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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    "I love Iceland and I have waited a long time to return, but I shall leave the Harpa Concert Hall to their cannibalistic flesh-eating bloodlust."


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    Best song of her career + no raccoon eyes so far! 'Avril Lavigne' available on iTunes NOW!

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    Set in the near future in an LA under the control of outside intruders, Josh plays an FBI agent named Will Bowman, who is forced to help them stop the resistance movement while Sarah is his wife, Katie. Amanda Righetti also co-stars as Katie's sister and the mom of a diabetic who needs insulin. Ten episodes have been ordered.


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    Who the fuck styled Miles Teller in that cover?? He looks like Richard Roxburgh from Moulin Rouge????? Queen Sienna Miller slaying tho!!! Although this is v white.

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    - "'Go Set a Watchman,' a novel the Pulitzer Prize-winning author completed in the 1950s and put aside, will be released July 14. Rediscovered last fall, "Go Set a Watchman" is essentially a sequel to "To Kill a Mockingbird," although it was finished earlier."


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    After a weekend with the Selenators getting on my nerves because apparently if you're not 24/7 with your S.O., or if you don't tweet the person for a couple of days/interact with them on social media that means you aren't dating anymore, a couple of things happened yesterday and this morning, and I thought that I should update you about it.

    First, Anton posted a picture of Selena on his Instagram, using himself as an excuse for doing so because he's in the background of it talking to someone.

    My Twitter's timeline obviously exploded after that picture, but I won't complain much.

    Then, Diplo decided to tweet a picture to Selena last night, and she tweeted him back this morning.

    No idea what all this is supposed to mean. No idea if Diplo accidently confirmed that Selena and Anton are dating, even though her rep keeps saying that they're only working together, which is dumb as hell because at least her rep can say that they're friends because they are, but for now I will just sit back, enjoy the ride and wait for their collab song “I Want You to Know” to be release on February 22.

    UPDATE: This just happened!

    uno, dos, tres + my words

    ONTD, are you shipping Zeddlena? Is it as funny as I think it is that Selena and Diplo are tweeting, having in mind that he doesn't like Taylor? Or is Diplo Selena's Lorde?

    PS: Don't forget to buy Fifth Harmony's new album!

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    Russell Wilson cuts off that ridiculous mop on his head.

    ontd, who is still pissed about that play/call?


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    The other day some rando criticized Agent Carter for its lack of racial diversity. FAMOUS FANTASY WRITER TAMORA PIERCE was nhft, so she responded as follows:

    If you mean the cast is primarily white, it’s the 40s. Which is more offensive to you: black help and blacks in service, or no blacks? I would like to see more POC, yes, but that was the time, and I’m not sure I’d like to see more POC if they’re always going to be in service.

    So according to Tamora Pierce, black people didn't exist in the 1940s unless they were servants.

    Well, some people started giving Tamora shit for her opinions. Tamora was tired of being persecuted and she wrote an equally messy follow-up post where she said the following things:

    * Tamora's point is that she thinks the writers are trying to be accurate to history, which for Agent Carter would mean working-class black people (or, in Tamora's parlance, "blacks"). Why she thinks the writers need to hew to accurate racial demographics in a show set in a universe with superheroes and super-serum, I have no idea. But this is the person who thinks that Cassie Clare is a rollicking good read, so my take is that her judgment is suspect in all things.

    * She talks about humanizing Hitler.

    * Something about Quvenzhane's name, idek.

    * Tamora defends herself against people who criticized her racial terminology: "When someone who is actually a person of color tells me what they would like me to call them, I use that. My mentor very emphatically prefers “black.”" As though a lot of the people criticizing her weren't black themselves.... nope, Tamara apparently thinks that they were just white SJW. She also seems to be laboring under the delusion that people were upset with her use of "black" as opposed to "blacks."

    * We're all big meanies for coming after Tamora and it's all very reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials and Tamora has no time for our shit so she's flouncing elsewhere GOOD BYE.

    sources: 1 and 2

    Mods, please accept this follow-up post. ONTD should not have a blanket ban on Tumblr (assuming that that's the reason my previous post was deleted). This isn't some random nobody, Tamora Pierce is a well known fantasy writer. This is her official tumblr and her primary method of keeping in touch with fans. Her comments here aren't any different than celebrities who make asses of themselves over Twitter, and if the latter is allowed, then this should be too imo!

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    The cover of this year's Vanity Fair Hollywood issue features Isla Fisher, Elle Woods, and Mr. Potato Head.


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     photo PremiereWarnerBrosPicturesJupiterAscendingnRCVkFCrpIgx_zps464ba2c6.jpg

    Jupiter Ascending had its world premiere yesterday at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. The film's stars Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Sean Bean and Eddie Redmayne attended, as did other members of the cast and the film's co-director Lana Wachowski. The first reviews for the flick also broke around the same time, with the film receiving the mixed notices many had predicted:

    "Jupiter Ascending is everything you’d expect from the siblings’ first trip into orbit, a fun, inventive, visually stunning piece of space opera."
    Games Radar, James Edwards

    "While (for example) The Matrix set up a detailed and elaborate world that housed a crowd-pleasing beat-for-beat retelling of Joseph Campbell’s heroic journey, Jupiter Ascending often seems more concerned with the world-building than the storytelling. But wow, the world building is really something special."
    Forbes, Scott Mendelson

    "Jupiter Ascending might be a bad movie, but at least it's an entertaining load of old cobblers. This is a hot mess space opera from start to finish."
    DigitalSpy, Simon Reynolds

    Pic source/Review source: 1/2/3

    Consider my interest un-dampened! It sounds completely bonkers, but it's sort of bonkers I'll probably love.

     photo MilaKunisPremiereWarnerBrosPicturesJupitermzJPEg1Ca0ix_zps195e25f3.jpg
     photo PremiereWarnerBrosPicturesJupiterAscendingI39igVMM7EXx_zps45511786.jpg
     photo MilaKunisPremiereWarnerBrosPicturesJupiterCvhUKiNvVfEx_zps1f4f17d9.jpg
     photo MilaKunisPremiereWarnerBrosPicturesJupiter9-ZrK4B0WGQx_zps53c67886.jpg

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  • 02/03/15--10:23: New Daredevil Teaser

  • Source: YT

    Full trailer tomorrow.

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    • Based in 1971 and stars Billy Crudup as the psychologist Dr. Philip Zimbardo + Olivia Thirlby as psychologist/girlfriend

    • Michael Angarano, James Frecheville and Moises Arias are selected to be guards

    • Prisoners played by Ezra Miller, Tye Sheridan, Johnny Simmons, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Mann and Jack Kilmer

    • Pretty much starts to get in the territory ofThe Lord of the Flies - aggressor vs. oppressor and dehumanization of the prisoners

    • There is some great performances done by Billy, Ezra & James to accompany the great writing

    I experienced one of the most striking, spine-tingling shared cinema experiences I’ve had in my life when the movie crescendoed at a particularly grotesque peak and the audience recoiled; it felt purposefully orchestrated from the director. I was so wowed with witnessing and participating in this unnerving moment that I started to cackle with nervous laughter. It’s not Lars Von Trier-like in its challenging nature, but it's not humorless; there are dark laughs to be found among the more genuinely shocking scenes.

    The psychology behind the experiment is so sophisticated that it traumatizes both the characters on the screen and the viewer experiencing the film. One finds oneself taking sides as the drama grows chaotic. And I’m not sure what sickness this speaks to exactly, but I enjoyed every single frame… perhaps just a little too much. [A-]
    - Rodrigo Perez


    can't wait for this!
    also - really attracted to Ezra in that first picture ngl
    i am quenched

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    Katy Perry has been using her own kind of homophobia since the beginning of her career. After using a male singer (Lenny Kravitz) to sing the "I kissed a girl" portion at the Super Bowl, people have been questioning her motives. According to this article, Katy "gets away with an entitled, IDGAF-what-you-think brand of homophobia while also appointing herself a spokesperson for LGBTQ rights. It's like there's this pressure to laugh at her gay jokes because she insists she means well. If you take her homophobia too seriously, it's on you for being uptight."

    The song in question is about kissing a member of the same sex, but announcing  that "It don't mean I'm in love tonight" as if it were a sugarcoated, female version of "no homo," making a pop anthem out of the view that same-gender experimentation is cool and fine as long as you have a boyfriend who doesn't care, and as long as you don't have feelings for the other person. That would be so gay.


    ONTD, have you ever been straight washed by a basic white singer?

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  • 02/03/15--10:52: Fallon Round-up
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  • 02/03/15--10:53: Eye Candy 1x05 "IRL" promo

  • sources: 12

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    Honey, so much Vivica Fox and Nene shade!


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    In this new Miss Dior ad, Natalie Portman plays a runaway bride. Anton Corbijn, the ad's director told Vogue UK: “The story is about escaping, about getting away from all the things that tie you down in life. Natalie Portman was fantastic. She is real, she’s genuine. You can see it on the screen, and people relate to it. I think that this ‘truth’ is more important than beauty. Being a beautiful woman is not enough. She’s a real person, a good person, and her personality makes the difference.”


    I usually like these ads just because they're pretty but this one was especially dumb.

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    The reviews were gloriously brutal but this trailer is beautiful!

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