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    lindsay lohan, sky ferreira, snoop dogg, asap rocky, rye rye were all at jeremy scott's coachella party


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    Director: Lee Hirsch
    Rated PG-13 for intense thematic material, disturbing content, and some strong language -- all involving kids (initially rated R for some language)

    “Bully” follows a group of tweens and teens who’ve dealt with persistent bullying: lonely 12-year-old Alex faces daily physical and verbal abuse (particularly on the bus) in Sioux City, Iowa; out-and-proud 16-year-old Kelby is constantly besieged by the homophobia of her classmates and teachers in Tuttle, Oklahoma; and two sets of grieving parents attempt to honor their sons, who each committed suicide rather than live another day with the merciless taunting of their peers. Since Hirsch’s documentary explores the many ways that bullying can affect and damage kids, I took two 13-year-old girls to see the film and discuss what they thought of the heartbreaking stories, and ultimately, the hopeful message.

    Which of the stories affected you the most?
    “The girl who came out in the town where everyone was homophobic. In the area where we live, people are much more accepting, so it’s sad and depressing to think that people who knew her all her life would be so mean. There might be a few people here who don’t agree with being gay, but overall, people wouldn’t treat a gay kid that way.” - Maddy, 7th grade

    “I think the Alex story was the saddest, because it was so constant that he didn’t think there was anything anyone could do about it.” – Isabel, 8th grade

    Did the bullying in the movie look realistic? What other forms of bullying have you witnessed?
    “It’s not so much the physical abuse that we see, but the texting, Facebook, verbal abuse.” - Maddy

    “It’s realistic, because my brother was bullied a lot in high school, and he never said anything about it. My parents only found out because he started failing every class, and eventually he had to switch to a private school with smaller classes and more help from teachers.” – Isabel

    Have you been bullied yourself or seen people bullied?

    “I’ve seen a group of people decide they’re going to pick on one person. They circle someone in the cafeteria, and you think it’s going to be a fight, but it’s just all of the people yelling horrible things at the person.” – Maddy

    “I have. I had a group call like 50 people and pretend they were me, saying things like ‘I want to have sex with you.’ And someone told a girl I called her a ‘whore’ when I hadn’t said anything, but she got in my face almost every day and shoved me, spit her gum at me, stuff like that.” --Isabel

    Did you find out who did that to you or tell anyone?
    “No, and the people kept texting and asking me why I said such weird things to them. Another time, a guy punched me in the face right in class and no one, even the teacher, did anything. He was popular, so I was afraid to tell anyone else.” -- Isabel

    What do you think about the adults in the documentary? The middle school’s assistant principal seemed pretty clueless.
    “The scene where she tells Alex’s parents that she’s ridden Alex’s school bus line and it’s ‘good as gold’ was awful. And also the superintendent of the school with the suicide who says bullying wasn’t a particular problem is wrong.” – Isabel

    “I didn’t understand Alex’s dad when he told him ‘What are you going to do when it’s your little sister being bullied? You have to take care of things now.’ I didn’t get what he wanted Alex to do. He made it seem like he wanted Alex to fight his bullies, which didn’t make sense.” – Maddy

    Are the buses at your school anything like the one Alex rode on every day?
    “No. A bus driver here would have stopped the bus immediately, made everyone behind them stop, and then stood up to yell at everyone to sit down. They wouldn’t have ignored the bullying like Alex’s bus driver.” – Maddy

    How do you think you can help end bullying, like the movie encourages?
    “I like the idea of being encouraged to stand up against bullying, but the movie also makes it seem like it’s almost pointless, because bullying will always continue.” --Isabel

    “I think parents and kids need to make the schools systems change. The movie is starting a movement for change, but it’s just the beginning.”  -- Maddy


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    • Recent images YOU WANT TO SEE from Godfrey Gao's twitter and instagram.
    • Promo for Godfrey Gao's latest Taiwanese drama Singular Perfect Match.
    • He won an award for his acting. Clearly, planet Earth must now cast him in all of the things. The Hobbit: Part Two better have him as an elven prince. Yes, I know that's a delusional wish.
    • He has rightly been described as a 6'5 gift for your loins.
    • He was born stan-ready; look at his name!


    TV & FILM
    PROfessionally beautiful man uses social networking to improve lives with his beauty

    source 1

    "Thank you LETV for giving me "Most Potential New Actor" award!"

    source 2


    hello beijing!"

    SOURCE 3

    "sippin coconut.........!"

    source 4

    TV & FILM

    Promo for Gao's latest drama

    source 5
    source 6
    learn about the importance of vitamins here

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    adorable <3


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    Jaz Ellington is signed to Andrew Stone Management – named after the Pineapple Dance Studios and Celebrity Big Brother irritant.

    On his website, the deluded Stone promises: “As a teacher and mentor to many, I felt it was time to go one stage further... to reach out to give other artists the benefit of my experience and knowledge plus the opportunity to share on a greater stage.”

    But it looks like Jaz will be going it alone after making the coaches cry on tonight’s show. The singing teacher from London performs a version of Ed Sheeran’s The A Team.

    Jessie then pleads with him to sing another song and requests John Legend’s Ordinary People – co-written and co-produced by fellow mentor

    And when Jaz starts to sing, The Black Eyed Peas star puts his head in his hands as he struggles to contain his emotion.

    An overwhelmed Will says: “Here comes a little angel with wings and eyes that I can see in the night.”

    Jaz, who lists gospel music as an inspiration, is an expectant father whose wife is three months pregnant.

    • VOICE coaches and Danny O’Donoghue have a bitchy bust-up on tonight’s show.

    The rival pair clash after they continually swivel their chairs for the same acts in the talent show – and they even accuse each other of copying.

    Danny said: “There is a bit of rivalry between me and Will. We tend to turn on the same people. As soon as I turn around, oh, he is already there. I guess it still remains to be seen who is actually copying who. Every time I turned around, he was there.” hit back: “We know damn well I wasn’t following his button-pushing. That’s his tactics. I don’t have tactics, I’ve got Tic Tacs because I stay fresh.”

    What are your thoughts on British version of The Voice? Who is your favorite judge? 


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    Rita Ora: "Jay-Z Thinks I Could Be As Big As Rihanna"
    The Hot Right Now star says the Roc Nation boss fully supports her career...

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

    Rita Ora has revealed her Roc Nation boss Jay-Z believes she can be as big as Bajan babe Rihanna.

    The R.I.P. singer, who has already enjoyed chart-topping success (let's not get too liberal with our language, here) with DJ Fresh collaboration Hot Right Now, claims Jigga has been "so welcoming" and "genuinely helpful" when it comes to her career.

    Speaking to The Guardian, Ora admitted: "I don't think there will be a next Rihanna, but I think [Jay-Z] definitely sees me as someone who could be as big as Rihanna.

    "She's a superstar now, but they first knew her as a small-island girl - and they want to repeat that success,"

    Ora - who signed to Roc Nation back in 2009 - went on to relive the moment she met Jay-Z for the first time, explaining: "It was like I knew him for years. He's so welcoming and humble and genuinely helpful and caring when it comes to music."

    Rita already seems to have made a lasting impression on the Empire State Of Mind hitmaker, after Jay was spotted attending one of her gigs in New York last week with his wife, Beyoncé.


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    Their X-rated hot performance at the ‘2011 BET Awards’ is still etched on our brains – and now Trey Songz has revealed ALL about his “chemistry” with superstar Kelly Rowland.

    In an exclusive chat with MTV Australia backstage at ‘Supafest 2012’ in Sydney this weekend, the rapper singer gushed, “Kelly’s amazing."

    “Her spirit is great. Every time you see her she’s very good at what she does. She’s an amazing singer and dancer.”

    And it sounds like the feeling is mutual!

    Blown away by the hip hop star’s explosive set at the ANZ Stadium, the Destiny’s Child singer, added,

    “It was insane! And songs that you think that some people wouldn’t know, they know every single word to!”

    Meanwhile, the RnB pair, who are currently touring across our shores with the urban music festival, are also set to reignite their special spark with a steamy new collab!

    “It’s entitled ‘Heart Attack,’” said Trey. “We just shot [the video] last week.

    “It’s just her and I throughout the whole video. She’s the love of my life.

    “Our chemistry is so great, right back to our performance at the BET Awards.”

    And Kelly clearly couldn’t agree more…

    “I fell in love with the song,” she told us. “It came out beautifully.”

    An Aussie version of MTV

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mariah meeting Alicia and Swizz Beatz could either mean a play date session for dembabies and Alicia's baby OR new music and collaboration between the 2 talented ladies. I'm praying for the latter because Princess Roe is only here for Princess Blue and Prince Roc is just here to look cuddly. 

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  • 04/16/12--09:37: A NIALL HORAN POST:

  • Niall's dad: I don’t want a cut of his fortune

    THE butcher dad of One Direction’s Niall Horan last night told The Sun: “I don’t want a penny of my boy’s fortune.”

    Proud Bobby Horan revealed he has refused a house and car from his son, adding: “I will graft for the rest of my life.”

    The Tesco meat worker, 51, said: “When I heard Niall and One Direction had hit No1 in the States with their first album I was just clocking on for a 13-hour night shift.

    “I couldn’t believe it. I was obviously overjoyed. But I wasn’t going to go home and celebrate — I had a job to do.

    “I’ve been a butcher most of my life and I’m going to keep doing that until I retire.

    “I don’t want one penny of Niall’s money. He’s offered me big things like a car but I’ve always said no. I’m happy living and working as I am.”

    Bobby — who brought up Niall, 18, and older brother Greg after splitting from their mum Maura — also blasted the US One Direction group which is suing the British band for alleged copyright breaches.

    He said: “I want my boy and the rest of the group to keep touring under their name.

    “They’ve worked hard to sell records under that name. They have cracked the States and that’s the way it should stay.”

    Between butchery shifts in Co Westmeath, Ireland, Bobby spends hours taking care of fan mail for his son.

    He also has to tackle obsessed girls who turn up from all over the world.

    Bobby said: “A mother and daughter came from Canada. They wanted to see Niall’s room and where he lived. I was polite and let them take photos.

    “Another girl turned up from the US. She’d been driven here by her dad. It’s mad but I’m always polite. They’re the ones backing my boy after all.”

    Bobby is regularly posted lacy undies by girls desperate for Niall to sign them.

    He said: “I’ve taken bras to him that have come with letters asking for them to be autographed. He does it with a smile. It’s all harmless stuff and keeps people happy.”

    Bobby also thanked The Sun for keeping him updated on his son’s pop star lifestyle with bandmates Harry Styles, 18, Zayn Malik, 19, Liam Payne, 18 and Louis Tomlinson, 20.

    He said: “Sometimes we don’t talk for days because he’s so busy so it’s great to see what he’s up to in The Sun.

    “I laughed when I opened it the other day and saw him and the lads enjoying themselves on a yacht in Australia.

    “He’s gone in completely the opposite direction of my life, and I love watching it happen.”

    Niall's half-eaten toast sold for almost $100,000

    The One Direction singer tried the bread with some of Australia’s famous Vegemite spread while appearing on the country’s morning show ‘Sunrise’ on Wednesday but was unimpressed and didn't continue after taking just one bite.

    He later wrote on twitter: “Can clearly say vegemite is horrible! Like tryin new stuff though (sic)."

    The broadcaster Seven, which makes the show, then put the piece of toast up for sale on eBay in order to raise funds for charity YoungCare, which looks after young people who need full time care and with bids starting at $0.99 and moving up to $4,500, it quickly reached $100,000, according to Digital Spy.

    The original listing says: “We know you want to get close to your idols. For one lucky Directioner, that dream is about to become an easily digestible reality!

    “Niall Horan from One Direction tried out local delicacy Vegemite when the group appeared on Sunrise (Wednesday 11 April).

    “Now, you can be the proud owner of this piece of half-eaten toast which passed the lips of the blonde singer!

    “He even tweeted about his experience!

    “Please note: The item is perishable and although we will package it so that tampering is evident, we do not advise that it is consumed. We will not be including the mouthful that Niall spat out - because that's just gross.

    “All proceeds will go to charity YoungCare - a charity caring for young people who need full-time care. Find out more at”

    One Direction's mothers and Niall Horan's father talk about their famous sons

    Now that "X Factor" pop group One Direction is biggest boy band in the world, people are naturally curious to know more about the personal backgrounds of the members of One Direction.

    The Daily Mirror has done an entire article about the mothers of One Direction, whose members are 18-year-old Harry Styles, 19-year-old Zayn Malik, 18-year-old Liam Payne, 20-year-old Louis Tomlinson and 18-year-old Niall Horan. The article also includes family details (such as sibling info; whose parents are divorced, whose parents are married) plus childhood photos of the guys in One Direction.

    In 2010, the members of One Direction auditioned for "The X Factor" U.K. as solo singers, but they were rejected as solo singers, and then put together in a group by "The X Factor" executive producer Simon Cowell and other "X Factor" decision makers. It was Styles' idea to name the group One Direction. Cowell was One Direction's mentor on the show.

    After One Direction came in third place on the show, Cowell signed the group to Syco Music, the record company that he owns with Sony Music. One Direction, Syco Music and Sony Music were sued in April 2012 by an American rock band also named One Direction, which claims to be the one with the legal right to use the name. The outcome of the lawsuit is pending.

    As for One Direction members' relationships with their mothers, the biggest "mama's boy" in the group is definitely Tomlinson, since his mother, Johanna "Jay" Tomlinson, says that he texts her about seven times a day.

    And the One Direction mother who's been the most involved in her son's career has to be Styles' mother, Anne Cox, who went to every single "X Factor" show when her son was a contestant. She and her husband also opened up their home to the guys in One Direction when they had only about a month after the group formed before they had to do their first performance together as One Direction.

    Meanwhile, Horan's father, Bobby, said in an interview with The Sun that although he is very proud of his One Direction son, he doesn't want any handouts from Niall. Bobby, who works as a butcher, said that he already turned down Niall's offer to buy him a house and a new car. Bobby Horan's attitude is very unusual, since most people with close relatives who are millionaires don't hesitate to accept money or gifts from their rich relatives.

    Bobby Horan also told The Sun that he and his family have had to deal with extreme One Direction fans, such as those who show up uninvited at his home or those who mail things to his home such as underwear for Niall to autograph.

    As for the lawsuit over the One Direction name, Bobby Horan said: “I want my boy and the rest of the group to keep touring under their name. They’ve worked hard to sell records under that name. They have cracked the States and that’s the way it should stay.”

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    Just days before Gwendoline Christie made her debut as the female knight Brienne of Tarth in “Game of Thrones” Season 2, she was feeling all aflutter.

    “I am so nervous about it being on,” she told, down the phone line from her native UK. “The character is very close to my heart and it’s probably the first character that I’ve got to play, whereby, I can connect to so many of the experiences. It’s a dream part for me.”

    For devoted fans of George R.R. Martin’s literature series, it’s easy to understand why the actress was filled with pre-premiere nerves. Like Season 1’s Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark, the strong, complex and stereotype-defying Brienne of Tarth is one of the most beloved female characters in the, “A Song of Ice and Fire” books.

    After a nail-biting wait, when her debut scene finally arrived, fans were treated to a marvelous unveiling. After defeating Ser Loras Tyrell, this golden-cased, towering sword-swinger removed her golden helmet, shocking the crowd as they saw that the person who bested the Knight of the Flowers, was a woman.

    But while many in King Renly’s court were shocked (though not the king himself), a select group of “GOT” fans were on the side of Gwendoline the actress, from the start.

    “I was told that there was something online about me being discussed in relation to this part, and so I had a look and I thought, ‘OK, I’ll read the books,’ and as soon as I read about this character and read about the part, I just wanted this part,” Gwendoline told Access of her pre-audition interest. “I wrote on Twitter that I wanted to play it… I’ve never really done anything like that before, but I felt so passionate about the part and started watching the series when it came on… It’s something I absolutely wanted to be a part of. So, I just committed to it entirely. I mean, going to the gym is something I haven’t done regularly since I was a child.”

    Singularly focused, Gwendoline put in a fitness regime to rival “True Blood’s” hunky werewolf, the 6’5” Joe Manganiello, sweating it out with a mixture of kickboxing, boxing and yoga sessions. She also ditched alcohol and underwent a diet overhaul that included protein shakes and lean meat, showing her dedication to – and transformation into — Brienne.

    While not an easy road, Gwendoline was able to draw on her athletic past, the very one that led her to acting in the first place.

    “I was a semi-professional gymnast as a child. I did rhythmic gymnastics, but I sustained an injury and strained all the muscles in my spine,” she explained. “When that happened, and I was told that I wouldn’t be able to dance again at that level, I decided… I’d become an actress instead.”

    Asked about the moment or reaction that first made her realize she had a forte for acting, Gwendoline told Access it was at 15, when, in front of an audience — including her parents — she brought to life another famed female literary character – Lady Macbeth, in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.”

    “They were really thrilled,” Gwendoline recalled. “I had been very good at gymnastics and then I couldn’t do that anymore and then, that was the first time they saw me act and I suddenly felt that I was good at something again.”

    And, on Sunday, the Drama Centre London graduate (other alumni include Paul Bettany, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth), showed “Game of Thrones” watchers a morsel of her talents, bringing off the page and onto the screen, the thrilling female character.

    It’s a role that – as the weeks go on — will include more sword fighting, horse riding, complex male-female politics and female-in-a-male-arena biases. And there was an internal struggle Gwendoline had to battle too. In order to play Brienne on screen, Gwendoline had to shed many of the conventions that made her feel most womanly (like her cascading blond curls).

    “I had very certain ideas about the way that I felt that she should look and they matched — almost identically — with the hair and makeup team. But, you know, it was really hard. I feel embarrassed saying it was hard, but our self-esteem can be a fragile thing — particularly an actor’s,” Gwendoline said. “I think people only ever want to feel attractive, don’t they?

    “And it was hard too — not only being 6’3” and all of the sort of androgynous implications that that has — but to push myself further in that direction, when all of the bullying and insults that I have received, very painfully over the years — about being tall and about you know, my androgyny — that I was stepping into that,” she continued, of the personal material she pulled from to play Brienne. “And I found it incredibly difficult, sometimes, to look at myself. But it was in service of something that was so much greater than that, that you just gotta make the best out of it really. It’s my dream job.”

    A dream job, a challenging job, and an inspiring one, those who are just watching the show (and skipping the books) have only seen a sprinkling of the unique and thoroughly rich character in store with Brienne.

    “Part of the reason why I love acting, is that you do hope that somehow your work will connect to people and somehow expand their consciousness somewhat, and being able to challenge notions of prejudice through work — through my work — is really thrilling,” Gwendoline noted. “I care a lot about women and the way that they’re perceived… To be able to play a character like this, who I don’t feel has strongly been represented in any other mainstream television show, is a real privilege.”

    And, as Season 2 continues, Gwendoline will be able to do that as Brienne has a great series of adventures on the horizon.

    “She’s got an incredibly interesting journey ahead, but I think Brienne gets to experience more of her femininity… She starts to experience more about what it is to be a woman [and] the complexity of love and all its forms,” Gwendoline revealed. “The journey that she goes on — it’s so intense. There’s so much action, there is so much fighting that the most extraordinary situations occur. It’s full of drama and she is lumped with someone that is abusing her constantly…

    “But I think it’s… surprising for Brienne, what is born out of that relationship,” she added.

    Even before her first episode aired on Sunday night, fans were already reacting with joy over Gwendoline’s casting. Now, with her first episode behind her, the actress’ profile continues to grow.

    She told Access, however, she’s not in it for the fame.

    “I just really want the work to be good,” she noted. “The way in which my life has changed is that, I’ve got this wonderful part that hopefully I’m going to be doing for a long time, and I get to think about that all the time and think about that character… It makes me very happy to be able to carry her with me all the time.”


    Easily one of my favorite characters in the books, even though her POV chapters can be boring...can someone kindly let me know where I can get a Brienne icon, please?

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  • 04/16/12--09:37: queen riri @ coachella
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    'Game Of Thrones' Recap And An Interview With Executive Producer D.B. Weiss
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Here is Part 1 of our conversation, and look for the third portion of this interview soon. "Game of Thrones" fans will also want to check out HuffPost TV's interviews with Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Richard Madden (Robb Stark).

    Someone pointed out to me that HBO shows typically don’t run for 10 or 12 seasons. My response was, but this is a somewhat anomalous show for HBO in a few ways. So to me, that wasn't an area of concern -- whether the show would ultimately get the number of seasons it would need to tell the full story. I guess I just assume that given the upward trajectory of the ratings and the show's media buzz, it's not a huge issue at this point. But is it ever an area of concern for you and David Benioff [co-executive producer]? Do you ever think that it would really need 10 or 12 seasons and that's a long time for HBO to commit to a show?
    Well, I guess typical HBO shows don’t involve dragons or ice demons either. [Laughs.] So in some ways, this is clearly not a typical HBO show, and in other ways, we think it is very much a typical HBO show. Yeah, we realize if it all goes well, it could potentially be quite a long commitment, but we realized that going in. We'd read the books, same as anyone, and we had spoken to George about where things were going, and we went in with eyes open, knowing that if all went well, we would end up with a very, very long, coherent story that spanned several seasons of television. That was the attraction for us, really. I mean, I just I feel like that’s something new. Maybe with the exception of "The Wire," which has that overarching, novelistic feeling to it, there are few examples of that kind of truly long-form, consistent storytelling out there, especially in this genre, which seems so tailor-made for it. It seems to be a feature of this genre -- building a world of this size and playing [the story] out over many, many years. George has done a better job of that than anyone that I know of. That was really what it was all about for us.

    If you thought things were looking dicey for the show at any point, would that ever tempt you to change the story to kind of leave things in a more conclusive place at the end of a particular season?
    No. It's always seemed like an all-or-nothing, damn-the-torpedoes kind of enterprise. It's something that you're either going to do right or you're not going to do at all. So to the best of our ability, we're going to keep trying to do it right and not make any emergency/contingency plans because I don't think fear is going to help make the show be what it should be. I mean, George’s series is a bold series in many ways and we hope to emulate that and really go for broke on it.

    As far as the adaptation itself goes, I feel like the show has gained a lot of confidence.
    Thank you. It means a lot to us to hear you say so.

    Oh, well, as I said in my Season 2 review, I really I did love so many aspects of Season 1, especially towards the end of the season. And over the course of it, I really felt there had been this growth and this momentum that developed. But Season 2 -- it seems to have taken a great leap forward. And I hope that doesn’t sound like a backwards insult of some kind.
    No, I think in every aspect of the production, it just felt like ["Game of Thrones"] kind of found its groove in the second season [in a lot of ways and] in terms of just the voice of the show. It’s an overused term, but I can’t think of a better one. In terms of the tone of the show and what fit in the show and what didn’t fit in the show, we felt like we had a better sense of that this year than we did the first year. So it's just good to hear that somebody else thought so too, because sometimes, you think those things and you're completely wrong.

    Well, to me, it was a sense of feeling like there was this greater confidence in many arenas, like you said -- knowing what works and what doesn't from a visual standpoint, from a tonal standpoint, from an adaptation standpoint. Is that a good word to use -- confidence?
    Yeah. Sometimes it's a confidence to violate the letter of the books to do better service to the spirit of the books, which is something we did in the first season ... It really is about the show finding its own legs. I do think it really is about just being willing to take the risks that are necessary to do justice to the show as a show.

    Were there any sort of staffing changes that you made or certain production things that you can point to in terms of the Season 2 leap forward? I know you brought Alan Taylor on board as a producer and director.
    Yeah, I think there were, probably. It's so hard to think about. There are so many people who are such integral parts of the show and the machinery of the show [is vast]. Alan certainly is one of [the key players]. By the time Season 2 is finished, he'll have directed 6 of the 20 episodes. It's almost a third of the show. We feel like his look in many ways epitomizes the way we want the show to look. The way he directs is just something we've had so much love and admiration for, and now, so much jealousy since he's been stolen away to go do "Thor 2." So we love you, Alan. And fuck you, "Thor"!

    You just broke my heart, sir. I'm going to go in the corner and cry.
    I know. I makes me sad, but everyone is happy for him obviously and jealous and greedy. We want to keep him for ourselves.

    No doubt.
    But two people who have just been completely instrumental who don't see a whole lot of media because they're too busy actually toiling away on the nitty-gritty of getting things done are [producer Bernadette] Caulfield and [co-producer] Chris Newman. Bernie came on for Season 2, and the show is an immensely complicated and ambitious thing to achieve on a television schedule: shooting 10 hours of drama and trying to make it as cinematic and as epic as you possibly can, but in the amount of time you would usually spend on a two-and-half-hour movie. You have to do four times that much, and it shoots in many different countries with an immense cast of characters and lots of production challenges surrounding the action and the horses and the visual effects and the elaborate sets. There are just so many moving pieces to it, if we didn’t have Bernie and Chris keeping those moving pieces in order and well-oiled and constantly going forward, the whole thing would collapse under its own weight in the space of a week.

    What's been rewarding for me as a viewer is that it’s not just that these are beautiful pictures and the visuals are epic or even really down-and-dirty and gritty. It's that when all of these things come together -- the feeling, the tone, the visuals, the writing and acting -- you get so many different nuances that it's as if it was 100 pages of the book that were condensed in a scene or a sequence.
    That's always the goal. All you can do is work as hard as you can and have everybody around you working as hard as they can and [you] hope that you can achieve what you just summarized. I think that really is the idea. You want it to be something that will withstand multiple viewings and something that will invite multiple viewings and something that people can really lose themselves in in the way we lost ourselves in George’s books the first and second and third times we read them. The immersiveness of the experience is really is one of the big draws of the project for us and it remains one of our goals with the show: to just have something that every Sunday night, people can turn on and disappear into.

    It seems, as you said, there are perhaps more scenes that maybe didn’t necessary occur in the books, at least not the way we see them on the show, but these scenes draw upon information that is in the books or convey information that we need to know. Do you and David feel more confident and more sure of yourselves when you take on things like that? Is it happening more this season, do you think?
    Yeah, I think it does happen more this season. It's episode to episode -- there is no blueprint for it. [Through the post-production process], you watch each episode many, many times, and you realize as you're watching them that some of them have a great deal of new material and some of them are weighted in favor of the scenes that appear in the books.

    It really is a question of: What’s the best way to get the characters where they’re going? What’s the best way to unfold [their lives] dramatically? What’s going to be the most satisfying way? Sometimes, the dramatic necessity pulls you away from the book. If the book deals with a piece of character information in a expositional way, where you [learn] a backstory way that's very hard to dramatize, maybe you come into that element of a character from a different direction.

    Look for the final part of the D.B. Weiss interview this week.

    I like Benioff a lot more than Weiss, so as long as he keeps giving the interviews I'm good. But this interview was ok from Weiss imo. Also, this gif is me during next week's episode tbh. GARDEN OF BONES, INDEED.
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    It was just over a week ago when director Robert Luketic revealed that, with the hesit flick "Brilliant" starring Gerard Butler a bit further off than he thought, he was now looking at two possibilities for his next film. One was a revenge thriller with Zhang Ziyi and the other was something with Liam Hemsworth. Well, one of them is moving forward, and it has a helluva cast.

    Deadline reports that Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman will join Hemsworth in "Paranoia." The most recent draft of the script was done by Jason Hall ("Spread") and while plot details are under wraps for now, the film is an "espionage thriller set in the world of dueling telecom giants." This is actually Hemsworth's show as he will be in the lead, but any reason to re-team Ford and Oldman who last squared off in "Air Force One," is good enough for us. And while Luketic's track record is spotty and been somewhat in decline since "Legally Blonde," this sounds like a good change of pace and with Ford and Oldman, hopefully everyone will be raising their game.

    "Paranoia" is financed with shooting to begin this summer, and as Luketic revealed previously, filming will take place in New York and Mumbai.


    Glad to see him taking his Hunger Games Buzz and booking himself legit roles with great actors <3

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    Wow, she looks amazing. Her modeling career is really taking off. Mama Jenner must be so proud that Kendall is finally turning a profit!

    +10 pics at the source

    +10 pics at the source

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  • 04/16/12--09:37: ONTD Roundup
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    They will be performing this on The Voice tonight and it'll be available to download on iTunes after.


    I love it.

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    You won't be seeing Kathy Griffin on the Today show to promote her new Bravo talk show, Kathy (launching April 19 at 10 ET/PT on Bravo).

    "I just found out, I'm very excited, I'm re-banned from the Today show," Griffin told USA TODAY on Friday in her Kathy dressing room in Los Angeles. "I just want you to know, over the years since Suddenly Susan in 1996, I have been banned and re-banned from the Today show by several people. Katie Couric at one point. Matt Lauer at one point. This time my camp heard that it was actually Natalie Morales - who is on the show, I don't even know if she's the co-host, I think she reads the news."
    So, how did the feud begin? "I know her," says Griffin. "I've actually been on The Marriage Ref with her and I've met her at (the Today show) before. What I heard from their team is that I was rude to her at the Golden Globes. Which is funny because I didn't go to the Golden Globes. But I did go to Golden Globes parties which I didn't really belong at, so I know for a fact that I did a few interviews there, but I really knew that it wasn't my place to even be there." Griffin says she doesn't remember seeing Morales at the Globes parties, or turning down an interview request.

    Despite a rocky past, Griffin says she's on friendly terms with current and past Today personalities, including Couric ("She wasn't a fan for awhile and finally came around … we e-mail") and Lauer. "Lauer was over my crap, I made fun of him so much … and then (I) ran into him later at an NBC event and I think he finally got it: 'Ok, it's a joke, she's kidding.' "

    NBC and Bravo are both owned by Comcast. "Synergy in action," says Griffin.

    The Today show did not respond to a request for comment.


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