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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    2NE1, the most popular girl group in Asia was featured in a recent Microsoft ad in the US. As a result the song, "I am the Best" started to gain popularity and airplay in the US. But 2NE1 fans noticed that something was wrong when they heard it on the radio, the song was being censored for no reason!!!!

    This is the song in question

    The word that's being censored is "nae-ga" which means "I am". In a song called I am the best it is obviously a large part of the song but apparently the US radio stations thought the phrase was racist and therefore censored it.

    written by kaninasan

    read more at the source allkpop

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  • 11/07/14--19:41: It's a Britney post, bitch!
  • unnamed-6-598x340

    Everyone's favorite (?) day-time talkshow host, Wendy Williams, also talked about Britney's new man TV and film producer Charlie Ebersol in her Hot Topics segment yesterday. Starts @ 5:20

    And because this is an informative post, here are a couple pics of Britney's new man, found with a simple Google search (Kim Zolciak ha impact)


    Charlie also used to date tennis champion Maria Sharapova

    Britney tweeted about Charlie back in October 2nd btw


    Finally, new show dates have been announced for Piece of Me throughout 2015! They are:

    March 2015: Wednesday, March 4; Friday, March 6; Saturday, March 7
    April 2015: Wednesday, April 15; Friday, April 17; Saturday, April 18; Wednesday, April 22; Friday, April 24; Saturday, April 25; Wednesday, April 29
    May 2015: Friday, May 1; Saturday, May 2; Wednesday, May 6; Friday, May 8; Saturday, May 9; Wednesday, May 13; Friday, May 15; Saturday, May 16; Wednesday, May 20
    August 2015: Wednesday, August 5; Friday, August 7; Saturday, August 8; Wednesday, August 12; Friday, August 14; Saturday, August 15; Tuesday, August 18; Wednesday, August 19; Friday, August 21; Saturday, August 22; Wednesday, August 26; Friday, August 28; Saturday, August 29
    September 2015: Wednesday, September 2; Friday, September 4; Saturday, September 5; Wednesday, September 9

    Special pre-sales for "Britney: Piece of Me" will be held for American Express cardholders, starting Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 1 p.m. PT, and Total Rewards members, the loyalty program of Planet Hollywood's parent company Caesars Entertainment, starting Friday, Nov. 7 at 10 a.m. PT. Tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday, Nov. 8 at 10 a.m. PT.


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    The chefs must create an Italian menu to please 'Shameless' star Emmy Rossum, who throws them for a loop when they must make last minute adjustments to accommodate Emmy's gluten-free diet.

    Quickfire Challenge: The Cheftestants visit the bar where everybody knows your name, Cheers, where they must create a tasty bar snack for special guest judge George Wendt, the actor who played Norm on the hit TV show.

    Winner: Katsuji (who's lucky he won immunity this week)

    Double Elimination Challenge: The chefs must work in teams to write and create a three-course Italian menu. The team whose menu is ordered the most wins while everyone else is up for a double elimination! They are required do a pasta course. Emmy has been gluten-free for 15 years!

    Winners: Purple Team (Aaron, Katsuji, Gregory)

    Katsuji's Spring Pea and Goat Cheese With Pecorino, Green Chili and Mint (Gluten-Free):

    Please pack your knives and go: Rebecca (whose scallop dish reminded Richard Blais of "mediocre room service") and James (whose "shrimp cocktail with orange juice" needed more olive oil)


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    Promoting her new album, Aretha Franklin was asked to give her opinion on some of today's younger generation of stars and this is what she had to say:

    On Adele: "young singer, good singer"
    On Alicia Keys: "young performer, good writer/producer"
    On Taylor Swift: "great gowns, beautiful gowns"
    On Nicki Minaj: "Nicki Minaj.....I'm gonna pass on that!"

    Go the source for the video: (starts @ 3:53)

    Queen of Vocals and Shades!

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    Joshua was on Conan last Tuesday and he cleared up the story Diane told last year of their awful first date, where she almost slapped him for leaning in for a kiss.

    - He made reservations in a fancy italian restaurant.
    - She had an allergic reaction to the flowers and was coughing and sneezing the whole time.
    - He talked about himself for more than an hour.
    - After the awful date he took her back to her hotel and leaned in for a kiss which she rejected.
    - The day after he sent her flowers with a box of kleenex (awwww).
    - After that he had to wait 2 years before they started dating.
    - He said, however, that during that time he wasn't exactly living in a monastery aka he was banging hot ass.


    would you lean in for a kiss after an awful first date ONTD?

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    A24 and DirecTV have again teamed up to acquire all U.S. rights (distribution, marketing etc) for the movie adaptation of "Gone Girl" author, Gillian Flynn, and produced by Charlize Theron.

    The film features great acting with this stunning lineup of Chloe Grace Moretz, Nicholas Hoult, Christina Hendricks, Tye Sheridan and Corey Stoll. A24 and DirecTV have both acquired the rights on Atom Egoyan’s “Captive,” with Blake Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds, and Julius Avery’s directorial debut “Son of a Gun,” starring the "Moulin Rouge" star Ewan McGregor and newcomer Brenton Thwaites.


    Will this movie get the promo that Gone Girl did have, though?

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    Maury has always highlighted the strangest of the strange in relationship problems, specifically when it comes to establishing paternity. However, this latest one may rank in the show’s hall of strange.

    Drake responds...

    @champagnepapi: You are NOT di faaaaaaaaja


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    Nicki Minaj graced this month’s cover of Billboard. The interview provided several intriguing glimpses into her life during the lead-up to her Pinkprint album release.

    “You should always be competing,” she explained. “You should always be trying to show that you’re the best. My album is going to be important to hip-hop.”

    Nicki defends the aesthetic choices in her video for “Anaconda”:
    “I went overboard with the video to show that I’m not going to hide,” she added. “And those big-booty dancers I have, they’re not going to hide. Black girls should feel sexy, powerful and important, too.”

    The interview took a turn when Minaj responded to an “innocent question about Iggy Azalea” with a “withering, wordless stare.”

    Nicki didn’t comment on her rivalry~ with Iggy but Billboard reports that one of her staffers turned off an Iggy song when it came on in the studio.



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    We have our first look at Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon!

    Seethe, haters. SEEEEEEEEEEEEEETHE.


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    So ITV's Downton Abbey has unsurprisingly been renewed for a sixth season.

    ITV's Director of Drama said, "We don't know yet what Julian has planned, but we're looking forward to working with him, the fantastic cast and Carnival [Films] again and have no doubt series six will be unmissable".

    Matthew Goode has also joined the cast, reportedly as one of Mary's suitor's (get it, girl). He will make his first appearance in the Christmas special and then will be in at least six episodes of the new season.


    What would you like to see in season 6?

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    -Tom 'has a crush on his 22-year-old Mission: Impossible 5 assistant'
    -Her name is Emily and she has been working with him since August
    -In late September the 52-year-old was spotted with pretty crew member

    “He’s already asked Emily, 22, to go out to dinner with him, on a date, when they’re done shooting,” the source added. They’ve “never seen him crush on anyone so hard!”



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    According to the Mirror Online, the "Skinny Little Bitch" singer and "Promiscuous" hit maker started working together a few weeks ago in Miami. The pair are reportedly "really excited" about the results of their collaboration.


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    - This cycle, the remaining contestants were shipped off to Seoul, South Korea.
    - Adam and Shei are flirting/hooking up?
    - The special guest in this episode was the Kpop boy band BtoB. They taught the models how to do a choreographed dance.
    - The challenge was to reenact the aforementioned choreography in public.
    - Raelia won the dance/picture challenge. At her photo shoot, though, she was called too sexy for the brand they were shooting for.
    - Adam continues to binge drink, and it affects his photo shoot. Tyra calls him out on it later at judging.
    - Chantelle apparently messes with her hair and makeup during shoots, but lies about it at judging.
    - Yu Tsai called Chantelle his "panda," which upsets her. She has a talk with him about it in the next episode.
    - At judging, Keith won best photo (with Will second... they both got all 10's from the judges).
    - Keith continues to do that damn dance of his.
    - The judges tell Chantelle to loosen up.
    - Raelia had the lowest total score and was sent home; Chantelle had the second lowest score.

    Source: My TV and my screencaps

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    ICONIC fashion forward chanteuse and chaRIHtable queen Rihanna has announced that she will host her first Diamond Ball this December to promote the Clara Lionel Foundation, named after her grandparents, that devotes to education and the arts globally.

    The black-tie event will be held at The Vineyard, Beverly Hills, California. The histoRIHcal event will host 600 guests, with iconic celebrities and relevant personalities attending. The list of guests have not been released yet.


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    Michael Jackson's personal life and struggles have always been the subject of speculations and scrutiny from the tabloids. In these never before seen drawings of the King of Pop, they reveal secrets that we may have not known before, according to a Los Angeles "art therapist" who spoke to RadarOnline. The drawings were purchased by a Florida man who wants to sell them so he could open a treatment centre.

    “This could represent a self-portrait of the artist. The crosshatching done around the jaw, nose and mouth draws attention to these areas and could reveal high levels of anxiety. When compared to the line quality of most of the drawing the eyes appear much softer with faint lines this could indicate a lack of energy, depression, insecurity or a shyness seen by the artist,” Lauryn Hunter M.A., ATR, an art therapist practitioner in Los Angeles. “When emphasizing the mouth, as in this picture, it may possibly indicate an inability to communicate information, needs, wants or desires. The nose drawn as two shaded holes could indicate the artist has difficulty breathing or has respiratory problems.”

    “This image has three symbolic Jungian archetypes; the Anima, a feminine image; the Animus, a masculine image; and the child that represents the longing for innocence, rebirth and salvation,” Hunter notes. “Merging these three archetypes together in one body could possibly symbolize the artist’s process of individuation, where aspects of his personality can be integrated, providing unification with his conscious and unconscious self.”

    “This image appears to be two mirror images of a self-reflection. I suspect this could be a reflection of the man in the mirror who may still see himself as a child looking back at his own adult reflection,” said our expert. “In the field of art therapy the color yellow may represent hostility, dependency and infantile behavior. The color green could reveal a need for controlled behavior, cycles of renewal and over protectiveness. The color purple could indicate paranoia, persecution and quietness.”

    “Without asking the artist what or how he feels about clowns, I suspect his clown sketch may be as simple as representing the playful side of an entertainer performing for all ages, children and adults,” Hunter carefully notes. “The background provides a darkness with the color crimson red. In the field of art therapy the use of red could indicate an excessive emotion, anger or enthusiasm.”

    SEE MORE AT THE source


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    goes to...

    Misti & Douchebag Oompa Loompa.

    Tim & Te Jay came in last place.

    This was a Non-Elimination leg and Tim & Te Jay are still in the race!!

    Placements in Leg 7:

    1. Misti & Jim
    2. Kym & Alli
    3. Amy & Maya
    4. Brooke & Robbie
    5. Adam & Bethany
    6. Tim & Te Jay

    Average Standings after 7 legs:

    1. Kym & Alli: 2.86
    1. Misti & Jim: 2.86
    3. Adam & Bethany: 3.42
    4. Tim & Te Jay: 4.71
    5. Brooke & Robbie: 4.71
    6. Amy & Maya: 5.56

    7. Shelley & Nici: 6.33
    8. Keith & Whitney: 5.4
    9. Michael & Scott: 8.33
    10. Dennis & Isabelle: 8.5
    11. Lisa & Michelle: 11

    Source: TV

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    According to Paris Match, in order to promote her upcoming film Paddington, Nicole Kidman read the kids' tale to over 100 children and their parents at a Barnes & Nobles bookstore in Brentwood, Tennessee. She was also joined by Paddington Bear himself.


    For those interested, Nicole wore an Alexander McQueen dress.

    Paddington comes out November 28 (in the UK) & January 16 (US).

    photos and details from source

    ONTD, what are you favorite childhood books?

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