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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Earlier today, Azealia Banks took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Iggy Azalea's new face. She tweeted "Igloo looks exactly like tiny now..... . I told you guys I was a witch." before immediately deleting it, but the internet never forgets. In a recent interview, Azealia Banks said that she was done with feuding.

    Source: Twitter

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    - ONTD fav Nick Jonas kept it classy at the 2015 Billboard Awards, performing his hit "Jealous" in a belly baring shiny silver jacket. [Can't embed Watch the video here!]

    Paraphrased from @NickJonas and @JustJared.
    Pictures from

    Slay Daddy! Can't hate his hustle. He's probably slept all of 6 hours this year.

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    • Jay Z wired money to Dream Hampton, an activist and writer, who worked on his memoir for posting bail to protestors at Ferguson and Baltimore.

    • Beyonce and Jay Z wrote a huge check to the Black Lives Matter organization.

    • She deleted her tweets because she didn't like the attention or the news stories that came from it. (lol)

    I think that's cool of them. I know a lot of people thought they were too silent about it, but they were actually helping out.

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    Watch in HQ!


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  • 05/17/15--19:48: Weekend Box Office

  • source: twitter, boxofficemojo, rottentomato

    ONTD what did you watch this week?

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    best vocals of the night except the end note of Mariahs.

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    And then there is the scene described in the production breakdown as “romance dies.” Sansa’s wedding night in episode 6.
    When I read that scene, I kinda loved it. I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching. It was all so messed up. It’s also so daunting for me to do it. I’ve been making [producer Bryan Cogman] feel so bad for writing that scene: “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!” But I secretly loved it.

    I think fans’ reactions will be pretty simiilar: “How can they do this to Sansa?”
    I completely agree with them! After Joffrey, she’s escaped him and you think she’s going to lose her virginity to a guy who’s really sweet and takes care of her and she’s thrown in with a guy who’s a whole lot worse. But I kind of like the fact she doesn’t really know what a psycho he is until that night. She has a sense, but she’s more scared of his father. And then that night everything gets so f–ked up.

    She seems to be differentiating actually filming the scene (the acting part) versus the scene itself. But imo, that's a fine line to tread.

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    source: HBO

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    duet of the night!

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    Source(Uploaded Myself)

    Queen slayed, praying for the haters.

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    A dramatic incident in the White House leaves the president shaken, while at a Q&A, Tom James (Hugh Laurie) speaks out and makes her day even worse. As Mike (Matt Walsh) tries to sell the press on Selina's Families First bill, Sue (Sufe Bradshaw) and Gary (Tony Hale) prepare for the president's White House dinner with old friends. Jonah and Richard inadvertently reveal a terrible secret, while Dan and Amy find themselves at a lobbying event for the concrete industry.


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    -Hilary and Lalaine exchanged numbers during their mini Lizzie McGuire reunion.
    -Lalaine on Hilary and her communicating again: “She texted me a couple times, and it’s such a trip to randomly see her name pop up on my phone now. It’s like, yeah, we may not have spoken for 14 years, but somehow it’s one of those things where it’s probably gonna just pick up where it left off.”
    -During the filming of Lizzie McGuire, Hilary and Lalaine lived across the street from each other and even shaved their legs for the first time together.
    -Lalaine on a Lizzie McGuire reunion: “I’m curious about it, but that’s all I can comment or answer.”


    ONTD, have you reconnected with any old friends lately?

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    -Selena Gomez's character Arsyn represents Katy Perry
    -Arsyn betrays Catastrophe (Taylor Swift)
    -Catastrophe assembles an Avengers-like army to defeat Arsyn
    -Article pretty much says that anyone who aligns themselves with Taylor is seen as being in the elite
    -Taylor is telling Katy not to fuck with her because her army of supporters is bigger



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    Annie's parents reveal she's actually Canadian and about to be deported so she taked her citizenship test and fails, so she gets married to Jake the next day.

    i liked this show, and i'm sad it ended. It wasn't 'Happy Endings' but it was something.


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    (It's a video)

    A fanshot from the Toronto set of Suicide Squad shows Harley Quinn and the Joker having a disagreement. The Joker is seen slapping Harley around while Harley kills a bystander who tries to interrupt their conversation.

    This pic looks like a flashback scene with Harley as Harleen Quinzel.

    The Joker's car in the flashback?:

    Suicide Squad filming with Will Smith (just walking):

    A pile of dummies on set. Caption: "Suicide Squad massacre?"

    Dan Amboyer is listed as a drone pilot for BvS. Fans are speculating if he will be Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)? He only has a few tv credits (including Hilary Duff's Younger) and his trivia section mentions that he does off-Broadway theater work.

    Previously, Arrow's showrunner Marc Guggenheim stated that "Basically, John Diggle is now a character in the comics…John Diggle is John Diggle. We’re not being coy and saying John Diggle is someone else, i.e. John Stewart. DC has other plans for that character."

    Will both Green Lanterns show up in the film/DCCU?

    Also, El Mayimbe said that Doomsday will show up in BvS. He also said the "Do you bleed" part of the trailer is part of a dream-sequence

    source: imdb, instagram, 2, twitter, comicbookmovie, 2, 3, batmannews, yt, screengozo

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