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The era of A-list YouTube celebrities is over. Now, the people cancelling them are on top.


- In July, YouTuber D'Angelo Wallace went from 600,000 YouTube subscribers to over 1 million in one week.

- His channel's staggering growth is indicative of the renaissance that's happening in the "commentary" genre on the platform, where YouTubers discuss and critique other YouTubers and their drama.

- Now at 1.6 million subscribers, Wallace talked to Insider about his cocky attitude (and charm), his creative process, and the time an A-list YouTuber asked him to make a video about them.

Fangirling over your favorite YouTuber is out. Tearing them to pieces is in. And D'Angelo Wallace is very good at explaining why the YouTubers you used to love are actually not worth your time.

Some select quotes:

"Sometimes I find it hard to grasp how you can have millions and millions of subscribers but seemingly always be mad that people are talking about you online," Wallace, who has also had negative commentary videos made about him before, said.

"It becomes a game where you have to pick your battles. At the same time as Gabbie Hanna is criticizing these people, she's also absolutely legitimizing them, because now we know that she's watching. The commentary is literally making an impact, it's not just opinions anymore."


are you over youtube celebrities?

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