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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    i really hate saving this to my comp

    Ah, young love bathed in the blood of Christ.

    Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald last weekend and guess who was one of 2,000 guests at their wedding?? It was none other than the #1 fan of God and awkward Subway photo-ops Kirk Cameron!

    The disciple of Jesus Christ posted a pic of himself posing with the newlyweds with a rather long commentary (side eyeing you if you're surprised):

    Aren't they adorable? My daughters and I were invited to Jessa and Ben's wedding and we took this photo during the rehearsal dinner the night before. They were bursting with anticipation! We flew to the Duggar hometown, not only to be part of the fun and excitement of honoring this precious couple, but as a father, I want my daughters to see what it looks like when a couple reserves their "first kiss" for at the altar. Wow! This kind of moral excellence and purity is rare today, but our sons and daughters are priceless. This dad has only a few years to etch these meaningful images on the minds of his children. I wish I could tell you details of the wedding, but I am sworn to absolute secrecy by the Duggars! What I can say, is that it was beautiful, meaningful, and ... surprising! We were also invited to the Duggars house after for volleyball, campfire singing, and dessert till 1:30 am. We even got to worship together at church the next morning and Jim Bob and Michelle were excited to share with family and friends about Saving Christmas (! Be sure to watch the wedding episode of 19 and Counting on TLC!!

    Moral excellence and purity, indeed.


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    Satchel Sinatra went on NBC this evening to cover the historic election results which saw a massive defeat of the Democratic party. But you know what's really important? The Monet-faced host in a white t-shirt.

    Soak it up, ladies and gays of ONTD, because Twitter is GOING WILD for this child genius and Dollar Store Skarsgaard wearing what can be described as literally the most basic item of clothing since the burlap tunic.

    Source (Ronan Farrow's Twitter, he keeps re-posting them)

    Do you weep for democracy, ONTD?

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  • 11/04/14--21:42: Faking It 2x08 Promo
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    On Tuesday night, Azealia Banks' website and social media accounts all went dark, with the hashtag #BWET faintly visible against the newly visible black background. Before going dark, Azealia teased a "magic trick" on her Twitter page.

    SOURCES 123

    What do you think she'll be announcing?

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    For those not in the know, it's a sequel to this. The first is on Netflix and made by many of the same people who made Repo! The Genetic Opera.


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    Everyone's favorite overrated, douchebag filmmaker David O'Russell has a currently unreleased and not totally finished film titled Nailed... but you can't see it unless you're a not-so-lucky filmgoer in the UK.
    This comedic project stars Jessica Biel as a waitress living life in poverty who somehow gets a nail stuck in her head. She then decides to go to Washington DC and fight for her rights to medical care due to this bizarre incident, in which she then meets a Congressman played by Jake Gyllenhaal. These two will no doubt fight, bicker, and then have sex together in the film because Hollywood never puts two people that good looking in a movie without them simulating the swapping of bodily fluids at some point.

    Unfortunately, the movie was either so terrible to work on or O'Russell was such a prick on set (OR BOTH) that financing became a huge problem once the cameras were rolling. Being the upstanding beacon of directorial stability that he is, David O'Russell quit the film before a some majorly important scenes were shot. Quitters never win, David.

    Since the producers and the studio Arrow Films need to recoup money from this bomb any way they can, Producer Kia Jam hired someone edit this movie despite the footage being in shambles. The films title also has been changed to Politics of Love- but it will only be released in the UK and there are no current plans to release it in America. Why? This is probably because any attempts to sell the film domestically on O'Russell's name and dubious Oscar nominated pedigree would result in no invitation for him at Harvey Weinstein's Holiday Party.


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  • 11/05/14--17:20: ONTD Original
  • In Defense of Grease 2
    + fun facts you might not have known

    Trivia Time:

    Patricia Birch was the dance choreographer for the original Grease (1978). Publicity for this sequel stated that it was the first time a female choreographer had become a film director. This movie was her directorial debut, and her only theatrical film directing credit.  She only had 58 days to shoot and had to work with an unfinished script,  Which is why Frenchie disappears halfway through the movie.  The character was written out halfway through filming and Didi Conn was told she wasn't needed anymore (mess).

    Several scenes were cut from the film, including:
    -Frenchy trying to help Michael become a "cool rider"
    -Michael talking to Stephanie and comforting her after the talent show
    -Goose accidentally slamming a door into Rhonda's nose (kept the line tho omg she got a nose job!)
    -Davey helping Dolores stuff her bra at the luau so that she can be dating material for him (eww)
    -Michael and Stephanie fly off into the sunset on a motorcycle, similar to the ending of "Grease", where Danny and Sandy fly off into the sunset in a car.

    The original title was "Son of Grease" and John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John were asked to reprise their roles but nothing came of it after the first meeting.  The producers changed the title to "Grease 2" and Max Caulfield tried to change it back because he thought "Grease 2" sounded boring.

    Jeff Conaway was originally going to have a cameo as the Bowling Alley Manager. The idea was scrapped (boo).

    Originally planned to be the second installment in a franchise of four movies and a TV series. Once the movie flopped, plans for a franchise were thrown out.

    Like any good leads, Max Caulfield and Michelle Pfeiffer didn't like each other during filming.  Caulfield said they got along "infamously" and Michelle called him "self-adoring".  With that face tho, I don't blame him.

    Despite all those problems and more, it is still a masterpiece

    Here's why:
    1.  It's campy as hell
    tumblr_nb7ipqrpjZ1qd4xnro1_500 (1)tumblr_nb7ipqrpjZ1qd4xnro2_500
    and that's okay

    Tom Cruise auditioned for the role of Johnny Nogerelli.  He was too short.

    Johnny Nogerelli was originally intended to be the cousin of Danny Zuko from the first film. But Michael was Sandy's cousin, and the writers thought there were too many similarities.

    2. Michelle Pfeiffer is adorable as a Pink Lady

    strong and independent even with her eighties hair set in the sixties

    Michelle Pfeiffer's first starring role

    Deborah Harry was asked to play Stephanie Zinone.  She declined saying she was too old to play a high school student.  Kim Carnes was also offered but declined and Pat Benatar was considered at one point

    3.  The dancing is great

    like you don't do the hand thing listening to Cool Rider.  Don't lie.

    4. The Songs

    Cool Rider

    Who's That Guy

    fun fact: I cried when Michael sings his first line.  It was like clouds parted and angels sang to my 10 yr old self I was in love


    Let's do it for our Country

    "Do It For Our Country" is a duet between Sharon and Louis. Maureen Teefy couldn't make it to the recording session, so Peter Frechette had to sing the whole song himself, which is why Maureen's vocals aren't on the movie's soundtrack. Her voice was dubbed in later.

    5.  Feminism
    all the ladies know what they want and they get it
    Judy Garland's daughter in her first movie ladies and gents <3

    Stephanie Zinone doesn't put up with anyone's shit. and foreshadows the second wave of the American feminist movement when she dumps Johnny at the start of the picture, saying, "There's gotta be more to life than making out... I'm tired of being someone's chick."
    some serious shit yo



    Cher initially signed on to play Paulette Rebchuck, but backed out, complaining of a low salary and not having a finished script. Jennifer Beals signed on to play Sharon Cooper, but dropped out to play the lead character in Flashdance.

    and Max Caulfield's face
    ~oh Rexy you're so sexy~
    Reportedly, Maxwell Caulfield won the lead male role over Shaun Cassidy, Greg Evigan, Andy Gibb, and Rick Springfield.

    This is a great movie and people will deal
    what's your fave movie that other people think is awful, ONTD?

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    Keith won the first individual immunity challenge!

    Julie quit. No major loss.

    Source: TV/CBS

    Please use the LJ spoiler tags if you are going to discuss any future episode spoilers. People have requested that we please keep comment threads marked with spoilers so those who want to actively avoid spoilers can participate in discussion as well~

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    Previously on American Horror Story: Freak Show.....So like, right now for example. The Freaks are in America. But some people are all, "What about the two headed girls? That’s a bit much.” Well it's like when I had this garden party for the leader lady of the Freaks Elsa, right? I put R.S.V.P. 'cause it was a sit-down dinner. But some normal common folk type of people came that like did not R.S.V.P. I was like totally buggin'. I had to haul ass to the kitchen, redistribute the food, hide the chains and S&M gear and squish in extra place settings. But by the end of the day Elsa was like, the more the merrier. And so if the Freaks could just get to the stage, rearrange some things and let the lobster boy just stay out of the closet they could certainly party with the common folk. And in conclusion may I please remind you it does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty?!

    I'm drunk and I tried.

    In all seriousness though, Sarah Paulson discusses working on the new season, the challenges she's facing, things she keeps in the fridge, being a narcissist and who her favourite twin is.


    ~~~VIEWING POST~~~

    STREAM IT HERE (I'll add more if anyone posts them)

    Thanks fenchurchly

    Thanks..... lord lol

    Edit: THANKS peggybundy

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    I just.......goddamn.

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    K104 asked Kendrick Lamar to freestyle over the 'Shake It Off' instrumental.

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    Valeria Lukyanova, a woman famous for nothing but really wanting to look like Barbie, was attacked outside of her Ukranian home by two men on Halloween night. She confirmed to Daily Mail that she has been in recovery from her injuries when many suspected she was bandaged because of more cosmetic surgery.

    "I came back home from a shop with bags and entered the door code when two men rushed from the dark and attacked me," said Lukyanova. "They said nothing and did not try to rob me. It happened in a flash, they hit me on the head, several times on my jaw, then one of them began strangling me."

    Threats have been rolling in against Lukyanova since she told GQ about her really fucking strange opinions on degeneration.

    "Ethnicities are mixing now, so there's degeneration, and it didn't used to be like that. Remember how many beautiful women there were in the 1950s and 1960s, without any surgery? And now, thanks to degeneration, we have this."



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    Friend Zone: The Movie will be distributed in the US by Vertical Entertainment. The romantic comedy stars Chris Evans as "Me" and Michelle Monaghan as "Her" and follows Evans' character as he feigns friendship with a woman he knows to be engaged and attempts to bang her and get her to dump her fiance, "Stuffy," played by Ioan Gruffudd. The film also stars Anthony Mackie, Aubrey Plaza, Martin Starr, Eric Foreman, and a Wilson brother. Look for it in a theater near you in the first quarter of 2015.


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  • 11/05/14--18:29: Arrow 3x06 "Guilty" promo

  • holy crap the ending. also i LOVED this ep

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    Banned source is reporting that one of her (ex)backup singers Ahmad Javon Lane it's suing her for allegedly stealing one of the songs on her last project, specifically "XO" (he shared his song "XOXO" with her before). In the lawsuit, he says that the song ended up with Beyoncé and on her album without his permission or consent. He is reportedly seeking at least $3 million in the case, and you can hear and compare them here:


    I forgot to ask: are you a Beyoncé fan?

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    Basically they're saying that they decide to exclude Bran because he's caught up to his ADWD material, and they feel like adapting his TWOW material onscreen in season 5 would make him too ahead of other characters' which wouldn't sync well. They also think that showing Bran's training onscreen would be "not cinematic".

    Which is all BS because:

    -Sansa is also caught up to her AFFC material, but she's gonna be in the next season.

    -They've given Yara/Asha a scene in Seasons 3-4 even though she had no book material in ASOS.

    -They gave Theon/Ramsay scenes in Season 3-4 when they weren't in ASOS.

    The fact that they're cutting out a STARK  for the entire season is just ridiculous.


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    talks about body image & eating disorders and how there's no right or wrong body shape & that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.
    Also talks about her photoshoot & how she wants to be a role model for the younger generation. She wants to be honest
    with her fans & how people need to realize that
    celebrities are humans too and that they have flaws just like us. she believes
    everything happens for a reason and that she controls what she does and what decisions she has in terms of her carreer.

    talks about going to Europe to join on tour with Enrique Iglesias & how she's excited about going to different places
    also talks about her fans from all over the world and working on new music for 2015. she also talks about how her songs
    is basically what she stands for and if some bigger celeb wants to sing with her & it's not the type of message she stands for
    she'll turn down the song because she doesn't want to sell out.


    @ddlovato: Another sneak peek for you guys! I’m wearing what I want, when I want!! Thanks @Tampax Radiant – awesome photo shoot with an amazing team #BeRadiant #spon

    source 1 23

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    SOURCE 2

    All of the ontders who laughed when I suggested giving her a tag are going to be soon eating their words tbh!

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    ICYMI, actress/elusive chanteuse Leighton Meester released her well-received debut LP last week, without much fanfare, amid the chaos of a certain other album release. However, Meester did do some interviews with Elle Canada, Refinery29, TeenVogue, and MadeMan discussing her music comeback -- here are the highlights:

    On dealing with the pressures of public life:"Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but the ‘Hey, can I have a picture or an autograph?’ is not exciting to me at all. It’s almost weird at this point. The more comfortable I am with myself and happy with my real life, the more I realize that all that stuff isn’t really real. It’s really confusing. I know that people like me because they like the art that I do, and that’s amazing, but they don’t know me—they don’t know the bad things about me." [Elle Canada]

    She doesn't mind being corny: I think that [my lyrics] maybe [aren’t] as literal, but I like to think that I’m a little corny and I’m not ashamed of that. I’m not ashamed to talk about my heartstrings and my heart and my love and my feelings. [MadeMan]

    Being taken seriously as an actress-turned-singer:"No matter what, I can stand by the music and feel really good, and the people who have the same tastes as I do will like it. And people who have a different point of view, I won’t be able to necessarily change them. [...] That’s with anything. And it’s such a subjective medium, that’s not really what I’m trying to do. Out of a hundred people, maybe ninety will go, ‘This is actually surprising.’ And that’s kind of cool, you know. For better or worse, the bar is set kind of low. And I think this will raise it a little." [MadeMan]

    Acting vs. music:"I don't really have any control over where my acting goes. It really is the type of business nowadays where something good comes, and you have to take it. But as far as my music goes, I have a lot more control. So I can time it, and I can commit as much or as little as I want. Right now, I want to commit most of my time to that." [TeenVogue]

    Will she tour?"Yeah, definitely! At some point I’d like to. Right now, I’m trying to figure out what the right way of doing it is." [Refinery29]

    (c) Michael Dallatorre

    New featurette for LIFE PARTNERS, co-starring Gillian Jacobs, Gabourey Sidibe, Adam Brody. Out on VOD/iTunes Nov. 6 (tomorrow!!).

    Sources/full interviews: 1/2/3/4
    LIFE PARTNERS featurette

    OF MICE AND MEN is also playing in theatres tomorrow. Slay a bit. When will your CW faves?

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