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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Excuse to talk about the show. What's everyone's verdict?

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    -"I’ve taken this year to stand up for my value as a songwriter, as a business woman, and a content creator. I’m very well aware the music industry is changing, and it will continue to change. I’m open to that change and progress. I’m not open to the financial model that is currently in place."
    -"Because somewhere right now your future woman of the year is probably sitting in a piano lesson or in a girls choir. Today, right now, we need to take care of her."
    -got her superfan to present her the award lol
    -ingrid played clean and i died #cleanappreciationclub

    who wants to take bets on how many random celebrities we'll see at tswift's bd party??

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    Britney's Professional Hair Care line will be launched next week, December 18th (just in time for Christmas haaay). The items will initially be available in the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.




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  • 12/12/14--14:48: guess who my forehead met
  • a real life smurf!!

    source: hell (my job)

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    So this leak is affecting everyone. This time, the emails are revealing that MPAA (the Motion Picture Association of America) were planning on taking down Google. Universal, Sony, fox, Paramount, Warner Bros., and Disney. They're mad that people are pirating their films instead of being ridiculous box office prices or buying DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.

    They plan on blocking sites and contacting customers of major ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in order to minimize the effects of pirating. These emails reveal that their attack was planned as soon as SOPA failed. It's just another attack on the freedom of the Internet. Year after year, they keep trying to take put up barriers, and year after year, they keep failing. They keep trying to fight this battle the same way, instead of thinking outside of the box and offering alternatives to pirating.

    Now, this is where Google comes in. The MPAA is trying to take down Goliath, aptly titled Project Goliath. Goliath is presumed to be a stand-in for Google.

    There is a beautiful timeline on the site, and it goes more in depth as to what's going on.

    So basically, Andrew Garfield is fired. He pissed off the wrong people, and he got the boot. Pascal also made some comments with interest in having Spider-Man in Captain America, but she had a list of questions. All this may put the Sinister Six movie in jeopardy. They like the possibility of this merger helping the SS movie, but honestly, if they manage to come to an agreement and get Spider-Man into a Marvel movie, then it can only be good for everyone involved.

    "what is our fee and our back end.
    need script approval, casting approval of sm and aunt may and consultation of mays house in queens and any other spiderman locations we may need in future movies.
    also approval of new spiderman costume>
    how long is he is the movie?
    how closely does it follow the civil war story line?
    does the world find out who spiderman is? are there any other characters from the spiderman universe they are using?
    can we use one of the marvel characters in our future spiderman movies not produced by marvel.can we use cap to set up ss?
    can drew work with the russos to get this done? are we renting him out?"

    Credit to just444 for this Spider-Man news.

    Yet another reboot, but this time, it won't be an origins story. By this point, everyone and their ducking mother know how Peter Parker became Spider-Man.

    There are two angles. One, we will see his life as an adult. With grown up issues. Like taxes. Another angle may be the death of Spider-Man by Kraven. Not gonna go into depth with that because it's spoilerific, so you can do that search on your own.

    Credit to nalaa1906 for this Spider-Man news. Gotta set up a Kickstarter to give her 32 ducking k.


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    - A few months ago Elle Magazine partnered with virtual reality tech company Jaunt Inc.
    -Singer Jacquie Lee is Jaunt's first subject to be filmed in stereoscopic 3-D, in a fashion shoot setting, for a virtual reality experience.
    -5" and 6" Android phone users can use Google Cardboard's viewer to see 90 seconds of Jacquie Lee's fashion shoot, along with an impromptu performance of her single, Broken Ones, in immersive 360 degree cinematic 3-D.
    -The Jaunt Inc. app can be downloaded via Google Play HERE
    -Thus far, there's only a handful of artists/bands using this Non-gaming virtual reality technology. They include Coldplay, Jack White, and Paul McCartney.

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2
    SOURCE 3

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    Summary (non-spoilers):
    - The script for the new Bond movie has leaked, as have what the powers that be at Sony have to think about it. Sony's take: first two acts are good, third act sucks. Gawker's take: "Our read is that it's about as good as the last couple Bond movies, which is to say: Not very."
    - Sony execs are obsessed with trying to fit in some sort of "twist" into the third act, which is currently about suppressing a document?

    - Plot of the first two acts - Bond is facing forced retirement (yet again, jfc we know they're never actually going to fire Bond) as MI-6 is merging with MI-5, which is headed by Andrew Scott's character, and there are clashes over an intelligence sharing program called 9 Eyes. He gets a posthumous mission from Judi Dench-M (they just don't know how to quit her) and off he goes to fuck Monica Bellucci, who leads him to yet another group of shadowy assassins. He witnesses Mr. White from Casino Royale getting offed (do you remember who that is? I don't lol) and teams up with his daughter, Léa Seydoux to go off to Morocco and do more Bond-y things. Drax the Destroyer is a henchman.
    - Christoph Waltz is the main villain (because you never saw that one coming, guys) and his character is most likely a new version of Blofeld - the script never refers to him as that, only Oberhauser or Stockmann, but all of the internal communication at Sony has the execs referring to him as Blofeld, so that could have just been them trying to keep that fact on the low-down. You don't meet him until the third act.
    - Christoph Waltz is the head of Spectre (quelle surprise) and is also apparently Bond's older foster-brother? Bond + co. trick him into going back to London, where we learn that Andrew Scott was working for Christoph Waltz the whole time. Bond kills Christoph Waltz, end movie.

    other stuff:
    - Nobody is really sure what Christoph Waltz' motivations are supposed to be.
    - There are some really cringey one-liners (greatest hits incl. "I'm Mickey Mouse asshole, who are you?") as they're trying to go back to the more arch/ironic Bond style.
    - Christoph Waltz also has a problematique lesbian henchman, although apparently it's gotten toned down.
    - They've been messing around with this as recently as November

    Source article here + in the embedded tweet; summary by me lol

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    Olivia Munn said she and Aaron Rodgers don't have sex on game day or ever because she doesn't want to distract him from his amazing qb skillz. She did say that they sometimes have sex after the game if it isn't too late. She also dismissed reports that her influenced has helped with his triumphant year.

    More and video at the source

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  • 12/13/14--10:12: Perfume Genius - Fool

  • Source

    What have y'all been listening to lately?

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    - FX ordered a pilot for "Atlanta", a comedy starring Donald Glover aspiring to be a rap star
    - Glover will write the pilot and exec produce
    - “Not only is Donald a very gifted actor, he has achieved tremendous success and acclaim as the musical artist Childish Gambino. He, along with Paul Simms, has a very honest, sometimes serious, and funny perspective on life, the world of rap music and the city of Atlanta.”
    - the show will focus on two cousins, and Glover's character will pursue his music ambitions

    source: variety
    i was just about to say didnt he quit community to focus on his rap career lol 

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    • Fans were cheering for Iggy while she entered the NYC Jingle Ball

    • Iggy ignored them, so fans started booing

    • Iggy turned around and flipped everyone off


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    Hollywood Records has released the official remix bundle for the top10 hit "The Heart Wants What it Wants" on iTunes. Which one of the 8 hot remixes is your fave?

    OP's picks: Ultimix by Mark Roberts, Cosmic Dawn Remix Edit, Ruff Loaderz Radio Remix, DJ Kue Remix.


    Fave remixes?

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    Josh picked up Diane from LAX yesterday, she was returning from Europe where she had spent the last 2 and a half months, filming a movie in France. Though Diane was overseas, she still took the time to congratulate Joshua on his show The Affair, which was nominated at the 2015 Golden Globes. “So proud of my love !!!!!! Congratulations honey !! Can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow:) congrats to Ruth [Wilson] and Dominic [West]!#TheAffair#JoshuaJackson#,” Diane wrote on her Instagram.

    rephrased by me.

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    -One Direction come in at no1 with a nearly $300 million gross after performing for more than 3.4 million fans throughout 69 shows.
    -Justin Timberlake continues as a major touring force with his fifth concert tour grossing more than $200 million. And it's still not over with dates scheduled until January 2015!
    -Proving that rock bands still have what it takes to attract big crowds, The Rolling Stones, Eagles and ex-Beattle Paul McCartney all find themselves within the top10.
    -Katy Perry is the top female touring act for 2014 with her Prismatic Tour bringing in $108 million from 82 shows. It has to be noted that this is the first tour from Perry to cross the $100 million mark while she also beat touring powerhouses Beyonce, Lady Gaga. Elton John and Bruno Mars.
    -Beyonce comes in at no12 on her own with her extended Mrs.Carter World Tour and at no8 with her husband and touring partner Jay-Z in their On The Run Tour.
    -Miley Cyrus lands at a relatively lowly no17 with an almost 58 million dollar gross which is however lower than the last tours of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears and the current tours of Beyonce and Lady Gaga proving that she still has some time before she firmly positions herself in the music touring elite.
    -Lady Gaga, although still a big touring attraction, fared averagely this year grossing a little over $80 million with her ArtRave show. For comparison her last tour offering the Born This Way Ball, although cut-short, still grossed $181 million back in 2012.



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  • 12/13/14--11:37: Cougar Town wraps production

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