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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Last night on "The Voice," contestant Chris Jamison performed his rendition of Nick Jonas' current hit, "Jealous." Decked out in a form-fitting suit, the crooner (who could pass for Channing Tatum's long-lost brother) served up some grown and sexy great vocals and a to-die-for falsetto, earning praise from all the coaches. Check out Chris' performance (as well as mentor Adam Levine bopping along from his chair) below.


    I love the original version, but lbr, Nick's strength isn't live vocals. Chris was so good, I threw my boxers at the TV screen when it was over.

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    Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.15.31 PM

    Watch at source

    Wed 9/8c

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    Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson finally sold their five-bedroom Beverly Hills home to JLaw for $7 million. At 5,500-square-feet, this is definitely a nice pad.

    To my knowledge, these are more pictures than had been previously been released.

    Take a look at some pictures from the new home below, it's a bit image heavy:


    Let's talk Real Estate! How would you design and what kind of home would you want? Would you be that crazy person on House Hunters who hates everything?

    Text Mine, Pictures From Source

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    "The product you’re seeing today is fast, fun, and incredibly simple. After you enter your debit card, it’s securely stored by Square, who will swiftly process your payment and send cash directly to your friend’s bank account. Just swipe into chat, type the dollar sign, an amount (e.g. $11.25), and hit the green button.

    We set out to make payments faster and more fun, but we also know that security is essential when you’re dealing with money. Square has a ton of experience in this area and our teams have been hard at work to make Snapcash a great experience for everyone. For now, Snapcash is available to Snapchatters in the United States who have a debit card and are 18 or older."

    What a time to be alive. ONTD, will you be swiping three fingers to make it rain anytime soon?

    $ource 1, 2

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    TMZ has reported that Kim Richards has moved her pit bull out of her home and might have sent Kingsley to a professional dog trainer. Kingsley had previously bitten Kim's niece after she was warned not to disturb the dog.

    “The events that led up to Kingsley biting Alexia resulted from the girls entering my bedroom after I already told them my room was off limits. Alexia has been away from college for months and hasn’t seen Kingsley in a long time. Kingsley is used to the home being full of children and since the kids have gone away, the house has become quiet. While the two have been very close and friendly in the past, the dog has become very protective of me in the meantime. When guests are over, Kinglsey stays in my bedroom and has been given access to a special fenced in area in my backyard. Anyone entering the house is made aware that the dog should not be bothered.”


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    TBS announced today they have renewed the animated series "American Dad" for a second 22 episode season. The series, which moved from Fox to TBS less than a month ago, has pulled in good ratings for the cable network, averaging 3.1 million viewers an episode. TBS also retains the rights to rerun the series previous 10 years worth of episodes as well.

    Turner exec Deborah Bradley says the network has been thrilled with the shows performance, and ordering a new season now will allow the creative team to take the show to new levels.

    Jonnie Davis, of 20th Century Fox adds, "We join the loyal fans of American Dad in hoping this is the first of many renewals because Seth, Brian and Matt have many more stories to tell."

    Sourcebut paraphrased by me

    What do you think of American Dad's current season on TBS, ONTD? Or just post your favorite Roger gifs.

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    Entertainment Weekly announced today that Stuart Townsend has signed on for a multi-episode guest arc for the CBS show. Townsend, whose other credits include Betrayal and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, will play Del, the boss of Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) who takes a part-time job as an insurance investigator hoping for a well of fascinating cases.

    “We’ll find out that the company has hired Joan a handful of times with small assignments, and she’s managed to catch their eye and they want her to join on a more permanent basis,”
    said EP Rob Doherty.

    In regards to how Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) would take this, Doherty said,“When we meet Stuart’s character, Sherlock is finding out about all of this for the first time and has to figure out to what degree this might change the dynamics of the partnership again.”

    So does this mean that Joan will have a new love interest? Currently she is dating Andrew (Raza Jaffrey).

    We shouldn’t rule the potential out, according to Doherty. He could only say: “He was Dorian Grey for crying out loud! I won’t say he’s not an interest.”

    More at the source

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    - Tyga booked an appearance at Greystone Manor in Hollywood - a 21 and older nightclub

    -  Wealth-backed entitlement made him think Kylie would just be able to stroll right in, but the club held up their no fetuses allowed rule

    - Tyga then decides not to show up because he's totally not dating her and is just protective of his underage friend and stuff

    Full Story at Source

    Boo you should get your priorities straight or you'll be the next musician licking Honey Nut Cheerio's boots for airtime.

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    in a move that seems inspired by lady gaga’s infamous social network, little monsters, marina diamandis has released her own social network on fahlo. what is fahlo? an app available for ios and android users, the developer indicates that it “gets you closer to the things and people you love.”

    fans can “let people know how they feel [about marina] with their own photos and emojis!” feeling chatty? “explore the hottest forum threads, start your own, & keep tabs on favorites.” best of all, fans can ”earn badges and move up in status for even more access & perks.”

    and what do marina’s frooty fans think? well, it’s a mixed bag. some draw unfavourable comparisons to gaga, katy perry, and not-a-bionic-promo-stunt iamamiwhoami. others are favourable, praising the app and asking marina to visit their south american country of choice.

    maybe lana could give marina travel advice in exchange for social networking help?

    source: marina & the diamonds facebook
    source: fahlo on ios app store
    article composed by jfk for ontd

    does marina really have the pull to start her own social network? too close to gaga for comfort? is her frooty era off to a rotten start?

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    "You have always been My Angel. And now you have your wings. We've been thru so much over the years. Thru the ups and downs we somehow managed to keep our promise. We never gave up on each other. Our plan to be together forever hasn't changed... it's just going to take a little longer now. And I'm going to hold onto this ring for you till we are together again. So don't worry mama, I'm not afraid. I know you will always be with me to give me your strength. You are The Love of My Life. My reason to be a better man. I Love You Always and Forever"
    source: 1

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    Eminem is preparing to release Slim Shady Records’s upcoming compilation LP ‘Shady XV’ and he unlocked new snippets on iTunes today where he spits some unfortunate bars, including a warning to Iggy Azalea. On the "Vegas" cut, which features Royce Da 5’9, Em spits…

    I'm making you sick, don't pretend you can't hear me
    You deaf, girl, I said you was foxy
    I'll tell a bitch like Bizarre
    Bitch, shut the fuck up and get in my car
    And suck my fucking dick while I take a shit
    And I think with my dick so come blow my mind
    And it tastes like humble pie
    So swallow my pride, your lucky just to follow my ride
    If I let you run alongside the Humvee
    Unless you're Nicki, grab you by the wrist, let's ski
    So what's it gon' be? Put that shit away Iggy
    You don't wanna blow that rape whistle on me

    I love it
    'Fore I get lost with the gettin' off"

    sources 12

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  • 11/19/14--11:24: Banshee Season 3: Trailer

  • src

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    Mary J. Blige recently told Stella Magazine:

    “All females for me, all guys for him. There’s none of that, ‘Oh, that’s my female friend. Oh, that’s my guy friend.’ No, not in a marriage, I’ve never seen that work.”

    Naya Rivera was guest co-hosting The View this week and agreed with Ms. Blige. She is married to Ryan Dorsey (pictured above). Her quote:

    “I think that’s amazing. I’m with Mary. I just got married and I’m pretty sure I told my husband that like two days ago.”

    When the audience agreed, she shot back with this:

    “I really didn’t think I would get support on that, thank you so much. It’s really not so much a rule as I understand it, because I feel like you’re playing with fire and opening up the floodgates here, and you’re having issues in your marriage, but someone is going to talk to the opposite sex to get advice or whatever and you should be talking to your partner. So I don’t believe in it.

    I feel like there’s a difference between having an issue with that when you’re married and when you’re just dating someone. I feel like when you’re married, if you’re now someone’s wife, I’m sorry, ladies, but you got to get back a little bit more. It’s different.”

    Do you agree?


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    Michael Green talks to The Playboy about Kings, Ian McShane, famous stairway scene and viral marketing.

    "Ultimately, I wrote that pilot, and that series, for the people who would reward it with repeat viewing. Lines like that are halogen lights for people who think about those things and will wash over those that don’t. That was a statement I felt like making. We didn’t catch any heat for it and I didn’t think we would. I thought if we were lucky that would become a conversation. Unfortunately, I think moderate Christian America, who is a vast viewership, just wasn’t aware of the show. I got too many people telling me they would’ve watched it had they known. I didn’t get lucky enough that people got mad at that line. [Laughs] But I thought, if Twitter existed at the time it might’ve been a conversation. There wasn’t a line, dash, or comma that wasn’t well-thought out in that show. It was my first show and nothing wasn’t considered, reconsidered, polished to a high rococo shine. That show was nothing if not rococo. It was stylized within an inch." said creator about King Silas' line “You cannot be what God made you.”

    read the rest.

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    According to US Weekly, Ariana Grande held hands and locked eyes with Big Sean during a taping of the 2014 A Very Grammy Christmas Concert at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Tuesday. She rocked a slinky red dress and matching heels and he was dressed too.

    The show will air on CBS on Friday, December 5. Ari's opening acts will include Pharrell Williams, Mary J. Blige, Tim McGraw, and Adam Levine.
    Read more at US Weekly

    ONTD, have you ever held hands with your bf during a romantic Grammy Christmas performance?

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