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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    - Novak seemed to struggle with an injury to his right hand as well as his ankle during the match, but pulled through in 4 sets.

    - Novak has broken the tie with Federer and Agassi to hold the record for most AO titles in the Open Era. Still behind Ken Roswall with 6 overall.

    - Novak has been in 5 AO finals and won them all.

    - Murray has been in 4 AO finals and lost them all.

    - This was Novak's 8 GS title overall.

    Source: 1, 2&3

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    'Fifty Shades of Grey' director Sam Taylor-Johnson has a new interview with The Guardian, in which she discusses her controversial masterpiece, her relationship with husband Aaron, and her career.

    on her marriage to husband Aaron Taylor-Johnson:“It was so amazing to fall crazily in love and get married and have kids. I didn’t really think about it. I was so not interested in my career. Being in an amazing relationship, having come out of a difficult one, it felt so good. And I feel like that stability has enabled me to get on with doing this momentous project. The great thing about Aaron is that he’s happy not working and being at home with the kids while I work. We’re actually fighting over it. He’s like, ‘No no, I like being an at-home dad, doing the cooking and the school runs.’ What happens next depends on what comes up, on whether Aaron decides to do another blockbuster or an independent movie. I don’t think I can afford to take six months off.”

    on her artistic approach for the movie:“I needed to find a story there that I could respond to. When I read it, I thought, ‘What’s at the heart of this is really a dark fairy story – this handsome, rich prince and this lowly girl. It could be really interesting if you do it that way, as a fantasy that you just go into. And then, of course, the sex side of it, which is what everybody talks about. But I thought, if we can take this girl on a journey, where we empower her and don’t leave her as a victim, that’s job done. I think it was Elisabeth Shue who said that if you start a movie with a woman seen through a man’s eyes, that woman is objectified by him throughout. So we deliberately don’t start that way. We start with Anastasia coming into his world and grappling with it – so she’s an autonomous person.”

    on the #feminist critique of her #art:“To be feminist doesn’t mean you can’t be submissive. It doesn’t mean you always have to be on top.”

    on the sex scenes:“The thing that was most difficult was how and where to pepper the sex, and to not make it feel like it was gratuitous. So it had to be a really strong part of the story, and I had to give characterisation to each sex scene, to make them different. I didn’t want it to be graphically explicit, and I know that’s going to be disappointing to some people. For me, that’s unerotic. The minute you sense penetration, it’s all over. It’s the buildup and the titillation of touch and sensuality.”

    full interview @ SOURCE

    i kinda agree with her response re: the sex scenes tbh

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    (According to Wikipedia...)

    The Casual Vacancy is an upcoming 2015 British miniseries based on the novel of the same title by J. K. Rowling. The screenplay is by Sarah Phelps and will be directed by Jonny Campbell. The series will premiere on 15 February 2015 in the United Kingdom.

    The miniseries will be a joint production of the British BBC and the American HBO.

    The plot centers on Pagford, a seemingly idyllic English village with a cobbled market square and ancient abbey. Behind its pretty façade, however, is a town at war: rich at war with the poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands and teachers at war with their students.


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    • Two 12-year-old girls got inside his house thanks to an open gate.

    • He chewed them out and took one of their phones.

    • Girls were able to get the phone back days later.


    ONTD, have you ever left an open gate and someone sneaked inside your house/apartment?

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  • 02/01/15--08:08: RHOBH is getting good, y'all

    • Kyle did an interview with E! about Poker Night

    • “Well, you could see all night that Brandi was in (Kim's) ear and trying to do this ‘No one cares about you, no one gets you except me.’ You know, feeding this into her ear and clearly trying to, you know, separate us.”

    • “I have no interest in having a friendship with Brandi whatsoever.”


    literallty the first 9 episodes of this season were boring af but shit has gotten so good since poker night lmao, i can't believe i actually like kyle now? brandi is such a pos and lisa rinna is a flawless addition to the show. eileen is great as well tbh but it feels like she's holding back. also lisa v remains flawless, i love how often she has to remind us that brandi sucks in her confessionals

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    -Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Judge, Heather DuBrow, Lizzie Rovsek and Shannon Beador will all be returning.

    -Jeana Keough will be back as a friend of Vicki. Producers wanted Vicki to have a friend on the show since she and Tamra still hate each other.

    -Heather was pissed about getting the villain edit last season. Producers got her to come back by casting her friend as one of the new wives, Meghan King Edmonds. She's the wife of a baseball hall of famer and older sister of Wilhemina Model RJ King.

    -Katie Chadwick Hamilton, also a baseball wife, is the other new wife.

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    THE DAILY MAIL is sharing photographs of "Dear Future Husband" singer Meghan Trainor leaving Sam Smith's LA show on Friday night. She was accompanied by her designated driver, Ryan Trainor, and they both looked like they enjoyed Sam Smith's high-energy and totally-not sleep-inducing show! She also stopped walking and took photos with adoring fans! Meghan was recently in London promoting the release of her smash-hit major label debut album "Title," which is set to debut at #1 there.

    full story and more pics at the source:THE DAILY MAIL

    did you go out this weekend?

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    Los Ricos También Lloran (1979)
    Los ricos también lloran (The rich ones also cry) is a popular telenovela produced in Mexico in 1979, starring Verónica Castro, Rogelio Guerra and Rocío Banquells. Castro also sang the theme song Aprendí a Llorar (I learned to cry), a song written by Lolita de la Colina. The telenovela was produced by Chilean Valentín Pimstein and Carlos Romero, it was directed by Rafael Banquells. The story was written by Inés Rodena and adapted by Valeria Philips.

    Cuna de Lobos (1986)
    Cuna de Lobos (Cradle of Wolves) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Téllez for Televisa in 1986. The serial, about the struggle for power within a wealthy Mexican dynasty, was enormously popular in its native Mexico. It was also a hit in several foreign countries, including the United States, Germany and Australia. Diana Bracho and Gonzalo Vega starred as protagonists, while María Rubio starred as main antagonist, interpreting the evil "Catalina Creel". Alejandro Camacho and Rebecca Jones starred as antagonists.

    Quinceañera (1987
    Quinceañera (Sweet 15), is a Mexican telenovela, produced by and broadcast on Televisa in 1987, starring Adela Noriega and Thalía. Quinceañera was the first telenovela to talk about substance abuse, date rape and gangs, and is considered to be the first telenovela made for teenagers. Quinceañera was named by the Associated Press as one of the 10 most influential telenovelas ever to air in Latin America, and Univision telenovelas viewers named it one of their all-time favorite Mexican telenovelas. In 2010, Quinceañera was placed #7 on the People en Español's "20 Best Telenovelas" list, and in 2012, Terra named it as one of the 50 best telenovelas of all-time.

    María la del Barrio (1995)
    María la del Barrio (Maria of the Slums/Humble Maria) is a Mexican telenovela. It was produced and broadcast on Televisa in 1995–1996. The series is a remake of Los Ricos También Lloran. María la del barrio is considered one of the world's most popular and successful shows ever, having been broadcast in over 180 countries. Thalía and Fernando Colunga starred as the protagonists. Itatí Cantoral starred as the main antagonist. Ludwika Paleta and Osvaldo Benavides starred as the young co-protagonists.

    Lazos de Amor (1995)
    Lazos de Amor (Ties of Love) is a Mexican telenovela which aired on Televisa in 1995, and starred actress and singer Lucero as triplets María Guadalupe, María Fernanda and María Paula Rivas Iturbe. Due to the telenovela's success, Televisa released a soundtrack, which included previously released songs by Lucero as well as three versions of the theme song of the series.

    uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco

    ONTD, which is your favorite Mexican telenovela? Mine is “La Usurpadora” because of Paola Bracho.

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    - Amy Jackson is a 23 year old white girl from Walton, Liverpool "with a girly Scouse accent more reminiscent of a cutesy five-year-old than a silver-screen sex siren".

    - She is also a superstar in Bollywoodrising actress in Tamil movie industry who "receives thousands of letters, most declaring undying love, many asking for her hand in marriage. She has a chauffeur, a make-up team and stylist, a cleaner, a cook and a personal assistant" and is hounded by thousands of adoring fans.
    - She had no acting experience until she was discovered by director A.L. Vijay after seeing a modelling picture she did after becoming Miss Teen World and thus she was cast in the Tamil movie, Madrasipattinam.

    - 'I'd never acted in my life,' she says. 'A. L. Vijay asked if I could dance and I just said yes. I didn't tell him the only dancing I had done was on nights out in Liverpool. He said he would arrange workshops and help me with the scripts and the language. He liked the fact that I was English but had an Indian look.'

    - According to this DM article, she has received "racist abuse" (RME) from people not happy with a white actress playing Indian roles.
    'Everyone has an opinion,' she says warily. 'For me, as an actress you are playing a character and to play that character you have to get into that mindset. I don't think it's any disrespect to any race. If people enjoy your movies that's the most important thing.'

    - She does not dub her lines but is learning Tamil so that she would be in sync.

    - She recently made 'I', a Tamil movie which is now a huge hit. She says the director wanted to make her look very Indian. 'Even my mannerisms had to change. I was very soft and gentle, and a typical south Indian lady. I wore brown contact lenses, which is crazy because all the big Bollywood stars wear green ones.'


    What pisses me off is that directors put her in brownface (darkens her skin) and she agrees to do so. This pic is from a Hindi movie of her's called Ekk Dewaana Tha:


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    Mark Cuban's AXS TV and Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Strahan hosted the DirecTV Super Saturday Night at Pendergast Family Farm on January 31, 2015, in Glendale, Arizona. Many celebrities attended the event with Kanye and Rihanna as special musical guests.

    Rihanna performed a series of her hits including "Rude Boy", "Umbrella", "Stay", "We Found Love" and then along with Kanye “All of the Lights”, “Run This Town” and a “Diamonds” remix. Kanye West also performed “Jesus Walks,” “Black Skinheads,” and his most recent song, “Only One.”

    All Of The Lights

    We Found Love


    Snippets of other performances

    More photos of them plus other guests (eg: Aaron Paul, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, Joe Jonas, Kim Kardashian..etc..) here


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    Felicity has been stuck in a sort of a love triangle these days. So who should she choose, Ray or Oliver? What exactly does Ray feel for her?

    "Obviously, there's a whole issue of people being concerned with Ray being stalker-ish and I've thought… a decent amount about it and the thing about it is, at the beginning, he just wants the best brain in the business. So he's not stalking her because he wants to be with her or for any weirdness that way. It's because he wants the best brain in the room to be a part of his company, which I guess could still be considered stalking, but is not the more scary kind of stalking, But, I think that's why it hits him and why he's shocked by it when the kiss happens, because it's all wrapped up in this appreciating her brain and her talent, that [he's] not really seeing his true feelings. And so now, he's having to figure out how that works for him because he has kind of bottled all that up since his [fiancee] died."

    On fans' reaction to his character:
    "It's all in fun. It's good that people are reacting. Whether it's good or bad towards Ray, it's positive [for the show] and we're creating some kind of commotion and feeling, which is positive. I've definitely gotten more positive than negative support."
    On Olicity fans thinking Oliver and Felicity are meant to be:
    "He's the man and it's his show and I can't blame 'em either," Brandon laughed.


    What do you think, ONTD. who should she end up with? Favorite Olicity/Raylicity moments?

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    Conan had Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski on earlier this week for an edition of Clueless Gamer. They were both completely adorable and Marshawn was funny as hell. Some Beast Mode highlights:

    - He claimed one of the characters had "Amber Rose" hair

    - He had to leave the room citing a weak stomach during a particularly graphic scene

    - He demonstrated his nut grabbing technique, and advised that you don't have to wait for a touchdown to grab your nuts


    Extra bonus Skittles press conference:

    Outtakes from Conan that I can't get to embed

    We're a bit overdue for a Super Bowl post today! What are you doing for the game ONTD?

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    Collecting A Parcel At A Post Office In West London On January, 24

    "The Ninth Life of Louis Drax" first still

    interview with ET Canada (interview took place around 1-1,5 months ago while he was filming 'Louis Drax')

    the video is 'mirrored'  so that's why jamie's nose looks....not right

    interview on the set of "The Ninth Life of Louis Drax" with Sarah Gadon

    new "Fifty Shades Of Grey" still

    The Sunday Times: Culture (February)

    i can't wait for the press tour to start, so i can see jamie's face everyday <3

    source | source | source | source | source | source | source | source

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    sources: 1234

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    • Britney Spears attended the Super Bowl 2015 at Phoenix, Arizona with her boyfriend Charlie Ebersol. And the 'Don't Let Me Be the Last To Know' songstress ran into Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler while watching the game! Tyler and Spears performed together at the iconic 2001 Super Bowl halftime show with N'Sync, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige!

    sources: 1 / 2 / 3

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    SOURCE 2

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    Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson - aka Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele - star on GLAMOUR UK's Fifty Shades of Grey cover, and we think you'll agree: they both look smokin' hot.


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    Feeling victimized by a patriarchal society, Rita Ora admitted to The Sunday Times that she dyed her hair at 14 because she wants to feel sexy. She admitted that she is struggling with confidence issues, and dyed her hair blonde to fit the "beauty standard".

    "I dyed my hair when I was 14 to make me feel sexy. But I'm a female, and females will never be comfortable in their own skin: I feel I've got a muffin top, that I can work on my butt. I try to stay healthy," she confessed.

    She also admitted that her posture suffered because she tried to hide her figure during ballet classes, and she's too self-conscious of her breasts. "Every Thursday, we had to wear tight clothing for ballet. You could see every bump and curve. And me and this other girl were the only ones who had breasts early on, and I'd try to cover them, hunching my shoulders. That is why my posture is still shit."

    Also, Rita Ora told them that she won't do a Taylor Swift, and she doesn't care enough about her past relationships to bother writing songs about it. She famously dated famed 'We Found Love' producer Calvin Harris, and reality tv star Rob Kardashian. "I don't think I care enough about them to write a song about them. I will be unleashed but I know my limits."

    SOURCE 1 / 2

    Are you comfortable in your own skin, ONTD? Will you write songs about your exes? Also, feel free to use this as a beauty post.

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