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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    By reinventing herself and reimagining our ideas about gender, performance, and presentation, she changed music, changed the way we think about sexuality and the iconography of pop. In doing it again and again, Madonna redefined the culture in her own image.


    Madonna interviewed by David Blane at the source

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    During an interview on 'The Truth About Us', Russell Crowe revealed that some random friend of his named Mickey Castellano - an on-set costume designer - was a drug dealer back in the 70s and used to sell coke to David Bowie. Crowe didn't believe Castellano till he and Castellano were backstage at a Bowie concert.

    "We're at this concert and we're backstage. And I'm like, 'Good to see you, David! Hey, can I just introduce you to a friend of mine? Apparently he knew you quite a long time ago? Bowie's face went white. Like white as a sheet, like a ghost. He's just standing there, and he goes, 'Michael!' And it's like, holy s***, what am I witnessing here? Bowie is shaking, he's like, 'Michael, I don't do drugs any more!' and Michael's like, 'David, David, neither do I! You know, I'm 15 years clean!'"


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    A pet trainer is accusing Justin's dad of throwing Justin's dog, Karma, off a balcony.


    Karma was living in Canada with JB's dad(Jeremy) but he needed training.

    Karma bit JB's little brother, Jaxon, which pissed Jeremy off.

    The trainer says that Jeremy grabbed the dog and threw him off the balcony into a snow bank. Jeremy told the trainer to keep the dog.

    The Trainer says that Justin and his dad have pretty much abandoned the dog.

    JB's dad is pissed that the trainer is telling ppl this storyso he's telling people that the trainer actually stole the dog + he's getting cops involved.

    Trainer says he's just concerned about the dogs welfare but he doesn't want to get in trouble with the law so if Jeremy wants the dog back he will return it.



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    Her third magazine cover this month, for Interview Russia.

    A pic from Dujour that wasn't posted.

    Angelina Jolie was involved in a small car crash after leaving a screening of Unbroken. According to Banned Source, her SUV skidded and slammed against the curb, and two tireds exploded. Jolie was then picked up by another driver in another car.


    As Jolie exited her car and was bombarded by photographers, a fan took this moment to take a selfie with the queen.

    source: globalgrind, 2

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    • Has met the real Jonathan Jones.

    • Surprise hug from Eddie Redmayne.

    • Wanted to be apart of Marvel for a while.

    • His mom sends him relevant articles because he doesn't read comments about him as Daredevil.

    Source: YT

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    Watch Paul Rosolie get "Eaten Alive" on the Discovery Channel this Sunday!


    How will he get out?

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    Chris Pratt and Anna Farris soaked up the sun in Hawaii for Thanksgiving and Anna's 38th Birthday!!! Some cute pics of the couple below.


    ONTD, would you try a threesome?

    Photos Courtesy Of Source

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    Lady Gaga leaving her apartment in New York City today

    December 1 - Leaving Her Apartment in NYC

    src / 2

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    i'm so excited!!


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    Taking to her Facebook page yesterday (Nov. 28), Mrs. Smith shared her 61-year-old mother’s bikini body during their Thanksgiving trip to Jamaica. And well, she looks amazing.

    “Willow took this shot of her grandmother, my mother, emerging from the ocean today. She is 61! I wanna be her when I grow up:) Happy Friday…,” she wrote.


    is this 61 year old grandmother in better shape than you??

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    The Backstreet Boys Documentary Movie "Show 'Em What You're Made Of" will be released on January 30, 2015 in theaters and VOD. This movie is a documentary about their 20+ year career and the making of their newest album "In A World Like This." The members take you to their home towns, show you old unseen footage, and much more.

    Here is the trailer that they showed on the BSB Cruise 2013.

    I've seen the first 20 minutes of the movie on the 2014 BSB Cruise and from what I've seen, it looks good.


    Nick Carter as Dorothy invites you in.

    gif is not mine

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    Who's ready for its amazing premiere, when will Phil Coulson ever?

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    Jimmy and Martin Short team up to compete with Jerry Seinfeld and Miranda Sings in a game of Pictionary.

    Miranda collabs with Jerry Seinfeld.

    Source: 1 | 2

    How do u feel about the clash of new media and old media, ontd?

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    Best Film: A Most Violent Year

    Best Director: Clint Eastwood – American Sniper

    Best Actor (TIE): Oscar Isaac – A Most Violent Year; Michael Keaton – Birdman

    Best Actress: Julianne Moore – Still Alice

    Best Supporting Actor: Edward Norton – Birdman

    Best Supporting Actress: Jessica Chastain – A Most Violent Year

    Best Original Screenplay: Phil Lord & Christopher Miller – The Lego Movie

    Best Adapted Screenplay: Paul Thomas Anderson – Inherent Vice

    Best Animated Feature: How to Train Your Dragon 2

    Breakthrough Performance: Jack O’Connell – Starred Up & Unbroken

    Best Directorial Debut: Gillian Robespierre – Obvious Child

    Best Foreign Language Film: Wild Tales

    Best Documentary: Life Itself

    William K. Everson Film History Award: Scott Eyman

    Best Ensemble: Fury

    Spotlight Award: Chris Rock for writing, directing, and starring in – Top Five

    NBR Freedom of Expression Award: Rosewater

    NBR Freedom of Expression Award: Selma

    Top Films
    American Sniper
    Gone Girl
    The Imitation Game
    Inherent Vice
    The Lego Movie

    Top 5 Foreign Language Films
    Force Majeure
    Gett: The Trial of Vivian Amsalem
    Two Days, One Night
    We Are the Best!

    Top 5 Documentaries
    Art and Craft
    Jodorowsky’s Dune
    Keep On Keepin’ On
    The Kill Team
    Last Days in Vietnam

    Top 10 Independent Films
    Blue Ruin
    A Most Wanted Man
    Mr. Turner
    Obvious Child
    The Skeleton Twins
    Stand Clear of the Closing Doors
    Starred Up
    Still Alice


    I am loving that this year all the debut film awards are going to different women.

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    Madonna Opens Up On Drug Use: "I've Tried Everything Once" and how Losing her mother at A Young Age Made Her "Obsessed With Death"

    On how some people do drugs to get closer to God:
    If you get high, you can do that, which is why a lot of people drop acid or do drugs, because they want to get closer to God.”

    But she also insists that drugs are dangerous:
    “There’s going to be a short circuit, and that’s the illusion of drugs, because they give you the illusion of getting closer to God, but ultimately they kill you,” she said. “They destroy you.”

    Reveals her own drug experiences:
    "I've tried everything once"
    "As soon as I was high, I spent my time drinking tons of water to get it out of my system. As soon as I was high, I was obsessed with flushing it out of me. I was like, ‘Okay, I’m done now.'”

    Madonna says she craves to escape from the noise in her life:
    “I feel like people are always talking to me, at me, asking things, questioning me, wanting information, work, music, loud noises, children—it’s endless,” she said. “So the idea of a whole day of silence sounds very seductive to me.”

    Madonna Describes Her Dead Mom:
    she treated the interviewer to a few lines from her favourite childhood song, a campfire classic called “I Know a Place"

    “My mother sang it to me when I was 4,” Madonna says. “My children know it too.”

    She described her French-Canadian mother — who died when Madonna was only 6 — as an angel who protects her.

    When they ask her if her mother is a driving force behind her empire:
    Madonna answered: “I’m sure that, to a certain extent, she is, but actually her lack of presence would be the driving force.”

    Madonna says losing her mother at such a young age made her “obsessed with death”:
    "I became very obsessed with death, and the idea that you never know when death will arrive. So one has to do as much as possible all the time to get the most out of life.”

    source: paraphrased by me. For Full article click here

    I know she's 56 but I don't think you ever get over the death of your mother. It always hurt.

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    Source: Youtube

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