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    A new trailer has arrived for 'Salomé'/'Wild Salomé', a documentary about making of the movie, "Wild Salomé," first screened at the Venice Film Festival in 2011, but now part of a double feature heading to UK theaters. Get a first look below!

    Salomé: the Oscar Wilde play is set in the time of Jesus and is the story of Salomé (Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain appearing in her first movie role), a princess whose stepfather, King Herod (Pacino), drunkenly promises whatever she desires if she performs the erotically charged "Dance of the Seven Veils" for him. Her demand for the head of John the Baptist - the only man whom Herod fears - leaves the king in a terrible position.

    Wilde Salomé: the documentary (directed by Pacino) takes us on a journey that focuses on his fascination and obsession for Wilde's work after seeing the play performed in London with Stephen Berkoff in the role that Pacino would go on to fill.

    The double bill will screen in the UK on Sunday, September 21st hosted by Stephen Fry, in conversation with Pacino and Chastain. Chastain made her Broadway debut in The Heiress in 2012.

    A + B

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    Jada Pinkett Smith is out there serving high fashion realness in Net-A-Porter’s The Edit. The 42-year-old actress recently ditched her string bikini vacation-wear for something more upscale for her fierce shoot with the web publication.

    Inside, the Gotham actress dishes on her 17-year marriage to Will Smith. In the mag, she says the actor is “everything” and feels like “my husband” is way too small of a title for a him since it doesn’t truly capture what he means in her life. She also said we women get too caught up on the idea of what a husband should be, and it wasn’t until the couple ditched the rules that she was able to enjoy Will in all his glory.

    Elsewhere, she speaks on being inspired by Willow and staying active while keeping her gym time to a minimum.

    Check the highlights!

    On her relationship with Will:
    We used to have all these rules, [but] as you go on in your relationship, you just get into a flow. The thing I love is being in a place where it’s just like, Will, to me, encompasses everything. It’s almost as if calling him ‘my husband’ is too small of a word for what he means in my life — and especially how I feel we, as women, identify the idea of a husband. I really had to mature and expand that. I think I had a very stuck idea of what a husband looks like, what a wife should be. Once I broke all of that, a whole new world opened for me and man, oh, man, I got to see him in all his glory. And so that’s what it’s evolved into. And I’m just ecstatic about it.

    On how she copes with the gay and infidelity rumors:
    The coping technique is knowing what the truth is – there’s no better technique. When you know that what’s going on in your house is so the opposite [of what’s being said], and you also know that when there’s mystery, people fill in the gaps, that’s OK. And then you look back at it and look at how creative people can be, and it’s kind of entertaining. We can laugh because it’s so ridiculous. But I get it. I don’t take it personally.

    On her kids:
    I want my kids to be happy and I want them to be themselves, I was saying to a friend the other day, ‘Remember, our kids are not us.’ They’re not. Sometimes we’re trying to fix things that happened to us or projecting [onto them], and that’s a terrible, terrible trap.

    On feeling strong and staying fit as she gets older:
    You know what? I don’t know if I feel stronger than ever, but I do feel better than ever. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that it’s about being physical every day. You don’t have to go to the gym if that’s not your thing. You can go outside your door and walk around your block. You can take a brisk walk, a light jog, a slow stroll if you want! I feel like, as I’ve gotten, I look better than ever and I work out less. I’m never in the gym for [more than] 45 minutes.


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    Michael Bay has extended his first-look deal with Paramount. The Transformers director has signed a three-year extension, and the deal has also been expanded to include another of his production companies, Bay Films, as well as Platinum Dune.

    Bay said he feels like "part of the Paramount family" after working with the studio for the past five years. He signed his original deal in October 2009.

    The director added: "There is a synergy there that feels different than any other place in Hollywood.

    "From Brad Grey and Rob Moore, where my relationship goes back more than a decade, to my very good friend Adam Goodman, and to Philippe Dauman, who has put so much trust in me, and with the powerful marketing of Josh Greenstein and Megan Colligan, Paramount makes for a very comfortable place to work."

    Bay has produced Paramount's upcoming reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which will be released on August 8 in the US, and October 17 in the UK.

    Paramount chairman and CEO Brad Grey, added:"With an ever-growing, worldwide fan base, Michael is truly one of the most inspired and beloved filmmakers of our time."

    "We take great pride in the fact that Michael is part of the Paramount family, and we look forward to growing our productive and successful partnership."


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    Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have reportedly split after rekindling their romance last summer, E! News is reporting.

    The 23-year-old Oscar winner and 24-year-old actor’s split “was very amicable,” a source said.

    They spent a lot of time apart because of work and it was difficult on their relationship,” the source added.

    There’s been rumors swirling that the duo have split for weeks.

    The pair have worked together on the X-Men series of films and will be co-starring in the upcoming Apocalypse.

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    video @ source

    Kim Kardashian may be swimming in a pool of trouble. The 33-year-old reality star sparked outrage from animal rights advocates after posting a video of her and gal pal Kristen Gipson taking a dip with dolphins during a recent trip to Mexico. In the new video, Kim and Kristen each hang on to a dolphin's fin as they are pulled around a mid-sized pool.

    "Double dophin ride with @kristennoelgipson," Kim captioned the post. "Thank you Vallarta Adventures for teaching us so much!"

    And while little Nori doesn't appear in the video, it seems that the one-year-old interacted with the animals too. "Can't wait to show my daughter the pics of her swimming with dolphins & kissing a sea lion when she gets older! #ThanksForTheMemories #Mexico," Kim added.

    Though there's no doubt both mother and daughter had a blast, not everyone is happy about this underwater adventure. "Kim is free to leave the pool, but for the dolphins, it's a lifetime sentence," PETA's Senior Vice President, Lisa Lange, explained in a statement, later noting, "Touch tanks and 'swim-with' programs allow the public to pet, kiss, or even 'ride' dolphins."

    She went on to clarify why this kind of up-close-and-personal contact can prove dangerous— for both sides.

    She went on to clarify why this kind of up-close-and-personal contact can prove dangerous — for both sides.

    "Such programs invade the animals' already diminished worlds and are intrusive, dangerous, and stressful for the animals as well as for human participants," she lamented. "Animals in 'petting pools' can become injured and anxious as a result of constant poking and prodding, and exposure to bacteria that they are not immune to can make them ill. The dolphins also often express their frustration through aggression."

    It's not surprising that Kim's dance with the dolphins – her second this summer – caused controversy. Institutions such as SeaWorld have been under fire since the release of the documentary Blackfish last year, which focused on the controversial captivity of killer whales and resulted in many bands and brands cutting ties with the aquatic theme park.

    Kim has not responded to PETA's statements, but since posting the video, she's shared a bunch of other fun-in-the-sun shots with her daughter that flaunt her curves and are 100 percent animal-free.


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    A survey suggests the line, "are we human or are we dancer?" in the song Human is the most confusing.

    Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe placed fifth with the lyric: "Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad".

    The top 10 also included Michael Jackson's Earth Song and Champagne Supernova by Oasis.

    The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers previously revealed the lyric in Human was based on a quote from the author Hunter S. Thompson, "we're raising a generation of dancers".

    "I took it and ran," Brandon said. "I guess it bothers people that it's not grammatically correct, but I think I'm allowed to do whatever I want."

    The research was carried out by online streaming service Blinkbox Music, which questioned 2,000 adults.

    Managing director Mark Bennett said: "It's true that song lyrics are sometimes as crazy as a box of frogs, but then that's show business. It would be a really boring world if everything was logical and made sense."

    Almost two-fifths of those surveyed said they do not usually understand the words they hear in pop songs.

    The Top 10 5 (rest at source)

    1. The Killers, Human"Are we human, or are we dancer?"
    3. Michael Jackson, Earth Song"What about elephants? Have we lost their trust?"
    5. Carly Rae Jepsen, Call Me Maybe"Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad."
    7. Duran Duran, The Reflex"The reflex is an only child, he's waiting in the park."
    9. Taylor Swift, Love Story -"Cause you were Romeo, I was a scarlet letter, and my daddy said stay away from Juliet."

    weirdest lyrics?

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    Z Nation starts three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country, when a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. Although the antibodies he carries are the world's last, best hope for a vaccine, he hides a dark secret that threatens them all. With humankind's survival at stake, the ragtag band embarks on a journey of survival across three thousand miles of rusted-out post-apocalyptic America.

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    The final season of “The Killing” has the dark cop drama playing its strongest card well.
    The six episodes that drop Friday on Netflix include a solid murder case, but focus more on the show’s deeply troubled detective team of Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman).

    At the end of season three they became good cops who did a bad thing, and the final season uses the consequences of that act to explore the larger question of where their lives can go from here.
    By all indications, their scenarios are no sunnier than the bleak Seattle skies under which they still work.
    Yet we viewers have built up a real affection for Linden and Holder, partly because they have made their lives so hard for themselves. We want them to find at least a measure of peace.
    The most enduring legacy of “The Killing” may be that the producers of every “closed-end” TV series now must swear in blood they really will wrap up their story in X number of episodes.
    That’s because some fans and critics went nuts when “The Killing” did not do so after season 1.
    The show’s real value, though, runs deeper. It has woven well-crafted murder dramas and, beyond that, given us wonderfully complex lead characters who go way beyond the light banter, gruff exterior and “will they/won’t they” tease of most TV cop teams. Even the best ones.
    In a perfect world, Enos and Kinnaman next year would become the latest Netflix stars to score Emmy nominations.
    Probably won’t happen. But their work, including this final season, stands strong.


    Has anyone seen the new season yet?

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    Few current TV shows are as cinematic as NBC's "Hannibal," and that includes the stellar music that accompanies each episode. If you're a fan of the series who's looking to add to your CD collection, then read on for some very cool news.

    From the Press Release: Lakeshore Records will release four volumes of music from the hit NBC television series HANNIBAL, composed by Brian Reitzell (Lost in Translation, "Boss").

    The HANNIBAL SEASON ONE Volumes 1 & 2 soundtrack will be available digitally on August 5th and on CD September 2nd. The HANNIBAL SEASON TWO Volumes 1 & 2 Original TV Soundtracks will be available digitally on September 2nd and on CD September 23rd.

    “Visually it’s so artfully done and quite fantastical so I see it like an opera staging; otherwise, I might be more disturbed,” said Reitzell of HANNIBAL. “Listening to the music alone is scarier than in the context of the show.”

    One of the most memorable instruments from the first season of the show is a bullroarer. Reitzell describes it as “an aboriginal instrument. Every continent on Earth has a form of bullroarer — it’s the oldest instrument known to man.” The one he uses, he got from eBay for $5. The instrument is spun around your head and creates a low hum that has movement in space and not just sound. It was recorded in surround sound for the series. “So when you listen to it, it spins around your head, and it’s really powerful.”

    Over the last decade and a half, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and music supervisor Brian Reitzell has been on a mission to further elevate the layer that music adds to a film's life. He has created his own unique method of scoring films, drawing equally from his experience as a recording and touring musician with bands such as Redd Kross and Air and his massive knowledge of recorded music.

    Acting as both music supervisor and composer, he often blurs the lines between score, source music, and sound design. His vision is to create a seamless landscape of songs, score, and found music for each soundtrack. Brian’s explorations of new sounds add unique character to visual images. He often has instruments custom built or even invented for individual film scores and wholeheartedly embraces the Brian Eno philosophy of the recording studio as his instrument. Brian has thrived on collaborations with musicians from outside the Hollywood film composer network and has worked with some of today’s most acclaimed musical artists including Air, Richard James (Aphex Twin), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), Elliott Smith, Britt Daniel (Spoon), Jim James (My Morning Jacket), Explosions In The Sky, Fever Ray, Robert Plant, Daniel Lopatin, and Ensemble Matheus.

    One of the most fascinating literary characters comes to life on television for the first time: psychiatrist-turned-serial-killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter. In this drama we see where his incredible story begins. “Hannibal,” based on the characters from Thomas Harris’ classic novels, is from Gaumont International Television in association with Sony Pictures Television Networks and airs on NBC in the U.S. The series was developed for television by Bryan Fuller, who also serves as showrunner and executive producer.

    The Hannibal Lecter character is known as a gourmet chef with a penchant for using unusual ingrediants. Episodes from the first season were named after elements in French cuisine and the second season from Japanese haute cuisine. “Scoring is very similar to cooking,” explained Reitzell, “except with music you can throw all the spices into the pot and then take them out one by one to see what flavors arise out of uncommon combinations. If you put too much white pepper in your sauce, it’s very hard to take it out, but with Protools you just delete the white pepper.”

    You can check out the artwork for Season One Volumes 1 & 2 below; Season Two's hasn't been released yet. All four volumes are available for pre-order now. Season 3 of "Hannibal" will air in the spring of 2015. Look for lots more soon!


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    A follow-up to these iconic moments from last weekend:

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    Let’s hear from a black actor who says that, just because she’s won an Oscar, it doesn't mean that her life has changed, adding that it’s still an everyday struggle. I’m referring to Octavia Spencer, who, in an interview in published today on the Daily Beast said that, while things have been good, it’s not like producers have been breaking down her door with great offers.

    She states: “Well, the roles I’m being offered in film are too small to sink your teeth into, and I thought it was time to be able to live with a character at inception and travel with her to fruition, and allow myself to evolve as an actress. I don’t get that opportunity in movies, where they ask me, “Will you play the distraught mom of this boy?” I say, “Sure, but I’ve played it before.” I wanted to play against-type, and while people will say, “She’s playing a no-nonsense nurse,” there’s so much more to her than that.”

    Not that’s she’s bitter, but realistic. She adds:“There are so few roles out there. And even if it is a film that could be led by a black actress, how many times is that film going to get funded? Let’s just be real. But it’s not just black people. It’s Asians, it’s Hispanic people if you’re not Salma Hayek. It’s hard. It’s hard to get films funded. It’s a business thing, and you have to change the mindset of people around here.”

    And this is the main reason why Spencer - as Viola Davis also said a few week ago - admits that television seems to currently be the best venue for black actresses and other actors of color. She states: “In order for you to be known worldwide if you’re not getting the introduction through films, you need to be in television. I don’t have a problem with the medium—film or television—because I’m an actor. I act. So if I’m able to get a part that helps me stretch myself and evolve as an actress? Wonderful. And if I get to be a part of something that will expand myself to a worldwide audience? Hell yeah. Sign me up!”

    She agrees that television, such as her new show "Red Band Society" for Fox, premiering on Sept. 17, is where the real new opportunities for back actresses are, with a few exceptions: “I’m barely 44, but that’s still the pasture, I guess. Hollywood is strange in and of itself. People dress up and pretend to be other people, and you can either make millions of dollars, or no money. It’s odd. But what I love about it is thank God for television, because you wouldn’t have the diversity.

    Now, we’re seeing it a little more in blockbuster movies. Thor had a multicultural cast. So did Winter Soldier. The Amazing Spider-Man 2. To me, that’s what it should be. It baffles me that everything is so homogenized, because the world isn’t, and yet we continue to support things that are so incredibly milquetoast.


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    The cast of ITV period drama Downton Abbey may be accustomed to their grand film set.
    But now the actors will enjoy a whole new magical experience - when they begin filming in Alnwick Castle, which famously doubled as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter film franchise.
    The Grade I listed building in Northumberland will be of limited access to the public until scenes are completed on 8 August.

    Currently the residence of the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, it already attracts around 800,000 visitors a year.
    But a filming notice on the venue's website says: 'Please note that various areas of Alnwick Castle will be closed or have limited access on 28 July – 8th August (inclusive), due to the filming of a major ITV period drama.

    This Autumn on ITV
    A new clip for ITV's new season of dramas has been revealed with a few interesting moments.


    No words, no fucking words!!!


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  • 08/01/14--16:03: FFAF: August 1

  • Enjoy the last few weeks of summah!!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.

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    Well, he may be the perfect baby daddy to Eva Mendes, but it looks as though there's a downside to Ryan Gosling's senstivity.

    The latest issue of Star magazine features accounts from non-famous peasants who have hooked up with A-list celebrities.

    Yesterday, we learned that Taylor Swift talks about her cats incessantly when she's on a date. Today, we receive news that the Baby Goose spills a wide variety of bodily fluids in the bedroom.
    "He was the best lover I've ever had," recalls a woman who's described by Star as a "curvy blond."

    While Ryan's hook-up partner gave the sexy-time, itself, a thumbs-up, she says things began to get weird almost immediately afterward:

    "I heard him sniffling," says the woman. "Then I realized I had tears gushing down his face. I asked him if he was alright and he said sometimes he gets emotional."

    There may be a few Notebook devotees who will be thrilled to hear that Ryan is every bit the sensitive dude that he portrays on screen, but we think for most women, that's not the kind of "gushing" you wanna see during a one-night stand.


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    Actress Juliette Binoche on inflationary festival awards, her collaboration with Kristen Stewart for the new movie "Sils Maria" and the reason why she would never go on holiday in the Engadine.

    Juliette Binoche is one of the biggest stars of French cinema, but you rarely meet her in France. "I am a traveller," says the 50-year-old. And in fact, she was just in Hollywood for the blockbuster "Godzilla" and in the Engadine for the author's film "Sils Maria". Then the Oscar winner was shooting in Chile and Norway. During this phone interview she is in Sicily, where she is shooting "L'attesa", the debut film of the "La Grande Bellezza" assistant, director Paolo Sorrentino. She interrupts the interview, held in French, from time to time to give someone in her apartment instructions in Italian. This language will be of use to her: soon she travels to Locarno, where on August 15th she will receive the Excellence Award Moët & Chandon.

    Congratulations on the award, Ms. Binoche.
    Merci. It is a pleasure. Usually I hardly accept such prices.

    Why not?
    What bothers me, is that they have become inflationary. There are so many festivals that want to honour one. They are less interested in your work, but rather want to combine their own name with that of a star.

    Why you have committed in this case Locarno?
    Because of the reputation of the festival. It is so good that I have allowed myself this little vanity. Acting is something very abstract, it is about emotions. It is nice to have a price you can touch.

    We read your Oscar for "The English Patient" was touched so often that he get damaged.
    My kids were incredibly fascinated by it and wanted to play with it constantly. They gnawed and scratched it so often, that the gold paint came off. I thought that was funny: only the Oscar's surface shines. Meanwhile, I have been able to replace it. And now take care of it.

    In Locarno Her new film "Sils Maria" is running. . .
    . . . of course that was also a reason to agree to go.

    Did you seen the Maloja snake, the weather phenomenon that plays a role in the film?
    On the first day when we arrived at the hotel, this fog was there. Impressive.

    Was it your first time staying in Sils Maria?
    Yes. It was nice, but I'll never make go on holiday there.

    Why not?
    I love the mountains. But somehow, the area felt to me. . . (laughs). . . felt to me like a place where older people go on holiday (laughs some more). I do not like.

    You turned 50. . .
    . . . yes, yes, but I am thinking of holidays for the really old. Or are you already old when you are 50, what do you think?

    To be 50, was a pivotal event for me.
    For me it was more like when I was 40. Being 50 is less specific. I accept this adventure. And will see what it brings.

    In the film, you play an actress who struggles to accep her age.
    Yes, but I'm not. This figure is a product of the imagination of the director Olivier Assayas.

    Nevertheless: Can younger colleagues unsettle you?
    That probably belongs to getting old, does it not? But I think the competition between the generations is not as great as some think. For example I have a wonderful relationship with Jeanne Moreau and other older actresses. There is more competition between people of the same generation, because there fighting for the same parts.

    Have you actually read Friedrich Nietzsche for "Sils Maria"?
    At one time I read it. Not now. Should I?

    It was there that, on a walk, the thought about "Eternal Return" for the first time.
    But that is not necessarily subject of the film, right?

    Perhaps: It's about the art of acting. Is acting not sometimes a recurrence of the same?
    For me parts are primarily opportunities for transformation. You always work from your own experience. Clearly you use your own experiences as reference. But that's not art. You must then, together with the other actors and the director, raise everything to a new level. That's what I call creation, or less pathetic creativity. The recurrence of the same is therefore only the foundation. What comes after that is work, work, work.

    Your movie character says she does not want to rehearse often because the spontaneity would be lost.
    Right. But I, Juliette Binoche, do not at agree with that. That is the stereotype of a director who is afraid of really doing things. As protection he says, otherwise the spontaneity would be lost.

    In "Sils Maria" seduction also plays an important part.
    There surely is seduction between an actress and a director. But it is alsotherein other conversations, even in interviews like this. But one has not yet created anything with it alone (laughs).

    Do you actually have a good personal assistant?
    A wonderful one. We worked together for 16 years. Then we broke up, but are now working together again. We are like sisters.

    In "Sils Maria» Your assistant is played by Kristen Stewart, who is a huge star herself thanks to the "Twilight" movies.
    Yes. And she works quite differently than I do. She can, for example, read her lines three times in the morning and then knows it perfectly in the afternoon. That is not how it work for me. I look at the texts well in advance and always come back to it. I this so that it doesn't just stick to the surface.

    Does Kristen Stewart work superficially?
    Not at all. Just different. She may be only 24, but already has a lot of experience. The biggest difference: she was constantly communicating online with her friends.

    Also in the Engadin?
    Yes, she is so crowded by the outside world that she must isolate herself and create her own intimacy. I understand that. But it's not for me. I'm not on Facebook, not on Twitter.

    And it should stay that way?
    Kristen did say "come on, I'll show you". But no. Next year I play "Antigone" on a big theatrical tour. Since I'm rather on the road with my suitcase than with Facebook. I do use the Internet. I check what kind of people I will be working with.

    Do you Google yourself sometimes be?
    That can happen, I think it is fun. Recently I found a photo of myself with a beard. Very impressive.

    In Locarno you will be honoured for your career - which would have almost been over in 1991 after "Les amants du Pont-Neuf".
    Yes, I wanted to change my profession to become a teacher. This film, which we worked for two years, almost devoured me.

    If you are still devoured by certain roles?
    No. This probably has to do with experience. Previously, I found it hard to let go of old parts. Today I know that I must go on. Sure, there are still doubts. But I do not keep replaying the scenes in the head until they are correct, as I did earlier.

    Do you ever watch your old films?

    Very rarely. Unlike the actress in "Sils Maria" I would also never do a sequel to play. I do not like repeating myself. Repetition smells of death.

    So strict?
    Yes. I like the independence, on all levels. As soon as you are part of a system - may it be Hollywood film or an author movie - you have a lot to lose. And I do not like that at all.

    Two years ago you were arguing with Gérard Depardieu, who has also been honoured in Locarno. Did you make up?
    I had no problems with it. But he appeared to with me.

    Yes, he said in an interview that you were not a good actress, he did not understand why the world makes so much fuss about you.
    I know. He is a big kid who will do anything to get attention. Meanwhile, I have seen him once in Paris. It was at a market, he stood there with his motorcycle helmet.

    Ah yes?
    I am then - that's my style - I approached him directly, gave him a hug and asked him what was wrong. He hum and hawed a bit and then murmured: "Okay look, I constantly talk nonsense, do not take it seriously." Then I told him that I never took it seriously. That's it.

    Source translated by Google and me

    The local tourist office has already made a statement and will be sending her current photos of all the fun people of all ages can have here...

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    Marvel Comics recently announced that Sam Wilson, also known as The Falcon, would be taking over as Captain America in the comic books. At Fandomfest in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, asked Anthony Mackie if he had heard anything in regards to if The Falcon might be stepping into Captain America’s shoes in the movies as well.

    “I don’t know. I mean I’m excited about it,” said Mackie. “I think if it goes that way in the movies that it would take a long time, because there’s so many evolutions before that. You know, I’m excited to see Sebastian play Cap. I think Sebastian’s a great actor. But I love seeing Chris Evans as Cap, so I feel like they can go any way they want. I’m enjoying my part beside Cap. I’m in no rush to be Cap.”

    When asked if they called him if he would do it, Mackie nodded his head in agreement and replied, “First up for duty! First up for duty!”


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    Get ready to interpret ... because Beyonce now obtusely reveals what went down in that elevator ... and one interpretation goes directly to her marriage.

    Beyonce dropped a remix for her song "Flawless" with Nicki Minaj Saturday night ... and early in the track says, "We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators ... of course sometime s**t goes down when it's a billion dollars on the elevator."

    So how's this for a theory. Multiple reports estimate Beyonce and Jay Z's worth between $900 million and 1 billion. So when she says "of course sometimes s**t goes down when it's a billion dollars on the elevator" ... could that mean there's a billion dollars on the line and they were arguing over something related to the heart of the marriage?

    Just a theory.


    stay trying it tmz. waiting for the racist white gays to come into this post!

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    Charlize Theron might be marrying Sean Penn very soon, but friends of the actress are already concerned about the actress’ “safety,” according to the latest juice from the National Enquirer.

    The Inquisitr recently reported that Theron has been spotted in an airport in South Africa donning a blinding 18k yellow gold ring designed by Anita Ko. To fans, this was an unofficial announcement of Charlize’s much-awaited engagement with Penn.

    But while tying the knot with an Oscar-winning actor seems to be the ultimate dream for some, a few of Charlize Theron’s closest friends have allegedly warned the Monster actress about the multi-awarded actor, citing his violent past with Madonna. An insider told the Enquirer that Theron’s friends are worried sick for her and are urging her to reconsider marrying the Milk star.

    Most people are forgetting a Hollywood scandal that happened in June 1987. Penn’s ex-wife Madonna was rushed to the Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles after she was hit on the head with a baseball bat by his ex-hubby.

    And now, Theron’s gal pals are afraid that her actor fiance is still dangerous. To complicate matters, Charlize Theron is reportedly pregnant, according to Classicalite, making things between the two more delicate.

    To be fair, the two exes seem to have patched things up already. Just last year, Charlize Theron’s fiance and the “Like a Virgin” singer met and hugged each other at an event in New York City. Although rumors that the singer is still in love with Penn hasn’t yet been confirmed (and hopefully not, Queen Ravenna is keeping a close watch), the chemistry between the two remains more romantic than ever.

    But Sean is with Charlize now, and the two appear to be in an extremely good place in their relationship. Despite warnings from Theron’s buddies, it seems like Charlize Theron has decided to side with her fiance on this one. Sean has actually moved in with Charlize last February, and things between them seem to be just fine (so far).

    In other news, the upcoming mystery Dark Places will have Charlize Theron playing one of the lead roles alongside Christina Hendricks, Nicholas Hoult, and Chloe Grace Moretz. Charlize Theron plays the role of Libby Day, a farm woman who witnessed the massacre of her family in their rural town in Kansas. The movie is currently in post-production and is expected to open in theaters later this year.


    0 0


    DJ Afrojack has told Newsbeat that he'd rather not play in Ibiza because it's not what it used to be musically.

    The 24-year-old says clubs have become too obsessed with getting in VIPs rather than giving people a good time.

    He added people would be better off heading to the Greek Island of Mykonos for a much cheaper and more fun experience.

    Greek singer Anna Vissi also performed with this year's Eurovision winner, the one and only Conchita Wurst


    Anna Vissi, one of the most famous Greek singers, celebrated the 40th anniversary of her career in music yesterday, June 26 at Jackie O club, on the island of Mykonos, along with the winner of this year’s Eurovision contest, Conchita Wurst.

    The celebration attendees did not appear to be affected by the economic crisis, as the club was full to capacity (it wasn't but whatever), while tickets cost from 100 to 450 euros.

    Vissi and Conchita appeared together on stage singing «Everything», the song that represented Greece in the 2006 Eurovision Contest in Athens, with the crowd cheering as the Mykonos sky was lit with fireworks. Many Greek celebrities were present for their show, including Ilias Psinakis, Petros Kostopoulos, Kalomira with her husband Charis Sianidis, Marilena Panagiotopoulou, the daughter of Anna Vissi Sofia Karvela and Italian fashion designer Valentino.

    “Oh my God, you live in paradise!” exclaimed Conchita, clearly enchanted by the beauty of Greece, while Anna Vissi attempted to teach her to say “I love you” in Greek. She also apologized to Conchita for the delay, saying jokingly that in Greece, people go to clubs very late.

    Wearing a white dress, the winner of this year’s Eurovision made three appearances performing her winning song, “Rise Like A Phoenix,” while the crowd clapped and cheered and Anna Vissi attempted to teach her Greek on stage.

    Finally German goalkeeper Neuer was also there with his gf



    ONTDers (and especially ONTD gays) have you been to Mykonos yet?

    0 0

    According to an Aug. 2 report from Sportskeeda, WWE Divas superstar AJ Lee was legitimately injured during the most recent taping of Smackdown. Lee, 27, was carried off in a stretcher after suffering what appeared to be a whiplash injury. Lee, the current WWE Divas champ, was injured while celebrating a win over Rosa Mendes during the Smackdown taping, as she landed awkwardly after being thrown off the Smackdown stage.

    As a precautionary measure, Lee was placed in a neck brace and backboard, and escorted out of the building. She was taken to a local medical facility, where she was tested for potential fractures and other ailments. Luckily, the injury was not as serious as it initially appeared. Lee was diagnosed with a whiplash injury. Medical staffers did not reveal how much time she is expected to miss, if any at all.

    Lee could be back in action as soon as this week, or she might be out for an extended period of time. Time will tell how the situation plays out. How serious is Lee's injury? Whiplash occurs when sudden force stretches and tears the muscles and tendons in the neck, and that's what happened with Lee. Whiplash symptoms include: fatigue, dizziness, jaw pain, headache, neck pain, and back pain, but the good news is that most of the symptoms go away within 24 hours.

    Lee was legitimately injured during Smackdown, and it wasn't just part of a scripted storyline. She will need some time to rest up to get well, to make sure her WWE career remains bright. What does Lee's injury mean for her future? In the short-term, her status for SummerSlam is up in the air. Lee was expected to battle Paige in a match for the WWE Divas title on Aug. 17 at SummerSlam in Los Angeles, but the match is now in jeopardy.

    The WWE hasn't released any official word on the status of the match, so for now it appears to still be on. However, more details will emerge in the days and weeks ahead. Lee has two weeks to heal up and recover from the whiplash injury, in order to put her WWE Divas title on the line against Paige. That should be enough time to rest, but the problem is that she won't get the proper practice and prep work in to make her bout with Paige a good one.

    Lee's injury is quite unfortunate, as her match with Paige was highly-anticipated. It's rare for the WWE to have a WWE Divas championship match have so much hype, but Lee and Paige are two of the best wrestlers in the promotion. They have a great feud going, and WWE Universe was legitimately excited for the bout. The hope is that Lee and Paige can still engage in battle on Aug. 17 at SummerSlam.


    I'd rather wrestle Alicia Fox, tbh.

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