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    In the beginning of April, Sydney-based photographer Rohan Anderson found himself embroiled in a nasty back-and-forth with the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus over a photo of his they had used without credit or permission.

    Often, when you let someone know they’ve infringed on your copyright, you get an apology and an offer to make things right. This is not what happened to Anderson.

    The story begins with Anderson running across one of his images — cropped, lowered in quality and filtered for Instagram — posted without credit on the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Facebook.

    You can see the cropped version and the original below:




    In most circumstances, Anderson explains in a lengthy blog post about the ordeal, most bands who post his photos on social media without first asking credit or thank him and so he will just let it go. But given that the photo had been altered, the watermark cropped out and the quality degraded, he requested via email that the band take the photo down or pay to use it.

    He and some of his friends also commented on the image — comments that were quickly deleted — which led to this minor change:


    This was not enough in Anderson’s opinion. Adding credit wasn’t what he had requested and he still hadn’t heard back from his previous email. So he tried again and, for good measure, sent a Facebook message to the band as well.

    Here’s his message and their less than professional reply:

    This was followed by a reply to his email that read:
    "You have no legal claim as the photo is credited and is not posted for a monetary gain and features our likeness and image not yours. Also you have just got your self banned from any festival or show we ever play again in that region for life! Congrats!"
    -Sent from my iPhone

    Anderson was stunned.“Usually I receive an email saying something along the lines of ‘Sorry! We weren’t sure of the original owner, we’ve taken it down for you.’” he writes on his blog. “The fact that they decided to “ban” me from any future shows simply for standing up for my intellectual property absolutely stuns me.”

    He wrote the band back pointing out that this wasn’t how copyright for an image worked, asking that the image be removed and they apologize for their unprofessional conduct thus far, and explaining that he would be taking legal action if those things didn’t happen.

    He was greeted by this response:
    We welcome the “lawyer” and his response. As for the lol it was funny, life is funny. If you want to take it any other way that’s fine with us. As for the “tables turning” remark our music is everywhere illegally and we let it go like all other “professionals” try it out sometime. Most unknown photographers are happy to have world wide known bands use their photos and consider it an honor, you are clearly an example of the opposite.
    Don’t send anymore threats or you’ll be hearing from our Lawyer!
    Have a nice day ;)
    - Sent from my iPhone

    The back and forth — which you can read in detail on Anderson’s blog— continued in this manner. The image was eventually removed, but at that point Anderson felt he was well within his rights to demand an apology and payment, to which he received a threat of legal action.

    The band also got in touch with the editor of the publication he had photographed their show for and presented a less-than-accurate version of events to try and get Anderson in some sort of trouble. This was cleared up fairly quickly when Anderson sent the editor their entire e-mail conversation and the company instead blacklisted the band:

    As I suspected, you have been entirely professional against a barrage of unprofessional and juvenile behaviour from the band… rest assured that the band is now blacklisted from (removed). It’s a shame that they’ve acted in this manner. (Removed) supports you 100% on this.

    This is where the story stopped until yesterday when his blog post exploded on r/photography garnering well over 1,000 upvotes and attracting a lot of attention. Last night, we got in touch with Anderson for permission to share this story and his photographs/screenshots and emailed the band for comment before turning in.

    We received no reply from the band, but it seems they did find out about Anderson’s post because they linked to it (yet another classy move) in the following tweet. The tweet has since been deleted:


    Surprisingly, a few hours after this tweet went up, the band apologized and agreed to pay Anderson. We have no way of knowing, but based on some of the replies on their Twitter and the timing of it all, we would guess that their tweet that was meant to shame Anderson for protecting his copyright backfired at least in part.

    Responses along the lines of “he should know that Instagram is going to crop his photo and should watermark appropriately #rohanisatool” did come in, but the band’s apologetic tweet — complete with a #sorryrohan tag — and agreement to pay seems to indicate that either the response wasn’t positive, or a PR manager finally got involved.


    If you’d like to read the entire story from Rohan’s perspective and get more details (he has reproduced the email convo in its entirety) you can head over to his blog by clicking here.

    As he himself said in an update to the post early this morning, “I think this is a big win for not only me, but all photographers around the world.” It’s nice to see the little guy win a copyright bout… especially one that started as nasty as this one did.


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    "In those days, there used to be men whose hands would linger on your waist" ... "it just became what men did"

    The actress Joanna Lumley has spoken out against historic sexual assault claims, saying things have “gone quite far now”.

    In an interview with The Times Magazine, the Absolutely Fabulous star said that it was a “difficult” issue but suggested that certain actions were a product of their time.

    Ms Lumley said: “In those days, there used to be men whose hands would linger on your waist. That always went on. As for being insulted, you learn graceful ways to get round it.

    “This is not dissing the women who have had their lives wrecked, although why some took 50 years to say it, I don’t know. It’s difficult. Of course we want people who have been raped to be treated seriously at the police station, which I don’t think they were [back then], but I think it could have gone quite far now."

    She added: “Being patted on the bottom, no. It’s not assault.”

    Ms Lumley, who is 68 next month, began her career as a model in London in the 1960s, when many of the alleged offences are said to have taken place.

    Asked whether she had ever suffered from “wandering-hand syndrome”, Ms Lumley said “it just became what men did”.

    And she suggested that women should also take responsibility for men’s behaviour towards them.

    Referring to a speech delivered by Sister Elizabeth at her convent school, Ms Lumley recalled: “She had never known a man in the biblical sense, but was tremendously wise and when we were in the fifth or sixth form, she said, ‘Don’t lead men on because they get to a point when they really can’t stop, and it’s not fair, so don’t do it and don’t be silly. They are different from us in that way’.

    “I thought, ‘What a wise thing.’”

    The glamorous actress, who recently played Aunt Emma alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street also said that while she views herself as a feminist in terms of “equal pay for equal work”, she also sees fundamental differences between men and women.

    "This revolution was bound to come, that women are the same as men, but I don’t think women are the same as men.

    “I just feel that we think differently, achieve things by different methods. I think women like chitter-chattering together and I don’t think men do. I think men like board meetings, and I am not sure women love them quite so much. I think women tend to use fewer utensils when cooking than men. I think women like buying new things rather too often while it is hard to get men to part with an old friendly garment."

    She added: “But I don’t even think of myself as a woman, just a person. Not even a person: a pair of eyes on a periscope stick.”

    A number of high-profile figures have appeared in court on historic sexual assault charges. Last summer former BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall, 84, was sentenced to 30 months for sexually abusing girls between 1967 and 1985.


    If you value your sanity ... I'd avoid the comments at source

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    Every week we take a peek back at the best of the hair, makeup, and naillooks we saw on the blog, and this one is no different. Here's the cream of the crop:

    Look 1) Rihanna's glowing beachy hair and makeup look at the MTV Movie Awards.


    Look 2) Camilla Belle's bubble-gum-pink lips.


    Look 3) Candice Swanepoel's sexy gold eyeliner.


    Look 4) Emma Stone's very on-trend blue eyeshadow. 


    Look 5) Kim Kardashian's adorable Audrey Hepburn ponytail (on a commercial shoot).


    Did any of you guys tried or bought anything new this week to change your look?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    She has been dating Joel Kinnaman for over two years, but Olivia Munn still wants to keep some mystery in her relationship.

    The actress has revealed that there is one particular beauty regime she refuses to let her boyfriend witness.

    ‘I would never let my man see me shave,’ she tells the new issue of Allure magazine. ‘I just don’t think that you ever look like you’re in a nice position.’

    Olivia is also the latest Allure cover girl, and posed for a steamy photo in which she sports a sheer black bra with three straps across her abs, matching trousers and high heels while lounging on a sofa.

    On the cover, the Magic Mike star shows off her flawless complexion and cute freckles with minimal make-up and her dark locks blowing behind her.

    Olivia added that when it comes to talking about her relationship on Twitter, she does her best to find balance.

    ‘I try to be personal without being private,’ the 33-year-old explained. ‘You can’t post pictures of you and your boyfriend cuddling up and then get pissed when somebody asks you about it on the red carpet. That’s ridiculous.’

    As evidenced by her sultry appearance in the magazine, Olivia is in amazing shape.

    But she admitted that one of her pet peeves is when Hollywood stars lie about being able to eat whatever they want.

    ‘I remember reading these articles when I was younger, and I just felt like, Well, in order to look like that, you have to have some secret, magical unicorn blood that makes carbs disappear as they go into your body. I prefer the truth,’ Olivia said.

    The Newsroom actress was at WonderCon over the weekend promoting her latest movie Deliver Us From Evil.

    And as usual she was more than happy to chat to her many admirers, and finds it hard to understand celebrities who aren’t like that.

    ‘I think it’s strange when people don’t sign autographs for people,’ Olivia told Allure. ‘Fans are just people who are helping you make your dreams come true.’

    Olivia’s photo shoot for the publication is stunning and no doubt the actress will be thrilled with it.

    But she made it clear that she will always take control if she feels uncomfortable while taking part in one.

    ‘People will take the picture and go out with it because they’ll get the press,’ Olivia said. ‘But if it’s not the image that I want out there, then we shut it down.’

    Deliver Us From Evil, a crime horror which also stars Eric Bana and Édgar Ramírez, is due for release in the US on July 2 and the UK on August 22.

    it's almost summer so let's talk about shaving


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    Graffiti artist and Vice freelancer David Choe told a story about allegedly raping a woman on his podcast in March, but later said it was a fictional “extension of his art.”

    Vice is reviewing its relationship with the artist David Choe after he recounted a detailed story about sexually assaulting a woman — a story he later said was a fictional “extension of his art.”

    Choe, an accomplished graffiti artist perhaps best-known for making a $200 million windfall on stock he earned for work in Facebook’s office, has written for Vice, hosted videos for the website, designed the January 2012 cover of the magazine, and is a correspondent on the media company’s HBO show.

    In the story told on a March 10 episode of his podcast, Choe said that during a massage he physically forced the masseuse to perform oral sex on him even though she had repeatedly said no. “She said yes with her eyes,” he said during the segment.

    (a/n: This is the story he told on his podcast as reported by xoJane *it's pretty graphic*)

    On this podcast, he talked about getting an upscale massage from a very attractive masseuse he calls "Rose." He says he got an erection during the massage and started masturbating without asking or saying anything to the masseuse. He says:

    It's dangerous and it's super self destructive. I'm at a place and there's potential for a lawsuit...and she has given me no signs that she's into me or that this is appropriate behavior. In my head I go "Do you care if I jerk off right now?" and it sounds so creepy in my head that I go I can't say that out loud ... So I go back to the chill method of you never ask first, you just do it, get in trouble and then pay the price later.

    ...So I just start jerking off. So then her hands gets off my leg and she just stops ... I go "Look I'm sorry I can't help myself -- can you just pretend like I'm not doing this and you continue with the massage?" And she's like "All right" and she does ... I'm like "Can I touch your butt?" and I reach out and touch her butt and she pulls away. She doesn't want me to touch her butt.

    After a few minutes of her continuing the massage, he asks for oil and she grabs the bottle and pours it on him. He says it’s kinda cold and asks her to rub it and she doesn’t. He grabs her hand and puts it on his penis. He asks her to spit on it and she says no, then he asks her to kiss it and she says no. "She's definitely not into it, but she's not stopping it either," he says.

    ... I say "Kiss it a little," she says "No, all the massage oil is on it" and I take the back of her head and I push it down on my d**k and she doesn't do it. And I say "Open your mouth, open your mouth," and she does it and I start facef**king her.

    This is the part of the podcast where his co-host Asa, seemingly jokingly says, “You raped her.”

    Choe says he kept going until he ejaculated in her mouth, then asked Rose if she would have sex with him, to which she says no. She asks him to lay back down and continues the massage as if nothing had happened. Asa continues to kid him about being a rapist, to which he responds:

    With the rape stuff...I mean, I would have been in a lot of trouble right now if I put her hand on my dick and she's like "F**king stop I'm gonna go call security." That would have been a much different story. But the thrill of possibly going to jail, that's what achieved the erection quest.

    Later, he insists he really didn't rape the masseuse. "She said yes with her eyes," he says.

    (His statement)
    I never thought I’d wake up one late afternoon and hear myself called a rapist. It sucks. Especially because I am not one. I am not a rapist. I hate rapists, I think rapists should be raped and murdered.

    I am an artist and a storyteller and I view my show DVDASA as a complete extension of my art.

    If I am guilty of anything, it’s bad storytelling in the style of douche. Just like many of my paintings are often misinterpreted, the same goes with my show. The main objective of all of my podcasts is to challenge and provoke my friends and the co-stars on the show. We fuck with each other, entertain ourselves and laugh at each other, It’s a dark, tasteless, completely irreverent show where we fuck with everyone listening, but mostly ourselves. We create stories and tell tales. It’s not a news show. It’s not a representation of my reality. It’s not the place to come for reliable information about me or my life. It’s my version of reality, it’s art that sometimes offends people. I’m sorry if anyone believed that the stories were fact. They were not!

    In a world full of horrible people, thank god for us.

    When questioned as to whether or not Vice would air the episodes of the HBO show that feature Choe and continue to work with the artist, Vice spokeswoman Cappi Williamson told BuzzFeed it is reviewing Choe’s story and still considering whether or not to work with him in the future.

    “Vice staffers are aware of it [David Choe’s story] and reviewing the situation internally,” said Williamson, who didn’t offer a date for the completion of the review.


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    Tom took the challenge last year and lived on just £1 of food and drink a day for 5 days to raise money for the 1.2 billion people worldwide who live below the poverty line.

    More information on Live Below the Line 2014 @ UNICEF UK's website. This year's 5 day challenge runs from April 28th to May 2nd.


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    Johnny Depp and his fiancee Amber Heard walk side by side while heading into their hotel together on Monday afternoon (April 21) in New York City.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    The 20-year-old was spotted partying at London superclub Funky Buddha on Sunday night, but used the taxi journey home in the small hours of the morning to tweet his fans.

    “Nobody really knows me,” the boyband member wrote online.

    He followed the cryptic late-night message with another tweet, which read; “God bless’.

    He then added a ‘winky face’ symbol to his messages.

    His final tweet was a ‘selfie’ photo of him by himself in the taxi home, hiding most of his face with a baseball cap.

    Not unusually, the messages were ‘retweeted’ and ‘favorited’ on the social media network hundreds of thousands of times.

    It’s not the first time the singer has posted a sombre message on his page.

    When asked by about a gazillion Directioners what the frick it was all about yesterday, Captain Payngerous explained that he didn't actually know, but was 'a bit wasted' at the time. AH.

    So a bit of a strange Easter all round then, eh Payno? YUP - he told another fan: "tbh it was the weirdest Easter ever I didn't eat any chocolate till like night time then I randomly ended up going out, fun." [sic]. We didn't eat any chocolate either, babes. Ahem.


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    Chromeo performs "Jealous (I Ain't With It)" and "Come Alive."

    They were so amazing last night. UGH

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    Girls is her creation.

    And Lena Dunham will go to any lengths in order to accurately portray her alter ego Hannah Horvath.

    And so she didn't hesitate when the script called for her to wear an unflattering outfit of short shorts and patterned shirt.

    And why would she? For as the creator, writer, director and star, Lena has complete say over her brainchild.

    The star certainly looked happy in her awkward outfit as she filmed her hit HBO series at Spring Street Natural in New York's Soho neighbourhood on Monday.

    The 27-year-old actress teamed her navy bottoms with a retro-looking floral print shirt over a clashing tie-neck blouse.

    And the wardrobe department certainly wasn't trying to make a style statement with her footwear - she wore a clumpy pair of black Dansko clogs.

    While she certainly doesn't play the most daintiest of girls, the Girls creator wasn't complete without a red manicure, beaded green bracelet, and black eyeliner.


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    Iggy is #1 on the iTunes Album Charts!!!

    Make sure to get your copy of The New Classic NOW!

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    Selena Gomez feels vulnerable and is now taking bold action to protect herself from crazed fans ... by fortifying her property with a gigantic perimeter gate.
    Selena has big issues with the $3 MIL Calabasas estate ... which she bought just last month.
    TMZ broke the story ... within DAYS of moving in, an intruder made his way onto Selena's property not once, but TWICE ... and she was home at the time.
    The new gate will make it a lot harder -- but not impossible -- to penetrate the property.
    It's pretty interesting Selena chose this house ... it's called a gated community, but the problem is ... there's no guard manning the gate, so anyone can just drive in.

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    Martin Sheen Reprises His "West Wing" Role—For a Sentencing Reform PSA

    On Tuesday, Brave New Films released a new PSA calling on Congress to pass the Smarter Sentencing Act. The proposed sentencing-reform legislation aims to reduce prison populations and costs by creating less severe minimum terms for nonviolent drug offenders. (On Monday, Yahoo News reported that President Obama could grant clemency to "hundreds, perhaps thousands" of nonviolent drug offenders by the end of his second term.) The video was produced in partnership with the ACLU and Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM), and stars actor Martin Sheen. It's titled "President Bartlet has a message for Congress," in reference to Sheen's role on Aaron Sorkin's political drama The West Wing.

    "When BNF joined with FAMM and the ACLU to rally support for the Smart Sentencing Act, we couldn't think of a better spokesperson than Martin Sheen," Brave New Films president Robert Greenwald said. "When he portrayed President Bartlett on The West Wing, his character commuted the sentences of nonviolent drug offenders. In the real world, Martin Sheen has been an advocate for sentencing reform and alternatives to the harsh, long prison sentences we give to nonviolent drug offenders."

    Sheen isn't the only one in Hollywood trying to raise awareness about this. Last year, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson starred in the drama Snitch, a film about a father who reunites with his estranged son after the kid is thrown in prison due to draconian mandatory minimum sentencing laws. The film is based on a 1999 episode of PBS' Frontline titled, "Snitch: How Informants Have Become a Key Part of Prosecutorial Strategy in the Drug War." (FAMM teamed up with Participant Media, the production company behind the film, to create awareness about the issues of mandatory-minimum drug sentencing.)


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    She enjoys dressing to impress for a special occasion.
    And Rita Ora was clearly keen not to let Easter pass her by without getting into the holiday spirit as she showed by putting on a pair of bunny ears while out and about in New York City on Sunday.
    The 23-year-old singer looked the part in a pair of pink and blue rabbit ears after enjoying a seasonal session rehearsing in the studio.



    the soon to be summer smash! I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN is now on US iTunes!
    get boppedT 2 it!


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    On the album, Lily makes reference to several other female pop singers including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Lorde and Katy Perry but she insists that she's not throwing shade.

    In a candid interview with Rolling Stone, Lily explains: “It's completely the opposite of that, though. I'm saying that I want all of them to be Sheezus, and I want to be Sheezus too.”

    The lyrics in the chorus

    riri isn't scared of
    katy perry's roaring
    queen b's gone back
    to the drawing
    lorde smells blood, yeah
    she's about to slay you
    kid ain't one to fuck with when
    she's only on her debut
    we're all watching gaga
    lol and ahaha
    dying for the art so
    really, she's a matyr

    i'm second best
    we'll never cut it for the divas
    give me that crown bitch
    i wanna be sheezus

    The Brit babe added: “It's just not true. And if she's not succeeding commercially because she's standing by what she does as art, then that's a f**king great thing. That's to be commended. That's what makes a martyr. There's nothing wrong with that.”

    Lily is no stranger to a bit of controversy and while 'Hard Out Here' was released in the UK, it's apparently too naughty for US radio.

    “It wasn't their fault. I would love "Hard Out Here" to have been a single, but you can't have a song that has the word "bitch" in it 72 times on the radio,” Lily revealed.

    “It's just not gonna happen. I would have liked to see "Sheezus" as a single, but it's not up-tempo enough. It's also got the word "period" in it, which is really offensive to people, even though half the world has to deal with it once a month.”

    the lyrics in the chorus

    riri isn't scared of
    katy perry's roaring
    queen b's gone back
    to the drawing
    lorde smells blood, yeah
    she's about to slay you
    kid ain't one to fuck with when
    she's only on her debut
    we're all watching gaga
    lol and ahaha
    dying for the art so
    really, she's a matyr


    what kind of atrl/ontd/stan culture realness is this song

    it's so catchy tho

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  • 04/22/14--10:05: ONTD Roundup
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    Man, you need hair.

    He is known for his messy locks as high school superhero Peter Parker.
    But Andrew Garfield showed off his new buzzcut look as he promoted The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in San Francisco on Monday.
    Perhaps the Andy Murray lookalike had his hair cut in an attempt to stave of comparisons to the tennis ace.
    Whatever the reason the 30-year-old looked like he was having a great time promoting the forthcoming superhero movie alongside girlfriend Emma Stone at the headquarters of POPSUGAR.
    Emma, 25, sipped a hot beverage during the Q&A session, looking prim and proper in a grey jumper, a collared blue blouse and navy jeans.
    She wore her chestnut locks wavily styled, and needed minimal make-up to look pretty.
    Andrew mirrored Emma's style in a preppy dark blue jumper, white collared shirt and green trousers.
    Set in between was the film's director Marc Webb, which no doubt helped the couple to keep their cool.


    Which hairstyles did you hate on a certain celeb and which hairstyle do you think suits them best, ONTD? Share!

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    Wands at the ready! More photos from the Diagon Alley expansion in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando have surfaced. There is also a strong rumbling of news regarding the official opening date…

    Madam Puddifoots tea shop - wizarding world of harry potter photos

    Comcast Corporation hosted a conference call with the financial community this morning (April 20, 2014). According to Comcast CFO Michael Angelakis, Diagon Alley will open in the “second quarter” of this year. That ranges from April – June. Snitch Seeker also points out that ‘The Today Show‘ will be broadcasting live from Universal Orlando on Friday April 25th, 2014. This strongly suggests that the official opening date will be announced! Deduction and reasoning would lead us to a late June opening date. Hogsmeade opened on June 18, 2010…maybe we might see a similar date for the opening of Diagon Alley?!

    We recently got a peek at the Knight Bus as it made its way down Florida highways and arrived at the park. Click here for those photos! Now, images of the makeover at Hogsmeade reveal Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop.

    As mentioned in the coverage of the New Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley Expansion Details, some of the existing Hogsmeade area in Islands of Adventure will be changed and tweaked. Zonko’s was also closed and the products are due to be merged with Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. This allowed Honeydukes to expand. The puking statue in the storefront window is gone and a few fireworks along with a Wizard’s Chess board now sit in its place. While I was sad to see Zonko’s go, I am excited to see what the much appreciated extra room will bring!

    Accio source: Tourist Meets Traveler

    UPDATE: Another image...

    Madam Puddifoots tea shop - wizarding world of harry potter

    There are a few more at the source.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Taylor Swift is reportedly set to star in Girls.

    The American songstress is said to be a big fan of the Golden Globe winning show, and is also good friends with the creator and star of Girls, Lena Dunham.

    Now sources close to the famous pair say that a guest appearance is in the pipeline, with Lena apparently eager to make the role a more substantial one.

    "Lena's been trying to persuade Taylor to appear in Girls for ages. Taylor loves the show and has agreed a cameo. Lena would also love her to take on a more permanent role and to pen some music for the show,"
    an insider revealed to British magazine Grazia.

    That's not it though and apparently she could be retiring her microphone for a whole new career and the insider added: "Lena would also love her to take on a more permanent role and pen some music for the show."

    The show insider also divulged that model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne may also be up for a part.

    "Taylor told Lena that Cara is a huge fan of Girls. Lena immediately agreed because Cara is her girl crush. She has been in touch with Cara's people already to discuss the idea," the source added.

    Taylor has previously helped out Zooey Deschanel with a small part on hit show New Girl.

    just IMAGINE.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    As one of the world's top models, she possesses a traffic stopping figure. And Karlie Kloss showed it off to maximum effect on Monday as she attempted to hail a taxi in New York City.

    The 21-year-old Victoria's Secret model displayed her slender legs in a pair of skinny jeans as she stuck her arm out in Manhattan.

    A simple pale grey cardigan, ballet flats and a pale pink oversized handbag completed the look, while the Chicago-born supermodel wore sunglasses to protect her eyes from the spring sun.

    The star recently shared the secret to her svelte figure, revealing regular exercise such as SoulCycle and Pilates helps keep her in trim.

    'I’ve been doing lots of butt lifts. It’s all about toning and feeling strong; that’s what I think is sexy,' she told Harper's Bazaar last month.  'I always try and be active at some point throughout the day. 'It doesn’t have to be at the gym; even if you’re running around with your dog in the park, breaking into a sweat makes your body work.'

    The star starts her day with a protein shake, egg white omelette or porridge and substitutes cow's milk for almond milk.

    'I’m a vegetarian, so I try to take care of my body and get enough protein even though I don’t eat meat,' she told the publication. 

    'Beauty starts from within, so for me eating healthily is a big part of that. When I take care of myself, exercise and eat well, that’s what makes me feel most beautiful and confident in my skin.

    'I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be strong,' she said. 'That’s what I think is really beautiful'

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    KK and I both love our skinny jeans

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