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    Miley's 'Dirty Hippie' pieces for New York Fashion Week in collaboration with Jeremy Scott.Models will wear Miley's "Dirty Hippie" collection during Jeremy Scott's NYFW show!

    New V magazine pictures.

    Sources: 1 - 2

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  • 09/07/14--17:06: OOOOOH MR SHEFFIELD
  • Fran Drescher Gets Married!

    Shiva Ayyadurai, Fran Drescher
    Fran Drescher married Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai over the weekend.
    The Happily Divorced star and Ayyadurai wed at their home on the beach in a small ceremony.
    Drescher, 56, and Ayyadurai, 50, met in 2013 when she heard him speak at an event hosted by Deepak Chopra.
    Drescher was previously married to Peter Marc Jacobson. The two divorced in 1999 and he is now her producing partner.


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  • 09/07/14--17:20: Megan Denise Fox Post
  • Megan has been busy promoting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Korea and Australia.

    On the Green Carpet at the TMNT Premiere in Australia:


    I think she looks a bit like Jennifer Connelly at the Australian premiere

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  • 09/07/14--17:36: Utopia Viewing Post

  • What does it take to make a perfect world?

    Fifteen people from across America, along with viewers, are about to find out. The so-called "pioneers" get to build their own civilization -- literally -- over one year in "Utopia," an unscripted FOX series debuting Sunday (Sept. 7), with additional airings the following Tuesday and Friday.

    Originally created for Dutch television by reality-show mogul John de Mol ("Big Brother,""The Voice"), "Utopia" clearly intrigued many people well before the U.S. debut. "Nearly 5,000 applicants" vied for a spot, per FOX alternative-programming chief Simon Andreae; some may still get their shot, since members of the initial group could be replaced by newcomers.

    "The whole point of this is, it's not a game show," fellow executive producer (and "Dancing With the Stars" alum) Conrad Green told reporters at the recent Television Critics Association summer press tour. "It's not a competition. There's not a prize. It's not motivated like a lot of these types of shows.

    "What we're hoping to see is something unique play out ... which is people from very different backgrounds across America coming together, working out their differences, working out new ways of structuring a society."

    Indeed, Andreae adds, "This is really as close as I think anybody will have got for a very long time to starting a culture from scratch, and to having people with different points of view address the absolutely fundamental tenets of any culture, in as close to a virgin state as possible."

    The initial citizens of "Utopia" are diverse, as those of virtually any society would be. They range from an ex-Army officer and a model to an expectant mother-to-be and a homeless ex-convict.

    Even before the premiere, though, the situation has proven less than utopian: One of the "pioneers" was taken to a hospital to be treated for dehydration (but then returned), and an intended cast member didn't even make it onto the set, having been let go for reportedly violating "production policies" by researching the others ahead of meeting them.

    Still, the notion of a utopia couldn't be better-timed, in Green's view.

    "This is a country that's got very fractured in terms of political beliefs, in terms of social beliefs," he says. "It's a country where a lot of people sit in their own bubble, shouting at each other and saying, 'I can make an ideal world.' In some ways, what we are putting into these guys, we are putting that chance into them individually."

    Ex-con Dave had me for 2 minutes and then he went cray


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    i am so obsessed with that last look o m g


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    **Obvious book (and show eps 1-9) spoilers herein. Read at your own caution prior to watching the season finale tonight or else avert your eyes & just skip to the comments! -OP**

    HBO’s dark and intriguing series The Leftovers will air its Season 1 finale Sunday night and, to be honest, I’m assuming it’s going to be a depressing one. In recent episodes we’ve seen the Garvey family and the rest of the residents of Mapleton, NY have their fair share of terrible moments. From the Guilty Remnant’s Patti committing suicide to a flashback showing that not only did Laurie’s pregnant fetus disappeared during the Departure, but Kevin was having an affair. Honestly, could things get any worse? Yes, they probably can and will. But how do we know what will happen? The series was created based on a book of the same name by Tom Perotta and while The Leftovers has several differences from the book, there are still quite a few similarities. So what does the ending of the novel mean for the Season 1 finale of the series? If Perrotta’s novel is any indication (and it might not be), there will be some major changes and something of a fresh start.

    Before the series premiered, there was a lot of talk about how the show would live up to the novel and how closely it would follow the subject matter. But now that so many things have changed from book to screen, the time for assuming we know the answers is long gone. The ending of the novel showed all of the characters facing different challenges. Nora decides to leave Kevin, but then finds a baby on his front step; Jill decides not to join the GR and instead pursue one of the handsome twins at school; Tom follows Christine to a new cult; and Laurie has gets mysteriously whisked away from the GR after Meg kills herself (we are never told what actually happens to her). (Handsome twins, eh? Uhuh)

    All this in mind, we know that The Leftovers has been renewed for Season 2, which means the show has extended past its source material. Do we really want to continue seeing these characters slowly get to their endings in the novel? No, what we want is for them to grow, and the book’s open ending allows each character’s story to continue any way the writers of the series want to explore.

    Take Kevin Garvey, for example. Mapleton’s police chief has gone through way more terrible moments than his page-bound counterpart. The guy was just supposed to be a businessman who gets elected as mayor and dates Nora Durst while having a weird relationship with his daughter’s friend Aimee. But look at him on the show: he’s having weird almost schizophrenic episodes, he’s dealing with his crazy father, and the show’s flashback showed him being unfaithful at the exact moment his wife watched their unborn child disappear from her sonogram.

    We’ve also seen quite clearly that the Guilty Remnant is gearing up to do something terrible to the Mapleton citizens(You guys I'm really scared about what they're going to do. There are NO good options), which means Kevin will not only have to deal with them in addition to the fact that GR’s Patti has committed suicide. His daughter Jill has now also joined the GR and his relationship with Nora is complicated due to many factors, one of which is Jill’s friend Aimee. And then there’s Jill herself, who doesn’t trust her father’s new girlfriend. Even if Tom were to drop off Christine and Holy Wayne’s baby on his father’s doorstep and Nora decides to adopt the child, all that would do is add more stress and difficulties to Kevin’s already full plate. Perhaps the show should put aside the book’s ending and focus on the major problems already at hand.

    And what about Holy Wayne?(I call him Huggy Bear now because of What The Flick?!'s Alonso Duralde)In the novel, Wayne eventually confesses to his sins leaving Christine and the rest of his compound shocked and betrayed. Tom tries to help Christine by convincing her to care for her son whom she originally thought was the “son of God” but now can’t stand to look at him. She eventually leaves her son and Tom to join a different movement while Tom leaves the baby on his dad’s doorstep and goes after Christine. The promo for the Season 1 finale “The Prodigal Son Returns” shows Wayne contemplating his mistakes, but I wonder what direction the show will take for Tom and Christine. In this case, watching the pair interact with a new cult could be interesting and since the book left their ending wide open, the series can do a multitude of things with their story.

    Basically, there is no shortage of directions The Leftovers can take in the future as they are not bound by the rigid walls of a book series — the novel opens the characters’ journeys up to so, so many possibilities. The Leftovers author Tom Perotta is a co-creator, executive producer, and writer on the show, so it’s not as if the direction the show is taking seems too blasphemous. The most important thing the show should (and seems to) maintain is how people change in the face of tragedy. Violence, love, depression(understatement much?)are bound to come out and the series, while occasionally over the top with symbolism, shows us all of these feelings and more. I can’t wait to see how develop the story and these people beyond their written counterparts. There’s still so much left to be discovered.

    Live finale viewing post? How do you think this shit is gonna go down tonight, ONTD? Lindelof don't fail us (again) now!


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    Users keen to see naked pictures of celebrities like Jenifer Lawrence, Avril Lavigne and Rihanna, who recently had illicit images hacked from cloud storage, instead download malware that causes havoc in New Zealand's telecommunications network

    New Zealanders keen to view hacked photos of naked celebrities are being blamed for a nationwide Internet meltdown involving the country's main provider.

    It is believed a handful of computer users clicked links on Friday evening believing they would take them to the illicit images, but instead they inadvertently installed malware triggering a crippling Internet attack.It took telecommunications giant Spark, the rebranded Telecom Corp., until Sunday to fully repair what it termed a "dynamic" cyber-attack that overloaded its system covering more than 600,000 customers.

    The intimate celebrity photos, which included actress Jennifer Lawrence and singers Avril Lavigne and Rihanna, were stolen from a cloud storage system.

    Spark tweeted it was aware that when people clicked on some links they inadvertently installed malware "generating a high amount of traffic to overseas sites". Computer security specialists Trend Micro issued an alert shortly before the attack began warning not to open the links related to the nude celebrities.

    "For obvious reasons, clicking on links to 'naked celebrity' photos, or opening email attachments would be a very bad idea right now, expect criminals to ride this bandwagon immediately," it said."Our scanning brought to our attention some freshly-concocted schemes targeting those looking for the photos borne from the aforementioned leak. The first threat we found hails from Twitter, in the form of a tweet being posted with hashtags that contain the name of one of the leak's victims – Jennifer Lawrence."

    Trend Micro said users who clicked the link offering to show a video of the actress were directed to download a "video converter" that was actually malicious software. New Zealand authorities said they did not know who was behind the attack, which was launched from outside the country, and the malware was generating denial-of-service attacks towards Europe.


    Infected/hacked computer thread?
    The first time mine's was hacked was in 1999 and I thought my PC was possesed.

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    It’s really tough to explain. But no, he’s not gay. Nothing ever happened between us. I know he loved me too, but not in that way. When I wrote the record I was just really heartbroken — all I wanted to do was go to the studio and write about this guy who I fell in love with. I feel like love is a massive spectrum. But some people are so bothered about boxes, like the way they look and the way they’ve been brought up, that they don’t let themselves go to fall in love with other people. I think that’s what happened. He had his guard up a lot… He knows. I’ve told him everything and our relationship is great now,’ he said. ‘But he’s very wary of how he acts around me … I feel nothing towards him now. I’ll always love him, but I’m not in love with him any more.”


    Have you ever fallen for someone with an opposite sexual attraction?

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    The first-time director of Before We Go talks to Krista Smith at the Toronto International Film Festival about capturing life's ineffable moments on film, shooting with fake phone booths, and sweating through encounters with Captain America fans.

    Captain America shouldn't be this easy to approach.

    When Marvel's in control, Chris Evans is typically tucked high in a skyscraper, security guards at the door, publicists on the watch. But this is the Toronto Film Festival, and Evans is here with a new mission: his directorial debut, Before We Go.

    "Was it terrible?" Evans asks, when told a reporter attended his film's debut screening on Friday morning (the film officially premieres next week). He dives on the crimson couch. "Don't lie to meeee!"

    Before We Go is a love story that stars Evans and Alice Eve as two strangers who slowly fall for each other over the course of one long, meandering New York night.

    "I'm such a (expletive) sap. I like romance," says Evans."I've had great nights before where just some wonderfully romantic night happens spontaneously, unpredictably. And the next day you try to tell your friends and it just doesn't cut it."

    Evans has been saying for years he wanted to direct, and his managers and agents have done the Hollywood shrug: "Yeah, sure, eventually."

    Eventually finally came, along with some whopping lessons about what it means to helm a film. "The responsibility is so much greater," says Evans, who edited Before We Go on breaks and weekends away from his Captain America duties. "It almost doesn't matter the budget. It could be $3 million, it could be $300 million."

    The upshot was that for the first time, Evans was in complete control of his performance. Tell Evans you actually prefer the way he directed himself, and he grins. "You know what? So did I," he all but whispers. "Can I say that? Is that horrible? It's so awful to say … These are the interviews you give that you're going to regret."

    But, he adds, "as an actor you have an idea in your head how you think a scene should go. And you give your variations of performance. And then when you see the final product they don't always use the takes you thought would work. And that's fine. With this, I'm in charge of the edit."

    With Before We Go for sale at the festival, Evans already has another project in mind to direct. His kind of movies? The likes of Blue Valentine, Half Nelson and Like Crazy. "It almost feels like movies nowadays have to be extreme novelty, like some weird indie festival or spectacle, like Godzilla," says the Cap, irony checked while in first-time director mode on this steamy afternoon. "What happened to Sleepless in Seattle? Just do a simple movie well."

    SOURCE 1& 2

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    hark Week may be over but our oceans and their inhabitants are still in danger. Check out some of the celebrities who are working to save them.
    1. Leonardo DiCaprio

    DiCaprio is n doubt one of the most charitable and environmentally friendly celebrities in the limelight and one of the many passions he has is for protecting the oceans. He recently pledged $7 million to ocean conservation efforts and earlier this year donated $3 million last winter to ocean advocacy non-profit Oceana.

    2. January Jones

    In 2009 Jones became the spokesperson for Oceana’s campaign to save sharks, which are incredibly threatened by fishing and finning in all oceans. She also campaigned for the Shark Conservation Act in the US.
    3. Paul Walker
    Recently deceased and incredibly missed action star Walker was known for his charitable efforts, including his campaigning against unsustainable fishing practices and shark finning with The Billfish Foundation. He also helped to stop coral reef destruction in the Mentawais, mainly caused by bomb fishing, and is considered a hero in their community.
    4. Jack Johnson

    Johnson is a supporter of the Australian Marine Conservation Society, which helps to protect endangered sea turtles and has even donated concert tickets to the cause. He and his wife began the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation which supports education and environmental causes, including teaching children about ocean pollution.

    5. Pierce Brosnan

    Brosnan and his family are environmentalists who have fought against environmentally disruptive processes off the coast including drilling for natural gas, salt factories, and deadly sonar use that kills sea creatures. Pierce is on the the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Board of Advisors and is a member of Oceana’s Ocean Council as well. Brosnan is also the narrator of Disney’s Oceans.


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    yas @ Queen Margaret and dapper Prince Meyer and Chalky basically reenacting O Brother Where Art Thou in tonight's ep
    source: YouTube and Twitter

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    Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Yes, Lifetime’s “The Brittany Murphy” story was as sensationalized and over-the-top as we all thought it would be.

    All of the facts we knew about Brittany’s untimely death in 2009 were not mentioned or saved for a written slide at the end of the unauthorized biopic. The rest was a garbled mess telling her “story” from her humble New Jersey beginnings to the sad end of her career, including her rise to fame post-”Clueless,” her romance with “Just Married” costar Ashton Kutcher, her mother Sharon’s battle with breast cancer, and her strange relationship with her now-deceased husband, Simon Monjack.

    Ultimately, this jumpy tale didn’t give us any answers about Brittany’s mysterious death — it was more like one of Lifetime’s original movies, complete with bad acting, dramatic music, and equally-dramatic lighting — but it did provide plenty of ridiculous and outrageous moments. Below, we outline 16 of the film’s most dramatic scenes and cringe-worthy quotes.

    1. The whole intro
    In the first few minutes of the film, we see Simon screaming, “You all killed her!” at the paparazzi after Brittany’s death, then a flash of tweets from Alicia Silverstone, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Ashton Kutcher mourning her.

    2. When a member of the “Clueless” crew calls Brittany a “chunky monkey”
    After smiling and being nice to Brittany, a random crew member walks a few feet away from her and loudly says that her onscreen transformation won’t save that “chunky monkey.” This is just one way to show how she was such an “outcast” on set.

    3. When she dramatically covers a mirror with a blanket to hide herself
    When Brittany is not yet blonde and super self conscious, she gazes into mirrors and tries to imagine herself as a skinny, traditionally pretty girl. One time, she gets so overwhelmed with her reflection that she throws a blanket over it and walks away.

    4. Her sex scandal as the “Jordache Junkie”
    While Brittany is helping her mom in the hospital, a rumor surfaces that she “got loaded and hooked up with a cater-waiter” at a party. They call her the “Jordache Junkie” (because she was the latest Jordache model, of course) and she tells her mom, “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the idea that I left your hospital room to go out and get loaded and have anonymous sex.”

    5. Her breakup with Ashton Kutcher
    Though Ashton and Brittany have an adorable costar romance after “Just Married” — and notably, Ashton’s casting is probably the best of the entire film — it has to come to an end. Toward the end of their relationship, he laments, “I don’t understand. What happened between when we first started hooking up to now? We were having fun.” She comes home from a trip without her engagement ring on and explains to her mom, “We decided to call it quits. I always felt like I was dragging him down.” As she walks upstairs to rest, she immediately faints and her suitcase rolls down the stairs, crashing at the bottom.

    rest of the list at the soruce!

    source: MTV

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    Die Antwoord recently posted on their Facebook:

    o.m.FUCK. kim from sonic youth sittin nxt 2 nikki... who was sitting nxt 2 ninja who changed seats becoz nikki was bein a bitch... so he cud speak to heidi who was sittin nxt 2 ¥o-landi who was sittin nxt 2 ellen who was sitting nxt 2 rihanna who waz sitting nxt 2 tyga who sitting nxt 2...fuck wat was i saying again #alexanderwang

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    rihanna so cool an warm an friendly n real n shit... but nikki....she a stoopid ho

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    aaahhhriri such a sweetie<3

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    The fame and scandals of Gloria Trevi inspired a movie based on his life that has generated much expectation, after the singer disallow the tape.

    However, the film is about to release on October 30 and Universal and launched a controversial new trailer.

    In it, we see the moment Trevi met Andrade. His arrival at successful program Siempre en Domingo and its rapid rise to fame throughout Latin America.

    But dreams of Gloria tarnish when the news about the "Clan Trevi Andrade" began to point it out. Thus, progress also shows shouts and abuse and when the singer of "Zapatos Viejos" was arrested for justice.

    "You'll never be able to write a song without me," says Andrade at the end of the trailer, which also emphasizes "Fame is insanity."

    Directed by Swedish Christian Keller, the film features performances after leading Sofia Espinosa (The Girl in the Stone) as Gloria Trevi and Marco Perez in the role of Sergio Andrade.


    Don't know her? Google "caso Trevi-Andrade"

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    SHIA LaBeouf has been snapped walking the streets of Los Angeles in a rather colourful outfit that drew attention to his, ahem, Shia LaBulge.

    The scandal-prone 28-year-old actor and girlfriend Mia Roth were spotted on their way to a lunch date over the weekend, after LaBeouf had competed in the Los Angeles marathon.

    Judging by his outfit, we would have assumed LaBeouf was on his way from some sort of 80s-Xanadu-jazzercise-aerobics tournament:



    Last October, we brought you the news that LaBeouf had reportedly received a swift kick to the family jewels after filming a couple of girls on the street in London.

    While we’re not sure these skin tight purple leggings are really appropriate lunch attire, it’s at least comforting to see the LaBeouf valuables don’t appear to have sustained any permanent damage.

    Shia, we love that you’re serving Ned Flanders realness, but maybe next time pop some shorts on over the top?


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  • 09/07/14--21:54: Cops with character

  • A funny thing happened on the way to casting for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the ensemble sitcom about a New York City police station. Two Latina actresses, Melissa Fumero andStephanie Beatriz, auditioned for the roles of detectives — and the characters weren't even Latina.

    Fumero, the daughter of Cuban immigrants, read for the part of an overachieving, by-the-book cop. As for Beatriz, who was born in Argentina to a Colombian father and a Bolivian-Brazilian mother, all she knew about her character was the description "tough, smart and scary as hell."

    The two won the roles, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine went on to become a hit, earning two awards at the Golden Globes this year (Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy, and Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy, for star Andy Samberg), plus a second season that premieres in September on Fox. The show also has earned admiration for its portrayal of Latinos, as well as other ethnicities and gender orientations. The sitcom presents not stereotypes but realistic, multi-faceted people who are proud of, but not marginalized by, how they were defined previously in entertainment.
    Fumero says the characters are detectives who happen to be Latina, but that's not the direct focus. "That blows my mind, it's so ground-breaking."
    Breaking cultural ground was never the intention of Brooklyn Nine-Nine writers Dan Goor and Michael Schur, the team behind another hit comedy, Parks and Recreation.
    "They just wanted to write a good show with good characters and have those characters be real, well-rounded, fleshed-out people," says Fumero. They wanted Fumero and Beatriz on the show, and the two were Latina, so they made the characters Latina. "There wasn't an agenda. ... I'm almost more proud of that than even the fact that it's such a diverse cast."
    Beatriz agrees: "They're interested in writing for an audience that wants to see real world reflected on television."
    The roles of Rosa Diaz and Amy Santiago are the type Beatriz and Fumero have been dreaming of and working hard for all their lives.


    Beatriz had some early exposure with colorblind casting in her Webster, Texas, high school production of Little Women, when she was chosen to play Jo. "It felt so special, because I didn't look like any of the girls who were cast as my sisters. All of them were white girls ... and there is a Latina playing Jo. And nobody cared," she says. The role led Beatriz to her passion and a confidence she'd never had before. "I felt like a full, real person for the first time."
    The feeling of belonging was new for Beatriz, a member of an immigrant family facing challenges in their new home. Beatriz's father, a chemical engineer in Argentina, had to switch to driving trucks when he brought his wife and toddler-age daughters to the United States. "It was much more difficult for my father to find a job, probably because of, you know, societal prejudices against someone whose degree came from South America and whose first language wasn't English," Beatriz remembers. Her mother knew few people. Her sister Jennifer stopped speaking Spanish when she was teased about her Argentinian accent.
    But the many adjustments only made their parents more resourceful and supportive of their daughters. Her father now drives a bus for students learning English as a second language; her mother teaches Spanish. "It was important for them to have my sister and I really follow our hearts," Beatriz says. So her parents let her focus on theater throughout high school and at Stephens College in Columbia, Mo.
    After graduating, Beatriz worked with Yale Repertory Theatre and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF), where her longtime boyfriend, fellow actor Dan Donohue, is playing Richard III this summer. Through the OSF, she was exposed to Culture Clash, the Latino/Chicano performance troupe. "I've been a fan of (theirs) since I was a kid, and I got to work alongside them," Beatriz says. "That was a big step in my growth as an actor who wanted to do more comedy."
    She credits her work in theater with helping her keep in tough, taciturn character during hilarious scenes with Saturday Night Live alum Samberg, Fumero and co-star Joe Lo Truglio. "They're the strongest (at improvisational comedy)," she says. "I just don't want to ruin one of their takes; if I start cracking up, that's it."
    When she's not in character, though, Beatriz is bubbly and quick to laugh. "I am very different from Rosa, although she's definitely one of my shadow selves," Beatriz admits. "(Rosa) cares about people, but she doesn't have time for BS. There's too much else going on."
    Her character's mysterious background allows Beatriz to add her own touches:She thought Rosa would ride a motorcycle, so she started carrying a helmet onto the set and has even signed up for lessons in case they let her film a scene on one. "If Rosa rides a bike, then I should know how."

    In addition to motorcycle lessons, Beatriz wants to return to the place where she found herself, her high school theater department. "I really like talking to teenagers about the industry. ... I wish someone had been able to do that when I was in high school; I had so many questions about the way things worked, and I didn't even know who to ask," she says. "Especially for young women, it's a really tricky world."
    Her character would likely agree, though probably wouldn't add a cheerful, "It would be really fun for me!"


    Brooklyn Nine-Nine is filmed in Los Angeles, but Fumero can attest to its authentic East Coast look. She says she's a "Jersey girl from Lyndhurst, right by Giants Stadium." She's also first-generation Cuban American. Her parents came to the United States separately from Cuba when they were young and met in high school in New Jersey. "They're still in love, still hold hands," she reports proudly.
    Fumero describes her parents as practical: Her mother was a hairdresser who became a stay-at-home mom, and her father was a math teacher who now works in a jewelry store in Manhattan. Yet when their daughter showed signs of a different path, making up plays and performing them as a child, they saved every cent to send her to dance classes.
    "I was always performing," she says. When her parents took her to Broadway musicals starting at age 10, "I remember looking at the stage and being like, 'That. I want to do that.'" Her parents sacrificed what they could to add acting classes to their daughter's new obsession.
    Their support was validated by an acceptance letter from New York University, one of the most prestigious — and expensive — schools in the Northeast. "NYU was a challenge, but they made it happen. ... I remember my dad sitting down with me and saying, 'You can't not go to this school, so we're just going to figure it out,'" Fumero says, her voice filling with emotion.
    Their faith in her drove her to succeed, and mere hours after her final exam, Fumero got word she'd won the role of Adriana Cramer on the legendary soap opera One Life to Live. "That was the biggest redeeming moment," she says with a laugh, remembering how happy she felt: "I did good! I'm going to get you really nice Christmas gifts from now on!"
    In addition to gifts and bragging rights, she also gave her parents a son-in-law: Cuban-American model and actor David Fumero, who also starred on the show. The two don't have children yet, something Fumero is asked about a lot. "Once you're married, you're never allowed to have stomach flu, because everyone will think you're pregnant," she jokes.
    Her soap opera alter ego became pregnant, though, as well as becoming a model, getting attacked by her stalker, finding love and then leaving her husband to run off toParis. When Fumero left the soap, she was ready for a change, telling her agent, "I'm all cried out from One Life. I really want to go back to comedy."
    Fumero hired a coach and spent time at The Groundlings, the legendary sketch comedy troupe and school in Los Angeles, where A-list comedians Kristen Wiig,Melissa McCarthy and Will Ferrell trained.
    The results are great timing and a subtle step beyond playing straightwoman to Samberg's funnyman. "I have a very cartoony face," Fumero says of her expressive reactions to Samberg's lines. "When you're acting with Andy Samberg, you definitely have to be on your toes and ready for anything. ... It's very challenging and super fun, and you feel really good and proud at the end of the workday.
    "This whole cast and this show has made me grow so much as an actor and as a person," she adds.
    While Fumero can't say where her character on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is headed, she has hopes the show will be an influencer on television. "We want to see Latinos do more than be the maid, gangster or drug dealer. I know Latin people; they're not like that. Hopefully people start writing and producing shows that reflect that. The views of Latinos (are) much more diverse. There's a lot of us.
    "It sends a message," she says, "without actually sending a message."


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