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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    The practice of big artists beefing up their vocals on tracks with a veritable chorus of backing singers is not a new one. Almost every major recording artist is guilty of this to varying degrees, and one who’s always been a notable adopter of softening her…distinctive vocal style with a symphony of other voices is Brit Brit.

    After the debacle of her last album’s release cleared, that being intense fan dissatisfaction, questions over authenticity of vocals, outrage at poor autotuning and much more – one of the remaining questions swirled around backing singer Myah Marie.

    Marie basically has made a name for herself in recent years as a backing vocalist for Britney because she sounds basically exactly like her. For Britney fans, mentioning Myah Marie’s name is like hitting a giant RAGE button to unleash this.

    Britney fans feel like Myah Marie is the unpoppable hemmaroid on their bottom-butts because it is alleged that Myah Marie contributed in equal measure to Britney Jean as Britney herself. The irony of a popstar calling an album her most personal yet and not realizing that half of the vocals aren’t even hers is not lost on me.

    When Brit Brit wants to go for frapuccinos and buy a toy dog, producers – they say, will yes her out of the door and instead get Myah Marie to imitate Brit Brit and lay down the track.

    The scandal deepened when Myah’s own father came forward and claimed Brit-wasn’t-really-Brit on half of ‘Femme Fatale’ . Marie disputed this publicly, but it was unconvincing. Somehow, despite what should have been a Milli Vanilli sized scandal – Britney has come out of the other side of the accusation without any statement from her label or her management. Marie went on to become a featured background vocalist on Britney Jean where she also co-wrote the track Body Ache.

    Somethin in the Britney Jean aint Clean.

    It’s an issue that doesn’t seem to be going away. The original backlash surrounding Britney Jean was partially due to the vast drop in quality the album represented from Spears’ past efforts – but also down to a lot of questions over why the girl on the CD didn’t always sound quite like the Spears, who’s voice we’ve grown to know and love over the past ten years.

    Some songs, they said, sounded less like a frog having passionate sex with a lamb than usual, so was it really Britney?

    Recently more ‘stems’ , or parts of the raw track recordings featuring the original vocals – have been leaked by producers and used to create acoustic versions of some of the BJ songs. Great deal for fans, who now get to hear a new spin on their favourite tracks; but also painfully revealing for Spears.

    One of the versions was an improvement on the original track and stood to prove how Will.I.Am’s production interference had really been a one-two punch of awful for this project.

    The Proof

    However the latest stem leak has arrived and it’s ‘Passenger‘ where Britney is mixed in with vocal interludes from featured writer and background vocalist Sia. As Britney’s vocals are suspiciously missing from all of the chorus and bridges in the song – the post of the track on claims that Myah Marie sang all of the bridges and chorus parts of the final track for ‘time constraints rather than ability’. lololol

    What this essentially means is that, on a track billed as Britney Spears, and sung as if it is Britney Spears, is not, in-fact, Britney Spears for almost half of the song’s run-time. It is not the only track on the album that features this vocal style, and thereby, it is unlikely to be the only one where Spears is not actually singing the whole song.

    Sympathy for Lady Britney

    This is a music business scandal which will be likely swept under the rug because the world feels bad for Britney. After all we’ve given Britney a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card because she’s a sweet girl who we did wrong, as a public, when she veered dangerously close to suicide.

    Should we feel so perpetually bad for Brit Brit, and worried about her mental condition, that we let her away with artistic laziness on a scale so grand she is no longer recording entire tracks herself? Is her life so disgracefully busy with walking to Rite-Aids and buying wigs that we should no longer expect her to put in truly the most basic level of time dedication and effort to her recording career?

    Everyone loves Britney Spears, and her positive attitude and upbeat approach to stardom has ensured the public has lasting goodwill for her. Yet at this stage in her career seeing such utter disengagement from the creative process (however tenuous Spears’ honest link to that process must have been in past) is a slap in the face to consumers and fans, who at least want to know when they shell over $3 for this CD in a bargain bin that they will be at the very least – hearing her.


    summary: Britney is too lazy and/or so severely lacking in vocal ability that she is incapable of laying down more than one take for her tracks so they bring in "backup" singer Myah Marie to come in and mimic her voice to fool fans and consumers into believing it's Spears singing on records. Charli XCX who worked on the Britney Jean project before being unceremoniously cut also made some controversial statements in an interview hinting at this practice before succumbing to fan pressure and retracting her insinuations.

    This isn't the first time fans have caught on to Spears' and her team's shady business practices as you'll remember the dance double controversy during the femme fatale era.

    Dance doubles, voice doubles, what's next?

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    The Other Woman will divide audiences straight down the middle and even those of the fairer sex, who might cringe at the faux 'female empowerment' pitch, may be pleasantly surprised. First, let's get one thing straight: obsessing over a man who did you wrong - to the point where you start dressing like a ninja and stalking him for payback - is not big and it's not clever. But, you know what? It's kinda funny.

    The friction between Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz generates bright comedy sparks in a story that is otherwise trite and predictable, but just as important is their gradual warming towards each other. Mann is the good little wife "cute Kate", while Diaz is the careerist singleton Carly who doesn't know she is dating Kate's husband Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) until she turns up at their country pile in high heels, hot-pants and a tool belt to "fix his plumbing".

    A broken heel and a bit of slapstick only amplify Carly's embarrassment, but it seems like a desperate grab for laughs in a situation that is awkward enough. The party really starts when Kate latches onto Carly, desperate for a shoulder to cry on. Mann excels at being annoying (as evidenced in the films of her real-life hubby Judd Apatow) and she makes a hilarious virtue of it as Kate; a whiny, shiny-faced, teary clown against Diaz's po-faced 'straight man'. She also has a knack for physical comedy, getting drunk and making like a cat in a box as Diaz tries to put her into a cab and, later, doing some shtick in the bushes on a stakeout in Miami.

    Kate Upton, as Amber, is the third wheel in more than one sense; she is Mark's latest squeeze and then the newest recruit in Kate and Carly's nebulous revenge mission. She has little to contribute (except to be the butt of their bimbo jokes) although the girls aren't clear on what they're trying to achieve. While they figure out the grand plan, they get cheap, easy laughs from having Mark drink hormone-enriched sex-change smoothies and scotch laced with laxatives. It's a thankless role for Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones) who is so oily you may begin to question why Kate and Carly fell for him in the first place.

    >Director Nick Cassavetes - who is best known for directing epic tearjerkers like The Notebook and My Sister's Keeper - doesn't keep a tight enough rein on the action.
    A romantic subplot is tacked on for Carly and slows things down just as the pace is supposed to pick up, and when Kate and Carly become more comfortable in expressing their warmer, fuzzier feelings for each other, it takes some sting out of the tail. (Talking of which, Nicki Minaj is underused as Carly's PA with a 'tude.) Fortunately, there are enough laugh-out-loud moments and an infectious sense of naughty fun to keep you watching to the bitter, bitter end.

    Inevitably, the plot culminates in over-the-top fashion, but then this is a revenge fantasy. If Quentin Tarantino was at the helm, Mark would get decapitated and blood would spray up the walls, but Cassavetes is in touch with his feminine side, so there's just a little less claret... That should go well with the two or three glasses of Sauvignon blanc that are needed to wash away the guilt of such illicit pleasure. Bottoms up! 3/5


    Looks pretty shit but I'm loving Cameron lately

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    Parks and Recreation co-stars and Christmas caroling experts, Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner are reunited once again in this week's brand new Billy on the Street! Watch what happens when Amy Poehler wears a Pitbull mask (the singer, not the dog) and Billy helps her shock random New Yorkers but revealing that "It's Not Pitbull - It's Amy Poehler!!!"


    ONTD I am waiting patiently for the outcries re: throwing up gang signs at :04.

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    more pictures she posted

    pretty obvious she's been feeling this way :(

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  • 04/22/14--11:11: Cabaret Post!

  • Source

    Alan Cumming and the Kit Kat girls and boys performed Wilkommen on The Tonight Show (video won't embed. Click here)

    Audio of Michelle Williams singing Cabaret at the first preview performance:


    16 (5) Famous Sally Bowles

    Judi Dench
    In 1968, “Cabaret” came to London, starring the future Dame Judi Dench as Sally. If you harbor any doubts as to her effectiveness, immediately go to Spotify and stream the London cats recording; she’s phenomenal!

    Liza Minnelli
    Once the musical blew up the way it did (and should!), it was time for a movie adaptation. And when you’re recreating a great musical, you call on a great actor--and Liza finally got her chance with the 1972 film, taking home an Oscar for her efforts while the film earned an additional seven Academy Awards. And when you think of "Cabaret," it's probably this soundtrack you hear in your head.

    Natasha Richardson
    A decade later, “Cabaret” was back on Broadway in a heavily revised revival co-directed by Sam Mendes and Rob Marshall. Alan Cumming made his Broadway debut as the Emcee with Natasha Richardson was along for the ride as Sally Bowles. This production became the third-longest running revival in Great White Way history with 2,377 performances. For her performance, Richardson won a Tony.

    Brooke Shields has had a pretty prolific Broadway career, appearing in everything from “Grease” to “Chicago” to the 2010 production of “The Addams Family.” Her time as Sally Bowles lasted from July 2001 to October 2001.

    The Brat Pack queen of the ’80s, Molly Ringwald, took on the role of Sally twice during its revival: December 2001-April 2002 and again from August 2002 through January 2003.

    Saw this last week. It was stunning and perfect. Alan Cumming was everything I hoped he'd be. Danny Burnstein and Linda Emond need Tonys for their performances. Any ONTDers see this production and love it?

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    First you learned the science behind Thor's trusty Mewmew. Now, ONTD, let's explore the noblest non-weapon weapon of them all!


    Captain America’s shield is famous for absorbing tremendous amounts of kinetic energy, from an artillery shell to a punch from the Hulk – keeping Cap not only safe, but on his feet.  What’s going on here?

    It’s tough to explain how the shield works, in part because it behaves differently under different circumstances. Sometimes the shield is thrown and becomes embedded in a wall; but sometimes it bounces off of walls, ricocheting wildly. Sometimes the shield seems to easily absorb tremendous force; but sometimes it is damaged by the attacks of Cap’s most powerful foes.

    “However, from a scientific perspective, it’s important to remember that we’re talking about the first law of thermodynamics,” says Suveen Mathaudhu, a program manager in the materials science division of the U.S. Army Research Office, adjunct materials science professor at NC State University and hardcore comics fan. “Energy is conserved. It doesn’t disappear, it just changes form.

    “When enormous energy, such as a blow from Thor’s hammer, strikes Cap’s shield, that energy needs to go somewhere.”


    Normally, that energy would need to be either stored or converted into heat or sound. But comic-book readers and moviegoers know that Cap’s shield usually doesn’t give off waves of heat or roaring shrieks (that shockwave from Thor’s hammer in The Avengers film notwithstanding).

    “That absence of heat and sound means that the energy has to be absorbed somehow; the atomic bonds in the shield – which is made of vibranium [OP note: actually a unique vibranium/proto-adamantium alloy but who's counting]– must be able to store that energy in some form,” Mathaudhu says.

    For example, in the comics, no less an authority than Molecule Man insinuates that something about the shield’s molecular structure is “weirdest of them all.” Based on his observations, Mathaudhu notes that the shield essentially acts as a battery. (After all, the elemental power source Tony Stark “discovers” in Iron Man 2 is also vibranium.)

    But the shield also appears able to function as a capacitor, able to handle large amounts of energy very quickly. (Oversimplified explanation: capacitors – like the flash on your smartphone – absorb and release energy quickly; batteries – like, well, batteries – absorb and release energy at controlled rates.)


    This means that Cap’s shield is a supercapacitor (perhaps vibranium atoms assemble akin to graphene?), able to function as a hybrid of a battery and a capacitor.

    But how does the shield release all that stored energy that it has saved up?

    “If the energy is being stored in the bonds between the shield’s atoms, that could explain the variability in the shield’s physical characteristics,” Mathaudhu says.

    For example, maybe its supercapacitor-like nature explains where the shield gets the energy it needs to ricochet off of multiple surfaces before returning to Cap’s hand (as it does so often in the comics) – or how the shield is able to unleash enough force in one blow to cut into the Winter Soldier’s super-strong bionic arm (as seen in the most recent Captain American movie).

    Part of it is Cap’s strength, of course, but the shield itself appears to be playing a role.


    Could tiny little atoms really contain that kind of energy? It’s important to remember just how much energy is contained in nuclear bonds: both the atomic bomb and conventional nuclear energy facilities are powered by the splitting of atoms.

    And we’re all familiar with real-world examples of technology that converts kinetic energy into stored energy, like the flywheel and generator tech that uses the friction from stepping on the brakes in a Prius to charge the car’s batteries.

    As is so often the case in comics, there’s a kernel of scientific truth here – Cap’s shield just takes it one step further.


    Source 1, 2

    Yes, I think it works, tbh.

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    Iggy Azalea who has become a darling of the high fashion world, still finds herself guarding against ratchetness to the highest level. During her talk to promote her debut album which comes out today on the Hot 97 Morning Show, The Australian MC, revealed that she has to take precautions to stop fans who want to throw their hands somewhere other than the air when she crowd-surfs at shows

    “I had to stop (crowdsurfing)…People try to finger me,” she explained. Azalea went on to talk about how she wears two pairs of underpants and tights under her pants to ward off the intruders.

    Rightfully so she draws the line. “Buying my album for $12 doesn’t mean you get to finger me when I come to your city. It’s weird.”

    ONTD, have you ever tried to cop a feel when your fave crowdsurfed?

    Buy The New Classic on iTunes Now!

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    She frequently complains about the portrayal of women in the media.

    But Lily Allen took a double-standard and ran with it on Saturday when she performed at London club G-A-Y where she was joined by half-naked male - and female - backing talent.

    The 28 year-old singer took to the stage in a variety of outfits, which will no doubt surprise fans of her outspoken opinions. 

    The daughter of actor Keith Allen launched her new album at the long-running nightspot with a special preview set, which saw her change outfits for each song. Initially she took to the floor in a flattering blue dress, which looked both stylish but demure. But it soon became a less sophisticated affair. She then removed the skirt, leaving just a leotard-effect body which she wore with killer heels and a fur-effect coat. Meanwhile, she was surrounded by scantily-clad female dancers, who performed seductively for their crowd.

    Generating cheers from the crowd, it was clearly the tongue-in-cheek fun she intended.

    But, despite having written songs which judge men's genitals and their sexual ability, Lily - rather ironically - still champions less sexualised, more respectful, behaviour in pop.

    So her finale costume change will perhaps raise eyebrows most. For her encore, she poked fun at Beyonce's Grammy Awards appearance, having a bucket of water thrown over her before performing a cover of Destiny Child's I'm a survivor. Joined by a male performer in his underwear, she writhed around the stage trying to be satirical. At the close of the track she removed her wig and accepted a warm round of applause from party-goers.

    Given that she has new music to promote, the attention-grabbing behaviour is unsurprising from Allen. She recently took a swipe at some of the world's biggest music icons in her video for new single, Sheezus.

    Not holding back as she worked her magic in front of the camera, the 28-year-old singer playfully referenced the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Lorde in the upcoming track.

    Vowing to get her 'crown' back, the It's Not Fair hitmaker hinted that changes in the industry may have taken place during her two-year musical hiatus when she welcomed daughters Ethel, two, and Marnie, 15 months, into the world.

    Cavorting around in a street-inspired hoodie and neon chains as bright lights flashed around her, Lily sings: 'RiRi isn't scared of Katy Perry's roaring, Queen Bey's gone back to the drawing. Lorde smells blood, yeah, she's about to slay you... kid ain't one to f**k with when she's only on her debut.

    'We're all watching Gaha lol haha... dying for the art, so really she's a martyr.'

    The star has already admitted she is waiting for an angry phone call from rapper Kanye West after naming her track Sheezus in homage to his most-recent album, Yeezus.

    Speaking on NovaFM's Fitzy & Wippa in Australia, she said: 'I’m terrified... I thought he'd think it was a diss, but it’s totally not a diss, I love Kanye I think he’s brilliant.

    'He speaks his mind, whether what he’s saying is ridiculous or not, he honestly does believe it and I think there’s a lot to be said for that.

    'In this day and age people are so bland and beige and "Uhuh, yeah, I love everyone and everything and I like, totally don’t have a problem with everything", but he does have a problem!'.




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    why does it have to be a single tho

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    Ah, another day, another supposed new love interest for Robert Pattinson. Rumors have been running rampant that the 27-year-old star is dating Katy Perry's stylist friend Cleo Wade.

    "Cleo is one of Katy's best friends, so Rob has been spending time with their gang," a source told The Sun. "It's early days, but they seem to have good chemistry. They spent a lot of time together over the weekend."

    But despite such speculation, a source close to Pattinson tells E! News that the Twilight highlight and Wade "are not dating."

    In fact, our source noted that while Pattinson and Wade do in fact run with the same group of friends, the actor is indeed still very single.

    Of course, this isn't the first time (and it certainly won't be the last time) that such rumors about R.Pattz's love life have surfaced following his split from Kristen Stewart. The most recent one came back in January, when he was romantically linked to London-based artist and painter Nettie Wakefield. However, a source told E! News at the time, the two are "very good friends and definitely not dating."


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    Salma Hayek Pinault talks about skincare, adult acne, and taking time for herself in the newest issue of NewBeauty magazine.

    Mrs Pinault tells the magazine that she has ‘always been conservative of what I’ve done to my skin. I don’t believe in abandoning it and then trying to fix it with something really drastic, really fast.’

    In this vein, the actress says that she has never gotten microdermabrasion or a serious chemical peel.

    The actress and mother to six year old daughter Valentina considers herself quite the skincare expert, as she released her own line called Nuance in CVS stores nationwide in 2011.

    Mrs Pinault, 47, developed the skincare line in order to utilize tepezcohuite – a plant whose essence is used in burn units in her native Mexico. She believes that it has strong anti-aging properties.

    ‘I could have made my brand a lot more expensive and it would have been a lot more successful. But then it wouldn’t have been accessible to all women who need it,’ she said, adding: ‘Every woman is entitled to her youth and her beauty.’

    In addition to anti-aging, the label also addresses a skincare concern close to Mrs Pinault’s heart – adult acne.

    Of her own experience with the ailment she said: ‘There were days I used to wake up, look in the mirror and go straight back to bed because my acne was so bad, so I get it….most brands still don’t want to give a solution because they think it’s not chic – it’s actually shocking. I think that’s terrible.’


    My skin is a mess and I want to try a microdermabrasion; has anyone tried one?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    One Direction have vowed to stay together for as long as their fans support them.

    There have been rumours over the last year that One Direction would take an indefinite hiatus or split entirely, but those suggestions have always been publicly quashed by the group.
    One Direction have now told The Sun that they are currently hard at work on a new studio album to be released this year.

    "We always hear rumours about us splitting - but we're not," Harry Styles insisted. "We've already started recording our fourth album."

    Niall Horan added: "The fact we have an album coming should put these rumours to bed. We're here for as long as the fans want us."

    Their bandmate Liam Payne went on to say that One Direction's collective goal is to continue to release new material "year after year".

    One Direction are currently on the South American leg of their 'Where We Are Tour' after three months off, with upcoming shows scheduled in Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

    "We're really close as a band. It was lovely to have time off, but now it's great to be back together and on the road. We're having a ball," Horan said of the tour.

    Payne continued: "Coming back together is like the first day of school. We don't want to go into the lessons because the social is too much fun." (what does this mean lime)


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    Model Cara Delevingne and her eyebrows are set to add another Hollywood film to their CV, with a role in the upcoming Peter Pan reboot.

    Delevingne has landed the part of a mermaid in the big-budget blockbuster, report The Sun, which will be her biggest movie part to date.

    The fantasy flick, being made by British director Joe Wright, will see her act alongside the likes of X-Men's Hugh Jackman and Mama Mia! star Amanda Seyfried.

    Cara, who is dating actress Michelle Rodriguez, has already appeared in Wright's period drama Anna Karenina and recently finished shooting Brit flick Kids in Love, about decadent rich youngsters.

    She also has three other roles in the pipeline, including an adaptation of Martin Amis’ novel London Fields, alongside Billy Bob Thornton and Johnny Depp’s missus, Amber Heard, as well as Michael Winterbottom’s film The Face Of An Angel.

    21-year-old Cara plays English girl Melanie in the film, based on Barbie Latza Nadeau's book Angel Face: Sex, Murder and the Inside Story of Amanda Knox.

    It follows journalist Thomas (Rush star Daniel Bruhl) as he tries to make a film about the trial, striking up a relationship with Delevingne's Melanie along the way.


    this must be a .5 second role like in anna karenina

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    Philip was so scary in "Martial Eagle". Fantastic acting by Matthew Rhys!


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    More Donald Sterling audio has been released ... this time, you can hear the Clippers' owner explaining that doesn't think he's racist because he puts food on the tables of his his black employees.

    The audio -- just released on Deadspin -- appears to pick up where the clip published on TMZ Sports leaves off ... with Sterling's girlfriend V. Stiviano challenging him on April 9th about why she can't post photos of black people on her Instagram page.

    GF: "I don't understand, I don't see your views. I wasn't raised the way you were raised."

    Sterling: "Well then, if you don't feel -- don't come to my games. Don't bring black people, and don't come."

    GF: "Do you know that you have a whole team that's black, that plays for you?"

    Sterling: "You just, do I know? I support them and give them food, and clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them? Does someone else give it to them? Do I know that I have—Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game? Is there 30 owners, that created the league?"

    Sterling also objects when Stiviano compares his attitude toward black people to the Holocaust.

    Audio at the source.


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  • 04/27/14--09:46: Gugu Mbatha-Raw for InStyle

  • source

    Yes, 90s minimalism is back. All hail chunky platforms.

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  • 04/27/14--10:08: OmbreNEY is here y'all!
  • 429d883acdd711e386ff0002c9dcb6f4_8



    Some videos of Ombreney slaying the scene!


    Do you approve ONTD?

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  • 04/27/14--10:09: DJ Rashad Has Died

  • DJ Rashad, pioneering figure in Chicago's footwork scene, has died. The news was confirmed by Rashad's friends and collaborators DJ Godfather and DJ Spinn. An official statement is coming on Monday, according to a representative. He was 35.

    The Chicago Sun-Times reports that a friend found Rashad dead at his home on Chicago's West Side Saturday afternoon. A drug overdose is the suspected cause of death, according to police. An autopsy is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

    Born Rashad Harden, DJ Rashad was instrumental in bringing the frenetic Chicago style of dance music to a global audience. His last album Double Cup, was released through the British label Hyperdub, forging a link between U.S. and UK bass cultures.

    DJ Rashad's new EP We On 1 will be released next week.


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