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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Eva Longoria is clearing up some misconceptions about why her Las Vegas restaurant closed.

    Earlier this week, it was announced that SHe by Morton’s, the actress’ female-focused steakhouse, would be shuttering after less than two years.

    In April, the space had been temporarily closed after health inspectors found a number of violations on the premises — but SHe by Morton’s quickly reopened with an “A” grade from the Southern Nevada Health District.

    When the news that the restaurant was closing for good was revealed, a number of outlets — including the Daily Mail — incorrectly linked the earlier inspection issue with what was actually an unrelated business decision.

    On Saturday, Longoria took to Twitter to address the rumors:

    Just to be clear, the steakhouse in Vegas DID NOT close for health violations. We had an ‘A’ rating at time of closure. People should read more carefully. SHe Las Vegas was originally concepted as a nightlife entertainment venue. Since the closing of the nightclub venue, we have been met with considerable resistance from our Landlord to re-concept the nightlife theme which impacted our ability to deliver on our guests’ experience.

    There you have it.


    Gross food stories

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  • 06/01/14--17:35: Bcoop Got Married!

  • Bradley Cooper gives his bride Sienna Miller a kiss while filming a wedding scene for their movie American Sniper on Friday afternoon (May 30) in Los Angeles.

    The 39-year-old actor is now full clean-shaven after sporting a bushy beard for much of the film’s production. It’s good to see him back to his normal look!

    Bradley was seen earlier this week carrying a giant teddy bear down the boardwalk while filming a scene for the movie alongside Sienna.


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  • 06/01/14--17:36: New Music: Drake "0 to 100"
  • 0ba40263
    While much of today's attention in the Hip-Hop world is currently diverted on Hot 97's Summer Jam concert, Drake comes through unexpectedly with a brand new track titled '0 To 100'. The song is produced by Boi-1da with additional co-production by 40 and Nineteen85.

    “We already got Spring 2015 poppin', PND dropping, Reps Up P' dropping, Majid Jordan dropping, OB dropping, not to mention me dropping" raps the Toronto native, confirming a new project (most likely album) is dropping next spring. '0 To 100' comes with two different instrumentals and Drake switches up the flow appropriately for each. No singing on this one, just straight lyrics from the rising star.

    No word on what project '0 To 100' ends up on, if any. The track was uploaded on the OVO soundcloud with the download option available.

    also listen at the source

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    The 15-year-old and 17-year-old actress were seen skateboarding in Santa Monica.

    While the two looked like a couple, we can’t say for sure.
    Wonder what Posh Spice thinks?
    Either way, hats off to you guys…

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    How strong would The Mountain have to be to do that?

    “Heads will roll” is one thing. “Heads will explode” is quite another.

    Last night’s Game of Thrones episode, “The Mountain and the Viper,” made a resounding (and gruesome) case for the latter. We knew that Gregor Clegane, better known as The Mountain, was a strong guy — that’s why Cersei chose him to fight on behalf of the crown in Tyrion’s trial-by-combat show-down. Still, few viewers could have predicted that his duel with Oberyn Martell would end the way it did: with the Mountain, despite serious injuries, gouging out Oberyn’s eyes and then bare-handedly crushing his opponent’s head until it exploded.

    So how strong would the Mountain have to be to make that possible?

    Last year, when Star Trek Into Darkness raised a similar question, the folks over at Slate provided an answer, using data derived from research into the effectiveness of bike helmets, which had been reported in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics. Here’s what they found:

    The researchers soaked cadaver skulls in water for a day to approximate the squishy environment of the human body, and filled them with four pounds of BBs to get the weight right. Then, like Khan, they subjected the analog skulls to a compression test—using a diabolic pneumatic air cylinder and a steel plate, instead of their bare hands.

    The result? “Catastrophic failure [of the unhelmeted skull] during testing…experiencing a maximum load of 520 pounds of force.”

    Note that 520 pounds of force (about 2300 Newtons) isn’t the same as being able to lift 520 pounds, which we have no doubt the Mountain could easily swing. Force, you may remember from high-school physics, is mass times acceleration. (This sports-performance site has a decent layman’s explanation of why strength is not the same as force.) A variety of factors can influence how much force a person can exert. The average person (again per Slate) can exert a force of about 200 pounds, but weight, strength, angle and friction can all affect the outcome.

    Where does that leave us with the Mountain?

    In the book Game of Thrones, he’s described by George R.R. Martin as being nearly eight feet tall, “with massive shoulders and arms thick as the trucks of small trees.” Later, in A Storm of Swords, we learn that he weighs about 30 stone, which is 420 pounds. (Side note: though Martin says the Mountain is nearly all muscle, his BMI puts him in the range of obesity.)

    So where does that leave us? There’s no way to calculate the exact answer, since we’re missing a lot of necessary data, but we can certainly guess. The Mountain weighs more than twice what the average man of today does, and he’s about two feet taller. He also has the advantage, within the context of the fight with the Viper, of not relying on muscle strength alone; he has the assistance of gravity and is leaning his entire upper-body weight on Oberyn Martell’s head. At the same time, he has the disadvantage of the fact that his arms are starting out still, so they don’t benefit from any major acceleration; acceleration is why a boxer’s fast-moving punch can generate a force of way more than the 520 required. Despite that, we’re going to say that yes, the Mountain probably could crush Oberyn Martell’s skull into smithereens using only his hands.

    For the rest of us, there’s something a little more realistic, and less scary, to worry about: exploding head syndrome. It’s a real thing that definitely happens in the real world but, thankfully, doesn’t involve real exploding heads — it’s a sleep disorder in which the sufferer experiences the illusion of hearing a loud noise right before falling asleep. Sounds unpleasant, but still better than facing off with the Mountain.


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    Save your screams for Sunday June 15th at 9E/6P.

    Olivier Rousteing: ‘'WE GOT THE FIRE FIRE FIRE #letitburn @kendalljenner #wewontforget #danceundertherain”

    Sources: 1 - 2 - 3

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    It was Charlie Hunnam’s decision to drop out of the upcoming film adaptation of the widely popular Fifty Shades of Grey series.

    And now the 34-year-old Sons of Anarchy star reveals the move was a “heartbreaking” one.

    “I felt like I had an interesting take on that character and felt like I could have done a good job of playing Christian Grey, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it on in the first place,” he told Life & Style at the Huading Film Awards in Hollywood Sunday.

    See Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson on Set of Fifty Shades of Grey

    “When you put the time into something like that and a character comes alive in your mind, it’s heartbreaking not to be able to play him […] It was definitely kind of heartbreaking having to say goodbye to that character and not bring it to life.”

    Author EL James confirmed the British hunk and actress Dakota Johnson nabbed the roles of Christian and Anastasia Steele, respectively, last September.

    Just one month later, Universal Pictures announced Charlie had exited the film because of his shooting schedule with the FX series Sons.

    Irish actor Jamie Dornan soon replaced him to play the 27-year-old billionaire tormented billionaire, who is into BDSM and seduces the virginal Anastasia.

    What Does Charlie Hunnam Think of His Fifty Shades of Grey Replacement, Jamie Dornan?

    For Charlie, there are no hard feelings about the situation. In fact, he plans on fully supporting the movie when it hits theaters next February.

    “If they invite me to the premiere, I will go and see it there,” he said. “If not, I’ll go and buy some tickets on opening night.”


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    Andy Cohen is looking to expand his empire.

    The host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and exec producer behind The Real Housewives franchise is developing an unscripted series with the title I Slept With a Celebrity, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

    The series, which does not yet have a network attached, is currently being shopped to both broadcast and cable networks. Cohen will executive produce the Warner Horizon Television entry. NBCUniversal-owned cable networks would have the first opportunity to pick up the series under Cohen's overall deal.

    Each weekly episode will feature two guests dishing about how their walk with fame led to a walk of shame, describing where they met, where they went and what they wore -- or didn't. A one-night stand is usually nothing to brag about, but what if the person you slept with is famous? I Slept With a Celebrity delivers the juiciest gossip from people who say they got to experience the glitz and glamor of Hollywood -- and then a whole lot more.


    Have you ever slept with a celebrity, ONTD?

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    The World Cup is right around the corner, and people are buying shit for it, and so English grocery chain Asda made the smart decision to get in on the action. Their offering: an English wearable flag that doubles as a poncho. Smart! But...that hood.

    Asda's getting some heat on the interwebs because these getups, which the chain is selling for £3 each, kind of look like Ku Klux Klan outfits. The damning portion, of course, is that hood. The fabric meets at the top forming a point that we all know so well.

    They do, indeed.

    Really, this is an issue of cheapness. If Asda really cared, they would've spent a little bit more time and money on the craftsmanship of the hood, so that it rounded at the top. But, let's be honest: they're just trying to move weight. And of course, they're English.

    With any luck, though, these wearable flags will sell like hotcakes, and legions of pasty-faced Englishmen traveling for the World Cup will flood the streets of Brazil in their pointy hoods, wistfully singing jingo, reminding themselves and everyone else of a bygone era. Heritage, not hate.


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    Now that Selena Gomez is all grown-up, it's hard to imagine that she started her acting career alongside a famous purple dinosaur. But it's true: She's come a long way since Barney and Wizards of Waverly Place, earning herself some much buzzed-about movie roles, four full-length studio albums, a nail polish collection, and a clothing line.
    Selena is a superstar in her own right, but she's only just beginning to truly shine. And somehow, her beauty reflects that: The more time she spends in the spotlight, the more surprisingly polished she becomes. And with her latest series of music videos, she made it clear that she's headed in a very sleek, fashion-forward direction. (Not to mention, practically every time she steps onto a red carpet, all we can think is, "That hair!")
    August 2007
    Arriving at the premiere of High School Musical 2, a 15-year-old Selena keeps her makeup natural and fresh with a little mascara and brown eyeliner.
    June 2008
    A year later, she's sporting very noticeable blonde extensions and a touch of lip gloss.
    October 2008
    A few months pass and Selena ditches the blonde in favor of a shorter cut, which she wears in a retro, curly style.
    June 2009
    …And, the blonde is back! But this time, it's more subtle and scattered throughout the hair. (And lip gloss is still her go-to for every red carpet.)

    November 2009
    At the 2009 American Music Awards, Selena shows off the perfect party look for girls with short hair. She also goes for a sultry, taupe smoky eye with a rosy cheek and pink lips.

    August 2010
    Right before taking home four awards at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards, Selena ups the ante with a dramatic smoky eye and a nude lip.
    September 2010
    One month later, and she's got the longest ponytail ever! Yes, extensions might be the Selena Gomez accessory. But hey, we love a girl who likes to experiment with her hair! Here she is with an elegant side-pony and another dramatic smoky eye, winged out to elongate her natural shape.
    February 2011
    She's arrived. At the 2011 Grammy Awards, Selena made major headlines for her ultra-long beachy waves and glowing, bronzey makeup.
    March 2011
    Okay, so this isn't technically a part of Selena's evolution, but it was too good to pass up! Here, our favorite multi-hyphenate went all out for Perez Hilton’s birthday celebration.
    June 2011
    Arriving at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, Selena channels Brigitte Bardot with this 1960s-inspired half-up hairstyle.
    June 2011
    Just a couple weeks later, Selena rocks super-tight glossy curls, a smudged out black eyeliner, and tanned skin with a subtle lip.
    November 2011
    Selena keeps it vintage at the 2011 American Music Awards with glamorous, shiny Old Hollywood hair. She’s also wearing some false lashes, balanced out with a thick cat-eye.
    February 2012
    At the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Selena pulls off the faux bob with miraculous aplomb—she's a true hair magician.
    March 2012
    Arriving at the 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards (where she'd later perform and win awards for Favorite TV Actress and Favorite Female Singer), Selena wears a bright navy eyeshadow and a pink lip. Her hair is tousled to beachy perfection.
    March 2013
    Selena hopped on the orange lipstick trend before it was even cool. Here, she pairs it with a deep side-part and loose waves.
    March 2013
    For the LA premiere of Spring Breakers, Selena opts for sophisticated glamour with a soft, romantic updo and just-bitten lips.
    April 2013
    We now present Selena's most iconic red carpet hair moment yet. At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, where she later performed her hit single "Come and Get It", Selena wears a messy fishtail braid with a faux hawk, complemented by a smoky eye and nude pink lips.
    February 2014
    This could be the biggest ponytail in red carpet history. She tops off the fun look with cherry lips.

    March 2014
    Sitting pretty at the Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kid's Choice Awards before winning for Favorite Singer and Fan Army (shout out to you Selenators), Selena rocks the prettiest beachy waves ever. (Bonus: Her stylist told us how to get this look at home!)
    May 2014
    Those lashes! Selena definitely wins our vote for some of the best hair and makeup at the 2014 Met Gala wearing a dark, berry lip and an intricate updo.
    May 2014
    A week later, Selena puts her updos and dark lips behind her, opting for sleek strands and neutral makeup while attending the 2014 Opening Night Spring Gala for the American Ballet Theatre. She is looking all grown up, indeed.

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    The Lone Ranger is getting some company.

    Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers are expecting their first child later this year, his rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively. The actor and his wife, a journalist and TV host, just celebrated their four-year anniversary on May 22.

    “They will be amazing parents,” says a source close to both. “They are such a loving couple that this is the perfect next chapter in their lives.”

    Chambers, 31, and Hammer, 27, who will be seen next in Guy Ritchie‘s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and begins shooting the independent dramatic thriller Mine later this month, also own and run Bird Bakery in San Antonio, Texas.

    – Julie Jordan


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    Considering he’s a superhero who made his bones fighting Nazis in World War II, Captain America was perhaps the most unlikely Avenger to star in an adventure that captures the paranoia and technology of the 21st century. But with The Winter Soldier, directors Anthony and Joe Russo tapped into something more than good guys versus bad guys. “To build a better world sometimes means tearing the old one down,” says Alexander Pierce, the calculating intelligence bureaucrat played by Robert Redford. “And that makes enemies.”

    Starring in The Avengers certainly boosted Cap’s profile, but that’s not the only reason that the superhero’s sequel nearly doubled the global box-office of his 2011 franchise-starter. While the 2012 superfriends blockbuster took place in a world where the primary threats are external — Shakespearean villains and angry aliens — The Winter Soldier turned inward, holding up a mirror to the military-industrial complex S.H.I.E.L.D. had created. It was more layered and complex, and some smart people anointed it Marvel’s best film yet. As a result, Cap is feeling kind of chesty. His next standalone film is slated for May 6, 2016 — the same date as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

    The Winter Soldier arrives on digital Aug. 19 and then Blu-ray on Sept. 9.


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    A new video has surfaced of transgender star Carmen Carrera using the word "tranny" in an interview, which wouldn't necessarily be problematic if Carrera weren't one of the leading proponents of removing the word from everyday speech. (Last week, Carrera appeared to target RuPaul and his supporters for their continued use of the word.)

    So here's Carmen using the word in an interview:

    It doesn't appear that she's using "tranny" in a pejorative way. Does that make it okay?

    When is acceptable to use the term? Or is it ever?


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    Colombia's star striker Radamel Falcao has lost his battle to be fit for the World Cup.
    National coach Jose Pekerman named his tournament squad on Monday evening during a press conference held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Falcao, who suffered a serious knee injury when on duty for his club side Monaco in January, was left off the 23-man list, with Pekerman deciding he would not be ready.

    The former Atletico Madrid frontman, who was a big-money signing by Monaco last summer, looked to have no hope of making his country's squad for the tournament in Brazil when he sustained the injury, however his recovery then progressed swiftly.

    Pekerman said last week he would "wait for Falcao until the last day, the last minute" before deciding on his fitness, after consulting with medical experts, and the final decision went against the 28-year-old.

    "Muriel, Perea and Falcao are not going to be at the World Cup, Jose Pekerman has announced," said a message on the national team's official Twitter account.

    Colombia face Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan at Brazil 2014.


    ontd, any key players who didn't make your team?

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    After this past season smashed Bravo ratings records, it appears all the ladies of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” will likely be returning to the show.

    Porsha William’s attack on Kenya Moore during the “RHOA” Season 6 reunion show taping led to rumors that a shakeup was coming to the show’s cast. Many suspected that Williams would lose her spot for physically attacking Moore. And Moore and fellow housewife Nene Leakes both hinted at their possible departure from the show.

    But Radar Online says sources speaking with site have revealed the entire cast has been asked to return for a seventh season.

    “All of the ladies are coming back, they’ve all been given their contracts,” a source revealed to Radar. “That brawl between Porsha [Williams] and Kenya was the best thing to happen to the show and the Bravo producers want all of the women back for more drama next season.”

    Many fans of the show demanded the firing of Moore since they believed she instigated the fight with Williams. Others said that Porsha needed to go for getting physical with a cast mate, and some even hoped Leakes would be on the chopping block for her role in much of this past season’s drama.

    However, with the record-breaking ratings the ladies brought in during the sixth season, it’s really no surprise they have all been asked to return. Playing off of the established issues between the cast members will equal guarantee drama. Plus, witnessing the fallout from the battle between Williams and Moore will draw in viewers as well.

    The source added the only issue Bravo may face from trying to lock down the full cast is money.

    “Everyone wants more money this season,” the source told Radar. “They KNOW how well the show does, how all of them are making those network folks tons of money and the ladies want a part of that.”

    Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks are all reportedly in negations for the next season. And in a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Leakes said, to her knowledge, the whole cast is “good to go.” But Bravo has yet to make an official announcement about the network’s final casting decision.


    More like 'Real GROUSEwives of Beverly Hills' -- Kyle Richards and co. are refusing to sign contracts to film the next season of the show ... effectively staging a holdout until they ALL get more money.

    According to sources, 5 cast members have been asked to return for the fifth season -- Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Brandi Glanville, and Yolanda Foster -- but so far, zero have agreed to come back.

    As we reported, Lisa has made it very clear she's on the fence about renewing her contract for personal reasons -- but we're told the other women are, more predictably, holding out for fatter paychecks.

    Sources tell us negotiations have been intense, but Bravo is close to finalizing deals for everyone except Lisa, who remains a question mark.

    As for who will replace the cast members who got bounced -- Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia -- it's unclear ... but we're told the new fiancee of Yolanda's ex-husband is a front-runner. Wonder why.


    why are cynthia, yolanda & kim coming back? porsha & brandi will be a damn mess

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  • 06/02/14--16:24: Degrassi comes back TOMORROW

  • i cackled at 0:17 / needs more zoe


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    they got excited that they were going to be asked twitter questions lol

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    Never one to shy away from controversy, it appears that Oliver Stone will be the filmmaker to bring the inevitable feature film portrayal of NSA leaker Edward Snowden to fruition. The European co-production is based on Luke Harding’s book The Snowden Files, which recounts how the young computer professional breached the National Security Agency to leak evidence of America’s global surveillance. The Guardian reports that Stone hopes to begin production by the end of this year, as a rival Edward Snowden film is in the works based on the book No Place to Hide. Harding and other Guardian journalists will be consulting on Stone’s film.

    Stone has never been afraid of delving into politically charged material, though it has made for mixed results. JFK and Platoon are fantastic, while films like W. and Alexander fell short of their promise. Stone’s recent output hasn’t been stellar, but whatever he cooks up with The Snowden Files is sure to be provocative.


    Who should be cast as Snowden? I vote David Tennant

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    Bryan Cranston/Walter White will 'definitely' return in the new spin-off 'Better Call Saul' despite his character being seemingly killed off in the Breaking Bad finale last year.

    With the new show coming and the possibility of flashbacks or flash-forwards, there is going to be something with Walter White," a source told the website. "They won't do it as a gimmick, it will actually mean something when they do it. Definitely expect the return of Walter White in some way, shape or form in the new show."
    However the insider was unable to confirm whether Walter White will be alive when he returns to the small-screen.

    They explained: "I wouldn't be able to answer that, but I know that they have options of bringing him back and that they will do it in an awesome way."
    Better Call Saul is expected to debut in November.

    +BCS first read-through:

    #BetterCallSaul‬ starts shooting soon! Pic from hilarious cast read-thru... ‪@mrbobodenkirk‬ giving speech to troops.
    Script: BETTER CALL SAUL / "TBD" / Written by Vince Gilligan & Peter Gould /  Directed by Vince Gilligan

    Many of you know Mr. J Banks will return in ‪#BetterCallSaul‬. Picking up where Mike left off -- stuffed in a barrel.

    Nice contrast to S5's "Blood Money" read thru :'( which looked like a Victims-of-Vince-Gilligan support group:


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