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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Orange Is the New Black's Dascha Polanco was exposed as an irresponsible pet owner who exchanges perfectly well behaved and sweet grown cats for cute new kittens. Apparently Netflix doesn't pay her enough money to buy a cat carrier or two b/c she crammed two fully grown cats into a small taped up box with some holes poked into the sides. She's garnered some legitimate criticism for this and has gone on a blocking spree on twitter. Even worse, she fucking quoted Maya Angelou on her instagram because she is a piece of shit:

    They may take your kindness for weakness , they will fight a battle without having ammunition. I am human, & love all parts of life. I walk with my head high and im nauseated by the ppl that bully and choose to express such hurtful words. So much progress to be done. #IEATBULLIES #TEAMDASCHA #ISMELLGOOD #phuckelectrons #ILUVMYFANS
    #hairflipbye 💁 ✌

    Really bitch?

    I hope someone shivs Daya next season so I don't have to watch her dead eyed acting anymore.


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    -He's joining Iranian actor Leila Hatami, director Abderrahmane Sissako, Cristian Mungiu and Bosnian writer/director Danis Tanovic.
    -According to Variety 'Doha Film Institute’s Qumra event dedicated to fostering first and second films from around the world for which 31 projects have now been picked.'

    Source: 01,02

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    Today was the worldwide premiere of Mana's new song 'Eres Mi Verdad.' The song is the first single of their upcoming album (even though it sounds like Bendita Tu Luz/Mariposa Traicionera/Cuando los Angeles Lloran/you name it). The song features Shakira, who has been long-time Mana fan, and it's already available on iTunes.

    The video will probably premiere in March and it was filmed in Barcelona, when Shakira was still pregnant.

    Mana will perform in the first US American Rock In Rio this summer.

    Source: Youtube

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    • A groggy Madonna is interviewed from bed after kicking people out from a late party.

    • Crew forgot to get Madonna down from harness (lol)

    • The #rebelheart is sorry she's not sorry for her ass.

    • Diplo has extreme ADD and needed to be disciplined.

    • On Tyson collab: "That dude has earned his place in the world. He’s made a mistake. He’s worked hard. He’s a legend. There’s no one like him. I wanted him on the record."


    • #LivingforLove is a healing song for broken hearts. <3

    • On Marriage: never say never

    • Seacrest interview at source

    Fave Madonna moment, ONTD?


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    Production is wrapping this week and the show will end this summer. It's the first show on ABC Family to hit 100 episodes - that milestone, which also serves as the midseason finale, airs March 18th.


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    Taylor Swift was so nervous about meeting the Queen of Pop Madonna she nearly passed out.

    -Madonna gave Taylor a compliment 2 weeks ago in an interview where she said she really enjoys Taylor's music and that Taylor knows how to write good pop songs.
    -Last night at the Grammys' red carpet Madge again complimented Taylor while doing an interview.
    -The interviewers later told Taylor that Madonna had said nice things about Taylor earlier and she started freaking out.
    "Stop! I will pass out. You can't — don't be lying!" she raved, a little breathless. "Oh my God. Oh my God! I've been so scared to meet her because it means so much to me. When she first said something nice about me in the press a couple of weeks ago, I was like, 'There's no way it's real, it's too good to be real!'"
    -The two met backstage & Taylor tweeted about it.

    Ariana has always been a Madonna stan but has actually never met madonna until last night. Someone captured the moment she met Madonna and she shared it on her Instagram.

    "Love is gonna lift me up!!!@madonna"

    Miley & Madonna shared a warm hug backstage

    Madonna posted this on ha snapchat

    Madonna & Jay Z chatting while she's having a drink

    Sources: 1/2/3/4

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    -Brody Jenner Sources connected to Bruce calls bs on reports Kris was blindsided. She has known for years.
    -Desire to transition surfaced years ago. Kris has done everything in her power to keep things private in order to protect brand
    -Has known since beginning of marriage that Bruce had issues with sexual identity
    -Upset that Kim jumped the gun & hinted about journey & took away Bruce's moment

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    She'll return in the episode airing March 10th, and she has amnesia when the team discovers her.

    And Brett at a con in Madison, Wisconsin this weekend

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

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    -Walking Dead got 15.6 total million viewers and 10.129 million among that sweet spot demographic of adults 18-49

    -Better Call Saul pulled in 6.9 million viewers and 4 million of those were that same 18-49 demographic. Deadwood was the past record holder back in 2004 with 3.7 million viewers.

    Don't forget to watch the second episode of Better Call Saul tonight

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  • 02/09/15--13:41: Celebrities love Sam Smith

  • Could it have to do with his sudden succes, or is Sam really just a nice guy? Either way, celebs like Rihanna, Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift seemed to enjoy his company at the Grammys.


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    With Cumberbatch

    With Ruffallo

    With Saxophone ?


    Happy 34th Birthday, Tom!

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    - turns out that woman wanted manson's corpse to display as a tourist attraction.
    - apparently manson believes that he won't die and thus the marriage is pointless.
    - his heart is broken too, i guess, but that's assuming he has one


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  • 02/10/15--10:29: Honest Trailers - Boyhood
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    When asked if he felt that he was under pressure from fans, Kit Harington responded "The only thing I get pissed off about is that, as far as George RR Martin goes, there's a lot of fan pressure on him – a lot of nasty, manipulative, quite vicious fan pressure that's aimed towards him, about his health, and about when he is producing the next book. I get quite angry about that."

    He added "It's unhealthy, and symptomatic of many problems we have at the moment, in terms of people sitting behind a screen and firing arrows, which I think is an ugly side of our society."


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    In a recent interview with LOVE Magazine, Kim reveals some rad and cool matters about her life
    Here are some highlights~

    1. Fav Sex Position:

    "From the back," she said, adding that there's no such thing as being "too big" when it comes to the size of one's manhood

    2. She pees herself

    "I always pee all over my Spanx, it's a disaster. They aren't crotchless enough!"

    3. She learned to drive at 14 years old by her father, Robert

    "Kourtney had just turned 16 and he told me: 'You never know if she and her friends are going to get drunk, so you have to go with her and hang out with her, and you always have my permission to drive them home if any of them are drinking.' ... So I became the official driver." "

    4. She's infatuated with gore.

    I am obsessed with murders and dead bodies."

    5. Dont ask her what she does for a living

    "When someone asks me, 'What do you do?' under my breath I want to say, 'Ask my fucking bank account what I do.' But I would never say that to someone's face."

    full interview @ source:

    fav sex position ONTD?  you ever pee yourself?
    what do you do for a living?

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    Giving his Video of The Year Award to Big Boi and UGK:

    Giving his AMA to Lil Wayne:

    More instances of respecting artistry at the first SOURCE: 1, 2, 3

    Have you ever won awards and then given them to more deserving people, ONTD?

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    • Ronnie and Dr. Stein will be separate.

    • As a fan of the show, he loves the dynamic between Barry and Caitlin, but not as Ronnie.

    • Ronnie and Caitlin will try to go back to normal, but it's hard because a year has passed and everything it's different and she's hunting and taking down metahumans now and he wants a quiter life after everything that happened to him.

    • He says there won't be a Barry/Caitlin/Ronnie love triangle... yet.

    • Ronnie isn't picking up just yet whatever is going on between Caitlin and Barry because the next couple of episodes pretty much focus on the origin story of Firestorm.

    • “You get a little bit of a sense that these guys could be good friends [Ronnie and Barry], even though there's definitely a little something for Caitlin from Barry.”

    • “In an upcoming episode, you get a very small taste of the future of Killer Frost. But like you said, it’s definitely a ways down the road. I know that Danielle is super excited about it. I know they’ve been talking to her about it. I think it’s a matter of time. I’m sure they’ll start to manifest it shortly, but you have to see the development there, otherwise you’ll feel like you’ve missed a step.”

    uno, dos, tres, cuatro

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