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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Werk those Lana Del Ray lips hunny!


    Slay Queen!

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    Okay, nerd-quiz time: if you were going to start drawing comparisons between The Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire, who would be Sansa? After all, there are only three major female characters in the whole trilogy. Leave it to Game of Thrones actor and number one Sansa Stark fan Sophie Turner to come up with a really twisted and awesome idea.

    In a recent interview with Vulture, Turner commented on Sansa’s dark, manipulative transformation over the course of season four, and how by the end she seemed more like Sansa’ evil twin. “Actually, that’s the real Sansa, to be honest,” she said. “That’s how I look at her. The Sansa who’s been lurking in the shadows. She’s like Gollum and Sméagol.”

    Wait, what? Gollum? She clarified:

    “The Sansa you saw up until season four… I mean, in season one, that’s who she was. But in seasons two, three, and four, she was kind of using the facade of her season one self, to deceive. So I think what we’ve done, you missed seeing the progression into the dark Sansa, and we’re just seeing it suddenly emerge, because she’s been deceiving people with this mask. Or at least that’s how I see it!”

    Yeah, it totally works when you think about it: both fell in love with a shiny, pretty thing (the Ring; King’s Landing) and then that thing totally sucked all the innocence right out of them, and now they pretend to be more wretched and pitiable than they are to garner favor from people in a position of power above them. But will Sansa, like Sméagol, succumb to the darkness and start strangling friends and family members? Because Sophie Turner maybe kind to wants that to happen, just a little bit.

    “I would love for her to go on a massive killing spree!” she said, upon being told of the speculation surrounding a “controversial” Sansa Stark chapter that will appear in The Winds of Winter. “But not like with a sword. Poison, or something. Like a huge, huge killing spree. A mass murder. I think that would be kind of fun to play. I think I’m starting to have a dark side as well!”

    So, wait, wouldn’t that make Sansa into Shelob? Because I can get behind that 100%. Eat all the orcs and tricksy hobbitses you like, baby. You deserve it.


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    Emmy award-winning Uzo Aduba ("Crazy Eyes" in Orange is the New Black) is starring in an indie musical called Pearly Gates, and the production company has released an mp3 of her solo song available for download (free) from the movie. The woman has pipes!!

    Pearly Gates is a movie based on a stage show from a first-time director and also stars Scott Grimes, Larry Miller, Illeana Douglas, Lainie Kazan, and Vincent Spano.


    photo source

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    She didn't do a lot of red carpet interviews because she was late, didn't see this one posted this growing friendship. FACE BALLS!


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    Katy Perry and her new album PRISM just can't catch a break.

    After opening with disappointing first week album sales and her tour receiving scathing reviews, Katy had the misfortune of having multiple singles under-perform on the charts (Unconditionally, Birthday, This Is How We Do)

    Now, as a last measure to save the project, Katy is offering the entire Prism album for free hoping to raise interest in her latest offering.

    Best of luck with that, Katy!

    sourcesource 2

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    After a week from the single release on iTunes, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga released the official studio video for I Can’t Give You Anything But Love. Just like Anything Goes and I Won’t Dance, this video includes special and personal clips from their recording session in New York City.

    I Can’t Give You Anything But Love will be included in Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga’s upcoming album Cheek To Cheek, set to be released on September 23. In the meantime enjoy the music video.


    this video is so cute, i can't

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    Meeting Ariana Grande, Then and Now

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    She then approached her fans without a smile – just an icy look as she toyed with her hair. She was surrounded by 8 to 10 assistants. Ariana stood by, with a blank stare, as the rules came fast and furiously from a staffer:

    “You are not to present Ariana with any type of gift or anything. Give them to security and they will get them to her. You can take a selfie with her, but nothing else.”


    Full Backstory, more details about the meet and greet and praise for Britney after the cut

    Meeting Ariana Grande, Then and Now.

    (full story at source, here are good points)

    After the bogus interview, Ariana was set to appear. First, she did an on-camera interview. We don’t know what it was about, but I’m wondering if she also faked that the meeting had already taken place. She then approached her fans without a smile – just an icy look as she toyed with her hair. She was surrounded by 8 to 10 assistants. Ariana stood by, with a blank stare, as the rules came fast and furiously from a staffer:

    “You are not to present Ariana with any type of gift or anything. Give them to security and they will get them to her. You can take a selfie with her, but nothing else.”

    Remember, these are not kids who interrupted Ariana during dinner at a restaurant, they are pre-screened contest winners who poured their hearts into their winning entries. The 16 year old boy had recorded a CD of beautiful violin cover versions of Ariana songs. It won the contest for him, and he wanted to present it to her.

    It was taken away by security.

    Ariana Grande, the superstar, then walked toward her three contest-winning fans.

    She spent perhaps 15 seconds with each of them. That is not an exaggeration. They took an approved photo with her and that was it. No small talk. No banter. No “I can pretend I care a slight bit for you because you support me, you tweeted about me and my projects thousands of times, you buy my music, and you traveled so far, while paying for your own taxis, three days of meals, new outfits to meet me in, and federal and state taxes on this prize. Let me hear the one sentence you’ve always dreamed about telling me.”

    Nothing. That was it. Don’t be fooled by the sweet smile in the photos below. Ariana gave that grin for each picture, but then it was gone again. She never bothered to even ask anyone their name. She didn’t inquire as to who the contest winners were, as opposed to their guests, or what they created to win the right to meet her. Shocked by all this, Jen, whom Ari had been so kind to in 2011, walked up and said “Ari, here’s a photo we took together in Vegas at the Titanic…”

    Ms. Grande glanced at the photo on Jen’s phone and said, “Let’s redo that picture.” She said nothing else, so Jen retook the photo. No peace sign from Ari this time. Then Jen took out one of the drawings that won the contest for her. Kelly snapped a photo of her smiling little sister giving Ariana the drawing.

    “Delete those pictures, please” was all Ariana said.

    “Can I just keep the one of my sister showing you the drawing?” asked Kel.

    Ariana turned to her security and ordered, “Make sure she deleted those.”

    Then, Ariana Grande walked away from her prize-winning fans without even saying goodbye.


    In 2003, Jen and Kel received an opportunity to meet a superstar even more famous than Ariana Grande. They met Britney Spears. Wanna know how that went?

    Britney invited our two girls into her dressing room at MTV’s TRL. She spent between 12 and 15 minutes with JUST THEM and her assistant Felicia. Then Britney invited my wife and me to come in as well. We all took a bunch of pictures, from any angle, while Britney chatted with the girls, looked through pics of their memorabilia, happily personally accepted a gift bag they had brought for her, answered any questions they had, gave them each a signed copy of her CD (which was released that day), and personally made sure that Jen and Kel could watch the live taping of TRL in the studio, even though they were both too young according to MTV policy. Neither Britney, or any member of her staff, ever asked to see any of the pictures we took. In fact, her security guard remained OUTSIDE the entire time we spent with her.

    That is a true superstar who loves her fans.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Courtney Stodden is not one to usually turn down attention, but when 70-year-old actor Gary Busey allegedly got a little too handsy with the 19-year-old, she asked her momager Krista Keller to step in.

    "[Busey] approached me, seduced me and cornered me so I couldn't go anywhere," the "Celebrity Big Brother" alum wrote in her Daily Star Online column.

    It was at this point that Keller approached the actor to ask him to back away from her daughter when he proceeded to slap her across the face, Keller told FOX411.

    A source who witnessed the alleged altercation sent FOX411 a photo which they say shows Keller and Busey after the slap is said to have occurred at a Beverly Hills red carpet affair a few months ago.

    Reps for Busey did not return multiple requests for comment made by FOX411.

    I came across this while trying to find an article about how on BBUK Gary has only showered once since joining the house and the other housemates are threatening to walk if he's not evicted.

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    The Sims 4 is coming, as you may have heard, and as we told you last month, you'll probably be able to run it as long as you actually own a PC. But what if you want to run it well? That's a bit of a different matter.

    The recently-revealed recommended system requirements for The Sims 4 are a big jump above and beyond the minimum spec. This is what you'll need if you want to play the game in all its glory:

    • REQUIRED: Internet connection required for product activation.

    • OS: 64 Bit Windows 7,8, or 8.1

    • PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5 or faster or AMD Athlon X4


    • HARD DRIVE: At least 9 GB of free space with at least 1 GB additional space for custom content and saved games

    • DVD-ROM: DVD ROM drive required for installation only

    • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 650 or better

    • SOUND CARD: DirectX 9.0c Compatible

    • DIRECTX: DirectX 9.0c compatible

    • INPUT: Keyboard and Mouse

    The Core i5/Athlon X4 seems like fairly heavy stuff for The Sims, as does the GTX 650 video card, but I suppose if you're just "recommending," why mess around? The Sims 4 comes out on September 2.


    Fuck you EA. I mean I meet the recommended specs but I'm sure there are people who have ancient ass computers and we all know the recommend specs are low key the min specs irl.

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    Black women waited for years to have a princess who looked like them, and now there is a growing presence of black female characters in the comic-verse.

    Imagine, if you will, four very complex black female characters in animation all together in one show: two superheroes (Bumblebee and Rocket), one morally grey prison warden (Amanda Waller), and one supervillain (Queen Bee). DC Comic’s short-lived show Young Justice features in its two seasons the teenaged sidekicks of the senior members of the Justice League, and the young counterparts with whom they join forces. These characters exemplify diversity not only in regards to how race is portrayed in animation, but in academia, relationships, morality, and occupation.

    I was impressed with how the show incorporated the many aspects of black women seamlessly while it continued with the action. Karen Beecher/Bumblebee is a lab assistant and protégé of another superhero, and Raquel Irvin/Rocket is a hero all of her own. Both are members of the Young Justice team and operate on a positive plane with the rest of the team. Their moral compass is outstandingly straight and narrow, and it contrasts with the compasses of the other two black women. The presence of all four women is a prism illustrative of the diversity that exists in the black diaspora.

    The depiction of Queen Bee’s powers of sexuality over men and totalitarian rule over her empire, Amanda Waller’s morally ambiguous reign over a prison of supervillains, Bumblebee’s dedication to academics and her long-term relationship, and Rocket’s dedication to being a hero somehow all manage to become an archetype that encompasses what it means to be a black woman. Clearly we don’t have powers, but we do face issues of sexuality, relationships, interactions with other women, studies, and our jobs. Black women are not a monolithic group, and the complexity of this is what makes the dynamic of Young Justice so interesting.

    It is encouraging to see that instead of placing these characters into the trope of a sassy black sidekick, the creators of the show instead gave them the depth they deserved. The characters are not visibly stereotyped and operate on very different planes of existence. They are given leadership roles and other innovative tasks. They are strong and they are vulnerable. They are good and they are evil. They are students and they are queens. This diversity is essential to a more widespread portrayal of black women in real life.

    In relation to how black women have been portrayed in the past – especially in regards to superheroes – the multifaceted take on the black female characters in Young Justice is refreshing. For a long time, Marvel’s Storm was the only superhero who got major screen time and recognition, and for DC Comics to create a show where four black women have major roles is a step in the right direction.


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    Life moves quickly for Roman Reigns, even more quickly than for the typical WWE superstar. Of course Reigns is anything but typical. The lights shine a little more brightly on the former big-time college and pro football player with the wrestling pedigree. And his star is rising quickly.

    Reigns is climbing the ranks of the WWE, and has in his sites set on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He’ll have to go through Brock Lesnar, who took it at this past weekend’s SummerSlam, not to mention loser John Cena, Daniel Bryan and a host of other hungry challengers. Reigns just dispensed with Randy Orton to take another step closer. Can he continue the march to glory? Will he take a detour through Hollywood?

    Here are eight things you didn’t know about Roman Reigns.

    1. Roman Reigns was born Leati Joseph Anoa’i into the legendary Samoan American wrestling family of the same last name. His dad is Sika of the Wild Samoans tag team (with Afa), which collected NWA and WWF championships throughout the 1970s and 80s. His cousin is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, son of wrestler Rocky Johnson. Current WWE tag team champions, The Usos, consisting of twin brothers Jimmy and Jey Uso, are also family.

    2. Anoa’i played defensive line for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. He was a team captain and named first-team all-ACC in 2006, his senior year.

    3. The NFL’s Minnesota Vikings signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2007 but released him. The Jacksonville Jaguars signed him soon after as a backup. Anoa’i spent the 2008 season in the CFL, playing for the Edmonton Eskimos.

    4. In 2010, Anoa’i got his start in the squared circle as Roman Leakee with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). He unsuccessfully challenged for the heavyweight championship, but paired with Mike Dalton to win the tag team title. When FCW became WWE NXT, Leakee changed his last name to Reigns.

    5. Reigns fronted (lol no)the wrestling vigilante group known as The Shield, fighting injustice in the wrestling world as they saw it. The other members were Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The trio won numerous six-man tag team matches and served as hired guns in various feuds until disbanding earlier this year.

    6. Reigns and Rollins took down Team Hell No to win the tag team championship in May of 2013. The pair held the belts for five months, successfully defending their title against The Usos, The Prime Time Players and other challengers. The team of Cody Rhodes and Goldust eventually got the better of them.

    7. Reigns’ finishing move is the Spear, which is basically a shoulder tackle applied to an upright opponent’s midsection. Upon contact, he lifts their legs and drives them into the mat. Football fans will notice the similarity to a textbook football tackle.

    8. Like his super-celebrity cousin, Reigns has the looks and personality for a career in Hollywood. And he is open to the idea, as he recently discussed with Chuck Carroll on Turnbuckle Weekly. “If that opportunity comes up… I’m willing to try anything and gain a little experience in anything,” said Reigns. But his goal right now, as he made clear, is the WWE World Heavyweight title.


    I will watch any movie he's in as long as he's at least half naked. I don't care how bad it is. Also Y2J nominated him for the ice bucket challenge. Please God let him accept 🙏

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    One Direction aren't breaking up, so we're not sure why we have to read another new rumor about them splitting, like, every week. It didn't help that Simon Cowell recently commented on their inevitable split. Way to stir up more gossip, Simon.

    Niall Horan was quick to shoot down the 1D breakup rumors yet again, putting it out there plain and simple: they're going to be around for awhile. Will they eventually pack it in and call it quits though?

    Niall told the Irish Sun: "He [Simon] was clearly misquoted or something.(lol okay Niall) We're going to go as long as we can go, as long as people want us we will be here. None of that rumors business."

    As for solo rumors, he commented, "I don't want to think about that at the minute. I'm still here, still with the band," adding, "I don't need to think about it at all - I'm having a great time here, touring and having the craic with the lads - we are all still having a great time."

    He added: "We've got another album at the end of the year and doing our business as we do on a kind of yearly basis. I'm not thinking of what I have to do after just yet."

    To support all that feel-good "we're not going anywhere" stuff, Niall tweeted earlier this week: "Love this time of year, decisions . Album artwork, album title, music video ideas ! can't wait for you guys to hear and see what we're doing."

    See? Everything is good. Niall said so.


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    Stephen Hill, President of Music Programming at BET posted this to his Twitter today:


    lol k

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    From the creator of ‘Love & Basketball’ comes ‘Beyond the Lights': the story of a the story of, Noni (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the music world’s latest superstar who crosses paths with young cop and aspiring politician Kaz Nicol (Nate Parker).


    Anyone going to see this at TIFF?

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    Have the lovely ladies of Say Lou Lou ever done wrong? They haven’t, actually…and they’re not about to start now.

    The ethereal dream-pop Aussie-Swedish duo, known for such haunting gems as “Everything We Touch” and “Beloved,” are steadily preparing to release their highly anticipated debut LP, Lucid Dreaming, in February.

    Ahead of the album’s release, the duo just dropped a cover of Daft Punk‘s luscious Random Access Memories track “Instant Crush,” which they’re giving out for free. True to form, it’s an utterly stunning reworking, stripping out the electronica of the original and replacing the production with atmospheric guitars and drums. The girls carry the track beautifully, and it’s all very magical and lovely as ever.


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    Seth MacFarlane may be famous for creating irreverent comedies like Family Guy and Ted, but he takes crooning very seriously. Holiday For Swing, his Christmas-themed follow-up to 2011's Grammy-nominated Music Is Better Than Words (due this fall via Republic Records), finds him tapping a 65-piece orchestra and veteran arranger-producer Joel McNeely to perform a handful of well-known ("Let It Snow,""Baby It's Cold Outside") and semi-obscure yuletide chestnuts (Frank Sinatra's "Christmas Dreaming," Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney's "Snow.") MacFarlane called Billboard from the Boston set of Ted 2 to reflect on the album, which was recorded from Christmas Day through New Year's Eve last winter between Los Angeles and London.

    You recorded this album during the actual holiday season. Why was that so important to you?

    Seth MacFarlane: Generally with a holiday album, you find yourself making the recordings during the summer or any time but Christmas, with this one we actually lucked out. Part of it was because we didn’t want to bump up against the production schedule for Ted 2, which is not an ideal time to be recording anything with 12 to 15 hour days shooting a movie. It worked out nicely, and it was just a pure joy to do. Joel actually went straight from that project with me to the scoring of A Million Ways To Die In The West, so we’ve had a fun year.

    Do you have any favorite holiday albums that inspired the sound?
    I’m not frankly a huge conossieur of holiday music, but I love orchestral jazz. I love that era of high orchestral musicality that bears a lot of similarities to holiday music in a lot of ways. As far as holiday records, gosh I don’t know -- the Home Alone soundtrack?

    "Baby It's Cold Outside," a duet with Sara Bareilles, is one of the more recognizable songs on the record -- but also one of the more controversial since its Frank Loesser heyday. What made you want to tackle it?
    That's a song that surprisingly has somehow made the leap into the modern era without being called out for what it is. The girl is clearly saying no. But again, it’s just a joy to sing against orchestration that’s that good -- you really gotta be shitty to screw it up I guess.

    How do you rationalize your faction of fans who may continue to expect comedy from your musical projects?
    Surprisingly, a good chunk of Family Guy fans recognizes why we do this -- they see that against all the comedy is a legitimate regard for the importance of music. It's virtually the only show left on TV that uses a live orchestra for every episode. We use anywhere from 50 to 90 people, depending on how many players are available.


    I am not ready for the holidays but I am ready for this holiday album!

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    The song will appear on the singer's upcoming LP, '24 Karat Gold - Songs From the Vault,' due out in October

    The latest tune to surface from Stevie Nicks' upcoming solo record, 24 Karat Gold – Songs From the Vault, is a piano-driven power ballad about a woman accepting the uncertainty of the future, titled "Lady," which the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman has released as a lyric video. "The time keeps going on by, and I wonder what is to become of me," she sings. "And I'm unsure, I can't see my way/ And he says, 'Lady, you don't have to see.'"

    Nicks wrote the tunes that will appear on 24 Karat Gold, due out October 7th, mostly between 1969 and 1987 (though a couple were written in the mid-Nineties), but she never recorded them properly. She rediscovered the songs while surfing YouTube bootlegs and decided to hunker down with co-producers Dave Stewart and Waddy Wachtel, recording in Nashville and Los Angeles. "We found all the songs that, somehow, were taken from my house or picked up or loaned out or whatever," she said in a statement in July. "I call them my '24 karat gold songs.'"

    Earlier this month, the singer issued another 24 Karat Gold tune "The Dealer," which featured a more upbeat rock arrangement to accompany her lyrics about misplaced love and reconciliation. Nicks had written that song in the late Seventies around when Fleetwood Mac were working on their 1979, album Tusk. A demo of the song from that era is still streaming online. Nicks is offering the 24 Karat Gold version of "The Dealer" as an instant-gratification download for fans who preorder the record.


    So lovely. Q4 is going to be amazing this year.

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    SPOILERS in the interview

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