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    Tina Fey on 30 Rock's Future: The End Is on the Horizon

    Tina Fey says there may not be much more 30 Rock in our future.

    Fey took a seat on The View's couch Thursday, where she was asked about a series of tweets from co-star Alec Baldwin that said he is "leaving NBC just in time." (Baldwin was complaining about a camera crew from Today that was purportedly outside of his apartment.) Fey said Baldwin's tweets were simply referring to the looming end of the veteran NBC comedy.

    Alec Baldwin renews contract with 30 Rock — if the show stays on

    "As far as I know, he's not leaving the show. We're all in this together 'til the end," she said. "I think that he just maybe means that the end of the show ... is visible on the horizon."

    Barabra Walters seemed to be disturbed by the news. "We can't do this for 35 years," Fey told her.

    Both Fey and Baldwin have signed on for Season 7, should NBC decided to renew it.

    Check out the clip here:

    Main points:
    -live show will have returning guests and new ones
    -different jokes for west coast, just like last year
    -the show is not ending - Alec and Tina have both signed on for another year if NBC renews it
    -she is friends with Renee from Mob Wives (does anybody even watch this?)
    -shows a clip from QUEEN OF JORDAN PT. 2, AIRING MAY 3 OMG

    Alec also tweeted about this:

    Donald Glover to Appear in Live Episode as Tracy Jordan!

    30 Rock‘s second live outing has just been upgraded from fun stunt to must-see TV, and here’s why: Community‘s Donald Glover has been recruited to appear in the April 26 episode playing the rather key role of, um, Tracy Jordan.
    Naturally, there’s a catch.

    Glover isn’t replacing Tracy Morgan. Rather, the Greendale 7 vet will play Tracy “as a younger man,” executive producer Robert Carlock tells TVLine exclusively, adding, “Donald does an excellent Tracy Morgan-slash-Jordan impression.”

    The gig marks a homecoming for Glover, who previously worked as a writer on 30 Rock. He also has made a handful of blink-and-you-missed-it cameos on the Emmy-winning comedy, including one that actually foreshadowed his live episode stint.
    As Carlock reveals, a special extended version of Jordan’s classic Season 1 jingle, “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah,” actually features vocals by Glover. “Tracy wasn’t available, so Donald came in and [performed the extra material],” he explains. “I don’t think you can tell. It’s pretty remarkable. All the spoken stuff is Donald doing Tracy.”

    Back to the live episode, the plot revolves around Kabletown’s decision to discontinue TGS as a live show. Liz and Jack welcome the move, since shooting canned episodes will be far less time consuming. Kenneth, however, “tries to convince everyone that live television is worth doing,” explains Carlock, “and he does that by taking us back through the history of TGS.” As a result, a good portion of the half-hour features newly-created “flashbacks to old shows, and our [cast] jumps around playing all of those old parts.”

    30 Rock Scoop: Elizabeth Banks Set to Return in May – Will Avery Be Set Free?

    Is 30 Rock releasing Avery Jessup from captivity? That’s our guess in light of news that her portrayer, Elizabeth Banks, is set to make her first appearance on the show in over a year.

    The busy Hunger Games actress has signed on to reprise her role as Jack’s (Alec Baldwin) other half — who’s currently being detained in North Korea and married against her will to Kim Jong-un — during May sweeps, TVLine has learned.

    In other 30 Rock news, NBC officially confirmed earlier today that the show will go live again on Thursday, April 26. Here’s the (rather revealing) logline for the episode: “When their Kabletown bosses announce they will no longer pay for TGS to be a live show, Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy realize their lives will actually be easier if they shoot canned episodes fast and cheap. Only Kenneth the Page objects, urging that nothing can replace the communal experience of live television. He tries to convince the TGS staff to fight for their right to be live by taking them and our audience through a magical look back at the illustrious history of Studio 6H.”

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    Most excited for the second Queen of Jordan episode but the live show is going to be great too!!! Also, tonight's LNJF will be awesome. Very excited for all of this!

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    First there was the hot dog-stuffed crust pizza served up by Pizza Hut - an eye-popping 270 calories a slice.

    Now Burger King have come up with an eye-watering rival product of their own that combines sweet and savoury: the Bacon Sundae.

    The new product by the fast food giant boasts vanilla ice cream, slathered in fudge sauce and topped with chunks of cooked rashers of salty bacon.

    It is currently being tested in Burger King, Nashville, Tennesse, but its popularity will be measured in a selection of their stores across the city to gauge appetite for the product.

    The $2.49 dessert is one of a series of new releases by the chain, including sweet potato fries, Caesar salads and strawberry and banana smoothies.

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    The Housedaughters from left: Briana Culberson, 25; Victoria de Lesseps, 17; Pandora Sabo, 26; Tierra Fuller, 26; and Lauren Manzo, 24

    In this month's issue of Glamour, the magazine conducted interviews with five of the daughters of the Real Housewives from their five major franchises. Here are some highlights from the interviews of what it's like for these girls to have their lives documented on reality TV.

    People on reality TV are not, shall we say, the most relatable folks on the planet. They choose to share their personal lives with the world, for one thing. And yet what if you didn’t necessarily want to be on TV but kinda had no choice?

    That’s the situation many of the daughters (and sons) in the Bravo Real Housewives franchise find themselves in. Their mothers signed up, and boom—they’re living in front of the cameras. What’s that like?

    Just in time for Mother’s Day, Glamour gathered five daughters—Lauren Manzo, Tierra Fuller, Victoria de Lesseps, Pandora Sabo, and Briana Culberson—and asked. You won’t want to miss this episode!

    “I did get caught up in the fame.”
    —Lauren Manzo, RH New Jersey

    The close-knit Manzo clan is the heart and soul of the New Jersey series, and headstrong matriarch Caroline, 50, has become a fan favorite for her tough attitude and her level-headed parenting. But for Caroline’s sensitive daughter Lauren, 24, reality TV was tough on her body-image issues.

    MANZO: When we first began the show, my biggest fear was viewers noticing my weight. I knew I was heavy, and I knew people were going to say something, but I did everything I could to hide it and act like I was confident. When the show started to become more popular, I had these younger girls say to me on Twitter and Facebook, “I look up to you; I love the fact that you’re not a size 2.” I said to myself, You know what? All these other women are struggling. Let’s put this on the show.

    My mom and I have always been open about my weight. I’ll say stuff like, “Oh my God, my stomach is so big today!” We’ve learned to joke about it. When she said on the show, “I’m not going to tell Lauren she looks perfect when she needs to lose a few pounds,” that didn’t bother me. What upset me is when people wrote and said, “Your own mother thinks you’re disgusting.” Not because they’re calling me fat but because they’re going after my mom.

    I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t get caught up in being on TV for a little bit. I said to my boyfriend, Vito, a while ago, “I found a ring that I want. Go buy it, and we’ll get married on TV.” And then I said to myself, That’s not what I want right now. It doesn’t make sense to get married. I need to become a woman on my own. And I don’t think I could do that right now with a ring on my finger.

    • • •

    “I wouldn’t sign up for a reality show.”
    —Pandora Sabo, RH Beverly Hills

    Lisa Vanderpump, 51, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and restaurateur, drives a Bentley, lives in a mansion, and counts billionaires like Richard Branson among her friends. So it’s surprising that her 26-year-old daughter, Pandora Sabo, is so low-key. When Bravo asked the website editor, who also waits tables at Beverly Hills’ Villa Blanca, if they could tape her August 2011 wedding to Jason Sabo, she had hesitations about doing so.

    SABO: I’m a more private person than my mother is. So when Jason proposed, we had to think about how we were going to do this wedding. My mother’s life is on television, but mine really isn’t. I didn’t mind that the planning was on TV, because, to be honest, it’s quite nice to have a record of all that. Who else gets to relive picking out their invitations or their bachelorette party?

    When it came to the actual day, my mother said, “However you want to do it is OK.” I didn’t let Bravo film any of the wedding. I had a regular videographer like many people do. I edited the footage, then chose what I wouldn’t mind people seeing, and we gave eight minutes of it to Bravo to use.

    To this day, when I work at Villa Blanca, people are like, “I loved your wedding!” I’m like, “Oh, hi, how are you? Thank you.” I feel like my life is filled with a bunch of one-sided conversations. Everybody knows everything about me, and I know nothing about anybody else.

    I wouldn’t sign up for a reality show myself. I didn’t even get through watching the whole episode of the season-two reunion. It’s hard to see someone you love being attacked. I’ve had urges to fight my mother’s battles for her, but she doesn’t like me to. She can handle herself very well.

    • • •

    “I look at all this as family therapy.”
    —Briana Culberson, RH Orange County

    Briana Culberson, 25, daughter of Vicki Gunvalson, 50, of The Real Housewives of Orange County, has for six years allowed fans into her life’s most intimate moments. Viewers have seen her high school prom—and the recent divorce of her parents.

    CULBERSON: The first season, we were kind of shocked because you would google our names and we’d come up. That was huge. At first we were like, “Why are we so important?” Then people would say, “Briana looks like this” or “Vicki’s fat,” and we’d all be crying about it. Since the first season we haven’t looked at any blogs. I try not to read the press or dig around and see what everyone’s opinion is of us.

    I’ve seen every episode that’s aired. It’s hard to watch them. Nobody likes to hear their own voice, and it’s weird to see yourself on TV. It’s really tough to see the family things replayed, like my parents’ split. I’d experienced it six or eight months before, then had to relive it on TV, and that’s when it becomes public. People are approaching me, saying, “I can’t believe your parents are getting divorced!” And it reopens the wound.

    But it’s kind of like therapy. Most of the time our family’s not very open about our feelings with one another, so we see each family member on TV talk about their reaction to the divorce. It’s nice because you can sit down and say, “Oh, Mike [Briana’s 26-year-old brother], I didn’t know you felt that way.” It allows us to recognize what each other is going through.

    I’m not looking to make my own fame off this show. It’s just not me. I’m an E.R. nurse, and that’s my priority. I don’t want people to look at me differently. I’m just Briana the nurse.

    Sometimes at work, I’ll be changing a diaper or putting in an IV, and a family member at the bedside will be like, “You’re that girl!” And I’ll say, “Yes, but this is my real job.” You’ve got to put things into perspective.

    • • •

    “I don’t love to be in front of the camera.”
    —Victoria de Lesseps, RH New York City

    Though Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, 47, tries to stay above the fray of The Real Housewives of New York Citythe etiquette expert even has a book called Class With the Countess—she often gets sucked in. Her daughter, Victoria, a sophisticated 17-year-old high school senior, is equally eager to avoid the drama. But despite her unassuming personality, being on TV has affected her life in many ways, from boarding school to boys.

    DE LESSEPS: I was 12 when my mom told me about doing the show. I’m not a person who loves to be in front of the camera all the time. But my mom said to us, “I understand if you and your brother don’t want to do this, but you know, it would mean a lot to me, blah, blah.” And so we both agreed to do it.

    At my school, everyone’s really down-to-earth. But before, when I was at boarding school, there were some instances when I thought teachers were harder on me because of the show. My roommate would ask for extra help and I would ask for extra help, and I would never get it. The teacher would make comments to me—nothing bad—but I’d notice it. I can feel when there’s a weird tension.

    People ask me, “Has being on TV changed how people treat you? Are people nice to you for the wrong reasons?” In a way, it has made it easier for me to see who’s really my friend. This guy friend of mine, we kissed once, and he said, “I could introduce you to my friends and tell them you’re from the show.” I was like, “That’s the first thing you’d tell your friends about me?” I’ve never had any boy luck from the show. Maybe guys are just intimidated.

    • • •

    “My mom is my role model.”—Tierra Fuller, RH Atlanta

    In season three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, shocked fans were introduced to Tierra Fuller, 26, the eldest daughter of cast member Sheree Whitfield. (Whitfield, 42, who has two younger children, Kairo and Kaleigh, with her ex-husband, Bob, reportedly had Fuller when she was 15.) Though Fuller was initially reluctant to appear on air, she overcame her hesitation with a vengeance.

    FULLER: I find myself getting very angry when I watch the show. Then I’ll talk to my mom, and she’s like, “You know, you can’t get too emotional about it.” The whole Marlo thing was hard for me. [In season four, Whitfield and cast mate Marlo Hampton engaged in a screaming match over a snubbed dinner invitation.] That fight was really intense. You want to protect your family, and that’s my mom! If I’m watching and something goes down, I’ll send her a text, like, “Wow, why did you two start arguing? Did that really happen?” And then she’ll give me the background.

    I was only on the show a few times, but the city of Atlanta isn’t that big, so I get a lot of recognition—especially the first season that I was on. Anytime I went out, people would come up to me like, “Oh my God, you’re Shereé’s daughter!” One time I went back to Nashville for the TSU homecoming, and this older lady came up to me and was like, “Can I get your autograph?” People still give autographs? I thought that was weird.

    A woman approached me about being on another reality show. It was going to be about people my age being spoiled, always getting what they want. I guess they didn’t end up selling the pilot, but I was interested. My boyfriend, Damon, and I spoke about doing our own reality show. I think it’s not a bad idea.

    I like Bethenny Ever After and Khloé and Lamar. My mom is doing her thing; I’m trying to get her to make her own workout DVD or her own juicer. A lot of opportunities come out of reality shows, and my mom is my role model.


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    Queen's Greatest Hits is Britain's best-selling albums of the last 50 years, a new list has revealed.

    The album, which has sold 5.8million copies since its release in 1981, is one of two Queen releases in the top 10, with Greatest Hits II just making it in ahead of Madonna's Immaculate.

    With 5million sales, The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the second most popular album of the past half-century, ahead of Abba's Gold, Oasis' (What's The Story) Morning Glory and Michael Jackson's Thriller, which make up the rest of the top 5.

    Such is the astonishing success of Adele, her second album, 21, released last year, is already the sixth best-selling album, with sales of over 4.5million.

    The full top 40 was revealed by DJ Tony Blackburn today on Radio 2.

    Blackburn said: 'There are artists in there you would expect to see in a countdown of this nature but not necessarily at the positions that they are.'

    He added: 'I was really surprised to see who hadn't made it in - no sign of the massively successful acts like The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Diana Ross or Marvin Gaye. Listeners are in for a real treat.

    'There's something for everyone in the chart and it'll be the perfect way to spend the Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.'

    I Want It All

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    It seems there is no stopping Authentic Brands Group, who owns the image rights of Marilyn Monroe, from tarnishing it's own brand. ABG joins Entertainment One in a new reality show called "Finding Marilyn," which will feature 12 young women competing for a chance to make it big in Hollywood. The show is being described as "real-life Cinderella story."

    "We are thrilled to give the winner of 'Finding Marilyn' the opportunity to emulate Marilyn Monroe's iconic journey to stardom," Nick Woodhouse, CMO of the estate of Marilyn Monroe, said in a statement.

    "We're very excited to make someone's Hollywood dream come true," John Morayniss, CEO of Entertainment One Television, said in a statement. "'Finding Marilyn' has all the ingredients for an epic reality series."

    Marilyn fans are frustrated with ABG, especially since the company recently went through Facebook deleting many fan-based Marilyn pages. ABG bought the rights of Marilyn Monroe in 2011.

    what is this "iconic journey to stardom" bullshit?! brb, grabbing my Marilyn Monroe lighter...


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    Hotel worker: 'I saw Lindsay in that fight'

    A man who worked at the Standard Hotel the night Lindsay Lohan allegedly attacked a woman claims he saw Lindsay there, and even broke up the fight.

    TMZ broke the story ... Marisa Dugas went to the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. and filed an incident report, claiming she was at Smoke and Mirrors inside The Standard Thursday night when she approached Lindsay's table and started talking to a guy, and Lindsay allegedly pushed and shoved her. Lindsay insists she was at home the entire evening.

    The man who worked that night tells TMZ ... he saw Lindsay in Smoke and Mirrors sitting with a group of people. He says Marisa sat down near them and began speaking with one of the guys. The man says people in the group started throwing ice at her. Marisa got upset and a scuffle erupted. He says Lindsay was part of the scuffle and he broke it up.

    The guy says the woman was escorted out of the club, where she cried hysterically and then said Lindsay hurt her, but she refused medical attention.

    There are no pictures that have surfaced of Lindsay at the Standard Thursday night, but the man says there is a surveillance video showing the back of the hotel, where Lindsay pulled in and later left. We have confirmed the man has spoken with cops, although we do not know how much detail he divulged.

    Sources tell us the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has already requested the surveillance tape three times from the hotel -- but hotel management is refusing to give it up. It's unclear why.

    Detectives are still investigating the alleged incident.


    Accuser's Lawyer blasts Lindsay on TV: 'Once a liar, always a liar'

    The lawyer for Lindsay Lohan's latest accuser just went off on live television -- claiming the actress has proven time and time again ... she spews nothing but lies ... and her "I was at home" excuse is no exception.

    Mark Haushalter -- the lawyer for Lindsay's assault-accuser Marisa Dugas -- appeared on Good Day L.A. this morning, blasting Lindsay's alibi that she couldn't have attacked his client at The Standard Hotel last weekend ... because she was at home watching TV.

    Mark said, "Let's not forget Lindsay Lohan has a drug addiction problem, a drinking problem, and has been convicted of crimes of dishonesty."

    According to Mark, Lindsay's excuse counts for jack squat -- because "Once a liar, always a liar."

    Video at Source

    funny this new witness comes forth days later and now the accusers lawyer is already making the media rounds hyping up a case that hasn't even happened yet. so gross how people like this take advantage of her, this is all so ridiculous

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Of course she chose to Dare! Madonna cheekily shows her underwear in sheer black gown at her new perfume launch
    She's famous for being a risk-taker, and at the age of 53, Madonna doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. The Queen of Pop debuted her new fragrance today in New York City looking as racy as ever.

    Though she's in her early fifties, the superstar confidently strutted onto the red-carpet wearing a see-through skirt.

    Though her top half was clearly clad in a bodysuit, her legs were visible underneath the flimsy skirt.

    She completed the seductive ensemble with black peep-toed pumps and a heavy cross pendant. Though it is now 22 years after her documentary, Truth or Dare, was filmed, the singer still looks as youthful as she did back in 1990.

    She looked downright dewy as she launched her fragrance of the same name at Macy's today.

    Perhaps her scent will sell as well as her recent album did. She scored the biggest selling debut album of 2012 in America when it was released last week.

    MDNA sold an impressive 359,000 units, making it her eighth album to top the Billboard 200 albums chart.

    She is set to embark on her US tour this summer.

    Madonna’s “MDNA” sales may have plummeted in the new record’s second week of release, but the singer’s friends say it would be foolish to count the material girl out just yet.

    “Can’t deny that there [was] a drop on the second week of sales, and a significant one, but I would not say the CD tanked,” Madonna’s longtime publicist, Liz Rosenberg, tells me, responding to reports that “MDNA” has crashed and burned. “It still has had the highest debut of 2012 and was number one in many countries. And the game ain’t over.”

    “MDNA” sold a massive 359,000 copies when it debuted at number one, before sales fell 88 percent to a mere 46,000 copies in its second week.

    This is Madonna’s 12th album in a 30-year career,” a friend of Madonna’s tells me. “She just beat Elvis’ record for number ones in the UK. That’s a career that anyone in the music business would kill to have. Plus, she did no traditional TV appearances to promote it. Just wait until her sold-out tour starts and more singles are released. That’s when Madonna will start pushing the CD hard.”


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    obyn Rihanna Fenty kicked off 2012 with the first month-long vacation she had taken in six years. Though she'd been "dreaming about it for the entirety of 2011,"-- most of which was devoted to a rigorous global tour for her Loud album- when the break finally arrived, she found she couldn't relax. She did a lot of cooking (an activity she loves, she says, because "it's a moment to be alone, where you have something else to focus on other than your own thoughts") and watched "anything with a housewife or wife in it" on TV. She and a group of friends decamped to Hawaii, from whence she dispatched, via Twitter, photos of herself posing on a treadmill in a bikini and horsing around on a surfboard. Still, she says, "I felt awful. I kept thinking, and that drove me nuts. I kept feeling like something wasn't getting done, like I was being irresponsible. I knew this was going to be a big year, and I felt like I wasn't doing anything about it. I had such anxiety, I was going crazy." As the world later learned, she had also been formulating the biggest, most provocative gambit of her career. Of course she couldn't sleep.

    On February 20, the day Rihanna turned 24, she and ex-boyfriend Chris Brown simultaneously released remix singles. Naturally their reunion- strictly music or not- made a lot of people uncomfortable and raised questions about what kind of example she might be setting for victims of domestic abuse, as well as how much we, as onlookers can ever assume we know about celebrity relationships in the first place. Perhaps making a record with Brown was Rihanna's way of audaciously stamping out any lingering pity or vulnerability; maybe she's just reached such a level of fame that criticism-- and very real concerns for her well-being-no longer touch her. Regardless, she offered no apology or explanation, save a smattering of tweets. "No pain is forever," she wrote. "Music heals the world." (Though, as she and Brown proved, it can also be incredibly divisive).

    When Rihanna meets me for dinner at Santa Monica's Giorgio Baldi restaurant two weeks before the bomb drops, she gives no indication she has something up her sleeve. She's friendly, seemingly unguarded, and brings along four of her close friends: hairstylist Ursula Stevens, who tends to her constantly changing coif; video direction Melina Matsoukas, who was behind the camera for the singer's epic "We Found Love" clip; her assistant Jen Rosales; and Melissa Forde, who has been Rihanna's ever-present sidekick since the pair met at a high school beauty pageant in Barbados. The gang dines here frequently, not only because, as Rihanna says, the spaghetti is "sin on a plate," but because it's dark and noisy and everyone is too engrossed in their lotus-eater-like carbo-loading to glance up, even when a superstar singer strides into the room wearing a denim jumpsuit unzipped to her naval.

    As we wind our way through the room to a corner table, the Barbadian beauty carries herself like a prize: chin up, shoulders back, and with a slow, suggestive sway in her hips. "I try to have a good time no matter where I go, but I always get mobbed, Rihanna says. "I always feel like I'm the star. And I hate that feeling. It's like an out-of-body experience, like I'm looking in the mirror and I can see ever facial expression. Everything has to be calculated, because I feel everyone watching me. I want to enjoy my life and not think about it."
    This is also a reason, she explains, why she's recently become something of a nightclub addict: After dinner she'll go to Greystone Manor, a West Hollywood hot spot equipped with colossal chandeliers and plush velvet banquettes. "I love going to the club, because that's the one place that nobody's checking for me," she says. "Everybody in there is doing the same thing you're doing--dancing, listening to music, and having some drinks. They're too fucked up to care."

    Rihanna has been famous since she was 17 years old. She has raced through six increasingly adventurous albums in six years, from her reggae inflected 2005 debut, Music of the Sun, to her urgently danceable most recent album Talk That Talk, spawning so many hits along the way that, among female artists, she's now third only to Mariah Carey and Madonna in her tally of Billboard number ones. Currently she's the best-selling digital artist of all time, with almost 50 million downloads (an achievement that prompted her record label to give her a shiny new Jeep Wrangler, despite the fact that she doesn't have a driver's license); the most popular woman on Facebook (with more than 50 million "likes"); and-- with a staggering 2 billion views-- the most watched female popstar on YouTube. Once you become that famous, invisibility is not an option. And if you also happen to have a trigger-happy Twitter habit? Forget about it.

    If any good came from the fallout surrounding her horrendous experience with Brown three years ago, she says, it was that it allowed her both the gumption and the opportunity to express herself more openly. "It gave me guns," she says. (Literally as well as figuratively: Among her rapidly proliferating tattoos--current count 16-- is a pistol she had inked on her ribcage in the months following the assault.) "I was like, well, fuck. They know more about me than I want them to know. It's embarrassing, but that's my opening. That was my liberation, my moment of bring it. I wanted people to know who I am. Whatever they take that to be, good or bad, I just want them to know the truth. There are still a lot of rumors out there, and I'll never be able to stop that. But you just have to ignore all that stuff. I have freedom the more people know about me. It's like, one less skeleton in the closet, one less burden, one less secret; now you know that so you can say what you want about it. I don't have anything to hide."

    I ask her to clarify: Is she alluding to her tweets laced with, lately, with blithe references to smoking pot? To the fact that she's acquired a sort of devil-may-care rabbel-rouser reputation? Or just that she can swear and drink and talk about sex in interviews?
    "There are layers and layers," she says. "Even the way I respond to things. I don't know why I was ever afraid of letting people know who I am. Because once I thought about it, I was like, You know what? You're rad."
    She waves to a sheepish waiter and places her order: a bottle of red wine, fried shrimp and calamari, followed by entrée size portions of gnocchi and spaghetti for the both of us. "Get ready girl," she says. "You're gonna be full."

    Ask people who are close to Rihanna what her defining traits are and you'll hear a lot of praise for her thoughtfulness and kindness. "She has a way about her that's very comforting," says L.A. Reid. "She's opinionated and honest, yet she's sensitive. When I've been through ups and downs she's always been there for me." Katy Perry remembers meeting her at a rehearsal shortly before that ill-fated Grammy night in 2009. "She had this cool studded Valentino bag that had sparkly stuff on it," she says, and when Perry complimented it, Rihanna offered to send her one. "I was like, Oh great, here's one of those tricks who talks fast friends but never lives up to it. And then Valentine's Day came around, and I got a little Valentino bag in the mail from her. I thought, Wow this is a woman of her word."

    When I tell Rihanna this, she claps her hands and laughs. "Kay-dee!" she shouts, her Barbadian accent suddenly acute. "She remembered that? That's awesome! I'll tell you, you do not find people like her in this industry. She's gorgeous, charming, and so unedited it's scary. That's what intrigued me most when I first met her: she said it like she saw it. I trust people like that. I feel safe around people who tell me the fucked-up shit, because I know they'll always tell me the truth."

    "I think my best quality is being daring and spontaneous. Risky. Fearless."

    Rihanna's knee-jerk response to anything she perceives to be a restriction or an obstacle is to kick it away. "She doesn't observe certain barriers," says Matsoukas. "Whenever any higher ups push back on us on how far we're taking things or telling us we're getting too risqué, she says 'Let's not listen to that.' She doesn't care what they say."
    Rihanna says it's not that she enjoys pushing people's buttons ("I hate it, actually"), it's just that she refuses to conform to anyone else's ideas about how she should behave-- or for that matter, dress. "Everything I do, I do because I want to. Sometimes I'll wear something and think, I'm going to get so much flack for this tomorrow, but if I want to wear it, I will. If I dress too sexy, then I'm a slut; if I dress sophisticated, then I'm a grandma. At the end of the day, I just wear what I want to wear."

    In 2009 Rihanna channeled the pain and rage she felt in the wake of her flameout with Brown into the dark, emotionally raw Rated R. "I didn't want to be dishonest," she says, shaking her head. "I was going through the hardest time of my life. I was angry, sad, confused, torn. I was still in love. And I needed to talk about. That was the only way I could get peace, because it was in my head, and I couldn't leave it there." For that album, she portrayed herself as a tough-skinned bondage babe, an image she's toyed with ever since, emerging as an artist who owns her sexuality and knows how to wield it, singing about her bedroom predilections more openly, and lasciviously, than any of her peers.

    "My albums are always true to where my head is at in that moment," she says, giving a little big-deal shrug. "I guess I was having a lot of naughty thoughts, because I wasn't getting any action. And that came out in my music."
    Does it make her feel powerful to voice that kind of desire?
    "To me, sex is power," she answers matter-of-factly. "It's empowering when you do it because you want to do it. People get into the idea of pleasing others, and they forget about themselves."

    Despite all its precoital panting, Talk That Talk's most affecting songs are arguably those that express a real romantic yearning for a love that isn't merely physical. Even in the ultraraunchy "Roc Me Out," Rihanna concedes, "I'll let you in on a dirty little secret, I just wanna be loved."
    And there it is, that things about Rihanna that makes even her most outrageous actions seem, well not so bad: Theres always a soft-core discernible underneath the hard-core. It's often the most sensitive people who put up the toughest fronts, and Rihanna appears to be a case in point. She has a self-protective mechanism, she says, the root of which reaches to her childhood. Though she had a fairly comfortable upbringing, her father battled drug and alcohol addiction, and her parents divorced when she was 14. "Children figure out who they really are between the ages of zero and five," she says. "And that's something that plays out your entire life."

    Rihanna's long-cultivated stoicism was both an asset and a hurdle when it came to making her acting debut in this month's board game-based alien-invasion blockbuster, Battleship. Director Peter Berg sought her out for the role of Raikes after happening upon the 2009 interview she did with Diane Sawyer in which she discussed the gory details of her altercation with Brown. "I remember being so impressed by how poised and articulate she was," he says. "I obviously knew her from her music, but that interview made me feel like there was much more to her than perhaps people had given her credit for." Once cast, he says, "she was never anything less than 100-percent focused and committed."
    For Rihanna, "the hardest part was tapping into my emotions," she says. "I didn't realize how shut off I was from them, how much I cover them up and ignore them. It's subconscious, but it's been something I've been doing since I was a child." She worked with an acting coach "who had a similar childhood with her [own] dad" and who was able to provoke strong reactions: "She'd say something to me that would piss me off or make me so sad I would cry, so that I could be there in the next scene."

    In efforts to, as she puts it, "get her hands dirty" in a host of creative endeavors, Rihanna has another film lined up and is challenging her affinity for fashion into her ongoing collaboration with Armani. Plus she's dipping into television, serving as an executive producer of a UK fashion reality show airing this summer. She is already "plotting" her next album and has even begun to contemplate a plan for her distant future. "I want to get into making music videos for other artists, or start a company where labels give me new artists who need a new look," she says. "I guess, I'm planning for when I want a family. That way I don't have to be on tour- I can still be rocking my shit at home.

    I tell her I imagine it must be hard to meet someone new, someone who can separate the pop star from the human being. "I feel like it's hard for everybody!" she says. "I don't think it has anything to do with being famous. There's just a major drought out there." She pauses and stares for a moment into the flickering candle on our table. "I don't know. I guess I'm challenging because my job seems to affect every relationship I have or try to have. But I just need to find the person who balances me out, because then things like my schedule won't matter. I've done it before, so I know I can do it again."
    Which brings us back to Chris Brown.
    "I respect what other people have to say," she tells me over dinner, perhaps preemptively bracing for the backlash. The bottom line is everyone thinks differently. It's very had for me to accept, but I get it. People end up wasting their time on the blogs ranting away, and that's all right. I don't hate them for it. Because tomorrow I'm still going to be the same person. I'm still going to do what I want to do."

    During her vacation in Hawaii, back before any of this began, Rihanna went swimming with sharks. "You have no idea the thrill!" she says with a grin. She leans in and looks me dead in the eye. "Let me ask you something," she says. "When you know you like a guy, or when you've been in love-- that feeling when you see that person, what's it like? Is it the same feeling you have on a roller coaster? That's the same feeling you have swimming with sharks. That's the same feeling you have when doing anything daring, risky, spontaneous, or unpredictable. I think having those butterflies is the closet thing to being in love." She drains her wineglass.
    "And when you play it safe, you don't feel anything at all."


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    fuck guess whos

    ...Crystal Kay!

    The Japanese R&B/pop sensation announced today that she will teaming up with Far*East Movement for her American debut. Kay will be featured on "Where the Wild Things Are", a track from the band's upcoming sophomore album.

    In a press release, Kay said "When I first heard they wanted to feature me on one of their tracks, I was so happy I started dancing. To have my name on an international act's CD feels unreal. I am very happy that this childhood dream has come true. I would like to take this opportunity to start reaching out to an international audience."

    Far East Movement drop their new album, "Dirty Bass", which also features Justin Bieber, LMFAO and Tokio Hotel's Bill Kaulitz, on May 22.


    I leave you with CK's latest:

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    Promo Stills
    @munchmeat2015 is an actual Twitter account

    PopGurls Interview: Retta Of Parks And Recreation

    For a woman who claims that she is not into vampires, Retta is quick to discuss her very intense opinions on The Vampire Diaries, Angel and of course, Twilight. And often, those very intense and hilarious opinions on those series and other favorites are broadcast weekly from her Twitter account (@JokeDiva). Now, if we could only get a daily update from Donna Meagle, her alter-ego on Parks and Recreation, our lives would be complete.

    Retta talks to us about her love for TV, how dirty her Parks co-stars can get, why we all need to see a Donna/Jean-Ralphio hook-up and, of course, vampires.

    We first need to talk about how amazing your live tweeting is. What made you decide to start putting all of your TV reactions on Twitter?
    I always said that people follow you because they like the show, clearly, but because they are interested in you.

    Obviously I have no secrets to give away about Parks and Recreation, and the only things I can talk about are things I like — and I love TV! I’ll try just about anything — The Good Wife, Breaking Bad — I tweeted a whole Breaking Bad season way after the season was over because I was watching it in my trailer on DVD so I would only be able to watch like 10 minutes at a time.

    You know, I watch [shows after they air]. I actually have to pause [the DVR] so I can get my head together about how I am going to make a statement so I don’t offend, but I get my point across.

    So each time you go in there, I’m going to be calm and nice about it, and then within twenty minutes you are like, “Screw it?”
    Yeah, then I’m just cussing my head off.

    Speaking of cussing — I had given up on The Walking Dead in the second season, but after reading your tweets this season, I think I need to go back.
    Good! You can’t give up on it!

    When I was tweeting about the “Pretty Much Dead Already” episode, [my Twitter followers said] “Oh my god, wait ’til you get to the last one — You are gonna die! You are gonna die!” [And then she was] limping out of that barn… I started screaming, “Sophia! I knew it! I knew it!”

    I just want you to have your own TV show where it’s basically people sitting around watching television with you.
    Hopefully people won’t steal my idea — I am into college basketball and I used to want to have a channel that would show college sports events but the commentators are all girls who really don’t know any stats, or much background information. All they do is either gossip about the guys, or talk about random shit. They see somebody in the audience in the crowd and say, “Oh my god, that looks like my aunt — we didn’t realize she was pregnant and she just had a baby and she was in the bathroom.”

    That’s brilliant. Doesn’t NBC have their own sports channel – NBC Sports Network? You should get in on that.
    Maybe I’ll pitch that idea, see if we can go in and watch the game all day and talk about it and just talk shit.

    What are you currently working on?
    I am supposed to be working on my new hour of comedy so I can try to get a special to shoot. I’ve been getting stage time to work on this new show.

    I honestly think that you should offer out your services to television series because I’ve actually seen people say that they are only watching Smash just to be able to understand all of your tweets.
    I think I should get a little bump in pay from NBC then! (laughs)

    I like Smash because I felt like all the singing made sense. It was always in an event — I’m even ok if someone’s singing to themselves while washing dishes or whatever. But the musical numbers that bust out in a bowling alley? Come on.

    I have yet to get into Smash, so I will say that pretty much everything I know is seeing your tweets reposted on Tumblr and Twitter.
    That’s funny (laughs). I need to check out Tumblr. I have a Google alert on my name so I see some things from Tumblr, (Hi Retta if you read this) because every once in a while it’ll pop up on there. When we did Paley Fest 2012, I had come home to a Google alert and pictures were already all over the internet. It cracked me up.

    I remember the streaming [of the panel] – Paley stopped it before the gag reel.

    Because our gag reel is really dirty. We’re so blue. In fact, they only show [the full one] at our wrap party. They have to edit it down for the DVD. Everybody is so obnoxious and so rude, it’s hilarious.

    What are some of your favorite gag moments?
    I am always caught off guard when Nick [Offerman, who plays Ron Swanson] farts on set. He does it all the time. On last season’s DVD, he says “Let Loose!” And I was like, “Dear Christ!”

    There’s always a lot of pseudo-masturbation, or just a lot of cussing. I cuss a lot. I mean I cuss a lot in my life, so when we are allowed to improv, you say whatever you want because you know it’s not going to make it on. It will make it to the gag reel but not the show. So there is a lot of cussing on the set.

    Who would you say are the worst cussers?
    Me, Jim O’Heir [Jerry Gergich] and Amy Poehler [Leslie Knope]. Especially when Jim blows a line.

    That’s great — do you have any improvised moments that made it to the final cut?

    One that made it on was in the water fight episode (“Campaign Shake-Up”) where Rashida [Jones, who plays Ann Perkins] is trying to get ideas for how to fix the water fountain so people don’t put their mouth on it.

    She says “Donna?” And I say, “Do I look like I drink water?”

    I didn’t even realize I ad-libbed it.
    The writer told me at Paley Fest that I added it. We didn’t have a blow for that scene and we were like, there’s our blow. I was like, “Oh, look at me!”

    That is a fantastic line.
    [laughs] Why thanks.

    You really get so many fantastic lines. I often find myself saying to people, “Are you Nell? From the movie Nell.”

    How did you keep a straight face through your “I think Ben’s already filling the Leslie void” line in “Campaign Shake-Up”?
    I didn’t have to keep a straight face. Donna’s gotta enjoy that line — she’s saying it because she enjoys the idea of it. So I was allowed to enjoy the line even though Donna was saying the line.

    What have been some of your favorite lines if you recall?
    One of my favorites is “Treat Yo’ Self.” Because it was fun, it was funny, and people say it to me so much.

    I knew it when I was shooting it but it won’t leave me — whenever people start saying it, they say “Clothes, Fragrances, Massages, Mimosas, Fine Leather Goods.” I can’t not say it, and say it the same way I said it in the show.

    When you got the script for “Pawnee Rangers,” did you expect it to take off the way that it did in the public and with fans?
    No, but at one of the table reads the following week, Amy [Poehler] and Mike [Schur, Executive Producer] said that’s going to be a hot episode. There’s no way “Treat Yo’ Self” is not going to stick.

    Amy wasn’t there for the [filming] — she wasn’t in any of our scenes, she never saw it except in rough cuts. I remember her saying that and I was like, “Oh cool!”

    The moment when Ben (Adam Scott) comes out in the Batman costume — you and Aziz Ansari (Tom Haverford) have the most fantastic reactions. Was that the first time you saw him in the costume?
    No, as soon as we got into the mall, he had to have that costume on. The first few we shot was with us talking in the middle of the mall when they have the aerial shot of us. And he’s telling us that he was seeing this woman and we just ended it.

    So we had been seeing him all day in it. But the first time I saw him in it I was like, “Wow, and good luck.” Because it looked so tight on his face.

    It looked really tight on his face — he had to be in it all day?
    Yeah. We were in that mall all day, we were there in the morning – I’m pretty sure call time that morning was 6 am – and we didn’t move to the massage parlor until about 4 pm. He was in it all day.

    Wow, and that looked like a pretty intense costume.
    It was pretty snug.

    Entertainment Weekly named you one of the best scene stealers of 2011. How did you find out about that? What was your reaction?
    Aisha Tyler from The Talk had actually gotten an early copy of the Entertainment Weekly. She took a picture of the page and sent it to me on Twitter. I thought, that’s pretty fucking cool.

    Did you bring it into work and just be like, I just want everyone to see this?
    I did not – I did tell Jim O’Heir that he couldn’t look me in the eye anymore.

    You know — a lot of people are really interested in seeing a Donna/Jean-Ralphio (Ben Schwartz) hookup.
    I am too! I want that to happen. I love him.

    It needs to! It’s just kind of a natural progression of your characters.
    It needs to happen. It would be hilarious if she had some DL-love relationship with him where she didn’t let him talk about it or talk to her in public. She’s like, “You are a jackass and I don’t need people to know that I am feeling you so if you want to do this keep your mouth shut!”

    What do you think it is about Jean-Ralphio that Donna would totally dig?
    He’s such an asshole, such a jackass. There’s always that guy you fucking can’t stand but there’s something when he’s quiet and you look at him and you are like, “Oh my god, he might fucking be good in bed. Goddamnit.” It’s just like: don’t say a word, just do what you do.

    That’s a perfect phrase. Don’t say a word, just do what you do.


    What have been your favorite scenes to shoot?
    My favorite scene to shoot by far was the water fight in “Campaign Shake-Up.” Between Rashida and Aubrey [Plaza, who plays April], they kept trying to throw water balloons at me when they were chasing each other through the office. It gave me so much pleasure to soak Jim with that hose — I was dousing him way before they yelled action.

    I was the only one who didn’t get wet.

    How did you manage that?
    Because I was outside with the hose! And Jim was up against the glass and they were inside throwing water balloons at each other. At first I was one water balloon exploded right by my foot and I thought, “It looks like Aubrey is trying to get me!” So every time she came by I would move, and then sometimes I would squirt the water hose inside the room. [laughs]

    I avoided the water while fully participating.

    You are the evil mastermind of the whole water fight.

    You mention Jim a lot, are you guys good friends?
    Yeah! I call Jim my set husband. Whenever there’s lunch and I’m too lazy to go, he’s like, “What do you need, what do you want, do you want a DC?” He drinks so much Diet Coke.

    He’s accepted the name, he now signs his emails set husband.

    You’ve said the Parks and Rec folks tend to send around email chains, like when you guys were nominated for an Emmy. Do you have any memorable emails?
    One of the funnier ones was when we did the Glee parody on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It kind of happened because of Questlove, [Fallon's bandleader], because he really liked Parks and Recreation and he had done this kind of essay on how the Parks characters are like WuTang Clan. He had done this [piece on] with RZA [from WuTang] auditioning to play Leslie Knope. Quest was in a smoking jacket to introduce it.

    Quest was obsessed, he was fully into the show. Jimmy knows Amy and they sent us emails saying if you guys are willing to do the skit, we’d love to have you. Sure, we’ll go to New York! Upon returning, Mike Shoemaker, Jimmy’s producer, sent an email to everyone saying it turned out great, can’t wait to air it. And Quest replied all and said something to the effect of: “I can’t believe how cool this is. I just love the show and I got to work with everybody.” And then Bashir Salahuddin, who’s a writer for Jimmy was like, “Really dude? Really? You are gonna wax philosophical on this bullshit?”

    Then it just blew up. Because our show loves to give people shit. So it was just back and forth, back and forth. At one point while we were shooting, between takes, we had a competition between the teams of show tunes and TV show theme songs. There was a fight over the emails about who actually won. It was really funny, it was non-stop!

    That’s hilarious. Do you remember any of the theme songs that you guys battled on?
    The Jeffersons, All in the Family — all the old ones. Anything they could think of, it was fucking genius. While one team was singing, everyone [on the other team] would gather and try to come up with a better one. It was hilarious.

    One thing I do not get is your love of the Twilight series.
    That’s why. One of my friends is obsessed with Vampires. She reads every vampire book, she read Twilight. She’s like, “Come to my house, get these books. Fucking read them and cuss me out when it’s done. They are easy reads.” So I read the first one — I was still going on the road at the time. It was easy.

    It was relatively interesting – the first one was pretty decent. The second one, I was like, “Bitch, this shit is fucking boring the shit out of me.” She said the beginning is really slow, but just get to the end, get to the end. And then the fucking end was crazy and I was like, “Oh shit!” I was back into it. The third one was when they get married and the crazy rip-your-skin sex and I was like, “What the fuck! This is supposed to be some sort of teenybopper shit!”

    The fourth — I was gasping the entire book. The fourth made it worth the whole series. Oh my god, the fourth has so much, the mythology, there’s a lot of characters that you have to try to keep up with. It’s so good. It totally made it worth reading the first one which is okay, the second one which made me want to fucking kill somebody, it was totally worth it.

    Speaking of Vampires, were you a Buffy fan?

    No! See that’s the thing! I’ve never been into vampires. I did watch Angel in syndication. I used to watch Angel in the morning before I actually got out of bed. I liked it because it was funny, it used to make me laugh so much.

    I didn’t like any of the Connor stuff. When Darla got pregnant, I didn’t understand how vampires have a kid? No. I am not buying this. And then the kid was so damn annoying I’m not sticking around for this business. But I came back…
    I hated Connor! Did you see when he put Angel in the coffin and dropped him in the ocean?

    I was beside myself. And I was watching in syndication so I didn’t have to wait for the new season to start. I just watched the new season the next morning when it started and every time Connor’s on the screen I was like, “Somebody kill this kid, somebody kill the kid!” Hated him so much I couldn’t even see straight! Ugh! He was the worst.

    He was the worst!
    [laughs] He was such a dick. Just the worst.

    You also tweet about The Vampire Diaries. I LOVE that show.
    The writers on that show are genius because there’s never been an end of an episode where I haven’t been like [gasp] “Oh shit! What!” It’s always my reaction at the end of an episode.

    They have really great mythology and they are really good at suspense and throwing some new shit in. They don’t go the most obvious route [but recently,] I was like, “You vampires. So unloyal and distrustful!”

    I really love the idea of Caroline and Klaus together.

    It is kind of hot. At first, I hated Caroline. She was so high school! I was like, “Relax, there are vampires in town. Nobody cares about this dance!” Now, I love her.

    As soon as they vamped her she became more and more interesting character.
    I was like, “Holy shit!” When they vamped her. [gasp!] Nobody’s safe! [laughs]

    I don’t like the friend, the witch. Ugh! Bonnie! She’s always moping and she’s so put upon.

    I feel like they just can’t figure out what to do with Bonnie – but then they have a really interesting love triangle with Damon, Stefan and Elena. They could have a happy threesome and I would be more than happy to watch.
    Well you saw that dream sequence where she had a threesome with them. How weird is that! With your real boyfriend, and your TV boyfriend, and your TV wannabe lover.

    Nina Dobrev, getting it.

    For someone who doesn’t like Vampires, how did you get involved in the Vampire Mob web series?

    My friend Joe Wilson wrote it. He sent me an email after he had finished the first season and was said, I’m doing this thing and I have an idea for a part for you. It’s called Vampire Mob and I was like, really? Sci-fi is really hard to do on a shoestring budget.

    The Facebook page had so many fans. He told me that the fans are the reason why we have a Season 2. They donated money so we could do it. I was like shut the fuck up. A lot of people really like it so, sure I’ll do it.

    I’m not really into vampires and all that…

    You know, for someone who is all “I’m not really into Vampires. But I really like Twilight, and I love The Vampire Diaries, and…”
    Stop outing me!

    I’m totally outing you!
    If it’s a good story, I am down.

    Nick Offerman Portion

    Nick Offerman on Scotch, Meat, and Making Love to Megan Mullally in Diners

    Best known for playing America's foremost breakfast enthusiast Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, and starring in films such as 21 Jump Street and Casa de Mi Padre, Nick Offerman is also, perhaps unsurprisingly, an accomplished woodworker with his own outfit, Offerman Wood Shop, in Los Angeles. Last night, Offerman was in town to host the premiere of Handmade: A Celebration of American Craftsmanship, a roadshow documentary presented by Balvenie Scotch. We caught up with him to chat about whisky, breakfast foods, and wooden dildos (among other things).

    How did you get involved with this project? Did they recruit you because they knew of your woodwork?
    Apparently. I haven't actually asked how I got involved in this. We were contacted. I can only assume it's because I'm experiencing some lucky notoriety because of my TV show, and I happen to be someone who is a practicing craftsperson with my woodworking shop, and so they out of the blue invited me to come be part of this event. I said, “You're celebrating people who make things with their hands,” which is sort of my religion almost. If I have a soap-box issue, that's it. I would like Americans to make things with their hands. Thomas Jefferson and I feel that makes for a much stronger nation. And so to be invited to a celebration of crafters, of an incredible single-malt whisky, is like some sort of crazy masturbatory dream that I would have cooked up myself. But no, it's a reality.

    What about your shop? I saw that it doubles as Ron Swanson's shop on Parks and Rec.
    It did for two days. I hope that the show comes back to Ron's shop ... I found a warehouse, I got this shop. It really became such a fruitful part of my life. There's so much we hear about in Los Angeles and Hollywood about how terrible the rejection is and how much gross superficiality the business thrives upon, and I really immediately found my woodworking shop an absolute refuge from that side of the business.

    How much time are you able to spend making things?
    Actually the best time is when we're shooting the show, I usually have at least one or two days off a week. And so those are sort of guaranteed, because the schedule only comes out each week in advance, I don't have time to book other things, and so those are my shop days. I was there all day yesterday. We're in the middle of a big transition for the first time. We're taking a tree from the neighborhood and milling it ourselves.

    And "we" is you and your wife [Megan Mullally]?
    No, me and a couple of helpers. My brother works there with me, and a couple of other aspiring young woodworkers. You have to have elves in Santa's workshop.

    Have you given anything to cast mates? From Parks and Rec or from movies? Are these things you give as gifts?
    I like to give things as gifts for sure, but it's hard for me to keep up with. Like, Mike Schur, who created Parks and Rec, he's getting an incredible chest of drawers at some point. But we do have some gift items at the shop. We make these mustache combs as well as something called the tackle box. And there have been some given as gifts but I don't sort of utilize it that much because I feel like, it's not actually made by me. I'm making a table for Rashida [Jones] as a commission right now, but I've had to really sort of back off just because I fortunately have this Champagne problem that I'm having my dream life as an actor.

    Have any cast mates asked you to make you something as a joke for the show? And what's the strangest thing you've been asked to make?
    Sure, I get asked to do all kinds of things. One member of our crew on the show is trying to get me to make him a large wooden dildo, complete with balls.

    Is there a reason for that? Is it for actual use or just for show?
    I don't think it's for his own personal use.
    I think there's some sort of humorous intent behind it but I'm not sure what it is. The strangest thing that's been made in my shop is one of my assistants, for a client, made a sort of, what I was given to understand, it was some sort of new age medicinal stool for ladies, and it's a stool that — it's a three-legged stool that holds a kettle beneath it and the emanations from the potion in the kettle rise up to affect that part of a lady's anatomy that's in contact with the stool.

    That was commissioned and made?

    Yes, that was.

    So it has the Offerman factory stamp on it?
    It does. It was an approved Offerman design, and from what I understand it's working wonders.

    And once you make a table or any wood-based item, how much care do you take of them after? Are you protective of them? Do you insist on coasters?
    Sure, you always give a little education to the client who receives your furniture. We like to use hand-rubbed oil finishes which are not as durable as like a polyurethane, but polyurethane sort of steals away some of the character of the wood. So I give people a good talking to. At the same time you kind of want your pieces to get a little dinged up and develop a patina, so there's a fine line between my own stuff, I try to keep beverage rings off my furniture but if it gets a dent or ding in it, I come to recognize that as a wart or just part of my friend that is still a beautiful friend.

    Are there any other character traits that you overlap between you and Ron Swanson? Like breakfast food or a secret jazz project?
    I am a saxophone player. But I'm not nearly as accomplished as Duke Silver. I love meat. Meat is a big deal in my life. I do love breakfast food, but I don't think that's extraordinary. I'm a normal American. We love eggs and meat and potatoes and gravy. I love making people uncomfortable by making love to my wife in diners. And fishing. I come from a family of fisherman. Fishing is very important to us. We don't hunt. We're not gun folk.

    Handmade: A Celebration of Craftsmanship presented by The Balvenie

    Will Arnett hosts the first annual "Laughter Is the Best Medicine" gala

    Canadian comedian Will Arnett was in Toronto, Thursday evening, to host the first annual "Laughter Is the Best Medicine" gala in support of Toronto East General Hospital.

    Will Arnett walked part of the red carpet with his wife Amy Poehler, who eventually left to hang out with her in-laws. The funnyman says when his kids get sick they turn on the tube.

    "If my kids have got a fever it's straight into Looney Toons. They watch Looney Toons for a couple of hours," said Arnett.

    The "Up All Night" star and big Toronto Maple Leafs fan said he was happy to be back in the city.

    "It's been a great couple of days leading up to this. Being able to be back up here with my family and then to have them here and my Dad, who's done a lot of work for the hospital here. I'm excited to be able to help out in any way that I can," he told 680News.

    As for Arnett's summer plans, he says he will start shooting the "Arrested Development" mini-series and then the movie.


    Aziz Ansari will be at TBS Just for Laughs Chicago
    Rashida Jones will be a guest of Fortune at the White House Correspondents Dinner
    Rashida will be on 'The View' on the 19th. Aziz will be on it on the 16th.
    Rob Lowe will be on 'Who Do You Think You Are?' on April 27th.
    Get tickets to see Nick Offerman at the Ojai Playwrights Conference Gala Benefit
    Watch Aziz on Conan
    Have $5? Buy Aziz Ansari's comedy special or give it to me because I don't have $5.

    Source - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

    I won't be able to watch on Thursday because of Coachella, so someone else should make a post.

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    It may have been one of the most iconic disasters of the twentieth century but it appears that some Twitter users are only now waking up to the fact that the sinking of the Titanic was not just the plot of a blockbuster film.
    While subscribers to the microblogging site may be kept constantly up to date with the latest news and gossip, it is appears that some are less than familiar with the major events of the more distant past.

    The sinking of the White Star liner with the loss of 1,500 lives in 1912 stunned the world and became a byword for tragedy.

    But it appears that it has become so enmeshed in popular culture - particularly with the recently re-released film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet - that some were not aware of the historical reality.

    Some of those admitting their lack of knowledge were soon deluged with unpleasant tweets in response.

    One user wrote: "Is it bad that I didn't know the titanic was real? Always thought it was just a film". Among the less insulting replies were "you're kidding, right?" and "Yes, it's pretty bad I'm afraid."

    Another Twitter user, who posted the message "only just found out titanic was real", was one of a number to have since disappeared from the site.

    One of those was a user who wrote: "The titanic was real holly s*** im never gooing on a cruise".

    A teenage Twitter user who wrote "I didn't know Titanic actually happened, thought it was just a film" later tweeted again to ask people to stop sending her "nasty comments" after she was labelled "retarded and stupid".

    Commemorations have been taking place this week to mark the centenary of the disaster, including a ceremony in Southampton on Monday that took place 100 years to the day after the ship set sail from the city's docks.

    The anniversary is also being marked by the 3D version of James Cameron's blockbuster Titanic film - originally released in 1997 - and a memorial cruise retracing the ship's route that has already endured delays due to a bad weather and a passenger's suspected heart attack.

    There has been discomfort over some of the events, with one academic accusing the city of Belfast - where the ship was built and launched - of cashing in by holding a three-week festival and MTV pop concert.

    0 0

    The “Summer Movie Preview” issue of Entertainment Weekly has given us great new interviews and photos from The Dark Knight Rises, but I discovered an interesting story as I was reading the full article last night. Anne Hathaway talked about being a huge fan of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. She didn’t think that Christopher Nolan would want to revisit that character, and was preparing for Harley Quinn when Nolan asked to meet with her.

    She convinced herself that Nolan wasn’t interested in reinterpreting a character who had already been done well enough and was instead casting a lesser-known villainess from Batman’s rogues’ gallery named Harley Quinn, the Joker’s sidekick. Nope. “About an hour into the meeting he said, ‘It’s Catwoman’ and I went, ‘Oh, no, I played this wrong,’” says Hathaway. “I didn’t think they would revisit that character, because Michelle’s performance had been so iconic. But Chris just does his own thing.”

    Do you think she would have been a good choice for Harley Quinn if Nolan decided to go that route?


    Okay. I can't hate on this woman any longer. She's good in my book due to her seeing the light Pfeiffer bestows upon us.

    0 0

    David Hayter Developing Dragonflight
    Based on Anne McCaffrey's book series...

    With fairy tales all the rage in Hollywood, Peter Jackson thinking about the Temeraire books as films even as he’s labouring to bring The Hobbit’s Smaug to life, it’s not shocking that someone would launch the latest attempt to drag Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern novel series to the big screen. That someone is a combo package of writer David Hayter and producer Don Murphy.

    McCaffrey’s books kicked off with Dragonflight in 1968 and first launched the concept of an elite cadre of warriors taking to the skies on giant, fire-breathing reptiles to save the planet of Pern from a terrifying airborne threat.

    Since then, the series has spawned 21 novels (and counting), a massive, loyal fan base and more than one attempt to turn the story into a TV series or film. In 2002 for example, the now-defunct WB network across the pond hatched a version for TV with Battlestar creator Ron Moore that was tinkered with to such a degree that it no longer resembled the writer’s original tales. Moore quit the gig and the show was cancelled before it even hit screens.

    Back in 2006, however, Copperhead Entertainment bought the rights and has now formed a partnership with Hayter and Murphy, with the X2/Watchmen co-writer setting to work on a new script based on Dragonflight that all three hope will lure in a director.

    “These books have remained popular bestsellers for over forty years because of their breathtaking adventures, vivid cast of characters and spectacular creatures,” said Copperheart’s Steven Hoban in a statement.

    “This property has an incredible literary heritage and a rabid fan base,” said Hayter. “I’m really looking forward to delving into the majestic world that Anne has created and transporting it to the screen.”

    McCaffrey herself also seems enthusiastic about the idea: “The fans and I have been waiting, not so patiently, for a long time to see Pern and her characters on the big screen. I couldn’t be more thrilled that a writer with David’s tremendous creativity and track record of translating beloved source material into fantastic movies has decided to make this his next epic adventure.”

    We’re just hoping it turns out better than Eragon.


    To the nobles who live in Benden Weyr, Lessa is nothing but a ragged kitchen girl. For most of her life she has survived by serving those who betrayed her father and took over his lands. Now the time has come for Lessa to shed her disguise—and take back her stolen birthright. 

    But everything changes when she meets a queen dragon. The bond they share will be deep and last forever. It will protect them when, for the first time in centuries, Lessa’s world is threatened by Thread, an evil substance that falls like rain and destroys everything it touches. Dragons and their Riders once protected the planet from Thread, but there are very few of them left these days. Now brave Lessa must risk her life, and the life of her beloved dragon, to save her beautiful world. . . .


    If you haven't read this series, or at least the beginnings (I had to give up a few years ago when her son took over), and you claim you're a science fiction fan, get on it stat. And I think I am in the minority of people who kind of actually liked Watchmen for the most part. But I am totally wary of this movie. It has the distinct capability to flop. Hard.

    0 0

    When the remake of The Munsters arrives on television, viewers will quickly notice the differences, starting with a new title, Mockingbird Lane.

    Bryan Fuller, out creator of Pushing Daisies, plans to turn The Munsters into an NBC dramedy. "We want this show to be an American Harry Potter," Fuller tells Entertainment Weekly. "To have that sense of a magical world that you get to go to with your family and find stories told in a fantastical way that are instantly relatable." (Number 1: Fuck you.)

    Fuller opted to change the name of the show to Mockingbird Lane because it will vary so much from the original. His stories will stray from the original comedy of the show and venture to places much darker. He is leaving the tone of the original show behind and making it his own. Part of this reinvention comes with the addition of new characters. Fuller tells EW, "We can run through a Universal monster prism and tell it in a very twisted, off-kilter way." Fuller went on to mention that unlike the original, "we're going to see our monsters doing monstrous things." (Number 2: Fuck you.)

    While production has not started, some casting decisions have been made. Eddie Izzard will play the role of Grandpa Munster, EW reports, and Charity Wakefield has been cast as Marilyn, the only member of the Munster family that is not a monster.


    Good god just stop production on this shitfest....

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    Team Starkid's highly anticipated new musical, Holy Musical, B@man! has been released tonight on Youtube!

    Holy Musical B@man! is a parody musical based upon DC Universe's Batman, and was performed in Chicago at the Hoover-Leppen Theatre on March 16-25, 2012. The soundtrack is also being released intermittently, and will be available on their Bandcamp account for free.

    Last time, Team StarKid journeyed to space on their tour, this time they're more earthbound with the announcement of APOCALYPTOUR, which takes the musical theater troupe from their home-base in Chicago starting May 9, weaving west to California before returning to New York for a final show on June 10, with plenty of stops in between.

    5/9 - Chicago - HOB
    5/10 - Chicago - HOB
    5/11 - Indianapolis - Egyptian Room
    5/13 - Nashville - Rocketown
    5/14 - New Orleans - HOB
    5/15 - Houston - HOB
    5/16 - Austin - La Zona Rosa
    5/19 - Anaheim - HOB
    5/20 - San Diego - HOB
    5/22 - Los Angeles - HOB
    5/23 - Los Angeles - HOB
    5/24 - Los Angeles - HOB
    5/25 - San Francisco - Nob Hill Masonic
    5/27 - Portland - Roseland Theater
    5/28 - Seattle - Neptune Theater
    5/29 - Vancouver - Vogue Theater
    5/31 - Denver - Summit Music Hall
    6/1 - Kansas City - Uptown Theater
    6/2 - St Louis - The Pageant
    6/4 - Ann Arbor - Michigan Theater
    6/5 - Philadelphia - Theater of the Living Arts
    6/7 - Silver Spring - The Fillmore
    6/9 - Boston - HOB
    6/10 - New York City - Roseland Ballroom

    TICKETS GO ON SALE TUESDAY, APRIL 17 AT 5:00 PM LOCAL TIME (aka the time zone of the theater. But hurry, because tickets are going to sell out FAST. (I believe the tickets will be sold via ticketmaster but I'm not 100% sure.)


    Team Starkid will also be at the C2E2 convention this Saturday in Chicago, doing a panel and autograph signing, while in their Holy Musical B@man! costumes!

    Additionally, Starkid will be appearing at Chicago's LeakyCon 2012, the biggest Harry Potter convention in the US, doing several autograph signings and a marquee Starkid event. Confirmed attendees include Julia Albain, Jamie Lyn Beatty, Brant Cox, Brian Holden, Matt Lang, Nick Lang, Lauren Lopez, Corey Lubowich, Devin Lytle, Joe Moses, Jim Povolo, Joey Richter, Brian Rosenthal, Dylan Saunders, Meredith Stepien, and Joe Walker.


    Whew. It is a really exciting (and really expensive...) time to be a Starkid. It's AMAZING how much this group's popularity has grown just in the last year. (Which is why a lot of you former fans are going to be hating in this post, lbr.) Haven't seen the show yet but I've heard great things! About to watch it now! Just gotta get some delicious snax ready first.

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  • 04/13/12--19:35: MPAA/Fox Fail
  • PROMETHEUS Suffers PG-13 US Rating?

    Director Ridley Scott & the cast of Prometheus recenty took part in a multitude of Q&A press sessions for the movie in & a recording of the Paris event has emerged online [in French]. During the event it was also revealed that the movies run-time will be 1 hour & 59 minutes but there will also be an extended cut with an additional 17 minutes of footage. This is currently a very contentious issue with the fanbase & seems to imply that the shorter version is a PG-13 rating while the extended version is for an R rating & from what I am hearing the R-rating will be screened as the European threatrical release while the US will suffer the PG-13. Prometheus stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Sean Harris, Kate Dickie, Rafe Spall, Logan Marshall-Green & Guy Pearce. Arriving in 2D, 3D & 3D IMAX theaters this June 8th in the US & June 1st in the UK.

    The 35 Minute Press Junket:


    Well then I'm hoping Fox goes ahead and releases the R rated version stateside but I know they won't because all they see is $$$$$$.

    0 0
  • 04/13/12--19:38: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!
  • The Young and The Restless to SORAS Summer and Fen!

    Summer and Fen are being aged to join the Genoa City teen scene. what teen scene??

    Soap Opera Digest is reporting The Young and the Restless will SORAS the roles of Summer Newman and Fenmore Baldwin.

    According to the magazine, the kids will be aged to 15 or 16-year-olds.

    The show is currently looking for 18-year-olds to play the parts. Look for Fen to return to Genoa City, from being away at boarding school, with a bit of an attitude. Summer is described as a fun, feisty typical teen.

    The news comes on the heels of Kyle Abbot returning from boarding school as a 20something angry young man.

    Florencia Lozano Hits General Hospital May 7!

    Mark your calendars. An airdate has been set for Florencia Lozano's General Hospital debut as her One Life To Life character Tea Delgado! Lozano will make her first appearance on the sudser May 7!

    Are you ready for some Tea in Port Chuck?

    Lesbians are coming to The Bold and the Beautiful!

    EW has learned exclusively that Crystal Chappell (pictured, left) — who was last seen playing Olivia, the popular lesbian lover of Natalia on Guiding Light — will portray Danielle, the other mother of Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey, pictured, center).

    Caroline was introduced last month as the never-before-seen daughter of Karen Spencer, who is played by longtime B&B favorite Joanna Johnson (pictured, right). Johnson returned to the sudser last month to begin the romantic story line.

    Caroline already knows she has two mothers, but the good people of Los Angeles (where B&B is based) don’t know the truth. She’ll reveal it to boyfriend Thomas and her uncle — and Karen’s brother — Bill. The episodes that will include Chappell’s debut will air in mid-May.

    The CBS soaps have aired gay story lines before: Besides the popular Olivia-Natalia storyline on Guiding Light, there was also Luke and Noah on As the World Turns. But this is a first for B&B, CBS’ half-hour sudser that’s been on the network since 1987.

    Meanwhile, NBC’s Days of Our Lives is struggling to gain traction with its first-ever gay story line that began last summer. Though the soap ended up making far sexier moves, bringing back fan faves like Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, the changes haven’t made a huge impact on the bottom line.

    Would a Potential Fifth Hour of Today Put Days of Our Lives in Jeopardy for Fall of 2014?!

    A little item from Matt Lauer's new $100 million deal to remain with NBC's Today could give fans of NBC's lone soap, Days of Our Lives, pause for concern. Lauer's new pact, which includes a development deal that would afford Lauer a stake in a syndicated show, could see the popular "Today's Professionals" segment being spun off as either a syndicated series or a fifth hour of Today, reports TV Guide.

    If the potential project does become slated for syndication, it wouldn't necessarily mean anything for DAYS. However, were it to be pitched as a fifth network hour of Today, the 45-year-old sudser's timeslot on the Peacock dial would likely be in jeopardy. DAYS has a contract with NBC that extends through 2013. Here's hoping the new writing team can get ratings up and fast!

    Long-Awaited Bill Bell Biography on Pre-Sale Now!

    This is the one we've been waiting for! Talk show titaness-turned-soap opera co-creator Lee Phillip Bell's biography of her husband, the late William J. Bell, is now on pre-sale. Co-authored by veteran soap journalist Michael Maloney, The Young and Restless Life of William J. Bell: Creator of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful tells the story of how the prolific, television icon went from being a Chicago advertising exec to apprenticing for Irna Phillips, creator of Guiding Light and As The World Turns, and later co-creating Another World with Phillips.

    The biography will also detail how Bell went on to take NBC's Days of Our Lives (also co-created by Phillips, along with Ted and Betty Corday) from near cancellation to the top of the Nielsens, when he wrote for the serial from 1966-75. Of course, the history Bell fans will most be excited to learn more about will be that of his own soaps, The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, which premiered in 1973 and 1987 respectively.

    The Young and Restless Life of William J. Bell: Creator of The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful hits bookstores June 1.

    Tamara Braun Starring in "Tennessee in the Summer" Starting April 13!

    Sal Romeo ETC and SST Productions will present Joe Besecker's award-winning play, Tennessee in the Summer, based on the life of famed playwright Tennessee Williams, beginning April 13 at California's Sidewalk Studio Theatre.

    Directed by Sal Romeo, the limited engagement will continue through May 20 and features Jack Heller as Tennessee Williams, Daytime Emmy Award winner Tamara Braun (DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ALL MY CHILDREN; GENERAL HOSPITAL) as Woman and Robert Standley as Youngman/Frankie Merlo/Dakin Williams.

    The cast also includes Louise Davis as Edwina Williams/Rose Williams/Nurse (April 13-15, May 11-13, May 18-20), Lisa Thayer as Edwina Williams/Rose Williams/Nurse (April 20-22, April 27-29, May 4-6) and Cindy Marinangel as Woman (April 27-29).

    "The play began with an image in my head," said playwright Besecker, in a statement. "Tennessee Williams was sitting at his typewriter on a patio of a Southern hotel. It was morning. A tall, mysterious blonde woman was sipping a drink and fighting with him. The woman began flirting with a Youngman who was below by the swimming pool.

    "It became clear when I attempted to write subsequent scenes that I needed to ground the play into more realistic details of Tennessee Williams' life, so the Southern hotel became a New York City hotel room in 1972. I saturated myself in biographical information and the conflict of the male/female parts of Tennessee Williams. I concentrated on the emotions of the characters, and discovered the areas where my personal experiences merged with episodes of Williams' life."

    Tennessee in the Summer received its debut in the spring of 1985 in the Valencia Rose Cabaret Room in San Francisco, CA.

    Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series DVD (All 1,225 Episodes) On Sale Now!

    There are number of different DVD sets available but none bigger than 131-DVD collection "Dark Shadows: The Complete Original Series" which went on sale April 10.

    This deluxe edition boxed set contains every eerie episode of the original Gothic DARK SHADOWS (1966-1971) plus a wealth of bonus interviews with the stars and creative members that made the supernatural thriller a cult favorite and an enduring television classic.

    Below are complete details of the new release:

    131 DVDs with all 1,225 Complete Episodes
    Commemorative large Coffin package (housing 22 amarays)
    Deluxe booklet with episode summaries & photographs
    Special Bloopers, Treasures & Behind The Scenes DVD s
    Over 120 Bonus Cast & Crew Video Interviews
    Other features include nickel hinges, white ribbon to hold the lid when open, matte and foil coating
    Box dimensions: (Coffin), 13 ½ L x 11 ¼ W (at widest) x 5 ¾ D.
    Shipping carton dimensions, 16.5" x 8.5" x 14"
    Weight Shipping carton with contents - 15.5lbs

    With its alluring tales of Gothic mystery and supernatural intrigue, Dark Shadows became one of the most popular daytime series of all time. Since first airing on ABC-TV from 1966 to 1971, DARK SHADOWS has earned the reputation of being one of the most unusual and enduring programs in television history. The character of Barnabas Collins, a guilt-ridden, 175-year-old vampire, brought the show tremendous success.

    You can order now at for $539.99.

    Teresa Giudice Says Reality TV Is Like A Soap Opera!

    "Reality TV shows are our new soap operas, aren’t they? Although I have to say, it might be easier to watch when you know it’s all fake! The tabloids have already started printing fake stories so that is when I know things are starting to heat up for the show. The tabloids are also like soap operas and we don’t read them anymore because they write such inaccurate, absurd and sensational stories."

    Y&R Emmy Award-Winning Leading Man Billy Miller May Soon Depart Genoa City!

    Handsome and Emmy Award-winning superstar Billy Miller is soon back to the negotiation table with Sony, CBS and “Y&R” honchos, who are hoping to work something out, because Miller is perhaps the show’s most popular leading man at this point. Billy loves “The Young and the Restless” and he does hope to be able to stay when his 1-year contract ends very shortly, but he still wants more time to continue his projects outside of daytime TV, and for good reason. Billy made a huge splash on the latest Sarah Michelle Gellar hit series, “Ringer,” and he remains one of “Y&R’s” favorites with the fans.

    A source on the “Y&R” set says, “Maria [Bell] really wants Billy to remain on the show. He’s a big part of our show, and the future, and there are so many storylines for Billy (Abbott) and Victoria. Maria loves writing for him, and the cast adores him as well. So hopefully things will work themselves out.” They normally do. But expect a few bumps along the way, as it all gets hashed out, lets just hope Billy remains with the number-one-rated daytime Drama for a long time to come.

    An executive at Warner Bros. who is familiar with Miller’s success and popularity in Hollywood tells Highlight Hollywood, “Billy is a superstar for sure. I am sure his sudden departure from ‘Y&R’ recently was due to his going out for pilot season, and he should. I don’t know what they plan or do at ‘Y&R’, but if they are smart, they will definitely work with this guy. He’s going to become an even bigger star over the next few years. He’s truly hitting his stride in this town, and getting noticed by a hell of a lot of people.”

    Maria has said, “Billy is a major part of this show, and I would love to see him continue his outside projects, and come back home.” “Y&R” would only release its official statement that they do not comment on actor’s contract status or upcoming storyline.

    Miller is headed for another Daytime Emmy as well! And Highlight Hollywood hopes he’ll manage to work things out with “Y&R,” and remain an integral part of the show, which is celebrating its 39th anniversary on air.

    Why All of a Sudden, We Can't Stop Watching Days Of Our Lives (Again)!

    If you've already started to roll your eyes, then you've clicked on the wrong post. To fellow Days devotees, I say, welcome. Welcome to our first post about soaps (btw do you want more of these? Tell me in the comments). Yes, Stefano DiMera still runs rampant, and Hope is now Princess Gina (it's temporary!), but Days of Our Lives is showcasing some of its most important and honest work in its 45+-year history.

    Over the last week, I was fortunate enough to be given behind-the-scenes access into the world of Salem--a place, I must admit, that I hadn't visited through my TV screen since the turn of the new millennium.

    Then, last September, when I heard Days hired new head writers, and was bringing back fan favorites (Carrie! The original Austin! Marlena, John!), I decided to tune back in. Really, it was just out of curiosity to see how everyone looked. I never expected to get drawn back in. After all, with my schedule, I certainly don't have time to pick up another TV show--let alone one that airs new episodes 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

    And yet, this former soap fan, who honestly thought the glory Days were over, found herself addicted to the tube again, and hasn't missed an episode since. That's right, eight months and counting, and I wear it as a badge of honor.

    So over the coming weeks, you'll get VIP access into Salem, and why Days of Our Lives has become MUST-SEE TV again. This isn't your mother's painstakingly-slow soap opera anymore. It's a compelling drama that is turning out emotional, addictive story lines that don't take 5 years to play out. The writing is fresh and funny, and the acting is superb. Julia Roberts isn't a fan for nothing.

    You're going to see super fun videos brought to you by the hottest stars on the show (just you wait until you see what Patrick Muldoon, Galen Gering, Molly Burnett and Casey Jon Deidrick are up to), but for now, I want to focus on the storyline that, in my opinion, has never been done better--not on primetime, daytime, or in feature films.

    Here I am checking out the latest issue of GLAMOUR with Chandler Massey and getting a kick out of the Do's & Don'ts section!

    It's a story that, yes, we've seen before--a beloved character comes out as gay, but never in such a thoughtful, touching, and honest way. And I don't say that lightly. Sami and Lucas' son, Will, a mainstay on the Salem scene since Sami gave birth to him at 16, has recently revealed his true sexuality--not only to himself, but to his friends, family and fellow Salemites. Beautiful doesn't even begin to describe how poignant the unveiling (and the subsequent back and forth) of Will's sexuality has been. It's raw, it's touching, and most importantly, it's honest to a core.

    So with that, I present 5 Ways Days of Our Lives Got the "Will Horton is Gay" Storyline Right:

    1) Chandler Massey: In any other actors hands, the story would not carry the same weight. Massey brings a pureness to the role of Will that makes you love him. This is a brilliant young actor who will move you tears based on a look alone. Enjoy him while you can because I foresee a day when every major producer in Hollywood is going to want to cast this young man.

    2) Deidre Hall: The legendary Ms. Hall could read the phone book and I'd still watch. Just like Massey, she doesn't even need to utter a word for you to get a sense of what she's feeling. Her scenes with Chandler are pure magic, and her portrayal of Marlena is a lesson in how to approach any difficult situation in life.

    3) The writing: Head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr. deserve all the credit here. The "Will is Gay" story has been simmering for months, and has never once felt rushed or premature. They developed the character layer by layer, and then bounced him around like a ball in a pinball machine as he had to deal with the 'am I gay?' realization. There was no obviousness right off the bat, no typical, 'I am gay, so let's deal with it,' storyline. Having seen friends go through this before, I've never seen a more honest approach to telling Will's coming out story.

    Check out the clip below starting at the :48 second mark:

    4) The humor: Difficult situations are best handled with a sense of humor. And that's exactly what the head writers have done. Take a look at this dialogue between Will's grandmothers, Kate and Marlena:

    Kate, when getting annoyed by Marlena's therapist-approach to doing things: "Thank you so much for your guidance [Marlena], because I was going to give him a box set of the first three seasons of Will & Grace! How insensitive of me! Thank God I have you here to pass judgement on me."

    And then, Marlena, reacting to Will saying, "I think I might be gay.": "That's it? I think it's ok. Remember that Lady Gaga song you played for me once? Where she said that sexuality is like the color of your eyes? It's a thing you're born with? Well, I happen to agree with that. You were born with great good looks and charm and wisdom and a wonderful future. And if you're figuring out something about yourself now and acknowledging it, it's nothing to be ashamed of. It's a cause for celebration. It gets better. You get better. And I am proud of you every single day." Brilliant.

    5) The Supporting Cast: The actors have made this a complete, full-service story. Whether it's Will's friend Sonny (also gay) offering support, ex-girlfriend Gabi wondering why Will couldn't be intimate with her, or dad Lucas afraid that his son's play housing with friend Sonny might draw the eyes of onlookers, everyone has been top notch, and captivating to watch.

    Days of Our Lives' Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng Speaks Out About Writing Shake Up!!

    Fans still reeling from the news Days of Our Lives sacked head writers Darrell Ray Thomas and Marlene McPherson all have the same question: Why? The duo seemed to be going towards traditional storytelling, while writing one of the show's most riveting storylines in decades, Will (Chandler Massey) coming out. TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan spoke with co-executive producer Greg Meng to find out about DAYS latest attempt to "reset" things.

    TV Guide Magazine: Word is, NBC instigated this writer change. Is that the case?

    Meng: We spoke with the network and collectively felt we needed to take a pause, make a change with the writing and the style of the show for a while and see if that will redirect things. The ratings situation is very complex and difficult, and we have a tremendous challenge with that right now. Everybody on the Days team, and that includes NBC and Sony, our distributor, wants this show to succeed and we're doing everything we can to make it work. We all have different visions as to how to achieve that success but the good news is that we're all in synch on the future. No one wants cancellation. Even though we brought in Darrell and Marlene to reset Days last September, it was always our feeling that the show needed to constantly be nurtured with smaller resets. This isn't the end of the world. We're just resetting it again in an effort to get it right.

    TV Guide Magazine: After the firing, Marlene tweeted that NBC "never let us tell our stories. They kept stopping us and changing our direction." You got a comment?

    Meng: I can't really address where she's coming from. She and Darrell loved the show so much and it became a part of their lives. We definitely want to retain a relationship with them.

    Hmm, if DAYS wants to retain a relationship with McPherson and Thomas, why not demote them and keep them on the writing staff? Meng also revealed to Logan more pink slips may be coming down the pike.

    TV Guide Magazine: Is that "next step" going to involve some major actors going away?

    Meng: Yes. We're looking at weaving people in and out, and bringing them back later if we can.

    ABC's Plan to Use Katie Couric on GMA to Best NBC's Today Falls Flat!

    Not even the perkiness of Katie Couric could help ABC's Good Morning America topple NBC's juggernaut Today in the Nielsens. While GMA, did manage to beat Today last Wednesday in total viewers, Couric's former morning chat hub still bested GMA in demos. For the week, Today averaged 5.1 million to GMA's 4.9 million.

    According to Broadcasting & Cable, in the key adults 25-54 demo, NBC lead with 2.14 million viewers over ABC's 1.83 million, a margin of 306,000 viewers. Season-to-date, the margin between GMA and Today is 501,000 total viewers and 437,000 viewers 25-54.

    Considering Gawker's report that GMA's Robin Roberts and Elizabeth Vargas weren't exactly thrilled that Couric was picked to sub for Roberts, I wonder if it was even worth it?

    Matthew Ashford, Sarah Brown, Christie Clark & Patrick Muldoon fired from Days our Lives!!

    Anyone experiencing a bit of deja vu? A major head writing team replaced, an executive producer desperately trying to do damage control and now popular actors fired. Yep, it's business as usual at Days of Our Lives.

    Soap Opera Digest has learned that the cast cuts have begun at DAYS: Matthew Ashford (Jack), Sarah Brown (Madison), Christie Clark (Carrie) and Patrick Muldoon (Austin) have all reportedly been told their characters are leaving Salem, the show confirms.

    In the case of Clarke, Muldoon and Ashford, the trio returned to “DAYS” in September as part of the soaps big reboot. Brown joined the cast in early October as the first new character introduced by recently ousted head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.

    Last airdates are unknown at this time as a representative was unavailable for comment at press time, however, considering “DAYS” films three months ahead of airdate and the new writing teams material is schedule to hit the air in mid-August, per Meng, look for the quad to last air in August.

    Insiders report that this will not be the end of the trimming.

    Matthew Ashford Responds to News of Ouster!

    The news of changes hitting NBC’s “Days of our Lives” keeps on rolling tonight as one of the soaps outgoing stars, Matthew Ashford (soon-to-be ex-Jack Deveraux), posted a heartfelt message to his fans on his Facebook page just a short time ago in response to the news of his pending departure:

    As you’ve probably heard, the news came out today that my character (and I) will be leaving the show. That’s the way it goes in this business. More details later… meanwhile-as always-thank you to everyone for your support.

    Today of all days, it was nice to get this expression of support from the fans for Missy and me. It was a sweet thing to do-thank you very much.

    Soap Opera Declines Cause Fallout for Magazines!

    The decline of daytime soaps has taken its toll on the publishing business. A year after taking control of the publication, American Media Inc. has folded Soap Opera Weekly. In a separate move, AMI also shut down Pixie, a newsstand-only teen celebrity title.

    There are only four daytime soaps left, including ABC’s General Hospital and NBC’s Days of Our Lives—down from a peak of 19 in the 1970s—and the magazines devoted to them have seen a corresponding decline.

    Soap Opera Weekly’s total circ fell nearly 50 percent in the past four years to 107,817, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations. In April 2011, Source Interlink handed control of Soap Opera Weekly and the bigger Soap Opera Digest, as well as Pixie, to American Media in a licensing agreement [1]. The celebrity and fitness magazine publisher assumed responsibility for editorial, advertising, marketing and distribution duties for the titles.

    "Due to the decline in readership of the soap opera market, we did not see long term growth, so AMI/Source decided to discontinue publishing Soap Opera Weekly," an AMI rep said in an email.

    Soap Opera Digest continues to publish, but it’s declined dramatically too. Its circulation tumbled 40 percent to 292,219 in the second half of 2011 while ad pages declined 9 percent to 732 in 2011, per the Publishers Information Bureau. Soap Opera Weekly subscriptions will be fulfilled by Soap Opera Digest, and the handful of staffers who worked for the defunct title are now being used as freelancers at American Media.

    As for other soap opera titles, they haven’t fared so well either. Soaps in Depth, a series created by Bauer Publications, discontinued one of its three versions many years ago. ABC Soaps in Depth and CBS Soaps in Depth continue to publish, but their circulations have declined too. (They publish every other week and have a combined circulation of about 200,000.)

    “There’s been a decline, but they’re still profitable,” said Ian Scott, president of Bauer Advertising Sales. “The high price tag [of $3.99] enables us to continue to publish them.”

    Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino Checks Into General Hospital!

    Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino revealed on Twitter she will soon be moonlighting over at General Hospital.

    No word on when Bellino will make her debut, or who she will mix it up with.

    New Days photoshoot pics!

    Photos by Michael Desmond, NBC © NBCUniversal, Inc.

    Lauren Koslow Discusses "State" Split!

    When it first happened it, was one of Days of Our Lives’ most surprising pairings. Mafioso Stefano DiMera decided he wanted the lovely Kate Roberts to be his wife, but instead of wining and dining her, he blackmailed her into marrying him. Although Kate went into the union kicking and screaming, she and Stefano quickly developed a deep love for each other and emerged into a bona fide supercouple. So when the show's writers decided to have Kate cheat on her husband with Ian, viewers were crying foul, and they weren't the only ones. According to Lauren Koslow (Kate), she and Joseph Mascolo (Stefano) were upset about the duo's marital distress, too.

    Viewers seem really upset that Kate cheated on Stefano.
    If they're really watching, it's not like she wanted to. Kate feels like she's been totally abandoned by Stefano and that he has gone back to this obsession that he had with Marlena. It's devastating to her because he is the last person that she would ever expect that from. Kate truly loves Stefano and also felt that they truly had each other's respect and backs. So for that to happen and with [Marlena] ... It's devastating.

    So she just hopped into bed with her ex, Ian?
    She did.

    Of course, Stefano does have to take some responsibility for this, since he decided to "test" Kate's loyalty. How do you think Kate's going to feel when she ultimately finds out?
    Oh! Are you kidding? That is terrible. That makes it worse. I actually am a little relieved, because I was really worried for a while that she just cheated on him, because I don’t think she would do that.

    Did you and Joe discuss your characters' potential breakup?
    Yes, we did. It was difficult [to play]. I love working with Joe. We have a great time together. We've worked really hard on Stefano and Kate's relationship. So it was kind of devastating, because you feel it, personally, that you’re doing it. I felt badly and he did, too. It's some awful stuff, but some great stuff is coming up. It really is dramatic and painful.

    Do State fans have any reason to hope for a reconciliation?
    There's always hope. We made sure there's hope in it. Absolutely. Because there's love there. Stefano and Kate really do love each other. I think the audience, even if they're upset with what's happening, are going to be okay with it, because there is love there. What happened is a tragic, tragic mistake.

    WHERE ARE THEY NOW: B&B's Jeff Tracta (ex-Thorne)!

    Comedy impressionist Jeff Tracta has landed a run at the Pearl in the Palms.. He plays several characters, and he’ll dance and sing in different voices when he performs. It’s a new electronic twist on impressions and impersonations.

    ATWT Grad Jennifer Ferrin Joins Syfy Pilot Rewind!

    Syfy has cast former As the World Turns star Jennifer Ferrin in the two-hour pilot Rewind. According to Deadline, Ferrin joins Keisha Castle-Hughes, Robbie Jones and Keon Mohajeri in the time travel based vehicle about “a team of military field operatives and civilian scientists who must use untested technology to travel back in time to alter past events in order to change the future and avoid a devastating terrorist attack.”

    Since leaving ATWT, Ferrin has appeared in such primetime series as Life in Mars, Royal Pains, The Good, Fringe, White Collar, Nurse Jackie and The Cape.

    Marie Wilson Lands Guest Spot on Criminal Minds!

    Former As the World Turns star Marie Wilson will guest star in an upcoming episode of Criminal Minds, according to Soaps in Depth. Reportedly, the actress will portray a bank manager by the name of Lynne Nolan. Her character appears in Episode 23, which is the first half of the two-part season finale.


    The web series space has been buzzing lately with a number of exciting new episodes, premieres and industry news. Below is a roundup:

    * "What would you do if you only had 12 days to live?" An all-star team of web series creators and stars are coming together for DRIFTER, a television format science fiction pilot, including Jeff Koenig, Julie Ann Emery, Darren Le Gallo, Al Thompson, Rachael Hip-Flores and Gary Ploski. You can help make this show happen by donating at

    * ADULTS ONLY creator/writer Jason M. Burns shares some insight her learned while making the first season of the show in our recent interview: "The biggest lesson I took out of it was you don't have to do everything yourself. It's okay to rely on other people to get things done. Sometimes it's a budgetary thing, but every group that gets together for a project like this has a good core. Delegation is key. You can focus on certain things and not have to focus on everything."

    Watch the latest episode of ADULTS ONLY below featuring the debut of Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach:

    A special edition one-shot comic book based on ADULTS ONLY is now in the works. Written by Burns and drawn by Armando M. Zanker, the book will be published by Ape Entertainment and tell an untold story that will take place after the season 1 finale.

    * Gordon Thompson, best known for his roles on DYNASTY and SANTA BARBARA, is joining the cast of award-winning indie soap DEVANITY for its upcoming third season. You can catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 at You'll find some brand new bloopers as well.

    * PRETTY 3: BEHIND THE SEQUINS, a brand new behind the scenes video from PRETTY THE SERIES featuring the entire cast, crew and more is now playing at

    * Rib Hillis, Terri Ivens and Massi Furlan are the latest actors to join THE BAY for Season 2 and/or its summer special, DARKSIDE OF THE BAY. They join Fiona Hutchinson, John Reilly, Michael Swan, Gerald Hopkins and Brian Gaskill as new cast members.

    * BREAKING POINT kicked off Season 2 this week exclusively on JTS TV.

    * FUMBLING THRU THE PIECES met its Kickstarter goal for Season 2. You can catch up on Season 1 at

    * There is a long list of winners in various categories at this weekend's L.A. Web Festival. From MISS BEHAVE, PRETTY and DEVANITY to THURSTON, SUNDAYS and ANACOSTIA, the best and brightest were on display. Here's the list of the "Top 10 Marseille Webfest Selections":
    1. HIT MAN 101 (Canada)
    2. CLUTCH (Canada)
    3. OFF SCREEN (Israel)
    4. THE SYNDICATE (England)
    5. OUT WITH DAD (Canada)
    7. DIVINE (Canada)
    10. EL PORVENIR (Mexico)

    “I am proud that OUT WITH DAD is getting so much recognition in festivals and award shows,” said director, producer and writer Jason Leaver. “The important thing that comes from this recognition is that we are raising awareness of the challenges youth have in coming out and facing homophobia.”

    OUT WITH DAD today announces "The Museum Outing Premiere Event," in partnership with the Scarborough Museum, on May 1, 2012 at 7 p.m. This will be an opportunity to screen episode 2×09, “The Museum Outing” which was filmed on location at the museum, while giving you an opportunity to meet the cast and crew. More details at

    * Indie Soap Award nominee Crystal Chappell (Gina, VENICE) signs on to play a new character on CBS-TV's THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. She joins ISA winner Hillary B. Smith in the cast.

    * You can listen to ANYONE BUT ME's Susan Miller and THURSTON's Kathryn O'Sullivan in this new WAMU radio interview here. Miller says, people should start to think about web series as indie television.

    "Theater, film, television, web," she says. "It's just an expansion of the arts. It's not a substitute."

    * Chapter 40 of AVE 43 is now online with John Quale joining the cast. Watch it below:

    EJ is not Stefano's son!

    Stefano’s world explodes this week as he turns his back on both EJ and Kate.

    As the week begins, Stefano arranges a romantic dinner for Kate at the town square. “Kate is still feeling remorse over having slept with Ian,” notes Lauren Koslow. “So this romantic gesture on Stefano’s part adds to her guilt.” Kate tries to mask her discomfort by asserting how deeply she loves Stefano, but his mood abruptly shifts and he announces that he knows about Kate’s sexcapades with Ian.

    “Kate is devastated,” previews Koslow. First, Stefano informs Kate that the DiMera manse is no longer her home. Next, he reveals that Countess Wilhelmina has been taken away from her and turned over to Sami! “Stefano turns her world upside down,” sighs the actress.

    Kate meets with Lucas and updates him on the disastrous turn her life has taken. “It’s a wonderful scene between the two of them,” smiles Koslow. “Lucas tries to comfort Kate. He says, ‘We can fix this. We still have Hearth & Home.’ That’s when Kate tells her son, ‘You don’t get it. We’ve lost everything, which means you’ve lost everything, too.’”

    Determined to straighten everything out with Stefano, Kate goes to the mansion, only to discover that she’s been locked out. EJ arrives and says that Stefano had all of her things removed. “At first, EJ doesn’t understand,” states Koslow. “He asks what Kate did to anger Stefano and then learns she slept with another man. But EJ doesn’t turn against Kate because, as it turns out, he’s having his own issues with Stefano.” To Kate’s surprise, EJ comments that he expects to see his belongings tossed out, too. “To a degree, the same thing is happening to EJ. They’ve both been betrayed by Stefano. They commiserate over it.”

    Stefano appears and orders Kate and EJ to leave. EJ insists that he’s not going anywhere until Stefano explains his behavior. Meanwhile, Kate pleads with Stefano to give her another chance. Stefano brushes them off. Alone in his study, Stefano pulls out Alice’s letter from the safety deposit box, which reveals that EJ is not his biological son...

    B&B Vanity Fair Italy Photoshoot!

    10 Years Ago This Week!

    Liza's tumor was successfully removed, but she appeared to have amnesia. Mia arrived with a picture of Colby, and Liza began to remember her life. Mia told Jake about the son she gave up for adoption. Stuart uncovered Marian's drinking problem. Maggie, David, and Leo toasted their dysfunctional family, and Maggie agreed to let David fund her medical school. Erica let Greenlee in on her plan to bring Kendall down, and Greenlee agreed to cooperate as long as she was later promoted to vice president of Enchantment. Later on, Erica slipped a letter from Revlon into her briefcase. Adam fired Tad and warned him to stay away from Liza. Anna discovered that the fingerprints on the wrench used to burst the pipes in the evidence room matched David's. Leo tricked Vanessa into confessing and she later attacked him after being administered a psychotropic drug by an unknown assailant. She was restrained but later disappeared. Leo was appalled to see Greenlee and Trey arrive together at Brooke and Edmund's engagement party. Vanessa made a special appearance onstage, as she held a knife to a trembling Greenlee's throat while all of Pine Valley looked on, horrified.

    Katie was suspicious of Simon after she found Dahlia's car keys in his backpack. Simon contended that he had been set up by Dahlia. Rose wound up on the plane with James and Craig. Aaron arrived in Oakdale and refused Holden's initial request to return to Seattle. Lily told Holden she was pregnant. Bonnie and Billy discovered Ian's castle was haunted, while Isaac hallucinated seeing Bonnie. Margo questioned Simon again about Dahlia's disappearance. James escaped from Craig and Rose after drugging them with ether. James demanded Barbara as a trade for Carly and Emily. Jack hired a female cop to impersonate Barbara, but Barbara drugged her and left to meet James herself. Rose accepted Paul's marriage proposal.

    Taylor vowed to put and end to Massimo's fixation with Ridge. Massimo warned Stephanie that if he couldn't have her, he'd have Ridge. Eric was crushed when Stephanie passed over on their anniversary in order to spend time with Massimo. Ridge accepted an offer at Marone Industries and an offer to be Massimo's sole heir. Brooke called Deacon one final time to tell him that she loved him. After her fashion show, Amber collapsed.

    Sami continued to lie to Roman and Marlena about why Austin called off the wedding. Kate and Lucas returned to Salem and Austin's apartment as they awaited the tape that would incriminate Sami and win back custody of Will. Bo and Hope lost custody of J.T. to Glenn and Barb. Shawn lashed out at Bo and Hope for not appealing J.T.'s case, and immediately filing for custody of Isaac. Belle and Jan had it out over Shawn, and after Belle left, Jan slipped and fell down the stairs. Lexie tried to use romance to win Abe over to her side in the fight for Isaac. Jack was pursued by two thugs in Las Vegas over the cash in the switched brief cases. Jack, Greta, Jennifer and Brandon were shocked to learn that Harold was Oliver Wentworth's son!! Philip and Brady each tried to win over Chloe's heart in very different ways. Chloe's illness persisted.

    Lucky and Nikolas argue over Lucky's suspicions about his brother covering for Gia and Helena, but he denies any involvement. Luke finds Helena under a railway car and is about to kill her but Roy arrives and takes her to jail. Surrounded by half of Port Charles, Helena denies that Nikolas had any involvement in her escape. Privately, she tells Luke that he still thinks about her and is led away in handcuffs. Later that night, she shows up on his doorstep. Ned finds AJ and Courtenay and the race is on to see who will get to them first. Jax and Skye arrive at the St. Sophia villa to witness Sonny about to kill AJ. Alexis stands beside Courtenay as she pleads to her brother for her new husband's life.

    Marah couldn't get to Tony in time to stop the wedding. Olivia moved into the Spaulding mansion. Gus and Harley kept missing the mark in the romance department. Harley was outraged and embarrassed that Gus went to Phillip and Rick to get advice on how to handle their relationship. Blake seemed more forgiving of Ross when she realized the extent of Tory's madness. Tony told Catalina he knew she lied about Ben and Marah sleeping together, and then left to find Ray who was finally able to reveal Marah's conversation to him that Catalina actually lost the baby weeks ago and was not pregnant when they married. At the mansion, Maria set up Marah and Catalina who got into a terrible fight, and Marah was knocked unconscious. On her way out of town, Blake was summoned to the Pier allegedly by a police officer to identify Tory's body, but was horrified to see Tory standing before her alive and well.

    Natalie wasn't happy when she found Seth and Jess cozy in the cave. Natalie admitted to Cris all of the things she had done to manipulate Seth, and even said that Al could walk! Cris decided to tell Jen the truth before she could marry Al. Max discovered that Al could walk and was upset that his son was lying to Jen. Starr became suspicious of Viki when she told Jack to shut up. Jack ended up in the hospital with a fever. Keri was cleared of the charges Shawna brought against her. Lindsay had a hard time adjusting to prison life.

    A fire at Theresa's house put several people in danger. Ethan came to Theresa's rescue. Pilar tearfully admitted that she had no insurance. Miguel and Zombie Charity barely managed to escape the fire. Luis and Sheridan almost came face-to-face at the hotel restaurant. Brian and Luis finally met up. Sheridan had a surprising reaction to Brian's brother's "friend." Ivy desperately tried to stop Eve from telling the truth. Eve stayed firm in her resolve but Ivy later pulled Eve aside and threatened to get her daughters hooked on drugs. Eve lied for Ivy to protect Whitney and Simone. Theresa admitted to Whitney she couldn't bond with the baby and later had a horrific nightmare. Zombie Charity continued to try to sleep with Miguel. Pilar admitted the depth of her family's financial problems.

    To Jill's dismay, Warton and Katherine grew closer. Sharon walked in on Nick kissing another woman. Sharon later told Nick that she was filing a restraining order against him and asking for a legal separation. Ashley's lumpectomy was completed successfully. Diane couldn't talk Jack out of his petition for custody. Alex confessed that she had felt Neil was responsible for Malcolm's death.


    Monday April 16:
    Daniel tells Hope that it's a good sign that Bo moved his hand.
    Hope talks about their life together to a comatose Bo. His eyes flutter open and Hope cries.
    Stefano cordons off a section of the town square for a romantic dinner with Kate.
    Stefano toys with Kate before viciously kicking her out of his life after explaining he knows she betrayed him.
    Kate is devastated to read what's in a letter Stefano hands her. She vows to kill Sami.
    EJ confronts Billie after finding her snooping.
    Daniel and Billie dine together.
    Abe informs Lexi he has gone to great lengths to find specialists to consult on her case.
    EJ confides in Lexi about Stefano going behind his back.
    EJ learns about Lexi's tumor and is devastated.
    Cameron and Abby help out Caroline at the pub. Their attraction develops.

    Tuesday April 17:
    Stefano takes CW from Kate and gives it to Sami, who is the new CEO.
    Sami can't help but gloat to Kate.
    Lucas is thrown when Kate reveals Stefano took Hearth and Home away, too. She and Lucas are out of work.
    EJ lashes out at Abe before regretting what he put Abe and Lexi through after learning of her brain tumor being inoperable.
    EJ is furious that Stefano once again kept him out of the loop concerning Kate and Lucas' job situation.
    Bo slips back into a coma but shortly opens his eyes.
    Marlena and John discuss how furious she is that John's working with ISA.
    Marlena comments that their problems won't go away until Stefano's dead and gone.

    Wednesday April 18:
    EJ finds Kate locked out of the mansion. He confesses he believes his things are soon to follow.
    Stefano confronts Hope and John about the coin they removed from the Anastasia egg. They resist giving it back and he threatens them.
    Austin and Carrie run into Rafe and Nic at the pub.
    Carrie makes love with Austin but her heart's not in it.
    Gabi goes to Will to help her break Chad and Mel up. He refuses.
    Will confesses to Gabi that he's gay, after he realizes her inadequacy feelings are caused by believing she couldn't hold Will with sex.
    Cameron saves Abby when she chokes on popcorn, putting the two at odds when she claims she was in no real danger.

    Thursday April 19:
    Kate and EJ band together to confront Stefano. Kate asks for forgiveness but Stefano's done with her.
    EJ asks why Stefano is sabotaging his efforts to lead the family. Stefano tells EJ he has failed.
    Stefano looks at Alice's letter to him and mutters the shocking truth, that EJ is not his son.
    Ian stuns Madi by asking for a divorce.
    Ian consoles Kate when she reveals Stefano kicked her out. Ian tries consoling her by telling her he ditched Madi for her.
    Madi and Brady reunite and make love.
    Gabi blames herself for Will being gay until he explains - that's not how it works.
    Gabi's determined to break Chad and Mel up.

    Friday April 20:
    EJ reassures Sami that her CEO position is real.
    EJ confides to Sami that his father has undercut him and gone behind his back.
    EJ wants to work with Sami but she can't risk his involvement in CW if it'll upset Stefano.
    Sami offers EJ friendship.
    EJ admits he wants Nicole back still.
    Carrie daydreams about Rafe.
    Rafe tries to explain to Carrie about Nicole's pregnancy but Carrie cuts him off.
    Lucas remembers Ian from years ago when he joined him and Kate on a ski trip. He fondly recalls Ian helping him ski.
    Ian asks Kate, Lucas, Brady and Madi to help him go against Sami and Stefano. He names Kate co-CEO of MadWorld.

    April 16th:
    Sam is anxious to learn her paternity test results
    Sam runs into McBain (while she holds the results?)
    Jason confides in Sonny about Kate's erratic behavior

    April 17th:
    Lulu notices the connection between Delores & Eddie (model Christian Monzon)
    Sonny is pressured by Kate
    Carly becomes suspicious of Johnny’s plans for Sonny
    Johnny has feelings for Carly, but she starts to doubt this
    Carly bluntly asks Johnny an important question

    April 18th:
    Jason has a lot of info to digest
    Michael begs Starr to stay in PC
    Carly has a warning for Johnny

    April 19th:
    JaSam have a long overdue heart to heart AND make amends
    Starr & Johnny make a deal
    Spin tells Matt he knows the identity of Lisa's killer

    April 20th:
    JaSam try to move on
    Lulu talks to Luke about her worries (concerning the stripper attacker)

    Amber makes a deal with Hope… Amber will provide pills in exchange for Hope’s support
    Hope’s panicked reaction to a photograph of Steffy with Liam leads her to pop too many pills
    Liam discovers an unconscious Hope
    Amber finds herself in the hot seat and worries that her wrongdoing will be discovered
    Ridge challenges Brooke’s motives for pushing Rick and Caroline together
    Caroline grows intrigued with Rick’s soft side
    Amber does what she has to in order to ruin Caroline and Rick’s date
    Taylor pulls out the stops so that Thomas can impress Caroline
    Thomas and Caroline share a kiss
    Pam and Donna embark on their new career at Forrester
    A worried Marcus notices that something is very wrong with Hope
    Bill and Liam argue about Hope
    Hope and Liam find their path to happiness blocked
    Amber learns that the pills she bought on the internet are dangerous

    4/16 As Nikki and Jack rekindle their passion, Genevieve and Victor mix business with pleasure;
    4/17 Victor crashes a party; Phyllis thinks Ricky has betrayed her;
    4/18 A new relationship sends Genoa City reeling; Sharon and Nick are shocked by Victor’s decision;
    4/19 Sofia’s lies are exposed; Avery and Phyllis have a confrontation;
    4/20 Harmony and Neil cannot resist giving into their feelings; Daisy and Ricky plot to take Lucy from Daniel.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    0 0

    seething from adam's plot. my poor bb :'(. jacinta probably gets killed off next week and no one will care. mo sticking gum in marisol's hair was funny.


    0 0

    On not wanting to be typecast:
    "Lily was described as a pretty bombshell. And I thought, 'Ohhh,' I don't want to do that. That is really something I have to try to keep away from because it is so easy. People often put me in that role, and I don't want to get stuck."

    On being turned away upon first coming to the States to act:
    "I think if it was easy, I wouldn't have achieved so much. When I first looked for an American agent [2005], I went to see someone in New York, and he was like, 'No, we're not interested.' I said, 'But I have a lead role in a French movie [The Ring Finger].' And the guy said, 'We don't watch French movies. We don't care. You should start by taking acting classes, then you can come back.' And I left and I thought, 'Oh my God, one day I'll have them calling me.' And they did. And I said no." (bad bitch tbh)

    On her astronaut costume in 'Oblivion':
    "It was very hot. I think a woman looks sexy in slightly manly clothes, like military, you know? It's not sexy like low-cut. It's sexy because it looks so strong and powerful."

    On working with Terrence Malick:
    "It was the best experience in the world for me. The way he works, it totally fits me. He trusts you so much. Nothing you can do can be a mistake. Because you just are. You become the character, there's no faking, there's no acting: it's just real. But at the same time, it is not you. He made me want to give everything. Like I would just cut myself open. I'd be like, 'OK, take my heart.' That's how it felt to work with him."


    Olga Kurylenko to launch pop career with Madonna producer

    Former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko is set to launch her pop career after writing and recording songs with longtime Madonna collaborator Mirwais.

    The producer met the "Quantum of Solace" actress backstage at a Madonna concert in Paris in 2010 and spent the best part of a year trying to persuade the Ukraine-born star to join him in the studio, reported Contactmusic.

    Kurylenko also has a talent as a lyricist and singer and the pair finally hooked up.

    "I wrote text for him. He wrote music... and I kind of did the voice... for two songs - and I want to do more. It just comes out of me; I find the beauty in certain collisions of words. I didn`t know how much passion was in music. Once you try it, you just want to do it all the time," she said.

    But the actress insists her music career will remain a hobby - for now.

    "It`s just a little thing," she added.


    CraveOnline interview where she talks about Magic City, Land of Oblivion, more about Malick and addresses script problems with Quantum of Solace

    CraveOnline: Is it easy for you to be flexible with your voice and the accent?

    Olga Kurylenko: I think I just use the accent I have because since she’s a foreigner anyway, it’s perfect. I don’t speak as an American I guess and my accent is unidentifiable. People don’t know where I’m from when I speak, so yeah, I think that’s perfect. But it’s also funny because when I listen to myself talk, I find myself speaking quite with a somewhat Hispanic accent even which would be perfect if she lived a couple years in Cuba and she could totally have that accent and she speaks Spanish obviously.

    There is a moment when I speak a little bit of Spanish. We realize she absolutely understands Spanish because people don’t know she does.

    CraveOnline: Did the Spanish accent just come out on set when you were around other people speaking Spanish?

    Olga Kurylenko: Maybe it’s something that still stayed from Bond because I played a Bolivian and I had to work on a Hispanic accent. So somehow I think that’s easy for me to bring back. I can speak with a slight Hispanic accent somewhat so that certain words I could pronounce in that way. So I think that goes through and also the fact that we did have a lot of Spanish speaking people on set. It’s true that when you listen to them it’s easy to copy them. You can just copy them. I hear the way they speak, I can just speak the way they speak.

    CraveOnline: Since he’s shooting a new Bond movie, Daniel Craig has said he always knew there were problems with Quantum of Solace. That seems a little convenient after the fact. Was anyone really speculating about problems with the script while you were making it?

    Olga Kurylenko: What I heard from the director in the beginning was that he thought that the script wasn’t complete or something. I remember they were just rewriting it. They rewrote it and I think he participated and there was another writer, but that’s all I remember.

    So they were working on it as they went but that happens very often. A lot of scripts people just modify things and suddenly you get new pages sometimes a day before your scene. “You know what, we just changed the whole dialogue.” So that’s a common thing that happens.

    CraveOnline: Do you have any more movies coming out?

    Olga Kurylenko: This year there’s one coming out in Europe that’s a French movie about Chernobyl, the accident that happened in Chernobyl 25 years ago. It’s called Land of Oblivion. I don't know if it’s going to come to America but it went to more than 20 festivals already. It went around the world so I’m very happy with it. The Terrence Malick film should come out in 2012 but I don't know when exactly.

    CraveOnline: You shot that already?

    Olga Kurylenko: Yeah, I shot it like a year and a half ago, right? Not last fall but the fall before. So that’s going to come out this year. There’s going to be The Expatriate that’s going to come out.

    CraveOnline: Do you get to see any cuts of the Malick film along the way?

    Olga Kurylenko: Oh no, with Terrence, no. He doesn’t show anything. I probably recorded about 400 pages of text. I read a book because there’s a lot of voiceover. I’ve only seen the approximate trailer that they were showing in Cannes that they made up a while ago. The movie wasn’t even cut but now they’re very close. I think they’re very close to being done.

    CraveOnline: What will that character be like?

    Olga Kurylenko: That character is different. She’s Russian, born in Russia, immigrated to France, has a daughter so she’s a mother. It’s about the relationship. My character has the relationship with this American man played by Ben Affleck. She’s basically desperately looking for real love but it’s just very difficult. The whole film is about their understanding and how they are trying to make their relationship work. It’s a very tough love story. They do love each other but there are various complications.


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