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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Tamora Pierce, author of some pretty famous YA fantasy novels, is doing the apology rounds on Tumblr. This is in reference to her messy and ignorant comments on black representation in Agent Carteras summarized by imnotasquirrel.

    from apology 3 on feb 6:

    I think where I erred was when I claimed to be “thinking.” [...] I apologize for pushing an error-filled non-version of history on people. I am deeply sorry that I did not use terms of respect for those who are not white correctly, something I should have gotten straight long before this. And lastly, beg your pardon for demanding that you respect opinions that I did not even bother to double-check, thereby disrespecting you. I claimed we were having a discussion, but I was only making declarations, for which I am very ashamed. These are all things I must work on, as are the issues I have expressed in my previous two apologies and elsewhere.  The only way I can begin to do that is to shut up, and start working.

    I apologize with all my heart for asking if people would prefer no representation to representation. It was an asshole thing to say. I also apologize, and will apologize again, for using a term black people find offensive, and using POC when the issue is the presence of black people. I gave offense to people who endure too many offenses as it is, and there is no excuse for that.

    apology 2 on feb 5:

    I apologize for my tone, my snark, my claim that of all the many varied people in all the many varied neighborhoods in New York City, those that I remembered seeing in “Agent Carter” would have no one who was not white. I had lost my temper, and it shows in this post. I should have kept silent until I could be polite, and not written anything until I checked my facts and my common sense.

    I apologize that my statement that Hitler was a human being caused people pain. I am deeply sorry that I used cartoon characters as comparisons, giving added, cruel offense. And as I said above, I had lost my temper, which means I was shamefully sharp. But I do not withdraw my central posit, that Hitler was a human being. Our media and our history books are often inclined to treat these people as marble figures, monsters, which leaves us feeling there is nothing we could have done to stop their rise. If we understand them as human, and try to find and change the forces that helped them to rise and made their monstrous ideas acceptable to entire populations, we can hopefully stop at least some future humans who have monstrous ideas.

    The next three paragraphs [regarding one of one of her previous posts]: I am so sorry for the level of sarcasm [in that post]. Writing today, after a day to cool off, I’m appalled. And I am deeply ashamed of that crack about me being a Name. I have always promised myself I would not be one of Those People, talking myself up, and yet here I am, talking through my asshole.

    Regarding my remarks about the forms of name that have been used for black people and Native Americans (my mention of “People of Color” was my screw-up): I also always told myself I would never do “when I was your age,” and yet I did it here. When I was asked to properly address form I delivered a lecture on how much more swell my experience was, to boot. For that, I am very sorry, and for ignoring the issue of speaking to people as they wish to be spoken to now.

    For all of these things, for the offense I have given black people and their allies in particular in one paragraph of my earlier post, my greatest apologies.

    • ''My fans mean everything to me, whether you believe that at this point or not. It breaks my heart to know any assholicness of mine hurt them; it shames me no end that my stupid words hurt any fan. I have spent a lot of books and stories trying to build worlds where they are accepted, whatever their sex, whatever their race, their color, their nationality, their faith. I am bitterly, bitterly ashamed, and I have no one to blame but myself'

    • she also talks about how she got unnecessarily defensive when she found out that people were rooting through past posts of her to prove to others 'what she was really like' [which is something tumblr people do, lbr]

    • and she talks about how wrong it was of her to try and look at things from the pov of the writers of the show and how that deafened her to what people were saying

    • etc etc it's pretty long


    bad formatting is mine. she did not put this in bullet points.

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    Jessica Simpson wants to record another album. After taking a break from her successful music career to focus on her children, she wants to give the world another album full of bops!

    A source close to Jessica Simpson said: "She's told friends she'd love to record another album. It's her New Year's resolution. The plan is to get the new album recorded this year and go on tour the following. Jess has missed performing so much. She's very excited."

    The singer really missed doing her first love so she's eager to get back to the recording studio. "Singing is why she got into the entertainment business and something she will never stop doing. She is excited to start recording songs that she wants to record. At this point in her career, she no longer has to worry about singing songs a record label or dad tells her to record. She can sing whatever makes her happy, and that is exactly what she intends to do."


    fave Jess song, ontd?

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  • 02/07/15--08:22: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!

    Arrow's David Ramsey talks about the possibility that John Diggle will become Green Lantern.
    He said: "John Diggle John Stewart? I cannot say 'yes,' and I cannot say, 'no.' I’m serious! I do know that there is serious discussion about whether or not this guy becomes John Stewart. But, I mean, I’ll say this: it is top secret. I’ve asked them and they’re like, 'we’re working on some stuff.' If that’s the case, it’s gonna be huge. This is the stuff they want to avoid. I think they don’t want anybody to know yet and they haven’t even told me. But they have told me that they are thinking about it and that they are considering it. But they’re not going to release anything yet. That’s exactly what they told me. Greg Berlanti told me that. Andrew [Kreisberg] and Marc [Guggenheim] have told me that. I haven’t spoken to Geoff Johns about it. But that’s the word from people directly involved in Arrow- that they’re working on something. Here’s the truth of it: if I knew, I would tell you I know the answer to that, but I’m not at liberty to tell you that. I would answer like that. I probably wouldn’t tell you anyway, but I would at least tell you that I know. I honestly do not know.”

    Do you think this might happen, ONTD?


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    favorite sex toy, ontd?

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    Source 1 and 2

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    'Gotham' Enlists Milo Ventimiglia for Recurring Arc

    It might not have Batman just yet, but Gotham is about to find itself home to a former hero — or, at least, a former member of the Heroes cast.

    Milo Ventimiglia has booked a recurring role on the Fox freshman drama. Ventimiglia will play Jason Lennon, aka “the Ogre,” beginning in episode 19 of the Fox hit’s freshman season.

    Handsome, wealthy and seductive, the Ogre is a serial killer who has been preying on the young women of Gotham for nearly a decade, luring them into his web and confronting them with a series of “tests” as he searches for his perfect mate. When the women fail to live up to his impossible standard, Lennon disposes of them quickly and viciously.

    His obsessions, combined with the determination of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) to bring him down, send both Gordon and Lennon — as well as those around them — on a course toward tragedy.


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    -Zoey Tur, a leader in LA transgender community, said they are not happy with how Bruce is announcing his transition.
    -She thinks Bruce is exploiting the announcement and is more interested in the money when he could set an example and save lives instead.
    -She said this isn't about selling TV shows anymore, it's a civil rights battle and questions how much more money does this family needs.


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    -She was at an award show with 400 women accepting an award, and told the feminists to stand up... only half the audience did
    -Mentions that women want to distance themselves from the term for a variety of reasons

    Quotes: "Women were very angry and did express a rage against a kind of machismo society. It had to be that way [back then]," Lennox said. "But in order for it to evolve, it must be inclusive of everyone. At the end of the day, if it's divisive, then we really need to do something about it. Because then everyone gets fractionalized, and then we fight against each other."

    "It's just inappropriate when your fan base starts at [age] seven, and you're synonomous with incredibly overt sexual moves, that are going into soft pornography, basically," Lennox said. "It's not appropriate. It's not down to me to point the finger, it really is about the parents. 'Wow, is this the kind of landscape that I want to bring my daughter up in? Does she need to be exposed to sexuality at this point?' And the truth of the matter is, when people are being extremely sexualized onstage, they're selling records, because sex sells. Simple as that."


    Okay ONTD I know this is a serious question but I chose that picture because I am just DYING for the Hozier/Annie Lennox performance tomorrow! I love them both so much, what could they be doing??

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    Have you ever been in an interracial relationship, ONTD?

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    Fifty Shades Of Grey NYC Screening - Brunch On February, 06

    Jamie and Dakota on Today Show (February 6)

    'Fifty Shades of Grey' author E.L. James spotted driving with an interesting numberplate

    "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Stills and BTS picture

    Cosmopolitan UK March 2015

    i wonder about dakota and jamie signing up for the 2nd one

    source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source

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    The much anticipated erotica movie 50 Shades of Grey is banned in Malaysia for 'Unnatural Sexual Content'

    • The Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LPF) denied a certificate to screen  Fifty Shades of Grey in their country, Variety reports, thus canceling the movie's Feb. 12 expected released date in Malaysia.

    • LPF chairman Abdul Halim referred to the erotic book-turned-movieas being "more pornography than a movie," adding that the film contains scenes that "are not of natural sexual content."

      "The content is more sadistic, featuring scenes of a woman being tied to a bed and whipped," Halim said, further explaining the board's decision.

    Source& direct quotes from source

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    10. Erik Karlsson (Ottawa Senators)
    Age: 24
    Position: Defense
    From: Landsbro, Sweden
    Height: 5'11
    Single? No
    he has a tumblr!

    9. Jonathan Toews (Chicago Blackhawks)
    Age: 26
    Position: Center
    From: Winnipeg, Canada
    Height: 6'2
    Single? No

    8. Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks)
    Position: Right Wing
    From: Buffalo, New York
    Height: 5'10
    Single? No

    7.Kris Letang (Pittsburgh Penguins)
    Age: 27
    Position: Defense
    From: Montreal, Canada
    Height: 6'0
    Single? No

    6. Joffrey Lupul (Toronto Maple Leafs)
    Age: 31
    Position: on top of me Left Wing
    From: Fort Saskakatchewan, Canada
    Height: 6'1
    Single? Yes

    5. Tyler Seguin (Dallas Stars)

    Age: 23
    Position: also on top of me Center
    From: Brampton, Canada
    Height: 6'1
    Single? Yes

    4. Henrik Zetterberg (Detroit Red Wings)
    Age: 34
    Position: Left Wing
    From: Njurunda, Sweden
    Height: 6'0
    Single? No

    3. Adam Henrique (New Jersey Devils)
    Age: 25
    Position: Center
    From: Brantford, Canda
    Height: 6'0
    Single? Yes

    2. Gabriel Landeskog (Colorado Avalanche)
    Age: 22
    Position: Left Wing
    From: Stockholm, Sweden
    Height: 6'1
    Single? No

    1. Henrik Lundqvist (New York Rangers)

    Age: 32
    Position: Goalie
    From: Are, Sweden
    Height: 6'1
    Single? No

    sources- me, tumblr

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    On February 6, music recording artists Meghan Trainor, Janelle Monae, Toni Braxton, Ciara, Kat Dhalia, and A Great Big World attended the LA Reid and Epic Grammy Celebration presented by Luc Belaire at Craig's Restaurant in West Hollywood, California. Meghan is nominated for 2 Grammys. Fifth Harmony were noticeably absent from the event, despite being signed to Epic Records.

    SOURCE: Getty Images

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    -The show will be more about family and will not be a dating type show
    -New York will also appear on Botched. She had a breast reduction and nose job
    -It will be filmed in LA


    are you excited for New York's return ontd? I can't wait!

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    Harry will celebrate his 21st birthday with Austrian model Nadine on February 1st.

    A source told The Sun: 'Everyone's teasing him, saying he's in love, and he's not denying it. It's the real deal. He's never felt this way about anyone before.

    'Harry has spent virtually all his free time in Los Angeles with Nadine. They're infatuated with each other and can't stand being apart. There's nobody else he'd rather be with on his birthday.'

    It's tru luv  guys

    The couple was spotted in Beverly Hills, dressed low-key and avoiding too much attention. They went to get some frozen yoghurt and then returned to their Range Rover.


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  • 02/07/15--11:11: Sleepy Hollow news

  • She says that : - it has been hard to write for her character.
                          - Katrina needs to be more than Ichabod's wife and the Headless' ex fiance
                          - she is team Katrina and is not here for Ichabbie
                          - it's hard to etablish Katrina, because of Abbie's huge fanbase

    Katrina escaped from modern day Sleepy Hollow.
    She and Ichabbie are transported back in time to the 18th century.
    Ichabod is back in the middle of the epic battle from the pilot.
    Abbie is assumed to be a runaway slave and is in a cell.
    Crane has no memories of Abbie or their mission as witnesses.
    Katrina is determined to kill Crane and saved her relationship with her unborn son.
    Ichabbie will ask help to Benjamin Franklin.

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