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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Sophie says her favorite scene to film for season 5 was "was super super traumatic and it was really horrible for everyone to be on set and watch".


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    Dec 6 in NYC:

    Asia FML bonus:

    There's no bigger smile than the one you have when you're in love.

    With Taylor Kinney in Washington DC Dec 7:


    Mods- *fingers crossed*

    Does your love life depress you or make you happy, ONTD?

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    In this Tokio Hotel TV Pumba TV episode, Tokio Hotel celebrates the birthday of Pumba with this totally adorable video set to their new single "Love Who Loves You Back".


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    When will your faves?

    Unarguably way ahead of its time. What are your favorite tracks from this musical masterpiece?


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    Which house do you belong to?
    Would you play Quidditch?

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    ONTD, there's only one way a sane person should react to that peice of shit Daniel dying tonight. He's been an absolute waste of space ever since he stood by his dad back in season 1. If you feel otherwise, please contact a therapist or go to church next Sunday....

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    ETA: I noticed I've offended a lot of people with that title, and I wanted to apologize. I myself have an uncommon name, and have been publicly mocked by classmates and teachers growing up, but failed to realize that it was a pretty fucked up thing to do. I've edited her name, and I hope y'all will forgive me

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    - Campus rape storyline and mansplaining on tonight's episode of The Newsroom
    - In other related news, the Rolling Stone completely effed over the UVA rape victim. Some conservative blog may have released her real name and home address :\ I'm fuming. People are taking "discrepancies in her story" to mean she fabricated the whole thing.


    Newsroom Writer Says She Was ‘Kicked Out of the Room’ Over Rape Subplot


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    (Montreal) Quebec comedian Sugar Sammy performed under police protection at Sherbrooke University Thursday night after a death threat was called in prior to his performance. Audience members had their bags checked at the door, and police escorted him out of town after the performance.
    Sugar Sammy is provocative in his performances, especially towards the language laws in Quebec. His latest advertising signs pushed a lot of buttons.
    In any advertising within the province, French must be dominant. He has deliberately tweaked the noses of the language police with his latest promo ads which featured him asking for a citation from the same language office, in English.
    A complaint was promptly filed by lawyer Francois Cote, who opined that in public, French is permissible, but the English language should be for "the private sphere".
    Sugar Sammy was born and raised in Quebec.

    tags attached

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    -Snake is fine!
    -But...mostly because SPOILER the guy wasn't eaten alive....
    -Twitter is now dragging this guy/Discovery/this show for misleading everybody


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  • 12/07/14--22:45: The Affair Episode 9 Promo
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    "clever soft cheese technology" aka it has so much grease you won't be able to swallow it but it will still be a great companion for those late night dick posts


    best most gross fastfood, ONTD?

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    Jessica Simpson posted a photo of herself sprawled out on some white carpet, posing - I guess - for whatever reason. She captioned it, "I love carpet." The mother of two recently went platinum (blonde, lolz) and from the looks of it has been reaping the benefits of a successful workout routine.


    Do you, uh, love carpet too, ONTD?

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    Veteran writer for DC's Suicide Squad John Ostrander has voiced his opinions about the anticipated movie, its casting, and how he feels about it being chosen to be produced.
    While he is satisfied with the great roster for the onscreen team, he believes he wants to see Bronze Tiger and Night Shade join them for a big adventure. And he'd love to see Marvel favorite therealstanlee for a cameo in the movie.

    Obviously, Will Smith is the headliner of a very impressive cast -- he'll be playing Deadshot, a major player from your classic run on the series. What are your thoughts on that choice to play Floyd Lawton?

    JO: I see it. I definitely see it. The thing you have to consider is that movies are different and separate entities from comics. They have different needs, and they have to find ways to get a lot of people into seats. To the general public, Deadshot as a character is not well known, so they wouldn't really notice any difference. Of course, the people doing the movies want to have the biggest star that they can, because that will help draw people into the movie. Understanding all of that, I have no problem with the casting.

    And don't forget, Gail Simone wrote a slightly different Floyd Lawton than I did. They've had Deadshot on "Arrow," and again, [that's] not at all the Deadshot that I wrote. That doesn't mean that it isn't valid for what they're doing. It isn't necessary that they follow my interpretation of the character. I do think that I have a very good take on Deadshot, but I've got to admit, any time casting is announced for anything, you get a certain percentage of the fans that are up in arms about it. "It's all wrong. It's never going to work." Going back, they said that about Michael Keaton when he was first cast as Batman, and they said it about Christian Bale, and they said it about Ben Affleck. Let's simmer down and see what it looks like, first.

    One bit of potential casting that I have to get your thoughts on is Oprah Winfrey as Amanda Waller -- what do you think?

    What's really interesting to me is that all three of the women that they were talking about, Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, were at the top of my list. Actually, I was just talking to my fiancé Mary Mitchell the other day, just before this was announced, and those were the three names that came to me off the top of my head. Oprah was actually at the top of my list! She showed in "The Color Purple" that she's a really good actor, and she's got the attitude for Waller. And they're all of the same general build, which I made for Waller. I like that, as well. I think Queen Latifah would be a good fit, too. She almost did Waller when she did "Chicago." She certainly has the attitude.

    These are all A-list, big name people. Again, this isn't a film just for the fans of the comic. They want as many people [as possible], and that means the general public, to go see this film. This kind of casting is capable of grabbing lots of people and putting them in seats. This is a very serious enterprise.

    read the interview here

    i want to see Angela Bassett to reprise her role as Waller from that flop Green Lantern film, tbh! but i'm happy with DC/WB and their casting choices so far.

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    In an attempt to reach out to the Philippines' growing young population, the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) released an offensive and messy infomercial trying to address the issue of teen pregnancy. The original video was deleted by the DOH staff but has since been reuploaded by a media website. It resorts to name calling and doesn't really inform teenagers about reproductive health and sex education. In addition, some Filipinos noticed the similarity of the "jingle" to a song by Korean pop group f(x).

    When In Manila
    SM Ent.

    favorite songs that copied other songs, ONTD? e.g. Born This Way etc

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    - "It would absolutely be a wonderful day of celebration if, within a few decades, we have another Moses and he's a North African or Middle Eastern actor — what a wonderful thing. [...]
    Ridley [Scott] is absolutely honest and blunt to a fault, and I think that people, rather than pointing fingers, should ask themselves, are they being supportive of North African and Middle Eastern filmmakers and actors? ... The change will come from independent filmmaking, but audiences have to be there. Because once that happens, financiers of bigger and bigger budget films will say, 'We can actually do business here.'"


    mess. this piece of shit.

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    Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.56.20 AM

    Detroit Lions' tight end Joseph Fauria tweeted out a cryptic message to Russell Wilson, QB of the Seattle Seahawks, early Monday morning before promptly deleting the tweet.

    Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.51.32 AM

    Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.52.02 AM

    Is Russell Wilson running around with Fauria's soon to be ex, Erika Hammond?

    Oh and Fauria did this after scoring his first touchdown of the season after being out most of the year with an ankle injury.



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