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    “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen is broke. So broke that she’s desperate for cash and pawning items just to be able to make ends meet.

    According to Crazy Days and Nights, the former Canadian Idol contestant was spotted in a New York City pawn shop in early January attempting to sell a handbag she originally paid $25K for. The only problem? The shop wouldn’t accept the bag due to the fact that they suspected it to be fake. Souces say Jepsen ultimately handed over a piece of jewellery instead and received $1,000 in return.

    Ah, the life of a one hit wonder!

    source #1, source #2

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  • 07/04/14--20:40: T’S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!!!!

  • Y&R’s Joshua Morrow On Gina Tognoni Being The New Phyllis: “I Hope The Fans Give Her A Shot!”

    Joshua Morrow has always been that stalwart performer that delivers and churns out performances time and again, and is steady as they come. Morrow recently celebrated his 20th anniversary with the number one soap opera as Nick Newman, who certainly has had his way over the years with the gals in Genoa City, and butts heads often with his rich and powerful father, Victor!

    On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Joshua last week during Y&R’s on-set celebration for a little catch up, and to get his thoughts on the upcoming debut of Gina Tognoni as the recast Phyllis, last played by one of Morrow’s all-time favorite scene partners, Michelle Stafford.

    On Monday August 11th, Y&R fans will see Gina Tognoni on-screen as the new Phyllis. What do you think about Gina coming on to the show, especially given what you and Michelle Stafford had created as the sizzling duo, Phick?

    JOSHUA: I am very excited. Gina is very talented. The read she gave when we tested her was outrageously good. I am nervous for her, because those are some big shoes to fill, and I just hope the fans give her a shot. It’s nothing that we did. This is a change that was made by Michelle Stafford. She wanted to go and try something else, and we have to respect her decision. I just hope the fans understand and give Gina a shot. Those are some big ass shoes to fill and I love Michelle to death! Apparently, she is doing a great job over at General Hospital, but it’s time for fans to accept, and be willing to watch someone else try it. …just for the good of everything.

    You just celebrated your 20th anniversary with Y&R! When was it actually? Do you feel like an old man, err, soap veteran now? (Laughs)

    JOSHUA: It was a couple of weeks ago. I do feel like an old man, but it sounds cliché; but literally time went by in a blink of an eye. I truly can’t believe I have been here that long. I never once said, “Oh, I have been here a long time.” It just still feels fun and new, and I drive in to work with a huge smile on my face. I love this job, and I love this show and this medium.

    GH Executive Producer Frank Valentini On What’s Next For Jason Thompson!

    This week on General Hospital fans of the ABC soap opera are seeing Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) a bit more in the swing of things and into action.

    Patrick and his friend, Sam (Kelly Monaco) identify and confront the person the evidence seems to reveal is responsible for causing the car accident that eventually claimed the life of Patrick and Sabrina’s premature born son, Gabriel.

    During the red carpet at the recent 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, On-Air On-Soaps caught up with GH executive producer Frank Valentini for just a few moments, during the fast and furious arrivals of his cast to ask him what the future holds for four-time Daytime Emmy nominee and GH stalwart Jason Thompson in story.

    Valentini revealed, “A lot will happen with Patrick over the summer and into the fall, and we also have Sabrina’s return. Jason Thompson is a tremendous actor who is constantly refining and reworking his craft. He’s always in class, and he is such a wonderful guy and amazing.”

    In addition, when asked about his ability to cast the likes of soap superstars such as: Maura West (Ava), Michelle Stafford (Nina,) and Donna Mills and bring them to GH, Valentini responded, “We have a tremendous cast, and we choose everyone very carefully, because of the caliber of actors such as Maurice Benard (Sonny), Laura Wright (Carly,) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) … you’ve got to bring in some pretty big guns to compete with them. You will see Donna Mills (Madeline) again this summer.”

    Will Y&R Make Greg Rikaart's Character Gay?

    On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Greg during Y&R’s on-set celebration for their 9 record breaking Emmy victories! When we bantered about what the future may hold for Kevin Fisher now that Elizabeth Hendrickson has left the building as Chloe, it would seem the time could not be more ripe for Greg’s activist and professional career to collide, and for Y&R to make the character of Kevin gay; which would in turn give the number one soap opera a mainstay central character that can represent a very under-represented segment of the population on daytime soaps. Will it ever happen? Time will tell! But for now, here’s what Greg had to share about his Y&R pals, if he were given the opportunity to play gay in Genoa City, and most of all some insight into the talking points said in his inspiring HRC speech!

    So you were not at the Daytime Emmys because you were receiving an incredible honor! When you learned that Amelia Heinle (Victoria) won Outstanding Supporting Actress, what did you think? She beat out two other heavyweight talents you have worked with: Elizabeth Hendrickson (and you were part of her Emmy reel) and Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea)!

    GREG: All three of them are great. Frankly, I would have been happy to see any of the three of them win. They are all so talented. I think what Amelia said in her speech was true: we all helped tell that story together. So seeing anyone of us getting an award for it is wonderful.

    How was it for you on Elizabeth’s last day on set? It had to be very difficult. You two spent so much time together, and created such a unique relationship between Kevin and Chloe.

    GREG: It was really sad. We had a tough time saying goodbye. She was a big part of my experience here at Y&R for the last five years. So seeing her go was losing a friend, losing a scene partner, and partner in crime.

    So now are you looking forward to what the future holds for Kevin? Hopefully, there will be major story for him!

    GREG: Let’s hope so! Frankly, I didn’t feel professionally that the character of Chloe needed to leave for Kevin to have story, but since she did, I am grateful for the opportunities that may lie ahead for me and Kevin with Y&R.

    Would like to tell the story of Kevin being gay? Would you have any reservations with it?

    GREG: I would welcome it whole-heartedly. Whether or not they want to tell that story is up to them, and not up to me, but I would so welcome that challenge.

    I had interviewed former Y&R head writer Maria Bell for a piece for Pride Magazine a few years back, which was about gay characters on soaps, or the lack thereof. When I asked her about if she would have a major character on the show be gay, she said she would love to do it, but that the show got feedback from viewers which said otherwise when they expressed: “We don’t mind a gay character, but just not on our show.” And since that interview with Maria, there has still been no change at the number one daytime drama in terms of a LGBT central character.

    GREG: Amelia Heinle and I were just in Monte Carlo, and that was the one question that all the reporters asked me. And, my go-to answer is my partner Rob’s. Rob is a comedy writer for TV, and whenever that question comes up about whether there will be a gay character on Y&R, he says, “It’s 2014, and why doesn’t the number one daytime show have a gay character?” Frankly, I think it’s far more interesting to do that with a character that the fans already know than to bring on a gay character that no one knows of. The fans view the characters like family. So if there is a “family” member that suddenly revealed something about themselves that no one knew about before, it mirrors what happens in real life. I think the powerfulness of that message to the audience of this show would be way more profound than just introducing a new character that just happens to be gay. The audience would go on the same journey that a family member would go on.

    In your HRC Visibility Award speech, you talk about a young classmate years ago named Josh who you had bullied. The story takes a touching turn when you reveal you reached out to Josh many years later to say you were sorry for how you treated him. What prompted the decision to get in touch with Josh?

    GREG: I was sharing with some people that experience, and how sad I was. And somebody said to me, “Have you ever thought to apologize to him? Have you ever thought about how healing that could be?” I thought, “Wow! That is a great idea.” And so I did. He could not have been any more kind and well-receiving of my apology. And so again, even though it brings up some sadness for me, the story has a happy ending and I like sharing it. Furthermore, two people at the HRC event in New Orleans came up to me and shared their story, and had similar experiences, and had reached out and apologized years later.

    You were very honest in your HRC speech about how it felt when you were bullied as a kid, and how you to survive, in turn became the bully.

    GREG: That is why the cycle is so vicious. When you are a child you are trying to survive, and you don’t know the correct tools, so you think that maybe if someone is making you feel bad, then it’s making them feel good. Then, you repeat the cycle with someone you think is weaker, or more of a target than you are. I was most excited for my sister to watch the speech with my nephews who are eleven and twelve. I don’t know if that’s been their experience, but if anything like that has been, then hopefully this will help to take the air out of that for them.

    OK, please elaborate from your HRC speech: how did it come about that you made the decision to tweet the picture of you and Rob that basically told the public that you were gay?

    GREG: Literally the day DOMA was struck down, it was the end of the night and the dog did get skunked, and Rob and I were feeling celebratory, and we had some wine. Coming out publicly was something that I always anticipated happening at some point because I wasn’t closeted; and then I just made this bold move. I think in my own way just being who I was, and even when I tweeted that photo, it got back to me that some friends took me to task a little bit for not saying, “I’m gay”, which I think is unfortunate because again, I don’t think anyone has any obligation to do, or say, or not say, what they don’t want to. I think I was pretty clear in what I was doing. Again, pick your battles. I am not the enemy when I am one of the people who I hope is helping things get better.

    In that moment, did you ask Rob what he thought about you making the decision to tweet the photo of the two of you?

    GREG: Actually before the Rose’ wine, I said, “Hey, I was thinking about maybe doing something tonight in celebration of DOMA being overturned!” He said, “Great, I support you in whatever you want to do.” As always, I had his full support.

    Have you ever been concerned then, or worried, how it would be perceived if you came out publicly as a gay man, and how it would go over with the fans of Y&R? I would think you must have.

    GREG: Sure. I had someone who was a casting director say to me drunkenly at a party that she would never knowingly cast a gay actor in a straight role. So there is absolutely a fear for self-preservation. Then you get to a point where you grow up and mature, and you realize that you have more confidence in what your value is, and what you bring to the table. And for me, personally, my life is about more than my job, or my career. I think being an actor and an activist are two things that are important to me, and rather than see the two of them in conflict with one another, I am going to make them work for one another. Things that I say politically, or to further the Equal Rights Movement, have more weight because of what I do professionally and what my career is. Again, rather than have those two things fight each other, I decided I wanted to have a way to have the two of them work together and so far … so good.

    What was the response you received when you came forward with the photo of you and Rob from the fans?

    GREG: I would say it has been overwhelming positive from the Y&R and soap fan base. There are a few people who would like to hide behind their religion as a veil for their bigotry. But for the most part, people are, and have been incredibly supportive. I am really glad that I did it.

    You got into a huge Twitter feud with Days of our Lives Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) over the Chick-fil-A controversy, and you seem to keep other people on their toes and are willing to take people to task for their opposing opinions via social media! But you are also very intelligent and know how to go toe to toe on political and social issues! Did you know when you sent out that tweet about Melissa it would cause such a big stir?

    GREG: For me it’s about: Let me challenge someone on their beliefs and see if I can get them to move a little bit. If somebody can give me an argument that supports a belief that I don’t believe in, I am always up for that if it’s well thought out and reasonable. Then, I will consider it. The whole Chick-fil-A situation felt so aggressively hateful, and it was an issue I had been following, and then after I saw that tweet that Melissa Reeves sent out I wanted to say something about it. Then following that someone had asked if I would give a more detailed response to that, and I was happy to. Then I started to write it and the more I wrote, the more impassioned I got. Then I thought, “I don’t want to give this just to the person that was asking. I would rather have this try to reach a bigger audience.” So I sent it to a friend at the HRC and they were able to get it more visibility than I would have been able to get on my own, and that’s how it all started, I guess.

    So coming back to full circle here to Kevin on Y&R, it would seem that if they were to make the character gay it could provide great drama for the show!

    GREG: Yes, and even have different points of view from people in Kevin’s life. Maybe there is a character that doesn’t support it, and has a tough time with it, because there will inevitably be people in the viewing audience who can relate to that character and that character could take the journey of understanding and full acceptance, and love and support. In turn, that could help someone in our audience that might need that kind of guidance.

    Have there been any talks at Y&R that you know of about making Kevin gay?

    GREG: Not that I know of. If it’s not a story they want to tell, then they are not going to tell it. I don’t think it’s the only avenue that Kevin could go down, but it certainly would be interesting … in my opinion.

    Watch Greg’s speech as he receives his HRC Visibility Award below!

    Niki Flacks (ex-Karen Martin Wolek) Remembers One Life to Live!

    Fans of the now departed soap One Life to Live remember the character Karen Wolek (the doctor’s wife-turned-prostitute-turned-baby switcher) from 1976-1983 played most famously by 2 time Emmy winner Judith Light. However, when the soap premiered there was another character named Karen that snagged Dr. Larry Wolek first. Theater actress Niki Flacks had just co-starred on Broadway with Walter Pidgeon, Arlene Francis, June Havoc, and Pamela Tiffin in the Broadway revival of Dinner at Eight. [You can read her recollections of this show in my upcoming book Pamela Tiffin: The Films from Hollywood to Rome, 1961-1974.]. Soon after, she was cast as grasping nurse Karen Martin in a new ABC-TV daytime soap called One Life to Live created by Agnes Nixon.

    When not caring for patients, Karen Martin had her sights set on handsome young doctor Larry Wolek (Paul Tully briefly followed by James Storm). He however was in love with fragile rich girl Meredith Lord (Trish Van Devere followed by Lynn Benesch), whose father Victor disapproved of the relationship and was pushing his daughter to marry Dr. Ted Hale. Larry discovered that Meredith was suffering from a dangerous blood disease, but kept it secret from her. When Ted found out, he and Larry argued. Hale took a tumble down the stairs and died. Karen heard the argument and being spiteful testified against Larry. He was eventually cleared and Meredith learned the truth about her illness. She ran off to California leaving Larry in the hands of manipulative Karen who professed her sorrow through crocodile tears in regards to her testimony. This did not bring Larry and Karen together, but when she risked her life to safe him after he was caught in a fire the two drew closer. After his bandages were removed (and new actor Michael Storm took over), the couple drew closer and made love. Karen thought it was now smooth sailing to the altar, but sad sack Meredith Lord returned to town. With her health improving, she declared her love for Larry and the two reconciled–for a moment anyway. Karen discovered she was with child and threatened to end the pregnancy if the good doctor did not to right and make her his wife. Trapped, he agreed. Shortly after tying the knot, Karen miscarried and Larry sprinted to the nearest judge to end the marriage. Not wanting to work at the hospital with Larry knowing he was with Meredith, Karen chose to leave town never to be heard from again.

    What do you recall about the early days on One Life to Live?

    I was one of the original actors on the show. Agnes Nixon was brilliant. She is a genius. It was beautifully produced by Doris Quinlan. She was just so top notched. She hired wonderful directors and was very closely involved. Evertything was done on a really high level.

    Was the show shot live when it began?

    We did not shoot live, but on tape. However, editing tape in those days was expensive so you had a lot of pressure to do it as if it was live.

    One Life to Live came right at of the gate breaking new ground with its controversial storyline about light skinned African American Carla Gray (Ellen Holly) who passed herself off as white.

    We were all very aware that we were breaking new ground with the diversity and were very proud of it. Ellen Holly had established herself as one of the best stage actresses of her generation. She broke ground constantly, doing Shakespeare and other classics as a Black actress. I adored her! I know that ultimately she felt ill-used by the show and story lines. But those first years were very exciting for all of us, including her. I also became very close to the actress playing her mother [Lillian Hayman]–a wonderful character actress. Seeing the Black faces as we would sit around the table doing our first read-through of a script certainly gave me a thrill. Remember, this was the 60′s. We had protested during college and supported the sit-in’s happening in the south. And during my years on the soap I remember wearing a black arm band in protest of the Vietnam war. Much to the horror of many of the ‘grips’ (stage hands) who were quite right wing in their politics.

    You went through 3 leading men playing Larry Wolek in the almost three years you were on the show.

    Paul Tully [Larry #1] was just not strong enough. After James Storm [Larry #2], his brother Michael took over the role and stayed with the show for a long time. He was delightful to work with. All the women drooled over him–the fan mail was incredible. And in real life he was happily married–a very solid guy.

    Any other actors stand out for you?

    Gillian Spencer was also very easy to work with although my character didn’t really interact with hers very much, but we were often at the studio at the same time. Trish Van Devere was the first Meredith Lord. She was sooooooo difficult to work with. She decided she was a big movie star ordering people around. She was so awful and was fired. We all breathed a sigh of relief. Lynn Benesch took over and she was just lovely–an incredibly generous, beautiful person. The cast, after the first shake up was thoroughly professional and everyone seemed very well cast in their roles.

    You were the bad girl the audience loved to hate.

    Yes, especially after Karen got Larry drunk and seduced him. They were prudish in those days so one episode ended with the big kiss and the next episode had me in bed yawning and purring like Scarlett O’Hara. And of course from that one night of bliss Karen got pregnant. Even though Karen knew Larry loved another, she said, ‘I’m having your baby.’ Though she threatened abortion, it was illegal and actually we couldn’t even say the word ‘abortion.’ Larry was a Polish Catholic and the implication was that he would marry Karen and he did.

    Why did you leave?

    I left because I wanted to return to more theater. They said we are not going to kill you because we would like you to come back. For about a month Karen apologized to everyone for being so horrible and did a lot of weeping, which they knew I was good at. Karen was going back to her home town to try to find herself. I left and a few years later I was married and pregnant. They called my agent and wanted to bring back Karen. He said, ‘Darling, do you want to go back to One Life to Live?’ I said, ‘Do they want me seven months pregnant?’ He laughed and replied, ‘I don’t think that is in the storyline.’

    Niki Flacks went on to have a distinguished career in the theater. She is currently teaching and writing on acting technique.

    Daniel Polo on Bullying, Y&R, and Enjoying His First Daytime Emmy Nomination!

    Actor Daniel Polo, a southern California native, was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award this year in the Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category for his fantastic performance as Jamie Vernon on CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. What started as just three episodes reoccurring, quickly turned into 22 episodes, as Jamie struggled with bullying, depression, and suicide attempts… a character pegged with secrets he was terrified to reveal.

    Polo doesn’t remember when he first fell in love with film and television, it might of been when he was 4 years old, going to kindergarten as a different character everyday (never just Daniel!), but after guest starring on some of the most popular television series such as Private Practice, Without a Trace, Nip/Tuck, Gilmore Girls, Bones, and NCIS, Polo landed his Emmy-nominated role on Y&R.

    Serial Scoop asked Polo about his Daytime Emmys experience, playing Jamie on The Young and the Restless, being bullied, and what's next for him. Read our exclusive interview below:

    SERIAL SCOOP: Jamie was bullied by Summer (Hunter King) and then Fen (Max Ehrich). Have you ever experienced anything like this or encountered it in your life?

    DANIEL POLO: I think everyone was bullied at one point or another in there lives. Though I based Jamie off of a friend of mine from second grade, the only time I think I've ever really experienced anything close to bullying was on the Internet when I was 11. I had put an animation video that I made on YouTube. I spent hours on it, trying to get it just right and perfect, and when I put it up, I got some really harsh comments. I kept deleting hateful comments, until finally I just figured there was no point and the best thing I could do was walk away and let it be. Now my experience is nothing close to what I saw my friend go through or what Jamie went through. Compared to some of the stories viewers have shared with me, I got off easy.

    SERIAL SCOOP: Many viewers wanted Paul (Doug Davidson) to adopt Jamie, and for the character to stay on the show. Would you be willing to do more Y&R if they wrote a story for Jamie?

    DANIEL POLO: Of course! I had a lot of fun working on Young and the Restless. Not only did I get the chance to work with all these fantastic actors but I also got a chance to see my character develop and affect the lives of the characters around him. I would definitely love to go back.

    SERIAL SCOOP: From finding out your were nominated for a Daytime Emmy all the way through Sunday's red carpet and ceremony, what was your favorite thing about the Daytime Emmy experience this year?

    DANIEL POLO: My favorite part has to be the red carpet. The interviews and photos were fantastic! I think I might be addicted now. I had never really done PR before with a publicist and a stylist and the whole package, but it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. It’s been a fun and incredible experience.

    SERIAL SCOOP: The Daytime Emmys have made a lot of changes in recent years, and experimented with various formats. What did you think of this year's ceremony, hosted by Kathy Griffin?

    DANIEL POLO: It was my first experience at the Emmys so I really can't compare it to previous years. I did think there would be a lot more cursing though, since Kathy was hosting.

    SERIAL SCOOP: What's next for you? Are there any projects you can preview for us or in the works?

    DANIEL POLO: I can tell you that next month I will be doing a small run on Season 2 of The Bridge on FX.

    SERIAL SCOOP: You have already racked up an impressive list of acting credits in your career, and worked with some great actors. What would you say is the biggest lesson you've learned on a set?

    DANIEL POLO: I learned in my first few years of acting that the most important lesson to live by is to always stay true to who you are. In this business it's very easy to get a big head and that is the worst thing one can be. I really just want to be "me" out there.

    SERIAL SCOOP: You gave a fantastic performance as Jamie on The Young and the Restless. How did it feel to be honored for you work with a Daytime Emmy nomination?

    DANIEL POLO: Thank you, it's been really really great. This has been the most fun I've had in my entire life. I was honored to be nominated in a category with so many talented actors. Getting Congrats messages from fans on social media who still remember my character a year later has been so awesome. I have enjoyed every single moment of this experience from my mom waking me up to tell me I was nominated to coming home after the final party last night. This has been an amazing experience for me.

    Mishael Morgan Dishes Her Sizzling Young and the Restless Triangle!

    Going up? Daytime's hottest and juiciest mess — the Hilary-Neil-Devon love triangle on CBS's The Young and the Restless — is about to take a turn for the worse (and by that we mean best!) thanks to a fateful elevator ride. Mishael Morgan, who plays the just-married Hilary, gave TV Guide Magazine the torrid dish!

    TV Guide Magazine: Why did Hilary wed Neil (Kristoff St. John) — a man nearly twice her age — when she clearly has a thing for his son, Devon (Bryton James)?

    Mishael Morgan: She's truly in love with Neil! Let's face it, Hilary's got daddy issues. Her father wasn't there for her growing up and now here's Neil, loving and respectful and supportive. This is her ticket to happiness.

    TV Guide Magazine: And she really believes her attraction to Junior will vanish because of that ring on her finger?

    Morgan: That's Hilary! She thinks she can flush those feelings right out of her system — quickly and easily. Right now, this all feels like a dream and she's riding that wave.

    TV Guide Magazine: That's not all she's riding. On July 3, Devon is alone with Hilary in an elevator and he makes his play.

    Morgan: Hilary instigates it. She pushes the stop button and wants to have a rational conversation with Devon about why he tried to ruin the wedding. She's not expecting him to take this opportunity to say, "I love you and you love me." It scares the crap out of her.

    TV Guide Magazine: And then? Spill it!

    Morgan: It gets really close to a kiss but Hilary hits the stop button again — this time accidentally with her behind. The doors open and Neil is standing there.

    TV Guide Magazine: So we can expect Hilary and Devon to hook up soon?

    Morgan: Just when she thinks she's made up her mind and wants Devon, she's thrown a curveball that no one — not even Hilary and certainly not Mishael Morgan — ever saw coming. It's huge!

    TV Guide Magazine: Hilary came to Genoa City hating the Winters family and pulled all kinds of crap on them. She even tried to get Neil, a recovering alcoholic, to fall off the wagon. Funny how things turn out.

    Morgan: Back then, it was the furthest thing from my mind that Neil and Hilary would one day be together. I did think the show might redeem her at some point, but this? [Laughs] Never saw it coming.

    TV Guide Magazine: Were you worried Hilary might be less interesting if the writers cleaned her up?

    Morgan: Yeah, I was a little concerned about that. I loved coming onto Y&R as a villain, something I don't get to play much. I'm usually cast as the good girl, the longtime girlfriend. But Hilary can always go back to being underhanded. She still loves making snippy comments to Lily.

    TV Guide Magazine: Weren't you a big Y&R fan before you got this gig?

    Morgan: Yes! I was crazy about this show — my mom was watching it before I was born — so I knew all these characters extremely well. It was surreal to suddenly find myself in scenes with them! When I first met Kristoff St. John, I was totally star-struck and tears came to my eyes, which was kind of strange. [Laughs] Now I'm playing his wife and I see that he's just a hilarious goofball and so different from Neil. He's a normal guy!

    TV Guide Magazine: And, now, you are officially a soap diva. On July 8, there's an episode where Hilary and Lily get into it at the GCAC and you end up in the drink. The rite of passage!

    Morgan: Yes, there's a big blow-up fight and Hilary gets pushed into the swimming pool. She's been trying to take the high road with Lily and getting a lot of abuse. I don't know how long it'll be before Hilary snaps but it's going to be very fun to play when it finally does happens.

    TV Guide Magazine: Don't get me wrong — this all sounds trashtastic — but there are viewers who really detest catfights and claim they are demeaning to women. Thoughts on that?

    Morgan: I can see where those people are coming from. Lily and Hilary are definitely catty and childish, but I used to love those old Y&R catfights between Jill and Mrs. Chancellor where they'd really go at each other. It's drama. It's entertainment. That's why we watch TV, for relief and escape. And, hey, if this happened in real life — if your arch-enemy married your father — I can see how things might get physical!

    TV Guide Magazine: Y&R's African-American actors, three of whom have won Emmys for the show, have often gone years without a truly great storyline. Does this return to the front burner feel like a real, solid, here-to-stay thing? Or might it all go away again?

    Morgan: I certainly hope it's here to stay, There was indeed a period where there was a lull on this show for the African-American cast members and I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of what's going on now, and to be causing a little bit of a s—tstorm. It's about time! Look at what a phenomenal thing it's been to have Kerry Washington starring on Scandal, one of the biggest hits on TV. The culture is moving in that direction and it's great that Y&R has jumped on the train and is giving us a chance to do what we've been hired to do. People are ready for it!

    GH's Ignacio Serricchio Gets A Witchy Woman!

    On Lifetime's WITCHES OF EAST END, Ignacio Serricchio (ex-Diego, GENERAL HOSPITAL) could be just the thing to make Wendy's ninth and final life count... if she lets him! "She meets him in the [season premiere] episode," offers Executive Producer Maggie Friedman. "He's just a regular, salt of the earth guy, but he totally challenges her." Look for the duo to share sparks from the start, but can she get over her fear of mortality enough to enjoy it?

    If the hot EMT can't heal what ails her, at a minimum, he could be quite the distraction! "He's so good and so sexy!" Friedman enthuses of the former soap star. "Mädchen Amick (Wendy) was kind enough to come in and read with different actors who were auditioning for the role, and she and Ignacio just had so much chemistry that we had to snatch him up. They're great together!"

    Serricchio will appear for a multi-episode arc beginning Sunday, July 6, at 9:00 p.m. EST.

    Y&R's Stitch Will Keep You In Stitches!

    You may know Sean Carrigan (Stitch) as a hunky romantic lead on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, but the guy has quite the talent for stand-up comedy, too! And if you're in the San Diego area you can see for yourself later this month!

    On Friday, July 18, and Saturday, July 19, Carrigan will be performing in two shows each evening, at 7:00 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, CA. He'll be joining national headliners Cort McCown and Eleanor Kerrigan on stage, and the show will also feature Comedy Store favorite Willie Hunter. For more information and to order tickets, click here:

    William Levy Is Missing Talent, Says Telenovela Star Jorge Salinas!

    William Levy may be known as a handsome leading man to Latino viewers, but some are not so sure.

    Earlier this year, a Mexican television company launched a campaign called Galanes de Telenovela, which focused on the leading men of these soap operas. There were rumors that certain older celebrities, such as Fernando Colunga, would not participate because he didn't believe the younger men were on his level, notes TV Notas.

    Sebastián Rulli, Cristian de la Fuente, Eduardo Yañez and William Levy all participated in the campaign. Levy even stood up for himself and the other younger men, saying that it meant more room for new talent.

    Jorge Salinas also appeared in the promotional images, but he's not happy with who made the final cut. "I would have taken out half the actors," Salinas said. "Fernando Colunga wasn't there, Jaime Camil either. They seem handsome to me. Colunga is one of the great stars and should have been there."

    And the actor didn't stop just there. He decided to say what he really thought about William Levy. "People really like William Levy. What can I say?" he said. "He's missing talent, absolutely, but people like him."

    Levy has started to make his moves on Hollywood. Just this year, he will have three American movies under his belt. He also has a few films lined up for next year. Late last year, the Cuban actor said he was moving away from telenovelas because it was too much of a time commitment.

    But if is true that Levy laughed off Colunga's comments, then it's likely the actor will just brush off Salinas', too.

    Either way, the actor finds himself focused on promoting his upcoming movie "Addicted" and spending time with his family.

    The Week In The Year 2013!

    Taylor exposed Brooke and Bill's one-night stand. Bill and Brooke tried to explain themselves, but the enraged Katie told Bill to pack his bags. Eric was outraged to learn that Taylor had rifled through Dr. Caspary's files to find the pregnancy bombshell. Steffy finally answered Liam's call, but she insisted upon divorcing him. Liam was late for the holiday party, but when he finally arrived, Hope, who was tired of being taken for granted, chose to remain with Wyatt instead of leaving with Liam. Wyatt kissed Hope, and she caught of glimpse of his sword necklace. Caroline's plan worked, and Rick got jealous upon seeing the erotic fantasy scene Caroline had ghost-written for the web series.

    Sami had an emotional run-in with Marge at Marge's husband's funeral. Later, the grand jury ruled in Sami's favor. E.J. received good news about his plan to take down Stefano. J.J. schemed to keep Daniel and Jennifer apart. Jennifer broke up with Daniel so that she could spend more time parenting J.J. full-time. Eric almost found out that Kristen drugged him the night he stayed at the hotel, but Kristen quickly covered her tracks. Things began to grow tense between Gabi, Sonny, and Will. Brent, an old friend of Sonny's, stopped by to visit Sonny and questioned his new lifestyle. After Will overheard Sonny and Brent talking, Will felt that he would burden Sonny by asking him to spend his life tied down with a child. Kristen warned Brady that a dismal future was in store for him and his family. Eric collapsed in the shower when symptoms of his illness returned. Daniel urged Eric to have more tests to learn what might have caused his mysterious illness. Jennifer laid down some rules with J.J. after she found him at home with an older woman. Jennifer suspended J.J.'s punishment for the day so that he could join the family for a picnic, but he could not wait to get away to meet his friends. Abigail was at odds after meeting up with Chad and Cameron at the picnic. The video of Sami and Bernardi popped up on Adrienne's cell phone.

    Laura and Lulu suspected that there was more to Luke's trip than met the eye. Tracy decided to keep Luke's secret, even though he had left town without her. Connie was not pleased when Olivia revealed that Olivia would be recuperating at Sonny's place. Sonny kissed Olivia during the fireworks show. Milo accepted Lucy's job offer as fitness director for Deception. Alexis ended her relationship when Shawn decided that he didn't want to quit working for Sonny. Taylor persuaded T.J. to watch the fireworks with her. Molly felt betrayed and hurt that T.J. had slept with Taylor, so Rafe tried to cheer her up by taking her to the lake to swim and watch the fireworks. Morgan arranged for the boathouse to be transformed into an apartment for Kiki and him. Kiki had a fantasy about Michael. Michael was stunned when he found Kiki tied to a bed. Franco realized that Ava had been the second sniper and had shot Olivia during the attempt on his life. Nikolas was disappointed when Elizabeth told him that she had forgiven A.J. Mac and Felicia asked Emma to be the flower girl at their wedding. Emma had an outburst about the baby because she didn't want Britt to be a part of their lives. Sabrina managed to ease Emma's fears. Patrick told Sabrina that he loved her. Britt crashed Patrick's Fourth of July party in the park, but it turned into a disaster when Britt ended up throwing Emma's doll into the fire. Nikolas invited Britt to watch the fireworks with him and Spencer when he saw Britt crying in the park.

    Carmine slept with a woman who resembled Lauren, and he later watched a video of him and Lauren having sex. Michael and Lauren shared a romantic evening, but he still had problems with intimacy. Kyle ended his relationship with Summer. Adam baited Melanie with information about an acquisition, and he forced her to turn the tables on Victor. Dylan's nightmares resumed after a visit with Stitch. Nick confessed the truth about Summer's paternity to Avery, infuriating Phyllis. Phyllis almost told Jack that he was Summer's father, but Kyle interrupted with the news that Summer was gone. Noah learned from Courtney that Summer was in Chicago. Billy found Victoria's pregnancy test kit, but she informed him that she wasn't pregnant, and she left town with Johnny to visit Reed. Mason learned that Devon intended to focus the Jabot fashion campaign solely on Summer. Abby and Alex broke up. Leslie informed Tyler and Neil that Rose had died, but she wanted to continue to search for Rose's daughter, Anne. The blogger posted again. Cane confronted Jill about trying to bribe Hilary. Kevin helped Alex to solve a case, and Alex offered him a job at the police station. Delia was hospitalized with a fever, and Chloe and Billy were relieved when tests indicated that there were no signs of leukemia. Kevin was upset that Chloe didn't contact him about Delia's condition. After Victoria hung up on Billy, he was tempted to join a card game.


    Monday, July 7
    Kate (Lauren Koslow) has a surprise for Sami (Alison Sweeney); Nicole (Arianne Zucker) offers assistance to EJ (James Scott); Sami tricks EJ into making a major mistake; Clyde (James Read) looks for Jordan (Chrishell Stause); Brady (Eric Martsolf) settles on a different approach.

    Tuesday, July 8
    Sami makes a big move; EJ wants Abigail (Kate Mansi) to cooperate; Clyde spies on Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) and Jordan; Brady threatens John (Drake Hogestyn).

    Wednesday, July 9
    EJ is shocked; Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) hopes to make peace with Eve (Kassie DePaiva) for J.J.'s (Casey Moss) sake; Daniel (Shawn Christian) is asked out on a date.

    Thursday, July 10
    EJ and Sami have a confrontation; Jennifer is surprised by Eve's reaction; Hope (Kristian Alfonso) takes Aiden's (Daniel Cosgrove) breath away; Brady and Theresa (Jen Lilley) party in Las Vegas.

    Friday, July 11
    Sparks fly during a romantic dance between Hope and Aiden; Marlena's (Deidre Hall) hidden talent is revealed; Abigail's worst nightmare becomes a reality.

    Monday, July 7
    A car accident sends loved ones to the hospital; Delia (Ilene Kristen) and Ava (Maura West) conspire to get the recording; Nina (Michelle Stafford) watches Kiki (Kristen Alderson); Michael (Chad Duell) wonders what Alice (Bergen Williams) wanted to tell him.

    Tuesday, July 8
    Rafe's (Jimmy Deshler) confession to Patrick (Jason Thompson) is cut short; Molly (Haley Pullos) tries to remember what she knows about the accident; Delia attempts to retrieve the flash drive; Shawn (Sean Blakemore) and Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) have an argument; Alice's health takes a turn for the worse.

    Wednesday, July 9
    Silas (Michael Easton) feels guilty about Rafe's downward spiral; Patrick faces a difficult situation at work; Anna (Finola Hughes) and Jordan talk strategy; Julian (William deVry) feels guilty about the latest Port Charles tragedy.

    Thursday, July 10
    Alice must warn Michael about Tracy (Jane Elliot); Patrick and Silas argue over Rafe; Lucas (Ryan Carnes) and Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) have a close moment; Maxie (Kirsten Storms) tries to sort out her feelings for Nathan (Ryan Paevey).

    Friday, July 11
    Sam (Kelly Monaco) asks Patrick about the events at the hospital; Nina is caught off guard; Tracy blackmails Alice; Maxie believes Nathan tried to have Levi (Zachary Garred) deported; Felix and Brad (Parry Shen) get into an argument about Lucas.

    Monday, July 7
    Liam (Scott Clifton) gets help from Wyatt (Darin Brooks); Hope (Kim Matula) explains her role to Bill (Don Diamont).

    Tuesday, July 8
    Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) wants to go back to work, despite the changes since his accident; Wyatt decides to take the high road regarding Liam and Hope's relationship.

    Wednesday, July 9
    Ridge is afraid his greatest talent has been taken away; Maya's (Karla Mosley) vindictive side comes out.

    Thursday, July 10
    Ridge is afraid that his impediment will have an impact on Forrester Creations; Bill clears out all reminders of Katie's (Heather Tom) presidency.

    Friday, July 11
    Ridge has a flashback of his accident; Bill and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) plan a wedding after the one in Abu Dhabi didn't happen.

    Monday, July 7
    Sparks fly between Billy (Burgess Jenkins) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan); Paul (Doug Davidson) and Dylan (Steve Burton) slowly get to know each other as father and son.

    Tuesday, July 8
    Jack (Peter Bergman) pressures Austin (Matthew Atkinson) to end things with Summer (Hunter King); tempers flare between Lily (Christel Khalil) and Hilary.

    Wednesday, July 9
    Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) feels compelled to make things right with Paul; Devon (Bryton James) considers his next move; Victoria (Amelia Heinle) confronts Billy and Chelsea.

    Thursday, July 10
    Victoria and Stitch (Sean Carrigan) have a bittersweet parting; Austin visits Paul; Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) have a tense encounter with Ian Ward (Ray Wise).

    Friday, July 11
    Nikki and Michael (Christian LeBlanc) get ready to battle with Ian Ward; Austin and Summer work on wedding plans.

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

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    What is "bubbling", you ask? Well, it's a strange new trend of urinating directly into one's own mouth. Yes, you read that right. It is apparently already huge in Australia, and now it is happening in Hollywood with at least one male singer enjoying it.

    He tells ladies that he is a human water fountain and surprisingly, it works. This guy gets more dates with celebrities than anyone else. When you think of guy singers who would do this, he is the first one that comes to mind!

    Todd Carney, an Australian Rugby League footballer, apparently decided to give it a shot in the bathroom at a pub, but after an NSFW pic of him doing the deed (linked at the source) went viral, the team sacked him and dissolved his $3 million contract.


    ONTD, are you into bubbling?

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    In the wake of his firing from SiriusXM for a long string of racially charged tweets, Anthony Cumia went one further and deleted nearly every tweet he’s ever sent.

    Days ago, Cumia went on a long Twitter rant against a black woman who allegedly hit him, calling her a “cunt” and expanding his rage against her to encompass all black people. Read one tweet: “The automatic jump to violence in that community is astounding. No discussion. It’s start punching at the least little thing. Uncivilized!!”

    Cumia, a rabid tweeter notorious for grumpy conservative tweets, appears to have deleted not just the contentious tweets, but also nearly every tweet he’s ever sent. The only tweets currently appearing on his account are from between January 19th and 20th of 2014 — and, ironically, it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day:

    is he fucking trolling us with this i-have-black-friends bullshit?

    Source Uno

    Source Dos

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    best supporting actress 2015 tbh


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    Lil B's newest celebrity name drop in a song title is "Rick Ross." And of course, the Based God doesn't actually have much to say about Ross in the song. Instead, he goes at Quavo, accusing him of stealing his swag.

    Naturally, Quavo and Offset had something to say about Lil B's video, and the situation sounded tense. But luckily, cooler heads prevailed, and after talking with an affiliate of Migos, Lil B declared the beef to be over. "It's all love," said the Based God.


    0 0

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    David and Jason Benham — the twin “Flip It Forward” hosts HGTV parted ways with in May after discovering their anti-gay views — are rallying Christians to step up the fight against gay marriage, and went as far as to say those dedicated to the cause must be “willing to die” for it.

    “If people remain silent, then it's gonna to continue to get worse. But when folks step up, and speak boldly the truth, then it can actually be pushed back …You have to be willing to die,” David said during an interview with the Christian Post.“I mean Jason and I had to be willing to lose our show. We had to be willing to lose a book deal, I mean whatever it may be – endorsements. We had to be willing to lose it all.”

    “We have to be willing to let go of what we have, whether it's a job, an elected position, a big ‘ole church, whatever it may be,” David added. “We have to be willing to let it go, and when that happens, then absolutely we're back on the right track in America.”

    “If our faith costs us a television show then so be it,” the brothers said in a statement in response to HGTV's decision to pull the plug on their show.

    David previously said he and his brother “love homosexuals,” and that “there's a difference between the people and the agenda.”

    “The real issue at hand here is there is an agenda that seeks to silence men and women of faith who, if we want to voice our beliefs or voice our views, then we shouldn't be afraid of losing our livelihood,” David said in May during an interview on CNN's “Erin Burnett OutFront.”

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    Chris Pratt toned up to land better roles in Hollywood but says his wife Anna Faris doesn't mind it when he weighs a bit more.

    "I think I was a little naive when I first started acting, maybe ten years ago, and didn't quite realise the impact the way you look has on the people who are making casting decisions. I thought for a while I was going to find a career playing the fat friend, and that was totally fine - it keeps you from waiting tables," Chris revealed to UK Glamour magazine.

    "But doing Zero Dark Thirty opened my eyes to the idea that I could be taken more seriously as a leading man character and so I thought I'd try that. But who knows, maybe this will be the last movie I'll be in shape for and then I'll get fat again. My wife would appreciate it. She likes me fat."

    Chris, 35, is gearing up for the release of big-budget sci-fi action movie Guardians of the Galaxy, which hits cinema screens in August. For his role as Peter Quill / Star-Lord Chris toned up even more. He recently posted an Instagram snap of his lean body after shedding 35kg and gaining a six pack.

    "It's been a complete lifestyle change for about a year and a half now. I don't drink alcohol like I used to, only eat very clean, healthy foods, and I spend at least an hour every day working out, a massive change in diet and physical activity," he explained.


    ONTD, do you prefer chubby Chris or fit Chris?

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  • 07/05/14--17:08: Jessica Simpson is married
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Jessica Simpson tied the knot with former NFL player Eric Johnson at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, California.

    "We are overwhelmed with complete happiness and love having made our eternal commitment," the newlyweds told PEOPLE in an exclusive statement on Saturday.

    "To say 'I do' in front of family, friends and, most importantly, our children has been the happiest moment of our lives."

    Simpson, 33, wore a custom Carolina Herrera gown to exchange vows with Johnson, 34, in front of more than 250 guests, including Ashlee Simpson and her fiancé Evan Ross, Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison.

    The couple's son, Ace, who just turned 1, served as a ring bearer and their daughter, Maxwell, 2, walked down the aisle as a flower girl accompanied by Ashlee's 5-year-old son, Bronx.

    Simpson started dating Johnson four years ago, when they were introduced by mutual friends, and the pair instantly fell for one another.


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    If you were on Twitter during this Fourth of July weekend, you may have seen a troubling trending hashtag, #PrayForGrandpaGrande.

    That is because Ariana Grande has been receiving scores of messages of support from her some 16.3 million followers as she tweets heartbreaking posts about taking care of her ailing grandfather, who has been battling cancer. She had flown from New York to her native Florida before Independence Day to be with him and her grandmother.

    "Love u grandps i need u please pull thru," she tweeted on Friday, July 4.

    On Thursday, July 3, the pop star posted several photos of her grandfather, lying on a bed, on her Twitter and Instagram pages.

    The 21-year-old singer of top radio hit "Problem" and new single "Break Free" and star of the series Sam & Cat has tweeted about her grandfather's illness before, including on World Cancer Day on Feb. 4 and on June 6, when she said his "cancer was at bay and the malignant cancer is GONE." She added, "My 90 y/o grandpa is a f--king hero," and "an inspiration and a fighter."

    Her fans have dubbed him "Grandpa Grande" and have spurred trending hashtags supporting him in the past.

    Grande said on Twitter, in response to a fan's question on July 3, that her grandfather's cancer is still "at bay but the treatment (chemo + radiation) really took a toll on him ... he's havin a lil trouble."

    Later that day, he appeared to be in better spirits.

    "Finally a happy grandps.... he's laughing at his own joke.... told me my hair's too big," said the singer, who has often sported a '60s style ponytail at public events.

    Following scores of supportive messages posted by fans, Grande said later on July 4, "Thank u for the prayers. My loves u are so powerful... u are in my heart."

    "I wish Frankie were here. Grandpa said 'no he gotta win the game!' she added.

    Her older brother, Frankie, is currently competing on the CBS reality show Big Brother.

    "Gonna try my best to put my selfishness aside thru this... as much as i want grandps here with me.. i should just want him to be comfortable," Grande added about her grandfather. "Wish u knew how incredible he is.... humble, respectful, hardworking, polite, thoughtful, humorous, generous. an example for all gentlemen. He is all things wonderful."

    On Saturday, July 5, she tweeted, "Grandpa says his favorite song of mine is 'promise'..... I think he means 'problem'..... he likes the saxophone."


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    Sometimes the trickiest part of an actor’s job is capturing a character’s voice—literally. Accents, especially the iconic one “New Yawkers” are known for, can come off as caricature. Not to mention there are actually lots of distinct dialects echoing through the five boroughs. Still, it’s the stereotypical delivery—multi-syllabic words (“fuhgeddaboudit”) dropped “r”s (“watuh” for “water”), “d”s instead of “t”s (“dese” not “these”)—we tend to think of in movie classics like Saturday Night Fever, Moonstruck, and A Bronx Tale. So which actors’ accents truly capture the city?

    We chatted up sought-after voice coach Bob Corff, who’s worked with Hollywood heavyweights like Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, and James Franco, to get his take on some of the best and worst efforts. A new entry to the club, who didn’t work with Corff, arrives this week with Deliver Us from Evil, in which Eric Bana plays Bronx detective Ralph Sarchie. Corff says the Aussie actor sounds more standard American than Bronx-born. “Accents are like juggling,” he explains. “The right pronunciation, words stressed, attitude, and energy all have to sync up and be consistent.” We compiled a by-no-means-complete list of New York-centric films to find out who Corff thinks delivered pitch-perfect performances and who missed the mark.


    Margot Robbie
    Twenty-four-year-old Australian newcomer Margot Robbie’s turn as Long Islander Naomi Lapaglia, the promiscuous second wife of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, really impressed Corff. Highly emotional scenes—like Robbie’s throwing-water fight and ‘What's wrong, daddy?’ seduction—are the easiest place to make mistakes, he says. But she doesn’t. “She’s operating on such a high level and she’s consistent.”

    Meryl Streep
    It’s 1964 and Sister Aloysius, the principal of Bronx Catholic grade school St. Nicholas, has iron-fisted control over her students and fellow nuns in writer/director John Patrick Shanley’s Doubt. Streep also has complete command of the period accent. “She’s specific with all of the sounds and placement right where you want them,” Corff says. Of course the three-time Oscar winner speaks like a native.

    Rosie Perez
    Rosie Perez’s breakout role in Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, about 1980s race relations in Brooklyn, made the former choreographer an instant star. As Tina, Mookie’s (Spike Lee) gloriously self-confident girlfriend, one might think the Bushwick native simply phoned in her Puerto Rican accent. But Corff recognizes Perez wasn’t that woman and appreciates the “thick accent that sounds just like the girls you’d hear on the subway in those days.” (The film marks its 25th anniversary this week.)


    Christian Bale
    As flamboyant Bronx-born con man Irving Rosenfeld in American Hustle, Christian Bale is a hoot to watch. The way he talks, however, is another story. Corff says when New Yorkers speak, their lips move forward, as if giving a kiss. But Bale’s mouth is flat. “It’s like he’s driving with the emergency brake on. He’s driving, but the car drags.”


    Anna Paquin
    In the little-seen 2011 Margaret, directed by Kenneth Lonergan, True Blood’s Anna Paquin is an Upper West Side high-school student who catches the eye of bus driver Mark Ruffalo, causing him to have a fatal accident. “She certainly isn’t playing at the highest level,” Corff says of the New Zealand-raised actress, who trots out a Southern accent each week on True Blood. “New Yorkers speak from the front of their mouths, but she talks sideways.”

    rest @ source

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    Joe Simpson strips down and goes shirtless while spending time by the pool with model Jonathan Keith on Saturday morning (July 5) at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif.

    The 56-year-old father of Jessica Simpson is at the resort to attend his daughter’s wedding this weekend.

    Joe and Jonathan were spotted at the beach earlier this year and rumors quickly surfaced that the pair were in a relationship, which Joe shot down immediately.

    “More mis-information in the news. The guy in the pics is my modeling Client. He was in Miami taking agency meetings. That’s it!!” Joe tweeted back in February.


    0 0

    Chart-topping singer Katy Perry took a break from her global concert tour to join friends at Walt Disney World Resort for a little R & R (rest and relaxation) and M & M (Mickey and Minnie) during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Perry is currently on the U.S. leg of her Prismatic World Tour.

    Eating pizza in The Cinderella Castle Suite

    "Princess pizza party."

    "And then the clock struck 12 noon, back to being a peasant 🙍"

    Sources: 1, 2, 3

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    Pink Floyd freaks everywhere are all a-twitter about the news that the British prog-rock giants will apparently release their first album in 20 years, titled The Endless River, in three months.

    Just six hours ago David Gilmour‘s wife, author Polly Samson–who cowrote the lyrics to most of the songs on Floyd’s 1994 album, The Division Bell–tweeted this message:

    Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called “The Endless River”. Based on 1994 sessions is Rick Wright’s swansong and very beautiful.

    More at the source

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    Gabrielle Olya for People writes:
    When new mom Fergie gets time for a date night with husband Josh Duhamel, she makes sure to amp up her makeup look. “He loves me natural all the time, but now because I do natural a lot, he loves when I do a bright red lip,” the singer, 39, told PEOPLE at a photo shoot for her Wet n Wild cosmetics collection. “He thinks that’s sexy. I’ve noticed that he really likes that.”

    Her go-to red shade? One of her own Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Lip Colors, of course. “One of my favorites is ‘Saraghina’ from my collection, and it’s based on the character that I played in the film Nine.”

    Fergie’s affinity for a bold red lip is nothing new — she recalls experimenting with her mother’s makeup when she was 7 years old. “I used to try to emulate Marilyn Monroe, who looked to me like my grandmother because they would do the black liquid liner and the red lips,” she said. “I just loved that look, so I would try it at home myself. I’ve Instagrammed some pictures of me when I was younger, and I actually did my own makeup in those pictures!”

    For everyday, Fergie takes a lower-maintenance approach to her beauty regimen. “I like something fast with just a little bit of femininity,” she said. “My usual go-tos are my ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ mascara, my ‘Fergie Daily’ [light pink lipstick], and just [the upcoming 'Take on the Day'] mattifying powder the T-zone. Then that’s it because I’m a mom.”

    But when she does get all dolled up, her son Axl also shows his approval for her amped-up look. “I’m more of a just mascara girl now, but it’s fun to do lashes when I go out,” she says. “When I do, it’s funny because Axl thinks it’s hilarious. He looks at my face and he starts grabbing because he thinks I’m playing a game with him, like ‘What’s on my face?’ When I do my cucumber patches on my face, he thinks that’s really funny too. He thinks that I’m putting it on for him and it’s a game, like putting on a hat … The lashes thing is the tricky one because he just wants to touch. ‘Don’t!’”

    Beauty post? Fav products for the summer?

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    Neymar is convinced that Brazil can win the World Cup without him.

    Brazil's World Cup star and poster boy was ruled out of the tournament on Friday night when he fractured a verterbra after being kneed in the back by Colombia's Juan Zuniga.

    Twenty-four hours after Brazil's quarter-final win, the Barcelona forward released a video in which he spoke about his heart-breaking injury for the first time. The 22-year-old, who scored four goals for the Selecao here in Brazil, was visibly upset when speaking into the camera about missing the rest of the World Cup. But the former Santos player is sure his team-mates will retain their composure and go on to lift the trophy on July 13 at the Maracana.

    'My World Cup has not ended, it has been interrupted by a play but the tournament goes on and I told my team-mates to do everything in order to help me achieve my dream to be world champion,' Neymar said. 'My dream was to play at a World Cup final but I'm certain my team-mates will be champions. I will be there with them, and all Brazilians will soon be celebrating all of that.'

    Brazil doctor Jose Luiz Runco guaranteed the injury will not have long-term effects on Neymar's career and said the player could even travel to Belo Horizonte to watch the semi-final against Germany on Tuesday if he is not feeling a lot of pain. Runco said he believes Neymar can return to action in about 45 days, and that Barcelona doctors were informed of the player's conditions from the beginning. 'He was extremely moved when I gave him the news that he was out of the World Cup,' Runco said. 'He cried a lot, which was a natural reaction at that moment. But I told him that although his dream was being cut short, he was still a 22-year-old with a lot in front of him. It was still a `good' type of injury.'

    Meanwhile, the referee in charge of Brazil's 2-1 win against Colombia, refused to comment on the incident. Carlos Velasco Carballo said: 'Unfortunately I cannot talk about it. I would like to but the rules do not allow it. We did a FIFA open day for the referees at the start of the tournament and we were all very open that day. I can talk to you about Manchester United, or Chelsea, or Jose Mourinho, or anything you like, but not this, thank you.'

    Hundreds of fans gathered outside the Fortaleza hospital where Neymar was taken straight after the match in the northern city on Friday. He was flown back to Rio on Saturday, where he had a tearful reunion with his team-mates, who returned to their Teresopolis base to begin preparations for their semi-final against Germany. Neymar was then flown from the training ground in Granja Comary by medical helicopter to his home in Guaruya, Sao Paulo to begin his recovery. He waved to the waiting media before taking off along with his father.

    So strong is Neymar's status as a global icon that leading footballers, sports stars, celebrities and even politicians have wished Neymar a speedy recovery. His name was sung by locals who attended the quarter-final between Holland and Costa Rica in Salvador on Saturday night.

    'To Brazil, my team-mates, the coaches and the fans, this is a difficult time for me and I don't have the words to describe what is going through my mind and my heart,' said Neymar, who is expected to be out for three to six weeks. 'I want to thank everyone for all the support and affection they have shown me and for all the messages that I have received.'


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    HOUSTON — Russell Neal, a singer in the 90s R&B group Hi-Five, has been arrested and charged with murder after his wife was found dead Thursday in their west Houston apartment.

    Houston police said 40-year-old Neal entered a Harris County Sheriff's Office station at about 6:10 p.m. Wednesday and stated his wife was dead inside their apartment located in the 3700 block of Tanglewilde. "The deputy contacted HFD, who forced entry into the apartment and found the woman deceased," said Sgt. Rhodes.

    The victim, Catherine Martinez, 24, suffered multiple stab wounds as well as apparent blunt force trauma, investigators said. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Neal apparently told detectives that he and his wife had gotten into an argument, but then he refused to answer any more questions. Neal was taken into custody.


    This fucking idiot. I swear, men and their anger-management issues. And not even six weeks after the Michael Jace incident.

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    Kanye West got booed for the SECOND consecutive night at Wireless festival on Saturday.

    The rapper hit the stage for 15 minutes before he unleashed one of his infamous rants.

    "The only reason I'm on this stage right now is because y'all my clique," he said after stopping the music.

    "You know I go to the studio till 3am so you can listen to the music in your car."

    But festival goers were all about the music they were listening to at London's Finsbury Park.

    Dressed in his signature mask he quickly prompted boos, while some of the crowd began to yell "we want Drake!"

    And just to anger his audience a bit more, Kim Kardashian's husband asked for the big side screens to be turned off again, too.

    Which meant unless you were one of the unlucky ones in the mosh pit, you weren't seeing a lot.

    "I'm very shy in real life," he later told the crowd which again prompted another round of boos.

    "Because I'm too shy to put out some bull****."

    And you know that big ego he likes to carry round? Well it seems he's oblivious to it, even after being slammed for the same thing last night (see the crowd booing him then below).

    "Sometimes it's hard because I'm too shy to carry off a lot," Kanye said. "I'm arrogant and shy and a little bit lazy."

    Well, he admitted he's arrogant then.

    "I'm too lazy to lie to you," he went on, "I'm too arrogant to lie to you."

    That prompted more boos. Lots of them. Then he started talking about depositions and making money off his image.

    And people started yelling "we want Drake" again.

    But his rants (it didn't have anything on Friday's '20 minute rant', we don't think) and diva demands didn't stop the Wireless crowd from singing/attempting to rap along to all of his hit tracks.

    It still got a huge cheer from the crowd at the end.


    mods, the one posted earlier was about the first night. this article is about the second one

    0 0

    The Marvel Universe has some pretty silly moments in its history, but we'd like to see these make the leap to the big screen.


    Quick digression: A small thing for fans new to the Marvel Universe's "quirks" from the movies to get used to sooner than later: Captain America is basically Jesus Christ. He always does the right thing, it's always for the right reason and he's always fighting on the right side. Should he ever do the wrong thing or fight on the wrong side, it will almost always turn out to have not been his fault -- and it won't matter because he'll gladly sacrifice life and limb to correct his failings.

    He's effectively perfect -- The American Dream embodied in a time-unstuck human to give every other hero an ideal to strive for. Asgardian warriors measure their courage against his WWII exploits. Wolverine defers his leadership. When he died (he got better, because comics) in Civil War, The Punisher made it his personal business to smash up a white-supremacist group for co-opting Cap's image. (The Punisher! A mass-murdering psychopath who respects no law but his own!)

    So of course, Captain America can lift Thor's hammer.

    It hasn't really been explicitly stated for the movies, but the enchantment on Mjolnir isn't just that Thor needs to stay on the straight and narrow to wield it. Anyone who is "worthy" by the godly standards of Odin can pick it up -- it's just that almost no one but Thor actually is. The list is small: Beta Ray Bill, Thunderstrike and a handful of robots and Asgardian ancients have done it, and it's canon in both universes (certain crossovers are "official") that Superman and Wonder Woman can do it... but Captain America has always been the go-to guy whenever "Mjolnir-lifting" needs to be a big dramatic emotional highlight, especially since the implication is that he could've done it even if he weren't a super-soldier.

    I'm fully expecting Cap wielding Mjolnir to be a "moment" in whatever Chris Evans' last Avengers movie turns out to be ("last Avenger standing," hammer in one hand shield in the other, ready to fight to the end against impossible odds...) but what'd be fun would be to introduce his ability to do so as a moment of levity. Like... if The Avengers all take off for a mission and Steve, without even thinking, politely picks up Mjolnir to hand it off to a departing Thor ("Hey pal, don't forget your...") only to suddenly realize everyone including The Asgardian are staring at him, dumbstruck, wondering how the hell he just did that.

    STAN LEE IS WATCHING[I know bitch, I was watching]

    Let's not beat around the bush: Stan Lee -- by all reliable accounts an overall good guy and the face/voice of the Marvel Universe for generations, is getting up there in years. And while he's had no serious health scares of recent, basic logic dictates that at some point he'll probably have to dial back his workload -- which has included "spotlight" cameo appearances in almost all of the Marvel movies.

    Here's a thought (and one I know I'm not the first to suggest): Why not make whatever his "last" cameo turns out to be a doozy?

    One of the most powerful (and yet, per the rules of the genre, least effectual) figures in the Marvel Universe is (or, rather was...) Uatu: The Watcher, a nigh-immortal being who exists to observe but not interfere (except in special cases, aka always) in the world's affairs. He can be anywhere, see everything, and has been known to assume disguises.

    You see where this is going.

    Would it not be a fine sendoff if, after whichever walk-on he's decided will be the last, Marvel's most recent "random guy who looks like Stan Lee" were to duck offscreen to somewhere discreet and reveal himself as having been The Watcher this entire time -- thus implicitly suggesting that even the "other studio" Marvel movies at least have that in common -- before blinking off for parts unknown?


    Back when they weren't both IP-farms for massive multinational media conglomerates, Marvel and DC's professional rivalry would occasionally get... well, a little childish. They'd make fun of each others' characters and books, call one another out in editorials, drop dismissive references into dialogue, etc. They both did it all throughout the Silver Age, but Marvel was far and away the champ: They made a whole team of characters (and a universe to put them in) to make fun of DC's big guns.

    Originally introduced as "The Squadron Sinister" (later retconned to be a separate, evil clone team) The Squadron Supreme are a team of superheroes from "Earth-712" who are nakedly-obvious analogues of DC's core Justice League: Hyperion (Superman), Power Princess (Wonder Woman), Amphibian (Aquaman), Doctor Spectrum (Green Lantern), Nighthawk (Batman), Skrullian Skymaster (Martian Manhunter) and The Whizzer (The Flash).

    The initial "big idea" may have been to give fans a version of the Avengers vs. Justice League battle they were unlikely to ever see otherwise, but in subsequent appearances The Squadron became (alternately) a way to subtly mock DC's seeming "out of touch"-ness by highlighting the goofier or more old-fashioned elements of their heroes versus Marvel's more of-the-moment style and also a way for Marvel's writers to (almost) play with the other sandbox's vintage toys. Still, the order of the day was mostly parody; a typical example being Amphibian's real name being Kingsley Rice. (Aquaman's real name is Arthur Curry. Ha ha.)

    The Squadron were perennial "event" enemies/allies for The Avengers in the 70s, but in September of 1985 (yes -- a full year before Alan Moore's thematically-similar Watchmen) then Marvel EiC Mark Grunewald used them as the subject of a 12-issue maxiseries in which The Squadron decide to stop drawing the line at crimefighting and use their superpowers to turn their world into a Utopia -- even if not everyone living there is in favor of the idea. Nighthawk is against it, and when things inevitably go south he ends up leading a revolt against his former teammates. A second reimagining, J. Michael Straczynski's Supreme Power, took the DC-parody angle in an even darker direction.

    As far as the movies are concerned? At some point, unless the superhero wave really does come crashing to a halt in the near future, there's going to be a stretch where the Justice League and the Avengers are going to be more-or-less in direct competition at the box-office. So why not acknowledge the elephant in the room and bring in The Squadron to have some fun at The Distinguished Competition's expense? Granted, a whole team of costumed buffoons doing riffs on Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck might be a little on the "light" side for an Avengers event; but maybe they'd be a fun (to say nothing of formidable) obstacle for a more comedy-inflected franchise like Ant-Man, Guardians or Iron Man?


    What else do you guys want to see?

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