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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    It is no secret that Mr. Jenner has been having plastic surgery procedures for many years. Kardashian followers and consumers of celebrity news have been monitoring other changes for months: his sudden hot-pink manicure, his increasingly long and bouncy hair, his new makeup regimen, his altered physique that already includes, possibly, breasts.

    For some reason, the paper of record decided to join the tabloids and speculate on Bruce Jenner's sexuality. All the news that's fit to print, huh?


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    Steal My Girl
    Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    Midnight Memories
    Kiss You
    Ready To Run
    Better Than Words
    Don't Forget Where You Belong
    Little Things
    Night Changes
    One Thing
    What Makes You Beautiful
    Through The dark
    Girl Almighty
    Story Of My Life
    You & I
    Little White Lies
    Little Black Dress
    Best Song Ever


    Steal my girl


    Midnight Memories

    Kiss You

    Ready To Run



    Better Than Words


    Little Things

    Night Changes



    One Thing

    What Makes You Beautiful

    Source 1
    Source 2

    What are they doing with the setlist???? Mess. RIP ss, 18 and change your ticket. At least they all looked alive on stage last night. Idk if we'll be able to say the same in a month.

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    "I'm not a big comic book fan, but I know that I love to deconstruct heroes, deconstruct myths. I probably would want to do some kind of origin story, where you get to the core of it, before they get the powers. I don't know about Marvel, but I know I love to tell all kinds of stories, so I don't say no to anything; everything's possible."

    if only we were worthy, what movie would you want her to direct?

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    Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu picked up Best Feature Film for Birdman at the DGA Awards


    I never expected to be here tonight talking to you — never,” a deeply moved Inarritu said in his acceptance Saturday night. “I am openly humbled.”

    “I’m just so thankful, thankful, thankful, thankful,” he concluded.

    He won over Richard Linklater for “Boyhood,” Clint Eastwood for “American Sniper,” Morten Tydlum for “The Imitation Game” and Wes Anderson for “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”


    Homeland, “13 Hours in Islamabad”

    House of Cards, “Chapter 22″

    True Detective, “Who Goes There”

    Homeland, “From A to B and Back Again” — WINNER

    Game of Thrones, “The Children”


    LOUIS C.K.
    Louie, “Elevator: Part 6″

    Orange is the New Black, “Thirsty Bird”

    Silicon Valley, “Minimum Viable Product”

    Modern Family, “Vegas”

    Transparent, “Best New Girl” — WINNER


    ROB ASHFORD (Directed by)
    GLENN WEISS (Live Television Direction By)
    Peter Pan Live!

    Olive Kitteridge — WINNER


    The Normal Heart

    The Trip to Bountiful


    Real Time With Bill Maher, “#1226″

    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, “Episode #1″ — WINNER

    The Colbert Report, “#11040″

    Saturday Night Live, “Host Jim Carrey/Musical Guest Iggy Azalea”

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, “OpenCarrying to the Midterms”

    rest at the source

    Birdman comin for Boyhood YAASS

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    This is disgusting tbh. They're still going.

    Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.18.46 AM
    Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.18.53 AM
    Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.19.00 AM
    Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.19.05 AM
    Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 2.19.11 AM

    Sorry Mods! Tweets are now under a cut


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    - Jody Claman's daughter Mia is pregnant
    - The same Mia who was injured in a drive-by shooting last summer
    - The baby daddy is Mia's gang banger BF
    - The same gang banger BF who fled the scene and left Mia to die
    - Jody isn't happy about it
    - Mia DGAF
    - They'll probably sue Mary over it


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    Kim Jong-un's fave Dennis Rodman is in Australia for some reason, and so far he has been found to be frequenting convenience stores to buy condoms, Gatorade and Pepsi. No one buys Pepsi on purpose, so I'm going to assume it's some kind of requirement or he just couldn't see through his super cool sunglasses inside.

    What he didn't buy was two packets of Berocca at a cost of AU$15.95 each, because he made the convenience store clerk pay for those instead. That, apparently, is the cost of an opportunistic photo with him if you're not a North Korean dictator.

    So what we have learned from today is that if you require photographic proof that Dennis Rodman was in your vicinity, then please carry packets of vitamins or nuclear weaponry.

    This photo cost $31.90 and perhaps a little dignity.


    Source. I took out the boring bits.

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    Kim dared to stand next to queen Rihanna

    Kimmy decided to go with a Cleopatra-inspired look to the pre Grammy brunch. Along came hubby Kanye, who once again didn't look too excited to be there and who was dressed alot more casual than his partner.

    Jay-Z & Rihanna

    The Fast and Furious star, Tyrese Gibson

    Willow Smith, Beyonce, Jay-Z

    Jay-Z and Kanye being the life of the party

    Nicki Minaj looking... interesting.

    Demi Lovato


    Calvin Harris, his girlfriend and RocNation's host

    Kelly Rowland, her guest, Janelle Monae and Michael Bolton

    Jaden Smith and Janelle

    Natasha Bedingfield (yes, she still exists)

    Paris Hilton

    Lewis Hamilton and Nick Jonas


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    • Some fic writers (from are baffled by the success of Snowqueens Icedragon a.k.a. E.L. James. “The prose style, the dialogue — it was very juvenile. It was very simplistic,” said Karen (piewacket), a middle-aged fic writer who vividly remembers the days of James' fame.

    • Laurie, a 25 year-old literature graduate student, thinks fic writers should not pursue publication since she thinks “it's more about integrity than money.

    • Karen (piewacket) thinks that because the fanfiction area known to public is pornographic or sexual, regular people will perceive the fanfiction community as “women writing mommy porn.

    • A 22 year-old named Tom who writes LOTR fic thinks that 'Fifty Shades' is more of a masturbatory material than an actual, realized story of BDSM.

    full article @ SOURCE

    actual fanfic post this time. i need recs please. any male fic authors out here?

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    Madonna, Beyonce Asked for 2 Hours of Rehearsal Time Each

    *The majority of performers get 45 mins to rehearse and use the stage.
    *Madonna & Beyonce both asked, and received 2 hours each.
    *Katy Perry went a little over her 45 minutes time.

    New eyewear shot from her 2015 Versace campaign

    Candids of Madonna leaving a dance studio after rehearsal

    Sources: 1,2,3

    Finally the Grammys are tonight!

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  • 02/08/15--07:08: Black Sails 2x04 Promo

  • Source

    I am loving the Flint and Miranda flashbacks! I can't believe they made Ned Lowe such a flop villain. WTF! Now Vane controls the fort and has a ship again. Aaaand Eleanor can't resist Vane's dick. I love Flint's speech at the end of the episode. I hope he kills Vane this season. That douche needs to die.

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  • 02/08/15--07:36: BAFTA's pre dinner and party
  • Amy Adams

    Stephen Fry and Elliot Spencer

    Noel Clarke

    Luke Evans

    Patricia Arquette

    Benedict Cumberbatch

    J.K. Simmons

    Mark Ruffalo and wife Sunrise Coigney

    Dominic Cooper

    Felicity Jones

    Eddie Redmayne with wife Hannah Bagshawe

    Ellar Coltrane

    Keira Knightley and husband James Righton

    Ralph Fiennes

    Reese Witherspoon

    Nimrat Kaur

    Noomi Rapace

    Michael Keaton

    Edward Norton and wife Shauna Robertson

    Lea Seydoux

    Kristin Scott Thomas

    Damian Lewis

    Hayley Atwell

    Henry Cavill

    Danny Huston

    Cuba Gooding Junior

    Gwendoline Christie and bf Giles Deacon

    Alice Eve

    Emma Watson

    Tom Cruise and Cube Gooding Junior

    Amy Adams and Julianne Moore

    Gillian Anderson

    source | source | source

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    it's so cute that she think she slays and her albums are game changing when she's lucky if they go gold in five years <3

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    Check out very good site to keep updated on Girl Meets World news!

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    'Fifty Shades of Grey' NY Press Junket (February 7)

    Dakota Johnson exiting the Bowery Hotel in New York City on February, 07

    Jamie Dornan exiting The Bowery Hotel in New York City on February, 07

    'Fifty Shades Of Grey' BTS photo

    Dakota Johnson heading out for dinner in New York City on February, 07

    Director Sam Taylor-Johnson confirms reports about 'Fifty Shades of Grey' sequels and says that she will direct 'Fifty Shades Darker' but official announcement yet to come

    new interviews

    Sam Taylor-Johnson kinda addresses all those rumors about Jamie and Dakota hating each other in her interview with USA Today:
    "They do get along. They’re sweet together. I don’t know whether everyone expected them to have a Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson thing. Jamie is married with a small baby. Dakota is in a relationship. It’s a movie. It was work. They get along fine."

    source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source

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    An insider has exclusively told Us Magazine that organizers for tonight's Grammys are working "tirelessly" to make sure that Taylor Swift doesn't cross paths with Katy Perry or John Mayer.

    The source said, "The organizers are doing their best to make sure certain people sit as far away from each other as possible. They are also making sure that those who are feuding or dislike each other don't cross paths in rehearsals -- which makes for a very complicated rehearsal schedule over the weekend!"

    In addition to keeping Taylor apart from those two, organizers are also working on strategies to keep Rihanna away from Chris Brown.


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    HAIM sister/guitarist/lead vocalist and middle sister Danielle Haim was apparently involved in a car accident in California on Friday, 6 February. As a result, she has been forced to cancel appearances at several pre-Grammys parties, including the Opening Ceremony event she had been on her way to when the crash occured.

    Danielle's rep has stated that she is "fine" but it is still unclear whether or not she will be attending the Grammy Awards ceremony on Sunday.


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    • on the movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey': “I think it’s actually an incredible fairytale love story.”

    • on being comfortable with her own body: “What a monster I would be! I absolutely have shame and I do have guilt. I am a human. It’s true that I’m not ashamed of my body. I’m comfortable and I think more women should be more confident. I think nudity and sexual scenes in movies are beautiful when they’re tastefully done.

    • on her character Anastasia Steele: “This woman is incredibly smart. It’s almost as if she’s all-knowing and therefore she hasn’t given herself up emotionally or physically before. She’s waited for this person who she can spar with mentally and who can completely ignite something in her.”

    • on her lovelife: [My rescue dog Zeppelin is my] main man. I don’t have a lot of time for a relationship. I’m too busy pretending and then I go home and there’s no one. [I believe in perfect love] But sometimes I’m really cynical about it.”

    • She banned her parents [Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson] to watch the film.

    full interview + quotes @ SOURCE

    i loved her in Ben and Kate. hated Fox for cancelling it. rip.

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    For those of you that don't know, Getting Doug with High is a hilarious weekly podcast hosted by stoner comedian Doug Benson (of Super High Me fame) in which he is joined by a new celebrity guest each week at 4.20pm to get blazed together. The results are absolutely hilarious. Sometimes, the show can come across really awkward but when the right guest comes along it is ridiculously entertaining.

    Jenny Slate

    Jenny was Getting Doug's first ever guest, and she was iconic. The short video of her spacing out (see above) is literally hilarious, especially when she confesses the thoughts that kept her distracted were "why I overbuy at the farmers market." Jenny was the perfect first guest because she loves weed, and getting stoned takes her on tangents about some of her favorite things: Austin Powers and the soundtrack to My Best Friends Wedding. When asked "if you had to switch places with the lead character in one movie who/what would it be?" Jenny quite seriously replies "the t-rex from Jurrasic Park" or "Mary Poppins!!"

    Reggie Watts & Broad City

    Broad City is one of the funniest new shows on television so their episode of Getting Doug was bound to be fucking hilarious, couple them with comedian Reggie Watts and the result is amazing. Ilana is literally her character, she's constantly laughing and will literally talk in length about anything. Abbi is a little more quieter, but watching her and Ilana interact stoned is kind of cute because they seem as close as their on-screen counterparts.

    Sarah Silverman & Todd Glass

    I didn't evem know who Todd Glass was when I watched this episode but when I finished it I was straight up obsessed with him. The way Sarah and Todd bounce off of each other is comedic gold. Sarah is stoned after one pipe, whilst Todd is completely and utterly blazed; talking copious amounts of shit and then becoming paranoid that's he's talking too much. Lmao. Also, watching Sarah proclaim "bon appétit" as she takes her second hit from the pipe is v iconic.

    Adam, Blake & Anders from Workaholics

    I don't watch Workaholics because I can't deal with bootleg Jack Black but the three boys were pretty funny in this. Unlike other guests whom openly hold back, the guys willingly try anything. Blake takes a hit from two pipes at once whilst Adam tries out Doug's huge pipe. Also Anders is hot. So is Blake kind of. Negl Adam is in a weird way? Idk I question myself sometimes.

    Wendy Liebman & Ron Funches

    I do not know who either of these people are but they're both fucking hilarious. When Wendy pulls a bag of candy out of her bag, followed by a large home made pie I knew this would straight up be one of the best episodes of Getting Doug. Watching Ron and Wendy try and figure out the magic trick performed at the end of the episode is a highlight, as Wendy brainstorms aloud while Ron looks on giggling.


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