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    A video intended to “diffuse” the thigh gap obsession is being slammed for fetishizing the fixation instead.

    “The Magic Gap,” which was shot by fashion photog and director Guy Aroch, is part of lifestyle website NOWNESS’ #DefineBeauty campaign.

    “As a male, I didn’t even know (the thigh gap obsession) was a thing,” Aroch told NOWNESS.

    “Thigh gap” refers to a space between the upper thighs when someone is standing with her legs together.

    Pictures of women with this gap — which is primarily dictated by genetics — often serve as unhealthy and dangerous “thinspiration” for people who may go to extreme measures to make sure their upper legs don’t touch.

    Aroch used a “romanticized, sun-kissed filter” when filming “The Magic Gap” in Manhattan, according to NOWNESS.

    The clip features leggy models Chanel Iman, Gigi Hadid, Alyssa Miller and Elsa Hosk to “depict the controversial fixation that is largely based on pelvic shape and tendon length,” according to a synopsis of the short.

    Aroch asked people in SoHo and Central Park if they knew what “magic gap” means, and their answers act as narration for the video.

    The participants give different responses, which, as blog Fashionista points out, may be “because — at least, until now — ‘magic gap’ is not commonly used to describe the thigh gap phenomenon.”

    Fashionista blasted the video for “glorifying” the thigh gap.

    “There's nothing probing about this video, nothing that makes the viewer step back and say, ‘You know, why are we obsessing over this?’” the post said.

    An article on Shape magazine’s website described the video as “basically two minutes of pelvic exams on supermodels, all of whom have very noticeable gaps.”

    “Aroch had a real opportunity to start a conversation about why this particular feature has become the standard of beauty. There is no intelligent commentary, no debate, no insight. Instead he just fetishizes it,” the article continues.


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    Yes, she is wearing a thong

    Source: 123
    fuck she is so HOT! & she doesn't gaf.

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    So happy for him and all the success he's having. The album's wonderful, one of the best so far this year. Poor John Newman Tho

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    Famous plus-size model Robyn Lawley and equally famous plus-size blogger GabiFresh took on Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition recently—and their effective visual commentary needed no words at all. The two women, along with fellow plus-size models Shareefa J and Jada Sezer, posed for a SwimsuitsForAll-sponsored calendar that featured the same cover pose SI used with Nina Agdal, Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen earlier this year.

    The motive behind the shoot was one of complete body acceptance regardless of size."I think there needs to be more publications and campaigns so that people can say, wow, I look like these women, and they look comfortable and sexy and they're portraying my body type," Sezer said. The calendar, which the swimsuit company is touting as the "First Ever Curvy Swimsuit Calendar," is available to download for free on the site.


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    The Real Housewives of London? Not quite, but Bravo is jumping across the pond to mingle with a new clique of women in Ladies of London.

    Tonight is the start of a new show on Bravo called Ladies of London. This is another reality show full of drama that you will not want to miss. You can check out the preview in the video below.

    The women in this show are rich and one woman shares that she has spent $30,000 in one day before. One of them is even a royal and others have some that are really good friends.

    Some of the girls are not really from London which makes things harder for them. Money only gets you so far there and it is hard to fit in. They have to different cultures and this show will be a lot about how they find a way to make it work together. You can't buy your way into a group here.

    Annabelle Neilson – who’s friends with Kate Moss and was the late Alexander McQueen‘s muse — and Caroline Stanbury – who is married to a wealthy financier — are born-and-bred Brits, but Caprice Bourret, Juliet Angus, Noelle Reno, Marissa Hermer and Julie Montagu are all American girls who jumped across the pond, and now call London their home.

    All of the women are accomplished, beautiful, have impressive careers and run in a who’s who of social circles, but being crowned an “it” girl in London is not an easy task.

    Meet The Ladies of London!

    The show is set to feature five American-born women–model Caprice Bourrett, fashion gurus Juliet Angus, and Noelle Reno, business expert Marissa Hermer, and health and wellness coach Julie Montagu.

    They will be schooled in in English ways by natives Annabelle Nielsen, an author from South London; and Caroline Stanbury, former girlfriend to Prince Andrew and part of the Vestey dynasty.

    Ladies of London is just one of an increasing number of reality television shows focused almost exclusively on women.

    Learn more about the cast below.

    Annabelle Neilson

    Age: 45
    From: London/Oxfordshire
    Occupation: Author
    Family: Divorced from Nathaniel Rothschild

    Neilson is part of high society, not only once married to Rothschild but also the daughter of investment advisor Max Neilson, who is part of a wealthy aristocratic family.

    Neilson was one of the best friends of late designer Alexander McQueen, meeting him during a spell when she was modeling.

    She counts among her current friends Kate Moss, Jude Law, Naomi Campbell, and Richard Branson.

    She’s the author of a children’s book “On the Pond” and is currently working on one about her friendship with McQueen.

    The preview of the season shows the women trying to cheer Neilson up, as she’s still mourning McQueen’s death.

    “Since Alexander’s death she’s been sort of withdrawn and I’m just trying to get her out because I want her to meet new people,” Caprice says.


    Age: 42
    From: Hacienda Heights, California
    Occupation: Fashion designer
    Family: Two sons with boyfriend Ty Comfort

    Another former fashion model, Caprice moved to London decades ago to pursue her career.

    She’s graced the covers of British GQ, Esquire, Maxim, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan.

    Not content to stay just in the modeling world, Caprice has appeared in over 150 films and TV shows along with some theatrical productions.

    Caprice also started her own fashion company called By Caprice.

    She met Comfort in 2011 and they have two children, Jett and Jax. One was conceived via a surrogate while the other is from Caprice.

    The show started filming when Caprice was pregnant so a lot of the focus is on her becoming a new mom.

    Noelle Reno

    Age: 33
    From: Seattle, Washington
    Occupation: TV presenter, fashion entrepreneur
    Family: Engaged to Scot Young

    Reno grew up in Seattle but sought to get into the modeling business early, dreaming about a life outside suburbia. She signed with Elite at 13.

    She moved to London at age 20 and met her current fiance Scot Young through ex-fiance Matthew Mellon.

    Since she moved overseas, Reno has become a fashion entrepreneur, TV correspondent, and socialite.

    Among her business exploits has been co-founding Degrees of Freedom, a cashmere fashion brand, and partnering with Zandra Rhodes, celebrated fashion designer, to found clothing line Z by Zandra Rhodes.

    Reno has also gotten into blogging, other writing, and public speaking.

    In the series, she and Young are back together after breaking up while he was in jail for three months, and the couple are in a legal battle with Scot’s ex-wife.

    Marissa Hermer

    Age: 32
    From: Newport Beach, California
    Occupation: Director of Special Projects, Ignite Group
    Family: Married to Matt Hermer, two children

    Hermer was born in Laguna Beach and raised in Newport Beach.

    She graduated from Middlebury in Vermont and decided to move to London.

    She later moved to New York to work for fashion luxury business Nadine Johnson and later Syndicate Media Group. It was in the city that she reconnected with Matt, a nightclub owner and resurateur in London, and moved back to London. They married in 2010.

    Now Hermer has her own company that operates around the world.

    Among the holdings is high-end nightclub Boujis, a favorite among royals such as Prince Harry.

    Hermer reveals in the show that “‘It’s one of the most exclusive night clubs in the world. In order to get in you need to be a member, or a royal, have won an Oscar or a Grammy.”

    In the series, Hermer is seen getting her citizenship and celebrating as a party. Hermer gets on the nerves of some of the other women, ironically by refusing to trash talk.

    “Marissa is seriously the sweetest person but sometimes it’s like little Miss Perfect. That is a quality that it a little bit annoying,” Juliet says.

    Caroline Stanbury

    Age: About 38
    From: London
    Occupation: Founder of Gift Library
    Family: Married to Cem Habib, three children

    Stanbury was born into the esteemed Vesey family and began mixing with royals from a young age.

    She reportedly dated Prince Andrew at one point, among other romantic relationships with the likes of Hugh Grant.

    Stanbury has been a personal stylist for some of London’s most glamorous socialites, but became a businesswoman by launching Gift Library in 2008.

    The company engages in luxury gifting and personal shopping services. She later expanded with The Wedding Shop of Caroline Stanbury.

    Stanbury in the series comes to be known as emotional, and not in a good way.

    “Caroline is someone that will be so nice to you and then turn around and absolutely annihilate you,” Caprice says in the preview.

    Juliet Angus

    Age: About 38
    From: Chicago
    Occupation: Fashion PR consultant and stylist
    Family: Married to Gregor Angus, two children

    Angus was born and raised in Chicago but moved to London in 2010.

    Prior to moving she called many celebrities close friends and spent much of her time in Hollywood.

    That helped transition to London’s social scene when she moved.

    Besides being a fashion guru Angus is an aspiring newscaster and actress, having completed her Bachelors of Arts in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Southern California.

    She and her husband live in Battersea, South London.

    In the series, Juliet shows that she is quite brash.

    “When you go out with Juliet, you buy tickets to the Juliet show. Sometimes it’s a bit too much for some Brits,” Marissa said. Annabelle describes Juliet as both “Daisy Duke on speed” and “an over-excited terrier.”

    Julie Montagu

    Age: About 41
    From: Sugar Grove, Illinois
    Occupation: Yoga instructor, health coach
    Family: Married to Luke Montagu, four children

    Montagu is a former model now engaged in the modern health movement as a yoga instructor and health and fitness coach.

    She’s also known as Lady Hinchingbrooke because her husband is the heir to the Early of Sandwich, also known as Viscount Hinchingbrooke.

    They married at the family estate in Southwest England but now live in London.

    Montagu owns her own company, which is self-titled. Products include a power yoga DVD and an online nutrition e-learning course.

    She also created the Super Healthy Options menu for the Bumpkin chain of restaurants.

    Tamra Plans To Confront Heather At Reunion!

    During last week's episode of RHOC, Heather Dubrow threw a Hoedown to celebrate breaking ground on her dream home. The Hoedown included a mechanical bull that several of the Housewives were excited to try, but when Tamra Judge took her turn, she didn’t hear Heather tell the operator, “Turn that up.”

    As Tamra was waiting for the bull to start, Terry Dubrow asked Heather, “You turned that way up?”

    She replied, “Yes.” Tamra took a hard fall and Heather acted shocked.

    “Are you ok?” Heather asks Tamra. “That was too fast! Why did they do that so fast? Did they do that on purpose? Fire him. That’s not funny!”

    Tamra had to go to the ER to make sure she hadn’t broken her arm. Luckily, there was just a lot of soft tissue bruising, leaving her arm black and blue. Viewers were curious to hear Tamra’s reaction after she watched the episode and heard Heather tell the operator to turn the bull up. And Tamra tells us EXCLUSIVELY she was shocked.

    “I had no idea Heather told the bull operator to ‘turn it up’ until I saw the footage,” Tamra EXCLUSIVELY tells us. “What shocked me the most was to hear her say ‘he should be fired for turning it up.’ Say what? I’m still absorbing this info and quite frankly I have mixed emotions. Heather has text me to say she is sorry and she was just kidding. I guess we will deal with it at the reunion. She’s still my fancy pants.”

    Do you think Heather is sorry or just sorry she got caught?

    sources: AllThingsRH, TheEpochTimes

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    Not the Irish Queen of Pop serving us this flawless vocal after the release of Churrol's flop single today.

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    Greta Gerwig


    Marion Cotillard

    Chris Kattan


    Chrissy Teigen

    Anna Chlumsky

    Betsey Johnson

    Joan Smalls

    Olivia Palermo

    Jaime King

    Jennifer Hudson

    Emmy Rossum

    Dree Hemingway

    Thea Andrews

    Blake Lively

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

    Keri Russell

    Chanel Iman

    Karen Elson

    Naomi Campbell

    Solange Knowles


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    9. Ellaria Sand

    Nooooooooooooooo. I did not see the death of Oberyn coming after he'd speared the Mountain a few times and slit his ankle. We feel for you, Ellaria, but all great orgies must come to an end. Your greatest protector just got his head squeezed like a pimple—get out of King's Landing, now!

    5. Arya Stark

    Hell yeah for some laughter on Game of Thrones. Arya will never have to deal with her crazy aunt, and now she gets to go on more swashbuckling adventures with The Hound! This is a great turn of events. The only problem is that her guardian might develop a Drogo-like infection, leaving the wee Stark to fend for herself. Better start practicing that water-dancing routine, Arya.

    3. Daenerys Targaryen

    Chill out, Khaleesi! Yeah, Ser Jorah, was a traitor, but that's not the point. Homeboy is so in love with you, he'd do anything to protect you and your beautiful baby dragons. I get being angry in the moment, but you should've slept on the decision to banish your most trusted, and knowledgable advisor.

    2. Sansa

    YES, Sansa, YES!!! Love the way you lie. This is the moment I've been waiting for from the show's least ambitious Stark. Throughout Season 4, this column has been very cruel to Sansa—some say needlessly so—but in this episode, she pulled off a key power move. Rather than surrender her slimy, yet ultra protective uncle and (soon to be?) lover, she looked out for herself. Now Sansa basically owns a castle, and got a sexy makeover.

    1. Cersei Lannister

    Welp, she picked the right person to fight Oberyn. The Queen Regent, one way or another, always gets what she wants. In this case, it's soon to be Tyrion's head. Unless her brother can think of something, Cersei is about to secure herself as the kingdom's deadliest woman to never get her hands dirty.

    See the full list at the SOURCE

    The spoiler is now under a cut mods.

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    Using the "Led Zeppelin IV" typeface, and including a claim for the "Falsification of Rock N' Roll History," the heirs of songwriter Randy Craig Wolfe have finally lodged a copyright infringement lawsuit against Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and other Led Zeppelin parties over the 1971 song "Stairway to Heaven."
    The complaint — 43 years in the making — was filed in Pennsylvania federal court Friday, and it's indeed a colorful one.

    It tells the story of Wolfe (aka Randy California), a guitar virtuoso who was discovered by Jimi Hendrix at the age of 15 and later became the founding member of the band Spirit, which in 1968 released a self-titled album that made Billboard's Top 40 charts. Most notably on that album was a 2-minute, 37-second instrumental titled "Taurus" with a distinctive guitar line. According to the complaint, "Little did anyone know at the time, 17-year old Randy had created what would become some of the most famous guitar work in the history of music."

    That same year, Spirit was touring. The opening band? Led Zeppelin, of course. "Jimmy Page’s use of the Etherwave-Theremin and other psychedelic-type audio effects which helped give Led Zeppelin its distinctive sound — especially prominent in 'Whole Lotta Love'— was inspired by seeing California effectively use these types of audio-enhancing effects on tour," states the complaint.

    In 1970, the official story of Rock N' Roll History goes, Page holed himself up in a remote cottage in Wales called Bron-Yr-Aur, and by fireside, wrote "Stairway to Heaven."

    "I had these pieces, these guitar pieces, that I wanted to put together," Page would later explain in describing the writing of the song. "I had a whole idea of a piece of music that I really wanted to try and present to everybody and try and come to terms with. Bit difficult really ..."

    The song was recorded in London in 1970-71. It was released on an untitled album now known as "Led Zeppelin IV." Its introductory passage is quite iconic — arguably the one song that every aspiring guitar player tries to learn. See "Wayne's World."

    But the trustee now managing the Wolfe estate is taking legal action. See better-late-than-never.

    "Any reasonable observer, when comparing 'Taurus' and 'Stairway to Heaven,' must conclude that — at the very least — significant portions of the songs are nearly identical," the lawsuit argues.

    Judge for yourself.

    Although the complaint admits that "Led Zeppelin is undeniably one of the greatest bands in history, and their musical talent is boundless," it also notes that "this is hardly the first time Zeppelin has been accused of lifting their most famous songs."

    A chart of 17 allegedly stolen songs is provided. Titles like "Dazed and Confused,""Whole Lotta Love" and "Since I’ve Been Loving You" are sourced to others. Among the allegedly ripped-off are Howlin' Wolf, Eddie Cochran, Willie Dixon, and Ritchie Valens. Led Zeppelin is said to have made six settlements (evidenced seemingly by song credits). Other supposed "infringements" prompted no legal actions.

    The plaintiff is demanding statutory damages, defendants' profits, punitive damages plus equitable relief in the form of an order that Wolfe is credited as a writer of "Stairway to Heaven." A footnote in the lawsuit indicates that funds obtained from the lawsuit will go into a trust whose proceeds go to buying needy children musical instruments.

    Below is the full complaint, notably from the same lawyer who just two weeks ago, was sanctioned in a songwriting dispute involving Usher. That lawyer is apparently unaware of the rash of copyright cases targeting font infringement.

    As for Page, the legendary guitarist recently told a French newspaper that the claims of plagiarizing "Stairway to Heaven" were "ridiculous."



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    Talented up and coming filmmaker Ryan Spindell is working hard to get his indie anthology project off the ground, and has resorted to assembling a really awesome short documentary detailing years of horror anthologies.

    We Come In Pieces: The Rebirth of the Horror Anthology Film is a documentary short that chronicles and celebrates the past, present, and future of horror anthology films.

    According to the press release:

    When filmmaker Ryan Spindell (“Kirksdale,” “The Root Of The Problem”) set out to make his horror anthology film The Mortuary Collection (kickstarter here), producers rejected it outright. Time and time again, he was told that horror anthologies are dead at the studio level, but the question no one seemed to be able to answer was, why?

    To find out Spindell teamed up with documentary filmmaker Ben Hethcoat (Dead Dad, D.I.Y) and together they sat down with legendary moviemakers Joe Dante (Gremlins, Twilight Zone: The Movie), Michael Dougherty (Trick R Treat), Darin Scott (Tales From The Hood), Larry Fessenden (We Sell The Dead) and a handful of genre experts to discuss the horror anthologies they love, the current state of the format, and the future of the horror anthology film. In the course of making the documentary, Spindell and Hethcoat discovered that despite the studios reluctance to get behind the horror anthology format, the fans of the long-dormant subgenre are as fervent as ever. With renewed enthusiasm the filmmakers have set out to connect directly with those fans by launching a Kickstarter Campaign to finance The Mortuary Collection independently.

    Whatever the case may be, this is a fun, well put together indie doc that any horror fan would enjoy. And frankly, Spindell is a good filmmaker who I’d like to see behind the camera some more. Go support his campaign and keep the horror anthology alive.


    This was entertaining

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    With the trailer for Disney's adaptation of Marvel's Big Hero 6 finally out, everyone has been itching for more details about the movie. There isn't much to go on yet, but some new tidbits did just get leaked — and they're interesting!

    First off, Hiro's parents (who were originally going to play a role in the movie) are now dead. The child prodigy instead grew up with his older brother Tadashi, who mysteriously disappears in an accident. This is likely what will kick off Hiro's story and lead into him joining the Big Hero 6.

    As for the art, here's the kind of blurry image of the battle-ready team which showed up on the Big Hero 6 Tumblr. From left to right, it looks like Wasabi-No-Ginger, Honey Lemon, Baymax, Hiro, Fred, and GoGo Tomago. I've never read the comic so I can't say how true to their origin these characters look, but they look pretty damn sweet.

    That's all for now, but keep your eyes open for more details as they slowly trickle out before the movie's November 7 release.


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    Bill Clinton looked anything but happy as he strode into the Savoy Baur en Ville hotel in Zurich in December 2010. The receptionists could tell he was irritated, but had no idea just how angry he was.

    After closing the door to his suite, he reached for an ornament on a table and threw it at a wall mirror in a fit of rage, shattering the glass.

    The former US president, who had spent two years travelling the world glad-handing members of football’s governing body, Fifa, could not believe America’s bid to host the 2022 World Cup had been beaten by, of all places, Qatar.

    Mr Clinton, the honorary chairman of the US bid, had wheeled out such big-hitters as Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman and Spike Lee to add lustre to the US Soccer Federation bid. Australia and Japan’s bids had seemed the biggest threat, but few had seriously entertained the idea that Qatar, a footballing desert, could win.

    “Clinton was fuming,” said one well-placed source. “He felt humiliated and felt the decision did not make sense.”

    As Qatar’s bid team celebrated and the Fifa president Sepp Blatter declared football was going to “new lands”, questions were already being asked about the decision-making process. Why would Fifa award the World Cup to a small Gulf state with no footballing history, let alone stadia, where summer temperatures can reach 50C (122F)?

    The answer could lie in a series of payments made by a senior Qatari official to various Fifa members. The Qatar 2022 bid committee is adamant that there is no link.

    In the wake of Qatar’s victory, the US and Australian governing bodies, or sources close to them, each hired teams of private detectives who have worked behind the scenes since, interviewing witnesses and obtaining documents in the search for what they were certain was the hidden truth about the motives of Fifa members in voting for Qatar.

    Whether there is any connection between these investigations and the leak of documents to The Sunday Times is unclear, but Australia and the US have most to gain if Qatar is stripped of the World Cup.

    Meanwhile, newspapers have been making their own inquiries into the controversy.

    In March this year, The Telegraph disclosed that Jack Warner, the former vice-president of Fifa, and his family were paid almost £1.2million by a Qatari firm linked to the World Cup bid. This newspaper also revealed that the 10-year-old daughter of a Brazilian Fifa executive who participated in the 2010 decision had more than £2 million put into a savings account set up in her name.

    The Sunday Times has been given millions of leaked documents that appear to show a further £2 million in bribes that were paid to Fifa members in a plot allegedly organised by Mohamed Bin Hammam, Qatar’s most senior football official at the time.

    Mr Bin Hammam is alleged to have used ten secret slush funds to make dozens of payments, many of them to accounts controlled by the heads of 30 African football associations who could lobby the continent’s four executive members over how to vote.

    Mr Bin Hammam was banned from world football in 2011 after he was caught bribing voters in his bid to be elected Fifa president.

    Now The Telegraph has discovered that Michel Platini, the president of Europe’s soccer governing body UEFA, held secret meetings with Mr Bin Hammam, and that Thailand was offered a gas deal in return for its support of the Qatar bid.

    The clamour for Qatar to be punished has now built such momentum that Australia is said to be ready to re-run its bid if the 2022 tournament is up for grabs again, with the US likely to follow suit.

    Where that leaves England’s World Cup ambitions is less easy to predict. England bid for the 2018 World Cup, given to Russia on the same day as Qatar was awarded the 2022 tournament.

    David Cameron and the Duke of Cambridge were among those lobbying Fifa in the run-up to the vote in Switzerland, yet the bid got just two votes and was eliminated in the first round of voting.

    Andy Anson, the chief executive of England’s bid, said some executive committee members had told lies. He had been confident that England could secure seven votes in the first round, a base that would have provided a platform for victory.

    “I do feel people let us down, I’d be lying if I said they didn’t,” he said. “People who promised us our vote obviously went the other way.”

    Even before Russia annexed Crimea, concerns had been raised about the country’s human rights and safety record, and there is speculation that if the 2022 vote has to be re-run, the 2018 vote would have to be re-run also.

    Fifa is already looking at the possibility of moving the 2022 tournament to the winter months, and speculation is growing that Mr Blatter is looking for an excuse to reverse the decision altogether, with health concerns being a potential excuse.

    A spokesman for the Qatar 2022 bid said Mr Bin Hammam had never worked for the bid and they knew nothing about his activities.


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    It won the box office over the weekend, but there’s no certainty that Maleficent will wind up with a sequel. Unlike Disney’s previous live-action retellings of its own animated classics — 101 Dalmatians and Alice in Wonderland — this movie may not earn enough in the long run to warrant bringing Angelina Jolie back as the redeemed Sleeping Beauty villainess.

    The studio will instead focus on its other live-action remakes already in the pipeline, namely 2015′s Cinderella and The Jungle Book and the to-be-scheduled takes on Beauty and the Beast and, again, 101 Dalmatians. That last title will, like Maleficent, be focused on the baddie and has a tentative title of Cruella de Vil. Hopefully Glenn Close will reprise the lead role (making it another sequel to the 1996 hit), as she is currently credited as an executive producer on the project.

    Given today’s trend of super franchises, though, it wouldn’t be surprising if Disney announced that all these movies were leading towards a mash-up of some sort. And because the public has a thing for antagonists, which Hollywood is already looking to exploit big time with a Sinister Six movie spun-off from the Amazing Spider-Man series, it also wouldn’t be surprising if that mash-up was going to be centered on Disney’s Villains merchandising franchise. It’d be a more fruitful effort than doing something with Princesses or Fairies, even though both of those are much more lucrative licensing-wise. Brands are not proven movie-worthy simply because of clothing and toy sales, especially with Disney products since the studio would prefer to target a wider audience than just the little girls who wear Tiana or Tinkerbell pajamas.

    Think of the possibility: a movie teaming up Jolie, Close, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine and a computer-generated Shere Khan voiced by Idris Elba. Maybe throw in some more male villains, because unfortunately there is a need for that, for demographics reasons. At least a Frollo, Jafar, Gaston or Captain Hook. There also must be Hades, who seems to be a good means of uniting his fellow evildoers. Yet it’d be hard to round out this movie without an Ursula or Evil Queen, too. Disney had previously planned to do a live-action version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which could’ve included the latter, but they canceled the idea when Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman pushed forth quicker.

    Now we just need some kind of story that would bring all these characters together.

    Disney doesn’t have any kind of backstory to the Villains merchandising, though there have been some cartoon specials and theme park attractions forcing a union. Those stories are sort of based on the idea that the characters are just “characters,” where their only shared context is that they’re part of properties owned by the same company. As if they’re conscious of the fact that they’re being lifted out of other pieces of media or the parks. That’s the only way they’d have a foundation where their common enemy is Disney heroes in general, or principally Mickey Mouse.


    So far, Disney has two ways to go with mashing up their characters, either they do something like the novel “The Kingdom Keepers” and the planned live-action movie Magic Kingdom, where the characters at the theme parks come to life, Night at the Museum-style, or they integrate them in a little world, a la TV’s Once Upon a Time, though even that deals with characters pulled out of their own stories.
    Could there instead be the creation of an amalgamated fantasy universe that inhabits all the characters of these stories, sort of a generic Medieval world where these wonderlands and kingdoms are in the same world yet exist great distances apart? Many of Disney’s animated features involve similar settings, but how would Cruella fit in? She’s a 20th century woman. Shere Khan, meanwhile, is very much 19th century British empire. Other characters have specific periods, too.

    However, there is a way to let the imagination accept a great land made up of more Middle-Age sections as well as modern urban areas, and everything in between. That’s basically just looking at the Disney theme parks as representations of an actual world in some other universe. Look at a Disneyland map as not a directory of rides and attractions but as a loose replica of a continent consisting of nations like Fantasyland, Frontierland, etc.

    Next year, the Disney Channel will air a new TV movie from High School Musical‘s Kenny Ortega that seems to be making such a shared universe. Titled Descendants, it will feature Belle and Beast as queen and king of a kingdom where other heroes and heroines also reside happily ever after. All the villains, meanwhile, are collectively imprisoned in another realm. But their kids (however these were conceived) are allowed to commute from the dark place to the kingdom in order to attend school with the good characters’ offspring. The plot does follow a team-up of the adult villains for an evil mission, too. That might either be a sufficient platform for the premise or at least an effort that beats any movie pitch to the punch. Then again, the fact that there have been numerous Superman TV series hasn’t stopped there from being Superman movies, too.

    Perhaps the studio can take some inspiration from the Disney Villains fan fiction, of which there is plenty. One in particular that seems to be popular is called “The Hellbound Hearts,” which involves the simple concept of bringing a bunch of villains together for a common evil — in this case, world domination, as suggested by Hades — only for them to end up divided and conquered as a result of their disagreements and egos. The value in the story, published to the web in 2010, is not so much in the plot, since that is clearly rather cliched and predictable, but in the fun of seeing all these villainous personalities bounce off one another. Author “Da Games Elite” has mostly been praised for how he or she captures the characters’ voices and behavior in order to see how they clash. The story also begins with a perfect neutral setting: the underworld.

    It’s probably best to wait and see how Sinister Six turns out, because that is going to be the first real team-up movie focused on the villains. There’s a good chance that Descendants will be the more successful, but it just seems to be the case that – Maleficent‘s minor triumph at the box office notwithstanding – we like our bad guys and antiheroes on the small screen more than the big (unless it’s a fully conventional slasher horror movie perhaps). There just aren’t a lot of ways you can go when concentrated on villains that remain villainous — not retconned as good yet misunderstood as evil a la Maleficent.

    My idea to keep a Disney Villains movie a worthwhile effort throughout: no major “good guy.” No Mickey or Prince Charming or even a team-up of heroes. Let the villains truly ruin their own plan and make their flaws as a team somewhat humorous. Make the division even funnier. I envision a movie like It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World but with Disney villains, where little team-ups break off and they’re all out to try to take over the world separately. Make it happen, Mouse House.


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    Posted on her official website:


    Will you celebrate/educate yourself this month, ONTD?

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    Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen doesn't seem to like talking about gay issues but that doesn't mean he can avoid it. It was pointed out to Osteen in an interview that at least some of 45,000 people are expected to see speak at Yankee Stadium on June 07 will be gay.

    He was asked if gay marriage is against the fundamental rules of Christianity. Osteen said it is. 'It would be, but I don't really focus on a lot of those things,' he said. 'I try to stay in my lane of what I feel called to do. [Gay marriage] does come up in interviews and things, but that's not my core message.'

    Osteen described homosexuality as 'not God's best work' and has remained staunchly against same-sex marriage which is now legal in 19 US states plus the District of Columbia.

    The televangelist and author is senior pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston which is the largest church in the US. He said he tries to focus on such things as helping people to let go of the past, to raise good children and to achieve their dreams.

    Osteen acknowledged that homosexuality is among the issues faced by his church where 'everybody's welcome. But my take on it is it's easy to make one issue - to become known for that or to let it sidetrack your message,' he said.


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    The Seventh Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic returned to Liberty State Park this Saturday.

    Hollywood stars such as Lupita Nyong'o and Olivia Munn, designers, socialites, and polo stars were among the thousands of good-looking, well-dressed attendees.

    Model Behati Prinsloo threw out the ceremonial ball toss as Team Black Watch played Team Veuve Clicquot.

    But it was all about the people watching, anyhow.


    Olivia Munn, Aaron Paul, and Dakota Johnson all came out for the star-studded polo classic.

    Celebrities Dakota Johnson, Julianne Moore, Lupita Nyong'o, Olivia Munn, Behati Prinsloo, and Busy Philipps were all in attendance.


    “I love day drinking,” Olivia Munn, posing here with Julianne Moore, told the NY Post at the event. “I think it should be part of everyone’s life if you’re not driving. Especially in New York. You don’t drive anywhere."




    Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o looked chic with her wide-brimmed hat.


    "Fifty Shades of Grey" star Dakota Johnson also went in theme with a hat.


    Nicky Hilton and her Chanel accessories.


    Guests were treated to an endless chandelier of champagne in the VIP tent.


    Bottle Service for those who preferred to sit...




    DJ Nick Cohen


    Some polo players celebrated flanked by attractive ladies.


    Others, such as Nacho Figueras, celebrated his win by guzzling a giant bottle of Veuve Clicquot.



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    yeah it was bad:


    mebe she should just stick to rapping or being a studio singer.

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    "Blue's Clues" was one of the most popular children's shows on Nickelodeon throughout its decade-long run from 1996-2006.

    Steve Burns, who hosted the show, became a major celebrity among the younger crowds and was even nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 2001. In 2000, he was named one of People's most eligible bachelors alongside George Clooney and Ben Affleck.

    But in 2002, at the height of the show's popularity, the beloved Burns abruptly left "Blues" to "go to college" in his final episode. The actor was actually 29 years old at the time.

    Rumors immediately began to swirl that Burns died of a drug overdose, was a drug addict, or was killed in a car crash.

    When I asked a coworker/fan of the show (who shall remain nameless) what she thought happened to Steve, she too had heard he turned to drugs.

    Not so, says Burns — who is very much alive — in an interview for Nickelodeon’s special “Behind the Clues: 10 Years with Blue.”

    Burns reveals that one of the main reasons he left the show was because he was going bald, and he didn't want that to happen on national television in front of his young fans.

    "I knew I wasn't going to be doing children's television all my life, mostly because I refused to lose my hair on a kid's TV show," Burns, now 40, said in an interview on the Nick Jr. special.

    "And it was happening ... fast," he added.

    We went back to early "Blue's Clues" episodes and indeed, Burns had a full head of hair.

    screen shot 2014-06-03 at 12.29.27 pm

    But over the years, his hairline started to recede.

    steve blues clues balding arrow

    By his final episode, Burns was covering his bald spot with a hat.


    That's when Nickelodeon hired 24-year-old Donovan Patton to replace Burns.

    Patton had an enviable head of hair that took over "Blue's Clues" until the series finale in 2006.

    screen shot 2014-06-03 at 12.27.24 pm

    Since then, Steve Burns has pursued a career in music and has even worked with members of The Flaming Lips to produce his debut album "Songs For Dustmites."

    He hasn't appeared much on-camera since "Blue's Clues."



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    With exactly 20 days to go until the return of MTV’s Teen Wolf, TVLine got an early look at the Season 4 premiere, which is equal parts sexy, enlightening and stressful. So if we had to sum it up in one word, it’s “sexlightful.”

    In addition to shining a spotlight on new characters like Malia — who you’re about to love, whether you know it or not — the June 23 premiere also pays homage to the past (Allison!) and is loaded with plenty of “WTF” moments, five of which we’re about to tease for you now:

    * The biggest question on all of our minds after the Season 3 finale (“What is Kate?!”) is answered in the premiere.
    * Lydia’s banshee powers are, at long last, being explained/explored.
    * Someone gets scratched by something. (Vague enough for ya?)
    * One Beacon Hills twosome is inspired to DTR after a little nudging from an unexpected source.
    * Something weird happens to Derek. Like, something really, truly weird that we’ve never seen on this show — or any recent show we can think of, for that matter.


    Can't wait for this mess

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    Previews begin October 18; Opening Night November 13

    The Broadway revival of The Elephant Man, starring two-time Academy Award nominee Bradley Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Alessandro Nivola, will begin previews Oct. 18 at the Booth Theatre, producer James L. Nederlander announced June 3.

    Cooper ("Silver Linings Playbook, "American Hustle") previously appeared as John Merrick (the titular Elephant Man) in the Tony-winning Bernard Pomerance drama at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in 2012. Scott Ellis, who directed the Williamstown production, will also stage the Broadway return of the 1979 play that will officially open Nov. 13.

    The production will play a 13-week engagement through Jan. 18, 2015.

    The Broadway revival will also feature Academy Award nominee Clarkson ("Pieces of April,""Far from Heaven") as Mrs. Kendal and Nivola (The Winslow Boy, A Month in the Country) as Dr. Fredrik Treves. Both Clarkson and Nivola appeared with Cooper in the Williamstown staging.

    They will be joined by Anthony Heald, Scott Lowell, Kathryn Meisle and Henry Stram. Full casting will be announced at a later date.

    The Elephant Man will have scenic and projection design by Timothy R. Mackabee, costume design by Clint Ramos, lighting design by Philip S. Rosenberg and sound design by Drew Levy.

    Here's how the production is billed: "The Elephant Man tells the story of a 19th-century British man (Cooper) whose severe disfigurement made him a star of the traveling freak show circuit. When the renowned Dr. Treves (Nivola) takes Merrick under his care at the London Hospital, he discovers that beneath this shocking exterior lies a brilliant mind and an unshakable faith. Soon all of Victorian high society becomes fascinated by Merrick, especially the beautiful actress Mrs. Kendal (Clarkson). But with his new life comes new complexity… and as Merrick's condition grows more severe, a 'normal' life begins to seem all but impossible."

    Tickets to the Broadway production go on sale June 4 at 10 AM to American Express cardholders via The general public on sale will begin June 28.

    Pricing Information (ouch)

    Orchestra: $149.00
    Mezzanine Rows A-G: $149.00
    Mezzanine Row H: $99.00

    For performances November 28 -29; December 5 -21; December 26 - January 4; January 16-18:
    Orchestra: $169.00
    Mezzanine Rows A-G: $169.00
    Mezzanine Row H: $99.00


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