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    There are plenty of perks to a life in the showbusiness world.
    And Zendaya Coleman certainly knows that, spending her Sunday being paid to hang out in a luxurious beachside home.
    The 17-year-old actress and singer was joined by the cast of her upcoming Disney Channel series, K.C. Undercover, as she sipped pomegranate juice and posed for the POM brand.

    Zendaya was appropriately summery for the photo opportunity, dressed in a flowing white long-sleeved top teamed with ripped light denim jeans.
    The fashionable teenager teamed this with a pair of high platform lace-up sneakers, and wore her long brunette tresses pulled up into a top notch.

    She accessorised with a small silver chain and large hoop earrings, and had her nails painted in varying black and silver patterns.

    While outside, the Shake It Up actress shielded her eyes from the sun with aviator style sunglasses complete with blue reflective lenses, looking ready to take on the summer.
    Surrounded by beach toys and bright furnishings, Zendaya posed as she sipped the red healthy beverage.
    The backdrop was a picturesque ocean, likely somewhere on the Californian coast.

    Zendaya was joined at the picturesque location by some of her co-stars in her upcoming Disney Channel series.
    Kadeem Hardison, Tammy Townsend, Kamil McFadden and Veronica Dunne will portray the rest of the cast in K.C. Undercover, which is set to premiere in early 2015.
    The sitcom will follow the life of Zendaya's character K.C., who is a high school student also training to become an undercover spy like her parents.

    The actress recently pulled out of the lead role in Lifetime's biopic on Aaliyah, tweeting that: '...if she is going to do it, she wants to do it right.'
    But things continue to move in a healthy fashion for the young star, and as such she was awarded the surfboard trophy for Candie's Choice Style Icon at the Teen Choice Awards last week.
    Zendaya is also a spokesmodel for Madonna's Material Girl brand, and to show her dedication, she even wore one of the label's dresses to the Los Angeles ceremony.



    Capture d’écran 2014-08-18 à 4.18.30 PM
    In honor of the one and only @madonna I had to pull out my @materialgirl crop top😍😏💁

    Z is going to be on the cover of Vibe Vixen mag

    Zendaya’s Vibe Vixen cover is rumored to be released soon. Her spread was shot back in April by Jahmel A. Holden

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    In less than twelve months, Ariana Grande’s gone from former Nickelodeon sitcom star to vaguely diverting “throwback” chanteuse circa ‘Yours Truly’ to the cusp of potential pop greatness with ‘Problem’. All while slipping in dog piss, defending her penchant for ponytails and trying to avoid eye contact with a giggling Rihanna at some award show or other.
    She also found the time to record a new album and I went to hear it last week in a small record label meeting room.

    As is the way with these things, it’s hard to get a proper feel for an album on one listen, but ‘My Everything’ feels like a genuine attempt to steal the currently vacant pop throne, as well as being the kind of gloriously all over the shop album that you often get when the planet’s songwriting and production a-list decide that they all want to get involved with an artist while the pop iron is extremely hot.

    3. ‘One Last Try’
    Lyrically we’re not exactly breaking new ground here – “liar” is rhymed with “fire” – but this subtle banger is an obvious album highlight. The chorus feels like it’s about to go off but never quite does, Ariana’s insane vocal flights of fancy weaving in and around a textured, EDM-esque backdrop that Wikipedia says is the work of part-time aural terrorist David Guetta, but it’s actually a Max Martin/Rami/Carl Falk trifecta of amazingness so don’t worry.

    4. ‘Why Try’
    This mid-paced bonanza features a massive Ryan Tedder-esque chorus, which is apt because it was quite literally written by Ryan Tedder. Production-wise, highlights include a sort of rolling, marching band beat, echoey “na, na, na” bits and there’s a great moment where Ariana sings the words “heart skips” and – guess what – the beat skips! There’s a good lyric as well, which goes something like, “we be loving like angels, living like devils”, although Ariana sings so high and so rapidly that she could have been saying anything.

    8. 'Break Your Heart Right Back' feat Childish Gambino
    She’s already ‘teased’ bits of this via the medium of Instagram video (see above, obviously), but this is that one that samples Diana Ross’ ‘I’m Coming Out’ and is apparently inspired by an ex-boyfriend who may or may not of cheated on her with a man. Again, Ariana needs to work on her diction because the first verse of this is so inaudible it sounds like a chorus of cats, but the sample – which was also used on this Notorious B.I.G song which is itself sampled here – is used in a really interesting (and surprisingly subtle) way. Again, it’s not exactly a balls out banger, more of a mid-paced, bouncing bop of a song.

    9. ‘Love Me Harder’ feat The Weeknd
    As anyone with fully functioning ears will tell you, The Weeknd’s own songs are a non-stop borefest of emotional inertia, but ‘Elastic Heart’ showed that he’s pretty good in small doses. And that’s true of ‘Love Me Harder’, which starts small and slightly pervy - “if you let me invade your space” is uttered in the first verse – before mushrooming out into a ‘throbbing’, electro-heavy chorus. There’s a really catchy post-chorus bit where Ariana sings “love me, love me…harder, harder” before some big vacuum-esque synths zip around all over the show.
    10. ‘Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart’

    Oh dear. This Harry Styles-penned, string-drenched ballad is so insipid that even post-Bodyguard Alexandra Burke would probably turn it down for being too clichéd. Ariana does her best, and the production tries hard to smother the lyrical clichés in all the strings and pianos the label could afford, but this feels like a fairly cynical PR exercise. Mind you drafting in one of One Direction is an upgrade of sorts considering the first album featured one of The Wanted.

    11. ‘Hands On Me’ feat A$AP Ferg
    This Rodney Jerkins-produced banger is brilliantly odd and that oddness is only magnified by the fact that it’s sandwiched between the album’s two syrupy ballads. Coming on initially like something from Christina Aguilera’s ‘Bionic’ (wait, come back), it fizzes and pops like classic early noughties R&B, A$AP Ferg’s grunts and hollers peppered throughout, while Ariana sounds convincingly coquettish in a way she hasn’t done before.

    12. ‘My Everything’
    Ariana’s been crying, she’s been missing her baby, she’s been pondering why she only realises what she has after its gone, etc. There are lots of pianos and the faint whiff of the stuff that clogged up her first album, but this one is basically quite a boring way to end an album that shows flashes of proper megastar potential.

    1. ‘Intro’
    Ariana kicks things off in quite restrained, chilled-out fashion; cooing her way through some nice, gentle harmonies reminiscent of the general vibe of Yours Truly. Don’t get too relaxed, though…

    3. ‘One Last Time’
    This track’s great: slightly less 'kitchen sink' than your average dance-pop banger, with a glorious pulsating chorus that gets better and better every time.

    4. ‘Why Try’
    All you essentially need to know is that Ryan Tedder co-wrote it. What. A. Song. Definitely a standout.

    6. ‘Best Mistake’ featuring Big Sean
    The pace changes from here: ‘Best Mistake’ returns Ariana to her R’n’B roots with a track that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Kelly Rowland’s under-rated last album.

    7. ‘Be My Baby’ featuring Cashmere Cat
    Sadly not a cover of the Ronettes’ classic, but great all the same. Rihanna wouldn’t sneer at this glitzy gem, but she’d definitely struggle to keep up with the mighty fine cross-octave ad-libbing towards the end.

    8. ‘Break Your Heart Right Back’ featuring Childish Gambino
    Ariana had promised that a song on the album would sample a classic gay anthem, and she wasn’t lying: Diana Ross’s ‘I’m Coming Out’ is given a mini-revival on this track, which really suits the softer side of Ariana’s Mariah-esque voice. Could have a been a great KISS-friendly summer anthem if serviced as a single.

    9. ‘Love Me Harder’ (with The Weeknd)
    This track’s brilliant. A pulsating slice of electropop with a stunning double chorus, it might just be the standout song of the whole collection.

    10. ‘A Little Bit Of Your Heart’
    Yep, this is the one penned by a certain Harry Styles. It’s a pretty song: an epic piano-driven ballad that could make a convincing X Factor winners’ single. It’s a definite change of pace from the rest of the collection, but fans of Ariana and 1D will be more than satisfied.

    11. ‘Hands On Me’ featuring A$AP Ferg
    Mid-late 00s Britney Spears would have been proud to put her name to this. A proper, dirty late-night urban-ish electrobanger, it sounds just a tad out of place when sandwiched between two restrained ballads - but is still a great tune.

    12. ‘My Everything’
    Ah yes, the obligatory downtempo closer. ‘My Everything’ is a little more restrained than ‘A Little Bit Of Your Heart’ and that remarkable voice of hers is in pristine form. The harmony-laden finale is beautiful.

    And to conclude
    Those overseeing Project Grande clearly mean business. The best songwriters, producers and guest rappers of the moment have been drafted in for My Everything, and it's all paid off: the record is a remarkably strong effort with plenty of single choices and a real stamp of star power from the lady at the front of it all. Collaborations may be littered all over the place but she's unmistakably the centre of attention: her diction is sometimes a little hard to decipher but the voice easily conquers any subgenre she tries her hand at, and if the objective here is to position her as a world-class popstar then it's mission accomplished. It's a big thumbs up from us.

    Where do we even start with this one? While Yours Truly was crazily cohesive in that 'I'm gonna listen to the whole album through while I do my homework/scroll Tumblr all night' kinda way, My Everything's packed with properly massive hits that all deserve sh*tloads of attention as standalone tracks.

    An early fave was the Ryan Tedder-penned bangerballad (that's a thing, alright?) Why Try, which has that signature soaring chorus we've come to expect from his stuff. We're also a little bit obsessed with the ridiculously camp I'm Coming Out-sampling Childish Gambino collab Break Your Heart Right Back (y'know - that one that may or may not be about her ex cheating on her with a fella?)

    The tune we were obviously *dying* to hear, though, was the Harry Styles-penned A Little Bit of Your Heart...and it doesn't disappoint. It's basically that HUGE love song Ariana's been missing from her discography until now, and while it's all a bit 'X Factor winner's single' (not necessarily a bad thing), Ari kills it vocally. We also need an X Factor performance of this with dry ice and/or one of those glitter showers, please.

    Here's the thing - we frickin' LOVED everything Ariana was going for on her debut record, but with massive global success comes a more mainstream approach to things sometimes. Basically, Yours Truly worked better as a 'body of work' (ooh er), but My Everything does exactly what it's supposed to do in taking Ariana to the next level of pop superstardom.

    It's fun (HELLO Hands On Me), it's fiesty and it's packed full of talent. Yeah - some of the tunes might not be groundbreaking, but the fact Ari's genuinely a bloody incredible vocalist still seperates her from the rest of the pack. This is Ariana's breakthrough record, and we can't wait to see her crowned the new princess of pop.

    sources: 1,2,3

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    Queen Latifah and her girlfriend share a sweet kiss together while relaxing poolside at the Hotel Cala di Volpe on Sunday (August 17) in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

    The 44-year-old talk show host and her partner rocked colorful swimsuits as they went for a walk along the beach and soaked up the sun on their romantic getaway.

    “Get some rest and have a great week Twitter fam!,” Latifah wrote on her Twitter account that day. “Xoxo”


    I didnt know she was Out Out but get it Queen.


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    Sorry I never posted the last few weeks' previews. Thoughts going into the final two episodes, ONTD? How do you feel about how Ann Dowd's character went out?


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    The "Fancy" singer gets feisty on a new single

    Sometime between breaking through with “I Love It” and blowing up with “Fancy,” British siren Charli XCX decided she was totally “over the music industry” and made an album of punk rock songs. Her just-announced sophomore album, Sucker, may not include all those recordings — she’s since shelved the project and gotten back in touch with her poppier side — but its newest track, “Break the Rules” offers a riotous taste of what she cooked up in her no-f–ks-given phase.

    “I don’t want to go to school / I just want to break the rules,” she sings on the track; it’s a fitting declaration for a singer who’s made a name for herself by defying expectations of what a pop star should be. Mixing the hedonism of “I Love It,” the youthfulness of “Boom Clap” and the raw energy of “SuperLove,” “Break the Rules” is everything fans have come to love about Charli wrapped up in one delicious package.

    Sucker is out Oct. 21. Listen to “Break the Rules” at the SOURCE

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    John Oliver's 15 minute monologue on the protests in Ferguson in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown is exactly as angry and hilarious as you might want it to be. On last night's episode of his HBO series, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, he took on everything from the way Ferguson's police chief and mayor have handled the situation to police militarization to how two teenagers in Saginaw County, Michigan, deal with seeing one of those giant tank-like vehicles on the streets of their town.

    Here's just a taste: "No one should ever be allowed to say there is no history of racial tension here, because that sentence has never been true anywhere on Earth."

    We won't spoil the best part for you, but Oliver and his team have dug up just what one police department put in the document requesting military-grade equipment. It's as ridiculous as you might expect.

    See Vox's comprehensive roundup of what's known and what's not yet known about Michael Brown's death and subsequent events in Ferguson.


    & now Nixon has called in the Guard, lawd...this is a long video, but very funny. There are a few really funny moments, just a warning for those huddling in their cubes like I am...

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  • 08/18/14--09:33: ONTD Roundup
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    Controversy is the best free publicity.

    The mere idea of prohibiting a film from being seen speaks to the power of the medium to address subjects ranging from politics and social issues to religion. In many cases, governments and other authority figures find certain cinematic voices threatening to their beliefs and lifestyles. They would prefer to keep those images away from the public consciousness rather than encouraging debate or promoting tolerance. Recent examples of such practices are the cases of Iranian filmmakers Jafar Panahi and Mohammad Rasoulof -- whose latest courageous works, "Closed Curtain" and "Manuscripts Don’t Burn" -- have faced strong government sanctions. Exposing the extreme oppression under which artists must attempt to work, these films were seen as direct attack against the regime. Both films were defiantly created in secrecy after their directors were banned from making movies. Needless to say, while prohibited in their homeland, both films are currently having a theatrical run in the U.S.

    Here are 17 more films that have been banned around the world for various distinct reasons.

    1."The Interview" (2014)

    Why is a comedy starring James Franco and Seth Rogen at the top of the list? Because it is absurdly hilarious and equally terrifying to think that such a film could endanger world peace. Not only is this politically-charged bromantic comedy never reaching Pyongyang -- hard to know if there are any theaters there anyway -- but it has also pushed Kim Jong-un's kingdom to threaten "merciless" retaliation against the US. In all honesty, everyone should have expected the not-so-subtle Asian nation to do just that given the film's premise. Certainly the team behind the film must be grateful for such a "flattering" reaction. The story follows the two friends, playing pop culture journalists, who are recruited by the CIA to assassinate none on other than North Korea's supreme leader. Outraged, the country's UN ambassador called the production of "The Interview" an "act of war," which are strong words by anyone's standards. Especially when they refer to a Hollywood flick that hasn't even been released. On the other hand, when your movie manages to ignite the possibility of nuclear warfare, then you know your PR team has done well. By that, of course, we mean the uncredited PR team: the North Korean government.

    3. "A Serbian Film" (2010)

    In the dark passages of brutally violent and exploitative entertainment there are gore porn movies and then there is "A Serbian Film," a film so senselessly abhorrent it has become, by far, the most infamous production in recent cinematic history. Described by its director as both a statement about the post-war psyche of the Serbian population and a parody on the country's film industry, the shock-horror production revolves around a retired porn star forced to commit the most depraved sexually violent and murderous acts in order to save his family's life. Outright banned in almost a dozen countries including Spain, Norway, Australia, and New Zealand, and released with major edits in others like the U.K, Germany, and the U.S, "A Serbian Film" has achieved an unsettling cult status amongst horror fans. Viewing the film serves more to gain bragging rights for having endured the heinous collection of blood-splattered sequences than to provide any revelatory insight on the Balkan state. Do not look for it on Netflix, the company refuses to carry it both digitally and in its physical version.

    7. "Cruising"  (1980)

    After receiving the stigmatizing X rating from the MPAA, director William Friedkin ("The French Connection") was forced to cut around 40 minutes of the most sexually explicit material in his homosexual-themed psychological thriller "Cruising." The film follows Al Pacino as detective Steve Burns who accepts to go undercover and immerse himself in the underworld of leather bars and S&M clubs to uncover the identity of a serial killer targeting this community. Controversy aroused long before the release with several outraged groups within the gay community protesting at several locations throughout NYC where the film was being shot. Stating that the film promoted violence by depicting homosexuality as a deviant lifestyle, furious protesters attempted to disrupt the production of what they considered a homophobic attack. On the mythical deleted footage Friedkin has mentioned he believes it was destroyed at United Artists, and that it mostly included graphic sexual acts that might have clarified the ambiguity of Pacino's character. Departing from such intriguing occurrence, James Franco and Travis Matthews set to make an experimental reimagining of those missing images in their film "Interior. Leather Bar." Added to the polemical reception at home, the film was banned in diverse countries such as Finland, Iran, and South Africa.

    9. "Noah" (2014)

    Darren Aronofsky's recent biblical epic starring Russell Crowe in the eponymous role managed to bring in close to $360 million in spite of mixed reviews and unwelcoming reactions from diverse groups. Even though most Christians felt that film was a valuable and poignant reimagining of such an important passage in the scripture, others weren't as pleased with the director's take. During the film's promotional campaign Aronofsky mentioned that his intention was to highlight the fact that Noah was the "first environmentalist" rather than focusing on the spiritual qualities of the story. These comments didn't sit well with some Christian leaders. In the Arab world, "Noah" was met with even harsher reaction because Islam prohibits the artistic portrayal of prophets and other important religious figures. Indonesia, Bahrain, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and even China banned the film. Here in the States, the controversy was based on diversity concerns given that the film lacks the presence of any racial minorities. For some of the film's critics, the fact that only Caucasian people survive the divine flood is a cause for concern in terms of the message it sends to society.

    13. "300" (2006)

    Incessant bloodbaths and animalistic sex scenes could have definitely been cause for alarm regarding Zack Snyder's visually stunning adaptation of Frank Miller and Lynn Varley graphic novel, however, trouble aroused for more ideological reasons. In the film, the great ancient Spartans warriors go to war with the Persian Empire, who follows the orders of Xerxes, an effeminate king whose divine power is as grotesque as it is menacing. Offended by such unflattering characterization, the Iranian government banned the film considering it a revolting example of American propaganda. Not satisfied with preventing the film from screening there, Tehran submitted a complaint denouncing the production to UNESCO citing that it misrepresented and hurt the country's national identity and historical legacy. In addition to this, "300" also came under media scrutiny because of the hyper-masculine behavior of its heroes set against their unmanly enemies, in response Snyder said it was done to play into the homophobia of the film's target audience: straight young males. Obviously such statement did not sit well with many who considered it promoted such discriminatory fear. On top of all this, the idealized vision of war and superhuman fighting skills showcase, which were hidden under numerous historical inaccuracies, were also criticized. Despite it all, the film became a moneymaking pop-culture success and a sequel entitled "300: Rise of an Empire" was released earlier this year.

    Rest at source.

    First pic belongs to The Crime of Padre Amaro and it wasn't banned (that I know) but Catholic groups were so offended by this film.
    I just post it here because Gael García Bernal looks hot af as a priest.

    Do you know any movie that was banned in your country?
    Did you saw A Serbian Film? :D

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    Capaldi's debut series will end with a The Thick of it reunion. Meanwhile, Addison is the bookies' second favourite to take over as a full-time companion should Jenna Coleman leave the show.

    Chris Addison will once again share the screen with his former The Thick of it co-star Peter Capaldi, but this time in a Doctor Who guest role.

    The comedian, who appeared alongside Capaldi in political comedies The Thick of It and its big-screen spin-off In The Loop, has a role in the series eight two-part finale, Dark Water / Death In Heaven. Addison himself is keeping tight-lipped on the size or nature of his role, but told

    "'Would you like to be in Doctor Who?' is the easiest question I've ever been asked. It's a 35-year dream come true. Seven-year old me would be going off his nut and I'm not far behind.

    "It's a great way to spend a couple of weeks, working with people I've always wanted to work with on a show I've loved all my life. My bucket list is quite a lot shorter now."

    Addison and Capaldi last clashed on television in their respective Thick of It roles as the wily special advisor Ollie Reeder and foul-mouthed spin-doctor Malcolm Tucker.

    Addison joins a long list of guest stars in Capaldi's debut run as the 12th Doctor, including Keeley Hawes, Frank Skinner and pop star Foxes. Following tabloid speculation that companion Jenna Coleman is leaving the show this year, Addison has also found himself the bookies' second favourite – behind Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie – to succeed Coleman.

    Doctor Who returns to BBC1 with feature-length series eight opener Deep Breath on Saturday 23rd August at 7:50pm.


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    Lady Gaga & Tony Bennet - I Can't Give You Anything But Love

    Stream here:

    Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have released another song from their upcoming jazz album Cheek to Cheek!

    Fans in North America can now download the song on iTunes and pre-orderCheek to Cheek, while for the rest of the world, the new music will be available tomorrow, August 20th. Here’s the tracklisting:

    1. Anything Goes– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    2. Cheek to Cheek– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    3. Don’t Wait Too Long– Tony Bennett
    4. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    5. Nature Boy– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    6. Goody Goody– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    7. Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye– Lady Gaga
    8. Firefly– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    9. I Won’t Dance – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    10. They All Laughed– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    11. Lush Life– Lady Gaga
    12. Sophisticated Lady – Tony Bennett
    13. Let’s Face the Music and Dance– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    14. But Beautiful – Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    15. It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)– Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
    16. Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) [Live from Jazz At Lincoln Center] – Lady Gaga


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  • 08/19/14--04:49: Ella Henderson - Yours
  • From her debut album 'Chapter One', out September 22nd (Pre-Order).

    Yassss queen Adella!!


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    Zac Efron keeps up the pace of his run while on the set of We Are Your Friends in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (August 18).
    The 26-year-old actor, who stars as Cole in the upcoming flick, rocked out to some tunes with a pair of headphones.
    Deadline reports that Wes Bentley just joined the flick and will play James, a wealthy, binge-drinking DJ who takes Cole (Efron) under his wing and mentors him to success in the world of EDM.



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  • 08/19/14--05:32: Jessica Alba Ultra Post
  • Jessica Alba has been doing tons of promo, plus living her life, and to avoid making twelve posts a day, I've gathered them all here for you, ONTD.

    Table of contents

    • Jessica throws her first pitch at a Dodgers game

    • On Watch What Happens Live with Demi Lovato (photos + article on Demi mentioning Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas)

    • Interview on Latin television

    • On Good Morning, America

    • Maxim Magazine cover shoot

    • Jessica VS. Whitney Cummings in a game of charades on Live With Kelly & Michael

    • Candids

    Jessica Alba shows off her sports skills while throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before the game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Dodger Stadium on Sunday (August 17) in Los Angeles.

    The 33-year-old actress gave a high five to Scott Van Slyke, Dodgers outfielder, after throwing the pitch.

    Click the cap to see the Vine video - it's autoplay, so I'm not embedding it.

    Demi Lovato seem to be Selena Gomez on the outs—for now, anyway.

    The "Really Don't Care" singer appeared alongside Sin City: A Dame to Kill For star Jessica Alba on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Thursday. While there, Lovato, 21, agreed to play a round of "Plead the Fifth." Host Andy Cohen reminded the pop star that she could only skip one of the three questions.

    Cohen's first question: "Shag, Marry, Kill: Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell."

    "I'd kill Bieber. I'd kill Simon. F--k, I'd kill Joe, too!" Lovato said. "No, Joe and I are good friends, so I wouldn't kill him. I'd keep him around." Alba asked, "Who would you shag?" Lovato replied, "None."

    The next question was hard to answer."Not including your own behavior, what is the most scandalous thing you ever saw a Disney Channel star do?" Cohen asked. "And you don't have to name a name."

    "I can't answer that!" Lovato said. "I plead the fifth."

    Perhaps she should have saved that option. For Cohen's third and final question, he asked, "You recently unfollowed your BFF Selena Gomez on Twitter. So much speculation about this! Can you tell us why?"

    "Um, I plead the sixth, if that's in the game," Lovato said. Cohen continued to probe the Camp Rock 2 star, asking, "Are people reading too much into it? Are they reading into something that doesn't exist?"

    "I think it's just one of those things where people change and people grow apart," Lovato answered.

    (0:23) On her career as an actress:"Yeah, I mean, I, for sure, don't work for the paycheck anymore. And I don't do it for the stability that I used to do it for. Now, it's really just about the love of it."
    (1:21) On being a mom while working on a film:"I struggle with it all the time. I mean, I missed my kids all day today. And, you know, Honor came in my room last night and we cuddled. [...] You know, I can't wait to bathe them and read stories to them tonight, so. You've just gotta steal those moments when you can."
    (2:05) On the Honest Company:"It's been nice to be able to deliver on something that I believe so much in."

    Jessica explains why she got a choreographer for this movie, unlike for the same role in this last Sin City; “I’m not that comfortable — I’m not a dancer. And I’m not that comfortable on a stage, so I wanted to work with someone to help me fake it.”

    She also digs into how comfortable she feels with herself now, in contrast to back when she first played Nancy, "I just have so much that's so important to me that I love, and it allows me, when I'm working - when I'm acting, to really be free and take risks and go to the next level."

    On how it's different from the first time she was on the cover of Maxim:"I was, I think, 19 years old? And I remember, I didn't know how to pose, I was so insecure, I had no idea what I was doing."
    On since her last shoot with Maxim:"Well, since my last Maxim cover shoot, I'm very different; I'm now in my 30s, I have two kids, I have a company, and I feel very confident and happy, and really content with where my life is now."
    On her character in the Sin City sequel:"Nancy's a pretty dope character, and in the first one, she was really bright-eyed and kind of a victim. And in this one, it picks her up and she's... a hot mess. [...] If there's a Sin City 3, I would be down to play Nancy again. For sure."
    On being a business owner:"I never knew I would speak at so many business and technology conferences in my life. [laughs] Um... there's a lot of dudes there, we've gotta get more women in technology!"
    On what she likes in a man: "I like a man who is driven and confident. I like someone who appreciates good food. I like someone who doesn't always have to win every fight, and I like a man who is chivalrous. Boys, good manners go a long way."

    Jessica Alba at LAX (August 14)

    Leaving Trump Soho Hotel (August 14)

    Leaving her hotel for 106 & Park (August 13)

    Click cap - won't embed

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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    Katie Holmes leaves CBS Studios after giving an interview for her movie The Giver in New York City. “Well, I grew up in the Midwest, and I have such fond memories of every single Christmas. So, what really hit me in [The Giver] was seeing Jonas go sledding, because I remember that so distinctly in my childhood; that sense of freedom, wonder, and awe. [Laughs] It usually meant a snow day and just so much fun,” Katie shared to Refinery29.

    She recently commented on the tragic death of Robin Williams to E! News: “It’s so awful, so awful. It’s just shocking. I’m just so sorry for his family and friends. He made us all ride so high. He brought such laughter and joy to us for so many years.”

    In a black turtleneck and Strom jeans while catching a departing flight at LAX (August 15):

    Sources: 1, 2

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  • 08/19/14--06:15: chet fake - gold

  • The lead single 'Gold' taken from Australian electronic music producer Chet Faker debut album 'Built In Glass' is both haunting and beautiful. And the music video captures the atmosphere perfectly, check it out below.

    Frequent collaborator and producer Flume has already released a rework of this track. His re-imagination of the track takes the original and tweaks small sections of the song just enough to create a new listening experience of the track.

    Source: 1, 2, 3

    Mods: I did the wording myself, the media is what's sourced.

    ONTD, what have you been listening to or watching lately?

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    BUY''All About You'' now on iTunes

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    are these NOT TERRIBLE SHOES

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    official shake it off cover:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Julianne Hough has learned a hard lesson about the movie biz ... it ain't that easy, so she's returning to "Dancing with the Stars" but this time as a judge ... TMZ has learned.

    Sources connected with the show tell us ... they've made an offer to Julianne to become the 4th judge ... the other 3 are coming back. We're told the 2 sides are in negotiations and are expected to make the deal.

    Julianne left the show years ago to pursue an acting and singing career, but it's been rough going ... particularly "Rock of Ages" and "Footloose." (smh @ tmz forgetting the masterpiece that was safe haven)

    We're told her commitment to DWTS is only a couple of hours a week, so she'll still pursue acting.


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