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    This story first appeared in the Sept. 26 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

    When hackers grabbed naked photos of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other celebrities this summer, Apple faced harsh criticism for allowing its iCloud security protocol to be breached. Thus far, Google has escaped the microscope. But now Google — no stranger to privacy issues — could face equally tough questions.

    Just days after the stolen images were published, attorneys for Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander — who has dated Upton — delivered a legal takedown notice to Google that identified 461 URLs that were hosting racy pictures of the couple. A week later, Google had removed 51 percent of them from its search engine, according to its own records.

    The 49 percent that remain online might reveal something about Google's policies toward flagged copyrighted content. Many of the URLs were inoperative, probably indicative of the success of Verlander's lawyers at the Baker & Hostetler firm in going after the website hosts themselves. The other URLs either featured images of Verlander, 31, or Upton, 22, wearing clothes or showed a risque picture of Upton in a mirror.

    Google won't publicly comment on why it is distinguishing between nude and clothed photographs or whether it is adhering to a popular but untested legal theory that the person who holds a camera owns rights to a "selfie." But the prospect of insufficient proof of copyright (or fair use) is likely leading Google to give Verlander only half of what he has demanded. From a review of Verlander's takedown request, a significant amount of all the hacked celebrity nudes remain online, even if Google has scrubbed many from its index and most mainstream sites refuse to link to them.

    Moreover, Google lodges takedown notices it receives at, so Verlander's demand now is public. That creates another issue because Google has in effect provided a road map for any voyeur looking for sites that refuse to remove stolen photos. Google has contributed to for the sake of "transparency"— a funny word in the context of a now infamous privacy breach — but IP attorney Jon Steinsapir says Google "could use some discretion here for good manners and good taste."

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    82 Billboard Rating

    After his June release, Brown is returning to the spotlight, conducting his first post-jail interview for Billboard's Sept. 13 issue and finally unleashing X.The album is solid, with several potential hits. But it's also over-packed, with a whopping 17 tracks and nine all-star features, including Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. Credit the album's overlong gestation period, or a 25-year-old fresh out of jail and too eager to impress cynics -- either way, the LP would benefit from fat-trimming, especially on its lustful first half.

    But once gratuitous fillers are skipped, gems appear, especially on the closing half, where Brown is lucid about his tabloid love life. Lyrics from the love songs could hint at Brown's post-jail perspective. Otherwise, there are few clues as to whether his time away altered his music or mindset — an unfortunate missed opportunity.

    Maybe there's hope for Brown yet — or maybe he's betting his new batch of potential chart-toppers will change the subject.

    "X" - Brown's most honest moment comes at the top of the album, on the title track. "I can make you a believer if I turn the nonsense down," he moans, before the schizophrenic Diplo production takes over. It's safe to say that this is a man who knows he's got to get his life together and has to prove to himself and others.

    "Add Me In" - If one can be both suave and cliché, Chris achieves it so here. "Add Me In" boasts several weak come-ons: "Your body is an isosceles/ And I just wanna try angels." He continues the math-tinged plead with singing about dividing his lover’s legs and subtracting her boyfriend to "add me in."

    "Loyal" - "Loyal," with it's anthemic, albeit crass, hook and playful beat, rattled through clubs and radio all summer. Lil Wayne opens the song rapping, "I wasn't born last night/ I know these [women] ain't right." Chris then skips through with verses about how shady ladies leave one man for a richer one.

    "New Flame," featuring Usher - The second single from X is sweeter to women than the first. On "New Flame," Brown and Usher finesse themselves into positions where they can "be the one to do you right."

    "Songs On 12 Play," featuring Trey Songz - This raunchy cut pays homage to R. Kelly's brazen 1993 debut album 12 Play, with Brown and Songz claiming that some familiar faces remind them of Kelly sex jams.

    "101 (Interlude)" - "You got me doing 101 on the 101," Chris sings to his girl on this quickie interlude. He's "stuck in traffic trying to make it to my baby."

    "Drown In It," featuring R. Kelly - Instead of homage, "Drown In It" actually features R. Kelly. The pair crudely sings about swimming in the metaphorical waters of who they're courting. It's an odd pairing of pariahs: Kelly's history with women is far worse than Brown's.

    Brown is known for having a few lustful cuts on every album. The ones on X, however, don't compete with, say, "Take You Down" from Exclusive.

    "Came to Do," featuring Akon - While "Came to Do" features another Oakland bounce beat by "Loyal" producer, NicNac, the song's tone is friendlier to women than the first single.

    "Stereotype" - On "Stereotype," Brown sings about girls who lost his trust. The swirling Danja-produced track is solid. "Now I see you're just like the rest," he sings. But with "Loyal" essentially serving the same purpose, lyrically, "Stereotype" is not needed.

    "Time for Love" - On Jean Baptiste and Free School production, Brown melodically raps: "Let me get in your comfort zone/ We can move together."

    "Lady in a Glass Dress (Interlude)" - Between the finger snaps of the beat, Brown promises a girl recovering from a rough breakup that he "can make your dreams come true."

    "Autumn Leaves," featuring Kendrick Lamar - Brown is sullen here, comparing a lover's departure with summer's, in time for fall. "It seems that all the autumn leaves are falling/ I feel like you're the only reason for it." It’s a quiet cut with guitar tickles. Kendrick Lamar seemingly raps on Brown's behalf, mood-swinging from thoughtful to vicious. "And they won’t let me live/ Even when it’s remorse that I give/ When are they gon' rejoice and forgive/ Tell me how [do] I stay positive?" It's a question that’s easy to imagine Chris asking, as he hopes to wipe his slate clean. It’s been a while since Brown has had a hit, that wasn’t intended for the club; this could be it.

    "Do Better," featuring Brandy - The exceptional "Do Better" features the raspy timbre of Brandy, who plays the role of a scorned lover. "I learn more and more each day that I don't know me / It's like I can't get out of my own way," Brown sings on the sparse and pensive song.

    "See You Around" - This folksy song is a different sound for Brown, with guitar strums and a baseline that could be easily replaced by Mumford & Sons-like foot stomps. On "See You Around," he sadly admits that "I should have loved you way more."

    "Don't Be Gone Too Long," featuring Ariana Grande- The latest X dance single finds Brown and Grande praying that they never split. "Who's going to love me when you're gone?" they ask.

    "Body Shots" - Sequentially, this is a poorly positioned song on X. After thoughtful songs, this — a lude dance song, fit for an EDM Vegas club set and about doing body shots on women, pops up; not good.

    "Drunk Texting," featuring Jhené Aiko - Brown swerves into an ex's iMessage inbox on "Drunk Texting," duetting with the beautifully understated vocals of Jhene Aiko: "Tonight, I’m blowing up your line / I’ve got you on my mind/ The truth is hard to fight."


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  • 09/17/14--09:59: ONTD Roundup
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    Team #Arrow is back in action!
    There are only 3 WEEKS left until the season 3 premiere.


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    I thought Alaric would be teaching history (like he did in Seasons 1-3) not teaching about the occult. Looks like Tyler is suddenly interested in attending Whitmore after have zero interest in going to school last season.

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    additional cuteness


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    The only scary thing about The Affair, which debuts October 12, is how good it is, right from the start. It has a deceptively simple premise, not unlike ABC's failed infidelity drama Betrayal: It's about the havoc wreaked upon two families when a married novelist (The Wire's Dominic West, whose British accent now only slips through when he yells) cheats on his wife (Maura Tierney... oh, how I've loved Maura Tierney, ever since her NewsRadio days). His mistress is a waitress (Ruth Wilson, another Brit, although you wouldn't know it from her flawless American accent), who's unhappily married to a Montauk, Long Island working man (Joshua Jackson, who - sorry, Fringe fans - will always be Dawson's Creek's Pacey to me).

    The Affair also shares quite a few traits with the terrific new Jessica Chastain-James McAvoy film The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them, including a he said/she said structure and the shattering death of a child. But the show, with its bifurcated flash-back, flash-forward format, reminds me more - in a good way - of 2014's other new TV masterpiece, True Detective.

    You see, a crime has been committed, but we don't know by whom, or to whom. And we watch, tantalised, as police detectives interrogate West and Wilson's characters, hoping to find out more. And for me, like it seems to be for them, The Affair feels a lot like love at first sight.

    The trailer, in case you haven't seen it:


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    Ask Matt: Fall Pilots, The Quest, Utopia, Outlander and More

    Question: Season 1 of Outlander is said to be 16 episodes, except it ends on Sept. 27. When will we see the next eight episodes? — Nancy
    Matt Roush: Like many cable series these days, Outlander is splitting its season into two halves. Starz hasn't announced a return date yet, but it will most likely be in the early spring. And while we're on the subject, you do not want to miss this Saturday's penultimate episode of the first half of the season. It's titled "The Marriage," and if you've been impatiently waiting for Claire and Jamie to take things to the next level, let's just say you're in for a treat.


    Outlander Author Diana Gabaldon on Strong Female Protagonists, Casting Jamie, and Doctor Who

    Diana Gabaldon is known to the most hard-core fans of Outlander as Herself. As the author of the book series at the core of the new Starz hit, the Arizona native has been toiling away for more than two decades on the time-travel saga, which tells the ever-expanding tale of Claire, a woman torn between her British husband in 1945 and her hunky Scottish love in 1743. Although Gabaldon isn’t writing scripts for the TV show the way George R.R. Martin does for Game of Thrones, she is actively involved as a consultant, contributing ideas, protecting continuity, and occasionally putting in a quick appearance. (She had a cameo in episode four, if you spotted her talking to Mrs. Fitz.) Before the season began, Gabaldon sat down for a cup of tea with Vulture to chat about Outlander’s resident heartthrob, tattoos, and her crush on David Tennant.

    You brought the house down at 92Y when you told Sam Heughan he had a fine ass.
    [Laughs.] I had just watched the wedding episode, and Sam was telling me that they had to reshoot a number of scenes because Ron [D. Moore] wasn’t quite pleased with them, and Sam was hoping that the new ones had come out well. And so I wrote back and said, “I just watched the wedding scene. It looks beautiful. All your stuff looks great. But honesty compels me to tell you ...” So that was harkening back to our previous conversation! [Laughs.] I knew the minute that I said “honesty compels me” he would know what was coming! Is it a spoiler, about his ass? It’s not like I’m giving away anything! [Laughs.]

    Originally, though, you weren’t quite so taken with Sam, right?
    Ron called up and he said, “We’re so excited. We think we found Jamie! We’re sending you the audition tapes.” I was driving from Santa Fe to Phoenix at the time, so I couldn’t watch them right away, but I was Googling Sam Heughan and looking at his IMDb photos, and I thought, He looks grotesque! What are you thinking?! His IMDb photos do not do him any kind of justice. And also, he’s a very chameleonic actor. He looks totally different in every single role. But they sent me two audition scenes and a chemistry test, so I could see him in his own persona. So the first scene was when he has a confrontation with Dougal McKenzie, when Dougal shows off his scars at the tavern and he’s facing slightly away from the camera, so it was neck and shoulders, but a beautiful body! So I went, Ah ... He didn’t look at all like he did in his pictures. He had a light stubble, and he was rumpled, and I thought, He looks a lot better than I expected him to look! Then he turned full around into the camera, yelling his lines with crazy eyes, and I was sold. The second scene was where Jamie was explaining to Claire, very logically, why he was intending to beat her. And he just played it perfectly. He was in total control of himself, and it was such a nuanced performance — the annoyance, the impatience, the love, the humor. It was charming that he grasped all that nuance of that scene.

    So when [book fans] were grousing about Sam at first, I beat them about the head and shoulders the first few weeks: “Look, I’ve seen him do it. You haven’t seen him do it. Take my word for it, okay?” There’s always about a 5 percent minority who are all, “I’m so disappointed!” But the 5 percent eventually come around, or at least they shut up. But people get it firmly in their minds that Jamie is seven feet tall and has this steroidal bulk, that he’s this big, brawny, burly guy. They’re thinking, This is all well and good, but I like a really big guy. WWF people really turn me on. They don’t do it consciously, but that’s what they do. To which I say, “Take your Kindle and search for the words burly and brawny [in my novels]. If you find either one of them, I’ll pay you ten bucks. But if you search for lean, elegant musculature, you can find that.”

    One of your fan groups got you male strippers once? What happened there?
    It was just one stripper. [Laughs.] And he was in a kilt. The Ladies of Lallybroch hold gatherings at places where they know I’m going to be, or, at least, they used to. And they would try to find novel means of entertainment for their gathering. I came to this writers' conference in Surrey every year, and so they had this tradition of having their gathering the night before, and on this one occasion, they hired a stripper to come in at 11, and I came by at three minutes to 11 — just in time!

    I’ve seen a lot of body art based on my books, too. I’ve had no fewer than three young women on separate occasions come up to me at book signings and unzip their pants, turn around, and drop them to show me that they had “Bonnie lassie” tattooed across their rumpuses! [Laughs.] That’s better than the one who had “Je suis prest” tattooed inside her lower lip. She explained that this was so it wouldn’t show at work. One fan ripped off her sock and shoe to show me that she had the running-stag brooch from the cover of The Fiery Cross tattooed on the top of her foot. I was going, “Oh! That looks painful!” [Laughs.] Shall we share a pot? Not chamomile, because that makes me sneeze. [We order Earl Grey tea.]

    There’s a moment when they’re collecting the rent, and Claire takes up with some village women. We learn that (1) they use their own urine to waulk the wool; and (2) they’re not wearing any underpants! Even though that scene was not in the book, I sensed your touch there.
    In the script that I saw, the writer had Claire wandering around the village and seeing a sugar-bowl vase in a window of a cottage, and a woman seeing her staring at it and [comes] out to talk to her, and then they go inside and have tea with other ladies, and they play cards, and that’s what they’re doing when Angus comes back to collect her. I wrote back, “No. 1935 London, maybe. 18th-century Scotland, remote village, no. Even up through the 20th century, people in the remote areas of the Scottish Highlands thought that playing cards was like devil worship! You certainly wouldn’t find any respectable women playing cards. And drinking tea? They didn’t have any! If you want a sugar-bowl vase, that could be imported, fine, but they would not be hanging around in the middle of the afternoon drinking anything. They would be working, because they had to scrape a living out of the land. And women with children worked harder than anybody else.” I suggested that if they were looking for a way for Claire to enter the life of these women, the most picturesque thing they could be doing was waulking wool, and I explained to them what that was, with the hot urine. Peeing in the bucket was their addition to that. [Laughs.]

    Do you think the exorcism story line helped enhance an aspect of the story that was previously in the background, by pushing certain issues to the forefront that will become important later?
    I thought that scene was actually rather dull, so I skipped over it! I mean, there was a point to it. It was furthering the plot. But I wasn’t particularly interested in it. I got tired of the women wailing and carrying on. [Laughs.] And the priest was a very one-note actor, at least in that role. I didn’t care for that, but I didn’t object to it, either. You know, we can’t really read these tea leaves. One, I don’t know how. Two, they’re too crumbled!

    Bummer. Let’s talk about your theory of writing time travel instead?
    In a great many stories that deal with time travel, there’s usually somebody who knows how time travel works. They lay out the rules. In this story, [readers] are finding out the rules at the same time the characters are, making the point that there are no experts on time travel. And here, you don't know what’s going to happen to you when you step through those stones. Claire realizes she’s having an effect on the past. But the underlying point there that I’m making is that every single one of us affects the future, every single day, with the decisions that we make or don’t make. You don’t have to be a time traveler to know this. If you donate to a charity and save a few kids, 20 years down the line, there will be more people who exist because of you. In other words, you should consider your actions fully. That’s just one of the small themes of the book. But you know, when I realized I was writing a book about time travel, I stopped reading time-travel stories! And I don’t watch time-travel movies — [although] I watched Kate & Leopold. Leopold was all right. I hated Kate. Whiny, self-absorbed, selfish, stupid, superficial — why would he care? People ask me why I write strong women, and I say, “Well, I don’t like stupid ones.” Who would want to read about weak and whiny women? Are they people who assume women are weak and whiny? If so, why do they think that?

    You are friendly with George R.R. Martin. Do you really have breakfast with him about once a month?
    He lives in Santa Fe full time, and my husband and I have a small place there. We live there for a week out of every month, so if George is in town when I’m in town, we have breakfast once a month or two, and chat about interesting things. [Laughs.] Mostly gossip about the production. Like, the difficulty they had in casting someone because [Game of Thrones] has these grotesquely enlarged people in the cast, people named the Mountain or some such thing. And he said, “There are only, like, 12 people in the world who are six-foot-eight or taller and professional actors, and all of them are Lithuanians!” That sort of thing. [Laughs.]

    Can we talk about the Doctor Who connection, since Outlander is on the same night that BBC airs Doctor Who? From what I understand, Doctor Who helped provide the inspiration for the books in the first place. How?
    Back in the day, years ago, in 1988, the only TV I watched was Doctor Who because I had children and two full-time jobs, and Doctor Who was the exact length of time it took to do my nails, so I would watch Doctor Who once a week! [Laughs.] David Tennant was my favorite Doctor. I’ve been married to the same man for 41 years, but David Tennant and Tom Baker from Doctor Who are my crushes. David Tennant is a little cuter, softer-edged, but equally heroic, and yet he’s got this very vulnerable streak. His last episode made me cry. But in the Doctor Who episode I saw that was the inspiration [for Outlander], Jamie McCrimmon, who was played by Frazer Hines, was an 18th-century Scotsman wearing a kilt. And the situation [in “The War Games” episode] was that they were in World War I, and he was with a female ambulance driver, and they have to go out and find the Doctor. He says, “I’ll go!” And she says, “Nonsense! You’re just telling me that because I’m a woman!” He looks at her and says, “Well, yes!” The pigheaded gallantry I really liked. That certain attitude of manliness.

    So why start Outlander at the end of World War II, as opposed to World War I, then?
    It was the medical technology. I didn’t want Claire to be a hotshot medical student who said, “I need an MRI!” Cognitive dissonance, you know? I wanted her to be able to fall to her knees and start stitching [Jamie] back together. She needed to be tough and willing to exist in the middle of violence and cope with it. She had to be sufficiently modern, and the three modern developments in medicine were antibiotics, anesthesia, antisepsis. All three of those came into wide use during World War II.

    What was it like shooting your cameo?
    I dish out my share of catty remarks! [Laughs.] I spent half an hour going over the script with the dialect coach, going over the accent or delivery. Caitriona [Balfe] very kindly lent me her fan, which came in very handy — it was 102 degrees up there in the gallery! And you learn to carry yourself very upright — you can’t not, because you’re wearing a corset. That morning, it was really, really tight, and it split on one side because one seam was unfinished, and they had to rush out to make an emergency repair. And it is a wig, in case you had any doubt! They plaited my hair in five or six little braids, pinned them closely to my head, and then they fitted the wig over it. It’s pretty much like wearing a shower cap. Lightweight. Slightly sweaty.

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    The 'Glee' star turned down the titular role in Lifetime's 'Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever'

    According to sources, Glee star Jane Lynch was set to receive a rather significant paycheck to voice Grumpy Cat in the feline's upcoming TV movie, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever on Lifetime.

    But after Lynch landed an Emmy on Aug. 16 for outstanding reality host for Hollywood Game Night, she suddenly rebuffed the offer. For now, the voiceover part still is up for grabs.

    A rep for Lynch could not be reached for comment.

    I am assuming there is a post in the queue about Aubrey Plaza taking the role?
    Follow up to this post


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    The battlelines are drawn, and it's time to decide on Scottish independence. And the question is, are you on Team Daley or Team Cumming?

    Gay Olympic diver Tom Daley, from Plymouth, England, has revealed he wants the UK to stay as it is, believing the country is 'better together' as a whole.

    But gay actor Alan Cumming, from Alberfeldy, Scotland says otherwise, describing it a chance for the country to have their destiny in their own hands.

    Earlier this week, Daley tweeted:'Love Great Britain. Love #TeamGB. Love Scotland. I think we are #bettertogether'

    Cumming has been repeatedly supportive of the idea of Scottish independence, having spoken at the 'Yes' campaign two years ago.


    'It’s an historic moment for us all, we now have a chance in this country to have our own destiny in our own hands,' he said, as reported by The Scotsman.

    'I’m here to help in the last push and to encourage people who might be lifelong Labour voters like myself, who are being told by their party to vote No, that actually don’t listen to what Westminster is saying to you, follow your heart.'

    Other celebrities who want Scotland to stay in the UK include John Barrowman, Eddie Izzard and JK Rowling.

    Notable names that want Scotland to become independent include Gerard Butler, Sean Connery and Irvine Welsh.

    Scotland will decide in a referendum on 18 September.


    Today's the day y'all

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    In interesting rumor news, only a week after Britney said that she'd like to collaborate with Iggy on her new album (rumored to come either by the end of the year or mid next year), Iggy posted this:

    "Hey London. I had so much fun with you guys... I think today has been one of the longest days of my life but It felt good seeing all your faces in the crowd. Thankyou for the support. Also I recorded a duo after the show for another blondie and I can't wait till you hear it, now time for bed."

    Britney was also seen hanging out with her BFF, LA publicist Cade Hudson


    Brought to you by Moaney on stage in Vegas

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    Bored with Big Brother's Zankie? Tyra Banks has got something for you in the most recent cycle of America's Next Top Model.

    Dubbed Whilthew by fans, straight model Matthew Smith has taken a liking to out gay model Will Jardell.

    'Before you were a really attractive guy, and now you're like a...model' Smith has told Jardell after a makeover. In response, Jardell has described Smith as 'cute' and that they have a really good connection in the ANTM house.

    They are then told to 'stop flirting'. (this biphobia smh)

    Later, one model reported seeing the two kiss. There's no actual evidence of this yet, sadly. But Smith does admit to it after getting cornered by several others in the house, pressuring to 'come out' as gay.

    Smith then says, no you crazy idiots, he's still straight. He just likes Jardell as a person. He also, incidentally, does the whole thing in just a towel.

    Below are two of the ANTM fans' favorite Whilthew moments, as well as a tribute to their relationship, so far:

    New hot photoshoot featuring Ben and Matthew

    No to the face, yas to the dick trail

    Wearing my sexy/get lucky boxers bless

    Yass to everything


    Hipster hot or not?

    Britney taught'em


    Sorry mods fixed it

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    Jack White played a show at Fenway Park’s Bleacher Theater in Boston on Wednesday night. The real headline, however, was what the Third Man rocker said in between performances.

    As Pitchfork points out, White took swipes at Foo Fighters and Rolling Stone magazine during what he himself quipped to be a “Kanye West-esque rant.”

    Much like Kanye, White’s comments were all over the place. He began by defending the sanctity of live performance, expressing his displeasure over how “most performers don’t use microphones anymore … singers don’t use microphones that have cords.” He went on to point the finger squarely at Foo Fighters, saying the band uses a second guitarist “playing the same parts” to cover up for any mistakes.

    White then turned his attention to Rolling Stone, mocking the music publication for its click-baiting content. He joked that the site was “brought to you by the Kardashian family” and that it features articles like “15 outfits that will blow your mind that Taylor Swift wore this month,” “10 reasons why Rolling Stone did not cover the Newport Folk Festival for 50 years straight,” and “12 reasons Rolling Stone won’t put a black and white cover on the cover of their magazine unless you’re dead.” He also noted how Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner also owns gossip mag US Weekly.

    White wrapped up his comments, saying, “OK, I’m officially supposed to stop now, because this is becoming a Kanye West-esque rant. Because apparently, nowadays, you aren’t allowed to speak to your own fans about anything, lest it be a rant.” He concluded, “So forget ISIS, forget the war in the Middle East, forget any problems at home, forget gay marriage, forget everything you ever thought about everything. This not a rant. This is just me saying, HELLO CLEVELAND!”

    Listen to a recording of White’s speech below.

    White previously expressed disdain for Rolling Stone during his headlining set at Bonnaroo last June, after White claimed the magazine took many of his comments out of context in a cover story. However, this marks the first time White has said something negative in regards to fellow rock titans Foo Fighters.


    ONTD, what would your Kanye West-esque rant be?

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    The simultaneous premieres will coincide with LGBT Spirit Day in October

    MTV and Logo TV will simultaneously premiere documentary “Laverne Cox: The T Word” to coincide with LGBT Spirit Day in October, the networks announced on Thursday.

    Hosted by Cox, one of the stars of Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” the one-hour documentary will take viewers inside the lives of seven transgender youth. Ranging in age from 12 to 24, each subject will share their determination to live their lives authentically. The documentary explores the intersection of transgender identities and race through each individual's journey as they overcome challenges such as coming out, bullying, and anti-transgender violence.

    “For many of us, the ‘T’ in LGBT means more than transgender, it also means truth,” said Cox in a statement. “The castmembers in this documentary are fearlessly living their truths and in sharing their stories will send the message to other trans youth that it's okay to be who you are.”

    Immediately following the doc's premiere, Logo TV and will go live for an hour long “Trans Forum,” where Cox and SuChin Pak will be joined by the cast of the documentary to discuss transgender issues as well as answer questions from the audience and via social media.


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    Alternative-pop singer-songwriter Grimes has taken a swipe at music tabloids reporting on her latest album which the artist admitted "sucked" and threw out to begin working on from scratch.

    The Canadian artist, whose real name is Claire Boucher, discussed the situation in an interview that was posted by the New York Times yesterday, with several music websites re-publishing the story in the time since.

    But Boucher has played down the newsworthy nature of the story that's followed, calling out Pitchfork in particular for running a piece on something she claims has been known for months.


    Looks like this album is still...a Go? Bless us with some new music and less headlines, girl!

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    Sarah Michelle Gellar is reliving her "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" days!

    The actress took to Twitter on Wednesday to share an adorable photo with "Buffy" costars Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg. The trio attended a special screening of "Annie" with SMG's hubby Freddie Prince, Jr. and Green's other half, Clare Grant.

    The mother-of-two arranged the private viewing party to celebrate her daughter's birthday.

    Meanwhile, two other stars from the beloved TV show had a reunion of their own at another Comic-Con in Salt Lake City.

    Eliza Dushku and Charisma Carpenter shared their own selfie on Instagram with the caption "old friends."

    Source 1
    Source 2
    Source 3

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    Red alert: Popular cheerleader Taylor Swift decided to wade in with the weirdos at the lunch table all the way on the other side of the cafeteria and took over her official Tumblr this week.

    Of course, Swift's image, music and quotes already dominated Tumblr, the inappropriate cousin of social-networking platforms -- a fact she quickly discovered when she saw a post that claimed "taylor swift is like that aunt that tries to be 'hip' with the young'ns and 'with the times' and then asks you what does bae stand for and after you tell her she starts calling everything bae even the lamp next to the couch." Which is an eerily accurate, hyper-specific way of summing up the public perception of TSwift. Her response? "HEY YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE LAMP NEXT TO MY COUCH AND I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT IT IS, IN FACT, VERY MUCH BAE. #YOU'RE RIGHT THOUGH."

    3. The time she gave out her favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. (Fun, but Taylor, you're going to want to use Pinterest for that kind of talk.)

    4. The time she saw elaborate fan art of her cats, and instead of freaking out, she, well, freaked out, but in a good way: "My new phone lock screen, nbd."

    5. The time she totally nailed the concept of "shipping your faves" (which could easily be Tumblr's unofficial tagline).

    not on the list but actually the best thing that's happened since she joined tumblr:


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    Pop star Justin Bieber was seen riding around in a black van in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday. He then stops at Chic-Fil-A for some munchies then went back to the van with his pals.




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    looks like Mercy chapter for sure is happening next season.....

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