and twisted Bishop.

    That’s why he says he understands that the remake has to be done right.

    “I know that’s a big thing, I know,” he added. “You can’t just jump right into a movie like that and rush it. It’s a delicate thing, I know. But I got y’all.”

    As previously reported, Soulja Boy acted in his first film, Officer Down, which also includes James Wood, David Boreanaz and Stephen Dorff, and is slated to be released this year.

    I'm not even mad, this mistake is obviously going straight to DVD if it ever happens

    L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Don’t Happen That Often


    Mysonne Calls Frank Ocean A “Coward”

    While industry heavyweights like Beyonce and Russell Simmonds are praising Frank Ocean for revealing his bisexuality, New York rapper Mysonne took to his Twitter account to do the complete opposite. Mysonne feels deceived by Ocean, and accuses the singer of using his announcement for publicity. Check out what Mysonne tweeted below:

    “i think these n*ggas is cowards that looking for exposure and buzzes, so they wait til albums drop to tell you there true Sexuality,’ he tweeted July 10.

    “Never mind that youve built a career off of obvious deceit and false hood, but people say its ok cuz he can sing. What happen to integrity?”

    “What happened to judging a man by his character. There are no more boundaries or rules and this is why Suckas can Rule!”

    “the fact that he’s gay means nothing to me and had he been real and i still liked his music i would support him, But fake sh*t is fake sh*t!”

    Wow, those are pretty strong comments. Is there more than meets the eye here? Why do you think Mysonne is so upset? Do you agree with him?

    idk who this guy is but he needs an open-handed slap to the face. Frank does not owe anyone anything. People that also need a slap: those dumbasses that say they can't 'relate' to Frank Ocean's music anymore yet listen to people rapping about cars they could never hope to afford


    K. Michelle doesn’t hold back on her mixtape 0 Fucks Given. The outspoken songstress, who appears on VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta,” bares her heart and much more on the 24 tracks and skits, with remixes to Kirko Bangz’ “Drank in My Cup,” Meek Mill’s “Amen,” Miguel’s “Adorn,” and Frank Ocean’s “Acura Integurl.” Download/stream below.


    Video: Reks – Bang Bang (Trailer)

    Reks REBELutionary is out July 24th. Grab an mp3 of the track “Unlearn” below.


    Run-D.M.C. Announces First Performance At The Fun Fun Fun Fest This November

    Today (July 10), Hip-hop group Run-D.M.C. confirmed their first appearance together in over 10 years. broke the news about the group’s reuniting last week.

    Organizers for the Fun Fun Fun Fest have confirmed that Run-D.M.C. will hit the stage during the annual festival, which takes place from November 2 – four in Austin Texas.

    The performance marks Run-D.M.C.’s first official appearance together, since disbanding after the death of jam Master Jay in 2002.

    Both Run and D.M.C. will headline the main stage of the Fun Fun Fun Fest.

    “We couldn’t be more excited. Run-D.M.C. is one of our favorite bands, and one of the most influential groups of all-time – that we never thought that we would get to see play live, much less play in Austin at our festival,” Fun Fun Fun Fest producer James Moody told in a statement.

    “This is as big as it gets and we are so proud to be working with them,” Moody added.

    A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Jam Master Jay’s JMJ Foundation for Music, which is dedicated to providing access to the arts.

    Other artists performing during the Fun Fun Fun Fest include Rakim, Danny Brown, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Starfucker, Atlas Sound and others.

    For more information on the Fun Fun Fun Fest go to

    So the reunion is legit!


    It's alright

    Das Racist & Talib Kweli – The Actual

    I like it

    Hello Girls (Meagan Good Group) “Beep Beep” Music Video: Guest Starring Pooch Hall [Video]




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    Tippi Hedren and Mickey Rooney are featured in this cross country documentary which seeks to pass along messages about getting older.


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    The new and last season of "Damages" started yesterday.

    The DIRECTV Premiere event for the fifth and Final Season of 'Damages' after party at The Oak Room on June 28, 2012 in New York City:
    Jenna Elfman, Glenn Close and Rose Byrne.

    Awkward: Noah Bean is there, too.

    Glenn Close and Zackary Booth.

    The female actresses and Damages Creators Daniel Zelman, Glenn Kessler and Todd A. Kessler.

    Victoria Shaffer and Late Show Musical Director Paul Shaffer were also attending.

    Youtube Source
    Pic Source

    Let's have a discussion! Did you like the first episode so far? I loved it so far.

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    So it's buried in this story on about his Lifetime movie, A Mother's Nightmare, but Grant Gustin confirmed he's actually auditioned to play Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

    But Grant's fans have plenty of projects to look forward to -- not only will A Mother's Nightmare premiere later this year on Lifetime, but the actor reveals he has officially thrown his hat into the ring to play Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! "I have auditioned for the role," he says, confirming lots of fan desire/speculation. "I don't think [the producers] know what they're looking for just yet, but yes, I auditioned for the role."

    He also says that Sebastian might not be back on Glee next season because Ryan Murphy has plans to add even more characters to the already over-inflated show.

    Which isn't to say he's opposed to feeling the Glee again next season! "I love doing that show, the fans are great and I'd love to do more," he told ET Canada before adding that the show simply might not have room for his character any longer. "They're doing another season of The Glee Project so they'll be adding another character there and I won't give anything away, but they're bringing in some other new characters as well."

    whole IV under the cut

    Grant Gustin's 'Nightmare' - First Look!

    Grant Gustin exploded onto the scene last November as Sebastian, the at-first-nefarious then sorta lovable but still kinda douchey Warbler on Glee. Since then he's not only amassed a loyal fan following, but a major TV movie role!

    For his next project, Lifetime tapped the rising star for A Mother's Nightmare, which revolves around Chris Stewart (Gustin), a 16-year-old who falls into a depression after his girlfriend dumps him and his parents split. His emotions are buoyed when a new girl (played by 90210's Jessica Lowndes) moves to town and seduces the boy next door, but later accuses him of rape after he tries to break things good. Shag star Annabeth Gish plays the titular matriarch.

    The role not only offers Grant the chance to play the leading man, but also the opportunity to continue projecting the anti-bullying message that was central to his role on Glee. "This is my first film and ... [it] has surpassed any expectations I had," he told ET Canada. Grant also admits that the depression and bullying his character endures is something he could easily relate to. "I was an anxious, maybe a little depressed young man. But I had great people around me, so I could see an end in sight."

    That's yet another reason Grant was so elated to take on this part. "To be honest, this is much more me – or who I was – than Sebastian. It's about the same age range but a completely different character, completely different style. It'smuch more up my alley as a human."

    Which isn't to say he's opposed to feeling the Glee again next season! "I love doing that show, the fans are great and I'd love to do more," he told ET Canada before adding that the show simply might not have room for his character any longer. "They're doing another season of The Glee Project so they'll be adding another character there and I won't give anything away, but they're bringing in some other new characters as well."

    But Grant's fans have plenty of projects to look forward to -- not only will A Mother's Nightmare premiere later this year on Lifetime, but the actor reveals he has officially thrown his hat into the ring to play Finnick in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire! "I have auditioned for the role," he says, confirming lots of fan desire/speculation. "I don't think [the producers] know what they're looking for just yet, but yes, I auditioned for the role."


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  • 07/12/12--13:05: Batman x Lazy Oaf collection

  • London’s creative label and retail space Lazy Oaf recently put together a small collection for 2012 spring/summer to coincide with the latest installment in the Batman movie franchise, The Dark Knight Rises. Pieces for both men and women are included in the release, which harnesses a retro style using vintage Batman imagery across a set of button-up and sweater options. Expect availability to start July 13 (online store here) with the addition of a party at the Fouberts Place store.

    More pictures here and here

    Source: 1, 2,

    some of these are nagl, but whatever. Shupupandtakemymoney.jpeg!

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    Is this sexist? 

    Hip Hollywood recently caught up with Jazze Pha at the BET Awards and he had some choice words about where Ciara’s career stands. In 2004, the Atlanta-based producer helped launch Ciara’s music career, and made her a household name. But in 2006 Ciara decided to switch it up — and the pair haven’t worked together since.

    In recent years CiCi’s albums have underperformed, and a little help from an old friend may not necessarily be a bad thing. Check out the clip below!

    Source: Hip Hollywood 

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    Ya know that girl in pink standing next to Rebecca Black in the "Friday" video? The one who does that little jig to herself for a hot sec around 1:10? Well, we recently caught up with her, and there is WAY more to this girl than her "Friday" debut.

    With over 200,000,000 views and counting, "Friday" was the most watched YouTube video of 2011. And with that exposure, Benni became an instant target for online bullying. She was dubbed "That girl in pink that can’t dance" and had GIFs made of her. But Benni didn’t let the cruel words (and images) get to her. Instead, she launched into action.

    First, Benni organized a flashmob at her local mall to raise money for American Red Cross Japan Earthquake Relief. Then, she created a virtual walkathon for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, where kids from 14 different countries tuned in to join her fundraising efforts. Oh and she casually started her own non-profit called That Girl in Pink which works to prevent teen suicide, and authored a book called “That Girl in Pink’s Internet Survival Guide.” Now, Benni gives anti-bullying presentations, inspiring kids nationwide to take action and prevent bullying. She even has a sweet Urban Dictionary entry.

    Did we mention she’s only 15? On top of giving back so much, Benni is also a singer. Yup, Rebecca Black wasn't the only shining star counting down to Friday in that car. We're  stoked to premiere the music video for Benni's latest song, "Gotta Get Out." The song has a YOLO-vibe to it.

    "A lot of kids feel like they're trapped at home," noted Benni. "I want to tell those kids that it's okay to chase your dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem. You really can be what you want to be! That's the message of my non-profit, too: Never give up hope! There is always something to look forward to."

    And in typical Benni fashion she's donating proceeds of the single to Children of the Night, an org that rescues children from child prostitution. Purchase “Gotta Get Out,” on iTunes and watch the official video below!

    MTV ACT: When you were first being cyber bullied, how did you decide to handle the negativity with total grace and humor?

    BENNI: Well, I didn’t really “decide” to handle it any certain way. I just handled it in a way that was natural for me.  I grew up in a family that jokes around a lot. We look for the humor in everything. So, to survive in my family, you have to learn to laugh at yourself or you are going to spend a lot of time crying about what someone said. So, at a very young age, I learned to not take things personal. Just because someone jokes about you doesn’t mean they don’t like you. They may not even mean to hurt your feelings… maybe they were just trying to be funny. And, if someone really is trying to be mean, well that really says more about them than it does about me, so why should I take that personal?

    MTV ACT: What inspired you to start your nonprofit, That Girl in Pink?

    BENNI: I have some family history with teen suicide and I know, firsthand, the importance of having someone to talk to when things seem overwhelming. But everything really came together for me after the "Friday" video because there were all these kids contacting me telling me their stories and asking for advice. I realized I couldn’t just turn my back on them and I needed to do whatever I could to help them. I believe that we lose too many teens to suicide and that hope is the antidote for despair, so my mission is to never let someone give up hope.

    MTV ACT: Can you share some stories of how people have been impacted by That Girl In Pink?

    BENNI: Oh gosh! I have a few good stories! Someone emailed me after my anti-bullying presentation at their school and they said that on their way home from school they saw a young kid getting bullied. He said that he was about to just walk by, when he remembered what I said in my presentation. So, then he went over to the bully and stood up for the victim.

    There was also a little girl who emailed me while she was crying in her bed because people were posting terrible things about her online. I was able to give her some advice on choosing her perspective and not giving others the power to make her feel bad about herself. She went to bed feeling good and with renewed confidence. It’s such a rewarding feeling to know that I’m helping in some way. It makes everything I’m doing so worthwhile.

    MTV ACT: Are there things you’ve learned through this whole crazy journey that you didn’t totally appreciate before it started?

    BENNI: Yes, definitely! I’ve learned to appreciate the relationship I have with my family. I’ve always been close to my parents and my brothers, and I’ve been able to talk to them about everything I’ve gone through. And I guess I never really looked at them and appreciated how supportive they are. But now, getting emails from kids around the world who say that they have no one to talk to has really put things in perspective. I’m very lucky that I have people I trust in my life. And now, realizing that not everyone has that, I am able to better understand what they are going through.


    Gotta Get Out is the follow-up to Benni's debut single, Can You See Me Now. In case you missed that masterpiece, here is the video.

    Such an inspiration! Are you feeling her new single? Or do you have your own summer jam, ONTD? Discuss.

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    When it comes to his fatherly duties, Chris Hemsworth definitely seems to prefer the hands on approach.
    The 28-year-old Australian actor was spotted out yesterday in Santa Monica toting his cute baby daughter, two-month-old India Rose.
    But Chris, who was joined by wife Elsa Pataky, clearly decided a stroller wasn't required.

    With a burst of super hero-like strength, Hemsworth carried his little daughter around for the duration of their shopping trip.
    Only last week the couple were spotted out together in Madrid, with Chris opting to carrying their bundle of joy instead of using a pram.
    The acting pair - who married in December 2010 - welcomed their first child India Rose back in May.

    And just two months on and 35-year-old Elsa is looking in great form.
    Yesterday the Fast Five actress donned a pair of casual black leggings, teamed with a striped jumper.
    Chris, meanwhile, wore shorts and a T-shirt, with India Rose wrapped up in a warm blanket.
    Since becoming a daddy, Chris has been taking parenting tips from his older brother Luke, who has two daughters with his wife Samantha.
    Luke told 'I actually made him a little video on how to wrap her up so that she can`t get her arms out of the blanket. He had a bit of trouble with her.
    'So I made a little video of how we wrap up our baby, but he said she still escaped.'

    Chris revealed to GQ magazine last month that he has kept up his buff body since Thor because it's been good for his career and added: 'It’s helped me get a job, sure. But you hope it’s not the only thing that helped.'

    Fans of the comic book hero will pleased to know that Hemsworth will reprise his role as the Asgard God in Thor 2 and Avengers 2.


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    Daniel Tosh's Rape Joke
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    Jose Baez (Casey Anthony's lawyer)

    Classic View Clip:
    Elisabeth attacks Michael Phelps for smoking pot

    Classic View Clip: Elisabeth attacks Michael Phelps for smoking pot

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