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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Videos: Day 2, Day 3

    Pictures: Instagram

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    Hattie McDaniel winning Best Supporting Actress

    - Hattie McDaniel was the first African-American to win an Academy Award (75 years ago).
    - McDaniel sat at a segregated table during the ceremony
    - Another 50 years for another African-American actress to win (Whoopi Goldberg for Ghost).

    Marlon Brando winning Best Actor

    - Marlon Brando sent Sacheen Littlefeather, a Native American civil rights activist, in his place because he was boycotting the Academy Awards.
    - John Wayne was backstage during her speech and had to be physically restrained.

    Joe Pesci winning Best Supporting Actor

    Award for shortest and most concise Oscar acceptance speech goes to Joe Pesci. “It was my privilege. Thank you.”


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    Zedd's singles are basic and predictable but i enjoy them anyway. Musical equivalent of romcoms tbqh.


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    Teddy blues

    Main characteristic - white guy with a guitar
    Occupation - singer, songwriter, producer, actor etc etc
    Age: 26

    Teddy debuted with 'Confidence' a bop about mustering very ounce of confidence you have and 'cannon ball into the water'. It entered the top 30, peaking at 29. He then later released 'These walls' which falled to chart whatsoever.

    Following this flopage, Teddy and his record company made a mutual decision to seperate. Teddy then went on the act in small roles in movies such as Love Monkey, The Rocker and Royal Pains.

    His most recent release has been independently released and is called The Last Fears. (GET IT ON ITUNES NOW!!!). It's lead single, Walking in the Sun is a soft rock bop about enduring love through the heat.

    He also has a song called 'Shake it Off', its lyrical more impressive imo

    Teddy has done some songwriting for big pop acts such as Zayn and the Directions. He co-wrote the song, Where do Broken Hearts go? on the group's latest album

    and also co-wrote Little Black Dress on their previous one.

    You can catch him performing in bars, also if you want a photo you have to pay.

    Source: wiki 123
                  youtube 12345

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    In an interview for Sunday Life's regular 'What I know About Men' section, the reality star talks about her long-time obsession she had in the 90's with the actor.

    'I thought he was so hot. He was gorgeous and had that bad-boy streak - especially when he was with Winona Rider and then Kate Moss.

    I loved looking at couples and wondering what it was that attracted them to each other.
    I didn't go for bad boys as a general rule and I never went for party boys but was certainly attracted to Johnny Depp physically.'

    However, the love is not returned as Johnny spoke about reality stars in an interview he did last April:

    "People get famous now for I-don't-know-what. People have reality shows because they're a Hollywood socialite, and these things become very successful and they generate a s**tload of money for the company.

    'And it's multiplying, to where you're literally looking into your next door neighbour's bathroom with reckless abandon.'


    Are you attracted to Johnny Depp, ONTD?

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    When asked about her preparation for the ceremonies and whether she'll drink to calm her nerves, Amazing Amy said: "The Oscar morning... Oh my gosh, well, the sort of getting ready starts at about breakfast time, doesn't it? I doubt it, no. No drinks until long after the ceremony's over!"

    read more @ source

    favorite drink, ontd?

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    Fashion icon, pop star, and movie star Rita Ora is the new triple threat Hollywood has been looking for. She's as hardworking as you are, and she definitely deserves to be on top. And being the cover star for InStyle UK's April 2015 issue, Rita Ora is sure to serve slayage.

    For a sneak peek for her cover interview, Rita Ora told InStyle UK that she won't take no for an answer. “I've been told "no" so many times in my career. It doesn't mean it's over… I can remember every single "no" I've been told in my life. They do not leave my brain. But they build you up.”

    pics & more @ source

    Do you take no for an answer, ONTD?

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    Wiz Khalifa threw a big party Saturday for his son’s birthday … but the rapper says his 2 year-old never showed because ex-wife Amber Rose denied the kid a good time out of spite.

    Wiz posted sad pics of the party with the caption, “only thing missing was Bash” — referring to their son Sebastian.

    Sources close to Wiz say Amber was supposed to bring Sebastian to the party and they would celebrate his birthday together … as parents.  Wiz says everyone was there and he’s heartbroken the boy couldn’t celebrate with civil parents.

    Khalifa put Amber on blast,  saying, “ive never voiced my true unhappiness out of fear of the person I was with and what she would do to make me more unhappy if anyone knew.”

    Wiz goes on to champion father’s rights, saying, “Standing up for all fathers who need, deserve, or can’t find help,” adding, “As a man, and a dad you’ll feel like, ‘I got this.’  But who got us?”  In other words, the system doesn’t protect fathers.

    For her part, Rose posted videos of their son before and after the party.

    She’s got way too many feuds going on.


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  • 02/22/15--11:28: Invader Zim comic is coming

  • Oni Press will be publishing an ongoing Invader Zim series from original creator Jhonen Vasquez.

    "I'm always confused when people say how much they miss Invader Zim because the show never stopped running in my head, and then I remember everyone else isn't in my head," Vasquez said in Oni's press release. "I try to imagine the world for all those people who don’t know what Zim's been up to since the show went off the air and it makes me shudder. How can people live that way? Hopefully this comic helps make the world a better place."

    The first issue is coming out in July.


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    Lee Hardcastle directed this claymation short of the Frozen cast acting out the blood-test scene from John Carpenter's The Thing.


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    Kesha posted a short video of herself & some pals on facebook singing the hit track Till the World Ends that she penned for Britney Spears

    can't embed watch clip here:

    New Leak of In the Zone reject

    The song is from the pov of a women who feels unapologetic about straying on her lover and perhaps feels justified in doing so because of her partner's actions. You can see why Jive her record label cut this track in favor of the more subdued and less confrontational Everytime on In The Zone.

    The original version of Guilty produced by Cutfather and Jonas Jeberg has yet to be released however this new version by producer Quentin Harris has leaked. The track was originally meant for inclusion in the In the Zone album and rumored to be Britney Spears' response to Justin Timberlake's Cry Me a River and general fuckboy-ness during his Justified album era where he played the victim and exploited his former relationship with Spears in order to gain media attention in launching his solo career.

    Marina Diamandis aka Marina and the Diamonds and self confessed Britney stan had her own Slave 4 u moment and posted the pic on twitter:

    kesha source / guilty song source / marina source

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    Leonardo DiCaprio organised a party for Rihanna's 27th birthday. It took place on Friday and it was full of celebrities.

    The above photo is from the WME pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles, that was also on Friday. There were no photos of Leo at Rih's party as he kept a very low-profile.

    'There were balloons that spelled out her name set up,' an insider told UsWeekly.

    Models Alicia Rountree and Angela Martini snapped a selfie with Russell Simmons and Mick Jagger

    Paris, Nicky Hilton and Beyonce were also there

    Rihanna and Richie from 1OAK (they are rumored to be dating)

    Below: Richie, Dave Chapelle, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna

    From Tommy Chiabra's Instagram:

    From Riri's Instagram:

    from her twitter:


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    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

    the hell did cara do to her hair

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    Shannara is a series of high fantasy novels written by Terry Brooks, who first published one in 1977 and is still writing them to this day. There are currently 29 books in the series, so it's understandable if you're too daunted to start reading. Fear not, as you will soon see them played out on the silver screen!

    The show is actually starting on the second book (presumably because the original is frequently suggested to be a LOTR ripoff), following the descendant of the original characters. The series is set in our world, but thousands of years after the destruction of our civilisation, so elves, dwarves and others have had time to come out of the woodwork. Science has basically been forgotten, and life has reverted to old ways and old magics. MTV acquired the rights a while back, and they're just about to start filming (if they haven't already?) so here's what actors are going to (hopefully) draw you in!

    ~Meet the Cast~

    Wil Ohmsford is played by Austin Butler and is a half-elf who finds out that he is the last of a bloodline that has some special magic. Wil sets off to find the druid who can guide him to his destiny, which obviously leads to all kinds of fun and adventure.
    Where you may have seen him before: The Carrie Diaries, Arrow

    Manu Bennett plays Allanon, the aforementioned druid. He's actually the world's last druid at this point, and is old as balls, kept alive by this cool thing called the druid sleep. He's Wil's guide and teacher, but is also described as a wise, perceptive and serious man who knows something important has begun. (He knows this because a special tree is dying.)
    Where you may have seen him before: Arrow, Spartacus, The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies

    Poppy Drayton plays Amberle Elessedil, who, as you can guess from her name, is an elven princess. She is one of the elves chosen to look after the tree that is now dying - the Ellcrys
    Where you may have seen her before: When Calls The Heart (I've literally heard of nothing she's done)

    Ivana Baquero is Eretria, the daughter of a Rover (they are basically travelling traders), who is skilled with knives "and seduction" - direct from her wiki page. She helps out the heroes at intermittent points in the book, so presumably will be similar in the tv show.
    Where you may have seen her before: Pan's Labyrinth, The New Daughter

    And finally, John Rhys-Davies plays Eventine Elessedil, the grandfather of Amberle and the elven king. He is the best loved king since Jerle Shannara, but in this time is aged and a little weary. He was a leader in the war effort in the previous book, helping to save the Sword of Shannara.
    Where you may have seen him before: Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, basically everything ever

    I was  hoping that someone else would make a post, but here I am. Mostly I want somewhere to discuss this! Hopefully MTV won't ruin it.


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  • 02/22/15--12:08: Black Sails 2x06 Promo

  • didn't think the writers would go there but they went hard


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    Kathy is not a fan of Cate Blanchett: "She will have to pay for that.”

    - The Daily Telegraph asked Kathy about the Fashion Police Oscar special.
    - Kathy on Cate: “Cate Blanchett is a Woody Allen apologist, so she will have to pay for that.”
    - Blanchett supports the Blue Jasmine director, who was accused of molesting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow.
    - Blanchett has also stood by agent Robyn Gardner, who is accused of ignoring the abuses of jailed child molester husband Robert Hughes.

    - Kathy on Nicole Kidman: “I love to watch her changing face, and I don’t mean her expressions. I mean, she will change her nose for a movie but then she will change her actual mouth. I love watching her facial features change. She is a fashionista, of course, but I do believe she makes men shorter. Have you noticed that Keith Urban has never been shorter, and she will make a joke about it’s her heels but there is something about marrying Nicole Kidman that makes you shorter."

    Full Article at the Source&Source 2

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    Beautiful lunch celebrating @ctilburymakeup on @netaporter 💄

    Lunching with these beauties for @netaporter @portermagazine and @ctillburymakeup ... Clearly the food had arrived while this photo was being taken 😜 #eyeingthecheeseplate

    Lady who lunches ... In this blue @becandbridge dress and these @manoloblahnikhq heels that Angel so generously did not destroy...

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

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    For the first time since it's inception 6 years ago, Alfre Woodard allowed a select group of journalits to her Annual Sistahs Soirée. The journalists were invited for a cocktail hour before the main event, a "stilettos-off" dinner party.One lucky bugger at THR got to attend the event, and got to speak to the ladies about why Alfre's party is so special and the challenges of being black in Hollywood.

    Alfre Woodard: Nobody has ever said, ‘I think we need to have more black women and brown women this year on TV and in feature films.’ Nobody has said that. We are here because we are brilliant at what we do and we are persistent and we don’t go away.

    Kerry Washington: “[This party] is about all of the things awards season is supposed to be about — celebrating excellence — but it also has a sense of immense sisterhood and sincerity and authenticity. You don’t always get that throughout the awards season — or even in life. This is a room full of nothing but love.”

    Rosario Dawson: We’re all done up, this looks like a normal, chichi event with top actors and blah blah blah, but the second all of you guys leave, the shoes are off and everyone gets super-intimate and we have those real conversations, it’s real talk. It’s invaluable. Last year was my first time and I’ve looked forward to this night all year. I will be here every year, hell or high water, because this is invaluable and so special."

    Angela Bassett: “We inspire each other. Every woman in this room is an inspiration and we look about and we gain inspiration. That’s what is really wonderful about it because it's an opportunity to come together, which so rarely happens throughout the year.

    Zoe Saldana:  "We will all have reasons that the world will be against us. We have to ignore those and focus on the ones that are for us."

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw:  Events like this are a reminder to support each other. That’s how things move forward."

    Carmen Ejogo: “We’re in this together and there are women here who get your journey and want to see the best for you. To know that there’s a space where you can say what you want and be heard and not be judged for it.

    Ava DuVernay: “They’ve never allowed a filmmaker in — this is the first year — so I feel very honored. All of these sisters are extremely special and important to the black cinematic image for the way black women are seen around the world. To be invited in and honored is very emotional for me."

    Viola Davis: “We’re not included in the narrative that lets us shine.You can't show your talent being the bus driver in two scenes. That’s what we’ve been relegated as. We very rarely drive the narrative; that’s the challenge. So, it’s very important to get it out. It’s important to be in a safe place and let it out and to share."

    full article and quotes at the source, 2

    FYI mods: The opening blurb is all mine and I've summarised the quotes.

    Zoe's reaction to seeing Angela Basett @ 0:34 is too cute.

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