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    6 clips from the first episode of Season 2


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    Tragic singer Amy Winehouse's parents are now $4.7 million richer because their daughter failed to make a will prior to her sudden death last year.

    The Back to Black hitmaker's estate, worth an estimated $6.8 million, is to be handed over to Mitch and Janis Winehouse. After tax, that's a $4.7 million windfall.

    According to probate documents, obtained by Britain's The Sun, the singer's embattled ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil will not see any of the funds.

    A source says, "There aren't many 27-year-olds that make a will - and Amy didn't either. She had no idea how much money she had... Had she made a will, Blake may have well been left something - not cash, perhaps an investment.

    "The way things are, Mitch and Janis have been handed the estate. They're sensible and shrewd so it's probably for the best Blake doesn't get anything."

    The Grammy Award winner was found dead in her London home on July 23. Her death has since been ruled a misadventure.


    has anyone on ontd made a will yet? what do you guys think is a good age to start worrying about one?

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  • 03/28/12--12:49: Willam Belli Megapost!

  • Willam released his first single Trouble

    What Did Willam Do? He answers the peoples tweets here.

    Also, don't forget to vote for Willam in the New Now Next awards:

    Also, vote for Willam and your fav queens for Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars cause right now Mimi Imfirst and Shangela are winning and they are obvs cheating somehow.
    sauce 1:

    sauce 2:

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    Lindsay Lohan
     is mentally prepared to move on with her life ... because she finally completed her court-ordered psychotherapy sessions ... TMZ has learned. 

    Lohan had been ordered to complete 18 sessions as part of her sentence in thejewelry theft case ... and we're told her last session finished up yesterday afternoon. 

    Sources connected with Lindsay tell us ... the actress feels therapy has "made an impact" on her life ... and she's learned different techniques to help her handle difficult situations in the future.

    Lohan is due back in court tomorrow ... we're told she's hoping Judge Sautner will continue to be impressed with her progress ... and not sidetracked with that whole maybe, maybe-not hit-n-run fiasco.


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    Wayne Coyne in Talks to Collaborate on Ke$ha's New LP

    'She's a lot of fun and crazy and open to ideas,' says the Flaming Lips frontman

    After joining forces with Ke$ha for the Flaming Lips' upcoming collaborative LP, Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends – due out on April 21st for Record Store Day – frontman Wayne Coyne says he may return the favor and work with the pop star on her own material.

    "I'm talking with Ke$ha about doing some tracks on her new record," Coyne tells Rolling Stone. Along with rapper Biz Markie, they cut a track called "2012" for the album during a late February studio session in Nashville. "We knew that she was a fan," says Coyne. "She's a lot of fun and crazy and open to ideas and she's creative. She's all these things that you don't know."

    Coyne hopes to make more music with other Heavy Fwends collaborators like Erykah Badu, who teamed up with the band for a cover of Roberta Flack's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. "I talk with Erykah Badu all the time about doing some more music," says Coyne. And after meeting TV On the Radio and Diplo this past weekend at Costa Rica's Festival Imperial, he hopes to work with them as well. "I was like, 'I'll fucking send you a track,' and they were like, 'Let's do it! That'd be cool,' " recalls Coyne, who says that the key to making unlikely collaborations work is in being open to experimentation. "Sometimes just this idea of trying makes all the difference."

    Coyne is equally excited about about a project that the Flaming Lips have been involved with in various forms for nearly a decade: the band's landmark 2002 album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, is being adapted into a musical helmed by the veteran Broadway director Des McAnuff (Tommy, Jersey Boys). The production will finally debut in November at California's La Jolla Playhouse. "It's insane to think a group like the Flaming Lips are now being brought into (musical theater) by one of the most respected and successful people to ever fuck with it," Coyne says. "It's pretty amazing!"

    Coyne first met McAnuff about a year after Yoshimi was released, and he says the director was visibly impacted by its emotional arc. "You could see him tearing up," Coyne remembers. "I was like, 'This motherfucker's really into this!" The two men would reconvene over the next several years to flesh out the adaptation and meet with several potential writers, including Academy Award-winner Aaron Sorkin. Coyne recalls a meeting five years ago when Sorkin suggested that the musical be a "retelling of the 9/11 story. "I said, 'I hate George Bush, I don't want him to have anything to do with Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots,'" Coyne recalls – although he now regrets shooting down the idea so quickly. "One of the greatest living writers of our time, and I'm saying, 'No, I don't like your idea?' Why wasn't I open to that?" says Coyne. McAnuff ultimately took over writing duties himself.

    In its finished version, the musical chronicles a young Japanese artist, Yoshimi, who journeys alone into a robot world and and fights for her life against evil forces. Nearly the entire Lips catalog, including deep cuts and B-sides, has been incorporated into the musical. And while Coyne was central to the project, he doesn't view it as his own. "It's (McAnuff's') thing. It will probably speak more about his imagination than it will mine," Coyne says. "I've had some influence…but mostly for the bad."

    Rolling Stone


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  • 03/30/12--16:00: FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY!!!!

  • No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Jennifer's Top Five TMI Moments

    1. Jen Bares It All for…Zoe Kravitz?! 
    Seriously. In her latest interview with Rolling Stone, the mag caught up with a few of Jen's costars to get the real scoop on the leading lady. X-Men: First Class costar and BFF Zoe Kravitz shared quite the epic J.Law tale:

    "I'd met her a few times, and she was like, 'You should come over and we'll hang out.' So I go over to her apartment, and she opens the door in a towel. She's like, 'Come in, sorry, you're early, I was about to shower.' And she drops her towel and gets in the shower, and starts shaving her legs, totally naked. She was like, 'Are we here yet? Is this OK?' And I was like, 'I guess we're there!' "

    LOL! And what a fab way to become fast friends. It's exactly that bare-all (pun intended) 'tude that makes Jen so popular with her fans and fellow actors. Could she be any cuter?!

    2. Jen Asks Woody Harrelson About His Sex Swing: 
    J.Law certainly knows how to make a first impression. Just ask Woody Harrelson, who plays the drunken Haymitch in The Hunger Games. The first time Jen walked into his trailer, gal took one look at his yoga swing and made a high-larious observation:

    "I walked into his bus to introduce myself and the first words that just fell out of my mouth were ‘Is that a sex swing?!'" Jen revealed to EW.

    Love! And while Jen was totally embarrassed by the sex swing slipup, Harrelson now admits it only made him adore her more:

    "The first moment meeting this incredible, esteemed actress and she opens the door and is like ‘Hi Woody, I just wanted to say… is that a sex swing?!'" he remembers. "I laughed so hard, then I said ‘Well it could be.'"

    Talk about a memorable first moment! Leave it to Jen to call it like she sees it.

    3. Jen Reveals She's an Expert Pee-er: 
    Not only can Jen pee in the woods (Kat-piss Never-clean, anyone?) but she can do it really fast. Or so she revealed in Rolling Stone: (and every other media outlet out there)

    "I'm the fastest pee-er ever," she proudly admits. "I'm famous for it."

    Congrats, Jen! And it's probably safe to say you're the only Academy Award-nominated actress turned franchise queen who is proudest of her peeing skills. Hey, whatever makes you happy!

    4. Jen's Got Her Mind in the Gutter:

     So we already chose this par-tick moment for one of our top five J.Law moments last week, but we had to mention it again 'cause Jen's penis comment is just a par-fait dose of TMI.

    Let's refresh: Elizabeth Banks suggest a clever fan nickname for Peeta and Katniss—Peetniss, duh! To which Jen deadpans, "Yeah that sounds a lot like penis."

    Quite the dirty mind Jen! But it is a catchy nickname—we fully applaud your moniker and the hilarious fan frenzy it ensued.

    5. Jen Knows How to Work Her Fame: 
    No doubt, Jen's landing loads of free swag from her H.G. fame. But unlike other stars trying to score some free Louboutins, Jen's just trying to land another TiVo after missing the Jersey Shore marathon:

    "I got it [Jersey Shore] on TiVo, calm down. TiVo needs to give me three new TiVos now, because I've talked about it at almost every interview. And ever since Spanx at the Oscars, I know how this works. If I talk about it on an interview, I get it,"  Jen expertly explained to MTV News at The Hunger Games Los Angeles premiere.

    And since Jen's flawless figure certainly doesn't need Spanx, we say, send a box her way, TiVo!

    So there ya have it Awful readers—the five moments that make us think we've found our new BFF (lucky you, Zoe Kravitz).

    Thank gawd no one told Jen some things are better left unsaid!

    Or we'd have five less TMI moments to totally obsess over.

    Jennifer Lawrence Was Too Rough For Abercrombie and Fitch
    The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence missed her chance to become and Abercrombie & Fitch model because she took a beach football shoot too seriously.
    The actress thought she had landed a big modelling break when she was offered the chance to take part in a group session for the trendy clothing store, but her sporty, tom boy nature let her down.
    When no shots of her appeared in the finished adverts, her father called the modelling agency behind the shoot and the photographer handed over the negatives.
    Lawrence tells Rolling Stone magazine, "All the other girls are looking cute, modelling while playing football, and my face is bright red, my nostrils are flared, and I'm mid-leap, about to tackle this girl.
    "I'm not even looking at the camera. The other girls were like, 'Get her away from me.'"

    Rolling Stone Scans

    Go pick up Jen's Rolling Stone cover on newsstands today!
    What are your favorite Jennifer moments, ONTD?

    This is mine:


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    At South By Southwest on Sunday, Seth MacFarlane was the subject of a 90-minute panel -- not only looking at his career as the creator of "Family Guy," but also sneak-peeking footage from his upcoming feature-length film debut, 'Ted." Starring Mark Wahlberg, "Ted" is the story of a little boy, John, whose wish brings a stuffed teddy bear to life. After some confusion and a little bit of notoriety -- we see Ted appear on the Carson show, thanks to digital trickery -- the film fast-forwards to 25 years later, when Ted and a grown-up John, played by Wahlberg, are living together in Boston, with Ted now voiced by MacFarlane in a Boston accent and ripping bong hits on the couch. The clips included a brutal hotel-room fight withTed -- meticulously choreographed and with brutal sound effects, as if Jason Bourne were being assaulted by a bad guy from F.A.O. Schwartz. We also saw Ted ask Wahlberg to guess the "white trash girl name" of a woman he's interested --- with Wahlberg reeling off a list of possibilities with perfect timing and comedic deadpan. As a surprise guest, MacFarlane then brought out Walhberg -- who said, blankly, "I don't know what the f**k I'm doing here …" -- to take questions from the crowd. Later, we spoke with both Wahlberg and MacFarlane about making the jump to live action, working together, and the challenges of acting opposite a co-star who isn't there.

    MSN Movies: When you're doing animation, for just one example, all you do to maintain consistent lighting tone is use the same paint or digital color or whatever. What completely threw you about doing live action?

    Seth MacFarlane: There's nothing that really was all that jarring. There's a lot I learned in the process. Some things I knew prior going into it. The advantage is coverage. In animation you don't have any coverage. You plan what your shots are eight months in advance, and those are the shots you have. You can change how tightly you cut them or how loosely you cut them, but you go to your close-up on this line, you go to your wide shot on this line, and that is what you have. The editing process was defintely the biggest change, because you have options you don't have in animation.

    Animation is all one take.

    MacFarlane: Yeah, you storyboard everything, and that’s what your animators produce.

    And Mr. Wahlberg, how did you get involved in this enterprise?

    Mark Wahlberg: It's funny because I was sent the script from a person from another agency who's trying to sign me. Then I go to my agent, "Sorry I just -- don't you represent Seth MacFarlane?" he's like "Yeah," and I'm like "Why didn't you f**king send me the script Ted." He goes, "Well I got to get him there. He's not there yet." I read the script, and Seth took a meeting with me, and I just told him why I could do it better than anybody else.

    Is it the commonality of New England accents?

    MacFarlane: That didn't hurt, I'll tell you. That was a definite advantage.

    Wahlberg: Did you know I was from Boston?

    MacFarlane: I knew you were from Boston, yeah, but the regional realism was something that was very advantageous to the believability of this movie.

    It was very interesting seeing the footage, because most of the time, with a premise like this, it's a big secret. "The bear has to stay in the closet. The bear only comes to life when no one's around." This, on a premise level, seems to be moving forward that it be just given the bear is alive and everyone knows.

    MacFarlane: That's key. I was saying five minutes ago that that's what always bugs me about this kind of movie -- that only the kid can hear the stuffed animal. I think back to the "Muppet" movies that I loved when I was a kid, and that was just the world. Kermit and Fozzie worked for a newspaper in 'The Great Muppet Caper." They were getting chewed out by their boss, and it didn't matter that it was a bear and a frog. They were just there. It's taken for granted. All those gimmicks do I think is limit you. It's a lot funnier if nobody cares.

    Mr. Wahlberg, at what point did you have difficulty wrapping your brain around the plot elements, like "Wait a second, the teddy bear is inhaling weed. He's just soaking cotton with weed. How does that work?" Did you bend your brain?

    Wahlberg: Yeah, I just thought that was a waste of weed. No, I believed it from the get go. Obviously if you're going to commit, you've got to commit a hundred and ten percent. My whole thing was, as crazy as this situation is, I can just play it real. If I believe it then I can try and convince an audience of it. I didn't want to try and do the over the top kind of broad comedy. I don't have the confidence and the comfort level to be able to do that.

    But that fight sequence you have is comprised of meticulous timing on an editing level and on a performance level. How elaborate is that compared to fight choreography with an actual human being?

    Wahlberg: It's pretty awkward. You're just flailing around. Thank God it was late in the shoot. I'd already drank the Kool-Aid long ago and put faith in Seth and what he wanted to do. He walked me through literally every single beat of it. There were moments where I was scratching my head, and I'd look over and he'd be like "Don't worry, it’s ok. It's going to be fine."

    Bob Hoskins infamously said that after shooting "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." He had hallucinations, that he'd be seeing animated characters. That didn't happen to you?

    Wahlberg: Bob Hoskins was a very sick man. No but I do have a big teddy bear that sleeps beside my bed, and once in a while when I'm walking from my bedroom to my bathroom we share a little wink.

    Are you being facetious, or do you actually have a large teddy bear in your room?

    Wahlberg: No I do. I was given a large bear by a friend before I started shooting the movie. I had it with me the whole time.

    A friend with a big heart and very little imagination?

    Wahlberg: Exactly. I kept it, but I loved it because actually have the bear around in this kind of weird way helped me on these days where I felt like I might've got myself into something I couldn't handle.

    Both of you, do you feel any worry or concern about the fact that this is a film predicated on the idea of a "cute stuffed animal" which is predicated on horrible completely grown-up behavior. Is there a concern that kids are going to go bats for how cute the bear is and not realize that there's no way they should see this before they're forty?

    MacFarlane: I think that's what the R rating is for. I think if a twelve-year-old kid is in the theater seeing the movie, that problem is well nestled in the home, and there's nothing we can do about it.

    This is part of a not-so proud pop culture tradition. Did either of you watch a classic imaginary-friend film? The only one I can think of is "Pete's Dragon."

    MacFarlane: Really, technically speaking "Roger Rabbit" is the pinnacle of how to do a movie like this from a production standpoint. But no, it's not really about an imaginary friend. It's about two real friends. Two guys who live in the real world, one of them happens to be a talking teddy bear, and that's where the unreality ends.

    Do you have any sense of filter? Do you ever go "No, that jokes too much? We've got to pull that back?"

    MacFarlane: Oh yeah, and even if I didn’t the audience would -- you do screenings beforehand. If a joke's not getting a laugh repeatedly, and its also fairly raunchy, you don’t want it in your movie. The jokes that are in the movie that skirt the line, are jokes that we've gotten enough laughs out of in our prescreenings that we know at least the certain portion of the general movie going public has seen this is amused, so it's probably safe.

    When you're doing the voice of Ted, you're directing, how close are you to Mr. Wahlberg? Are you shouting things from behind the camera? Do you make somebody else work the camera while you stand?

    MacFarlane: The trick was always to make sure I was not blocking any lights or causing any shadows or what not, but at the same time being close enough that I was echoing off the same walls as he was. Sound plays a bigger part than we think in whether the character is believably in the space or not. You can mix it all you want and fine-tune it, but there's just no substitute for being in that same space. I used a boom like everyone else. There was no special microphone. The idea was for the bear to e at least from an audio stand point, as much in that space as everyone else. I don't know that I've seen that to date in a film with a CG character, and its one thing that always kind of bugs me. I hate to keep using "Garfield" as a reference, but there's a pristine quality to Bill Murray's voice. It sounds like a sound booth. It sounds like it was recorded in a booth. Even with the best sound guys in the world, you're never quite there. The goal was to have everything be in the same space from the get go. Mark is great at improv. He's a hell of a lot better than I am at improv. It kind of frees everyone up to play around even though you're dealing with a CG character.

    Mr. Wahlberg did you have any inkling that at this point in your career that you would be noted as such a gifted comedian that you would have that stuff on lock to the degree to which you do?

    Wahlberg: No, I always wanted to do comedy, but it's not that easy, especially coming from a more dramatic background. I always wanted to do it, and it was just a matter of finding the right pieces of material and the right people to work with. If you don't do it right, you don't get too many more opportunities to do it.

    Mr. MacFarlane there's people that just can't digest dairy. They take it in their body and it just goes out the same way it came in. Weirdly comedically, for me, that's exactly how I feel about "Family Guy". Everything else you're involved in, interviews and side projects and whatever I can appreciate your talents, but "Family Guy" just passes through me undigested. I can't watch more than thirty seconds of it … but that's the thing it doesn't really matter. Is doing "Ted" a way to reach that audience who solely knows you from "Family Guy"and doesn't like it -- and when somebody's rude enough to say that to you, as I am, do you feel bad? Or just go home and do laps in your Scrooge McDuck money pool?

    MacFarlane: You hate it. You are a breath of fresh air, my friend. No, not rude at all. I like you more now, because you said that, because I secretly hate myself.

    No, but seriously, is it an attempt to move beyond just animation, aclearly identified, family structure theme?

    MacFarlane: You just want to do things -- when something becomes easy from a procedural standpoint, I get bored with it. I like to do things that scare me a little bit. Even in terms of "Family Guy" there are stories that we've told on the show that could potentially ruin the series, and I always feel like those are the one that are kind of worth doing. If something no longer scares you or you can't possibly torpedo your career by doing it, then there's really no point. What's the fun?

    And by extension you feel great about making a product that is by definition not for everyone?

    MacFarlane: Yeah, no, it's not for everyone. Its an acquired taste, but "Ted" I think what will hopefully surprise people about "Ted", certainly people who've seen "Family Guy," there's certainly more of a background to it as far as sweetness, as far as heart. Where this movie goes is something that I think will certainly surprise a lot of people.

    Are you thinking about directing live action again? If so will you have any animated elements or just like actual flesh and blood, poke them and they cry, actors?

    MacFarlane: I'd love to do a movie with no animated elements just to try it on for size. I've been in animation so long that it would be nice to not have to constantly worry about what's going to fit into this empty space, to have everything already there. I'd love to do another movie with this guy. I had the best experience in the world. He just knocked every kind of comedy out of the park, and we threw ever style of comedy at him. It was a great time.

    Mr. Wahlberg, no resentment about getting billing below the bear in the title?

    Wahlberg: Not at all. I love the bear.

    MacFarlane: (Wahlberg's) credited first!

    Well, the title is "Ted."

    Wahlberg: Well, we're still working on changing it to "John and Ted."

    ("Ted" hits theaters July 13th 2012.)


    bonus video interview from ign:


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  • 03/30/12--16:28: Paris In Sydney, Day 2
  • Yes. There has been drama. 

    (fyi - this is a set photo from House of Wax. It was chosen to express the somber mood this post originally carried) 

    Paris having lunch at the restaurant Iceberg

    Paris at the opening of Marquee Sydney (wearing the same dress she wore to her birthday party) 
    I have only included one photo as something feels off about them. I have no doubt that this whole 'thing' ruined Paris' trip to Australia. The photographs from this event make my stan heart sad as something appears quite obvious to me. Feel free to go the the source (zimbio), I'm sure they'll please a few of you.

    Just as they did with Britney, the Australian media has turned on Paris as quickly and they collapsed and worshiped at her feet. Drama with a reporter (whose name will be withheld from my post. It's my personal decision as I feel no need to fully acknowledge her). Paris was interviewed by Australia's beloved (please note the italics) morning show, Sunrise. The interview was an ordinary one, before the interview - oh so shockingly - the interviewer was asking by Paris' PR people what kind of questions would be ask. How dare they! The interview started, Paris complimented the interviewers incredibly ordinary self and was friendly towards her throughout. The last question was simply about what Paris plans to do after "the fame". Without even a flinch or hesitation, Paris sweetly confided that she would enjoy having kids and living a simpler life. That was all great. After the interview however, things went down. Paris' PR people didn't like the question and caused a bit of hassle. Basically, Paris' wasn't going to speak to the reporter nor Channel 7 during the club openings red carpet. Paris rejected this claim though and sent the reporter this following e-mail (that she publicly released, how sweet)

    "Hi [name removed], It was great to meet you yesterday. I just heard that someone told you I was upset with the interview and that you aren't welcome at the event tonight.
    "I thought the interview went well, maybe someone else was unhappy but I wasn't. Please consider this a personal invitation from me for you to join us tonight. Hope to see you there!''
    Signing off like TV's Gossip Girl, she finished: "xoxo Paris.''

     There is a reason why Paris is closed off and still gets nervous about interviews. People, for the most part, have such a condescending and cynical attitude towards her, as displayed here. Paris is aware of that. But of course, this reporter is such a champion. Here is the interview..


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    The former Metallica guitarist reveals himself to be a 'birther'  complete moron

    Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has claimed that US President Barack Obama was not born in America.

    The heavy metal frontman and former Metallica guitar player made the comments during an interview with Canadian chat show host George Stroumboulopoulos, reports The Guardian. Mustaine said: "I have a lot of questions about [Obama], but certainly not where he was born. I know he was born somewhere else than America." He added: How come [Obama] was invisible until he became, uh, whatever he was in Illinois? They don't have any record of him.

    Mustaine, who recently aligned himself with Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, outed himself as a 'birther' during the interview, one of the right wing Americans who deny that Obama was born in the US, even though his birth certificate was released last year and stated that he was born in Hawaii.

    In 2011 Megadeth released their 13th studio album, titled 'Th1rt3en'. The album, was the follow-up to the band's 2009 LP 'Endgame'. Last year Mustaine also claimed that he prolonged the life of a cancer-stricken fan by touching him and praying. The guitarist told Spin that one of his most treasured possessions was a certificate given to him by the fan, that had been signed by the governor of Kentucky.

    Mustaine, who formed a new band called Red Lamb with ex-Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz in 2011, said: "I met a fan in Kentucky who had throat cancer. He was only supposed to live a few weeks. For some reason, I reached out, grabbed his throat, and started praying for the dude. He lives long enough to give me [the certificate] on our next tour." (LOL k)

    Mustaine went on to vouch for the legitimacy of the certificate, adding: "It's signed by the governor and says I'm an honorary Kentucky Colonel. As far as I know, it's the real deal."

    Clearly Obama's presidency is a conspiracy planned from his birth by his birth father Osama bin Laden.

    0 0

    Rihanna and Drake have collaborated twice in their careers, and the result has been one smash hit for each—”What’s My Name” for Rihanna, and “Take Care” for Drake. It might make sense, then, especially with collaboration albums being so much of a thing now, for the two to spend a little more time together on record. At least one half of the duo is down for whatever, as Drake talked to Capital FM recently about how he wished to spend a little more time recording with his old friend. Sez Drizzy:

    I’ve always urged her to let me come and really work on an album for her, with her…I feel like I could do some great writing for her. Actually the Rita Ora song that’s out right now was originally for Rihanna…I’ve got some great ideas so, you know, hopefully when the time is right she’ll send me that text or call me up and say, ‘Hey let’s get in the studio for a month and make an album’, and we can do it.

    Sounds great. No awkwardness, though? I mean…you guys were kind of an item once upon a time, were you not? All those long hours alone in the recording studio, intimate moments, song lyrics bringing back those old feelings…are you guys ready to handle all that? We hope so—then again, we kind of hope not. We always kind of liked them as a couple.

    'i'm ready for you' could've been a hit for rihanna, she's a fool for letting rita ora ruin it instead. also DRAKE IS A DUMB LIAR! WHERE THE FUCK IS 'TAKE CARE' ???

    0 0

    James Franco as Riff Raff for "Spring Breakers."
    Photo: Courtesy of @SelenaGomez's Instagram and Riff Raff's MySpace

    Earlier this week, Selena Gomez tweeted a picture of James Franco from the set of her new movie Spring Breakers, also starring James Franco. In the picture, James Franco looks exactly like rapper Riff Raff, the Houston MC who got his start on MTV's From G's to Gents and is now signed to Soulja Boy's imprint SODMG.

    I retweeted the Selena Gomez tweet to @RiffRaff_SODMG and added, "Is this you?!" because it looks exactly liked him, and Riff Raff DMed me: "If I explained the story to u then u wouldn't even believe me. Harmony Korine [the writer of Kids and director of Gummo] called my phone to be in this new movie Spring Breakers. I was out of the country." He also DMed me his phone number.

    I wasn't sure if I believed him, so I called him, and he told me the story of why James Franco is dressed like him in Selena Gomez's photo from the set of Spring Breakers.

    According to Riff Raff, Korine called him and said, "'Yeah, man, I want you to be in this movie, but we only got a certain timeframe' or whatever. 'I wanted you in this movie with James Franco and Selena Gomez and Gucci Mane... But we're already behind!'" So Riff Raff couldn't be in the movie.

    "The role I would have played would be like a drug dealer, or the friend of a drug dealer, Gucci Mane," said Riff Raff. I asked him if James Franco was originally supposed to be in the movie as a different character. "James Franco was in the movie, but I was supposed to be in there also. Now James Franco is playing me."

    Luckily for Riff Raff, he can still be on the soundtrack: "Me and Gucci Mane doing a song and video for the soundtrack."

    I asked Riff Raff if he sent James Franco his clothes.

    "I sent him a few things. But all you gotta do [to see how I dress] is search through my videos. I got a pretty distinct style, with the braids, the jewelry." Damn. Somewhere in Florida, where they're shooting Spring Breakers, at this very moment, James Franco looks exactly like this.

    On the movie as a whole, Riff Raff said, "I feel really kind of privileged because I got this big actor playing the role of me but at the same time, like, damn, I wish I was there...

    "Even though I couldn't be a part of this project, I'm still glad that James Franco could play the role of me. That's like if Denzel Washington was playing the role of O.J. Simpson. Even though it's not O.J. Simpson, O.J. Simpson still gotta be like, 'Denzel Washington is playing me.'"

    Watch Riff Raff's amazing videos below:


    0 0

    Source: YouTube

    0 0

    She looked glamorous enough, but her flawless make-up couldn't hide the tiredness around Stacey Solomon's eyes.

    The former X Factor contestant, 22, has only got about six weeks to go before she's due to give birth to her second child, but she was on hand to celebrate the launch party for Tatiana Hair Extensions' new store in London last night.

    Stacey got her own hair extensions put in at the salon earlier this month


    0 0
  • 03/30/12--18:37: Nikita - 2x19 Promo - Wrath

  • Nikita returns April 20.

    NIKITA IS CAPTURED AND TORTURED — When Nikita (Maggie Q) worked for Division, she targeted a man named Nicholas Brandt (guest star Rick Ravanello) and infiltrated his inner circle. She captured him and he’s been behind bars ever since. However, Percy (Xander Berkeley) springs Brant, and his first mission is to capture Nikita for payback. After he has her in his clutches, he tortures her, forcing Nikita to face a side of herself she thought she had long buried. Meanwhile, Percy continues to play mind games with Michael (Shane West), Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Sean (Dillon Casey), pushing one of them to the brink of death. Aaron Stanford also stars. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Albert Kim (#219).

    1, 2

    0 0
  • 03/30/12--18:46: IT'S SOAP NEWS FRIDAY!!!
  • Cricket & Danny to reunite on The Young and the Restless!

    Cricket and Danny were one of the great suds supercouples of the '80s and '90s and both have been back to The Young and the Restless on separate occasions, but they haven't been together in Genoa City for nearly eight years. Enough already!

    A rep at Y&R confirms to TV Guide Magazine that Lauralee Bell and Michael Damian will finally re-team on the CBS soap for a major story development in May.

    What might that be? Our spies tell us head writer Maria Bell will revisit a memorable cold case from the '90s — the one where bat-crap crazy Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) attempted to kill Cricket in a hit-and-run.

    No one ever found out who did the dirty deed and Phyllis' days as a sociopath are long behind her. Will she get busted after all this time?

    And what will "The Bug" do when she finally learns the truth? We can't wait! Look for Bell to hit the air May 17. Damian shows up the following day.

    Kassie DePaiva Speaks Out!

    When you want the truth, go to the source... which is what we should have done initially and belatedly did when an item we recently ran stirred up questions about the status of Kassie DePaiva and whether her popular ONE LIFE TO LIVE alter ego, Blair, might return to GENERAL HOSPITAL in the future. "It opened a hornet's nest within a corner of the soap world with my fans," shares the actress, adding that her followers would love nothing more than to see Blair move to Port Charles permanently!

    Setting the record straight, DePaiva tells us that "my character was not invited to stay there, which I'm sure was based on story." Which isn't to say that somewhere down the line, that won't change. "We're not talking about Llanview anymore; we're talking about Port Charles. If there's not a place for Blair at GH, then there's not a place for Blair at GH. I, personally, have no say in it whatsoever." Should her phone ring, however, she'll happily answer! "Would I like to come back and play? Absolutely!" she says enthusiastically.

    Bally’s hosts a Soap Opera Weekend with THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Cast!

    Bally’s Atlantic City hosted a special Soap Opera Weekend last Saturday and Sunday, March 24-25, in its Park and Garden Ballrooms, which included a meet and greet with the stars of Y&R.

    On hand to answer intimate questions about the show and their personal lives were Greg Rikaart (Kevin), Stephen Nichols (Tucker), Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) and Michael Muhney (Adam).

    EMMERDALE's Danny Miller: I’m so glad I won’t be kissing any more blokes!

    DANNY MILLER's tears were real when he filmed his final EMMERDALE scenes – because he is going to miss his co-stars so much. The award-winning actor joined the soap as tortured gay teen Aaron Livesy when he was 17 and feels like he grew up there. But seven years on he admits there is one thing he won't miss.

    Miller said: "Romantic scenes are embarrassing, especially when you're only 17, but you just have to get on with it. I didn't have to kiss anyone for the first six months but then it was Victoria Sugden I kissed first. I won't miss kissing blokes. I haven't got a problem with it but I don't think I'll be reminiscing!"

    Susan Lucci: Magic Happened With ALL MY CHILDREN!

    "I believe that every once in a long while, some magic happens. And it's what everybody's looking for, the magic. I think it happened with ALL MY CHILDREN. I think it was embraced by the American public, across the board, across generations. People told me they came to this country not speaking English, but they watched Erica Kane to learn how. So I don't think it was the Emmy nominations that made Erica Kane an icon. I think it was [creator] Agnes Nixon's writing, and this incredible character was embraced, for whatever magical wonderful reasons, they all came together at the time they did."

    Kristian Alfonso: The Carly story could have been interesting!

    Soap opera super couples always find themselves with some interloper. Billie’s (Lisa Rinna) back, but it’s safe to assume that she’s not after Bo (Peter Reckell), for now. But, we did have Carly (Crystal Chappell) come between Bo and Hope last year. What were your thoughts on that triangle?

    "The storyline with Carly…That could have been an interesting and fascinating story with a lot of twists and turns. Unfortunately, I think it all happened so fast. There were so many things that didn’t add up as far as character-driven [storyline]. Why would all of a sudden this woman [Carly] be sleeping in not just her [Hope] house, but in her bed? Why would it not be the guest room? Or Shawn’s room? Or Ciara’s? Why would that not happen? There were too many things that were contradicting and that didn’t flow but it could have been a very interesting story."

    Is there any storyline that you’d like to see? Maybe have J.T. come back all grown up.
    He can’t come back. I would like to see my son return — my oldest son.

    Brandon Beemer’s off The Bold and the Beautiful now. Or would you rather have Jason Cook even though he’s currently on General Hospital?

    Well, Jason Cook is the original! Either of “my” sons. I just spoke to Jason the other day – he’s my boy! I’ve known him since he was a teenager. Whenever I sit with him, I go “You’re my boy!” He’s such a sweetheart. He’s very talented. He’s a director as well and he writes. It was wonderful working with Brandon as well though. I think Hope needs that connection to her son as well. We need to get him off the boat and back to Salem!

    What about Belle?
    Belle as well!

    The soap landscape has changed quite a bit in recent years.
    It has unfortunately.

    With the “reboot” last September with new head writers Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas Jr., do you think NBC has thought twice about cancelling their last soap as a result of the backlash ABC has received this past year after the cancellations of All My Children and One Life to Live?

    Days of our Lives is a part of people’s lives. [It's a show] they find comfort in. It’s something that they go home at night [and continue to watch], whether they’re DVR-ing it or still VCR-ing it, watching it on SOAPnet, watching it live. A lot of people watch TV during their lunch hour, whether in the lunch room or at school. I can go into Best Buy and Days of our Lives is on every channel. So, it’s everywhere. I think NBC has been incredibly supportive of Days of our Lives. I have to also say that, not just our cast, but our crew, from our grips to our props, to our security guards, we all come together every day to try to make the best possible show we can produce and make sure that the audience enjoys it. When we walk through those doors, we’re ready to give 110%!

    Will "General Hospital" Survive ABC's Stupidity After All?

    It’s almost the end of March and so far, no closing notice for the ABC soap “General Hospital.” It was on the docket for cancellation to make way for Katie Couric‘s talk show, which debuts September 10th. But lo and behold–ABC’s terrible decision to cancel its soaps and replace them with nattering nabobs hasn’t worked.

    It’s not just that “The Chew” and “The Revolution”–which replaced fan faves “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” — are unwatchable. They’re also not being watched. If ABC plans to cancel “GH,” they’re going to have to do it soon or will have no proper ending. (Not like “All My Children” did–it was discourteously snuffed out in mid-sentence.)

    These shows may be cheaper to produce than soap operas, but all they’ve done is drive away audience and incurred enmity toward new programming. ABC now lacks Regis, Susan Lucci, Oprah Winfrey, and the 43 year loyalty to “One Life.” One day their mistakes will be discussed in alongside New Coke and the Tropicana container disaster.

    Thanks to Marc Berman of TV Media Insights, here is “The Chew” and The Revolution versus “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Looking at this, ABC would be better off putting their resources into promoting and supporting “GH,” and letting “The Revolution” die a quiet death:

    All My Children – Week of 3/14/11
    Viewers: 2.38 million, Women 25-54: 1.1 rating/ 7 share, Women 18-49: 0.8/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.5/ 3

    The Chew – Week of 3/12/12
    Viewers: 2.14 million, Women 25-54: 0.9/ 6, Women 18-49: 0.6/ 4, Women 18-34: 0.4/ 3

    Percent Change – The Chew vs. All My Children
    Viewers: -10, Women 25-54: -18, Women 18-49: -25, Women 18-34: -20

    One Life to Live – Week of 3/14/11
    Viewers: 2.43 million, Women 25-54: 1.2/ 8, Women 18-49: 0.9/ 6, Women 18-34: 0.5/ 4

    The Revolution – Week of 3/12/12
    Viewers: 1.33 million, Women 25-54: 0.6/ 4, Women 18-49: 0.5/ 3, Women 18-34: 0.3/ 2

    Percent Change – The Revolution vs. One Life to Live
    Viewers: -45, Women 25-54: -50, Women 18-49: -44, Women 18-34: -40

    Berman also notes that over on CBS, sophomore The Talk was below average with 1.90 million viewers (- 4 percent from one year earlier), a 0.8/ 6 in women 25-54 (-11 percent), a 0.6/ 4 in women 18-49 (-25) and a 0.3/ 2 in women 18-34 (-50). That’s much lower than the beloved “As the World Turns,” which CBS hacked off its scheduled after 54 years unceremoniously.

    ABC is certainly in a bind. They intended to drop “General Hospital.” But now that the “One Life to Live” team has come over to resuscitate the show, there may be hope yet.

    Fiona Hutchinson Joins Cast Of THE BAY; Debuts in May!

    The second season of THE BAY continues starting April 26 and the show has been on a casting frenzy lately bringing in soap veterans for the series and summer special. Fiona Hutchison (ex-Gabrielle, ONE LIFE TO LIVE; ex-Jenna, GUIDING LIGHT) is the latest actress to join the cast.

    Hutchison, who worked with THE BAY creator, Gregori J. Martin, in his movie The Southside (see photo), will play a "mysterious new role that will have her character linked to many Bay City residents."

    The Mystery Woman first lights up your computers, TVs, iPads (wherever you watch) the first week of May and will be caught up in a web of deceit.

    "Along with John Reilly, Scott Bailey and Brian Gaskill, we happily welcome Fiona Hutchison to our stellar cast in these upcoming installments," said Martin.

    THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS' Maria Bell: Our Audience Means A Lot To CBS!

    WE LOVE SOAPS TV recently caught up with Y&R exec producer/head writer Maria Arena Bell on the red carpet of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL's 25th Anniversary party. She feels good about the future viability of both show.

    "I think we are really encouraged," she told Damon L. Jacobs. "If anything, we're up in many ways, and many demographics over where we were a year ago."

    Bell feels Y&R has been helped by the recent soap cancellations.

    "We have picked up viewers from the shows that have left," she said. "I was pretty heartsick to see those shows (ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE) go off the air, and I don't want to see any less soaps. We have picked up some more viewers and there is that strength there. That's what's going to keep us on the air: people watching. We have a great audience. We have an important audience. Our audience really means a lot to CBS."

    She thinks B&B is in good shape as well.

    "I think we're really, really viable, both of these shows."

    Brian Gaskill Joins THE BAY's Summer Special DARKSIDE OF THE BAY!

    Brian Gaskill has been cast as the mysterious bad boy, Chase, in THE BAY’s upcoming summer special, THE BAY: DARKSIDE OF THE BAY. With shooting already in progress, DARKSIDE will revolve around THE BAY’s Generation Y, as the younger residents of Bay City suffer serious consequences when they venture into the wrong side of Bay City. Gaskill’s character, Chase, has a serious bone to pick with Will (DERRELL WHITT) and Lianna (JADE HARLOW). Lives hang in the balance when Gaskill debuts in this summer’s cutting and edgy edition of DARKSIDE.

    Best known for his role as Rafe in PORT CHARLES, additional acting credits for Gaskill include GUIDING LIGHT, AS THE WORLD TURNS, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, ALL MY CHILDREN, and Aaron Spellings’ primetime TV series MODELS INC.

    Christian Monzon joins GENERAL HOSPITAL!

    At last! After months of being talked about but never before seen, GENERAL HOSPITAL viewers will finally get to see Delores Padilla's husband! Soaps In Depth has learned that actor/model Christian Monzon will debut in the role of Eddie Cabrera the week of April 16. Although Monzon is a newcomer to daytime, he's had a recurring role as DJ Zafon on SHAMELESS, and has guest starred on DOLLHOUSE, ENTOURAGE and CSI: NY. He's also the face behind two Dolce & Gabbana fragrance ad campaigns, and has appeared in music videos for Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child, Pink and Mariah Carey -- with whom he filmed some sexy scenes for "Don't Forget About Us" and dated for nearly a year.

    Muy caliente!

    Peter Bergman on Most Recent Daytime Emmy Telecast: "It Was a Vulgar, Vegas Nightmare"!

    Outspoken daytime thespian Peter Bergman doesn't mince words when talking about the most recent Daytime Emmy telecasts. The award-winning The Young and the Restless actor spoke with TV Guide's Michael Logan regarding his take on the future of the telecast and its most recent incarnations:
    It was a vulgar, Vegas nightmare. The awards need to return to what they were years ago, a private, elegant event.

    Ouch! Meanwhile fans and actors alike are asking the question: Will the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards even be aired this year? Given the huge reform the pre-nominations recently underwent, it would be a shame if we didn't get to see our faves take home the gold this year!

    Logan also spoke with Jim Romanovich, president of ATI, which produced the awards show the previous three years. Said Romanovich:

    CBS wanted the show, but at the last minute, the deal fell through," says Jim Romanovich of Associated Television International, which produced the awards on The CW in 2009 and CBS in 2010 and 2011. "Money-wise, it was just too prohibitive, and that's a shame because this year is the last chance to honor [canceled soaps] All My Children and One Life to Live.

    Is Jack Wagner Still Open to a General Hospital Return?!

    Could soap icon Jack Wagner return to General Hospital after all? ABC Soaps In Depth spoke with the actor after he burned up the dance floor on Dancing With The Stars Monday night.

    I'm prohibited from doing anything but dancing with [Anna] right now at all. Except maybe for going to the grocery store and feeding my kids!" And what about his rumored return to GH? "No Port Charles updates," he shared. "I'm actually under contract to ABC so if [GH] wants to call then they can call."


    On this week's INDIE SOAP BEAT, we check in with EMPIRE's Lauren B. Martin, Indie Soap Award winner Hillary B. Smith from VENICE and FUMBLING THRU THE PIECES, and THE BAY's Camden Toy who sings! We also have the latest web series news and Indie Soap Best of the Week poll results all from underneath the new DALLAS billboard in Times Square.

    Oprah to Visit With Gayle King on CBS This Morning!

    BFF's Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King are teaming up again and not for a road trip. The Mighty O will be a guest on CBS This Morning, alongside King, Charlie Rose and Erica Hill. Winfrey will discuss what her life is like after her landmark talk show ended. She will also dish the latest news about OWN and her school in South Africa. Winfrey's airdate for the morning show is slated for April 2.

    CBS This Morning airs live weekdays from 7-9 AM EST on CBS

    B&B's Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Books Arrow Pilot!

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood is a busy bee these days. When The Bold and The Beautiful vamp isn't onscreen trying to take her stepsister Hope's (Kimberly Matula) man, Wood is moonlighting in primetime. The actress announced on Twitter she will guest star on The CW's upcoming pilot Arrow. Wood tweeted:

    The Revolution's EP: "I Didn't Know This Was Going To Replace The Soaps"!

    The Revolution is working overtime to repair the damage its dismal ratings have caused ABC Daytime's lineup. The lifestyle show's executive producer JD Roth spoke with TV Guide to plead his show's case. Peep this snippet:
    What's the worst thing anyone has said?

    "I can't believe they took my favorite soap opera off the air for this." I want to change that and empower people to feel good about what they're doing. I know that sounds Pollyanna, but I really believe it.

    What do you say to the soap fans?
    I did not kill Erica Kane. I have a lot of respect for the art of the soap opera and the storytelling. But remember, I make TV shows, I don't program them. I didn't know this was going to replace the soaps until — and this is no exaggeration — five minutes before the press release went out.

    It's Official: Daytime Emmys to be Held June 23 In Los Angeles!

    Its official. The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) has revealed the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are on and heading back to Los Angeles! According to the organization, the ceremony will take place on June 23 at the Beverly Hilton and will have a look and atmosphere very similar to the Golden Globes. See the full press release below.


    Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy® Awards to Be Held at the Westin Bonaventure
    New York – March 28, 2012 – The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) today announced that the 39th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy® Awards will be presented at the prestigious Beverly Hilton on Saturday evening, June 23rd, 2012.

    “We are very excited to bring the Daytime Emmy® Awards back to Los Angeles and to such a glamorous venue as the Beverly Hilton,” said Malachy Wienges, Chairman, NATAS. “While we are continuing to speak with various networks and social media sites, we are planning a spectacular evening of stars and entertainment as we honor the best in Daytime Television. In addition, we are happy to return again to the Westin Bonaventure on Sunday, June 17, 2012 to present our Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy® Awards to honor all those who work behind the scenes raising the bar of what Daytime Television can be.”

    The Chairman has announced that the gala at the Beverly Hilton will resemble a “Golden Globes” type setting with many of today’s Daytime stars present from the various genres of Daytime drama, lifestyle, courtroom, children’s programming and talk show entertainment.

    The 39th Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards is a presentation of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in cooperation with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

    About The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

    The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) is a professional service organization dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of television and the promotion of creative leadership for artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry. It recognizes excellence in television with the coveted Emmy® Award for News & Documentary, Sports, Daytime Entertainment, Daytime Creative Arts & Entertainment, Public & Community Service, and Technology & Engineering. Regional Emmy® Awards are given in 19 regions across the United States. NATAS also presents the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Global Media Awards™ which recognizes excellence in the world-wide intersection of digital entertainment and technology. Beyond awards, NATAS has extensive educational programs including Regional Student Television Awards and its Student Award for Excellence for outstanding journalistic work by high school students, as well as scholarships, publications, and major activities for both industry professionals and the viewing public. For more information, please visit the website at

    Deadline is Hearing ABC is "Losing Faith" in The Revolution!

    Even the hottest entertainment blog around is weighing in on the utter ratings disaster that has been ABC Daytime's The Revolution. Deadline has a new post up detailing the talk show's record low ratings, and how said ratings, coupled with concerns about a proper lead-in for Katie, have General Hospital looking better in the network's eyes these days.

    Of course readers who follow Marc Berman's TV Media Insights, Michael Logan's TV Guide coverage of soaps and/or this blog already knew all of that. However, it's nice to see Deadline summarizing what a mess ABC has made of its daypart.

    Will The Revolution flopping, GH being on a creative upswing and the latter having spiked in the Nielsens a few weeks ago, be enough to keep ABC's last remaining sudser on the air for another year? We should know in a couple of weeks.

    DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Molly Burnett excited about the soap and other projects!

    "It is Chad and Melanie time now. The triangle is still [being filmed]. It’s going to be awhile but the cool thing is that happy couples aren’t good TV, you know what I mean?"

    "In the industry itself, it’s so tough right now that any role [is hard to come by]. One of my best friends, Linsey [Godfrey] has book a new role on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL [as Caroline]. So that’s really exciting because I’ll get to see her at all the soap events!"

    SoapClassics Releases New AS THE WORLD TURNS DVD: The Story of Lily and Holden!

    The fans have spoken and SoapClassics has released another classic soap opera DVD, this time an AS THE WORLD TURNS collection: "The Story of Lily and Holden."

    The ten episode set traces the 25 year relationship of the legendary ATWT couple Lily Walsh and Holden Snyder. Along the way, other memorable stories and characters will appear including a few that have yet to be seen on DVD.

    Here is a summary of the ten episodes on the new "Lily and Holden" set:

    Episode 1. A Rocky Start. October 16, 1985
    In this episode, Lily encounters Holden for the first time. He is a new stable boy at the Walsh estate, and is responsible for grooming and saddling the horses. Although Holden is sexy and mysterious, Lily feels that he is disrespectful, and does not know his place. She is rude and condescending to him and their relationship gets off to a rocky start.

    Episode 2. Cry of the Wind. January 10, 1986.
    In the months following their first meeting, circumstances forced Lily and Holden to spend time together at the Walsh stables and the Snyder family farm. To her surprise, Lily found herself increasingly drawn to both Holden and his family, whose decency and strong values appealed to her. She developed an especially deep bond with Holden’s sister, Iva. Although the chemistry between Lily and Holden was clear by now, Lily was determined to deny it. In this episode, their mutual attraction becomes almost too much resist.

    Episode 3. A Lie for Lily. August 25, 1987
    Lily and Holden’s relationship eventually blossomed into romance, and their path looked promising. But in the summer of 1987, Lily discovered a dark secret that both the Snyders and the Walshes had been keeping from her: her birth mother was not actually Lucinda Walsh, but Holden’s sister, Iva (the episode in which Lily learns the truth about Iva is available on the SoapClassics collection, “20 Classic Episodes from As the World Turns”.)

    Lily was devastated by the news, in part because she had been deceived by the people she loved and trusted most, and in part because it meant that she was Holden’s niece. Her only consolation was her belief that Holden himself had not betrayed her, because he hadn’t known Iva’s secret.

    Lily ran as far and as fast as she could, ending up in Wyoming, where she took a job as a waitress in a diner. Holden eventually tracked her down to deliver stunning news: Iva had actually been adopted, which meant that Lily and Holden were not related after all. In this touching episode, the couple grows closer than ever.

    Episode 4. Holden Blows It. December 16, 1987
    The surprises weren’t over for Lily. She eventually learned that even Holden had lied to her about Iva, and she became furious with him as well. In despair, Lily turned to the arms of her old friend, Dusty, and lost her virginity to him. Meanwhile, Holden became infatuated with the young vixen Emily Stewart, and the two of them became engaged. In this climactic episode, an anguished Lily visits Holden the night before his wedding, and asks him if he truly wants to marry Emily.

    Episode 5. The Bell Tower. February 1, 1994
    The ensuing years were tumultuous and challenging for both Lily and Holden. Each married and divorced other people, and Holden became a father, before they finally found their way back to each other. Six years after they first met, the couple was finally married.

    Unfortunately, as seemed to be their fate, Holden and Lily’s happiness was short-lived. Holden was attacked on a trip to New York, and lost his memory. He could not remember anything about his past with Lily, and they ultimately divorced. Once again, Lily fled Oakdale. This time she returned with a new husband, the debonair Damian Grimaldi.

    But Lily had not seen the last of Holden. His memory was returning in flashes, and he gradually restarted his relationship with Lily. Lily was now torn between her old and new loves. In this sexually-charged episode, she makes a decision which will change all of their lives.

    Episode 6. Meet Luciano Grimaldi. May 16, 1995
    Not surprisingly, life continued to be complicated for Lily and Holden. Shortly after they were reunited, Lily was kidnapped. Damian heroically tracked her down and rescued her, causing Lily to give their marriage another chance. Soon after, she became pregnant with Damian's child. In this episode, Lily gives birth on the Snyder farmhouse kitchen floor, with Holden helping her deliver a baby named Luciano, later to be known as Luke. Like his mother, Luke would grow up before the cameras, and would eventually assume an important place in the show’s history.

    Episode 7. Switched at Birth. August 16, 1999
    By the summer of 1999, Lily had left Damian for good. She remarried Holden, and soon became pregnant with his child. But arch villain David Stenbeck kidnapped Lily, and she delivered a baby girl while she was his prisoner. Lily and her baby were eventually rescued, and Holden and Lily named their new daughter Hope. Months later, in a shocking plot twist, Lily and Holden learned that their baby had been switched at birth by David, who had kept their daughter for himself. In this touching episode, Lily and Holden are at last reunited with their true biological daughter.

    Episode 8. The Imposter. September 6, 2000
    Lily and Holden had finally found some peace, and were looking forward to a happy life together. Then, fate once again intervened, when Lily discovered an old photo of a woman who looked exactly like her. Lily became obsessed with finding the woman, and eventually tracked her down in Atlantic City, where she discovered that the woman, Rose D’Angelo, was working as a showgirl.

    In one of show’s more unlikely plot developments, a strange twist of fate now delivered Lily to a deserted island, where she was marooned with Simon, a man who had been renovating her house. Meanwhile, Rose D’Angelo assumed Lily’s identity in Oakdale, where she managed to fool everyone.

    In this episode, Holden has rescued Lily from the island, and they are together again. Lily is relieved and happy to be home, until she learns that her identity has been successfully assumed by an imposter for months.

    Episode 9. Another Twist in the Road. December 5, 2005
    By the fall of 2005, Lily had given birth to another daughter, Natalie, and Holden had adopted Luke. But Holden was ultimately unhappy in the marriage, and he moved out and started a relationship with Julia Larrabee. After Julia’s untimely death, Lily became romantically entangled with Julia's brother, Keith Morrisey. Just as it seemed that Lily might have found a new love, Luke's sudden kidney failure threw her back together with Holden, and she was reminded of how much she loved him.

    In this episode, Lily longs to be with Holden again, but Keith is the only person who can find a kidney for Luke. He is willing to provide it, but it comes at a very high price indeed.

    Episode 10. Ever After. January 13, 2006
    Although she nearly married Keith in order to save Luke, Lily begged Keith to release her from their arrangement, and he surprisingly agreed. Lily and Holden were able to reunite with their three children and start again. In this romantic episode, Lily and Holden renew their vows in front of their closest family and friends.

    To order "The Story of Lily and Holden," visit You can also watch a free episode which features one of the most famous moments in Lily and Holden history.

    Will Caroline's Namesake Niece Bring Up Bittersweet Memories For Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?!

    It may be hard for soap fans, forever locked in the Brooke and Ridge vs. Brooke and Taylor debate, to recall there was once another great love of the Forrestor fashion scion's life. When The Bold and the Beautiful began 25 years ago, Ridge Forrester only had eyes for publishing princess Caroline Spencer. Okay, his eyes may have belonged to Caroline, but he was perfectly okay to share other body parts with nubile young fashion models, which resulted in Caroline passing out on the way to the altar and later taking up with his baby brother Thorne!

    While Ridge and Caroline eventually found their way back together—despite the best efforts of Thorne, Caroline's dad Bill Spencer and a caterer's daughter named Brooke Logan — their happiness was short-lived. Caroline succumbed to leukemia in 1990, her dying wish being that her frenemy Brooke end up with Ridge. Too bad Caroline's physician Dr. Taylor Hayes, nor Ridge's meddling mama Stephanie Forrester got the memo!

    Caroline's death set the stage for the central triangle that drove B&B for well over two decades. Now the soap is in the process of passing the torch onto a new generation of Forresters, Spencers and Logans. It's only fitting that a young, blonde woman named Caroline be apart of that process.

    This past week, Joanna Johnson reprised the role of Caroline's twin sister Karen, who brought her daughter, also named Caroline, to town to apply for a position with Forrester Creations. Will this Caroline drive Ridge's son Thomas and his stepbrother Rick to fits of jealousy similar to the ones Caroline 1.0 inspired in Thorne and Ridge? If so, someone better make sure to lock the Forrester family gun cabinet!

    Look for Caroline, Jr. and Ridge to bond over her aunt next week on B&B.

    Relive Will Coming Out to a Lady Gaga-Quoting Marlena on Days of Our Lives!

    The most powerful, heartfelt, realistic and emotionally resonant storyline currently airing in daytime is happening on a soap that has been more closely associated with science fiction and the supernatural in recent decades.

    This past week, Will Horton came out to his grandmother, Dr. Marlena Evans, on Days of Our Lives.

    While some of the other storylines on DAYS are hit-or-miss right now. Will's struggle to come to terms with his sexuality, with the beloved and iconic Marlena there to gently guide him through his conflicting feelings, is soap opera at its best. Relive the moment—complete with Doc referencing Lady Gaga!

    Tristan Rogers Headed Back to The Young and the Restless!

    Tristan Rogers isn't letting any grass grow under his feet. On the heels of reprising the role of Robert Scorpio on General Hospital, the soap vet is headed back to The Young and the Restless, reports Soap Opera Weekly. Look for Genevieve's (Genie Francis) ex-husband—and Jill's (Jess Walton) on again/off again beau— Colin Ashby to be back in Genoa City "indefinitely."

    B&B: Hope Falls Apart!

    Hope’s life is spinning out of control as she struggle with intimacy and the fallout from the media capturing her in a clinch with Liam. This isn’t where she thought her life would be going. She and Liam have been through so much together, dealing with Amber’s lie and Steffy getting in the way, by refusing to sign the divorce papers. It’s been one thing after another.

    She loves Liam so much and would do anything for him but she had an idea of what their life together would be like and it hasn’t turned out that way. She feels like everyone is judging her when all she wants to do is be with Liam. In order to deal with her problems, hope becomes dependent more and more on pills. A strung out Hope has another confrontation with Steffy over Liam. Steffy doesn’t know Hope is under the influence at the time of the confrontation.

    Hope is still very insecure about Steffy, especially with everything that is going on. Even though Hope finally has Liam, he and Steffy are still on good terms. Steffy knows how to push Hope’s buttons. Later, Stephanie throws a welcome party for Caroline, which almost everyone attends and Hope suffers another anxiety attack.

    Matula thinks the storyline is very realistic… she likes seeing Hope in therapy because it’s a way for the audience to understand what Hope is going through. “Hope is still young and has a lot of growing up to do, so it’ll be interesting to see where things go.”

    Ratings for the Week of March 19-23, 2012!

    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,065,000 (-272,000/-463,000) <—– new low *
    2. B&B 2,949,000 (-167,000/+130,000)
    3. DAYS 2,252,000 (-168,000/-109,000)
    4. GH 2,247,000 (-1,000/-622,000)


    Monday April 2:

    Carrie is torn about which man she wants to be with but at the end of the day chooses Rafe.
    Marlena calls Roman and asks for help with John and Hope since she has a feeling there is something wrong.
    EJ reacts to hearing about Nicole's pregnancy. He thinks the baby is his.
    Carrie overhears Nicole's news.

    Tuesday April 3:

    Sami pleads with Lucas to stay in Salem. He thinks she has unresolved feelings for EJ but she thinks she has feelings for Lucas still.
    Gina and the Pawn play Stefano in a poker game. If Stefano wins, he gets the Anastasia egg immediately. If they win, he'll leave them alone for good.
    Stefano rigs the poker game.

    Wednesday April 4:

    After Lexi faints, Abe's about to call 911 but she makes him promise not to.
    Daniel wants to run tests on Lexi.
    Celeste returns to Salem. For more about the new actress taking this part and spoilers, read:'s interview with Beverly Todd.
    Celeste urges Lexi to have her tests run ASAP! She's in terrible danger.
    Daniel and Billie flirt.
    Billie meets with Spencer and Billie thinks EJ is behind the stolen pensions.
    Lucas agrees to stay in Salem longer.
    Sami's ripped in two after hearing Rafe impregnated Nicole. EJ comforts Sami.
    Will tired of everyone badgering him and finally admits he's gay.

    Thursday April 5:

    Daniel's impressed by Rafe's commitment to Nicole.
    Carrie and Austin try to connect but Carrie's heart is not in it.
    Celeste reveals she consulted her tarot cards and that's how she knows Lexi is ill.
    Daniel has grave news for Lexi.
    Will starts to feel liberated.
    Abby sees Austin kissing Carrie and runs away, running straight into Cameron.

    Friday April 6:

    John, having shaken off Stefano's hypnotic trance, tries to help Hope do the same.
    Kate, jealous and hurt, seeks Ian out. She unloads her suspicions about Stefano on him and they kiss.
    Lexi has an inoperable brain tumor.
    Abby's meeting with Cameron has him flustered and angry because she ruined a photograph of his.
    Cameron's trying to find his half-sister Lexi.
    Abby's hurt when Cameron does not acknowledge her the third time they meet.

    Monday, April 2
    John and Anna talk about his past history with Sonny; Starr and Michael get acquainted.

    Tuesday, April 3
    Sam reaches a shocking conclusion; Starr looks to get even with Sonny.

    Wednesday, April 4
    Connie unleashes her anger on Jason; Spinelli requests Lulu's help with Maxie; Heather uses Steve to her advantage.

    Thursday, April 5
    Jason's attempt to warn Sonny doesn't pan out; Patrick faces painful memories after returning to work.

    Friday, April 6
    John lends Sam some support; Connie acts thoughtlessly on her first date with Ewen

    Amber steals the spotlight at Caroline’s party

    Taylor and Thorne realize that Caroline would be a great match for Thomas

    Thomas catches Rick and Caroline in a seemingly intimate conversation

    Brooke is thrilled when Caroline and Rick appear to enjoy one another’s company

    Bill and Katie disagree about Caroline’s job

    Steffy comes home with a plan to win back the things that were taken from her

    Ridge annoys Liam with some advice

    Hope’s reliance on her medications worsens

    When Hope’s meds are cut off, Amber endeavors to find Hope a new supplier

    Thomas makes an admission to Marcus.

    Gen's offer to Jack will force him to decide whether to put everything on the line for Beauty of Nature.

    Ashley and Nikki try to stop Jack when they believe he's making a wrong move.

    Chelsea and Victoria argue.

    Victor is challenged by Victoria.

    Neil's new position may cause issues with Devon.

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    0 0

    Although Facebook is banned in China, it didn't stop Mark from his exciting vacation with Priscilla to the Apple store.

    The moment Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was spotted on the streets of Shanghai, young and wired Chinese began to seethe with excitement, totally oblivious to the fact that the world’s largest social network is totally off limits to the world’s most populous country.

    On March 28, a reporter with Dongfang Daily stumbled across Zuckerberg near Shanghai’s Fuxing Road and Xintiandi area. Zuckerberg was wearing a hoodie and jeans. His long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan, wearing sunglasses, walked beside him. Every now and then, Chan swiped her hand across an iPad screen, probably consulting the map.

    The reporter, who snapped several photos of the duo, noticed that a few passersby also recognized Zuckerberg. Some took out their smartphones and aimed at the pair. Some walked toward them and tried to chat them up. But the uncannily enthusiastic passersby were soon stopped and driven away by Zuckerberg’s six bodyguards.

    What surprises Chinese more is that later, Zuckerberg even went into an Apple store on Nanjing Road, a main shopping street in Shanghai, and lingered there for about 10 minutes. The news was later confirmed by the Apple store, which claimed that Zuckerberg came in unannounced. Witnesses said that “He touched everything in the store, from iPhone to iPad. He talked with much interest, and even peered at other customers in the store for a while.”

    According to various pictures uploaded by different witnesses, Zuckerberg visited Tianzifang – an arts and crafts enclave, Xintiandi – a high-end shopping, dining and entertainment district, and Nanjing Road. Many commented that “He looked as low-profile as a high school boy.”

    Netizens are quick to connect the dots – between Zuckerberg accidentally spotted in Shanghai and Apple CEO Tim Cook visiting Beijing. A collage of photos lists even two more IT gurus – Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Cisco CEO John Chambers – and pointed out the interesting fact that the executives helming four of the world’s internet giants all showed up in China in the same week, which suggests the strategic importance of the Chinese market. Sina News blogged with a wry sense of humor, “Is it because the ark is in Tibet,” echoing the Chinese imagination wildly circulating on the Internet about the refuge from the end of the world in year 2012, which came from the Hollywood blockbuster. In the movie, Chinese people built a Noah’s Ark in Tibet, and only paramount government leaders and rich people in the world can board.

    However, some netizen drew the line between Tim Cook, who was in a whirlwind of business meetings and visits with Chinese officials, and Mark Zuckerberg, who simply stopped in China to smell the flowers before heading to Japan.

    Priscilla Chan, Zuckerberg’s Chinese American girlfriend who is seen by Chinese as the luckiest woman sleeping on billion dollars, inevitably becomes the subject of the gossip column. Nanjing, capital city of East China’s Jiangsu province, immediately claims to be Chan’s ancestral home and gave Chan a good-natured nickname “Little Chubby Girl from Nanjing”. Yangtse Evening Post, a Nanjing-based serious newspaper with a circulation of 2.2 million, smelt of a tabloid when it gushed about the passionate love between the two. Below is a page from Yangtse Evening Post.

    Netizens, in contrast, almost unanimously tut-tutted and frowned upon Chan before they gave Zuckerberg a smack in the eye over his choice of partner.

    Translated selection of comments from NetEase:

    中石油CEO [网易山西省朔州市网友]:2012-03-28 10:51:13 发表
    His girlfriend looks and dresses rather plainly…Look at the dress, and the glasses…Why they seem cheap buys on the street to me?…Okay, maybe what exists between them is true love, and I am too much of an idiot (to understand). 2B

    拆迁队陆政委 [网易亚太地区网友]:2012-03-28 10:56:50 发表
    At any rate, he is already a billionaire. He has a house, a car; he is pretty young, and looks not bad…This girlfriend of his is so plain! Why not just come directly to the land of China, where nerdy indoorsy girls can line up from Heilongjiang (in the northeast) to Yunnan (in the southwest)?!! (The distance equivalent to that between Maine and Texas)

    q4625620 [网易北京市网友]:2012-03-29 08:42:27 发表
    Editor, perhaps that woman is just an interpreter.

    黄易试用工 [网易浙江省杭州市网友]:2012-03-28 11:01:56 发表
    I admire Zuckerberg, who is honest and pristine, and does not jilt the woman who shared his hard lot despite having billion dollars!

    各种重复重复 [网易山东省淄博市网友]:2012-03-28 11:06:00 发表
    Oh, my. Look at those two sexy, fat legs. Billionaires do have a unique taste.

    网易上海市网友 ip:180.175.*.*2012-03-28 11:00:04 发表
    Chinese beauties look ugly in foreigners’ eyes, and ugly Chinese girls look pretty.

    网易日本网友 [让一部分人富起来欺负穷人] 的原贴:2
    No wonder Sister Feng has gone to America!

    黄易编外人员 [网易湖南省长沙市网友]:2012-03-28 10:56:38 发表
    Good. This young man looks so damn handsome.

    网易上海市网友 ip:180.175.*.*2012-03-29 09:11:22 发表
    Foreigners’ taste is really different, which is really heavy.

    Source S2

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    eli is losing it over this chick faster than he did with clare. not healthy.

    tonight's episode was not as bad as i thought it would be. imogen's already lying to him? and what an idiot for selling his dad's guitar


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    Two brand new promos for the new iCarly episode 'iGo One Direction' have been released. Episode will be on April 7th.

    Promo 1:

    Promo 2:

    source 1 & 2

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    check out the new song taylor momsen recorded for FIX: The Ministry Movie soundtrack called 'victory'


    omg bow

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