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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 08/18/15--10:31: Once Upon A Time S4 bloopers
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    This seemed cute and harmless, and it's nice to see that celebs geek out just like the rest of us.

    Who would leave you speechless if you happened across them in a restaurant, ONTD?

    Source 1, Source 2

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    - a funny minute-by-minute account of the 1989 tour
    - includes lines like:
    9:41p: Time for another surprise! Nicki, are you here after all?! Nope. But Julia Roberts and Joan Baez are. A collective WTF sweeps the stadium. Julia Roberts does not want to dance. Joan Baez is down though. Taylor beckons them down the runway and they take turns awkwardly shimmying. They hand a single rose back and forth. Nothing makes sense.
    - also includes a photo of hot dudes dressed like the ballerinas from the "shake it off" video

    Le Source!

    What was your first concert experience, ONTD?

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  • 08/18/15--11:31: Arrow Roundup!

  • Green Arrow TV:
    -diggle getting a codename, approved by DC, unique to the character
    -curtis holt has the quality of "the male felicity"
    -curtis is another smart guy at palmer tech without being a knock off ray palmer
    -laurel will not make the mistake again of keeping sara's resurrection from her dad

    -olicity being shown like "two coworkers dating" in the lair
    -"strong, capable, funny felicity" is back
    -emily was tired of crying
    -flashbacks: less focus on forced connection into present day, more on telling a good story in year 4 of oliver's time away
    -flashbacks start in coast city and move to secret destination

    -comes back in 4x06
    -reason is under wraps right now (probably to do with felicity's dad)
    -can she and quentin meet please

    -laurel has fully arrived as the black canary
    -no more learning curve
    -struggle is now on black canary vs being ADA Laurel Lance

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    VYd5p CK

    TVLineTwitter + PB Insta + GATV + Marc's Tumblr

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    The actress doesn't like the segregation of plus size clothing in stores. While promoting her new clothing line Melissa McCarthy Seven7, she had the following to say on plus-sized clothing and retailers.

    “Women come in all sizes,” Melissa told Refinery29 in a recent interview. “Seventy percent of women in the United States are a size 14 or above, and that’s technically ‘plus-size,’ so you’re taking your biggest category of people and telling them, ‘You’re not really worthy.’ I find that very strange.”

    “I also find it very bad business,” she continued. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense numbers-wise. It’s like, if you open a restaurant and you say, ‘We’re primarily gonna serve people that don’t eat.’ It’s like, what? You would be nuts. Yet, people do it with clothing lines all the time, and no one seems to have a problem with it. I just don’t get why we always have to group everything into a good or bad, right or wrong category. I just think, if you’re going to make women’s clothing, make women’s clothing. Designers that put everyone in categories are over-complicating something that should be easy.”

    “I don’t like the segregated plus section. You’re saying: ‘You don’t get what everybody else gets. You have to go shop up by the tire section,’” explained Melissa. “I’m not ready to announce them [the retailers] yet, but they agreed to just put me on the floor. I said, ‘Run the sizes as I make them and let friends go shopping with their friends. Stop segregating women.’ And they said, ‘Okay.’”

    Should retailers remove the "plus-size" term?


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    Hough and Laich began dating in December of 2013. Hough was reportedly engaged in 2007 to fellow dancer Zach Wilson before dating country singer Chuck Wicks from August 2008 to November 2009 and then, more famously, Ryan Seacrest from April 2010 to March 2013.

    From her Instagram:


    Can we make this a hockey post? Who's excited for the 2015-2016 season?!
    Never forget

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    Star Wars' John Boyega is going to costar in 'The Circle', filming next month. He'll play Emma Watson's love interest/fellow employee apparently. Tom Hanks is also starring.


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    -Police called to Madonna's 57th birthday party following noise complaints in upscale Hamptons neighborhood.

    - Gypsy-Themed Birthday Bash

    -No word is she did the stanky leg or nae nae

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    Lena needs to learn to not talk so much.


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    . “Megan has separated from Brian,” an insider reveals “They decided on it six months ago.”
    . Their romance has recently been plagued with issues. Though sources remain vague on the exact cause of their split, “things have been rocky,”


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    littlemixofficialMixing it up with the mix men at the @todayshow! #LittleMixToday

    littlemixofficialMixers! We're so excited to be performing on the @todayshow!! Tune in #LittleMixToday xx LittleMix Xx

    littlemixofficialMixers! So much fun on the @todayshow! You're amazing!!#LittleMixToday xxLittleMix Xx

    jesymix14Well well well I cannot believe it's been 4 years today that I have spent every moment with these 3 nut jobs!!! I literally cannot imagine my life without these ladies they are my sisters my family my bestest friends in the whole wide world and everyday I love them even more than I did yesterday which I didn't think was possible! We have been through so much together and everyday we get closer as a group I literally love these girls more than anything in the world and I feel so so lucky to have them by my side every day to experience this amazing journey that we are on together @jadeameliabadwi@perrieeele@leigh_love_life I feel so lucky to have met you ladies and I cannot wait to experience even more madness and excitement with yous!!! Here's to the next 4 years with you queens 👑👑👑  I love you so bloody much ❤️

    Also, there's a livestream happening RIGHT NOW because it's their 4th anniversary! Link: #LittleMixAnniversary

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    Pre-Order Get Weird!
    Buy Black Magic!

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt's wife Tasha McCauley gave birth to a baby boy the weekend of Aug. 15 in L.A a rep confirmed to Us Weekly.
    The super private pair reportedly tied the knot right before the holidays on Dec. 20, 2014


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    For a year now she’s been pitching a panel-style talk show about love and marriage, similar to The View or The Talk, partnering with popular parent and women’s lifestyle websites. Because of her high profile, she wasn’t expected to show up every day but often enough, like a few times a month, so that the audience would know that it was hers – the Barbara Walters of the group, you could say. The other women included a newlywed, a model-actress-mom in her 40s, a single, divorced woman in her 40s, and a woman in her early 60s.

    Would you believe, though, that even with her popularity with the MiniVan Majority, no one was interested. The show was rejected, repeatedly, while other similar shows, featuring other personalities, got picked up, like Tyra Banks’s FABLife. The reason? Too “upper class”.

    Interestingly enough, this happened before everything blew up. And now that it’s all blown up, and she has everyone’s sympathy, the show still isn’t getting any play…even though she could be an expert at talking about love and marriage right now. But is she willing to go there? It might change if she’s willing to talk about it. Would she talk about it? On camera? Probably not. Not for the sake of the children. But that doesn’t mean it’s not leverage – not only from a business perspective but when dealing with that idiot too.

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    1x01 - AKA Ladies Night (52m)

    1x02 - AKA Crush Syndrome (52m)

    1x03 - AKA It's Called Whiskey (54m)

    1x04 - AKA 99 Friends

    1x05 - AKA The Sandwich Saved Me (50m)

    1x06 - AKA You're a Winner (54m)

    1x07 - AKA Top Shelf Perverts

    1x08 - AKA WWJD?

    1x09 - AKA Sin Bin

    1x10 - AKA The Kumbaya Circle Jerk

    1x11 - AKA I've Got the Blues

    1x12 - AKA Jewel and the Power Man

    1x13 - AKA Smile

    SOURCE 123

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    Melanie Martinez of The Voice season 3 debuted her album "cry baby" last friday and today she had a signing at Rough Trade in NYC. I had the pleasure meeting with her.

    source: me and my camera

    *mods I dont understand besides the link to my blog on the rejected post, Melanie is well  known and I put the source which is just me being there, also I had the tags properly


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    sources: 1|2

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  • 08/19/15--08:55: ONTD Roundup
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  • 08/19/15--09:29: Trailer for "The Witch"

  • Description:

    • New England, 1630: William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life, homesteading on the edge of an impassible wilderness, with five children. When their newborn son mysteriously vanishes and their crops fail, the family begins to turn on one another. 'The Witch' is a chilling portrait of a family unraveling within their own fears and anxieties, leaving them prey for an inescapable evil.


    This looks so good, and apparently has great reviews! I wish it was coming out sooner though.

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    Little Mix is celebrating their 4th year anniversary and hosted a livestream. The following happened during an a capella performance of one of their new songs called "The End"


    #WeLoveYouPerrie #PreOrderGetWeirdOnItunes

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