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    Toby Froud is the most famous baby in cinema—on par with the naked boy on Nirvana’s Nevermind as the world’s most famous baby, period.

    He played the baby in the striped onesie, also known as “the babe with the power,” in the cult-classic Jim Henson fantasy Labyrinth, where he’s kidnapped by the goblin king (David Bowie, in the most fantastical mullet and tights so tight they must require magic to get into). As you no doubt know, the rest of the movie follows his sister (a young Jennifer Connelly, who beat out Helena Bonham Carter, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marisa Tomei, and Ally Sheedy for the role) as she journeys through an enchanted maze of goblins, faeries, and talking dogs who ride dogs to rescue him. Meanwhile, Bowie tosses Toby about and sings “You remind me of a babe.” Not exactly the kind of life I'd give up for a boring crib in the real world, but I digress.

    Turns out Toby is the son of Brian Froud, who designed the characters and worlds of both Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, as well as the faerie and goblin art that reigns supreme for lovers of the genre.

    Now 30, Toby is a puppeteer in his own right. For the last four years, he’s fabricated puppets for Laika, working on ParaNorman and the upcoming Boxtrolls.

    In the last year, he also teamed up with Henson’s daughter, Heather, to bring the world their parents created to modern audiences. Lessons Learned, about a young boy who falls into his grandfather's "lessons learned" box and is whisked away to a fantasy land, screens Saturday afternoon at the Hollywood Theatre with two other films that Heather’s company, Handmade Puppet Dreams, funded. It will screen again at the Portland Film Festival at the end of August.

    Because we couldn’t believe that baby Toby grew up to move to Portland, I called him up to ask the important journalistic questions: what was it like to gurgle in a duet with David Bowie and grow up in a den of goblins.


    On the Town: So it’s unlikely, but I have to ask: any memories from the filming process?
    Toby Froud: I can never say if I did or not. I have vivid memories of goblins’ faces and strange creatures and chaos around me that could just be from growing up in the house I lived in, or from seeing the film as many times as I have, or it could be remembering the puppets that were in front of me. I’m not sure.

    The interesting thing about Labyrinth or Dark Crystal: I grew up loving them and being a fan myself. I never had this weird feeling that that’s me on the screen. I knew the style, and the characters were very familiar to me. Growing in my parents house in England, it's full of paintings of creatures and three-dimensional sculptures of these wonderful fantasy—and very real—beings. Many of my friends were always very suprised when they came over to play.

    Tell us about your parents, because, in a way, you were raised by goblins, or at least goblin makers.
    [Laughs] I was. My parents, Brian and Wendy Froud, are synonymous with faeries and goblins and fantasy and have created such magical worlds.

    What was the exact nature of their contribution to Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal?
    Brian Froud was brought on to The Dark Crystal after Jim saw The Land of Froud book that my father had done. He was brought on to collaborate and design the world you saw on screen. He would draw, paint, and create these characters from different angles.

    Jim and the crew would come to my father with puppet ideas, how puppets could move and perform, and my father would design around that movement, or vice versa.

    Again on Labyrinth, he designed the characters and creatures and landscape for that.

    So you grew up surrounded by these characters. What was that like? You must have had the most amazing Halloween costumes.
    It’s a small house in a small town in England. It was all very quaint. We certainly would dress up. Halloween was always a smaller affair in England. We always made an effort to make as fun of costumes as possible. I still continue that at Laika. We have a Halloween thing every year and I like to go all out.

    Laika, right. You didn’t rebel and become a banker. Take me through your interest in following in your parent’s footsteps?
    I always had a wonderful passion for puppetry. I went to Wimbledon school of London, a tech university, and did a special effects and arts degree. But I always came back to the fantasy that my family had created. At that point, we started working together on small projects, video pieces and commercial pieces, and it was great fun.

    And you’ve worked at Jim Henson Studios?
    I was fortunate to go and intern there many years ago when I was in New York. I’d seen it from the outside, but to be with the professionals who built the puppets, it gave me a wonderful sense of the inner workings.

    How did you end up at Laika?
    It must be four years ago. It was at the very beginning of Paranorman. I was teaching a workshop in Portland, and someone in the class said you should get into contact with the puppet supervisor at Laika. So I did, and came in with my portfolio, and I got a job and have been a puppet fabricator ever since. I moved onto Box Trolls and am now working on the next project.

    Being in the industry, what affect has being the baby from Labyrinth had?
    An interesting one. I don’t know that I tell people myself, but people find out and will whisper, “are you the baby from Labyrinth.” And I say yes. It’s a very interesting talking point and conversation opener. It has allowed me to meet the amazing artists and people I have in my life.

    Do people gush to you? How fanatical are they?
    Labyrinth, and The Dark Crystal, particularly, people say, “they inspired me as a child and as an adult to become an artist, a puppeteer, to build worlds.” People say how much they love them and how their kids love them. That’s the amazing power that they have: they’re still in people’s minds.

    Have you met David Bowie since?
    I wish I had. I grew up a huge fan of his music—and knowing I sat in his lap! I believe the first time I met him, I peed on him, but I haven’t met him since.

    A note to end on: What was your favorite song and favorite scene in Labryinth?
    My favorite song: many might think it’s "Dance Magic," but actually my favorite song is "As the World Falls Down" from the ballroom scene—a very dream like song as part of growing up, I feel.

    My favorite scene is the Oubliette: when Hoggle shows Sarah the way out, he puts the door on the wall and opens it one way and it's a broom closet. He closes it and opens it the other way, and the tunnel through to the outside appears. It really is a wonderful piece of live action timing, done right in front of the camera. It may seem like a small part, but I just love it.

    more on what he's up to at the source

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    Gwen replaces Christina Aguilera and Pharrell replaces Cee-lo (who will not be returning at all to the show) for the fall season. The seventh season of The Voice will premiere September 22nd on NBC.

    Source: 1 | 2

    ...Thoughts? If any? I've managed to only watch this show for the judges and their interactions.

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    Prepare yourselves, Clone Club, because your minds are about to be blown.
    The season-two finale of your very favourite show is almost here and we've got a few tidbits straight from the mouths of Orphan Black creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson to help prepare you for an hour that will literally have you squealing. (Whether it's with joy or with fear, we'll never tell.)

    At the end of last week's episode, in a move straight out of Law & Order: SVU's creepy playbook, Rachel had kidnapped Kira and set her up in a nice and creepy (but slightly adorable?) child's bedroom at Dyad, which is, of course, the easiest way to make Sarah very, very angry.
    "We think that the season has been about the war between Rachel and Sarah," Fawcett told us. "Kira is just another part of Rachel's big plan to get revenge on Sarah."

    So what can we expect from this week's finale, titled "By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried," other than for all of our dreams to come true?
    "It is absolutely jam-packed from start to finish, and has as many twists and turns to it as three or four episodes of Orphan Black put together," Fawcett teased.
    In fact, there's so much awesome stuff packed into this finale that some scenes featuring two of our very favorite characters, the hilarious team of Alison and Donnie, had to be cut.
    However, Mason promised us that those scenes will be found on the DVD when it is released in July.

    For those of us worried about our favorite scientist after her potential cure was kidnapped by Rachel, John and Graeme were remarkably unhelpful in making us feel any better about Cosima's chances of surviving. "The ticking clock that is Cosima's health is running out, and the bone marrow seems like the only answer right at the moment," Graeme teased. "Without it, things look pretty bleak."
    As for what else we can share from our chat with John and Graeme, it's not much. This finale is bursting with so many developments that you really don't want to know anything. We will, however, tell you this: Bill Nye the Science Guy plays an indirect part, and there's one scene that is both one of the most complicated scenes the show has ever pulled off, and our new favorite scene ever. The Orphan Black season two finale airs Saturday, June 21, at 9 p.m.

    Clone Therapy because video won't embed!

    I can't believe the finale is tonight. I'm so nervous/excited! Feel free to use this as a viewing post if you want!


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    Well, this is ironic (and a bit awkward)! Casper Smart, who recently split with songstress Jennifer Lopez, was spotted shopping for houses on Lopez Street in Los Angeles on Friday, June 20.

    The choreographer, who dated Lopez for over two years, was snapped by photographers out and about with his real estate agent looking for a new property on the street, which coincidentally matches his ex's last name. Smart, who has been residing with Lopez the past couple years, "is still living at her house," a source tells Us Weekly, but is "supposed to be moved out by the time she gets back to L.A." (The American Idol judge has been busy as of late performing and promoting her upcoming album A.K.A.)

    The source adds the 27-year-old is "looking to rent a house very close to where he is currently living with Jennifer."

    Wearing a blue baseball cap, white T-shirt, and black shorts, the newly single dancer reportedly looked at a three-bedroom, $630,000 home on Lopez Street on Friday.

    Despite splitting, the couple harbor no resentment towards one another, a source tells Us. "It wasn't an easy decision, but they decided to stay friends," the insider tells Us of the couple who announced their split earlier this month, "They are both in a good place now."

    Another source added: "Casper still really loves Jen a lot, and she loves him. They are still close."

    So close, Smart even gave his ex some love on Twitter earlier in the week to help promote her upcoming studio album A.K.A. "Get it while its HOTT!!!" Smart captioned a picture of the album cover, adding, "@jlo #10thalbum #AKA its fire with so many dope songs & features."

    us weekly

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    On a recent afternoon, Chris Zylka was late for a photo shoot. Apparently, he had more important places to be — like a mandatory sexual harassment meeting.

    “It’s a studio thing. You have to have them or the studio could get sued,” he says, wearing a T-shirt from Los Angeles-based Stampd, a necklace from Margiela and sneakers from Margiela’s collaboration with Converse.

    “It’s, like, really serious.” He pulls out his iPhone.“Look, it was so serious — we literally sit there and nap. Here’s the picture. There’s the production assistant, there’s Theroux’s assistant, there’s the head of hair…”

    By Theroux, he was referring to Justin, as in Mr. Jennifer Aniston, who plays his on-screen father in the upcoming HBO show, “The Leftovers,” which premieres June 29. Created by Damon Lindelof, the Emmy winner for “Lost,” and Tom Perrotta, the Academy Award nominee for “Little Children” and “Election,” the drama focuses on a small town in New York that is forced to confront the sudden disappearance of 2 percent of the world’s entire population without explanation.

    “It’s a story about a family torn apart by this. How would people react? What religion or culture do they turn to in times of grief or despair and depression?” he says.

    Zylka plays Tom, who he calls an “avenging angel,” a character who is battling his demons while joining false prophets to guide him through his internal pain.

    Off-screen, the 29-year-old actor says he’s become fond of his cast members, especially Theroux.

    “He’s become a father figure in some way,” he says. “There’s that trust we have between us. I know that if I say something to him it’s between me and him. It’s a father-son bond.”

    That’s something special to the Ohio native, who grew up in a single mother household, never having met his biological father. After playing football at the University of Toledo, and graduating with a degree in art, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue becoming a painter. It was while bartending one night that a manager discovered him and asked if he was an actor.

    “No, I said, but I want to be,” he recalls. From there came the Abercrombie & Fitch campaign shoots with Bruce Weber, then the starring roles in the indie flick “Kaboom” and “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and stints on television shows like the CW’s “The Secret Circle.”

    It was at this peak that his profile began to rise and he was quickly thrust into the public eye after a very gossip-heavy breakup with actress Lucy Hale. Brokenhearted, the actor took to Twitter to discuss details of the split.

    “That was like four years ago and I learned from that because that made me look stupid,” he says. “I want my last name to mean something and it made my grandfather look stupid. Made my mother look stupid. My brothers and sisters. When all that s--t was happening, there’s a sibling in high school getting a bunch of s--t. There’s no reason to be the bad guy.”

    These days, Zylka says he’s “grown up,” by proposing to girlfriend and fashion blogger Hanna Beth, who was always close by during the photo shoot and the interview. The two met only six months ago but are already planning the wedding for next year.(sounds legit)

    “I needed to grow up,” he says. “There was a choice to grow up personally or be alone. She helped me gain everything.”


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    Co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett talk to THR about the aftermath of Saturday's season-two closer and why they abandoned the original plan to kill a pivotal character.

    Wait, more clones?

    BBC America's Orphan Black closed out its 10-episode sophomore season with a huge bombshell: Sarah, Alison, Helena, Cosima and Tony (aka LEDA) aren't the only clones walking the Earth. There's a male side to the conspiracy (aka Castor). As Sarah discovers Prolethean Mark is a clone.

    It kicks off a new trajectory for Sarah as she finds herself deeper down the rabbit hole in her never-ending quest to figure out her true origins. In doing so, the clone drama bid farewell to several characters, Prolethean leader Henrik and Duncan, but also unveiled the true intentions of Paul — deep undercover for the military all this time — and Marion — a new, worthy ally.

    Orphan Black co-creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett talk to The Hollywood Reporter following Saturday's season closer, including the decision to make Mark the male clone (it almost didn't happen!), the daunting four-clone dance scene and broad plans for a yet-to-be-announced third season.

    Let’s start with the introduction of the male clone. When did you decide that that would be the season-two endgame?
    Graeme Manson: It was a plan that we had at the end of the first season. We thought it was a pretty good way to open a big door to a whole new dimension of the conspiracy and a nice throw to a new season.

    Was there any serious thought over making the male clone someone other than Prolethean Mark?
    John Fawcett: We knew that we wanted to introduce a male side to the conspiracy. To some degree, we talked a lot about what the possibilities would be for that. It was important that the right decision was made, and we talked about everyone. We had crazy conversations about who the male clone could be. Ultimately, the decision was made that the story thread that made the most sense was the male clone would be Prolethean Mark.
    Manson: And for a few reasons. One, it really doubled the end of the season back on the beginning nicely.
    Fawcett: It’s a bookend. To be honest, the character of Mark wasn’t supposed to live beyond episode six. There was a whole plan for him to die quite violently.
    Manson:At the hand of Paul!
    Fawcett: There was a scene at the end of episode six where Paul and Mark meet up in the bar while Helena meets Jesse. We know that both these men are on Sarah and Helena’s trail respectively, and it was going to be a mano-a-mano showdown between the two of them in which Paul is going to murder, or kill, Mark. But through the first few episodes of the season, we realized that Ari [Millen] playing Mark was not a character we wanted to kill. He was doing such interesting work, and so we made the decision to save him, and right about that time, we were actually also making the decision on who we wanted to see the male clone be at the end of the film. A further little bit of interest in that, Ari actually, we kept that a secret from Ari, and he didn’t find that out until just before the finale scripts were passed up. Graeme had to call him and tell him.

    How did he take that news?
    Manson: He was thrilled because he knows he’s going to get a pretty cool acting challenge coming up in quick succession at the end of the finale. We introduce two more of those guys.
    Fawcett: We had our reasons for wanting to keep that quiet from him. It was a big secret for one. And two, we didn’t necessarily feel that Ari needed to know prior to the finale. That was our decision to keep it under wraps.
    Manson: The crew didn’t know what was going to happen until we dropped the script. We told Ari maybe 10 days before we were going to shoot the scenes with him.

    What does this mean for Mark, who also just married Gracie, and the other male clones moving forward?
    Fawcett: A lot of the things that we put in motion at the end of season two are obviously big story components going forward and new pieces to the puzzle. We believe in giving the audience answers, but we have our mysteries and we want to earn the answers. This is kind of a new aspect to the larger puzzle that is Orphan Black.
    Manson: For Mark, it’s interesting that that clone certainly seems to be naïve. He doesn’t know his true nature yet, so that’ll be interesting to see which of those characters do know their true nature.

    How does Sarah discovering the male side of the clone world change things?
    Manson: Now we’ve got two sides. We’ve got the LEDA side — the female clones — and the Castor side — the male clones. They’ve been operating without knowing anything about one another. But now, because Paul was deep undercover for the military, the boys know a hell of a lot more about the girls than the girls know about the boys.

    Is that a bad thing?
    Manson: Oh, there’s many bad things about that. (Laughs.)

    Now that we know what Paul had been doing all this time, is Paul a major player in season three?
    Manson: Yeah, definitely.
    Fawcett: There’s not too much that we can say about that. Paul, is that character important to us? Yes, he is. There’s much more to see from him.

    And Marion, who's now on Sarah's side, and Cal?
    Manson:Marion is apparently a new ally, so she’s important going forward. And Cal is pretty important going forward too.

    The dance party scene with Sarah, Helena, Alison and Cosima must have been quite difficult to achieve. How much of a headache was that?
    Fawcett: Obviously it’s a very time-consuming process. But we had never attempted a scene with four clones before. We had only ever done three. We like to push ourselves and there’s a lot of satisfaction in seeing the four girls together and to introduce Helena to Alison and Cosima. That was something we knew we really, really wanted to do. We also had this sticky note stuck up on the board that just said, “clone dance party,” which had been sort of absurdly stuck up there from the beginning of season two and had no real home. But every single day we’d come into the room and we’d see it up there — it was in big black letters — and Graeme and I really wanted a scene where everybody danced together.
    Manson: I think a lot of people thought we were joking. (Laughs.) But as we stuck with the idea, we saw an opportunity A) to do our four-clone scene in an active manner. Then also, it grew as we realized where it should land in the season. We realized that that could be the emotional climax and that pivotal point where the sisters come back together — that we give the audience that relief and that joy, and what better to do than dance.
    Fawcett: Plus it is very much a fast-paced episode. It’s just great to have this moment where you can watch them hang out together and it’s fun to see how each character has a different dance move and that's part of the plot. It’s great to see Felix interacting with all of the girls. It was a complicated sequence. There were three separate dance rehearsals, which included our visual effects supervisor and Kat whenever we could get her.
    Manson: And three doubles.
    Fawcett: The scene where Helena meets her sisters and the dance party, between those two sequences, it took us two full days to shoot.

    It showed how much growth there was in the Helena character, and how far everyone has grown. Her cordial meeting definitely wouldn't have happened in season one.
    Manson: And this was also too, going back on the technical, it wound up being weeks and weeks of rotoscoping and lovely compositing. It was a big visual effects job for [VFX supervisor] Geoff Scott.

    You touched on Marion. How do you foresee her dynamic with Sarah growing?
    Fawcett:We’re hoping that Marion will give us some more information. And Marion is pretty powerful. She’s a good ally for Sarah if Sarah wants to learn more about herself and about her origins.
    Manson: Yeah, definitely a good person to take Sarah’s hand and lead her through the looking glass one more time.

    When Cal was introduced, there was mention of military ties. Will he factor into the story more, aside from being Kira's father? I speculated that there might have been a deeper connection.
    Manson: It’s okay if you think that. (Laughs.)
    Fawcett: I think one of the things that we’ve kind of ingrained in most of our audience, that you never truly know anyone on the show. As far as Cal goes, I think that he’s an attractive character to us. He’s someone that we want to develop further, and he’s also important to the story flow because he’s Kira’s father.

    Rachel’s breakdown following Duncan's self-sacrifice stood out. Can you talk about that moment and where Rachel's mindframe is after seeing Duncan die?
    Manson: That scene really began with designing the room. When we were talking about when we were going to do this, John was like, “It’s a black room. It’s all black — shiny black.” Everyone was like, “That would be hard to shoot in.” But it was super effective in this rear-screen projection, so we designed the room to fit the tone of the scene that we wanted to do and then Andrew [Gillies] and Tatiana [Maslany] just brought it. It was such a powerful scene.
    Fawcett: Emotionally, Rachel is trying to use the home movies to provoke Duncan to use his love for her to give up information that she needs, that she wants. When he refuses to do that, when he begins to see that her plans and her schemes run deeper, he starts to realize that she is scheming and using him. He makes the decision to end it to try and terminate the experiment. And for Rachel, it’s interesting, because it’s an unexpected and extremely emotional moment for her. She’s had both of her father figures die in a very short time span and I think she is still emotionally attached to Duncan, even though she doesn’t want to show that to anyone.
    Towards the end of the season, the idea was to take Rachel, this cold-hearted character, and put the screws to her and beat her up a little bit psychologically so we could see some of the human elements in her.

    And seeing Alison and Donnie bonding over burying Leekie was a fun touch.
    Manson: Yeah, it seems like people are really happy to see Team Hendrix together.
    Fawcett: A family that slays together, stays together.

    They're definitely a comedic pair.
    Fawcett: Alison and Donnie and the Hendrix family, those storylines are always a lot of fun to write because they are kind of — even though we try to keep them real — inherently comedic. We spent all season with these two driven apart and mistrusting each other and we knew we wanted to bring them back together. What better way than over their deepest, darkest secrets of accidental manslaughter? We also loved the fact that they were going to consummate their reunion by shagging on the freezer.

    That was a season highlight.
    Manson: Did you need that last shot of Donnie’s butt?

    Probably not, but it's OK.
    Manson: I kind of did. (Laughs.)
    Fawcett: Just for the record, we did a little, we had to do a little effects work on Kristian [Bruun]’s butt.
    Manson: We had to remove the man panties.
    Fawcett: Graeme and I and Geoff Scott and all of the effects guys laughed a lot as we worked on Kristian’s naked butt.

    Were there any surprising reactions to the transclone, Tony?
    Manson: Now that it’s been a couple of weeks, it seems to us that Tony fits well into the fabric and seams of our show, and that’s what we thought all along. In a show about identity, who better to represent that in a brave fashion than a trans person. There was a little — some people didn’t like it, some people didn’t like the episode, but I think overall that we conquered the divide a little bit.
    Fawcett: We kind of knew that episode eight was going to be a very different episode for Orphan Black, that it was going to feel different. We did that on purpose, because we wanted to be bold and to try new things and not allow the show to fall into a formula. I think we’re happy with the way the episode turned out, and we love Tatiana’s performance as Tony.
    Manson: Whatever backlash we might have gotten — some from fans, some from critics — we got some amazing personal responses from kids going through gender dysphoria and those kinds of personal battles. I know that Tatiana did and we did too. We got these personal affirmations of people saying, “Thank you for representing what I go through, 'cause I’ve never seen it on TV before,” and that personal connection made it worthwhile, I think, for all of us.


    Thoughts on the season finale?

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    On a recent visit to The Breakfast Club, J.Lo had the following words to say about music icon Mariah Carey:

    "You know, I just think that Mariah and I, we did what the kids are doing already. We had the time where we would drop a thing and it would go straight to #1 and the album would go straight to #1, we did that 2, 3, 4 times over. She's probably done it many more times than even I did. At a certain point in your career, there's reinvention that has to go on but there's're in it for a marathon. This is not a sprint. It's not a movie, it's not an opening weekend where it tanks. There are singles that are going to come out over the course of the next 6 months. The release of the album is a celebration because it's the beginning of something new and people are going to get to know the album little by little as we go along. It's not about the first day sales. We're in a different time in our career, we're in a different status than the ones who need to prove themselves and come out and go 'My thing has to be #1 right now!' Ours doesn't have to. We have a fan-base, we have years behind us, we have loyalty, we have people who are interested, and that's a blessing."


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    Tongues have been wagging recently about the recently-revealed single cover for Mariah Carey's "You Don't Know What to Do (ft. Wale)". The chanteuse, who normally opts for a natural, untouched look, appeared uncharacteristically airbrushed on the single cover. A close look at some of the other recent photos reveal that the single cover is in fact the head of one photo used on the body of another. But today, Mariah had some words to say about the fiasco, asking fans to design their own single cover!


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    @ddlovato: Diamondz and dreaaaddzz


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    Actress Diane Kruger has reportedly shown her gratitude to her longtime housekeeper by buying the maid a new home.
    The generous Inglourious Basterds star recently handed her help the keys to her very own California property, according to America's Star magazine.
    Reports suggest Kruger's generosity doesn't end there - the actress has allegedly been helping her employee pay for travel costs and legal fees as her family applies to immigrate to America.
    A source tells the publication, "She loves her housekeeper to death, and they are very close."
    Kruger isn't the only kind-hearted celebrity who has purchased a home for a dedicated aide - Watchmen actress Malin Akerman used a portion of her earnings to help hairstylist Maranda Widlund and her husband buy a two-bedroom bungalow in Los Feliz, California last month (May14), and Jennifer Hudson handed her assistant the keys to his first home as a Christmas present last year (13).


    such a kind soul

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    FIFA’s plea to eliminate racism at this year’s World Cup continues to fall on deaf ears.

    Despite a vehement campaign from the organization and pleas and public service announcements from teams and players, it has been one of the overriding themes of the 2014 World Cup.

    The anti-discrimination Fare network, which made reports to FIFA about the matter on Thursday, noted that there were several neo-Nazi signs at matches involving Russia and Croatia.

    And on Saturday, it took center stage again when a Nazi sympathizer rushed the field during the Ghana-Germany game. No security attempted to stop him as he took his shirt off to reveal a pro-Nazi message. He had to be ushered off the field by Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari.

    Several German fans also showed up to the game with their faces painted black.

    It sure seems like FIFA and stadium security personnel could do a much better job of finding these people and escorting them out of the stadium. After all, a campaign to eliminate racism isn’t much of a campaign if you don’t do something to actually help stop it from happening.



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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    If it seems like everyone is talking about the World Cup, it's probably because more people than ever are watching it.

    The first round of group matches held in Brazil broke television viewing records around the world, according to a news release from FIFA.

    Record numbers were set in Brazil, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Argentina, France, the Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, and yes, even the U.S., according to FIFA.

    Almost 43 million watched Brazil and Croatia on Brazilian channel TV Globo, the highest sports broadcast of 2014, according to FIFA.

    More than 11 million watched the USA beat Ghana on ESPN, which was a record high for ESPN’s coverage of men’s FIFA World Cup matches.

    England and Italy’s opener attracted more than 14 million on BBC1 in the UK and 12.8 million on RAI 1, the highest TV audiences in both countries in 2014, according to FIFA.

    “These record-breaking figures show just how popular football and the FIFA World Cup are across the world, from Japan to Argentina,” Niclas Ericson, director of FIFA TV, said in the release. “We are seeing highly encouraging growth in interest in markets such as the United States and Australia.”

    See y'all tmrw haters.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    How much have things changed? How much have things stayed the same? Dating is now done on phones and McKnight went from sweet crooner who soundtracked middle school dances to the man behind an X-rated “adult” mixtape. To see what you may be forgetting — or purposely blocking out — from the first year of the new millennium, travel back in time with the list below.

    2. Pokémon
    Gotta catch ‘em all! Between the TV show, the movies and the trading cards, children had their own form of legalized crack in the 21st century. It’s name was Pikachu.

    5. The Perfect Storm
    In 2000 George Clooney still needed to prove that he could become a successful movie star after making a name for himself on TV’s ER. So what better way to do it than to grow out a sexy salt and pepper beard and star in a book to film adaptation about weather and hunky fishermen? It’s a serious, sad story, yes. But they all look so good.

    9. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
    Ang Lee‘s film took home Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars and was nominated for Best Picture. It became a worldwide hit, and who cares if you didn’t fully understand the plot or what they were saying? All that martial arts sure looked cool.

    10. “Back at One”
    1. Acknowledge Brian McKnight’s sexiness.
    2. Know that this song is guaranteed to set the mood, and work with that special intel.
    3. Stay away from the music video, though. (It’s kind of messed up.)
    4. Repeat steps 1-3.
    5. Fall in love with Mr. McKnight again. All part of his master plan!

    Everything mentioned from 2006 and 2007 in VH1's 'I Love the 2000s'

    What was missing from the 2006 and 2007 episodes? Heroes, Friday Night Lights, The Hills, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Pushing Daisies, to name some shows. Anna Nicole Smith and nude Vanessa Hudgens and (regretfully) Michael Vick, to mention some scandals. 300 and The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine and Knocked Up, to drop some movies. Couldn’t we show some love to these worthy pop culture topics?

    But I will say that 2007 brought us the best Year in [Britney] Spears. Read on and let those shaved head memories come rushing back.

    Rock of Love (“Twenty something women were forced to be with me until I let them go.” – Bret Michaels)
    Yo Gabba Gabba!
    Gossip Girl

    Paranormal Activity

    “Lip Gloss” – Lil Mama
    “Crank That” – Soulja Boy

    “Don’t tase me, bro.”
    The invention of Google Street View
    The “Mac vs. PC” commercial
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book release

    George Takei’s Oh My of 2007: Oscar De La Hoya cross-dressing photos hit the Internet

    Nelly’s Hotties of 2007: Rihanna (“Good girl gone bad hottie”), Evangeline Lilly (“Island castaway hottie”), Rachel Bilson (“Orange County hottie”)

    The Year in Spears (2007): Britney checks into a drug rehab facility, shaves her own head, attacks a photog’s car with an umbrella and half-heartedly performs at the VMAs, resulting in “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!”

    The Year in Spears (2006): Photographed driving with a baby in her lap; gave birth to child number two; gave hubby Kevin Federline the boot; exposed her hoo-ha while leaving a vehicle

    Michael K. Williams’ Anti-Hero of 2007: Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men

    Bret Michaels’ Guilty Pleasures of 2007: Megan Fox in Transformers, Cobra Starship, Jon & Kate Plus Eight

    Source 1, 2 + the rest of the 2000s

    0 0


    (CNN) -- It may be a case of wishful thinking, but a British tabloid is reporting that Kim Kardashian West may be pursuing a music career again.

    According to The Sun, the newlywed has enlisted the help of husband Kanye West as well as vocal and songwriting coaches to help her break into the industry.

    Now, we say wishful thinking because embarking on such a venture would just give folks the opportunity to write even more about Kardashian (raising our hands over here, too). That's the whole point, isn't it?

    Still, it's not that she hasn't tried before.

    Remember the reality star's single, "Jam (Turn It Up)," from 2011? Most people probably don't. The song gained practically no traction.

    In 2012 Kardashian was quoted as saying that she would never try to launch a singing career."No, I'd never (make another single), that was just for fun, and for charity," she said at the time.

    Though Kim has yet to confirm the news, the idea doesn't seem far-fetched, as Kanye has had quite the influence on his new wife. Since announcing their relationship, Kim has changed her style for Kanye, and she exploits her life less and even changed her last name for him (she said on her show that she wouldn't change her last name for her now-ex-husband, Kris).

    To get a tease of what Kim Kardashian sounds like as a singer, check out the video below.

    Proceeds from her single, which failed to make the charts, reportedly went to fund St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.


    ONTD, Would you purchase a KIM KARDASHIAN WEST music album?


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    Will Bethenny Frankel’s next gig be a spot on ‘The View?’ According to Rob Shuter of VH1’s “The Gossip Show,” the ex-New York Housewife has been in talks with ABC to become a permanent fixture on the morning show.
    “‘The View’ is looking for someone to spice up the show,” an insider revealed to Shuter. “Someone with lots of opinions and a big personality and Bethennny is at the top of the list.” Apparently several secret conversations have occurred but no deal has been reached.
    If she’s hired, Frankel won’t be the first co-host with a reality show background. Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a contestant on “Survivor.”
    The 43-year-old television personality is looking for a job as her self-titled afternoon talk show was not renewed. She also recently settled a bruising custody battle over her four-year-old daughter Bryn with ex-husband Jason Hoppy.
    The source added that Frankel is “very interested in getting back on TV. It is the only job that she really knows. She is telling friends that she thinks she can save ‘The View.’”


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    Kate Middleton and her double tufts of hair in body sacks, Prince William and porkpie Prince George, have been living in Medieval squalor at their Kensington Palace apartment. With no running water and tons of asbestos infiltrating their happy home, the repairs on the palace are reportedly going to cost UK taxpayers nearly £4 million.

    These aren't the first repairs made on the royal trio's abode. Before little man-baby George was born, renovations were made to the tune of £1 million, causing a polite uproar among Brits everywhere.

    As Carole Malone wrote in an op-ed last year for The Mirror:

    Buck House insists these grand ­palaces have to be maintained and held in trust for the nation. Really? So when was the last time any of us were invited to any of the private royal residences for tea and a digestive?

    Quite! But spokespeople for the upcoming renovations stand by their decision to make the Plebeian people pay for the upkeep of a house they'll never live in.

    Via BBC News:

    "We also had to take into account the fact that Kensington Palace is a scheduled ancient monument, and all elements of the refurbishment had to be agreed with English Heritage."

    "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge paid privately for all the internal furnishings, including carpets and curtains."

    "They were also at pains to ensure that the specification is not extravagant."
    Their house was last renovated in 1963 and the official details and costs of the fix-up are to come next week."



    The Royal Family have defended an estimated £4million refurbishment of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's Kensington Palace apartment.

    Taxpayers will foot the bill for extensive work on the property, including installing a new roof, overhauling the electrics and carrying out significant plumbing works.

    A royal spokesman said repairs and refurbishments would also see a "significant amount of internal building" to "return the residence to function as a living space".

    The apartment, which was last refurbished in 1963, was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and was the home of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. Margaret remained there after their divorce and lived there until her death in 2002.

    From Princess Margaret’s death until the fall of 2012, Apartment 1A was used as office space, classrooms and a temporary display of dresses worn by Princess Diana. After extensive renovations and as of October 2013, it once again serves as the home to the world’s most famous royal couple.





    hall before







    A royal spokesman said:

    "This is the Duke and Duchess's one and only official residence. It is here that they plan to stay for many, many years to come.

    "We also had to take into account the fact that Kensington Palace is a scheduled ancient monument, and all elements of the refurbishment had to be agreed with English Heritage. Often this meant ensuring a high standard of work in line with the historical significance of the Christopher Wren building."


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    What do you do if you break up with a prince? Answer: have a ball. Maxine Frith reports on the new life of a royal knockout, Cressida Bonas


    Girl about town: left, Cressida Bonas at last week’s Art Antiques London Gala Evening in aid of Children In Crisis and, right, leaving Annabel’s nightclub with Princess Beatrice


    The timing could not have been more perfect. Weeks after her break-up she has landed a role in the boho film of next year. Tulip Fever, a 17th-century love story based on the bestselling novel by Deborah Moggach which will also star Oscar-winning actors Dame Judi Dench and Christoph Waltz.

    Produced by Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein, the film has also signed up Cara Delevingne and Daisy Lowe.

    Bonas will play a beautiful socialite and shooting is due to start in Amsterdam in the next few months. Meanwhile she has received warm reviews for her role in the play There’s a Monster in the Lake, which premiered at the drama spin-off of the Hay-on-Wye literary festival.

    Directed by Lily Ashley, granddaughter of Laura Ashley, the production featured Bonas as a comic, cockney-accented “picaresque wolf” and is now on tour before heading to London next month.

    Reviewers said the highly active role proves that Bonas can not only act but can dance — she studied dance and drama at Leeds University before moving to a one-year course at the respected Trinity Laban Conservatoire in Greenwich.

    It’s all a big change from the past two years, during which Bonas took a £20,000 a year job in theatre marketing because it was deemed “safer” than accepting sometimes risqué dance jobs and acting roles that she worried would only attract attention because of her connection with Prince Harry.

    Despite coming from an aristocratic background the socialite has always been fiercely independent, refusing handouts from her parents.

    In fact her split from Harry was blamed partly on the fact that she was reluctant to spend her hard-earned salary on a plane fare to his friend Guy Pelly’s wedding in Memphis earlier this year.

    “It’s ironic that she struggled to keep up with Prince Harry’s spending while they were together but now she’s about to make some big money from films,” says a source.


    A popular student at Stowe School (her room was the party HQ and a route to a clandestine rooftop smoking spot) Bonas has a close-knit circle of male and female friends.

    Harry’s royal pedigree has never fazed her — she was introduced to him through her BFF Princess Eugenie. And as a couple, they have a shared social circle that they have largely maintained despite their split. But Bonas has never been particularly close to Harry’s “blokey” mates such as Pelly and the break-up has given her the chance to spend more time with her arty friends.

    She has loved her time at Hay and on tour with new friends such as Ashley, the play’s creator Tallulah Brown (daughter of journalist Craig) and hot newcomer Florence Keith-Roach — after the success of the Hay show Tatler gleefully reported that the troupe all went to the Groucho pop-up for a cuppa.

    In March, Bonas moved to Shepherd’s Bush — which she calls Shey-Boo — where she is a neighbour of newlywed Poppy Delevingne, which will be handy for pre-Tulip Fever rehearsals with sister Cara. She has also become a regular at the Havelock Tavern, favoured by Carey Mulligan and her Mumford man Marcus.

    With her new bunch of boho chums she is planning on going to the Burning Man festival in Nevada in August. But she has also managed to maintain a friendship with the prince — the two are taking part in Sam Branson’s Virgin hiking challenge later this year and are still in regular contact.


    So who will be Bonas’ next Prince Charming? Friends say she is happy to be single following her two years with Harry — but who could resist flirting with Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch? The pair met at Chiltern Firehouse recently when Bonas hit the town with her Princess pal.

    And is Bonas’ former boyfriend, Harry Wentworth-Stanley, trying to win her back? The couple met at Leeds University but split after Wentworth-Stanley went travelling. Some royal-watchers are speculating that the other Harry may also be missing her.


    But with her film role, theatrical career and a boho-erati social circle to keep her busy, Harry will have to fight if he wants his Bonas back.

    AN45572275LONDON ENGLAND -

    Her brother is FIOOONEEEEE.
    Cressida Bonas with brother Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe



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    love these two!

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    Brandi Glanville isn't about to apologize. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is defending herself after name calling and using profanities about her son Jake, 7, on her podcast show this week.

    While talking to actor Jake Lacy, the reality star called her youngest boy an "asshole" and a "dick" during a segment on Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.

    "I joke about my kids & dogs being assholes sometimes cuz honestly they can be but I love them more then life!!people that know me know that!" Glanville, 41, tweeted on Saturday, June 22.

    "OMG I jokingly refer 2my kids&dogs as lil a--holes sometimes cuz they can be," she continued. "My mom called us her lil-shits. Stop taking things so seriously." (Glanville is mom to Jake and Mason, 11, with ex-husband Eddie Cibrian.)

    Despite rolling the controversy off her back, Glanville has apologized before for topics she's discussed on her show.

    In January, she responded to the backlash she received after joking that she wanted to "be molested as a child."

    Porsha Williams Dating NBA Star!

    Porsha Williams revealed she’s dating a 20-something NBA player to her coworkers on Dish Nation.

    Although much is still not known about Williams’ new man, a few more details are better than none.

    She revealed his age group and occupation, but no name was released. Nevertheless, Williams is known for liking athletic men.

    She was married to football player Kordell Stewart, after all. Also, some gossipers leaked her to Chad Johnson, which she basically denied.

    But whoever he is, his body must look great! “You deserve a man who matches your body,” she said.

    Although Williams is keeping her relationship under wraps overall, she will reveal more about it on season seven of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    Teresa Pays Tribute to Joe’s Father!

    Teresa Giudice paid tribute to her father-in-law Frank Giudice on Friday by posting various photos on her Instagram account.

    The first photo she shared was of her husband Joe Giudice with his father. "I took this photo of Joe and my Fatherinlaw on Father's Day. We Love you Dad Forever in our ❤," she captioned the photo.

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey star then went on to share photos of Frank with her kids and some other family members in which she writes, “I miss my Fatherinlaw.”

    On Wednesday, news broke that Joe’s father, who was 63 at the time, fell to the ground – resulting in death – while building a chicken coop in the garden of the Giudice’s home.

    TMZ reported Joe and Teresa believe he suffered a massive heart attack.

    According to Radar, the viewing will take place on Sunday in Totowa, N.J. where the entire extended family from Italy is planning on attending.

    “Everyone is shocked at their beloved relative dying so quickly,” a source says. “They all want to come and show their support for the family.”

    Services will then continue on Monday where a mass will be held followed by the actual funeral.

    "Thank you all for your prayers...xx," Teresa tweeted on Thursday while her daughter, Gia, shared, "Strongest man I know.. I love you nonno❤️rest in peace🙏 6/18/14."

    Teresa and Joe are currently facing years in prison on fraud charges. Their July court date has since been pushed back following the death of Frank.

    Teresa and Joe Giudice's Court Hearing Pushed Back Following the Death of Joe's Father

    A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office confirmed to In Touch on Thursday that the Guidices will not return to court until the end of September.

    Is Heather DuBrow Getting A Divorce?

    Don’t add Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow to the list of failed Housewives marriages just yet. Though the couple have been having some marriage issues, as Radar has reported, plastic surgeon Terry has spoken out to insist that the Real Housewives of Orange County couple are doing fine, despite their differences.

    “My wife and I have a very tight relationship,” he told Wetpaint in a new interview. “The main issues we have is that I joke around a lot. You can’t take things to serious with me. Although she’s funny, everything’s pretty serious with her.”

    “I don’t want to know what I’m doing next Tuesday, but she can tell you what she’s doing eight months from now,” he said. “I don’t want to plan. I just want to live.”

    As Radar reported, Terry’s laid-back outlook on life has been clashing with Heather’s, to the point that sources claimed he was threatening to leave her and go on tour with his dead brother’s band, Quiet Riot, during the summer.

    Both members of the couple denied it, and his friend, Adrienne Maloof’s ex, Paul Nassif, chimed in, “That’s a joke. That’s a huge joke. Those two have a fantastic relationship together and they like to tease each other — especially Terry.”

    sources: RadarOnline, InTouchWeekly, ChicagoDefender, USmagazine

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