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    Tony Stewart was reportedly involved in an incident being investigated by the Ontario County (N.Y.) Sheriff’s Department that happened at Canandaigua Motorsports Park on Saturday night.

    The Charlotte Observer reported the sheriff’s department was conducting the investigation and the department told the Observer it would have a statement a few hours after 11:30 p.m. ET. Stewart was racing in a sprint car race at the dirt track north of Watkins Glen, where Sunday’s Sprint Cup race is being held.

    Fox Sports 1’s Bob Dillner cited a witness saying that Stewart was involved in an incident with Kevin Ward.

    The story is very fluid right now but WOW...Prayers/well wishes for Kevin Ward right now.

    UPDATE: CONFIRMED by Sherrif Povero, Driver Kevin Ward Jr. dead on arrival at the hospital. He was 20 years old.

    Note from the OP: Apologies for the 'you in danger girl' tag that I initially put up there before we got all the details. I've been trying to take it down, to no avail.


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    Chris Pratt wasn't the exactly the first person that James Gunn had in mind when he was auditioning for Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, Gunn initially dismissed the very idea of Pratt, until Guardians’ casting director, Sarah Finn, brought Pratt into audition in spite of Gunn’s protestations. But one look, and that’s all it took, according to Gunn, “Chris came in, and he was still chubby at that point, and within 20 seconds of him auditioning I just knew that he was the guy. I just knew it immediately. I turned around and looked to Sarah and I almost had tears in my eyes, because we’d gone through so many people.” In fact, Pratt ended up beating out Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eddie Redmayne, John Krasinski, Aaron Paul, Lee Pace, and James Marsden for the role.

    That had to feel awfully satisfying, after spending years getting rejected for other major movie (and television) roles. Here’s five parts Chris Pratt was rejected for on his way to playing the lead in what may end up being the biggest movie of the summer, and knowing what we know now, I almost feel like he’d have been a better choice than any of these five guys (except, arguably, Levi).

    1. The lead in NBC’s Chuck.

    Reason denied: Wasn't nerdy-looking enough.

    Role went to: Zachary Levi.

    2. As Jake Sully in Avatar.

    Reason denied: Lacked the “it” factor. “I walked into that room knowing that I did not have that thing, and I walked out thinking I would never have that thing,” Pratt said of his audition.

    Role went to the guy with the smallest “it” factor in Hollywood, Sam Worthington.

    3. As Captain Kirk in Star Trek

    Reason denied: Also, because he lacked a certain star quality.

    Role went to Chris Pine, whose star power has yet to extend beyond the Star Trek franchise

    4. As Duke in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

    Reason denied: Too schlubby. Didn’t look the part of an action figure.

    Role went to Channing Tatum, who definitely looks the part of an action figure.

    5. As Sam Flynn in TRON: Legacy.

    Reason denied: Undisclosed.

    Role went to: Garrett Hedlund


    Except Star Trek. The rest looks easily interchangeable for me.

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    The intriguing indie The One I Love is earning plenty of buzz for its central secret. Even after its rousing world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, critics raved about this inventive take on romantic comedies, yet wouldn't expose the clever cut-up's sly secrets. However, without spoiling anything, we can tell you one of the secrets even those who've seen the film have missed.

    Just yesterday, I had a chance to sit down with The One I Love's director, Charlie McDowell, to talk about his feature directorial debut. We'll give you a fuller picture of that conversation closer to The One I Love's theatrical release, but in the meantime we'd like to share the secret of Rooney Mara's involvement in this Sundance darling. Though she's not one of its stars, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo stunner took on a pivotal role.

    The cast is reported as being made up solely of Mark Duplass, Elisabeth Moss and Ted Danson. They play an unhappy married couple, and their marriage counselor. But watching the film, I was struck how the costumes of these characters felt like characters in their own right. So, I asked McDowell about them, expecting just that--details about the costume choices. Then he surprised me by telling me Rooney Mara was the film's costume designer, though she's credited under the pseudonym Bree Daniel. Below, you can see how this led to an unexpectedly awkward moment.

    Charlie McDowell began by speaking about his "girlfriend," an unnamed actress who wanted to help out in the film in a way she felt she'd be well suited. (Spoiler: she is!)

    "Yeah, my girlfriend actually was the costume designer. She is an actress and not a costume designer, but she read it and was like, 'Oh, I really want to do this!' We had this kind of 'it’s all in the family, let’s all come together and do it' feeling. We went for it, and she made some really smart and interesting choices with just the subtleties of what they wear…just really making sure that what they wore was appropriate to where they were at in their relationship…all of the kind of details of hair, make-up, and wardrobe kind of complimented those ideas. And my girlfriend--right before we started shooting--came up with the idea of Ethan wearing glasses, which became a huge thing in moving forward and really helped us, really helped us define who he was. I think Mark used to wear glasses, and he kind of reverted back into this guy where he starts, he’s like pushing up the thing, (mimicks pushing a pair of glasses up the bridge of his nose) and it really became like an almost character in the movie, the glasses."

    At this point, I asked for his girlfriend's name, in case the costume designer's credit wasn't readily available. McDowell grew bashful instantaneously, I soon realized why.

    "Well, she goes by a pseudonym on the movie, but..." He hesitated. "So, my girlfriend is Rooney Mara, who is an actress. We didn’t want to credit Rooney Mara, costume designer. So she’s Bree Daniel on the credits."

    Right. He's dating Rooney Mara. Some corner of my brain knew that at some point.

    McDowell clarified he's proud of Mara's work on The One I Love, but wasn't sure how to answer the question about her name at first, because if he gave the pseudonym, it might start a gossip cycle that he's running around on Rooney Mara…with her own pseudonym. Celebrity can be complicated.


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  • 08/09/14--22:55: Andrew W.K. for President!
  • Andrew W.K. Unites America with Response to Man Complaining of ‘Super Right-Wing’ Dad

    Andrew W.K. is known as many things: Hard rocker, party enthusiast, motivational speaker, Brony icon, cultural ambassador to Bahrain (of our dreams), and all-around nice guy. And so it should come as no surprise he also wants to act as a uniter, a harbinger of friendship and humanity.

    On weekly basis, W.K. answers questions for an advice column in the Village Voice. This week’s iteration has been making the rounds on the web for its political nature.

    “I’m writing because I just can’t deal with my father anymore,” the anonymous reader submits. “He’s a 65-year-old super right-wing conservative who has basically turned into a total asshole intent on ruining our relationship and our planet with his politics. I’m more or less a liberal democrat with very progressive values and I know that people like my dad are going to destroy us all.”

    The letter continues:

    I don’t have any good times with him anymore. All we do is argue. When I try to spend time with him without talking politics or discussing any current events, there’s still an underlying tension that makes it really uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I love him no matter what, but how do I explain to him that his politics are turning him into a monster, destroying the environment, and pushing away the people who care about him?

    W.K.’s lengthy answer is worth reading in full, especially if you feel bummed out by these intensely partisan times. But the response opens with the rocker instructing his reader to re-think what he just asked.

    “Go back and read the opening sentences of your letter. Read them again. Then read the rest of your letter. Then read it again,” W.K. wrote. “Try to find a single instance where you referred to your dad as a human being, a person, or a man. There isn’t one. [...] The humanity has been reduced to nothingness and all that’s left in its place is an argument that can never really be won. And even if one side did win, it probably wouldn’t satisfy the deeper desire to be in a state of inflamed passionate conflict.”

    According to W.K., these deeply personal, partisan conflicts are mostly useless.

    “The world isn’t being destroyed by democrats or republicans, red or blue, liberal or conservative, religious or atheist,” he wrote, “the world is being destroyed by one side believing the other side is destroying the world. The world is being hurt and damaged by one group of people believing they’re truly better people than the others who think differently.”

    The “Party Hard” writer warned his reader against the pitfalls of compartmentalization, and pleaded with him to understand the nuance in every argument:

    When we anticipate with ferocious glee the next chance we have to prove someone “wrong” and ourselves “right,” all the while disregarding the vast complexity of almost every subject — not to mention the universe as a whole — we are reducing the beauty and magic of life to a “side” or a “type,” or worst of all, an “answer.” This is the power of politics at it’s most sinister.

    At its best, politics is able to organize extremely complex world views into manageable and communicable systems so they can be grappled with and studied abstractly. But even the most noble efforts to organize the world are essentially futile. The best we can usually achieve is a crude and messy map of life from one particular vantage point, featuring a few grids, bullet points, and sketches of its various aspects and landmarks.

    W.K.’s final message was one of love and respect, despite differences:

    Love your dad because he’s your father, because he made you, because he thinks for himself, and most of all because he is a person. Have the strength to doubt and question what you believe as easily as you’re so quick to doubt his beliefs. Live with a truly open mind — the kind of open mind that even questions the idea of an open mind. Don’t feel the need to always pick a side. And if you do pick a side, pick the side of love. It remains our only real hope for survival and has more power to save us than any other belief we could ever cling to.

    Reminds this writer of a line from singer-songwriter Elvis Perkins: “And though you voted for that awful man / I will never refuse your hand / On doomsday.”

    In case you’re interested in other helpful Andrew W.K. columns, Village Voice compiled his greatest hits here.


    Can NOT believe it's been 13 years since this was unleashed.

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    Radiohead have topped an NME poll to establish the 100 Most Influential Artists Today.

    The list collects the artists judged to be part of the music world's DNA in 2014, including David Bowie, Kate Bush, Nirvana, Nick Cave, Kanye West, The Smiths, Aaliyah and Björk – the artists currently inspiring a new generation.

    The process behind the list – and the reasoning for leaving out big names including The Beatles and The Rolling Stones – can be found here.

    Check out the following galleries to discover who did – and who didn't – make the list.

    5. The Strokes. The Strokes remain one of the major touchstones for modern indie. Were it not for them, there would be no Arctic Monkeys, no Franz Ferdinand, no Killers, no Libertines and no Cribs; and their ardent pace, Julian’s no-fi yowls and Albert Hammond’s high-end twangs can still be heard in Palma Violets, The Orwells, Parquet Courts and Twin Peaks.

    4. The White Stripes. Ollie Walter, The Family Rain: "Anything we try to do that’s bold and fuzzy is definitely us trying to be The White Stripes. You’ve got that great initial place to start from and you can take it anywhere. The White Stripes bring a really solid backbone, it’s a really good building block in terms of being in a band – it gives you that first kick."

    3. Kanye West. As pop-culture catalysts go, no other 21st century figure has had the impact Kanye has had since storming into view with 'The College Dropout' 10 years ago. From the sunny soul-sampling of early singles like 'All Falls Down' to the futurist rap supernova that was 2013's 'Yeezus', his career's been a lesson in pushing boundaries and setting the agenda.

    2. David Bowie. Of all the old guard, David Bowie is the guy who young musicians still namedrop with devoted regularity today. The sheer breadth and scope of his career – from the music-hall roots to his glam explosion, plastic soul period and krautrock experiments –has provided countless modern acts with their impetus to plug in and play.

    1. Radiohead. Just as The Beatles came to embody the 60s, Thom Yorke is the artist who most clearly reflects our times. Nearly two decades ago he looked into the future and it weirded him out. 'OK Computer' and 'Kid A' laid the foundation for 21st-century music; one that cared not for reductive genre boxes but expected boundary-leaping experimentation from artists as standard.

    Full list at the source. Who's ya favorite artist(s), ONTD??

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    Last week when Kiefer Sutherland had to swat away Freddie Prinze Jr., I read through the Sutherland/24 Wikis to see which season Prinze was referring to (Prinze was that memorable), when I was reminded about the whole Kiefer and Julia Roberts mess. I’d pretty much forgotten the two had ever been engaged. Gosh, remember when Roberts’ personal life as tabloid fodder was as big a deal as Brangelina? That got me to thinking about the other big broken engagements that played out either in, or (purportedly) because of media and public attention, and as you all know, that means it’s time for another Seriously Random List(I fk love lists).

    7. Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson

    Engaged December 2009 - August 2010. The Breakup: Supposedly, Manson kicked Wood’s brother out of his home…or it may have their age difference (he was 36 and she, 19), or he might have been controlling, abusive or cheating. In other words, who knows?

    6. Emily Blunt and Michael Buble

    Engaged 2006 - 2008. The Breakup: Buble allegedly cheated (possibly supported with published photos taken by the other woman).

    5. Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez

    Engaged 1985 - 1987. The Breakup: Allegedly, friendly…which is really cool.

    4. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

    Engaged November 2002 - January 2004. The Breakup: Too much media scrutiny (that had to be Affleck, because that would never apply to JLo).

    3. Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow

    Engaged December 1996 - June 1997. The Breakup: Gwyneth allegedly cheated on Brad with John Hannah, her Sliding Doors co-star.

    Rest at src.

    This list is missing better pairings

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    When L’Oréal Paris recently launched their Makeup Genius app, they explained, It’s not just virtual—it’s augmented reality. Hesitant to jump down the rabbit hole of selfies, I somewhat reluctantly downloaded the app. And I quickly learned that L’Oréal Paris is leading the charge for a new breakthrough in the way we look at beauty, shopping, cosmetic application, and, of course, technology. In short, the app’s last name is Genius for a reason.

    Similar to developing a 3-D movie, special technology had to be used to ensure realistic effects. After more than seven years of research, RT Track 64 facial-tracking-algorism technology was patented, delivering the most precise facial recognition through a live mirror camera. You can move your lips and bat your lashes, and your virtual makeup will stay on. Being a skeptic prior to testing out the app, I can now say with confidence (after sufficiently testing and testing and testing—for “work” and for play) that I’ve never seen anything like this.

    In fact, I forced a few of my fellow V.F.-ers (both male and female) to test out the different looks, too. That way, I wouldn’t be the only one in awe of the technology. Not only does the look move along with your face, it's intuitive enough to discern between the skin of the lips, eyes, and other facial contours, allowing the virtual makeup to move with you as you turn your head, change your facial expression, and test out new looks at various angles and in shifting lighting conditions. Simply put, you can now test out the colors virtually and make your purchase without ever having to go to the store.

    Is this a new era in beauty? It would be impossible to say no. The future of beauty, says Guive Balooch—the global director of the Connected Beauty Incubator at L’Oréal Research and Innovation—“lies in the virtual-reality experience and will be a new and powerful way in how our consumers try on products. The goal is to empower all our consumers around the world, with science, to try on any L’Oréal product.” In 1967, John Lennon said that all you need is love. But times have changed. Now, all you need is a smartphone.



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    The cast for HBO’s adaptation of Michael Crichton’s 1973 film, Westworld is coming together, and I have to say that I’m actually more excited about the supporting cast than I am the two leads. Specifically, I am a huge fan of the Cardellini-esqe Shannon Woodward from Raising Hope, and the tremendous Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, who blew me away in Dwayne Johnson’s Hercules. Jeffrey Wright ain’t bad, either.

    Michael Crichton’s original science fiction western-thriller was about a robot malfunction that created havoc and terror for unsuspecting vacationers at a futuristic, adult-themed amusement park. The series comes from exec producers J.J. Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, who also co-wrote the pilot (and will direct).

    Here’s how the cast looks.

    Anthony Hopkins (Dr. Robert Ford)— “The brilliant, taciturn and complicated creative director, chief programmer and chairman of the board of Westworld, who has an uncompromising creative vision for the park — and unorthodox methods of achieving it.”

    Evan Rachel Wood ( Dolores Abernathy):“The quintessential farm girl of the frontier West — who is about to discover that her entire idyllic existence is an elaborately constructed lie.”

    Jeffrey Wright (Bernard Lowe):“The brilliant and quixotic head of the park’s Programming Division, Bernard’s keen observation of human nature provides him with boundless inspiration for his life’s work—creating artificial people.”

    Rodrigo Santoro (Harlan Bell):“Terrifying and brutal, with a dark sense of humor, Harlan is Westworld’s perennial “Most Wanted” bandit. He subscribes to the theory that the West is a wild place, and the only way to survive is to embrace the role of predator.”

    Shannon Woodward (Elsie King):“A sardonic rising star in the Programming division, Elsie is charged with diagnosing the odd quirks of behaviors in the park’s hosts.”

    Ingrid Bolsø Berdal (Armistice:):“A savage fighter and brutal bandit, her ruthlessness with her victims is surpassed only by her abiding loyalty to her fellow outlaws.”

    Angela Sarafyan (Clementine Pennyfeather):“One of Westworld’s most popular attractions, every aspect of Clementine is perfectly beguiling, by design.”

    Simon Quarterman (Lee Sizemore): “The narrative director of Westworld, his inspired storylines consistently delight or terrify the guests—and his artistic temperament consistently grates on his colleagues.”

    Hnng Rodrigo

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    Nearly 90 years after Harry Houdini’s death, the fascination for the legendary illusionist and escape artist still lingers, hence a two-part miniseries on History simply titled “Houdini,” for which a trailer recently appeared on the web.

    Adrien Brody will star as the titular showman, along with “House of Cards'” Kristen Connolly as his wife Bess. It will focus on Houdini as he finds fame, engages in espionage, battles spiritualists and encounters important figures from his time.

    The miniseries also stars Tom Benedict Knight and Eszter Onodi. It’s written by Nicholas Meyer and directed by Uli Edel. Lionsgate Television and A&E Television Networks produce.

    Part 1 of “Houdini” will air on History Sept. 1, with the second part airing Sept. 2.

    Elsa still lives in that castle or she sold it?

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    NOOOPE @ Tara's shitty plot resolution but lmao @ bbs Sookie, Tara, & Laffy. also fifty shades of violet with her fucking red hot dildo poker = most useless plot ever second to Ifrit, French lady with ghost baby, and every Hotshot storyline. And poor queen :(</spoiler>

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    MTV is now casting attractive men and women to play on a hit TV series filming in Los Angeles, California.

    Casting directors are looking for extras that live in the Southern California area. Sande Alessi Casting is looking for Brazilian, Hispanic, Columbian or anyone from South America for featured roles in the MTV series.

    MTV TV Series Casting Call

    BRAZILIAN, HISPANIC, COLOMBIAN OR ANY SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRY (You are supposed to look Brazilian) - VERY HOT GUYS & GIRLS: You MUST be 18 to look younger – this is a high school scene.

    We are doing an interview for this (date TBD). Please email a current color photo, your union status, city in which you live, height/weight and contact info to: Subject line should read: BRAZIL

    probably white passing now that i think of it lbr


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    Kirsten Dunst wants to have children very soon. The 32-year old actress, who has been dating Garett Hedlund for two years, says she wants to be pregnant by next year. "I'm in baby mode because two of my really good friends are pregnant right now," Dunst tells Red magazine. "I think 33 is a good age to have your first baby."

    The actress also admits that she feels pressure from people, especially her mom, to have children. “I get asked that question a lot because I'm in my thirties and it's like: time to get married and have babies, right? That's the vibe. Well, I already have a mother to ask those questions, so nobody else needs to!" she explains.

    Kirsten, who sought help for depression four years ago, adds that she hasn't had any plans to get married or have children before because of her anxiety."I'm sure one day, if I have kids, the anxiety of life will come back again, because you're worried about somebody else," she says.


    Have you ever known someone whose anxiety got worse because of pregnancy?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Hollywood may have found a franchise in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" again.

    The latest film adaptation of the comic books about crime-fighting reptiles, this one from Viacom Inc. VIAB +0.89% 's Paramount Pictures and starring Megan Fox, opened to an estimated $65 million in the U.S. and Canada. The reboot had a production budget of $125 million and is the fifth film featuring the anthropomorphic foursome, who appeared in three live-action features in the 1990s and a computer-animated film in 2007.

    Given the strong opening, Paramount said Sunday that it is planning a sequel to be released in June 2016. The latest movie's success likely derives from its appeal to young adults who were Ninja Turtles fans in childhood.

    Paramount specifically marketed to what it called "nostalgics," people in their late 20s and early 30s who grew up with the characters in films, comic books and a television series, said Megan Colligan, president of domestic marketing and distribution. It isn't a group that wants to see its childhood characters toyed with, said Ms. Colligan, so the marketing emphasized known traits like the turtles' love of pizza and penchant for exclaiming "Cowabunga!" About 55% of the opening-weekend audience was older than 25.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Ads directed at children highlighted the film's humor and light tone—something it shares with this month's other big movie, Walt Disney Co. DIS +1.57% 's "Guardians of the Galaxy." The success of "Ninja Turtles" and "Guardians" helped give Hollywood a second consecutive weekend in which box-office sales were up over last year, though year-to-date returns are still down 5.5%, according to box-office tracker Rentrak Corp. RENT +3.52%

    "Guardians" kept significant business away from the new offerings in its second week, falling 56% to $41.5 million in second place. The hit about a ragtag band of superheroes has grossed $175.9 million domestically and $137.3 million overseas so far.

    "Into the Storm," the new action film from Time Warner Inc. TWX +1.62% 's Warner Bros. about a small town hit with several tornadoes in a single day, met expectations, with $18 million.

    "The Hundred-Foot Journey," starring Helen Mirren as a snooty French chef whose cultural mores are shaken by the arrival of an Indian family, opened in fourth place with a so-so $11.1 million. The movie, produced by DreamWorks SKG and distributed by Disney, could hold well, having received an "A" grade from audiences, the best of any new release this week, according to the CinemaScore market-research firm.

    "Step Up All In" premiered with the lowest opening yet for the dance-off franchise, at $6.6 million. "All In," distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.'s LGF +7.51% Summit Entertainment, is the fifth installment of the "Step Up" series, and gathers dancers from former casts for a competition in Las Vegas. The "Step Up" films typically perform better overseas, and the latest has collected $37.7 million from international markets so far.


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  • 08/10/14--20:07: New Boardwalk Empire promo

  • Source

    Edit: The Game of Thrones tag was added by mistake and I can't remove it now. Sorry.

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    Actress Hilary Duff attends FOX's 2014 Teen Choice Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on August 10, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.


    Yes it really took this many people... @marcusrfrancis @adambreuchaud @anitapatrickson I'm ready for the @TCAs_2014

    Hilary's new single, All About You, during the Teen Choice Awards:

    HQ clip of All About You being played: (Go directly to 1:48):

    Source 1234567

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    May the odds for love be ever in his favor. True Blood star Jim Parrack is engaged to Hunger Games actress Leven Rambin, which comes just months after Jim and his wife split up.

    Jim, 33, posted to his Facebook page on August 9 that he and Leven, 24, are engaged, according to Us Weekly. Leven also posted the engagement announcement on Facebook.

    Jim and Ciera Parrack, his wife of six years, parted ways in June 2014. In late July, Jim and Leven posted an Instagram video to announce that they would be going on a hiatus from social media for a while. "We're taking a two-week sabbatical from social media, so peace, God bless!" Jim said in the vid before kissing Leven.

    Rambin played the tribute Glimmer in The Hunger Games and Clarisse in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. She is best known for her recurring role as Ava Benton in All My Children. Parrack plays Hoyt Fortenberry on True Blood. After exiting in 2012, he returned for the final season.

    source: WetPaint

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    In other news, Demi is currently working with Lindy Robbins and Julia Michaels ("Fire Starter") for her new album, rumored as set to be released sometime this year.

    Demi in the studio

    Source, Source

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    Now that all hip-hop and R&B superstars are required to tour with a "buddy" (see: Jay Z and Beyonce, Drake and Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Justin Timberlake) Eminem and Rihanna are kind of a cool pairing, at least on paper. Equally compelling are their differences — race, sex, country of origin, skill set, their generation gap — and their similarities, particularly their shared history of having been victims of abuse.

    Unfortunately, they have nothing resembling chemistry, as was apparent from moment one last night at the Rose Bowl.

    A short film started things off: A buttoned-up Rihanna entered a prison, where Eminem was locked-up inside of some sort of solitary pod. For untold years, he'd had nothing to do except eat dry cereal and watch cartoons, he complained, cursing her for not coming sooner. She proceeded to curse him back, and then she left. That was it, the video was over. Never was it explained how the characters knew each other.

    Then, IRL, Rihanna rose out of the stage's floor, clad in what resembled a black-and-yellow leather Zubaz outfit over a crop-top. Eminem was tied to a gurney, Hannibal Lecter-style. Thus began two hours and a half hours of lip synching.

    At a urinal, a guy with tattoos on his head in lieu of hair asked me if I had some yayo. I didn't, but most everyone else was getting sloppy, which is a good indication of a crowd's level of passion for the performers.

    And, indeed, Eminem is almost impossible not to like. Anyone who can rap about raping his mother and brutally killing his wife and still maintain an ardent female fan base knows how to walk some sort of line, and with him the trick seems to be his infectious enthusiasm. He gives 150,000 percent, always, and even if you think what he's doing is corny, you never doubt his commitment to craft.

    Sure, he let the backing track do the vast, vast majority of the heavy lifting last night. He was only actually, audibly rapping on a handful of songs, including slower ones like "Stan." His lip-synching was especially obvious because he's so animated, constantly gesticulating in a way that pulls the mic away from his mouth, mid-lyric.

    But hey, that energy. He does this cool hopping-around-on-his-toes thing while he's performing, which is sort of like dancing, but more like he just stepped into a boxing ring and is preparing for the fight.

    He started the show in a black hoodie; he and Rihanna performed some songs together, and then she did her set. He came back out wearing a gray hoodie. At certain other points he wore a green cap, white t-shirt, black t-shirt, and dorky camo shorts. What can he say? He's hot. A girl held up a sign saying she'd like to be introduced to the monster inside of his pants.

    And Rihanna's hot too. Too hot, probably, to the point where she thinks she doesn't have to try very hard. While a cavalcade of dancers behind her sweated their asses off, she could barely be bothered to move, save for some slithering and occasional lazy rubs of her Zubaz crotch, like Michael Jackson on Xanax.

    The pair have some hit songs together, and those came off especially well, particularly the closer "The Monster," but otherwise it was hard for them to figure out ways to collaborate. Rihanna gets points for singing the Dido part on "Stan" (she was actually singing on that one, and in general you could hear her live voice much more often than his), and pulled out her island patois on T.I.'s "Live Your Life." But the other mash-ups were weird. Ri's part on Jay Z's "Run This Town" segued into Eminem's verse on Jay's "Renegade," which sent the crowd for a loop. (There were no guest appearances of note at the show, which is also a trend for these stadium/arena buddy rap spectaculars of late.) One wondered why she couldn't do, say, Martika's part on "Like Toy Soldiers."

    In any case, touring is hard. One gets the sense that Eminem overcorrects for any sense of ennui/fatigue by being extra-excitable and jittery. There was one particularly absurd moment when he was performing karaoke on "Berzerk," a record about bringing back old-school hip-hop. In one moment his rapping gets very fast on that song, and the crowd was egging him on as he gesticulated wildly. But he wasn't really rapping, and this wasn't old school hip-hop at all. This was a giant cash cow tour intended to give as wide an audience as possible as smooth an experience as possible.

    But, as previously noted, he tries so hard it's difficult to get mad at him. Near the end of the show he did a medley of the lead singles from his first three big albums, "My Name Is,""The Real Slim Shady," and "Without Me."He wanted to please. Rihanna seemed to have no such interest. On "Umbrella," she seemed bored out of her mind.

    Oh, and another thing; everyone on stage kept addressing the crowd as "Cali," which annoyed the pants off of my friend Brook, with good reason. For future reference:

    "Los Angeles"> "Southern California"> "City of Angels"> "La La Land"> "Land of Fruits and Nuts"> "Pasadena"> "Cali"

    "Thanks Cali, hope we get to do this again soon," Rihanna said near the end, seemingly ready for bed. She seemed to forget that she and Eminem are, in fact, performing again at the same location tonight.


    0 0

    Sorry, Screech, but Zack thinks you are wrong.

    Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who played Zack Morris on the cult classic ’90s TV show “Saved by the Bell,” doesn’t agree with former co-star Dustin Diamond’s portrayal of their time together.

    Diamond — who played super nerdy Samuel “Screech” Powers — put out a book years ago titled “Behind the Bell.”

    Now there’s a Lifetime TV movie, “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story,” which purports to show the less-than-glamorous side of life on the show, complete with fights, jealousy and other drama.

    During an interview with HuffPostLive to promote his current series, “Franklin & Bash,” Gosselaar said he neither was involved with nor consulted on the TV project.

    As for Diamond’s book, the actor said it is “negative.”

    “Everything I’ve heard about his book is, it is negative,” Gosselaar said. “I don’t remember those things. My experience on the show was very positive.”

    Gosselaar’s “Franklin & Bash” co-star took it even further when commenting on Diamond.

    “This guy’s such a d**k,” Breckin Meyer said. “I don’t know Dustin at all but everything I read. (Gosselaar) and I have talked endlessly about ‘Saved by the Bell.’ I grew up at the same time, I was acting, and I used their sets one time when I did a pilot.

    “The Dustin Diamond thing is just so silly,” he added. “It’s just so negative, and it always bums me out.”

    During a 2013 interview with OWN, Diamond distanced himself from the book, saying that he had a ghostwriter and that it was a “disappointment” to him.

    “I talked to a guy a few times, so the book has some truth in it, but a lot of the stories were just kind of throwaways,” Diamond said. “I have nothing but good thoughts and memories towards everybody.”

    Sources #1, #2, #3

    Fave SbtB episode?

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