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    The Veronicas are making a comeback. The Australian sibling pop duo will release a third studio album later this year, through a new global deal with Sony Music Entertainment.

    Twenty-nine-year-old twins Lisa Origliasso and Jessica Origliasso formed the Veronicas in Brisbane, Australia back in 1999.

    They were originally signed by Sire founder Seymour Stein and developed in the United States, though their biggest following has always been in their homeland, where their two studio albums are certified multi-platinum and both peaked at No. 2 (2005’s “The Secret Life Of...” and 2007’s “Hook Me Up”).

    International success came with “Untouched” (Engineroom/Sire/Warner Bros). The song reached No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009, making the Veronicas the first Australian pop act to crack the top 20 since Kylie Minogue peaked at No. 7 in March 2002 with “Can’t Get You out of My Head.” “Untouched” has sold more than 1.7 million downloads worldwide, according to reps for the pair, and it reignited interest in its album, which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseeker Chart.

    “The opportunity to work with such a successful team that understand and support our freedom as the artists we are, and who have embraced us to help lift us higher than we've known in the past, is nothing short of a privilege and blessing,” comments Jess Origliasso in a statement, “With (Sony Music Australasia chairman/CEO) Denis Handlin and the Sony Music team worldwide, we finally feel at home to create music and a career without limits.”

    According to Sony Music, the album will be issued “later this year,” though the title and specific release date haven’t been revealed.

    The pair have been working on a third album since early 2010, and a new song "Lolita" was released in 2012. The Veronicas split with Warner Bros Records last year. It's unclear whether the track will appear on the new album, which has had various working titles, the most recent being "You and Me".


    hold onto your roots, hunTies

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  • 04/29/14--10:48: Rihanna x Vogue Brasil

  • t2
    Rihanna for the 39th anniversary issue of Vogue Brasil


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    Hot Toys has always been known for their scarily realistic action figures, but the “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” collectible for Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow is so insanely accurate, it’s one baby bump away from just being Johansson.

    bw close

    The 1/16th scale figure is just a prototype now, but will reportedly have 30 points of articulation, nine interchangeable gloved palms, two pistols, Widow’s Bite bracelets, a mobile phone and the ability to commune psychically with Johansson. Just kidding on the last part.


    bw gadgets

    There’s no price as of yet, though it’s available for pre-sale at some retailers for $219.99 [!!!].


    And I'm sure you depraved Winter's Children would pose them in all kinds of unsavory ways given the chance tbh!!

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    Ser Pounce off 'Game of Thrones' (for now)

    The First Cat of Westeros isn’t coming back to HBO’s Game of Thrones anytime soon.

    Ser Pounce is off the show for the rest of the fourth season, at least. The king-guarding feline sparked a social media surge after interrupting Margaery Tyrell’s quasi-seduction of teenage King Tommen on Sunday’s episode. HBO told us Ser Pounce does not appear in any of the six episodes that remain this year. (Only Game of Thrones could spark a post-episode frenzy over man raping his sister one week, followed by a cat with a cute name the next week.) That said, Ser Pounce could potentially appear in future seasons, especially since he’s in George R.R. Martin’s later Song of Ice and Fire novels.

    Here’s our exchange with Ser Pounce’s very unofficial Twitter feed discussing the subject when we broke this tragic news yesterday:

    Looking forward to next season for the epic battle between Ser Pounce and Drogon, tbh.

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    "I'm doing good. Much better. ... You have no idea," said Miley Cyrus calling in to Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show. It's her first time speaking publicly since her hospitalization for an allergic reaction to medication.

    The star explained:"I had gotten sick on the road. I feel like everyone's gotten this ongoing cough thing. ... It felt like I had a little bit of like the flu, cold situation. So they gave me some medicine. I was on this medicine for five days and everything was all good and on the sixth day ... it was so scary I woke up...When you're allergic to something you're poisoning yourself. I was poisoning myself. It was so scary."

    She added, "I couldn't breathe."

    But she figured she was fine when she wasn't."I'm not someone that wants to lay down and get 100% better. I was in the hospital the one night and was ready to do the show and woke up and went back to the hospital and then left again and three hours later I was back having the same reaction. ... It was insane. I thought it was going to be a night, but it was five or six days."

    Seacrest asked her about tweeting that she was crying. It was because she wanted to be back on her Bangerz tour, she said. "I would feel good. I'd be laying there saying I feel good. Can I go? Can I get back on stage?"

    She said she was bored in the hospital once she started feeling better. "I did way too much online shopping."

    And now? "I've been really good. I have to now be more careful. I've been trying to figure out how I can get a fashionable I.D. bracelet that says I'm allergic to this medicine," said Miley. She also said she and her mom are both allergic to penicillin and this is in the "same drug class."

    But her tour has been rescheduled. "The only good part of this whole thing is I feel like I get to go another tour."

    Here are the rescheduled and new Bangerz tour dates:

    August 1 – Uniondale, New York

    August 2 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    August 4 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    August 6 – Charlotte, North Carolina

    August 7 – Nashville, Tennessee

    August 9 – Louisville, Kentucky

    August 10 – St. Louis, Missouri

    August 12 – Kansas City, Missouri

    August 14 – Chicago, Illinois


    Full Interview with Ryan Seacrest


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    Skärmavbild 2014-04-29 kl. 20.06.47

    It’s time to retire Donald Sterling.

    Let the real estate magnate and Clippers owner take his millions and buy a hockey team. Then he won’t have to worry about black superstars showing up for games on his girlfriend’s arm.

    That’s what seemed to set him off in what is alleged to be a recorded argument with his girlfriend, who had posted a picture of herself with Magic Johnson on her Instagram account.

    “It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with black people,” the man on the recording said. “Don’t put him on an Instagram for the world to have to see, so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.”

    The tape, which goes on for almost 10 minutes, is riddled with stereotypes and comments so outlandish, it sounds like a "Saturday Night Live" spoof.

    This instance of “racial behavior” -- as sports commentators are awkwardly calling it -- may be outrageous, but it shouldn’t be shocking.

    Sterling has a long history of biased and offensive remarks, not to mention a well-deserved reputation as the worst team owner in pro basketball.

    Sterling has spent millions settling federal discrimination claims and lawsuits related to apartment buildings he owns. According to depositions from former employees, he didn't like renting to blacks or Latinos. They testified that he said black people “smell” and “Mexicans … just sit around and smoke and drink.”

    I'd say we can take "diversity training" off the table as an option to rehabilitate him.

    If Sterling's young trophy girlfriend -- who happens to be black and Latino -- can't drag the octogenarian into the 21st century, I don't think NBA commissioner Adam Silver has a chance.

    A temporary suspension? Sterling is a billionaire who doesn't care what the establishment thinks. What we ought to do is declare every Clipper a free agent and see who's willing to play for him.

    Sterling's been an embarrassment to the NBA long before this weekend's flap.

    I don't know if this new development paints Sterling as a hate-filled bigot or a self-centered buffoon.

    The man on the tape sounds like a jealous boyfriend, afraid of losing face with his friends. He threatened to back out of their European vacation if his girlfriend doesn't stop consorting with black men.

    His fear of public censure over race-mixing is patently stupid -- and might be comic if Sterling weren’t raking in millions from a team whose fortunes rely on the talents of black athletes.

    SOURCE 1 + 2

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    The Canadian actress turned real-life superhero when she came out to the world on Valentine’s Day.

    Ellen Page wants to go for a walk. It’s a sunny Los Angeles day, and rather than sit in the see-and-be-seen Chateau Marmont, the hotel she’s staying at while her new house is being finished, Page is angling her black Audi through tortuous hills toward the Hollywood Reservoir, an artificial lake and hiking hot spot in the Santa Monica Mountains. The five-foot-one actress has described her gait as “weird” in the past, but once we’re on the trail, all I notice is that—at almost 10 inches shorter than me—she’s in the lead.

    The scrubby canyons are a wild contrast to the harbour-city terrain of Halifax, her childhood home, but Page, 27, who has lived in L.A. for five years, is a California convert. Nearby Joshua Tree National Park is a favourite destination, and one mention sends Page into a soliloquy about Salton Sea, the landlocked, salt-filled sinkhole around which a Palm Springs–type resort community was built and later largely abandoned. “It’s the craziest place because it feels post-apocalyptic or even what L.A. is; only L.A.’s disguised, for now at least,” she says. “There’s something super beautiful about Salton Sea, but you feel like Oh, this is what we’ll be.”

    End of days is clearly a preoccupation of Page’s. The East, an espionage thriller released last summer, featured her as the doomed disciple in an eco-anarchist cell committed to toppling major corporations. Her upcoming family drama Into the Forest takes place in a near future on the brink of calamity. Even the new X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 23) is gloomy and gritty, eschewing the zip and zingers of Marvel’s other properties; consider these mutants the Avengers’ depressive, war-worn cousins. Days of Future Past is a dual sequel, featuring characters from the original X-Men trilogy and the 2011 “young X-Men” prequel First Class.

    Used to small-budget indies, Page was surprisingly drawn to the franchise. “I was interested in experiencing what that kind of filmmaking meant. The amazing thing about X-Men is that, despite the extremity of the circumstance and the superhero nature of it, the story is deeply human and deeply moving.” Page’s character, Kitty Pryde (a.k.a. Shadowcat) is pivotal to theDays of Future Past plot: as she fights for survival in a grungy future, her ability to turn intangible and move through objects allows her to mentally launch clawed comrade Wolverine back in time in an attempt to save the mutants from destruction. “Kitty is rad and tough and strong, especially in this new one—she’s older and her abilities have evolved,” Page says. “She has more of an edge because of what she’s been dealing with. They’re essentially running for their lives in a decimated, post-apocalyptic future.”


    Page is passionate about capital-I Issues—our dystopian-themed conversation winds through such topics as sustainable agriculture, climate change, vegetarianism and how the sudden decline in the bee population could be disastrous for the global food supply. Given the warm and wealthy locale, her concern could seem disingenuous—or delusional. But Page carefully and consistently points out that she’s aware she speaks from a place of privilege. That Audi didn’t buy itself.

    Growing up in Nova Scotia, she was raised by parents supportive of her two passions: acting and soccer. When her debut in the CBC television series Pit Pony led to a raft of TV and film parts, she had to sacrifice her field time, a difficult decision for the then-17-year-old athlete. “I loved having sports and the artistic, creative side of being an actor.” But Page doesn’t do anything in half measures, so she applied herself to life on set with the same seriousness she once took to the soccer field.

    In someone else, such intensity might grate, but Page’s earnestness is tempered by a droll, disarming wit, one she famously plied in her Oscar-nominated performance as the titular pregnant high-schooler in the 2007 sleeper hit Juno. After seeing a red-hoodied Page exact revenge on a suspected sexual predator in the 2005 thriller Hard Candy, director Jason Reitman knew he had his lead. Even when she’s bad, she’s very, very good: one day on the Juno set, Page was in the throes of a seemingly uncontrollable laughing fit when she looked up at the ceiling for a nanosecond and then launched into a monologue that made the film’s final cut.

    Reitman gleefully compared the moment to “attending an air show and watching an F-16 that is nosediving into the ground pull up and do the most gorgeous aerial acrobatics. She is a master fighter pilot.” He continues: “The only other actor I’ve ever worked with like that is Charlize Theron. The difference is Charlize is almost six feet tall, so when she comes out with that energy, you expect it, because she is a lion. When Ellen Page comes out with it, it’s like the dark matter of the universe. That much energy is not supposed to exist in someone so small.”

    Few could argue that Page was ever more of a master fighter than on Valentine’s Day 2014. With a quiver in her voice and wearing a T-shirt proclaiming “All Love Is Equal,” she stood in front of a crowded Las Vegas room at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s inaugural Time to Thrive conference and uttered the words every adolescent lesbian who’s ever watched (and rewatched) the roller derby flick Whip It dreams of hearing: “I am here today because I’m gay.” She went on to say that she was “tired of lying by omission.” It was the eight-minute speech pinged around the blogosphere, and one that Page and her manager planned meticulously in collaboration with the HRC Foundation. Page wanted her announcement to be aligned with a cause, ideally one having to do with LGBTQ youth (promoting the safety, inclusion and well-being of queer teens is an HRC Foundation priority). And she wanted it to happen soon: “The more time went by, the more something just happened, an Oh my god—I want to love someone freely and walk down the street and hold my girlfriend’s hand.”

    When I remark that she seemed nervous that night, Page smiles her trademark half-smile and acquiesces with a laugh, a sigh and some rat-a-tat repetition. “I was very nervous. I was very nervous, yes. Yes. Very, very nervous. Yes. I was emotional, deeply, deeply emotional.” Though she told her parents she liked-liked girls when she was 19, she was still coming out to herself eight years on. “You think you’re in a place where you’re all I’m thrilled to be gay, I have no issues about being gay anymore, I don’t feel shame about being gay, but you actually do. You’re just not fully aware of it. I think I still felt scared about people knowing. I felt awkward around gay people; I felt guilty for not being myself.”


    One of the perks of being an out lesbian: being able to wear whatever you want. Less than three weeks after her big speech, Page attended theVanity Fair Oscar party wearing a leather-accented Saint Laurent tux by Hedi Slimane. “I felt happy and confident and the difference was huge,” says Page. (She uses celebrity stylist Samantha McMillen, who also dressed Page for this cover story.) For years, she endured pressure to conform to industry standards, i.e., dresses, but those days are over. On April 12, she donned the double-breasted Saint Laurent jacket from herFLARE shoot for the GLAAD Media Awards. The following evening, she appeared at the MTV Movie Awards decked out in the leather pants, untucked oxford shirt and tie also featured here.

    For our hike, Page wore ripped jeans—bought at age 17 and featured in both Juno and The Tracey Fragments—a charcoal tee and a plaid shirt (both thrift-shop finds) and electric blue New Balance sneakers, all topped off with wood-framed sunglasses and a black cap with the words “Tom Boy” stitched in white block letters. She is done hiding.

    Page is single—but would like her future girlfriend, if she’s reading, to know that she can’t wait to hang out with her. She won’t divulge details about past relationships and doesn’t plan to dish down the road, but, she says, she’ll “always be happy to talk about being gay.” It’s a far cry from just a few months ago, when stressors included not being able to refer to an ex without having to be careful about pronoun use. Speculation surrounding Page’s personal life isn’t likely to die down, though; alleged lady loves have included Clea DuVall and Drew Barrymore. And Page will keep talking, if only to address a glaring disparity in her industry: “You hear things like, ‘People shouldn’t know about your life because you’re creating an illusion on-screen.’ But I don’t see other actresses going to great lengths to hide their heterosexuality. That’s an unfair double standard.”

    Overall, Page’s coming-out experience was a wonderful one: “I expected so much more hate,” she says. “It was just remarkably positive, which is beautiful, because it’s indicative of the change that’s happening.” The day following her Vegas revelation, however, Page was boarding a flight when a man approached her and identified himself as a pastor. Page thought nothing of it, even upon receiving a handwritten note from him two hours into the flight. She assumed, rather sweetly, that it was a letter of support. Then she opened it. “It was the worst kind of homophobia,” says Page, “because it wasn’t just ‘You deserve to burn in hell.’ It was ‘While God thinks it’s lovely that you stood up for your beliefs, perhaps you’ve never had the loving arms of a father.’” The missive was signed, “Your Heavenly Daddy.” She later responded using the farthest-reaching tool in her arsenal, Twitter: “2 da Pastor who wrote me—Being gay isn’t a belief. My soul isn’t struggling & I don’t want arms of Heavenly Father around me. A girl’s arms? Yes.” It was retweeted more than 14,000 times.

    Page is monitoring new avenues now accessible to her as an activist, and though the timing is coincidental, her coming out dovetailed nicely with the announcement that Julianne Moore had signed on as her co-star in Freeheld, the real-life story of a terminally ill New Jersey police detective who fought to get her pension transferred to her same-sex domestic partner before her death. It’s a project to which Page has been attached since she was 21 and one set to start shooting, at last, this fall.

    Once Page is in, she’s all in. Fellow Canadian Shawn Ashmore, who plays the cryokinetic mutant Bobby “Iceman” Drake in The Last Stand and Days of Future Past, remembers a moment eight years ago when he and his co-star were strapped together at the top of a building, staring down into a hole 70-odd feet below. It was stunt time. The pair—secured by cables—would have to launch themselves earthward, aiming, as best they could, for the pit. On film, Pryde’s ability to phase through matter would allow them to sink into the ground and ricochet, unscathed. “When we were on the ground, the hole looked giant, but once we got up there, it seemed like trying to dive into a glass of water,” says Ashmore. “I look over at Ellen and she has a big grin on her face. Later, she told this story on set like it was the greatest thing that ever happened; I was convinced we were going to break our legs and may never walk again. Maybe Ellen is just braver than I am.”

    The five-kilometre Reservoir loop completed, we circle back to the hotel, and conversation returns to the global anxiety over a coming apocalypse. Page struggles with how to lead a good life that takes into account everything from food security to LGBTQ rights. For now, she’s excited by the prospect of producing, writing and eventually directing. “I feel more creatively inspired than I have in years,” she says. “And I’m sure it has to do with a lot of bricks being taken out of the backpack.” As we part, Page removes her sunglasses for the first time. Exposed, her brown, almond-shaped eyes look a little tired, but she’s flashing that lopsided smile. She’s right where she wants to be—open and unfettered. Finally.

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  • 04/29/14--11:15: Celebrity Picture Post
  • Sofia Vergara heading out after an appearance on "Katie"
    Sarah Jessica Parker at the New York Pops 31st Birthday Gala Dinner in NYC

    Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas at the Chaplin Award Gala in New York City

    Reese Witherspoon in Brentwood

    Lily Allen in London

    Helena Christensen in West Village

    Elizabeth Moss and Jennifer Lopea arriving for Jimmy Kimmel

    Olivia Palermo in NYC

    Julianna Marguiles in NYC

    Vera Farmiga and Joel McHale on Letterman

    Anne Hathaway in West Hollywood

    Ginnifer Goodwin in West Hollywood

    Rita Ora in NYC

    Alessandra Ambrosio in LA

    Kate Hudson in Pacific Palidas

    Matt Damon in Brentwood

    Pink and Carey Hart Out in NYC

    Naomi Watts in Brentwood

    Diane Kruger

    Diana Agron in LA

    Cheryl Cole at LAX

    Eva Longoria at LAX

    Paris Hilton in LA

    Jessica Biel in NY

    Gwen Stefani in LA

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    "I'll be stepping down at the end of this year, in December. Then I'll go and do something else. Probably, I'm thinking carpentry, but I haven't made my mind up yet. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but I feel doing this show for 10 years, that's enough."

    "This is my decision to go. This is not Jay and Conan at NBC. This is not Dave and Jay all these years ago. It's not that."

    "CBS has been great with me. I have a good relationship with them. I'm still in business with them on other stuff, so please don't picket them or go up to CBS with flaming torches, unless you're angry at me, then, you know, get in line."

    Craig Ferguson: ‘I Wanted to Leave the Show Before I Stopped Enjoying It’

    Craig Ferguson is relieved — he’s been wanting to let people know of his plan to move on from “The Late Late Show” for months.

    The CBS latenight host also is resigned to the fact that few people will believe his assertion that he began thinking about ending his run on the show as long as two years ago, but he re-upped after CBS persuaded him to stick around a little longer. Early this year, he began laying the groundwork for his exit, before he had any idea that Letterman was preparing to announce his plan to retire in 2015.

    “It wasn’t contentious. I was just like, ‘I feel like I’m done,’ ” Ferguson told Variety. “We were all fine and were tying up loose ends. And then Dave surprised everybody with the (April 3) announcement and that threw a spanner in the works. And I had to sit and keep my mouth shut while speculation raged wildly.”

    Ferguson initially planned to sign off this summer, but CBS asked him to stay until December to give them more time to set a replacement. Ferguson agreed because it gives his staff and crew more time to find new gigs.

    “It’s an inevitable thing when David announced his retirement, people are going to say ‘Oh he’s leaving because of that.’ No matter what I say or what I do, they’re gonna say that. Well they can say what they like. It’s America. I understand.”

    The simple fact is, Ferguson wanted to move on before the work became a chore. He’s proud of the show and how oddball it is — with a robot skeleton and stuffed horse for sidekicks. But he has “ideas” for new things and is engaged with the various projects that his Green Mountain West production banner is developing for Science Channel and Discovery. And he’s got a new gig starting in the fall as host and producer of the syndie gameshow “Celebrity Name Game.”

    “Ten years is a very long time in one job — for me,” he said. “I wanted to leave the show before I stopped enjoying it. That was my goal. I didn’t want it to be a chore….The whole idea is that show business should have some adventure to it, I think. It’s not about knowing what you’re doing day in and day out, year after year.”

    Another latenight talk show is highly unlikely, despite the vacancy that’s about to open up at Comedy Central when “The Colbert Report” wraps. “I don’t know if I would ever do a latenight talkshow (again). It just doesn’t feel like that’s the way I’m headed,” he said.

    Ferguson reiterated, as he has in interviews over the years, that taking over the 11:35 p.m. slot from Dave was never his ambition. But again, he accepts that people will view this as a he-doth-protest-too-much situation.

    “I had no desire — none — to do that job,” Ferguson said. “I could barely keep it together at 12:30, never mind 11:30. Nobody wants to hear it. It’s so bizarre. People want it to be Jay and Dave or Jay and Conan or some kind of big story. That’s not me, that’s not what I want. I think what happens is that certain people want you to want it, and they want you to not get it. If that makes ‘em happy, well…It really wasn’t what I aspired to. Doing this job wasn’t something I aspired to, either. I kind of fell into this.”

    But what about the reports that Ferguson’s last contract included a clause that calls for him to see an eight-figure payout if he was not chosen as Letterman’s successor? Ferguson paused, and then cited words of advice from a seasoned Scottish comedian, Johnny Beattie, who befriended him years ago.

    “He told me, ‘There’s two things we never discuss: Wages and ages.’ So I think I’m gonna stick to that.”

    Source, Youtube

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  • 04/29/14--11:29: MAGIC! x "rude"

  • youtube

    heard this song on the radio. what kinda reggae bop?

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    April 29, 2014 -- Donald Sterling was fined $2.5 million and banned for life from all NBA games after the Los Angeles Clippers owner was recorded making racist comments.

    Adam Silver, the commissioner of the National Basketball Association, held a news conference to announce the results of the investigation, which found that the voice heard on two recordings were those of Sterling.

    "The hateful opinions are those of Mr. Sterling," Silver said. "The views are deeply offensive and harmful. That they came from an NBA owner only heightens the outrage."

    The players' union had asked Silver to rule quickly, preferably before the Clippers play host to Golden State in the fifth game of their playoff series this evening. Last weekend, Silver said he has broad authority to address issues with owners that threaten the game's best interests.

    The league's bylaws allow for Silver to levy a penalty of up to $1 million without needing the approval of other owners if he deems Sterling's actions have damaged the league as a whole.

    Silver is getting pressure from all sides, including the NAACP which has asked for a meeting with him.

    The controversy is now hitting the Clippers where it hurts, in the wallet, as several companies have pulled their advertising.

    In support of the Clippers' players the Miami Heat showed theirs last night before their playoff game with Charlotte. Like the Clippers did on Sunday, the Heat ran out of the tunnel wearing their warmups, huddled at center court and tossed their white shooting T-shirts to the ground. They then went through the pregame warmup with their red Heat warmup jerseys inside out, hiding the team's logo.


    Obligatory mocking of this lunatic:

    0 0


    This morning we all delighted in the casting announcement for Star Wars VII. And then the reality set in: There is only one new female character being added to what is arguably the world's most beloved mythic series. It's as if 51 percent of the population cried out in pain, and was suddenly silenced.

    Let me tell you about my seven-year-old niece, Hannah. She's one of those girly girls who wears pink sparkly boots and does ballet. She also has a pink toy sword, a pink shield, and does karate. And when she talks about princesses, which happens a lot, one of her models is the "fighting princess" Leia. Hannah is part of a generation of kids growing up in the Star Wars/Disney universe, and already the Star Wars part of that equation has changed the way she plays princess games and the way she imagines herself in superheroic form. Leia gives Hannah options that Ariel doesn't. And vice-versa.

    So when I looked at that Star Wars cast list, Hannah was on my mind. Surely in the second decade of the twenty-first century, she'd be given more awesome female characters to choose from in this contemporary incarnation of Star Wars. Leia would still be there, as the fighting princess — but maybe there would be a female fighter pilot whose swagger could rival Han Solo's, or a female Sith strutting through some scenery-chewing lines. Nope. There's one female name other than Carrie Fisher's on that cast list: the relative unknown Daisy Ridley, whom fans are speculating might play the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia. Of course, more cast members will be announced, but this is probably our core cast — the main characters.

    Having Ridley is great, but one new female lead in a cast of men? That's how we launch ourselves into the future of this series, which inspires little girls with pink swords, as well as old girls like myself who graduated to sharper weapons long ago? Are we seriously still pretending that the universe is comprised almost entirely of men (and mostly white men at that)? Mythic tales are supposed to open up possibilities, not shut them down.

    And don't give me any crap about how this is still basically a boy's story, and boys don't want to watch girls on screen. First of all, Star Wars is as close to a universal story as you can find in pop culture. People of all genders and racial backgrounds enjoy it, especially when they're kids. Second of all, when I was growing up, I inserted myself into the Star Wars story by pretending to be R2D2 and Han Solo. Are you telling me that boys can't do this too? If you ARE telling me that, then you have obviously never taken a little boy to see Frozen — which my nephew Kei liked better than The Lego Movie. His taste may be debatable, but his ability to identify with fictional female characters isn't.

    We already know that this movie won't cleave to the Star Wars Extended Universe, where there are a ton of amazing female characters ranging from evil to superheroic. So I'm not pissed off that JJ Abrams isn't giving me a live-action version of Mara Jade or Ahsoka or Asajj Ventress. Instead, I'm stunned that Kasdan and Abrams' imaginations appear to have failed where the many authors of the EU didn't. Why not invent new female characters? It's not as if having a gender-balanced EU drove fans away. Far from it. Indeed, many of the Star Wars creators today, like Clone Wars creator Dave Filoni, drew their inspiration from EU comics and books.


    Star Wars isn't just another silly B-movie whose all-male cast I can laugh off. It's an evolving cultural mythos for the twenty-first century, whose stories evoke a future for humanity even if they take place "a long time ago." It's a story that all of us — young and old — look to for inspiration, for heroes, for nostalgia, and for shared jokes when it goes wrong. It's no exaggeration to say that Star Wars is an important part of the collective imagination game that we call culture.

    So when Star Wars cannot offer us anything remotely like a diverse cast of characters, at a time in history when we know better, it's not just a bad casting decision in a Hollywood office. It's a move that will absolutely shape how children think about themselves, and the possibilities that are open to them. It's a decision that sends a signal to adults about where they stand relative to each other.

    Myths are powerful things, because we learn who we are by telling stories. When are we going to let little girls and kids of diverse races have fantasies as powerful as those given to white boys? When?


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    Britney Spears - Slave 4 U

    One of our favorite dance orgies is Britney's "Slave 4 U", which at the time was a controversial girl-to-woman coming out party for Britney. The group grind with Brits touching herself in the middle is nothing less than graphic.

    XXXtina Aguilera - Not Myself Tonight

    Like her contemporary Britney Spears, Xtina revisits the dance orgy later in her career for her "Not Myself Tonight" video. Gimp masked in a church, Christina breaks all the taboos as her dancers orgy in her wake.

    Lady Gaga- Alejandro

    If there's a controversy, expect Lady Gaga to be involved. For her "Alejandro" video the provocative mother monster simulated sex with a gaggle of semi-nude male dancers.

    She was always that G.U.Y.

    Kylie Minogue- All The Lovers

    Kylie Minogue's "All The Lovers" video was something of a controversy when it was released and we can see why; the pop princess literally mounts and proceeds to dance atop of a writhing mass of underwear clad, writhing orgy-makers.

    JLo- Dance Again

    Jenny From the Block took a leaf out of little Miss Minogue's book and took centre position in the middle of a giant dance-orgy.

    For 15 more go the source:

    ONTD have you ever been in an orgy?

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    The first two minutes of today'’s Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELDcontains Agent Hill, Agent May, and references toStark,PEPPER and Fury…what more could you want?! #ItsAllConnected

    What will happen when Col. Talbot comes face to face with the#AgentsofSHIELD? Here’s a sneak peek of Tuesday’s all-new episode

    there are some new hints regarding age of ultron in the first clip

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    And with Justice League of America, it begins.

    The WB is going to start expanding the DC wing of its considerable media library, a way of offsetting a recent downturn in profit and the loss of the Harry Potter movies. The vast collection of characters are ready to be set loose following Batman vs. Superman and Justice League of America, but just in what aspect?

    The Wall Street Journal broke the news of the latest superhero team-up, and now they're revealing exactly how the company will act moving forward. And thus far, the claim is that Justice League will lead nine more movies into active development. What this means might not be much; not all of those nine films will be made, and some will be replaced by other film ideas in the pipeline for DC and the WB. Justice League of America is potentially three years away, at best, which means "in development" could simply mean "being talked about around the watercooler." But it's a start, for a studio that hasn't been certain as to what they've wanted from their comic book wing.

    The article also suggests that Chris Nolan, architect of the Dark Knight series, "didn't work within a larger DC strategy" and will no longer do any further superhero films after producing 2013's Man of Steel. There's no doubt DC's strategy has been heavily delayed, to a borderline embarrassing extent: DC has only those two films announced, while Marvel has release dates for their next six films, with plenty of other characters set up to go.

    Of course, the shared universe is really what Marvel boasts over DC. The article claims that DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson has been encouraged to "develop diverse and even contradictory takes" on classic characters. While Zack Snyder's Justice League of America will be part of a larger universe, it looks like the television branch, which includes the upcoming Gotham, will stand alone, as will other deals like the ones that placed DC characters in The LEGO Movie. Ultimately, this could mean Marvel wins the onscreen race, but a more diverse portfolio would potentially give DC the upper hand.

    So what are these nine movies? The Wall Street Journal doesn't spell it out, but you can guess at what DC has in-store for their Justice League of America participants. Superman and Batman will likely get another shot, and it would be foolish to not try Wonder Woman. Maybe more Green Lantern, or perhaps the Suicide Squad? Maybe non-Leaguers like Lobo or Shazam will get a shot, along with edgier material like Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Sandman. Maybe Guillermo Del Toro's Justice League Dark is a possibility. Maybe Fables gets a shot, or maybe the WB finally checks out that beloved Super Max script that features Green Arrow.

    Which DC property do you see reaching the big screen after Justice League?


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    GoldDerby: There was a massive scene that got a lot of talk, not last night but last week on Game of Thrones involving you and your brother. I guess King Joffrey was around, his cold body was around

    Headey: Innocent bystander for the first time ever.

    GoldDerby: In case you don’t know the scene I was just talking about…Oh, you’re back, Lena?

    Headey: I’ve returned. Yes, so, you know, we spent a long time rehearsing it with Alex [Graves], the director, and myself and Nik and Jack [Gleeson] and you know, of course it’s a very complicated moment for many reasons and what I will say about it is, from my stance as an actor who’s had this character for three years, four years, who knows her intimately…you know you’re standing, as a woman in absolute grief, in pain that she’s never felt before. And you know, she’s staring at the body of her dead son who’s been her sanity and her purpose and she’s joined by her brother who’s also her lover so, you know, we’ve also got bigger problems going on than the ones everyone’s talking about [Editor's Note: I would disagree.]. And it becomes very messy. And there’s lust and desperation and you know, a need to feel something other than this searing, empty loss. And so that’s where I came from when we were filming. There was this need and it wasn’t right and yet it felt great and yet it wasn’t right and it played out the way it did. And I was really happy with it. I thought it was um, my intention was there and I think people’s reactions are right and opinions are varying.

    GoldDerby: I read and heard sort of two opinions sort of about this scene. Some people say, “well in the book it was a clearly consensual scene and they’ve gone off from the book said.” Others have been, “no, it sort of ended up being consensual in the show as well.” Do you have an opinion on that, whether this was a consensual act or not?

    Headey: [Thinks about it.] This is a really tricky one because, you know, either way, anything I say I’m going to get slaughtered for.

    GoldDerby: Yes. How did you play it? As an actress approaching it…

    Headey: I came from this place of grieving and a need to feel connected and alive and you know, this is the only other person, probably the only person she has ever trusted in the world. And she’s shunned Jaime and he’s never stopped loving her and in that moment she’s embracing and she’s rejecting of him in the same breath and you know, if I had not have said “not now, not here,” you know, if there were silence I don’t know how people would have reacted, you know what I mean? But it’s tricky, man, because we could go into this for a long time, I could get personal, we could…you know what I mean? It’s a real fucker of a situation. And I also think, you know, without being too much of a twat about it, we’re talking about a show with dragons, incest, babies taken by zombies, you know…

    GoldDerby: Do you think it was the right direction for the show to take with that scene? Do you think it was well done?

    Headey: Yes! I do, I stand by it absolutely and I think that it’s an interesting turning point for Jaime’s character, massively, because we’ve kind of despised him. You know, he killed a fucking child while shagging his sister and then we fell in love with him again and now this you know, this greatly divided scene has happened and it’s getting people talking and bringing up important, important conversations.


    lol she pretty much said exactly what i thought she was going to say tbh. i wish she had just admitted it was a rape but i wasn't expecting her to. it seems like they were going for ~dubcon~ but they FUCKED up hard

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    Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone aren't the only Amazing Spider-Man actors in love: Costar Chris Zylka is engaged, according to a Tweet from his new fiancée.

    "I'm engaged !!!!!" model and designer Hanna Beth, 25, wrote on Twitter Saturday. On Sunday she added: "My life feels like a dream right now. Everything is way too perfect. So happy."

    It seems Zylka, who plays Flash Thompson in the superhero film, gave his bride-to-be more than a ring. Beth also posted an Instagram of a puppy on Saturday, writing, "OMG!!! I have the best boyfriend in the entire universe. Say hello to our little baby. Best surprise ever picking her up next week."

    Zylka, 28, is known for his small screen roles on Twisted and The Secret Circle. He's set to star the upcoming show The Leftoverswith Justin Theroux.

    Beth was linked to Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley in 2009, and Zylka previously dated Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale.


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    Synopsis: Rosie and Alex are best friends. They are suddenly separated when Alex and his family move from Dublin to America. Can their friendship survive years and miles? Will they gamble everything for true love?

    Love, Rose will hit theaters October 24, 2014!

    source: 1, 2, 3

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    THR's awards analyst dissects the one man, one car film and exclusively unveils a making-of featurette that illustrates the challenges facing its 36-year-old star.

    Was the first legitimate acting awards contender of 2014 unveiled this past weekend? According to a considerable number of respected pundits, the answer is yes: Tom Hardy in Locke, Steven Knight's 80-minute experimental film that features just one actor -- the 36-year-old Brit best known for Warrior (2011) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012) -- and takes place entirely in a car as his character tries to extinguish numerous professional and personal crises via his phone while racing in the other direction to be with the person who caused them in the first place.

    If that reads like a bit of a tough sell, you can imagine that cutting an appealing trailer of it can't have been easy, either. For that reason, perhaps, distributor A24 has exclusively provided The Hollywood Reporter with this making-of featurette, which gives some context to the production and its aims. (Knight, who also wrote the film's script, previously scribed two other dark but estimable films, Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises.)

    The film itself is not going to be everyone's cup of tea -- claustrophobes, in particular, will resist it -- but few will find fault with Hardy's performance under the most confined and solitary of circumstances (apart from his slightly strange, Indian-sounding accent), without which it would be nothing. He proves beyond a doubt that he is not just a hulking, brooding screen presence who looks a bit like Marlon Brando, but an actor who has the chops to carry a movie, quite literally on his own.

    (For better or worse, he will do so next in the title role of this year's reboot of the Mad Max series.)


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    Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas have broken up, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

    After dating for nearly two years, Harry, 29, recently confided in friends that things were not going well with the 24-year-old beauty.

    "He found her too needy and it just wasn't working out," says a source close to the prince.

    The couple were introduced by Princess Eugenie, a close friend of Bonas, who recently completed a postgraduate program in dance studies at London's Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. But they had always tried to keep their relationship out of the spotlight.

    Recently, though, the couple had been seen out and about, enjoying dinner dates, and Cressida – known as Cressy to her friends – even attended her first official event last month, supporting Prince Harry as he gave a speech at the launch of WE Day, a charity event for Save the Children at Wembley Arena.

    On Tuesday, Harry met with wounded service personnel hoping to take part in the Invictus Games, which he will launch this fall. Meanwhile, Cressida was spotted picking a healthy takeout from a juice bar.


    lol @ all the proposal rumors recently too.

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