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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 10/21/14--21:30: two new demi videos+pics

  •                                    talks about one direction around 1:24

    @ETCanada: @ddlovato takes a selfie for us before her show in Hamilton tonight.


    @ddlovato: #DevonneByDemi is coming soon!!!! Sign up for sneak peeks and special offers here:

    Demi Lovato provides an update on what she’s been up to as a mental health advocate.

    source 1234

    edit: mods, i added a few things because i realized that there's already a post about 1d!

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    ONTD Original: 5 Times J.Lo Proved To Be A Fraud

    Jennifer Lopez is an industry vet, accomplished singer, performer, fashion designer, girlfriend, actress(?), model, philantropist and so on. But as the saying goes, you might have to step on a couple of stilletos to get to the top.

    Let's review

    "Play" was a modest hit I guess, a cute little song written by Christina Milian
    Mess? The whole chorus is sung entirely by Milian
    Take a listen;

    JLO and Ja Rule have alot of chemistry, yes, it seems Ashanti & Ja Rule have more
    Mess? Ashanti sings the whole chorus on this remix
    Take a listen;

    Get Right was a big hit for Henny, tons of awards and chart accolades
    Mess? She took the instrumental right from King of R&B Usher
    Take a listen;

    Oooh, I'm Real is probably Jennifer's signature song, maybe because she says the N word, maybe not
    Mess? Ashanti is singing that chorus, not JLO
    Take a listen;

    Remember Bennifer? Yup they had a semi iconic video with Jenny From The Block
    Mess? JLo took the song from an unknown
    Take a listen;

    Waiting for tonight might be one of the most iconic gay songs ever and certainly helped Jen cement her place in music
    She stole it from another unknown groupe
    Take a listen;

    I know the puerto rican gays will have you believing she's Madonna rolled around in adobo but she's truly has more of a kleptonce track record with her singles
    Mess? Indeed

    Favorite JLo songs?

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    It's all Band of Brothers (superior lbr)


    6. Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers— We now know him from Homeland, of course, but he was also in the brilliant but short-lived Life (rip).
    7. Michael Cudlitz (Band of Brothers) — Cudlitz had been around for years before Band of Brothers, but the HBO mini-series was his first high-profile gig. We now know him from the brilliant Southland. (also guest starred on Life with Damien Lewis and was fucking creepy in a Criminal Minds episode)
    sup Skinny

    9. Kirk Acevedo (Band of Brothers) — He was Charlie in Fringe, plus he was in the short-lived but decent Prime Suspect and the likewise short-lived but not very good Black Donnellys. (Blue Bloods with Donnie Wahlberg too and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)
    let us not forget he was also in OZ

    12. Rick Gomez (Band of Brothers) — You’ll see this guy pop up in a lot of places (including six episodes of Justified), and my first thought is always: Why did they squish Sam Rockwell. You may also know him from Apparition, What About Brian?, or the short-lived Cupid reboot television series. (also the first Transformers movie which was a whaaaa? from me)

    14. Late Addition: James McAvoy (Band of Brothers) — I totally forgot that McAvoy was in one episode; he of course went on to be a superfamous Hollywood actor in movies like X-Men: First Class(with Fassbender who played Christensen) and Wanted


    It's my yearly BoB obsession time. I've been watching basically nothing but Band of Brothers for like, two weeks.  This cast is so great and I love that they still love each other and seem to still support each other.  Always showing up together in the same shows or movies.  I wish the Pacific cast was so obviously close.
    tumblr_mids98wpum1s631g0o1_500 (1)
    sidenote: The Last Patrol aired 13 years ago today yesterday

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    The Ray Rice scandal.

    The NBC cop drama has hired The Walking Dead's Chad Coleman and Think Like A Man's Meagan Goode to guest star in an episode called "Spousal Privileges", which will air November 19.

    Coleman will play an ex sports star/current reporter who is accused of assaulting his girlfriend (Goode). Photographic evidence of the abuse doesn't keep the case from becoming complicated for the SVU when the couple tries to keep the charges hidden.

    "Domestic violence, with a push from Mariska Hargitay's NO MORE campaign, has recently sparked a long-needed national dialogue," SVU showrunner Warren Leight said in a statement. "'Spousal Privilege' explores the personal and legal complexities of this intractable problem. We are thrilled that Chad and Meagan are joining us to take on this challenging episode."


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    Up-and-coming pop/hip hop heartthrob Jake Miller has released a new track from his upcoming EP Lion Heart. Produced by The Fliptones, "Ghost" features vocals by Nikki Flores and is one of four new tracks that fans will hear when Lion Heart drops on iTunes November 4.

    1. First Flight Home
    2. Party in the Penthouse
    3. Ghost (feat. Nikki Flores)
    4. Dazed and Confused (feat. Travie McCoy)
    5. Lion Heart

    sources: 1, 2, 3

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    Watch out for the wolf in custodian’s clothing!

    Miley Cyrus superfan Anthony Skinner claims to have sneaked backstage after her Bangerz show Friday at Sydney’s Allphones Arena while he was disguised as a cleaner. The 23-year-old club promoter even Instagrammed a selfie wearing the neon yellow safety vest he purportedly wore to get past security undetected.

    Skinner tells BBC’s Newsbeat he was in the arena’s parking lot when he noticed a cleaner’s storeroom door was open. “I looked around and on the floor there’s a pair of boots, and on the couch there’s this hi-vis vest,” he said.

    “My mindset was ‘See how far you can take this’,” he said. “It wasn’t planned at all. Everything just fell into place so perfectly.”

    Skinner put his belongings into “a wheelie bin,” which he then pushed back down the ramp in the loading bay and past a security team he claims “didn’t even look at me.”

    “I had that realisation that I was in,” he said. “I just thought ‘Play this cool, play this cool.'”

    Skinner tells BBC’s Newsbeat he saw “50 to 100″ staff members taking apart Cyrus’ Bangerz set before he headed to the green room. “There was music blaring from there,” he said.“I could hear it down the end of the hallway.”

    So what’d he do from there? “I just started emptying bins, sweeping up the floor and stuff,” says the fan. “I’m cleaning up for about 40 minutes to an hour. Not pretending to clean up, actually cleaning.”

    Finally, Skinner says a security guard told him to stand in a doorway as they “surrounded” Cyrus so she could leave the venue safely.“My whole brain just emptied. I saw her and froze. All I could get out was ‘Hey’. She looked at me, smiled and just kept walking.”

    Earlier on, Skinner says he gave“pretty much my favorite jacket of all time” to a member of the singer’s tour, who assured him it would be passed along to Cyrus.

    “If I did actually meet her I wouldn’t have anything left to do. I’d have to come up with a whole new goal,” he admits.

    He tweeted a picture of the note (with his contact details) he planned to give to Cyrus “if I got close enough during the show.”

    “I probably wouldn’t call me,” says Skinner.

    He tells BBC’s Newsbeat he has not been contacted by Allphones arena. The venue did not immediately respond to E! News’ request for comment.

    source 1
    ontd, have you ever had a stalker in your life?/stalker stories???

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    On Michael Keaton: Keaton obviously adds a lot of reality to the film, and that was great. He is one of the few persons that has worn that cape and is a pioneer of that superhero thing, but at the same time he has the craft and the range to play drama and comedy. Very few actors in the world can do that. I think he was very bold and trusting in me to accept this role, and obviously the fact that he has been that in the past made him the perfect choice for it.

    On superhero films: There’s a bunch of films that don’t mean nothing. They are not about nothing, but they’re just full of explosions and special effects. They are really tied to that, and corporations and hedge funds wants to squeeze money by those things that are, in a way, poisoning the cinema as a possibility to human expression. [...] The superhero in a way is an illusion that doesn’t exist, but to approach it with humor and laugh about it can be real fun.

    On Birdman: I wanted to approach it in a lighter way because to survive that, it would be unbearable for a film about show business. Without a sense of humor it can be painful for the audience. It’s not an important issue for anybody or for humanity, but I think with a sense of humor it becomes a much more attractive thing to be explored and observed.

    source: zekefilm

    michael keaton is coming for that best actor award
    did anyone watch Birdman yet?

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    Rick Ross says he's losing weight by eating pears and doing what he calls RossFit.

    Rick Ross says he's losing weight without having to alter his diet too much. "I still eat the way I want to eat," he says in an interview with Tim Westwood. "I just go to the gym...It's this shit called CrossFit. I call it RossFit. It's called RossFit now."

    "The most I used to do for exercise was stand up to count the money,"Ross says. While he may not have changed his diet too much, Ross says he has added a food group to his daily intake.

    "Now, they give me fruit to eat," he says. "I forgot what fruit had tasted like. I eat pears now and shit like that."

    Read the rest @ the Source
    Do you eat pears and shit like that, ontd?

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    Plaid suits have been extremely popular recently but if you’re looking for an edge, go with windowpane.

    The minimalism of the windowpane check (made of large square “panes” caused by criss-crossing horizontal and vertical lines) is worlds away from the complexity of Glen plaid or the multi-colored nature of many tartans. This is precisely what makes it so contemporary.

    Here are 5 celebrities who may just convince you to wear windowpane.

    Daniel Radcliffe

    Just yesterday, at his latest movie’s London premiere, Daniel Radcliffe wore a gray suit featuring a dark windowpane check (pictured).

    What can we learn from his look? Well, the most obvious thing is that windowpane checks work really well over a darker colour like gray. Think gray with darker lines or navy with lighter ones.

    Sebastian Stan

    Earlier in the summer, Sebastian Stan, from Captain America, wore a windowpane suit (with very small squares!) to the opening night of King Lear at the Public Theater in New York City.

    Notice how both windowpane suits featured so far have also been three piece suits: windowpane works well with a three piece suit because the simplicity of the squares is balanced by the civility of the waistcoat.


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    Destiny's Child - Get On The Bus

    Available only on the Why Do Fools Fall in Love Soundtrack, most fans missed the chance to listen to this gem. Produced by Timbaland and co-written by Missy E., this bop is among DC's top female empowerment songs of not taking shit from any scrubs in your life. Aaliyah taught them the choreography for this vid, but lazy videographers deprived us of a behind the scenes view.

    Spice Girls - 2 Become 1 (Orchestral Version)

    Included in the single for the original 2 Become 1, this version's use of live instruments transcends the 90's sound the group is known for. The orchestral version of Too Much is also on the same level.

    Salt n' Pepa - Ain't Nuthin But a She-Thing

    Just as relevant then as it is today (unfortunately), SnP takes us to church on sexism, pay inequality and self-empowerment. An equally raw video adds to its message. If only Becky Azalea could learn to go hard like this.

    Nobody's Angel - Boom Boom

    Nobody's Angel's career lasted about as long as that inflated chair.  But the girls landed a great harmony and melody with this song.

    Nina Sky - Stoners

    Remember when Nina Sky looked like this?

    Wellllll a lot has changed since then.

    Nicole is out/married, they've had a massive style overhaul and they have an upcoming album that Kelly Rowland helped with.
    Source Links Available By Clicking The Videos, Commentary By Yours Truly

    Post your faves as well!

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  • 10/22/14--04:37: Don't stop. Never give up.

  • SOURCE: Metro1|2|3

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    Kim Kardashian turns 34 today.

    kanye's twitter

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    ATP world number one announced today on twitter that wife Jelena had given birth
    to a baby boy after speculation yesterday when Serbian media reported that the
    baby had been born.

    Novak and Jelena started dating in 2005 and announced engaged in September 2013.
     Djokovic tweeted in April 2014 that they were expecting a child later in
    the year.

    They were married in July 10th 2014 shortly after Novak had won Wimbledon for
    the second time.

    Novak is next scheduled to play in the BNP Paribas Masters Paris tournament in
    Bercy beginning October 27th.


    Stefan just makes me think Edberg. Maybe Novak's after Roger's

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    Rihanna may change up her hair on the regular, but the most transformative thing I’ve ever seen her do is wear glasses. Wow, you guys—doesn’t she look like an entirely different person? This entire look deserves a closer look, TBH, and that’s exactly what I’m here to provide.

    [...] Upon closer inspection it appears that, no, we are still in 2014—the oversize pink landline-looking phone is an iPhone case. And, *actually*, Rihanna is taking us to the future—the case is from Moschino’s Spring 2015 collection.


    rihanna serving us that hermione+barbie look

    what's your phone case like, ontd?

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    It’s interesting that Wiz and Amber exchanged such heartfelt tweets on Oct. 21. As we previously reported, Wiz was blindsided when Amber filed for divorce, and there was talk of a reconciliation earlier this month.

    Wiz and Amber “are considering reconciling their marriage,” a report by Media Take Out suggested. The site claimed the couple is “working through” all of their problems.

    title or description
    title or description

    They deleted these tweets. I'm hoping they don't get back together, but I always thought they would.

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    Turns out, America's favorite Alaskan family bickers too. Audio of the much talked-about feud has leaked, and it's as nasty as you'd expect.

    Oooooh child


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    What could compare to Lana Del Rey performing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery? Seeing Lana Del Rey at Hollywood Forever is like eating a folded slice of pizza on top of the Empire State Building. It’s like arriving at a TED Talk on a Segway. Seeing Lana Del Rey at Hollywood Forever is like wearing a Radiohead shirt to a Radiohead show — it invites mockery, but, if you commit hard enough, commands respect.

    Lana Del Rey is Hollywood, Forever. For her to actually perform there is exhilaratingly superfluous. Whereas many of her female pop contemporaries continually try to find new ways to subvert their reputations or public images, Lana has been doubling down on hers with seemingly un-self-conscious emphasis since her early-2011 debut. Her performance on Friday, the first of two sold-out engagements at the famed Los Angeles graveyard, was the most obvious entertainment spectacle I’ve experienced in some time, but transcendently so.

    Just a quick note of personal reference: I started out a Lana hater, like so many others. But when this tricky post-ironic game she was playing finally clicked with me, maybe a year after the release of Born to Die, I became interested in her, respectful of her. I decided there were some Lana Del Rey songs I liked, songs I hadn’t been able to admit to liking before. I went from dismissing “Off to the Races” as a pastiche-y collection of vocal affectations to appreciating it as a thrilling, nauseating, runaway train of a story song. “National Anthem” went from a vapid ode to American capitalism to a blissful, deeply cynical hymn of self-actualization. By the time her decidedly more deliberate, guitar-forward 2014 album Ultraviolence came out, I was fully converted. The decision to like Lana Del Rey felt both borrowed and completely personal, much like her music. FULL ARTICLE AT THE SOURCE

    SOURCE 1234

    so i'm guessing she won't be releasing any more MVs for this era. smh /justiceforsadgirl

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    Neil Patrick Harris was not the Academy's first choice to host the 2015 Oscars.

    Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron first begged last year's host, Ellen DeGeneres, whose turn at the podium netted an 8 percent increase in viewership over the year prior.

    Next on the wish list was Chris Rock, with whom DeGeneres shares ICM Partners agent Eddy Yablans, but a deal failed to materialize. Producers then expressed interest in Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who also said no.

    More at THR source - something about Jimmy Kimmel? meh

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    Budget-fashion company Forever 21 announced today that white rapper Iggy Azalea and her athlete boyfriend would become the new faces of its upcoming holiday campaign. While the announcement for Iggy's new campaign has attracted much media attention, Forever 21 has not publicly acknowledged Iggy's involvement with the company, refusing to post anything about the news onto their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

    Instead, Forever 21 tweeted a link to their latest Spotify playlist, featuring an animated GIF of Azealia Banks from her 2012 video "Liqourice." What's even worse is that Forever 21's new face Iggy Azalea is NOWHERE to be found on the Spotify playlist, but Iggy's longtime rival Azealia Banks' latest single "Chasing Time" is given a spot on the playlist.

    If you remember, back in April of this year, Azealia Banks headlined the branded Coachella party known as Forever 21's "#Cranechella 2014," where she performed while suspended in a giant metal container.

    It seems very strange that Forever 21 would snub the new face of their holiday campaign and pick sides on the same day that the holiday campaign is announced. Forever 21, Iggy Azalea, or Azealia Banks have not commented on the snub as of yet.

    SOURCES 123

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