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    @ddlovato:GUYS….. IT HAPPENED!!!!!!! I met THE LORRAINE WARREN AND THE REAL ANNABELLE DOLL…. this is it…. Looks nothing like the fake one in the movie… It is in fact scarier in real life. #PositivelydoNOTTOUCH.. Asdjfkshdjsjd. #besthalloweenEVER


    @ddlovato: Loving the @Tampax Radiant Collection for encouraging girls to #WearWhatYouWant! #BeRadiant always #spon

    Demi Lovato's Photo Shoot For NYC New York Color Cosmetics #Beauty


    ashleybarrettphotography: #tbt when @ddlovato would show me her serious side during touch ups. #GetWeird

    @ashleybarrettphotography: Back to LA in a minute, but first… @ddlovato @wilmervalderrama


    Check out my hair extensions! Whaaaaatt!?! 💙💗

    sorces 1234

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    American Idol contestant Joanne Borgella, 32, has passed away Saturday after fighting a year-long battle with cancer.

    “Since her diagnosis over a year ago, Joanne made a choice to also be a fighter and share her journey with the world. Her faith, courage and strength were unshaken throughout every obstacle she encountered,” her family wrote on Facebook. “Although our family is suffering with this great loss, we find comfort in the closeness Joanne shared with the Lord. We know her spirit still shines and will continue to live on in heaven.”

    I don't remember her, but cancer it awful and I hate that she died this way.


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    The first song from Sonic Highways. Album Out Worldwide Nov. 10th.

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    "Law & Order: SVU" has been on a ripped-from-the-headlines run in the early part of the season, and Wednesday's (Oct. 15) episode is maybe the most eerily true-to-life of the bunch.

    The episode is called "Holden's Manifesto," and it's clearly taking cues from the Elliot Rodger shootings in Santa Barbara, Calif., in May in telling the story of a young man, Holden March (guest star John Karna), taking out his rage on the women he believes have ignored him. Rodger, however, is not the only model for Karna's character, executive producer Warren Leight says.

    "There were elements of that guy -- and weirdly, and this is the disturbing thing, there were about seven or eight of these in the last year, where people left manifestos or videos," Leight tells Zap2it.

    In researching real-life cases for possible stories, it's not uncommon for the "SVU" writers to come across multiple similar, but less publicized, crimes, Leight notes. "Very often the pathology is extremely similar," he says. "We'll talk to our psychiatric adviser, and he'll say, Yeah, this kid is this. ... What's sad is it happens often and it does follow certain distinct patterns."


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    The "Revitalize RVA" program in Richmond, Virginia plans to build a minor league baseball stadium over the historical site of what was once a national center of the 19th-century slave trade.

    There! I've written my letter to Mayor Dwight Jones in my hope to #SaveShockoe. If you are like me and can't read my handwriting, find the typed version on my Facebook page.
    Write (type, really) your own letter by using the template at: (Click on the blue "Call on Mayor Dwight Jones and Richmond's City Council) #haveyoursay

    Save Shockoe Bottom | Letter to Mayor Dwight Jones

    Dear Mayor Dwight Jones,

    My name is Lupita Nyong'o. I am an actress, best known for my portrayal of Patsey in Steve McQueen's film, 12 Years A Slave, based on the autobiography of Solomon Northup.

    I learned recently that the "Revitalize RVA" program intends to construct a minor league baseball stadium, among other commercial structures in Shockoe Bottom, over the archaeological remains of America's second-largest slave trading center. I write to ask you to withdraw your support of such a venture.

    Evidence of America's slave history simply must be preserved, as the legacy of slavery affects all American people. The tactic of the enslaver was to systematically erase all memory of the African's past; let us not repeat this ill by contributing to the erasure of his past in America too. Though this history is ugly and unjust, Shockoe Bottom is a site of conscience, a place where we can bear witness to the human rights abuses of slavery, learn from the lessons of history, and spark a conscience in people so that they can choose the actions that promote justice and lasting peace today.

    And yet you are no stranger to the cause for education and the advancement of society through knowledge. On top of being an accomplished scholar yourself, during your term as mayor, you have seen to the construction of four schools in Richmond. I am confident that these schools are intended to engage students in understanding and interpreting our shared history, stimulating their minds about social issues that concern them, and promoting humanitarian values. A preserved Shockoe Bottom can be an integral part of these students' unique educational experience.

    Historical sites like these are valuable not only to Americans, but to the entire world that engages with America. I, for one, originate from Kenya, and had it not been for the preservation of slave history on the plantations in Louisiana and within the walls of museums that I visited, my immersion into Patsey's life and lifestyle would not have been as deep nor as empathetic as it was. I may not have been as equipped to portray her and thus contribute to the cinematic heritage that we now have in the movie, 12 Years A Slave.

    We would be appalled if a casino was built over Gisozi in Rwanda, a mega mall was constructed over Robin Island in South Africa, or new condos were erected through the gates of Buchenwald in Germany. Let us therefore not have a baseball stadium sit atop the legacies of slavery at Shockoe Bottom.

    I urge you to set aside the baseball stadium plans and, instead, fully involve the public in determining how best to commemorate the past of slavery at Shockoe Bottom.


    Lupita Nyong'o


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    Stephen Colbert and John Oliver previously poked fun at a New Hampshire pumpkin festival that broke out in a riot this weekend. The comedians' jokes about the pumpkin festival were related to commentary on police militarization, in light of police action in Ferguson, Missouri over the summer. New Hampshire police had previously purchased a BearCat because they believed events like the pumpkin festival could be a target for terrorism. "Keene, N.H. obtained a surplus $286,000 BearCat armored vehicle, which they said they needed... since Keene currently hosts several large public functions to include... an annual pumpkin festival," Colbert said on his show The Colbert Report, to laughs from the audience. "We’re talking about America’s premier pumpkin festival. Need proof? Name another one." Oliver made a similar quip, noting, "Good luck out-maneuvering that, teenagers with baseball bats."

    The riots that broke out at this year's pumpkin festival in Keene, New Hampshire have reportedly resulted in dozens of injuries and significant property damage. Hundreds of young people at Saturday's pumpkin festival set bonfires, threw bottles and flipped vehicles as police in riot gear were called in to take control of the situation. Last year’s festival set a world record of 30,581 carved and lighted pumpkins at the same time and place.

    and more on the situation at The Boston Globe

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  • 10/19/14--16:59: Kesha vs Dr Luke Roundup
  • Kesha’s Lawyer Slams Dr. Luke’s Counter-Lawsuit, Labelling It “Pathetic”: Learn The Latest Developments

    The twists and turns keep on coming. Earlier today (October 14) news broke that Kesha is suing super-producer Dr. Luke for acts of alleged sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Her collaborator on major hits like “Die Young” and “Timber” immediately counter-sued. He claims the pop diva is extorting him to get out of a legally-binding contract. K$’s lawyer has now responded, calling his lawsuit “pathetic”.

    “This is just another pathetic and entirely predictable example of Dr. Luke’s continued abuse and a misguided attempt to keep Kesha under his tyrannical control,” Mark Geragos said in a statement. “This lawsuit has absolutely no basis in fact, the law or reality. Kesha is focused on reclaiming her voice and her freedom. She is determined to move on with her life and her career by putting this dark period behind her.”

    Find out how Kesha’s fans are dealing with the shocking allegations here and let us know what you think about this latest development in the comments below.

    Kesha Reveals She Told Her Doctors About Dr. Luke’s Alleged Abuse

    More information continues to unravel in the wake of the Kesha v. Dr. Luke alleged sexual abuse scandal. After breaking the news that the singer plans to sue her producer after 10 years of being “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused,” TMZ is now reporting that she told doctors about her situation during her rehab stay back in January.

    According to the site, sources connected to Kesha’s lawsuits claim the doctors kept those notes – which will be used as evidence towards the case. These sources are also claiming the Warrior star suffered from a Stockholm-type syndrome as explanation for why she never went to the cops.

    Dr. Luke’s rep jumped in after the claims and told TMZ, “That’s preposterous. Just because someone says something to a doctor doesn’t mean they weren’t fabricated or part of an overall pre-planned campaign.”

    The rep went on the say, “Her statements are false. It is important to note that these are just the latest in a series of bizarre public statements and actions by Kesha and her mother over the years, including Kesha’s claim her vagina is ‘haunted,’ her drinking her own urine on her reality show, and her mother dressing up as a penis on the television show.”

    In the midst of all the drama, a year-old email by Kesha’s mother has surfaced and has been obtained by TMZ. According to sources, she wrote to Dr. Luke’s lawyer alleging the producer raped her daughter. Read it in full below.

    “We, me and Kesha and her friends, like Lady Gaga, are going to make all of this Really PUBLIC, in the next few days. Luke date raped Kesha when she was 18. Nicky Hilton‘s birthday? Paris Hilton‘s house? Luke gave Kesha pills. She ended up naked in his hotel room 2 days later. No longer a virgin?

    Do we all want this to come out? Either Luke releases Kesha from all legal contracts, and gives me back all my publishing, or we, Kesha and I, tell the truth.

    And if I wind up dead, TRUST ME, IT’S IN WRITING TO CALL YOU AND LUKE.”

    What are your thoughts on the alleged statements made by Kesha and Dr. Luke? Let us know in the comments below.

    Kesha Wrote About Dr. Luke In Letters To Fans From Rehab

    Kesha filed a lawsuit earlier this week against longtime producer Dr. Luke, claiming that he “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused” her for a decade. But as BuzzFeed just discovered, a rare few weren’t shocked by the allegations. The news outlet discovered (and confirmed the authenticity) of several letters that the Warrior star wrote to devoted fans while staying at Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center earlier this year.

    All of her letters were written on coloring book pages. Some of them have the “Timber” singer calling out the super-producer by name. “Annie – yes, Dr. Luke has tortured me & my family … he did do what people know about + so much more terrible shit,” Kesha wrote in one letter – see it below.

    Kesha worked with Dr. Luke on four No. 1 singles and several other Top 10 hits, including “Tik Tok,” “We R Who We R” and Pitbull collaboration “Timber.” (The latter took off right as Kesha checked into rehab.) Once she filed a lawsuit, Dr. Luke immediately filed a counter-suit with his lawyer describing her actions as part of “a campaign of publishing outrageous and untrue statements.” Kesha then revealed that she told doctors of the super-producer’s alleged abuse.

    “These music business assholes (well, Dr. Luke) had almost successfully crushed my MAGIC,” Kesha wrote in another letter. “But that fucker didn’t win.”


    Source 2

    Source 3

    Source 4

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    Just last month, the Dominican songstress known as Maluca, unleashed her latest record entitled “Trigger”. Opening up with a nostalgic sample of El General’s “Tu Pum Pum”, “Trigger” rapidly pivots from the pitched down sample to an enticing blend of airy synth lines and Maluca‘s sultry vocals. A potent concoction of latin-pop, reggaeton, hip-hop and electronic undertones; “Trigger” is back yet again with a host of top-notch remixes from the likes of Brenmar, ETC!ETC!, Mess Kid, and Rizzla.

    Lending his sound to the original, NYC based producer Brenmar kicks off this healthy spread of remixes with his captivating rework. Raising the tempo with the addition of an ingenious jersey club chop, Brenmar‘s rendition will undoubtedly have you bobbing your head hypnotically within seconds of pressing play. Next up on the EP, trap-lord and moombah extraordinaire, ETC!ETC!, delivers his inventive take on “Trigger”. Deviating the focus from Maluca‘s vocals, ETC!ETC!‘s remix builds steadily, bolstered by a rhythmic drum kit, before a barrage of sirens, chambered bullet samples, and high-pitched synths unload and flip the original on its head. Concluding the EP, Mess Kid and Rizzla pay homage to the alluring nature of Maluca‘s vocals with their reworks of track. Slowing down the pace of the original, Mess Kid‘s remix functions as a full-blown R&B ballad. Vocal splicing sits center stage, as lofty synths envelope the listener and gently push the progression throughout this emotive rendition. Retaining the dembow beats of the original, Rizzla‘s effort cleverly strikes the balance between R&B jam and a dance floor destroyer. Atmospheric yet propulsive, Rizzla‘s rework is an ideal combination of sex appeal and bounce.

    The Trigger Remix EP is a diverse assortment of styles and sounds and is available for purchase here!

    Your EDM Source

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    "I think with every celebrity story there has to be a “Yeah, but…” Take Beyonce: She’s incredibly talented, gorgeous, perfect role model for girls, empowering women all over the world. “Yeah but… let’s try to pick at her marriage.” I think every celebrity has that. And predominantly women, unfortunately."source

    The rest of her Esquire interview under the cut!

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    jfc that episode...
    anna kicking rumples ass gave me life tho.

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    Mariah Carey uploaded a personal video to her Youtube channel of her singing Diana Ross'Ain't No Mountain High Enough! Her whistle notes sounded effervescent, angelic & much more #BeautifulFeaturingMiguel than certain pony-tailed white women that I don't know.

    And the (eternal) diva did all this while CLEANING & RE-ARRANGING FURNITURE! This all comes on the heels of ugly and crusty news outlets giving the African-American multimillionaire shit for not being able to sing at her recent concerts.

    The Dreamlover/One More Try/Honey (Bad Boy Remix) singer's next stop on her The Elusive Chanteuse Show tour is in Malaysia on October 22nd!


    Mariah and Diana Ross'wonderful and white daughter-in-law Ashlee Simpson thank you for your time. Stay blessed.

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    The model, actress and former TV host was asked about her role as transgender woman Brandi in 90s TV series ‘Just Shoot Me’.

    She told PrideSource: “I feel like that inside. I always felt like one of the guys wearing, like, a Playboy bunny outfit."

    “I was David Spade’s buddy to begin with, so I was a natural fit, and I always felt like his brother."

    “To play kind of the dude was almost too scary natural.”

    When asked how she would feel if her son came out as gay, she said: “Oh my god, I would be so excited. We can shop! Do my hair!”

    Read more at the source @ PinkNews

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  • 10/19/14--19:40: New Selena Gomez Photoshoot!
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    San Francisco Giants fans asked their local radio stations to pull Lorde's 'Royals' from their lineups until the World Series between the Giants and the Kansas City Royals ends... and they listened.

    Coincidentally, Lorde said the Kansas City baseball team inspired the song when she first wrote it. She saw a 1976 photo of then Kansas City third baseman George Brett in the National Geographic, according to HuffPo.

    'Royals' won't play for one week in San Fran. According to Yahoo! Sports, when it will return to the SF airwaves depends on who wins the World Series, which begins October 21.


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  • 10/19/14--20:20: The Good Wife 6x06 Promo
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    Shonda Rhimes won't stand for any intolerance in Shondaland. The "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy" creator took a fan to task on Twitter Sunday afternoon (Oct. 19), after they pointed out that they didn't appreciate certain parts of her shows.

    "The gay scenes in "Scandal' and 'How to Get Away with Murder' are too much," the user writes. "There is no point and they add nothing to the plot."

    Like only Shonda can, she fired back a trio of tweets. "There are no GAY scenes. There are scenes with people in them," she replies. "If you are suddenly discovering that Shondaland shows have scenes involving people who are gay, you are LATE TO THE PARTY. If u use the phrase 'gay scenes,' u are not only LATE to the party but also NOT INVITED to the party. Bye Felicia. #oneLOVE"

    Shortly after setting the matter straight, Rhimes took her leave from Twitter to go back to the "Grey's Anatomy" script notes she was working on and all was calm once again in Shondaland.


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    Serena Williams has labelled Shamil Tarpischev as “extremely sexist” and “racist” after the Russian Tennis Federation president described the world No1 and her sister Venus as the “Williams brothers”.

    Tarpischev was suspended for 12 months and fined £15,500 by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) after making the comments on Russian state TV.

    Tarpishchev, who is also an IOC member, had earlier apologised but claimed that his comment was taken out of context and the incident was blown out of proportion.

    “I thought they were very insensitive and extremely sexist as well as racist at the same time,” Williams said. “I thought they were in a way bullying. I’ve done the best that I can do, and that’s all I can say. So I just wasn’t very happy with his comments. I think a lot of people weren’t happy as well … but the WTA and the USTA did a wonderful job of making sure that in this day and age, 2014, for someone with his power, it’s really unacceptable to make such bullying remarks.”

    “I did not want to cause any offence or make fun of any of the sportsmen,” Tarpischev said. “I am sorry that the joke I made, when translated into English, was taken out of the context of a chat show and so much attention has been brought towards it.

    “I don’t think that the incident needed to be blown out of proportion. Everything that was said on the TV show was said without meaning to cause offence.”

    The United States Tennis Association described the comments as “reprehensible”, and this year’s French Open champion, Maria Sharapova, also condemned Tarpischev’s derogatory remarks.

    “I think they were very disrespectful and uncalled for, and I’m glad that many people have stood up, including the WTA,” Sharapova said.“It was very inappropriate, especially in his position and all the responsibilities that he has not just in sport, but being part of the Olympic committee. It was just really irresponsible on his side.”


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