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  • 09/23/14--10:19: ONTD Roundup
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     photo header1_zpse6e1539c.jpg

    Jennifer Connelly and husband of 11 years Paul Bettany, both 43, were spotted out in about in New York City on Monday (22 September), a day after attending the People's Climate March in the city along with Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo and thousands of others.They were with their three-year-old daughter Agnes Lark.

    They make such a great couple! And Agnes is probably the most poised toddler on the planet.

    (Source 1/2/3)

     photo JenniferConnellyFamilyOutStrollNewYork-bgaXQCnbLGx_zpsf8e30e84.jpg
     photo JenniferConnellyFamilyOutStrollNewYorkcjg2iyk5MJnx_zps23341eb3.jpg
     photo JenniferConnellyFamilyOutStrollNewYorkW6O4pvPeK2Rx_zps14a40dc0.jpg
     photo 1411461511738_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_by_zps8386207e.jpg
     photo 1411461480833_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_by_zps1d24461b.jpg
     photo 1411461722753_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_by_zps83443a24.jpg

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    Ariana Grande fan @arianasproblem slammed Fifth Harmony on Twitter writing: ‘Fifth harmony are 4 Mexicans and one obese n*gger I bet they all weigh over a hundred pounds! Like there fan base there fat lesbians’.

    Fifth Harmony‘s Normani Kordei tweeted back: ‘@arianasproblem I’m gonna need you to educate yourself before making yourself look like an idiot on social media . yup we thick & healthy (;’

    The apparent 5H hater later claimed she was hacked and now threatening suicide even though Ariana Grande recently saved her life: Ariana ty for saving me helping me with my depression b4 & a lot of times but now no one can save me goodbye I’ll be with grandpa in heaven

    I have had enough of being harassed by Normani&her fans im commiting suicide I love u friends and mom dad and Ariana thank u for saving me. I’m killing myself BC no one believes UR all telling me to WHY NOT F*CKING HANG MYSELF a I was hacked I would never now my idol hates me BYE. I’m so f*cking sorry @NormaniKordei for being racist I was hacked

    smh slay those haters

    source: oceanup

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    Most of us — save astronauts — will never see the other side of the moon, the so-called “dark side,” as Pink Floyd has dubbed it. It’s an elusive place — one full of mystery and untold beauties.

    Well, today, friends, we’re all astronauts — face astronauts… Ariana astronauts — as we’re now finally privy to a side of Ariana Grande previously unseen: the right side of her face.

    Rejoice! For the “Problem” singer has bestowed upon us that most mysterious and awe-inspiring of gifts: a selfie depicting her other cheek.
    There have been many rumors lately — ones Ariana has all but shut down with grace and aplomb — that the powerhouse singer prefers being photographed only from the left.
    Well, we’re hear to tell you, Ariana, after seeing the fabled “other side” via selfie: If you are, indeed, feeling any trepidation… Let it shine lady! Let the glowing apple orb of your cheek into the sunshine and light! Toss your epic pony over your opposite shoulder and, to use your words, “Break Free”, because you — both sides of you — are equally beautiful.
    We’ll love you either way — it doesn’t matter if you’re left or right.


    We've all been there.. summer is over and you don't want to say goodbye to your golden tan just yet. So what do you do? Reach for your trusty fave fake tanner and get all BRONZED UP?
    Well that's what Ariana Grande does appaz.

    And MAN, does she look hella brown. SO BROWN.
    Wearing some skin tight high-waisted jeans and a tight black crop top, Latte Grande looked like she'd literally just stepped outta the spray tan booth having done a Ross Geller fake tan fail... "I'M AN EIGHT"
    We're also a little bit worried of the tan lines that those super tight clothes are gonna cause if she hasn't washed off said tanner already.
    LOOSE CLOTHING AND NO BRA BABES, hasn't your spray tannist ever told you that?


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    Nicole Scherzinger plans to celebrate being allowed to release a single in the US with a party at Marquee in New York City. The "On The Rocks" singer is seemingly optimistic about her fourth overall album, if released, second to be released*, seeing the light of day stateside, or anywhere, with the confirmation of "Run" as the lead single.

    He U.S. debut album is available for pre-order here

    *in the UK


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    Tyler Perry has accomplished many things, and he will be crossing one more life goal off of his list. Fatherhood!

    According to Bossip, the media mogul was celebrating his 45th birthday with friends over the weekend when he revealed the news that he was going to be a daddy. Though he didn’t share who the baby’s mother was, it’s believed to be his on-again, off-again girlfriend of the last five years, model/activist Gelila Bekele.

    POST UPDATE: Gelila is pregnant. The news was confirmed by a friend of hers that posted a photo with the beauty a month ago and captioned it: ‘Love Is In The Air’ before revealing in the comments:

    "She is a good New friend from NYC and she is 7 months pregnantbaby boy"

    Coincidentally, last year, Tyler revealed that the one thing he hasn’t accomplished yet, and wishes to accomplish by age 45, was fatherhood.

    "More than anything I think that it’s fatherhood. I know I would be a great father. I don’t want to work this hard. I don’t want to have all of this and not leave it to my children. I also know that as hard as I’m working, doing twenty hours per day, now is not the time. Right now I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I’m enjoying the work. I’m enjoying being a bachelor, so eventually I’ll get there. Listen, I’m 43, so two more years. By 45 you know who the hell you are, right? You’ve really settled in at 45 so I think two more years."


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    Following months of rumors, HBO has announced the two lead actors starring in True Detective season 2.

    The pay cabler announced that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are set to star in season 2 of HBO’s hit drama via press release Tuesday afternoon. “Three police officers and a career criminal must navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder,” season 2′s logline cryptically reads.

    The character descriptions are as follows:

    “Colin Farrell as Ray Velcoro, a compromised detective whose allegiances are torn between his masters in a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him.”

    “Vince Vaughn as Frank Semyon, a career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner.”

    HBO says that additional True Detective season 2 casting announcements are forthcoming. The show will begin production “later this year” in California with a eight-episode order.

    True Detective starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, but since the show is an anthology, new leads were necessary.

    The rumor mill has been suggesting that several other well-known Hollywood stars are up for roles as well including Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams.

    Justin Lin will direct the first two episodes of season 2.


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    Sam Pepper has now released two more videos since this furore blew up. This morning the first video was posted to YouTube. It showed a woman groping men, and was swiftly removed from the site.

    He followed it with tweets like these:

    He then posted this video, in which he claims the original was a “social experiment”.

    He says the previous videos were “staged and scripted”.

    He also describes a male friend of his who was in an abusive relationship and how he had been groped at meet-and-greets. He goes on to say: “I don’t want to turn off a light on a very real and scary issue women face, I just want to shine a light on an otherwise dark corner - abuse on men.” He says he “chose to use sexual harassment as the focal point of the experiment…that way I could watch you guys go crazy in the comments.”

    He goes on to say: “Men have the highest suicide rate in the world and I think a lot of the time it’s because we’re told to hide our feelings and get on with it, women are allowed an outlet, they have people on both sides trying to protect them.”

    At the time of writing his name is trending on Twitter and it seems the reaction to the alleged stunt is largely negative.

    More at the Source

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    Apple's new iPhone 6 is the company's biggest, most powerful and best-selling smartphone yet -- and now it's the most unbreakable, the Bruce Willis of mobile tech. Hardware protection company SquareTrade put the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus through its patented Breakability test, reporting some best-ever durability scores for the hot handsets.

    As it does with every major new smartphone, SquareTrade tested the iPhone 6's fortitude by simulating a handful of real-world situations in which people destroy their devices. Both new iPhones survived the company's slide test, in which a smartphone is thrust across a wooden table to test its risk of falling off.

    The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were similarly resilient during SquareTrade's water test, in which they were submerged in water for 10 seconds with music playing. Both phones kept ticking after taking a swim, with audio stopping only temporarily on both.

    The grand finale of SquareTrade's testing came in the form of six consecutive high-speed drop tests from a height of 4 feet. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 suffered little more than a few scratches during this test, making it the best-performing smartphone yet for SquareTrade's drop test. The 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus' screen survived the fall, but the front and back panels did come apart as a result of the impact.

    Combined with its high marks for size and grip-ability, the iPhone 6's durability test results earned SquareTrade's lowest-ever Breakability score of 4 (higher numbers are more at risk). The 6 Plus was right behind at 5, making both phones more durable to the iPhone 5s (6), Samsung Galaxy S5 (6.5) and HTC One M8 (6.5) according to SquareTrade's tests.

    If you're worried that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus' bigger form factors would lead to you dropping and breaking your phone, maybe these statistics will give you some peace of mind.


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    I love how they release a hundred of these teasers each year and maybe one of them has anything to do with the actual storyline. Remember the nun rave from Asylum?     

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    The Hobbit actor Dean O’Gorman to star alongside Bryan Cranston in Trumbo biopic

    Dean O’Gorman is to star as Kirk Douglas in a forthcoming Dalton Trumbo biopic.

    The Hobbit actor, who plays Fili the dwarf in Peter Jackson’s film trilogy, will take on the role alongside Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston as the lead, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    Dalton Trumbo was a successful American screenwriter and one of the Hollywood 10, but he was blacklisted during Hollywood’s golden age for being a communist.

    Douglas starred in the 1960 Spartacus and was also one of the film’s executive producers. He influenced the decision to hire Trumbo to write the screenplay and his praise of the writer is said to have been a key factor in alleviating the power of the Blacklist.

    Trumbo is being directed by Jay Roach, who is best known for Austin Powers and Meet the Parents, with John McNamara writing the script.

    The cast also includes David James Elliott as actor John Wayne, Helen Mirren as gossip columnist Hedda Hopper and Elle Fanning as Trumbo’s daughter Nikola.

    O’Gorman will appear in the final instalment of The Hobbit in December. He has reprised his role as Fili in The Battle of Five Armies. The actor has also played Anders in The Almighty Johnsons.


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    Question: I’m a longtime reader and lover of your weekly AA column and I couldn’t help but notice there wasn’t one last week. —Kaia
    Ausiello: I was kinda hoping that would slip by unnoticed, but apparently nothing gets by you, Kaia! On very rare occasions, I will take a week off from AA to, you know, transition my award-winning Smurf dioramas from spring/summer to fall/winter.

    Question: Any more info on the new mythology on Castle and how it will shape or affect Season 7 overall? —Rachael
    Ausiello: As you can imagine, Monday’s season opener sets up a very provocative, perplexing puzzle to be solved — and only a random piece or two are nudged into place by the time the hour ends, leaving Beckett decidedly uneasy. Suffice it to say, any obvious theories you’ve seen batted around out there over the summer (very likely) missed the mark. Color us definitely intrigued by the who, why and how of Rick’s vanishing act.

    Question: Do we know yet who Sally Pressman is playing on Once Upon a Time? She has to be Elsa and Anna’s mom, right? —Deirdre
    Ausiello: Maybe. Maybe not. The Once creators were mum on Pressman’s role at the L.A. premiere party, largely because she’s part of “a storyline that has never been introduced,” Eddy Kitsis explained. Added Adam Horowitz: “Out of context, we could tell you her [character’s] name, but it might confuse you. You’d be like, ‘So…?’”

    Question: On Once Upon a Time, will Queen Elsa get a chance to bond much with another magical, emotionally closed off, formerly lonely woman who just got her family back (AKA Emma Swan)? —Robert
    Ausiello: Elsa will actually play a very important role in Emma’s life, especially with regard to magic. Explains Jennifer Morrison: “Elsa’s definitely helpful in terms of her starting to figure out ways to focus her power, control her power and try to use it as effectively as possible.”

    Question: How will Olivia & Co. deal with Harrison’s death on Scandal? —Sarah
    Ausiello: The original Gladiator’s untimely demise will have a profound impact on Abby.“It affects her in way I never saw coming,” teases her portrayer, Darby Stanchfield. “It affects her deeply, profoundly. You will see in the very first scene how Abby is different.”

    Question: Anything on Scandal? —Anet
    Ausiello: It may be a while before we find out how Huck’s family reunion went; he was last seen ringing the doorbell at his ex’s house, after which she opened the door. Per Guillermo Diaz, “We’re starting to shoot Episode 6 and we haven’t really touched on it that much. But our show is all about flashbacks, so I’m sure at some point Shonda [Rhimes] is going to flash back [to that moment] and we’re going to find out what [happened].”

    Question: I’m not going to be able to handle the break after Outlander‘s finale. Give me something to tide me over until next year? –Molly
    Ausiello: First, pace yourself. You’ve got two episodes to savor before the midseason hiatus. Second, if you haven’t read the books, this next bit is a spoiler. Proceed accordingly. Third, how about a little intel on Season 2? The Starz series is casting Brianna Randall, whom fans of Diana Gabaldon’s novels know is Jamie and Claire’s 20-year-old daughter. Bree – who was raised in Boston and who calls Frank Randall her dad — is smart, strong-minded, practical, funny and stunningly beautiful (like her folks). Start your dream casting in the comments!

    Question: Any spoilers on Outlander would be greatly appreciated. This is definitely my favorite show of the summer!! —Elizabeth
    Ausiello: We checked in with Sam Heughan just as he was wrapping the second half of Season 1. As book readers know [SPOILER ALERT!], Jamie suffers some spirit- and body-crushing injuries toward the end of the novel; as such, Heughan said viewers of the Starz adaptation should brace themselves. “It just gets stronger and stronger in the last few episodes — not just Wentworth Prison, which is very intense and I’m very pleased with how it’s come out. I think it’s going to be some insane viewing.”

    Question: Got anything on Sleepy Hollow? —Liz
    Ausiello: Lyndie Greenwood tells TVLine that Jenny won’t be enamored of Sheriff Leena Reyes (played by House of Cards‘ Sakina Jaffrey), who debuts next week. A former Sleepy Hollow lawwoman, Reyes was around when Abbie and Jenny’s crazy mom was alive, but “Jenny doesn’t remember her, so when she finds out Reyes was around [before], she feels extremely betrayed,” the actress says. “She gets her guard up pretty quickly. She’s not a fan.”
    BONUS SCOOP: I hear that when Matt Barr’s Nick Hawley arrives on the scene, he’ll have a past connection to one Mills sister… but be interested in the other.

    Question: Do you have anything on The Mindy Project? I’m super excited about Rhea Perlman as Danny’s mom! —Nath
    Ausiello: Then you’ll be super-duper excited about this: Perlman tells TVLine that she’s signed on for at least five episodes, with the possibility of more.

    Question: I just discovered Beauty and the Beast and I’m dying to know what will happen in the new season! —Lauriane
    Ausiello: Cat will still be with the NYPD when the show returns at midseason, but Tess will no longer be her partner — at least not as of Episode 5. That’s when the show will introduce Detective Harris, a relatively green cop in his late 20s who is quite chuffed to work alongside the infamous Cat.

    Question: Jo and Alex are so happy right now, but that never seems to last long on Grey’s Anatomy! Anything coming up for them? —Sarah
    Ausiello: As we all surmised, Meredith’s tendency to lean on the last fellow “original,” Alex, in the wake of her “person” Cristina’s exit, will raise Jo’s pretty little eyebrows. As Camilla Luddington explained to Matt Mitovich, “Jo’s never actually witnessed the depth of that relationship before, how with that gang there really were no boundaries, so she sees that and is taken aback. She’s jealous and she doesn’t know what to do.” In fact as the season unfolds, on a scale of 1 to 10, Luddington puts the state of the JoLex union at — eep! — just “a 5 or a 6.”

    Question: Will Meredith know Maggie is her sister by the end of the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere? —Nikki
    Ausiello: Sounds like the answer to that is nope. “The revelation of who Maggie is to Meredith won’t happen until she feels comfortable in the hospital,” reveals Kelly McCreary (AKA Maggie). “She came for the job. The family thing is sort of a side bar. She’s got her work cut out for her at [Grey Sloan]. So it’ll take as long as it takes for her to settle in.”

    Question: Any spoilers for The Walking Dead? —Lincoln
    Ausiello: You know how last season the major-character-body-count was relatively low? That will not be the case in Season 5.

    Question: I’m having a terrible day, but some Bones scoop can make it all better. Any more deets on the 200th episode (last week’s tease sounded awesome)? —Amelia
    Ausiello: Yes! David Boreanaz is confirmed to direct the milestone outing, which is slated to air in early December. Also, Ep 200 will be overflowing with Bones alums. Pretty much everyone you’d want/expect to be back for the milestone outing will be present and accounted for. Except for Parker; he’ll most likely be MIA.

    Question: I can’t wait for Chicago PD to return. I am dying for some Halstead/Lindsey spoilers. Anything romantic happening there? —Katrina
    Ausiello: As long as Voight is around, probably not. “[He] warned them — Halstead in particular — that he doesn’t like in-house romances,” executive producer Matt Olmstead explains. “Then they saw the real-world ramification of that when Burgess and Atwater were both vying for Intelligence, and he dinged Burgess because he knew that there was that whole thing going on with Ruzek…” In other words, Lindsay and Halstead will have to avoid any hanky panky if “they want to be in this unit [and] ascend.” Having said that, Olmstead notes that “given the opportunity, I think that they would fall into a relationship fairly quickly.”

    Question: Any chance you have any Looking spoilers up your sleeve? I think TVLine is great even if you don’t have any spoilers for me. —Donna
    Ausiello: Well, I think you’re great, Donna. Even if you’re always asking for spoilers on dumb shows I don’t give a crap about. Lucky for you, I love Looking — and I have scoop about it. Around the midway point of the show’s 10-episode second season, we’ll meet Doris’ (Lauren Weedman) surprisingly conservative and proper Aunt Sarah. (Word is Auntie S shares her niece’s penchant for being slightly scatterbrained).

    Question: Do you have anything on Criminal Minds? —Brandon
    Ausiello: The long-running CBS procedural is hiring a woman to do a man’s job (i.e. kill lots of innocent people). In this season’s ninth episode, the show will take the unusual step of introducing a female unsub — and she sounds like Patrick Bateman’s twin sister. The character is described as a successful, extremely attractive thirtysomething career woman who is impulsive, emotional and prone to sudden rages.
    BONUS SCOOP: In the same episode, we will meet Rossi’s second wife in a circa 1994 flashback. Not sure what that’s about.

    Question: Any details on Connie Nielsen’s recurring gig on The Good Wife?
    Ausiello: Don’t look for Nielsen’s “smart, beautiful attorney with far-reaching Cook County connections” — a role first reported by TVLine last month — to be Alicia’s new martini buddy. “We’re actually exploring this line between friend and rival,” says executive producer Robert King.“If it were another circumstance, you might say, ‘This would be my best friend in the world, and I would love talking to her,’ but in fact, because of the situation, you’re finding yourself maybe not hating her, but hating the situation.” Could Nielsen’s character somehow stand in opposition to Alicia’s possible run for State’s Attorney? “We’re leaving it vague,” chimes in fellow EP Michelle King. Sounds like a definite maybe (or maybe not) to us!
    BONUS SCOOP: Robert King adds that the show’s writing staff has read up on its Illinois election rules — and learned that “Saint Alicia” won’t need to quit Florrick-Agos if/when she throws her hat in the ring for her husband’s old job. In other words, Season 6’s “pivot to politics” doesn’t mean Alicia’s case load will be “left in the rear-view mirror,” he promises.

    Question: Will Laurel and Felicity become friends in the new season of Arrow? —Meg
    Ausiello: Not only will Felicity and now-in-the-know Laurel be friendly this season, but our favorite geek girl will also get on great with fleeting beau Barry Allen’s No. 1 Central City gal, during the Arrow/The Flash crossover (in Episodes 8). “[Iris West] does have an opinion on Felicity, and it’s all good. She’s a fan of Felicity,” The Flash’s Candice Patton tells us. “I think viewers will be very excited to see Barry stuck between these two women. It’s so good.”


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    Chances are if you were anywhere between three and 10 years old during the summer of 1993, you remember when you first met Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini and Billy.

    The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers first aired on Fox Kids and is still somehow on TV, albeit with a totally new cast and storyline. And in case you don’t remember, MMPR followed five athletic and martial-arts-trained teenagers who were chosen to protect the world from aliens by Zordon — the hologram sage — and his robot assistant Alpha 5.

    In the show’s opening segment, Zordon instructs Alpha 5 to teleport “the most dangerous group of ruthless, underhanded, overbearing, self absorbed and over-emotional humans in the area,” to which Alpha 5 replies, “No! Not teenagers!” Of course, in the universe of the show, it makes sense to involve teens in the fight against an alien invasion led by the meanest, most annoyingly voiced villain on TV, Rita Repulsa.

    As the legend of the show goes, Zordon then gave his recruited teenagers morphing abilities, assigning each a dino-monster called a “Zord” into which they could morph. Given these powers, if the teens find themselves in deep trouble, they can morph their Zords together and become… yup – a Megazord.

    Close re-examination of these classic episodes yields a few revelations. Did you ever notice, for instance, that all the morphing footage looked ridiculously familiar? Like, every episode had the same series of Zord-morphing and the team would always have to come together to form Megazord in order to destroy the villain? Why didn’t they just go straight to Megazord instead of wasting time as individual Zords?

    Well, you were onto something. Most of the footage from the first couple seasons of MMPR came from stock footage from the original Japanese show on which Power Rangers was based, Super Sentai. The original show dated from the 1970s and boasted over 30 seasons; the 16th season of Super Sentai is what inspired the first couple seasons of Power Rangers.

    It proved a genius idea. Bring a low-budget (but super successful) Japanese ninja show to the U.S. and just reshoot half the episodes with young American actors. The show was an instant hit and the five young actors who played the Rangers became 1990s pop culture icons.

    David Yost, who played the Blue Ranger, says Super Sentai was much darker than the Power Rangers that we all grew up with.

    “We definitely made it more animated and cartoon-y. There was even talk when we started filming Power Rangers that they wanted us to wear the same outfit for every episode. Not the Ranger outfit, but our civilian clothes,” he recalled, laughing. “They wanted it to be the same for every episode so it would have that cartoon feel. I’m really grateful they didn’t do that because it would’ve been really weird, like these teenagers that don’t change their clothes or shower!”

    There were other pre-production changes. The original Yellow Ranger was a Hispanic-American actress named Audri Dubois who quit after shooting the original pilot when producers said she was asking for too much money. Thuy Trang was brought in to replace her. That triggered some racial accusations, according to Walter Jones who played the Black Ranger.

    “Nobody really talked about me playing the Black Ranger at first,” he said. “But after Trang was hired everyone was like ‘Wait a minute! The Yellow Ranger is Asian and you’re the Black Ranger and you’re a Black guy.’ They were going to replace Audri Dubois with another girl either way, but she just happened to be Asian.”

    The initial casting was a cattle call, remembered Austin St. John who played the Red Ranger. “There was an advertisement in the newspaper. I heard it was thousands of people who auditioned, it was epic.”

    St. John, like most of the other actors, showed up to the casting call without really knowing what the show was about since most of the footage was in Japanese. “I knew I was reading for the ‘Red Ranger’ but I had no idea what that meant,” he said. “They gave me lines and had me do tons of martial arts. Tons.” The auditions prioritized physicality over acting ability.

    “The producers came up with Hip Hop Kido, but I was already trained in martial arts and I learned gymnastics in the streets of Detroit,” says Jones.

    Even the show’s “nerd,” Blue Ranger Billy Cranston, had to have some moves. “You were either a martial artist or a gymnast and I was a gymnast,” said Yost. “I had competed nationally for a while in my youth so that’s how I got the role. There’s one episode where Billy doesn’t know how to dance and they’re all trying to teach him and at the end of the episode I “breakdance”, which was actually a gymnast move.”

    Most of the actors’ martial arts moves were only used when the characters were in normal teenage outfits. “We didn’t do a lot of the stunts you saw in the suits because we could’ve been hurt and couldn’t go to work the next day,” says Jones. “We started shooting our own stunts later on.”

    So basically, whenever you saw the Rangers in full gear, it was most likely a stunt double or old Japanese footage. Well, except for Austin St. John, who insisted on always doing his own stunts.

    “We used stock footage for the first 30, 40 episodes but then we started filming the episodes in the States and I tried to do my own stunts whenever I had the opportunity,” St. John said. “You can tell if the Red Ranger is old footage or me when you’re watching an episode if the hooded Red Ranger is a skinny little guy that doesn’t look like he’d come from America, or if you see a guy with shoulders and some thighs on him, that was probably me.”

    Whenever they did use stunt doubles or old footage, the five actors would go to ADR afterward and dub all the hooded Rangers scenes. Jones says a lot of the time they’d be goofing off in the studio and somewhere deep in the vaults of Power Rangers dubbed files there’s some great audio of the Black Ranger morphing into a Zord while Jones dubs, “Zack here! Shouldn’t have ate that burrito!”

    Oh how we wish we had access to the MMPR vault.

    At the end of the day they were five young actors with great physical ability asked to play superheroes and become every 1990s kid’s favorite Halloween costume. Not a bad gig.

    “I was 18 at the time and I remember doing our first live show at Universal Studios,” St. John remembered. “We were originally going to do five shows in a small theater that seated hundreds, and all of a sudden people were camped out all night just to see us! We broke the Universal attendance records and had to add more shows and move to a bigger theater that seated thousands. Tom Brokaw even did a story on it! It was national news! That’s when it hit me, this is huge. There were figurines. I was like, ‘I’m holding me, in my own hand!’”

    Jones also remembered his Power Ranger days fondly. “Power Rangers were really cool. Not many people get to be a superhero or a role model, and that’s what was so cool about being a Power Ranger,” he said. “Every episode had a message about friendship or bullying or cleaning up the environment.”

    Even after 21 years since its debut, you might still wish you were a Power Ranger. And with the recent announcement of a Power Rangers new movie, it isn’t too late. When are the auditions?


    Fave season of Power Rangers? Mine was the one with this fine ass man:

    Also Power Rangers In Space

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    Quvenzhané Wallis’s career started with a little fib: that she was 6 years old. It was the minimum age to audition for the lead role in “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” and she was just shy. It worked. She landed the part and shot the movie in a soup-swampy Louisiana bayou town called Montegut, a short drive from her family’s home. A lesser child actor might have evaporated into the film’s momentous plot, but Wallis — with her watchful gaze, physical grace and talent for banshee-level shrieking — suffered no such fate, becoming the youngest person ever nominated for an Academy Award for best actress. Now 11 and in the sixth grade, she has built up a tiny but luminous list of credits that includes “12 Years a Slave” and a remake of “Annie” due out this December, in which she plays the title character.

    Like any employable artist, she has a gift for mingling God-given abilities with old-fashioned discipline. “I work with my acting coach to help me get into character and do pronunciation drills and tongue twisters to help me deliver lines,” Wallis says. “I envision the script as a story in my mind, memorize the entire thing and have it play out. It helps me figure out where my character needs to go.” To play Annie, Wallis added singing and dancing lessons to this routine. She always goes to bed early before workdays and downs a proper hot breakfast in the morning: a bowl of oatmeal, maple-and-brown-sugar flavor.

    To maintain equilibrium, she says, it’s important to toggle readily between the zealous concentration of work and the playfulness required to get through arduous days on set: “You have to be serious, but you also have to make your own time to have fun,” Wallis says. “I tell jokes, I laugh with the people on set, I play with the director. Then I try to pay attention and see what I have to do.” To weep on cue, Wallis relies on an old trick: “When I need to cry, I think of very sad things, mostly about animals. My favorite animal is a polar bear. They’re going extinct, and I really don’t want that to happen.” She can also burp on command.

    Perhaps equally important for an emerging celebrity, Wallis is a public-relations savant. She fist-bumped George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” (he visibly blushed) and plays the diplomat in interviews. Asked recently whether her three siblings covet her success, she deflected the question with poise: “They each have their own thing, ma’am.”


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    With Christina Aguilera reportedly readying a grittier, Hip-Hop skewed LP, one has to wonder whether the chart-topping chanteuse was scoping out new sounds at Drake and Lil Wayne‘s concert last night.

    The diva – who gave birth to baby Summer Rain four weeks ago, was snapped enjoying the Los Angeles stop of the tour with fiance Matt Rutler, her choreographer Jeri Slaughter, and friends.
    Randomness perhaps, but are we the only ones who’d love to see Xtina team up with Drakey? If indeed, she is leaning towards a more throwback sound, Drizzy is skillfully versatile and could lend his talents to her newest offerings in a compelling way. Just thinking out aloud.
    Peep another fun pic below…

    Sources 1, 2, 3

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    BLOOMINGTON, IL: State Farm has pulled an ad featuring anti-vaccine activist Rob Schneider after a social media campaign urged the insurance company to end its affiliation with the actor.

    Social media pages Food Hunk, Science Babe, and Chow Babe, all of which refute pseudoscience claims, started the anti-Schneider campaign last week, questioning how a company that sells insurance could hire a celebrity spokesman so openly against vaccinations.

    The activists have encouraged consumers with State Farm policies to get involved by contacting their agents and telling them that "someone who publicly states dangerous opinions should not be a spokesperson for a health insurance company."

    The anti-Schneider campaign also included a video that encouraged supporters to post on State Farm’s Facebook and Twitter pages, using the hashtag #StateFarm when demanding it cancel Schneider’s contract.

    "State Farm provides health insurance, and nothing ensures public health more than getting vaccinated," the video states. "It is time to end the anti-vaccination movement; with your help, we can elicit change."

    Phil Supple, State Farm’s director of public affairs, told PRWeek that the company’s advertising is intended to inform and entertain, but Schneider’s ad had the opposite effect.

    "[Schneider’s] ad has unintentionally been used as a platform for discussion unrelated to the products and services we provide," he said. "With that, we are working to remove the ad from our rotation at this time."

    Supple did not elaborate on the company’s communications strategy.

    On Sunday evening, State Farm changed the cover photo on its Facebook page from an image of Schneider to a generic image of various families. On Twitter, Schneider remained featured in the company’s cover photo as of press time.

    Vid & Some Tweets @ Source

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    Norman Reedus Talks Walking Dead, Turning Down Jennifer Love Hewitt's Heartbreakers, Sharing Son With Helena Christensen


    Daryl Dixon may have never been! The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus reveals in GQ's first-ever Age Issue that he once considered giving up acting. Luckily, the 45-year-old actor decided to overlook some films he wasn't very proud of and was eventually cast in a show about a bunch of killing zombies — giving him the most-talked about role of his career, not to mention unexpected sex symbol status.

    "I really matured a lot in my mind and became a happier person in this job, because I really like this job, and I like the people I work with, and I like the environment I work in," Reedus told the mag. "The cuts on my forehead, and the bruises, and the black eyes, it doesn't matter; it's awesome. I think that mentality has matured me a lot in the past couple years."

    Reedus has shown off his dramatic flare while starring in the AMC smash hit since 2010. The show also satisfies his thirst for the dark side. "Even with photography and artwork, I've really liked having grotesque things and finding beauty in them. I've always been a fan of horror films, and I like aggressive music, and I like aggressive people—they all kind of were interesting to me," he told the mag. "I mean, I really don't see myself ever being, or wanting to be, in some sort of light romantic comedy about nothing."

    Perhaps this is why the Florida native practically laughed at his team when he was offered to play Jennifer Love Hewitt's boyfriend in 2001's Heartbreakers.

    "When that came around at the time, my agents at the time were, 'They like you for this part, and it's a Jennifer Love Hewitt movie.' And I'm like, 'Well, what do I do?' And they're, 'You're her boyfriend,'" he recalled. "And I go, 'Well, do I rape her? Do I kill her? What do I do?' And they go, 'You're her sweet boyfriend.' And I was like, 'No! Absolutely not!' But yeah, I just assumed I had to rape and kill her."


    Reedus also feels as strongly about rooting for the bad guys. "I like the Joker better than I like Batman, you know what I mean?" the Boondock Saints star said. "I'm still like that."

    The AMC star -- who admits he doesn't mind not fitting in -- may have a public professional life, but he'd rather keep his private life just that. When asked about dating models in the past, he replied: "I've been with several. Not any to the extent that… Helena [Christensen] and I were pretty serious."

    Reedus and the former supermodel, 45, dated for five years until 2003 and share 14-year-old son Mingus. As for being a dad, he considers it "pretty f---ing serious."

    The Walking Dead returns for its fifth season on Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. EST on AMC. As Reedus puts it, it's "pretty hard-core."



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