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    Close your eyes, Nicki Minaj! Following Miley Cyrus' parody of Minaj's racy "Anaconda" cover art, the "Wrecking Ball" singer is once again copying the rapper's signature bootylicious style in a funny new Instagram photo.

    In the pic, the 21-year-old pop star wears a giant prosthetic butt to give her the illusion of having a big booty. The fake bum in question is similarly shaped to Minaj's bountiful bum, which she shows off in only a tiny pink thong for her new hit single "Anaconda.

    Cyrus captioned the butt pic, "ass so fat need a lap dance."

    Last month, Cyrus shared a copycat photo of herself as Minaj from the "Anaconda" cover art. Minaj saw the parody and responded with a not so favorable message. "Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi. #AnacondaOniTunes," Minaj wrote.

    Doesn't Nicki know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

    Meanwhile, Cyrus recently shared a bevy of other photos featuring her wild tour props and colorfully dressed backup dancers. She also posted one of herself smoking a questionable-looking cigarette.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    She may have been born in the U.S.A, but she’s posing for Italy.

    Like many celebrity offspring before her, Jessica Springsteen — daughter of the legendary Bruce Springsteen and singer-songwriter Patti Scialfa — has launched her modeling career. The aspiring professional horsewoman and Duke University graduate, 22, is now Gucci’s equestrian ambassador, a title she celebrated in Editorialist magazine with a photo shoot on her family’s 300-acre horse farm in New Jersey.

    Jessica Springsteen, Gucci’s new equestrian ambassador, strikes a pose for Editorialist.
    The young fashionista got a little help on set — from her parents. On a break from their High Hopes tour, the couple encouraged their daughter with a few motivational shout-outs.

    “You’re a tiger, Jess,” Mr. Springsteen (er, Mr. Boss?) crowed teasingly while she posed in a mini mod Gucci shift. “You’re a bird!” On a biker jacket look, the "Glory Days" crooner nodded approvingly. “She’s bringing the rock.”

    Gucci creative director Frida Giannini said the company chose Jessica because she is “a great horsewoman,” who “brings the elegant, dynamic spirit of Gucci alive.” As for her involvement, Jessica said Gucci is “all about strength and confidence... Those are the two most important characteristics as an equestrian.”

    Jessica also admitted to a long history of trying to steal her mother’s Gucci wardrobe, bemoaning how Scialfa would resort to hiding the luxury goods.

    “It’s Gucci,” Scialfa quipped. “She can borrow it, not have it.”

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    The amazing VanJess never got to perform their song "It's Coming Up" on Make Or Break: The Linda Perry Project, since they were sent home before yesterday's season finale. Luckily their song made it onto the Various Artists EP for Season 1. Now VanJess have uploaded a YouTube exclusive performance of "It's Coming Up" for their fans. Check it out.

    Click To Hear The Studio Version On iTunes


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    The American football player admits to having an immature side...

    Tom Brady admits that he has a rather immature side when it comes to getting his wife Gisele Bundchen’s attention.

    The American football star has two children with the Brazilian supermodel however the parents can’t help but act like youngsters themselves at times.

    “I’m a guy, what doesn’t she get on me for? That’s just what wives do, he told Man of the World magazine’s Fall issue. “I like attention from her, so when I’m not getting it I let her know in immature ways, like a young, immature child would. You throw fits and you pout and you whine until you get what you want.”


    Although the sportsman’s actions used to do that trick when he craved the star’s attention, now his tactics are less successful.

    “She’s on to me, she knows all of my tricks. So now I have to learn new tricks, he continued.

    Tom is known as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all NFL history, and is profiled by Geoffrey Grey styled by Deborah Watson and photographed by Randall Mesdon in the publication’s latest instalment. Speaking candidly, he reflects on family, leadership and finding peace on the field.


    “My wife speaks five languages. I always tell her I speak two: English and football,Tom – who sleeps with his playbook next to his bed - joked.

    “In a weird way, even though it’s hyper-intense, I really am my true self out there” he added. “I can be who I am without having to be polite or having to be on. If someone messes up, I can let them know.

    “If I want to be excited, I can be excited. If I want to be pissed, I can be pissed. I’m more myself in front of 70,000 people.”

    Tom Brady issue 9 is out now
    ( SOURCE )

    What do you do to get your significant other's/crush's attention?

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  • 09/04/14--14:54: Kristen Wiig's Hippie Summer

  • Kristen Wiig talks to David Letterman about her summer shooting the upcoming film Loomis Fargo in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The film also stars Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis. It is scheduled to be released August 14, 2015.


    ONTD, have you ever been to the North Carolina mountains? Were they as "hippie" as Kristen says they are?

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    Joan Rivers may not have always pleased everyone at once, but celebrities reacting to the 81-year-old trailblazer’s death on Twitter today are confirming that her legacy will be one filled with laughs. In the words of so many she inspired, Joan was an “icon,” a “force of nature,” and “absolutely remarkable.”


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    Supergirl fans may have a lot to get excited about soon. A new report from E! Online states that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are currently shopping a "Supergirl" series to various networks, and while there's no deal currently in place, the show will likely not end up at The CW.

    Furthermore, E! Online's sources stated that Michael Green is attached to the project. Green, a producer on "Gotham," "Smallville" and "Heroes," was responsible for the relaunch of the "Supergirl" ongoing series in 2011 at the start of DC's New 52. Green, along with his co-writer Mike Johnson, were on the series for twelve issues. (Johnson is set to return to the series in November.)

    If picked up, "Supergirl" would be the first female-driven comics-based television show since the original "Wonder Woman" television series ended in 1979. Although there have been several announced projects -- such as David E. Kelly's "Wonder Woman" pilot and the "Amazon" Wonder Woman origin series -- "Supergirl" is actually the first non-Wonder Woman series rumored for development. The character has appeared in live-action media before, most recently in "Smallville," where she was played by Laura Vandervoort.

    DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. already have a very ambitious television slate for the 2014-2015 season, which includes a third season of "Arrow," and debut seasons of "The Flash," "Gotham," "Constantine" and "iZombie."


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    Scarlett Johansson and her fiance Romain Dauriac have welcomed their first child – a baby girl named Rose, her rep confirms to

    The 29-year-old actress’ rep told the Associated Press that “mother and daughter are doing well.”

    The rep also added that “the couple is seeking privacy and are supporters of the No Kids Policy, the celebrity effort to keep famous folks’ children out of the public eye.”

    Scarlett and Romain announced their engagement back in September 2013 and their pregnancy news was announced in March 2014.


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    Source: My EW issue and Ryan Hansen's instagram
    You can view HQ images with a digital subscription to EW. is not allowed.

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    So Dan Stevens appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier to promote his new film, The Guest. During the interview, host Susanna Reid asked the British actor a rather X-rated question:

    To recap:

    This [role] is you as an all-American and a big opportunity for you in Hollywood – you must have had to beat off a lot of American men.

    Why does that make you giggle? Did you not have to beat them off? With a big stick?



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    I can't possibly imagine this lasting very long.

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    Stephen Amell appeared at Toronto’s Fan Expo this past weekend and revealed initial details about the show’s upcoming season and the role that Brandon Routh will play.
    “We don’t gloss over the fact that there was an earthquake and a siege in consecutive order in a major fictional metropolitan place,” Amell joked. “That’s actually a focal point for Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh’s character) because we talk a lot about the fact that nobody wants to live in Starling City anymore, despite the fact that we have criminals on the run at the beginning of Season 3.”

    Andrew Kreisberg talks about how Brandon landed the role of Ray:

    “[Brandon] actually did a chemistry test with Emily [Bett Rickards] and we didn’t have any doubt [before], but when everyone saw that, the two of them just jumped off the screen together.”
    Will we ultimately see a ton of Ray on the show? Beyond season 3, the future is a little unclear; however, we can at least say for sure that he is going to be around for a sizable chunk of the episodes throughout the next year or so. This means that if Oliver really is going to want Felicity, he’s going to have to up his game rather than just be the distant guy she pines after.

    “He’s not like Sebastian Blood, looking at Oliver with disdain. Oliver quite frankly just doesn’t play at this guy’s level.”
    We know already that Palmer is not a man Oliver is going to be able to just ignore, either. The character will be around for a lengthy period of time this season, and that could cause him to become an integral part of Oliver’s life … regardless of whether or not he really wants it to happen.
    There are also going to be many other new characters into the world of the series moving forward, as well. Ted “Wildcat” Grant will be helping Laurel Lance train to potentially become the new Black Canary, while Ra’s al Ghul is set to be the Big Bad for the later part of the season (though the character has not been cast just yet).


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    In the current movie climate, hardly a week goes by where Benedict Cumberbatch isn't linked to a major role in a major movie, usually one adapted from some sort of major geeky source material. Maybe it's because the man - both Sherlock, Khan and Smaug, remember - has some serious geek cred. Maybe it's just because he's a great actor. Or, perhaps, he's just got an agent to die for.

    Not matter the reasons, though, the latest bird-like rumor to hit the metaphorical windmill of Hollywood buzz - that Cumberbatch is set to feature in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - might just be a little bit more for real than usual.

    After all, this time, the man himself is very pointedly not denying it.

    Cue the BBC reporter's Twitter feed:


    Now, obviously this remains very much within the realm of rumor - and one deflected question to a British journalist does not a confirmation make - but all the same, it's a big step. Cumberbatch is usually more than happy to deny his involvement in major tentpole pictures when he's, y'know, not involved in them - which means any sort of reluctance to outright refute rumors has to be given at least a second thought or two.

    The big question then, is who he's set to play...

    The above report, and much of the online buzz, has suggested that Cumberbatch is set to play a villain - but there have been murmurs suggesting a certain green hero, too.


    lbr nobody is going to see this movie. did anybody like man of steel? does anybody like affleck?

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    EA Games, the makers of the Sims franchise, have included a deliberate glitch in the latest addition to the series that makes pirated copies of the game unplayable.

    The Sims 4, which was released earlier this week, is the most recent installment of one of the best-selling PC franchises of all time. The life simulator series allows gamers to 'play God' - creating realistic avatar characters ('Sims'), moving them into houses, and directing their actions.

    In all Sims games, the developers preserve the modesty of characters by pixelating their bodies whenever they take a bath or shower. However, EA’s glitch ensures that the pixellated area gradually spreads to blur out the entire screen, remaining there indefinitely.

    Numerous pirates, unaware that this was an intended glitch, took to official forums of the game to complain about their supposed “bug”, where they were then ridiculed by paying gamers for falling prey to EA’s trap.

    Although illegal downloading is an issue for any popular computer game, the Sims 4 has been expected to suffer particularly heavy piracy due to widespread displeasure within the Sims fanbase at several notable departures from previous installments of the franchise. Early reviewers of the game have criticised the removal of swimming pools as a building feature and the ‘toddler’ life stage. The game currently holds an average rating of 3.8 out of 10 on

    Loz Kaye, the leader of the Pirate Party, a UK pressure group which seeks to legalise file sharing, was ambivalent about EA’s anti-piracy measure.

    “It looks like EA have been using their effort in the wrong place,” he told Newsweek. “If they had used their creativity on the actual game, Sims 4 might have got better reviews. Making a great gaming experience is what will make people part with their cash, not 'pirate catching' gimmicks.”

    “That said, at least it's an approach that doesn't involve calling the police on anyone. The British government has ploughed millions into financing copyright cops. When the police are facing tough budget cuts for dealing with actual crime, they certainly don't need to be chasing people with pixelated Sims.”

    The Sims 4’s glitch is one of a number of novel methods game designers have used to combat online piracy. A previous EA Games release, ‘Mirror’s Edge,’ automatically slows down characters before they reach key jumps that must be taken at speed. Pirated versions of Rockstar’s ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ contain a glitch which forces the in-game camera to wobble after a few minutes of play, while illegal downloads of the first person shooter game ‘Serious Sam 3’ spawn a giant, immortal scorpion that constantly pursues the player.

    The UK government recently announced that people downloading copyrighted material will no longer face prosecution, but will instead receive a series of letters or emails aimed at educating them on the problems caused by online piracy, effectively decriminalising the practice.


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    Hilary Duff is going on the attack over explicit new Internet photos that purportedly show her nude -- because she says the woman in the pics is NOT her.
    A new batch of extremely graphic photos surfaced Friday, but Duff's rep says they've examined the alleged pics of Hilary and determined they are fake and they've alerted the FBI.
    We're told, Hilary has very "defining birthmarks" and recognizable tattoos, that do not appear on the woman in the new photos. One of the tattoos is an anchor on the inside of Hilary's left ankle that she's had for years, but again, it doesn't show up in any of the pics.
    We're told they've forwarded the links to the FBI and anyone who publicly states the pics are of Hilary is "going to meet legal recourse."


    All I am going to say this that the photos were very explict.

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    <<<me rn


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    Sources confirm that Selena Gomez has signed with John Janick’s Interscope after seven years on Hollywood Records.

    The diva will work closely with Janick—who bested multiple suitors to sign her—on the next phase of her career. In the meantime, A greatest-hits package with new music is in the works for a possible Q4 release, fulfilling Gomez's obligation to Ken Bunt’s Hollywood.

    During her tenure with Disney, the Hollywood label developed her into a major new recording artist, with sales of 2.8m albums and 18.1m tracks, while helping her accrue a massive fan base (she’s garnered more than 1.7 billion total video views and enjoys 4.5m subscribers to her YouTube channel, as well as 22.7m Twitter followers). Gomez was coveted by all the majors.

    The potential for the next phase of her career has certainly been underscored by the recent successes of Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus—both of whom, like Gomez, migrated from kid-TV stardom to the pop charts.

    After achieving Disney Channel celebrity, thanks to The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and starring vehicle The Wizards of Waverly Place (as well as assorted film roles), Gomez released her 2009 Hollywood set Kiss & Tell, the first of three with her band Selena Gomez & the Scene. The album bowed in the Top 10; it also yielded the platinum single “Naturally” (1.9m sold); it’s moved 920k RTD.

    Their 2010 follow-up, A Year Without Rain, debuted at #4 and has done 810k total, while 2011’s When the Sun Goes Down (another #4 bow) spawned hits “Who Says” (1.9m) and the Top 10 Pop single “Love You Like a Love Song” (2.6m). It’s sold 691k since its release. During this period she continued working in films.

    Gomez's first solo effort, 2013’s Stars Dance, marked her first #1 chart debut and featured the #1 Pop radio smash “Come & Get It” (2.4m tracks sold). It’s sold 383k RTD. That year also saw her appear in the decidedly adult-skewing flick Spring Breakers, a tweaking of her tween-princess image reminiscent of how Cyrus twerked away from Hannah Montana.

    She’s still just 22.


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    Earlier this week, British GQ named Kim Kardashian the Woman of the Year, and though this left many angry and confused, it turns out to be the gift that keeps on giving. From the ceremony in which Kim was given the wrong award, to the almost pornographic photo spread that appears in the magazine, and now to a little tidbit that implies Kim and Kanye West have filmed a sex tape together, it has certainly been The News Cycle to Remember.

    In her British GQ interview, Kim is quoted as saying:

    “My husband Kanye and I have an amazing sex life. So far as the sex tape is concerned, whether or not we’ve made another … If we have, it’s never something I want to go public. I never want to make the same mistake twice.”

    It is interesting that she refers to her first sex tape as a "mistake" given that said tape propelled her to fame. She might also want to consider that we are living in an age where celebrities' private photos and videos are leaked at an alarming rate, so simply hoping it doesn't make its way onto the internet is perhaps somewhat naive. Certainly, though, if they truly don't want their tape (if they have one) to leak, we hope it does not.

    Kim also discusses how she and Kanye decided to name North:

    “It was a rumor in the press and we’d never really considered it seriously. But Kanye and I were having lunch … and Pharrell came over to us and said, ‘Oh my God, are you guys really going to call your daughter 'North'? That is the best name.’"

    She continued:

    “Then a little while later Anna Wintour came over and asked the same thing. She told us: ‘North is a genius name.’ Kanye and I looked at one another and just laughed. I guess at that point it sort of stuck."

    So, yes, basically Pharrell and Anna Wintour named North, which is just one more example of how the now one-year-old was, before even being born, already more interesting than every single one of us.

    And remember when President Obama called Kanye a "jackass" in 2009... and then again in 2012? Kim talked about that too:

    “I don’t think it’s very appropriate for the president of the United States to be commenting on pop culture… I mean, calling people ‘jackass’? I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion — even him. I was just like, ‘why is he even commenting on this?’”

    You hear that, Mr. President? Keep your opinions to yourself.


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