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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    On Racism and Exposure

    It's hard to relate to things you can't relate to. [I]f you don’t live around Black folks and you just watch tv, you’re going to be racist. I’d be racist! It’s a mathematical equation. The media and a fake ass history system that makes you believe that White people created any of this makes you think that Black people ain’t worth a damn. Of course, that’s the way the algorithm works.

    On White People's Insecurity

    Because when you’re privileged and you’re a fucking spoiled brat you complain about everything. [...] There are so many White folks here that are absolutely able to step forward and have the conversation without being fucking insecure about it.

    On Racism in Hollywood

    You know how many fucking jobs I have to turn down and how many people I have to fire because of the racist shit I get offered? And I’m as White as you can get being a Black person. I have a fucking struggle. You got to decide whether to wear a du-rag and rob some White person on a tv show or pay your mortgage and raise your family. And that’s no fucking joke.

    Other topics touched on:

    - Black people's societal contributions relative to population percentage
    - Disproportionate rates of incarceration, poverty
    - Housing discrimination
    - Guns, Germs and Steel and Exodus: Gods and Kings
    - White collar crime vs street crime

    No longer a teacher, still dedicated to educating. Bless.

    More at the SOURCE and VIDEO.

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    1. Nominees must be celebrity or fictional couples that are or were together in 2014, as in they started dating/hooking up this year, and it doesn't matter if they are or were just PR [obviously in the case of the celebrity couples], or if they just hooked-up once in real life or in the show/movie they're from.

    2. You nominate a couple by commenting with their names in the subject line and posting a photo/gif in the comment section as evidence.

    3. Only one nominee per comment.

    4. To vote for a couple already nominated, simply comment with a +1.

    5. Make sure you don’t nominate a couple that has been nominated already. Second nominations will be disqualified and deleted.

    6. If the couples didn't start dating/hooking up in 2014 the nomination doesn't count. This is a “the best of 2014” post after all. We don't care about couples that started dating 10 years ago, tbh.

    7. Nominating/Voting will be all day today until tomorrow at noon CST, and tomorrow and Sunday I will count the votes to post the results on Monday; I will post a top 10 of celebrity couples and one of fictional couples.

    Have fun, ONTDers!

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  • 12/26/14--16:00: FFAF: December 26

  • Have a wonderful weekend ONTD!

    (preparing for this....)

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.

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  • 12/26/14--18:24: Best News Bloopers of 2014

  • what are some of your favorite bloopers of 2014?


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    Penny Dreadful returns for a ten-episode second season in 2015.


    Are you excited? What do you want to see in season 2?

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    Remember how Dina Lohan had been filming for Millionaire Matchmaker? She must not have met her match, as she spent Christmas Eve tweeting Anthony Bourdain to let him know she had sole custody of all four of her children and asked Andy Cohen if he could help facilitate a meeting between her and the celebrity chef.

    No word yet from Anthony Bourdain, who is married to an MMA fighter, or Andy Cohen on if Dina's flirting was successful.

    sauced source

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    Ja Rule is out of hiding, y'all! Dave Chapelle doesn't have to ask "Where's Ja?!" anymore, when it comes to his opinions on Iggy Australia. The "What's Love" featured rapper recently spoke out about Iggy Azalea's undeserved success and questionable Grammy nominations. He told The BoomBox...

    "Music is very different these days," Ja Rule tells The Boombox. "I think she [Iggy Azalea] deserves it because she had the No. 1 record for like 10 weeks… And when you look at the landscape of what’s out there as far as female MC’s, it’s not a lot. It’s basically her and Nicki Minaj and nothing else."

    Ja took part in the Millions March, which took place during his show in Queens. He spoke about his former run-ins with the law and the fear for his son's life:

    "He [Jeffery, Jr.] told me the other day that he and Irv Gotti’s son were driving and got pulled over by the cops and that scared me a lot," the 'Put It on Me' creator reveals. "Because they are young black men and they don’t come from the same places that me and Irv come from, so they may not know how to deal with that type of situation… And the way the police are so gung ho these days, ready to shoot first and ask questions later, it scares me."

    The former rapper says that he tells his son on how to deal with the police.

    "I know a few officers that are friends of mine and they tell me certain procedures you should take when you get pulled over… So I teach them to my sons," he shares. "But what’s really f—ed up is that as black men we’re scared. If I am driving in my car and chillin' and I see police in my mirror, I still look around like, 'Oh s—! Am I speeding?' Just because I am black."

    Source: The Boombox. Summarized by moi.

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    Video source: here

    Favorite Madonna performance? Her "Hung Up" performance at the Grammys with Gorillaz was amazing!

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    According to E! Online, 'twerking' received 54% of the vote in their poll, winning against another finalist, which is 'selfie'.

    Both finalists have beaten these so many overrated things from 2014:

    - Google Glass
    - iPhone 6 Plus
    - The Booty
    - Cleavage
    - Cronuts
    - Avocado toast
    - Shuffling
    - Stiletto nails
    - Flash tattoos
    - Pastel hair
    - The Lob, aka a long bob
    - Soul Cycle
    - Gluten-free food
    - Inspiration quotes

    twitter / eonline

    Show us your twerk moves, ONTD.

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    Where in the world is Richard Simmons? That's what everyone is asking these days. The beloved television health instructor has been silent--he hasstopped attending charity events, has not been to his studio in Beverly Hills in months, and now even his gated home looks to have been abandoned. The home, normally decorated for the holidays, appears to be abandoned and friends are speculating that Richard has fallen into a deep depression and may be rendered immobile. Others fear Richard has died. What do you think?


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    "I guess it's because guys who rape a lot aren't cool," filmmaker Judd Apatow responded to a follower asking him why he had an "obsession" with trying to get Bill Cosby's remaining tourdates cancelled.

    Apatow is totally not afraid to put famous (alleged) sexual predators on blast! Last year he even bravely Tweeted Woody Allen:


    SOURCE: Twitter/Me

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    Do you agree with her, ONTD? Also, let the countdown begin...

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    i just wanted an opportunity to talk about how overrated and shitty frozen is. what is your fav disney, hennys of ontd? should we burn down the ew offices for putting great mouse detective, tarzan, hercules and stuart little on the worst list?

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    There's also an article from LBJ's assistant for domestic affairs here which cites actual recorded conversations between MLK and LBJ.

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    Pettifleur Berenger is Sri Linkan, I'm glad they cast a WOC for season two. Gamble Breaux is a gold digger.

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    Not that giving Christmas presents is a competition, but this year, my mom won.

    She was completely exhausted from all the other naps she had taken that day.

    My cats wish they had thumbs so bad. I see them staring at mine like all jealous.


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    Britney Spears spent the Holidays with her sons and new bf in Colorado

    Here's a vid of them on snowmobiles (can't embed)

    The couple has been reportedly dating for a couple of months.

    Britney Spears is ready to head back to her Las Vegas Piece of Me Vegas Residency

    Will there be any new unflattering costumes, wigs, and jazzy new hairflips set list changes? You'll just have to wait and see!
    She's back after a two month break to do four shows and then will go on another hiatus until the end of January.

    And finally...

    Music Video Director Joseph Kahn (still!) in his feelings about the Perfume music video getting cut

    As you'll recall Britney Spears filmed several gun scenes and other sequences that ended up being cut last minute and replaced with a pretty generic, watered down version of Kahn's original video treatment. The song bombed, fans were teased by Kahn about his supposed ~mind blowing~ version, a fan petition was made, Britney's team pretended like the original video never existed. Kahn still randomly tweets about the video and has said it's his best work and is disappointed it will never see the light of day.

    xmas pic sourcexmas pic sourcevideo sourcejoseph kahn source

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    Slate created a list of top stand-up specials of 2014 and Chelsea Peretti's Netflix Special, One of the Greats, was named #1! (Duh!)

    She was followed closely by Hannibal Buress, Bill Burr, and Jackie Kashian.

    Click the link in the tweet for the full list of comedians!



    Let's talk about comedy, ONTD.

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