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    What’s a girl to do after a rough breakup and an early exit from the French Open? Head to Miami with her best girlfriend, of course. Recently single tennis star Caroline Wozniacki opted not to stick around Roland Garros, and hit up South Beach with pal Serena Williams last week. The pair took in Friday night’s Eastern Conference final Game 6 between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers. After the game, Wozniacki was spotted clubbing in SoBe. Woz and Williams hit the beach on Saturday, and stumbled across a wedding party. Williams stood in for photos with the couple in her bathing suit.


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    Mindy Kaling rushes into the restaurant loaded with so many bags it looks as if she's playing the part of a frantic shopper. She immediately apologies for the venue, a glitzy sushi joint in New York's SoHo that is, as she puts it, quite "Ashton Kutcher, 2007" (she chose it as she's staying next door). She's been to collect the gifts she received at a book signing the night before, which include a fan-made T-shirt with her face on it and boxes of cupcakes.

    "This is cupcake number three," she says, sifting through her loot. "And there's another one there. I think companies make a Venn diagram of people who like me and people who like cupcakes." Some of the cakes have a winky face on them. "It's so funny. It's so nice. We did an episode of The Mindy Project where one of the lines is, 'You can't send a winky face, it's like emoji porn.' These are very photographable. This is why I like Instagram so much. It's like Etsy exploded in my bag."

    Kaling talks like this: rapid-fire bursts of conversation that leap between loosely connected topics. She has the high, sing-song tone of a teenage girl (and in this case, the reference points, too). On her sitcom The Mindy Project, whose second series is about to air in the UK, she plays a character called Mindy, a romance-obsessed gynaecologist who appears to be a more grown-up, together version of the woman I have just met. But the real Mindy is deceptively steely. She's smart, decisive and tough. She is in charge of The Mindy Project, after all – she is its creator and showrunner, as well as its star. And she loves being the boss.

    Kaling cut her teeth on the US version of The Office, first as a writer, then an actor, then a director. Two years ago she wrote a bestselling collection of essays, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), from which she was reading last night. She lives in LA now, but there's one thing she misses about New York, the city she first moved to after graduating from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.

    "You see more women who are in charge out here. In Hollywood, there are heads of studios who are women, but in terms of running your own show, it's not that high a percentage. And so it can take an adjustment to deal with a woman in charge, who is just decisive." It was never a problem on The Office, where she was the one female to seven male writers, "but the guys were very sweet and emancipated, and more feminist than many of my female friends, to be honest." And, of course, on The Mindy Project, she's responsible for recruitment, so she hires "a lot of feminists" herself.

    Kaling recalls watching a panel with the director Judd Apatow where he discussed Girls, on which he is an executive producer. "Lena [Dunham] gets asked a question about people's issues with Girls, and she feels she owes it to them to answer, because it's about sexism. But Judd had a question about black people on the show, and he goes: 'I think that's a boring question and I'm not going to answer it. Next.' And a man says it, and your inclination – well, my inclination – is that it's within his rights. It's cool. A woman says that and it's immediately the headline."

    She had her own experience with this shortly before we met, when she was asked, on a similar panel, why she was the only female doctor and the only doctor of colour on The Mindy Project. She responded bluntly:"I look at shows on TV, and this is going to just seem defensive, but I'm just gonna say it: 'I'm a fucking Indian woman who has her own fucking network television show, OK?'" Sure enough, it became the headline, but she says now that she meant it to be conversational rather than confrontational.

    "This is my own fault, but I learned that if you have something important to say, you shouldn't swear, because when it's taken out of context it seems like you're out of control and you're furious. It became the juiciest soundbite of a woman that was going out of control with anger and blind fury." But Kaling has the right to be frustrated. At a red-carpet event last year, she was questioned over what colour man she prefers to date. Her cover of Elle magazine became a discussion about why it was a crop of her face, not her body. When she was named one of Time magazine's Most Influential People of 2013, the LA Times ran a story about how she didn't deserve it ("I was like, OK, dude, fuck off, I did not choose to be on this list").

    Kaling could refuse to stop talking about the "issues", of course, but she's smart enough to realise that it is nowhere near as simple as that. "I get angry with people in the public eye who say they're not a role model, and they don't want people to look up to them. Because it's incorrect. It's important for me to be someone people look up to – most directly, minority girls who want to do what I do. Maybe it's narcissistic, but I think it's important."

    She is irresistibly optimistic. She knows she's lucky to have skipped the depressive gene most comedians are saddled with and says her disposition is "kind of cheerful". Ultimately, she reasons, her achievements should stand for themselves. "If you look at the top 10 sitcoms… four series regulars are women on my show. Two of them are dark-skinned women. But the same articles are not written about shows that literally do not have a series-regular of colour. These are shows – and it kills me – that are doing much, much better than mine. Many, many more people are watching them, so, of course, that becomes a frustration. But I try to take it as a compliment, that they're holding me to a higher standard." That is certainly one way of looking at it. "That's the most mature version of myself," she shrugs.

    When I read Kaling's book, I came away with the impression of a hard-working careerist who has lived a relatively charmed life, getting her big break young, seemingly untouched by failure. She admits that from the outside, it must appear that way. Her father, an architect, and her mother, a doctor, moved from India to Africa before finally settling in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and were supportive of her comedy ambitions. "I come from a family of scientists and architects and doctors," she explains. "My parents allowed me to do something that no person in my family for generations had ever done." Her mother died in 2012; when she thinks about whether being an entertainer is a worthy profession, she tells me a touching story. "When my mom was very sick we'd watch Modern Family, and it was a rest from that situation, that was so wonderfully needed. I know that's what entertainment can do at its very best."

    When Kaling left college, she moved to New York and co-wrote a hit play. Matt & Ben was a surreal imagining of the lives of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, which she starred in with her best-friend and co-writer Brenda Withers. They took it to LA, where she became a staff writer on The Office at the age of 24.

    There were bumps along the way. She endured a "humiliating" experience when a network offered her a sketch show, but made her audition, and then rejected her for the part of herself, owing to the fact that "we were not considered attractive or funny enough to play ourselves. That network is no longer on the air, and The Office went on to be one of NBC's most hit shows in years. I feel like karmically, I was vindicated, but at the time it felt terrible."

    Her other big setback was not landing a gig on Saturday Night Live. She was given dispensation to try out for the legendary sketch show by The Office boss Greg Daniels, on the condition she would not accept a writing job, only a performing one. "That had been the dream of mine, and I didn't get it. Lorne [Michaels] thought I was funny and offered me a job as a writer… But Greg said: 'I won't let you go because you have a job here, and you're an actress.' It was heartbreaking to fly there and fly back, and kinda know that I didn't get it, and shut that door."

    She remains fixated on the machinations of comedy. She loves her friend Lena Dunham's Girls– "where people find it depressing in places, I find it fearless, because I have not seen that before" – though she admits to being "too prudish" for it at times. In her recent Elle cover story, she joked it took "13 dates" to get her into bed. Is she a bit of a small-c conservative about sex? "If you know my personality, I'm obsessed with romance and sex and sexy situations, but I believe it's as an outsider looking in, because I don't have access to a lot of it."

    The Mindy Project is a network show, which means she couldn't get away with a Girls-style nudity fest, even if she wanted to. "Every character on my show is obsessed with sex and love, but with [network] standards, they can't say all they wanna do is get banged six ways from Sunday. There's a difference between wanting it, which applies to every human, and it happening, which is what cable shows. It is a different thing altogether."

    At the moment Kaling says she doesn't have a boyfriend, and given her own fixation on romance and romantic comedies, she admits this is "interesting" even to herself. She thinks about it. One reason, she considers, is that she's "living my life's dream" on The Mindy Project, where she interacts with hundreds of people every day. "When I'm at home, it's like a quiet cathedral of relaxation and thoughtfulness." The other is also to do with her show, albeit from a slightly less practical point of view. "One of the things I value most in my staff is their ability to write boyfriends, like the guy you thought was a jerk and ends up not being a jerk. So, real people are hard to live up to when you're a writer who creates eligible single men."

    When she was younger she dated her best friend and Office colleague BJ Novak, and their relationship endures to such an extent that Buzzfeed has created a list about its magnificence: "35 Times Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak's Best Friendship Killed You In The Heart". "We are the first to admit our relationship is weird," she says now. "There's no one funnier to me than him, there's no one who's a better writer to me than him. So when someone gives you the best opinions about all parts of your life, it's hard for that person not to be someone that you're like, well of course, I need access to them all the time."

    She describes their current relationship as being like that of a "very cheerful, functional divorced couple", who stay on good terms for the sake of their child. "I'd be lying if I said there weren't times when it was difficult to work with an ex, but what's interesting is that this is what The Mindy Project is about." She laughs. "So I found it incredibly useful and have been able to monetise it."

    Her ability to turn the bad to good is something that appears in almost everything we talk about. In Kaling's book there's an essay called "Chubby for Life", in which she recalls being called fat at school, and how she loves eating and dieting. It's a frank exploration of a topic that considers both sides, when we're much more used to polemics. Kaling is happy in her body in many ways, and in others she is not. During our lunch, she brings up how she feels that other people are more fixated on her body than she is – "even when they're writing in support of me, in the kindest, sweetest, most body-confident feminist way" – but then talks about her enormous appetite, and refers to herself as "chubby" or "not a thin woman" several times.

    I find myself asking why she thinks she's chubby, when she clearly, well, isn't. "I love that, first of all," she says. "Thank you for thinking I'm not chubby. But I think of myself as chubby. Maybe I have tough standards about women's bodies," she wonders, not sounding particularly convinced by her own explanation. She tries again. "Maybe because I have professional confidence that comes from my business, but calling me chubby cannot hurt me in the way it does so many, many girls, millions of women."

    So is calling yourself chubby a pre-emptive defence mechanism? "Maybe not. When I was younger, I already went through that. I know it's much harder to do the things I've done than it is to lose weight and be thin. Also, when you've seen Instagram comments like, 'You're so ugly, you should kill yourself'" – her tone is remarkably cheery – "it's like, I went to college. How could I be offended by someone who talks about what you look like? I wouldn't even deem you a person I'd speak to." That takes some strength. "I don't know if I'd have felt this way when I was 22. But I feel this way at 34."

    For all her bullishness, Kaling prefers a quiet life, with a whiskey after work ("like my dad has it") and time to herself to write. "Hell is going to a friend of a friend's birthday party," she cracks, before catching herself and insisting that she can also be fun. "I'm not just this grump who wants to stay at home all day," she says, going on to explain exactly why she likes to stay at home all day, mostly because there is so much good TV to catch up with. "In the old days, The Sopranos ended and it's like, what's next? There was nothing, you were starving. Now it's like, Breaking Bad ends and look, House of Cards is on. What a delight that is."

    Kaling herself is a delight. She responds to every other question by starting, "It's interesting to me…" which would be easy to dismiss as a conversational tic, were it not for the fact that she is genuinely fascinated by all facets of life, from Kim Kardashian's flying attire ("I admire her luggage") to The Golden Girls ("There's not a weak link in that cast, it's like Seinfeld.") But really, what's remarkable about her is extraordinarily simple. "It's interesting to me that it's considered revolutionary to not be a model and to be in love on a TV show," she says. What we can hope for is this: that with showrunners like her in charge, such a revolutionary concept will become perfectly mundane.


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    When Mariah Carey teeters on skyscraper heels into one of her favourite restaurants in downtown Manhattan, every head in the house swivels.

    The singer is a stunning sight to behold. With flawless skin, long, tousled, honey-coloured hair, endless sun-kissed legs and Marilyn Monroe-type curves, she is the epitome of glamour.

    “Darling! There you are!” she enthuses, proffering kisses on both cheeks as we sit to chat about her 14th album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse.

    Since her last record, Mariah, 44, and her husband – actor, rapper and comedian Nick Cannon, 33 – have had twins, Moroccan and Monroe – affectionately nicknamed Dem Babies – who’re now three.

    “This album is about reclaiming myself and showing that since I became a mother I’ve become a stronger person,” says Mariah. “This album really does have so much of my emotions invested in it and so much that I wanted to reveal about my life, including the peaks and valleys that have made me who I am.”

    Wife, mother, international megastar and friend of the Obamas – there certainly is a lot to reveal about Mariah…

    Mariah, how easy has it been to fit motherhood into your role of global superstar?
    “I don’t really see myself as a global superstar, more as a very blessed, happy working mother. But yes, becoming a mommy has certainly changed me, both personally and professionally. Now it’s not about me, it’s all about them and I just want to do the right things so their childhood can be as beautiful and happy as possible.

    “I love being a silly girl, I really do; riding rollercoasters and going to Disney World and all that sort of thing – and I get to live it all over again with the children. Now I only watch animation with the children because Dem Babies are very picky and like to watch cartoons until they go to sleep.

    “I never expected to have these two amazing little people come along and change my life in the way they have. I still call them babies although they’re growing up fast. Maybe it’s because I want to protect them as much as possible. I asked for this very public life, but they didn’t.”

    Are you planning to have more children?
    “I’m very happy with my two babies and they have a mummy and a daddy who love them very much. I had a tough, tough pregnancy because I was carrying twins… By the end I could hardly walk and I had to have a lot of bed rest. But I don’t want to dwell on that or sound as if I’m complaining, because I know I’m very blessed.”

    What’s your secret to a happy marriage?
    “It’s a constant journey to find out what that secret is, but everyone has to go through the ups and downs of life. In a marriage you don’t control your partner and you can’t police what they say. Sometimes, that’s a little hard to get used to.”

    You must have found it difficult when, in a recent interview, Nick mentioned some of his ex- girlfriends, including Kim Kardashian?
    “It’s true that I am probably more private than Nick is, although I think because he’s a comedian he’s more used to putting it out there than I am.”

    Is it true you’d never heard of Kim Kardashian?
    “Of course I’ve heard of her, but I don’t really watch reality television.”

    You’ve sung for President Obama at the White House more than once. How was that?
    “It was very humbling to sing for the First Family, I revere both Barack and Michelle enormously. He’s so special and she’s phenomenal. I’ll never forget that eventful night when I heard he had won the Presidency. It was like a dream. I could never had imagined that a bi-racial President would be in the White House in my lifetime and it’s important for my children to see that as well. Funnily enough, Barack and Michelle were the first people other than my immediate family who knew that I was expecting twins. They were attending a special Christmas gala that I was performing at in 2010. They were thrilled and I was very happy that they were the first to know.”

    You’re one of the biggest-selling female artists of all time. How does that make you feel?
    “I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved so far, but clearly I’m not one to sit back and do nothing. I always look ahead… I want to continue trying to make music that inspires people. I’m an achiever and that’s partly because I had it tough early on… I’m such an achiever that it’s difficult for me to relax and let myself get some sleep. I’m very hard on myself, actually. Believe me, you don’t want to be here all day around me, because it’s hard work.”

    All that success can result in a lot of media attention, some unwanted. Do you ever wish your fame would go away?
    “Not really. I love what I do. Things are sometimes written which can be hurtful, but mostly I can shake off anything that isn’t true and concentrate on the music.”

    You must be bored of the diva tag by now…
    “I guess people like to put you in a little box and that box fitted me because I have the big hair and wear the tight dresses on stage. But that doesn’t mean I’m difficult or nasty. I was on the first Divas Live show [in the US] and that seemed to kick the whole thing off.

    “My mother, an opera singer, used to use the term as a compliment – it meant a very talented singer. I looked it up in the dictionary recently and now it also means a difficult and demanding woman. But I’m only demanding of myself. In other ways I’m pretty down to earth. For instance, I’m grateful for my career, I value my friendships and I’m very loyal. All my friends know MC keeps her word – and I never divulge secrets.”

    What’s the most over-the-top thing you’ve ever read about yourself?
    “A story in the British press said I’d demanded that rose petals be scattered on the carpet of a London hotel when I arrived.”

    “The truth is, we’d just landed, it was 3am and all I wanted to do was go to my room. The back entrance would have been fine, never mind rose petals. I’d never ask for anything like that. But that sort of stuff is written about me all the time and people believe it so I’ve learnt to shrug it off.”

    Did that put you off coming to Britain?
    “Not at all. I love going to the UK and adore everything about it – even the weather. I have a lot of friends there and visit quite often. Do you know what I really appreciate? The British sense of humour. It has a certain cheekiness that I really like. I get it. Well, I think I get it…”

    Do you have any goals left?
    “I definitely want to do more films, especially in the independent sector. It’s a medium I love and I really want to grow as an actor. And there are a couple of exciting projects looming. I’ve always had faith and I’ve always been an optimist. If you’re constantly thinking, ‘Oh this sucks, nothing’s ever going to be right,’ then it won’t be. Me? I like to keep moving forward and I always trust that everything will work out in H the end. And somehow, it always does.”

    Source: Hello! UK

    25 years of keeping it real, who else but the world's original chanteuse

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  • 06/01/14--12:59: Kylie leaves Parlophone???
  • 2014ylieinogue_etty477854731120314

    Kylie Minogue has left her record label Parlophone.

    The Sun claims that the singer has parted ways with her longterm label after her most recent album 'Kiss Me Once' was a "commercial disaster".

    A source told the paper: "The deal with Parlophone has come to a natural end. She has the option to re-sign with them, but has decided against it because of what happened with 'Kiss Me Once'. Kylie is one of the world's leading pop stars, so she was bitterly disappointed about the performance of her album. Kylie did everything she could, even agreeing to be a judge on The Voice for a year, which is something she would've liked to avoid."

    Kylie will not return to The Voice next year. She joined the panel of the BBC1 talent show alongside fellow coaches Tom Jones, and Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson for the show's most recent series.

    About 5 years too late, but praying to Aphrodite this is true


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  • 06/01/14--13:57: WEEKEND BOX OFFICE

  • Maleficent got off to a strong start in the U.S. and abroad this weekend, while Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West flopped.

    Disney's big-budget reimagining of Sleeping Beauty earned an estimated $70 million at the domestic box office, which is the biggest debut ever for star Angelina Jolie. Meanwhile, it grossed roughly $100 million overseas, which is a significant improvement over 2013's Oz The Great and Powerful.

    In second place, X-Men: Days of Future Past plummeted 64 percent to $32.6 million. That drop is on par with last year's Fast & Furious 6, and is a slight improvement over X-Men: The Last Stand. Still, it's a bit steeper than expected given the movie's strong word-of-mouth and reviews. To date, its earned $162.1 million, and is now on track for a final total between $220 and $230 million.

    In third place, Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West opened to an estimated $17.1 million. That's less than one-third of Ted's $54 million debut in June 2012. The movie even managed to open lower than past Summer comedy flops like Year One ($19.6 million), Land of the Lost ($18.8 million), The Dictator ($17.4 million) and The Internship ($17.3 million).


    What did you watch this weekend?

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    Justin Bieber has a new aka, though it definitely won’t be of his choosing: “Fifth most disliked man in America.” Former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, topped the E-Score poll with 92% of the votes.

    Justin Bieber may have found the title for his forthcoming new album, “Fifth Most Hated Man In America.”

    It has a certain ring doesn’t it? And a certain ridiculousness.

    According to a new poll by E-Score, the 20-year-old superstar came fifth among the 1,100 surveyed with 86% of votes for “Most Disliked Man In America.”

    And the company Bieber’s keeping is quite something.

    As far as those polled are concerned, Bieber’s incident-prone Believe world tour, arrests for suspected DUI, assault, and alleged tossing of eggs at his former neighbor’s residence, are more egregious than the poll’s No. 6 — “Wall of Sound” music producer Phil Spector, whose murder of actress Lana Clarkson earned him a prison sentence of 19 years to life in 2009.

    Astonishingly, “Dislike” votes for Bieber exceeded votes for former Patriots star cum murder suspect Aaron Hernandez, who polled 81% on the survey.

    Hernandez is currently being held in jail without bail after being indicted on three murder charges.

    Justin also polled more votes than Michael Lohan, father of Lindsay. He is widely seen as an opportunist and “deadbeat dad” who allegedly used his daughter’s name to secure deals and exacerbated her slide into infamy. Lohan polled 76 % of “Disliked” votes.

    Elliot Spitzer’s 73% reveals Bieber is even more disliked than the ex-Democratic Governor of New York, whose career was hit by scandal in 2008 amid exposure of his membership of an escort agency that was later shut down over illegal prostitution activities.

    However, according to the poll, dislikes of Bieber are eclipsed by four men.

    In joint third position with 88% of “Disliked” votes, O.J Simpson — believed by many to be a double murderer — pairs with Conrad Murray, the disgraced doctor convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

    (Photo: Bernie Madoff.)

    Despised Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff is the second most hated man in America with 90% of votes, while No. 1′s dishonor is bestowed on the racist, former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Donald Sterling who polled 92%.

    Apart from Sterling’s racist views, his position at the top of this unfortunate list is also down to topicality. Audio of his ignorance, which may have been affected by recently diagnosed Alzheimers, went around the world.

    The new survey reflects that intense coverage as well as an objection to his standpoint.

    (Photo: Donald Sterling.)

    But does Bieber’s inclusion in a poll alongside serious criminals and/or corrupt personalities demonstrate the effects of disproportionate, constant media focus on his missteps, and lack of rational perspective among voters?

    Put simpler: Do sane people seriously believe Bieber’s teenage acts of rebellion are on a par with alleged and actual murderers and deserving of the “Fifth Most Disliked Man In America” title? Or is that a stomach-churning insult to those whose lives were [allegedly] taken by such men and whose families and friends mourn them?

    Sound off below.

    (Photo: O. J. Simpson tied as third most disliked man in America with Conrad Murray.)


    Obviously we can't generalize these findings, but what are your thoughts ONTD?

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  • 06/01/14--13:58: Margot Robbie Dyes Hair Red

  • Margot Robbie steps out of a private residence showing off her new red hair on Friday afternoon (May 30) in London, England.

    The 23-year-old actress had been previously sporting a chocolate brown hair dye, but now seems to have chosen a new red color! We wonder if it is for an upcoming movie!

    Next up for Margot is the film Suite Française, also starring Michelle Williams, Sam Riley, Matthias Schoenaerts, and more. Look out for the film, which is supposed to hit theaters sometime this year!

    More walking photos at the:

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    Liam Payne and his on-again girlfriend Sophia Smith stay close as they head out of their hotel on Sunday afternoon (June 1) in Manchester, England.
    The adorable couple left with Liam‘s One Direction bandmate Niall Horan for their final show in the city.
    “Manchester has been unreal last couple of nights, atmosphere, stadium, weather, all of it! Tonight is gona be great too,” Niall tweeted before the concert.

    Earlier that week, One Direction took center stage during their Where We Are tour in Sunderland.

    Niall fan pics


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    Police are investigating a possible break-in at Miley Cyrus' home in the Valley AGAIN ... TMZ has learned.

    Law enforcement sources tell us Miley's assistant came home around midnight Saturday/Sunday morning when she noticed things were not in the right place -- so she called cops.

    We're told once again there was no sign of forced entry ... so officers will review Miley's security footage to look for any clues. A fingerprint unit is also on the way to her house.

    Miley was not home at the time.


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    Rejoice, Sherlockians/Sherlock Holmies. While the fourth season of “Sherlock” is still in limbo, season three will stream exclusively on Netflix starting Monday.
    The service will also stream three half-hour behind-the-scenes specials titled “Sherlock Uncovered” following each episode. This will culminate in an hour-long feature, “Unlocking Sherlock,” about the making of the British drama.
    Exec producer Steven Moffat and his wife, producer Sue Vertue, talked to Vulture about the hit series, but were unable to divulge details about when new episodes will be shot.
    “We’re literally in the middle of working out what we’re doing and the dates we’ve got,” Vertue told Vulture. “It’s a bit of a watch-this-space, I’m afraid.”
    They were also coy about a “Sherlock” standalone special, which star Martin Freeman teased last month.
    “It’s all going in the right direction,” Moffat said, dodging the question. “There’s nothing to worry about. Everyone’s very willing to make it work.


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    "Discussing Game 7 strategy."

    "This picture makes me sad. Awesome picture... but it makes me sad."


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    DENVER —Jack Elway, the 24-year-old son of Broncos legend John Elway, was arrested for a domestic violence incident Friday.

    According to court records, Jack Elway faces disturbing the peace and assault charges for the incident that occurred on Colfax Avenue and North Lipan Street.

    The victim reported the incident to Auraria Campus Police. He was later picked up at his home.

    Jack was arraigned on Saturday. A judge set bond at $550. A protection order was issued for the victim.

    He was bonded out by his father. His next scheduled court appearance is June 5.

    Broncos Executive Director of Media Relations Patrick Smyth released the following statement in regards to the issue: "This is a personal family matter and the Broncos will not have any additional comment on it."


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    Justin Bieber is apologizing for telling a racist joke when he was 15 ... blaming it partly on his age.

    Justin tells TMZ, "As a young man, I didn't understand the power of certain words and how they can hurt. I thought it was ok to repeat hurtful words and jokes, but didn't realize at the time that it wasn't funny and that in fact my actions were continuing the ignorance."

    Justin goes on, "Thanks to friends and family I learned from my mistakes and grew up and apologized for those wrongs. Now that these mistakes from the past have become public I need to apologize again to all those I have offended."

    Justin continues, "I'm very sorry. I take my friendships with people of all cultures very seriously and I apologize for offending or hurting anyone with my childish and inexcusable mistake. I was a kid then and I am a man now who knows my responsibility to the world and to not make that mistake again."

    And Justin says, "Ignorance has no place in our society and I hope the sharing of my faults can prevent others from making the same mistake in the future. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say but telling the truth is always what's right."

    Justin ends with this: "Five years ago I made a reckless and immature mistake and I'm grateful to those close to me who helped me learn those lessons as a young man. Once again....I'm sorry."


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  • 06/01/14--15:27: Ann B. Davis dies
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    TV legend Ann B. Davis who played Alice on "The Brady Bunch" has died ... TMZ has learned.

    According to the couple she lived with ... Ann fell in her bathroom early this morning and hit her head causing grave damage. We're told she never regained consciousness.

    Her roommate says Davis had been pretty healthy for an 88-year old woman -- and her death was a total shock. In fact, she even walked downstairs to say goodnight before going to bed.

    We're told the members of the church she was close with are currently planning funeral arrangements.


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    Skip to 0:57 for a preview of the song produced by Diplo, off Jennifer's new album A.K.A. out June 17th.
    Mods, the video is fanmade but this is the first HQ preview of the song we have gotten so far.

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    Glad Fox is airing the remaining episodes starting tonight @7!!! Remember to live tweet with #saveenlisted. The writers and actors are hoping if they have high numbers Fox might reconsider.


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    ONTD, would you rather see Bruno or Pharrell?

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    When you participate in trial by combat, you win or you die — there is no middle ground.
    Tonight, “Game of Thrones” arrives at the long-awaited duel between The Red Viper of Dorne and the Mountain That Rides. In Oberyn Martell’s corner, we have a man with justice on his mind, and vengeance in his heart. In Gregor Clegane’s corner, we have a man who simply loves killing stuff.
    Who will emerge victorious? And what will happen to Tyrion in either scenario? Here are some predictions for the outcome of tonight’s episode, “The Mountain and the Viper”:

    If The Red Viper Wins…
    The Internet will explode with glee. He’s the sexiest new character on the show by leaps and bounds (with apologies to Daario), he’s defending our boy Tyrion, and he has a score to settle. The happy outcome is a win in the Oberyn column.
    If The Mountain Wins…
    The Internet will explode with horror. It will be a sudden and tragic end for a great new character like Oberyn. But it’ll also be a bloodbath, presumably, so that’s kind of cool.

    rest at the src

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    Teresa Giudice who? That's the question I'm asking after watching the newest teasers The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And it's not returning diva Dina Manzo that is causing such a splash.

    Gone are Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita, Kathy Wakile is taking on a recurring role, and in their places are three new faces and one returning lady.

    Dina will join Teresa and Melissa Gorga for season six with new castmembers Amber Marchese, Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea. With the new ladies it looks like season six will be a wild ride.

    Amber is a tough-as-nails breast cancer survivor who loves prayer as much as she loves porn. And boy does she have a mouth on her. But don't let that crass exterior fool you. She is an Ivy League educated exercise physiologist.

    Teresa is the sweeter of the twin set and probably has the most interesting love story in Housewives history. She divorced her husband Rino and remarried him 11 years later.

    Fierce doesn't even begin to describe Nicole. Her motto: "A woman only needs two things: Dunkin' Donuts and oral sex." But don't mess with her or her sister or you will be in a world of hurt.

    Kandi's Wedding!

    Whenever a star of The Real Housewives gets married, that typically means one thing: It’s time for some sort of wedding-themed spin-off show!

    The one thing that may make Kandi’s Wedding more dramatic than others. We are talking here about Momma Joyce coming in and stirring up trouble … and she is going to be at it again.

    Also, you can check out the official synopsis per Bravo for a few more details regarding what to expect from this episode as a whole:

    “After a tumultuous engagement, Kandi and Todd have finally picked a wedding date…and it’s only five weeks away! As Kandi rallies her team to help plan a Coming to America themed wedding, the troops express doubts about pulling off such an extravagant wedding in so little time. Meanwhile, Momma Joyce meets with her sisters who try to convince her to let go of her issues and support her daughter’s decision to marry Todd.”

    If nothing else, think of this as a little snack to keep you waiting for another season of RHOA.

    Dr. Heavenly on Mariah pushing her to drop 75 lbs!

    When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with the Season 2 pot stirrer recently, she gave us all the scoop on her dramatic change — a change that, in fact, was brought on by one of her more outspoken Married to Medicine co-stars!

    “Mariah [Huq] called me her ‘full-figured friend’ and it hurt my feelings, it really did,” Dr. Heavenly admits to us. “Not that it was bad, I think she just wanted me to be my best.”

    But for the doc, Mariah’s comment was more of a wake up call than an insult. “I started looking at myself and was like, ‘Damn, I am kind of big,’” Heavenly recalls. “A lot of people will ask, ‘you didn’t know?’ I think I was in a stage of denial. But she helped me by telling me that, and I was inspired to do it.”

    The doctor’s wife tells us she peaked at a size 22 after that final pregnancy. But over two years later, she’s now down to a slim size 6! But don’t expect her to go any smaller.

    “I don’t want to go any lower than that,” Dr. Heavenly shares. “Because those women in the 0s on the show, they’re not… Not for me.” Hmm, do we sense a little shade there?

    There’s no questioning this Hotlanta lady is looking absolutely fabulous these days.

    Pageant Wives Get Blunt on Game of Crowns!

    Game of Crowns focuses on pageant wives competing on the "Mrs." circuit, and in this new brand-new clip from the premiere episode, drama abounds between pageant winners Shelley Carbone (Mrs. America 2011), Vanassa Sebastian (Mrs. Connecticut America 2012) and Lori-Ann Marchese (Mrs. Connecticut America 2013) over Lori-Ann's gaudy fitness bikini costume.

    When Lori-Ann asks for Vanassa and Shelley's advice as she prepares for the Mrs. America pageant, she gets more than she bargained for when the ladies get brutally honest with her.

    As Lori-Ann steps out in a bedazzled red ensemble she intends to use for the fitness bathing suit part of the competition, the reactions she gets from the ladies are far from kind.

    "Ummm, no," Vanassa says bluntly. "What the F? Seriously?! ... Lori-Ann doesn't display the sophistication that Mrs. America needs to have.""Really? It looks like a stripper outfit," Shelley adds. "There's nothing to take off." Ouch.

    Game of Crowns -- which focuses on the pageant wives' highly unusual lives revolving around glamour, perfection and winning at any cost -- premieres Sunday, July 13.

    video link:

    sources: CarterMatt, WetPaint, TheStir, ETonline

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    Scratch Adam McKay off the list of replacements for Ant-Man helmer Edgar Wright.

    Negotiations began with McKay in earnest on Friday but the Anchorman director abruptly decided against taking the job on the film, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The decision is said to be his alone.

    A director search had been underway to helm the Marvel superhero tentpole since Wright officially exited the project on May 23. The film is set to star Paul Rudd as the title hero.

    We're the Millers director Rawson Marshall Thurber and Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer were also in contention along with McKay to get the directing job, THR had earlier reported.

    Wright, the helmer behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, had shepherded the project for the studio. In a statement announcing his departure, Marvel stated that the "studio and director have parted ways on Ant-Man due to differences in their visions of the film."

    After the news broke, McKay commented on exiting talks to direct the project.

    So ONTD, if you could choose one Marvel superhero to have their own headlining movie and replace this fiasco, who would it be? personally I would be fine with either Falcon or Ms. Marvel.

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