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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    It took a while for Marvel to kick off their Marvel Studios panel in Hall H at San Diego Comic Con tonight, possibly because indie promotion wrestlers dressed as security guards were busy removing a steel chair wielding Edgar Wright from the premises, but once things kicked off, Marvel dropped some Ant-Man bombshells.

    First, LOST star Evangeline Lily is confirmed for the film and will play Hope Pym, the daughter of Hank Pym and presumably Janet Van Dyne. The state of Hank and Janet's relationship is not yet known, nor is it known whether Janet or Hope, if anyone, will be The Wasp. In addition, Corey Stol is confirmed as Yellowjacket, Pym's business partner who took the company in a different direction. Pym recruits Scott Lang to help him out.

    Finally, they revealed that Ant-Man will be a heist movie. Filming begins August 18.


    So happy for Evangeline but how the fuck are they gonna make it a heist film?...

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  • 07/26/14--19:42: True Blood Comic Con trailer

  • Source.

    And here's a live blog of the panel.

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    Ten minutes after the grand finale of Comic-Con is supposed to start in the 6,100-seat Hall H tonight, a chant begins: We want Marvel! We want Marvel! We want Marvel!

    The lights go down. The panel begins with a flashback reel of highlights from all the past Marvel movies plays, leading into a new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy (out next Friday.) It ends with a long look at Josh Brolin as the cosmic villain Thanos in a throne that is free-floating in space.

    “It always starts with you guys in this room,” says Kevin Feige, chief of Marvel Studios. “What we’re going to talk about today is 2015. We have a movie called Avengers: Age of Ultron coming out. Then we have something new — Ant-Man is finally coming out.”

    Feige introduces the cast: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, and Evangeline Lilly, along with director Peyton Reed, who started by giving his Comic-Con bona fides (an important part of this presentation, since the Yes Man and Bring It On director is taking over for beloved geek-icon Edgar Wright, who dropped out of the film in May after eight years of development.)

    Reed said it was his 20th anniversary for Comic-Con, and that the first year he attended was the year iconic Marvel comic book artist Jack Kirby died. “I’ve been every year since then, minus a couple years where I was shooting,” he said.

    Rudd and Douglas, however, have never been to Comic-Con before. “I’m popping my Comic-Con cherry,” Rudd said.

    “I’ve popped enough cherries,” Douglas added.

    Hall H is getting a little R-rated.


    Marvel zoomed in on the upcoming Ant-Man movie at Comic-Con, revealing the very first details about this new story about the incredible shrinking hero.

    Stoll will be donning the costume of the villain Yellowjacket. It’s also a fair bet that Lilly will sport a pair of tiny wings and do a shrinking act of her own as Wasp — although that wasn’t confirmed in the panel. (Lilly’s participation, although widely rumored, was never made official before now.)

    First, you need to know that spoilers await. Second, remember that the movie actually features two Ant-Men from comic book lore: Douglas as Dr. Henry Pym, a physicist and entomologist who in the 1970s took Steve Martin’s catchphrase “Let’s get small” a little too seriously. He discovered the particle that makes shrinking possible, built a suit that harnessed the ability to miniaturize, and also devised technology that allowed the teeny-tiny to communicate with creepy-crawlies.

    But … like many geniuses, Hank Pym is a troubled soul, prone to outbursts and hot-tempered. In the comics, he is infamous for once slapping his wife – Janet Van Dyne, a.k.a. The Wasp. Marvel revealed that a ugly history with his wife has led to estrangement from his daughter, Hope (played by Lilly.)

    “Hi, I’m in it!” Lilly said. “Glad to be here. Thanks, guys!” She can’t say more, because she says she hasn’t seen the script. So here’s a little background, courtesy of Douglas:

    In the film, the business Pym’s research helped create has been taken away from him, operating under control of the villain, Darren Cross (played by Corey Stoll of Midnight in Paris and House of Cards.) In the original backstory, Cross created a high-tech pacemaker that mutated him, leading to numerous heart transplants – often performed by doctors he had kidnapped.

    “I was Hank Pym’s mentee, a genius scientist as well. I’ve taken over the company, and some judgmental people may think it’s going in an evil direction, but I’m just taking it into the future,” Stoll said.

    “He obtains some Pym particles and obtains a suit called the Yellowjacket suit, and ends up causing a lot of havoc,” Feige added.

    This leads to an inevitable clash with Scott Lang, the Ant-Man played by Rudd in the film. Lang is a thief who partners with Pym to steal back the tech Pym created. But Lang is also the hero of this story, so there is a noble reason behind his decision to pull off the heist. (In the comics, it was to rescue one of the doctors taken by Cross so that she could help treat his ailing daughter.)

    The panel ended with a clip (something made special for Comic-Con, since the film doesn’t start shooting until next month.) It’s a lingering shot of a laboratory with voiceover of Douglas and Rudd arguing. Pym is trying to convince Lang to do the heist, but Lang is reluctant. “Jesus Christ,” Douglas’ character says. “I think somebody already shrunk your balls. Don’t worry, Scott. It’s a small job.”


    Now most of the cast of Avengers: Age of Ultron has taken the stage, starting with returning members: Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, and Cobie Smulders. (Not present: Scarlett Johansson, who is in the late stage of pregnancy and probably not traveling, and writer-director Joss Whedon, who is also pregnant and not traveling.)

    Then come the newcomers — all of them bad guys: James Spader (Ultron), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Paul Bettany (The Vision), and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksilver.)

    “I become a little less significant each time,” Downey said, noting all his previous appearances at this Comic-Con showcase.

    Ruffalo adds, “They sure don’t treat me like this at home,” which leads to audience chants of HULK! HULK! HULK! HULK!

    Hemsworth made note a new change in the Marvel comic-book universe: Thor is now a woman. “I don’t want to speak too early and jinx it, but I think that could be my Oscar,” the actor said.

    Bettany discusses making the transition from the voice of Iron Man’s mechanical butler J.A.R.V.I.S. to the super powered synthezoid The Vision. “I used to show up at a dark room for 45 minutes and get a bag of cash,” Bettany said. “Now I have to work.”

    Spader had this to reveal about Ultron: It’s weird. “I play an 8-foot robot in this movie,” Spader said. “I’ve always played humans up until now.” Playing the blood-thirsty bot was “surprising and challenging and exciting,” he added.

    Olsen drew deep “oooohs” from the audience for describing the Scarlet Witch in the film: “There are mutated people …”

    “You can’t say that!” someone from the audience called out. (“Mutant” is a term from the Marvel Comics that is licensed to Fox for its X-Men films, and can’t be used in the separate Avengers-verse.)

    The absent Johansson sent a cell phone video to introduce the clip: “Hey guys I don’t mean to cramp your style but I’m running out of time here. Hey Kev, you want to be a doll and roll that video footage?”

    The footage comes from a scene described recently in Entertainment Weekly: A post-battle party where the Avengers are gathered for food, drink, and fellowship in the penthouse of Tony Stark’s Manhattan skyscraper. A party game is underway: Who can lift Thor’s hammer?

    “If I lift it, do a I get to rule Asgard?” Stark asks before straining mightily – and fruitlessly – to lift it from a table. “I’ll be right back,” Stark says, and returns with a rocket-powered Iron Man glove on his forearm.

    Still no luck. Don Cheadle appears as War Machine, also wearing a booster glove (pulling on the Iron Man glove Stark is wearing.) Even the two of them can’t lift it.

    Bruce Banner: nope, he falls away (although, to be fair, he didn’t Hulk-out to try.)

    Then Captain America reaches down and … the hammer budges a little, and Thor comes into focus in the background, his smile dropping. But then, no, the hammer moves no further, and the worried look blossoms back into a grin.

    Black Widow doesn’t try. “That’s not a question I need to answer,” she says.

    Stark tries to understand the magical logic. “What is it … Who is carrying Thor’s fingerprint?”

    “That’s a very interesting theory,” Thor says. “I have simpler one: You’re all not worthy.”

    That’s where the fun and games end as an electronic wail fills the penthouse. A staggering, horrific robot staggers out of the shadows: Ultron, in a rough, terrifying, crippled “first edition.”

    He is an artificial intelligence designed to help the Avengers battle global threats, but his hyper-intelligence and ability to self-teach has led him to a grim conclusion: Human beings are the ones who must go.

    “You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change,” Spader’s electric-razor voice intones. “There’s only one path to peace: Your extinction.”

    Ultron will no longer be a puppet of the Avengers, and the ensuing flashes of devastation play out over a creepy rendition of the Pinocchio song “I’ve Got No Strings.”

    We also see an enraged, out-of-control Hulk facing down with Stark in his towering Hulkbuster armor, fighting it out in the street with cars as bludgeons.

    “I have a vision,” Ultron’s voice continues. “The whole world screaming for mercy. Everyone tangled up in strings.”

    The footage ends with Tony Stark standing beside Captain America’s shield, which has been torn in half. He looks up, and all the Avengers are sprawled in the rubble around him, seemingly dead.

    It’s a grim image, but … that can’t be.

    The good guys always, always win. Just like in real life.

    As soon as it ends, Josh Brolin emerges wearing a toy Infinity Gauntlet and waving to the crowd as Thanos. It’s a little more Guardians promotion — but not the last.


    Feige says: “Now one more thing…”

    Chris Pratt and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn appear in a video clip to announce that next week’s movie already has a sequel. “I really wish we could announce Guardians 2,” Gunn says.

    “How much trouble would I get in?” Pratt asked.

    “They already told us we’re greenlit, so let’s just say July 28, 2017,” Gunn said.

    So there you have it.

    “That would be awesome …” Pratt says, hanging his head.

    “I wish we had the balls,” Gunn concludes.

    And so does the Marvel Studios panel for Comic-Con 2014.


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    Kristin Chenoweth and Gayle King both revealed they've never had interracial sexual relations on Thursday during an appearance Watch What Happens Live.
    Talk show host Andy Cohen elicited the responses following a discussion about Kristin turning 46 on Thursday.
    Gayle, 59, was complimented on her complexion by Andy and she tossed out the line, 'Once you try black, you'll never go back.'

    'I'm going to have to try that out,' Kristin said.

    A surprised Andy quickly followed up and asked her, 'You've never done the swirl?'
    'I've never done the swirl,' the Wicked star replied and then started singing in a high-pitched voice.

    'Help a girl out,' she sang.

    'I've never done the swirl either,' confessed Oprah Winfrey's best friend Gayle. 'Not in the biblical sense.'
    'Are you curious?' Andy asked Gayle, who also is a co-host of CBS This Morning.

    'No,' she replied flatly.

    'I wouldn't rule it out,' she added.
    'If the perfect man came to you and happened to be white?' Kristin asked her.

    'I wouldn't rule it out. I just never have,' Gayle responded.
    'It is my preference, but I would never rule it out,' she added.
    'I'm the same,' Kristin chimed in.

    Andy told the ladies that he had definitely swirled.

    Have you been in an interracial relationship? Which celeb would you have an interracial relationship with?
    Source: DAILYMAIL

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    The famous gossip webloid MediaTakeOut is claiming that a woman has reached out to the site revealing that she may sue, R&B singer, August Alsina after being injured during intercourse with the singer.

    According to the site, the woman claims that her cervix was ruptured when she was sexually involved with Alsina. She claims:

    "I wanted to put [R&B singer] August Alsina ON BLAST, and I'm thinking about suing him for hurting me. He ripped my cervix. It's a long story, but August reached out to me on Instagram, after he saw some of my bikini photos. It started off as innocent flirting. I wasn't even convinced it was really him.

    There are a lot of catfishes outchea LOL. Anyway, a few months back, he asked me to to fly to Virginia to his concert. He said that we could hang out after. He didn't pay for the flight, but he left me tickets and backstage passes which was nice of him. After the concert he was acting real nice.

    He introduced me as his girlfriend to everyone there. I felt so special. We went out to a club for about an hour. He held my hand for the whole night. I was in heaven. TWhen we went back to his hotel it was ON. I admit I was the aggressor at first. We kissed hard and I practically ripped his clothes off literally. He got into it and let me play rough with him. But when I took off his underwear LAWD JESUS I didn't know d*kcs like that existed.

    No lie MTO that thing has to be a foot long and thick. It looks like a bottle of Febreze.When I saw his thing I was like whoa, you're going to have to go slow with that. He did at first. It hurt at first. Then I started loving it.

    After a while he started going in real deep, he pumping me and putting all his weight behind it. It felt good until I felt a pop. Somehow his big d*ck hit something he shouldn't. I felt so much pain my legs started shaking. I swear it must have happened to him before because he immediately stopped and started asking if I was OK.

    I told him I was, but I wasn't because blood was dripping out of me and I couldn't walk. He had his security team drive me to the hospital and I was there for 4 days with a ruptured cervix. Doctors say that I lost so much blood that I could have died. Now I'm considering suing August for my pain and suffering. He's been cool about everything but I think I should be compensated for being injured like that. He should be more careful with that thing in his pants."

    If this ridiculous story is true, we wonder what a judge has to say about this case, especially if she is trying to sue.

    KMEL’s Sana G was able to get August to (barely) speak on the groupie’s tale. The “Luv This Shit” singer didn’t deny or confirm the rumor. Instead, August says he doesn’t recognize the woman, she isn’t suing him, and he hasn’t been having sexual intercourse lately. Oh and something about stopping before he can finish because, “you could hurt someone if you keep going.”

    Source VIA mstarz

    Source VIA Mediatakeout

    Source VIA The Smoking Section

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    video @ source

    A bunch of morons dressed as zombies attacked a car outside Comic Con last night -- smashing the windshield and scaring the family inside -- with the driver ultimately RUNNING OVER a woman as he tried to drive away.

    San Diego PD says ... the insane scene unfolded during the annual "Zombie Walk" -- where people dress up as the undead and stumble down the street.

    But during the "walk" ... the zombies approached a car stopped at an intersection and began ATTACKING the vehicle ... despite the fact there was a family inside ... including two small children.

    Cops say the zombies began beating on the car -- with someone even jumping on the hood and smashing the windshield. Turns out ... every family member in the car is deaf -- and cops say they began to get scared. The driver tried to punch it out of there and drive away and struck a 64-year-old woman in the process.

    The woman -- who was NOT in the zombie march -- was hospitalized with a possible broken arm. Police say no arrests have been made so far -- but they're investigating.

    Zombies -- no frickin' brains.


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    One Direction's Liam Payne Instagram'd a naked selfie earlier today only to post the unblurred image a few hours later.

    Source = Liam's Instagram

    The reactions, hashtags and "unblurred" fan edits were the best part of my afternoon tbh.

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    THE Pussycat Dolls were by far the naughtiest girl group of the early noughties and everybody wished their girlfriends were hot like them – or a freak, you know depending on personal preference.

    After a huge hint from lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, it looks as though the musical burlesque troupe may be having another shot at the charts – we're expecting a huge rise in the sales of fishnet tights FYI.

    The former X Factor judge, who was recently replaced by Newcastle-born newlywed Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, told The Daily Star: "Nobody could ever replace the Pussycat Dolls.

    "It was a unique time and nothing else had ever come out like that before."

    Sherzy, whose on-off beau is Brit Formula 1 ace Lewis Hamilton, broke away from the band in 2010.

    She has since enjoyed solo chart success, a spot on one of the largest UK television shows and even has her own fashion line with online fashion retailer Missguided.

    But it looks as though Nic is missing her female friends.

    The When I Grow Up songbird added:"The Dolls hold a special place in my heart. Nobody can touch us. Hopefully we'll get back together."

    Earlier this year Ms Scherzinger's bandmate Ashley Roberts also revealed she was keen for a get-together.

    When quizzed about a reunion at her perfume launch, the Dancing On Ice panellist confessed:"Definitely someday. It will happen when it's supposed to."

    That's already two of the seductive hitmakers on board...


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    Hot on the trail of their lowest season premiere episode ever, ratings continue to plummet as the ladies brought in their lowest viewership ever, is exclusively reporting.

    Season 6 — featuring fan favorites Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Dina Manzo and newbies Teresa Aprea, Nicole Napolitano and Amber Marchese — debuted to 2.1 million viewers in the key 18-49 demographic, and slipped a whopping 500,000 viewers the next week.

    The low ratings come just one day after Radar exclusively reported that Bravo nixed Giudice, 42, from Watch What Happens Live and replaced her with Kathy and Rosie. “Teresa was notified on Friday her appearance was canceled,” a Bravo insider told Radar. “The network upset with Teresa for not doing many promotional appearances.”

    Giudice reportedly on chopping block, with network execs questioning whether she’s worth her $700,000 salary. In fact, she’s being largely blamed for show’s failed ratings. “Bravo bosses are starting to think Teresa isn't worth keeping if her diva behavior continues. The network is very sensitive to the fact that she is facing a looming prison sentence, and has tried to work with her,” an insider told Radar.

    “Teresa should start treating the producers and network executives with dignity and respect. They don’t have the time nor patience to deal with her temper tantrums. Teresa should recognize her only source of income is from the show.”

    Melissa & Joe Take Out The Trash!

    When you see a title like that for a new Real Housewives of New Jersey episode, you would probably assume that it has something to do with an enormous fight where people call each other garbage. However, that’s not actually what it means in this case!

    Instead, what we are actually going to see here is a story that revolves around Melissa Gorga trying out a new business venture that could revolutionize the garbage industry … though we have a feeling that it probably still smells. Take a look at the full synopsis below:

    “Joe and Melissa are hoping to rake in the money with their new business — a state of the art trash truck. Meanwhile, Teresa focuses on her dessert line, Fabilicious, and invites friends and family over to try out her new recipes. The taste-test turns sour when Teresa breaks down under the stress of her family’s trouble with the law. While Amber feels badly, the Giudices’ legal situation has her mortgage-broker husband, Jim, keeping his distance. And when the twins hear that someone has started a rumor about Nicole, it becomes clear that things are about to get messy.”

    Personally, we’re hoping that things actually stay fun for most of the episode, even if the twin drama creates some issues later on. Given the sadness in Teresa’s life right now, it feels like the presence of some of the newcomers is there to balance it out. It wouldn’t be this series without the fighting and rumor-spreading, and there is less of that on the Teresa end right now.

    Is Kim Zolciak Pregnant Again?

    This week on a new episode Kim Zolciak made it look like she could be pregnant again. The preview for next week shows her getting an ultrasound. She is afraid that they didn't wait long enough after they had the twins. On Friday, Kim shared on Instagram a picture and she is not looking pregnant at all. She actually looks pretty skinny. If you check further back on her page, there are several photos of her without a baby bump.

    Wet Paint shared not long ago that Kim said that their family is complete. She doesn't have any plans to have another baby. Kim shared that they are done without a doubt. Fans should not expect more babies from the Biermann clan anytime soon even though Kim and Kroy can't keep their hands off each other. They are even looking into a permanent solution for not getting pregnant again.

    Kim looks amazing and has revealed that she has already lost 50 pounds since having the twins. She used a homemade girdle for part of the weight loss. It was shown that she doesn't really watch what she eats very much though. Kim had to change her mind about that and start being more careful with her diet to lose that much weight. They do have a gym in their home, but you have to wonder how she had time to use it with all of the kids at home.

    As you watch Don't Be Tardy this season, they will tease about the fact that Kim Zolciak could be pregnant again. Don't expect to hear that she has a bun in the oven though.

    Go Below Deck For Season 2!

    Another summer brings another charter season full of surf, sand and high class demands. Captain Lee Rosbach, Ben Robinson, Kat Held and Eddie Lucas return from last season, along with new crew members Kate Chastain, brother and sister duo Kelley and Amy Johnson, Jennice Ontiveros, and Andrew Sturby to make life aboard the "Ohana," a 10 million dollar private, luxury yacht, an unforgettable experience.

    The crew quickly learns that providing unparalleled service to their wealthy and uncompromising charter guests is not all fun in the sun and they are only as strong as the weakest link.

    While each charter presents a new group of guests and new sets of unimaginable challenges for the crew to face, for these young, attractive and adventurous "yachties," the "work hard, play harder" nature of their job gives them access to a glamorous lifestyle and exotic perks few people will ever experience.

    The Game of Crowns Ear-Biting Scandal!

    While at dinner after the incident, Leha explains that she "Comes from a very old-school family who is extremely protective," she continues, "for my husband to react like that he must have felt in some way that I was..." -- at that point, she was interrupted by Shelley Carbone who said, "What I just told you was the exact thing that happened." She explained that Leha's husband, "started screaming, you fucking happy, you happy, screaming."

    As Leha's husband blows up her phone, Vanassa Sebastian adds, that she could honestly say that Leha's husband "was out of line." saying "I understand the protective part of it, but I don't think that excuses his behavior."

    The other ladies explained that Leha's husband was violently loud, and did not know what they were laughing about, but thought they were picking on his wife for not winning the crown. The ladies claim that Nick yelled that he was "going to kill her," referencing one of the ladies that sat in the crowd making the silly bet.

    Shelley claims that "she did not hear Nick threaten Lynne's life." Vanassa claims that the death threats are a "lie, a bunch of bull-shit."

    But is Vanassa thinking twice about that now, after Nick almost left her husband with one ear?

    sources: Mstarz, CarterMatt, ShowbizSpy, Examiner, BroadwayWorld

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    Amid the costumes and fantasy of this weekend’s Comic-Con convention, a group of young women drew widespread attention to a very real issue — allegations of sexual harassment at the annual comic book convention.

    Geeks for CONsent, founded by three women from Philadelphia, gathered nearly 2,600 signatures on an online petition supporting a formal anti-harassment policy at Comic-Con.

    Conventioneers told Geeks for CONsent they’d been groped, followed and unwillingly photographed during the four-day festival.

    Meanwhile, what Geeks for CONsent and others regarded as blatant objectification continued at this year’s convention. Scantily clad women were still used as decoration for some presentations, and costumed women were described as “vaguely slutty” by panel moderator Craig Ferguson. When Dwayne Johnson made a surprise appearance to promote “Hercules,” 10 women in belly-baring outfits stood silently in front of the stage for no apparent reason.

    Groping, cat-calling and other forms of sexual harassment are a larger social issue, not just a Comic-Con problem. And many comics and movies still portray women as damsels in distress.
    But Geeks for CONsent says things are amplified at the pop-culture convention where fantasy and character costumes play such a large role.

    "It’s a separate, more specific issue within the convention space," said Rochelle Keyhan, 29, director of Geeks for CONsent. "It’s very much connected (to the larger problem) and it’s the same phenomena, but manifesting a little more sexually vulgar in the comic space."

    "Comic-Con has an explicit Code of Conduct that addresses harassing and offensive behavior," said Comic-Con International in a statement on Sunday to The Associated Press. "This Code of Conduct is made available online as well as on page two of the Events Guide that is given to each attendee."

    Earlier, Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer told the Los Angeles Times that “anyone being made to feel uncomfortable at our show is obviously a concern for us.” He said additional security was in place this year, including an increased presence by San Diego Police.

    Keyhan’s focus on Comic-Con began with a movement launched in her hometown called HollabackPhilly, to help end public harassment against women and members of the LGBT community. She and her colleagues developed a comic book on the subject in hopes of engaging middle- and high-school students, which is what brought them to Comic-Con.

    Costuming, or cosplay, is a big part of the popular convention, with male and female fans dressing as their favorite characters, regardless of gender. A man might wear a Wonder Woman outfit, and a woman could dress as Wolverine. Keyhan and her colleagues — all in costume — carried signs and passed out temporary tattoos during the convention that read, “Cosplay does not equal consent.”

    In addition to Comic-Con’s Code of Conduct, Geeks for CONsent wants the 45-year-old convention to adopt a clearly stated policy and says staff members should to be trained to handle sexual harassment complaints.

    "It makes it feel safer for the person being harassed to report it and also for bystanders who witness (inappropriate behavior)," Keyhan said.

    Toni Darling, a 24-year-old model who was dressed as Wonder Woman on Saturday, said the issue goes way beyond Comic-Con.

    "I don’t think it has anything to do with cosplay or anything to do with costumes," she said. "People who are the kind of people who are going to take a photo of you when you’re not looking from behind are going to do that regardless, whether you’re in costume or not."

    Still, she’d like to see an advisory in the Comic-Con program against surreptitious photography, and a clearer statement from Geeks for CONsent. She found some fans were afraid to take photos, even when she was posing at a booth on the showroom floor.

    "The kind of behavior that needs to be modified," she said, "is somebody taking a photo of you bent over while you’re signing a print."


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    Shailene Woodley and Theo James pose in front of a packed crowd during the Divergent signing event during the 2014 San Diego Comic Con held at the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday afternoon (July 26).

    The two stars took a break from filming the upcoming sequel, Insurgent, in Atlanta, to meet with fans and sign posters.

    In the upcoming movie, Tris (Woodley) and Four (James) are now fugitives on the run, hunted by Jeanine (Kate Winslet), the leader of the power-hungry Erudite elite. Racing against time, they must find out what Tris’s family sacrificed their lives to protect, and why the Erudite leaders will do anything to stop them.

    The Divergent Series: Insurgent is out in theaters on March 20th, 2015.

    bonus, recent pic of shailene at a farmer's market with a PHONE


    bonus, recent pic of shailene at a farmer's market with a PHONE

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Chloe Bennet, Clark Gregg, and Elizabeth Henstridge seen leaving the TV Guide Magazine yacht on July 26, 2014.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    SDCC 2014: Agents of CraveOnline

    SDCC 2014: Agents of CraveOnline

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Wiz Khalifa speaks on the Miley Cyrus record that was cut from "Blacc Hollywood", and his creative partnership with Ty Dolla $ign.

    From earlier interviews, it seemed like a sure thing that Miley Cyrus would appear on Wiz Khalifa's upcoming album, Blacc Hollywood. However, when the official tracklist arrived, the singer's name was nowhere to be found. In a new interview with Billboard, Wiz explained Miley's absence, revealing it was simply the result of a clearance issue.

    “It didn’t get cleared,” said Khalifa, indicating that the instrumental was picked up by someone else before they got a chance to release it. “I think somebody else ended up paying for the beat, so that song didn’t make it.”

    The weeded-out rapper then spoke of his relationship with Ty Dolla $ign, a new Taylor Gang signee he's been collaborating with a lot recently. “We’re just both really, really creative,” he said of his songwriting partnership with Ty. “And that’s when the best things happen, when two people are at their best.”

    Blacc Hollywood, which will be Khalifa's fifth studio album, is out August 19th.


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  • 07/27/14--18:01: MCU Comic-Con Roundup Post!

  • Coming hot on the heels of yesterday’s Avengers: Age of Ultron panel, Marvel has released a couple of images showing props from the hotly-anticipated film – in particular, Captain America’s shattered shield from the footage that was screened, as well as a look at Ultron Mark 1…

    Michael Douglas is having a rough day. In an interview at EW‘s Comic-Con Hideout, the Ant-Man star confessed that he was experiencing gas and was “f–king melting.” No one said Comic-Con was easy.

    Despite Douglas’ struggles, the cast was happy to tell EW as much as they could about the upcoming Marvel movie—which isn’t too much. But it did come to light that Evangeline Lilly is having a hard time playing dumb when people ask her about the movie and that Paul Rudd has a tie clip—just don’t ask him about it; he might get self-conscious.

    EW: It’s Comic-Con 2014. I am here with the cast of Ant-Man. And secrecy on this film is so extreme that poor Evangeline Lilly thought I was in the cast. Who would I play in this movie?

    Evangeline Lilly: And poor Evangeline Lilly has spent two days at Comic-Con being asked about Ant-Man and having to plead the fifth. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” “Ant-Man, is that a new thing coming out?”

    The Ant-Man, they used to live down the street, right? So you play Hank Pym, you’re Scott Lang. Both of these guys have been Ant-Man in the Marvel Comics. You’re the inventor of the Ant-Man outfit. So what’s the relationship between you and Paul’s character, Scott?

    Michael Douglas: I’m f–king melting. I’m f–king melting. All right, here we go. Let’s try to make this as concise as possible. My name is Dr. Henry Pym. I’m an entomologist. I’m also a physicist and I discovered in 1963, a way, a serum to reduce a human being to the size of ant maintaining the strength. Not only that, but I was able to find a way to communicate with the ants. But unfortunately during this process, a tragic personal accident happened with my wife, my daughter, Evangeline, Hope. So I’ve had to pass my powers and strengths onto a mentor. Because my partner, my partner, Corey over there, f–ked me good.

    Paul Rudd: That has nothing to do with the film, that’s a personal thing. It’s been going on between Corey and Michael all day. It’s been awkward. We’ve had to separate them.

    EL: That’s why the three of us are between them.

    MD: Paul has done such a extraordinary job preparing for this role that they’ve had to remove his Ant-Man costume because his physique and his abs are stronger than what they made for the costume.

    Did you really bust out of the costume?

    Paul Rudd: I’ve ripped through three costumes already.

    Peyton Reed: Four.

    Paul Rudd: Four.

    EL: That can be very uncomfortable.

    Paul Rudd: And we haven’t… We’ve only been rehearsing.

    MD: Peyton is the patriarch figure.

    Let’s talk about Scott. In the comics, he’s a thief. He steals the suit. What makes him a good guy then?

    MD: Because it’s for benevolence.

    Paul Rudd: It’s a great question. One that’s been hotly debated for a while. There are levels. There are some pretty bad thieves and there’s some really good thieves, let’s be honest. There’s people who do it for the right reasons.

    MD: Darren Cross, my partner, my mentor, my nemesis, has taken my company and taken it in a different direction.

    Paul Rudd: You don’t want to give away too much here. The blow-dart might come out. Right in your neck. Marvel’s serious, they have blow darts aimed at all of us right now.

    MD: I need help, I desperately need help. I need someone who’s a master thief, someone with a brilliant mind, and somebody who can pull off a really great heist.

    So you’ve gotta steal from a bad guy and when you steal from a bad guy, that’s good. Two wrongs make a right.

    EL: You said it so much more succinctly than Paul.

    Paul Rudd: Which is not hard. I don’t mean to rain on your parade. But you did do a great job with it.

    Can I join the cast now? Can I play an ant?

    EL: A tiny little ant. Probably not a big boss ant yet. You can work your way up.

    And you’re wearing the part. You’ve got the little ant clip-on, the tie clip. Custom-made?

    Paul Rudd: No, it’s a vintage tie clip. I feel a little self-conscious now. It’s maybe a little too cute.

    So Peyton, everybody knows you’ve taken over this film.

    Peyton Reed: Yes, everybody knows.

    What’s that like, what’s it like jumping into a car that’s moving along at breakneck speed?

    MD: Watch it. Watch it now.

    Peyton Reed: I have to say, it’s actually great. Because everybody from the cast and the crew are like A-plus-plus. And the stuff that we’re doing in terms of the visuals of the movie is going to be unlike any other Marvel movie. I mean, it’s different than the other superhero movies because it takes place in the real world but we experience it from a radically different perspective. In terms of the shrinking stuff, you’re going to see stuff that just has never been done in a movie.

    Peyton Reed: We really discovered the Pym particle.

    What’s the real relationship between you and Edgar? Do you have a conversation when a director moves off a project and another moves in? Do you end up having a discussion?

    Peyton Reed: Edgar and I did exchange some emails, yeah.

    EL: Very angry emails. I’m just kidding.

    Peyton Reed: Actually very good emails.

    So what else do we need to know about Ant-Man from this point forward?

    MD: I have gas.

    Paul Rudd: One of the reasons why Hank can no longer wear the suit. The gas. When you’re this big, you might not be able to see him, but you still know he’s there.

    And that’s what angers the insects, and you’ve got to communicate with them. So Pym, he’s a character that has a vocal comic backstory that you hinted at, with her mom, with Evangeline’s character’s mom. This is a guy who has a hot temper. So is this part of the screen version of Pym?

    MD: I’m not sure, I haven’t seen the script yet.

    (Joss comes in @ around 31:00)

    For those who were wondering about if Joss will address Captain America breaking away from his search for Bucky to fight Ultron is mentioned @ 39:51.

    SOURCE 12& 3
    If there is anything else that I am missing (and there probably is) put it in the comments and I'll add it in the post!

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    Through Sunday, Paramount puts the official tally in China at $301 million as the Michael Bay film races toward the $1 billion mark in global ticket sales.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Michael Bay's Transformers: Age of Extinction has become the first movie ever to cross the $300 million mark in China, underscoring the growing might of what is now the world's second-largest box office.

    Through Sunday, Paramount puts the movie's official Chinese tally at $301 million and the global haul at $966.4 million, meaning Age of Extinction is only a day away from becoming the first title of 2014 to hit $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales and ultimately match the $1.12 billion earned by the last entry, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

    China is an integral part of the success of Age of Extinction. Avatar previously ruled as the top-grossing film of all time in that market with nearly $230 million.
    In North America, Age of Extinction placed No. 7 over the weekend with $4.6 million in its fifth outing for a cume of $236.4 million, far less than the previous three installments in the action franchise and underscoring the general downturn at the domestic box office this summer.

    Age of Extinction's international weekend haul was $37.5 million for a foreign total of $730 million.

    Age of Extinction didn't open in many key European and Latin American markets until after the World Cup ended. It's earned a stellar $30.1 million in Mexico in its first three weekends, and $22.2 million in its first two weekends in Brazil.

    In Germany — victor of the World Cup — Age of Extinction has earned $24.1 million in its first two weekends, $15.9 million in France and $9.2 million in Italy.


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